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Wanda stepped out of the shower and began to mentally pick out her outfit for the evening while toweling herself dry. She was looking forward to her weekly night out with the girls, mostly because it was her night to get laid. After working all week for the advertising agency, Wanda needed her Friday nights out with her friends. They got together every Friday night to go to one of the many clubs in town. They drank and gossiped and danced till they couldn't go anymore and if they were lucky, they would meet a man that would provide them an outlet for all the pent up stress of a week of working long hours. Wanda smiled to herself, she didn't need luck, she had what the men wanted.

She was young, only 22, fresh out of college and working for one of the biggest advertising agency on the West Coast. She never had any trouble getting a date, she was what she liked to call the total package. Wanda stood in front of the full-length mirror and studied her body. She had a pretty face, big round eyes with long, thick lashes, high cheekbones, a pert little nose and her full lips were the kind men liked to see wrapped around their dicks. Her brown skin was smooth and silky, not dark and ashy the way some black women's skin got. She especially liked how it contrasted against the light skin of white men when she took them to her bed.

Her hair was long and straight. It may be a weave, but it was the only thing about her that was fake, and as long as it didn't come out when some man tugged on it while she sucked his dick…it was all good. Her neck was long and her shoulders nice and rounded, not bony like some skinny women. She had a small waist that caved inward and provided a nice contrast to her rounded hips and ample breasts. Ah, her breasts…Wanda cupped her breasts as she stood there admiring herself. She has good tits, everyone said so. They were large and round, yet they didn't sag, they were nice and firm and the only reason she even wore a bra to work was to control the jiggling. Her nipples were big, almost the size of a dime and surrounded by large dark areolas. When she was turned on her nipples turned into little rocks. She pinched them as she looked into the mirror. She was becoming aroused, but she continued her appraisal of her body. She turned and gave herself a side view of her ass, it was nice and round and high. She loved her ass. She turned again and looked at her legs, they were long and slim. At 5'10, Wanda knew her legs drew just as much attention as her tits and ass. She placed her foot on the edge of her bed and ran her hand along her thigh until she reached what she liked to call home base…her pussy. One man had told her she had the perfect pussy. She touched the folds of skin and shivered, she was becoming more aroused by the minuet. She noted how the hair where her legs met was neatly trimmed. She didn't want to be shaved, but she liked to keep it neat. She ran her fingers between her pussy lips, they were nice and pink and fleshy. She separated them and found her clit. She was lucky, her clit seemed to be bigger than average. It stood out almost like a little dick when aroused as she was now.

Wanda rolled her clit with her fingers and moaned. She lay down on bed and rubbed herself till she thought she would scream. Without even realizing it, she stuck two fingers in her hole and began to pump them in and out. It felt so good, she added a third finger and really gave herself a good finger fucking. She felt the orgasm building and used her free hand to rub her clit. That was all she needed, she let out a low moan as she came. Afterward she lay there till she had her breathing under control then got up to get dressed. She could make herself cum but it wasn't the same as having a man do it to her. She smiled as went to her closet because she knew she would be with a man tonight.

She decided on her red outfit. She started with her red sheer, thigh high nylons, she was reaching into her panty drawer when she stopped. She wouldn't wear panties, they would just get torn later anyway. Next she pulled on her red leather skirt, it was short and showed off her legs to perfection. For a top, she chose a red silk peasant style shirt that left her midriff bare. It had elastic at the bottom and the top. She wouldn't be wearing a bra tonight, she wanted to wear the top off her shoulders. Finally she stepped into a pair of three-inch red spike heels. She checked herself in the mirror. She liked what she seen. Checking her watch, she grabbed her keys and headed for the club to meet her friends.

Wanda met her friends and they had a great night of dancing, drinking and just letting off some steam. One of the guys she danced with asked her to come out to his car for a while. She went thinking she would get a little action. Once at the car, the guy demanded a blowjob. Normally she'd have kicked him in the balls and told him no one demands anything from Wanda Jackson. But tonight she was in the mood for some action and sucking dick in a public parking lot sounded exciting. Wanda sat on the passenger seat and the guy got his dick out. She wasn't impressed, it was only about five inches and it was already hard. Wanda liked the big ones, just looking at a big black dick could get her pussy dripping wet. Nevertheless, she took the little white dick into her mouth and began giving him a mind-blowing blowjob. She started by just taking the head into her mouth and working her tongue over and around it. The guy moaned and started to push more of himself into her mouth. Wanda had no trouble taking all of him, she was a pro at deepthroating much bigger dicks than this one. She let him face fuck her for a while, she was bored. She wanted some real dick, not this little white boys pencil stub. She decided to speed him along and began squeezing his balls and moaning like she was about to come. Wanda knew that men liked that, it made them think they were doing good and most always made them come quicker than if she just kept quiet. Just as she thought it would…it worked. The guy started to grunt and told her he wanted her to swallow it. He pushed into her mouth one last time and let out a loud grunt as she felt his cum shoot down her throat. He pulled out of her mouth and tucked his now limp dick back into his pants. The man helped her out of the car and said, "You are one great cocksucker baby, thanks." Wanda took a tissue from the pack on his dashboard and wiped her mouth. "Well, thank you for the compliment honey, you just think about me sucking on you the next time you jerk off." With that she sauntered back into the club.

