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Sandra's footfalls padded against the rough dirt road, a good run was always something that had her feeling better. She concentrated on nothing but the sound of her heart beating to the matching sound of her soles hitting the roughed path she followed through the forest. This was always her favorite path to take, so quiet and serene, giving her time to sort her thoughts. Shaking her head a bit she thought back to the night before when she and her Master fought, god she hated it, but it seemed to be happening more and more of late. Closing her eyes briefly she tried to drain her mind of all the unpleasant things He and she both said to each other, she knew she loved Him, just felt that she wasn't' enough for Him. A continuous downfall of hers that He was telling her about.

Gritting her teeth she quickened her pace, blocking out the sounds around her, just listening to the strong beat of her heart. Sandra had been running for about three miles now, just two more and she would be home. Having lost sense of the world around her she didn't' hear a Man moving up behind her, never having a thought of others around as the path was on personal property. Breathing deep she felt her feet plod, one before the other, the ground passing before her eyes.

He moved up behind her, lithe and stealthily. A smirk crossed His lips as He had been watching her, following her approximately the whole time since she left the house. The night before still burned in His mind, He was tired of always arguing with His slut about her feelings of inferiority. He didn't feel He had to continuously draw her up when she should be concentrating on Him, He was happy with her, loved her but it was time to teach her a lesson. One He was sure would at the end, draw her fears to rest and bring them closer together. He watched her concentration level, this run was nothing for Him, for He ran 10 miles a day to her 5. He watched the way her ass moved, so tight and firm in those running pants, how her hips flared to the tiny waist that His hands could span, still noticing the slight bruises from the day before when He fucked her. His gaze wandered upward following the short cropped top she jogged in to the definition of her delicate shoulders, the slight gleam of sweat that gathered. Already His cock was raging with a hard on, yet it didn't hinder His motions. He matched His steps to hers, so that if she lost concentration she wouldn't hear Him as quickly. Plodding along the path He was right behind her, His breath almost hissed against her neck.

A shiver raced along Sandra's spine, she was almost home, how good it would feel to get in the shower. Then to be ready when He got home. He said He was working late today and would be home around 6. Just as she was to quicken her steps, it seemed as if the world spinned, lights flashed in her head as she screamed out, her body haphazardously falling to the side as she tripped over her own feet. Pain sliced through her sharply from the blow to her head. Hitting the ground she felt the weight of what seemed a tree fall against her back, slamming her face to the ground. Cheek mashing to the wet musty ground of decaying debris, lips parted on a scream that was snuffed out as dirt filled her mouth. Sputtering she lifted her hands, just as another blow rained down upon her head. Stunned she laid there, pain radiating through her head, lights dancing before her as hot minty breath slide over her ear and cheek to assail her senses.

He was straddling her back, His cock straining against His pants as He quickly pinned her arms. Leaning down to growl low in her ear, a sound filled with menace and lust. Sandra's arms pinned He reached up and curled His fingers in the long tendrils of her hair, grasping it hard before jerking it back so hard and quick that she had no time to catch her breath, the scream that had started to pour from her lips silenced quickly. He leaned back away from her sight if she had any and reached into His pocket drawing out two silken ties. Shoving one in between those lush pouty lips that were now dirt caked before tying it in place with the other. He could feel Sandra's muscles bunch as she tried to twist and turn, her hips bucking up to try and dislodge Him. Yet with each motion she made He countered, His hands becoming rougher, His thighs tightening around her hips.

Tossing her head aside, He watched coldly as her forehead smacked a rock, a slight abrasion noticed as a small thin line of blood flowed down her forehead to her eye, forcing her to close them. Shoving a palm straight between her shoulder blades He held her tight to the ground. Quickly grasping the rope from His other pocket. Shifting His weight He placed His knee into her back, holding her as His hands tied her wrists together behind her tightly before drawing the line of rope up and then around her neck, sliding it over her shoulder then back to her wrists, securing it. He could hear her whimpers and moans through the gag as she struggled to no avail.

Rising slightly, He kicked his steel-toed shoe into her side, hearing a deep grunt as she turned her head away from Him, thinking to Himself, smart girl. Placing His foot on her back, he leaned down and took the hunting knife from the sheath around His waist. Gripping its hilt tight He bent toward Her and grasped the band of her jogging pants. Taking the blade and scraping it along the small of her back so she could feel the sharp edge, Watching as it marred the pale flesh before He sliced down her pants, noticing she was wearing no underwear and almost chuckled. Sheathing the knife He ripped the pants all the way off, watching her legs flail until He ground His heel into her back. Raising His hand He slammed it down fully open palmed to the firm ripeness of her ass, hearing the resounding smack in the air around Him. As His hand landed He gripped her ass cheek and slammed two fingers into her ass hard, quick, Penetrating until His fingers were buried fully. Sandra's body lurched, her ass tightened and her legs twisted together, entwining.

A twisted smile curled His lips at Sandra's movements, knowing nothing would help her now. Twisting swiftly He moved until He was shoving a foot between her legs and spreading them viciously open without a thought to her pain. Her cries and moans only drawing His breath to be more ragged, His cock to twitch with the need to be buried in that sweet tight ass. To hurt her, take her as He wished and to show her that she was His. Holding a hand to her upper shoulders He quickly undid His pants, His raging cock springing forward already the tip was covered in precum. His mind screamed to say something to her about what a good little fucking whore she was but He wouldn't, before the irony of the situation came to Him, for she didn't' know it was Him.

Sliding His hand up into Sandra's hair He mashed her face down into the ground, knowing her nose was buried into the musty decaying leaves on the ground. Twisting, His knees pushed her legs so far apart that he could see the muscles straining. Just as quickly He slammed his hips forward, ripping into her ass as she screamed into the gag. Her body jerked, lurched forward and twisted as His cock delved into the dry passage of her tight ass. Groaning He swiveled His hips, drawing back to slam His cock deep into that stretched hole, knowing He was hurting her. His other hand swept back and then fell forward to slam into her side with a loud crack just as His hips drove onward. Each press of His cock into her ass coming quicker, as His length and girth extended. The skin of her ass stretched and tore, blood seeped around His cock from the tear and He just growled menacingly and pounded away at her. His cock raged with the need to release, her ass was raw and tight around Him just begging for it.

His back arched as His cock thrust one last time, the force of His orgasms crashing His hips against hers, feeling her legs spread even wider, the dirt of the ground sticking to her cunt, her thighs. Just as quickly He withdrew from her and buttoned His pants, watching as His cum leaked from her ass as she writhed painfully on the ground. Shoving her head back against the ground she could see that her fingers were white from being bound so tight, that the rope around her neck was definitely leaving a mark without cutting off too much breath. Pleased, he knew that she would be feeling this for a long time. Taking His knife once more. He pressed His weight to the upper portion of her back and carved quickly and painfully His name into her lower back, watching the blood seep in quickening running lines slide along her flesh to mingle with all the dirt and debris sticking to her. Turning He slapped her across the face hard enough to daze her as He cut her binding, leaving her laying there tattered and torn before quickly rising and taking off down the path away from her.

Stunned she laid there, her entire body aching and screaming in pain, "my god" she thought to herself, " I was just raped……raped. What would Master say, what would he do…….." Groaning and crying out in pain as she bite her lip hard, she moved, her only thought of getting home and cleaning up.

Later that night as she stepped from the bathroom she was covered in a robe. Shaking visibly and still pale except for the scrape to her forehead and untold bruises and abrasions against her flesh that were hidden by the robe. Sandra glanced at the clock and noted that He would be home soon. Curling up on the couch gingerly, still barely able to move even after all the cleaning and hot water that had rained down upon her skin she waited. Eyes closed as she heard the door open, her head turning away from Him as he entered. "Hello my Slut" he called out, only to be met with silence. He smiled to Himself and popped a mint into His mouth. Walking smoothly over to her He bent down and brushed His lips along her cheek, the minty flavored breath wafted upward to assail her sense and she stiffened. Her whole body shook, each bruise and scrape seemed to increase in pain, the letters on her back that had been carved suddenly becoming clear in her mind as they spelled out His name.

He watched the play of emotions and how her body reacted and then whispered……"never doubt again what I feel for You slut, You are mine, to do with as I please, I love You. " kissing her softly on the cheek He wandered into the bedroom to change.