When Wanda returned to the table and the girls ask where she was, "I was outside sucking a tiny little white dick. Now I got to find me a big black one, all that did was make me even more horny than I was before." Her friends all echoed her statement. They drank and danced some more and by the time the placed closed at 2 am, all her friends had gone. They picked up a man and took them home to bang their stress away. But Wanda hadn't been so lucky. She didn't understand it, she always had to turn down men, tonight after the blowjob in the parking lot, no one seemed to want her.

She got up to leave and two big men approached her, "I'm sorry ma'am, we have to ask you to come with us." Wanda ask why, they said, "The owner of this establishment wants to see you, and if you're smart, you'll come along quietly." Wanda was nervous, she didn't know what was going on and she hated not being in control of a situation. The men escorted her into the office marked private, they told her to wait there and Mr. Davis would be with her shortly. She was really nervous now, what had she done? Why did this Mr. Davis want to see her? Maybe he found out she was giving a blowjob in the lot outside and thought she was a hooker. She'd just have to explain to him that she was no hooker, just a horny woman looking for satisfaction.

Ten minutes past and Wanda was getting more nervous, then the door to the office opened. She looked up and seen him, he was huge. She stood up and he walked over and held out his hand, "I'm Walter Davis, I own this place. Sorry you had to wait, I had to lock up."

"What do you want? I don't know you do I?" she said, trying to keep the nervousness out of her voice. At 5'10 and the extra 3 inches her heels gave her, she was no little woman and the man standing before her was at least four inches taller than she was.

"No I doubt you would know me Miss Jackson. Yes, I know your name. I make it a habit to check out anyone that comes to my club that draws the amount of attention you do. I'm sure you never even noticed me, I'm not your usual type."

Wanda looked at him and thought "no you're not, I like tall dark and handsome." Walter Davis was tall but that was where it ended. He was big man, with a beer belly and damn, all she could think about was how ugly he was. He had a pockmarked face and a scar on one cheek, his nose was wide and big and he had a shiney gold tooth right up front where you couldn't miss it.

"Look, just tell me what you want and I'll be on my way." She told him.

Walter told her to sit down, his voice had changed, he was no longer sounding polite and pleasant. Now he sounded angry but Wanda had no idea why. "I bet you are wondering why none of the men you threw yourself at wanted to take you home aren't you? You are probably wondering why none of them wanted to take you home and fuck your brains out. I mean look at you, you're sexy as hell, a gay man would probably give up men for a night with you. But I bet you never even considered taking someone like me to your bed did you?"

Wanda didn't like the tone he was using, it sounded angry and menacing. She was beyond nervous now, she was scared. "Please, Mr. Davis, I don't even know you. What do you want?"

"I want you Wanda Jackson, I want to shove my big black dick into your pussy and hear you scream. That's what I want." Walter walked to her chair and leaned down, placing his hand on the arms of the chair, he kept her pinned there. "But I bet you don't want me do you?" He growled.

Wanda was shaking, "Please just let me go…please."

Still standing over her, he lowered his voice, "Sure, I'll let you go. Right after you make me cum. You see Wanda baby…we are all alone here. Everyone's gone, the place is locked up tight. The reason no one wanted you tonight baby is that I put the word out. Wanda will be doing me tonight so back off. You see Wanda, I may not be the prettiest man, but I do have some power in this town. I own more than half of it, so when Walter Davis wants something, he gets it. Tonight I want you and I plan to have you…. NOW!" He shouted the last word at her.

With that, he yanked her top down and pinned her arms to her sides. He dropped to his knees in front of her and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked greedily on it, like a baby pig sucking from its mama. Wanda whimpered but didn't move. She was afraid to, she thought if she moved he might hit her and mess up her face. The big man sucked at her tits moving from one to the other. He licked them and sucked on them, every once in a while he would bite them, but no too hard. Wanda tried to think of something else but she couldn't. As much as she hated to admit it, his mouth on her tits felt good.

He stopped after a while and leaned back, "You got great tits Wanda, I knew you would. What did you think baby, did you like the way old Walter sucked them for you?"

When she didn't answer, he grabbed her by the throat and growled out, "Well…did you like it?"

"Yes" she said through clenched teeth. She felt she better agree to keep him from hurting her.

"That's good, now I'm gonna get little Wally out and you are going to suck him. No biting now, or I'll bite off something of yours." With that he pinched her nipple to make his point.

He opened his pants and his dick sprung out. It was huge, at least ten inches and thick too. Under normal circumstances Wandas mouth would be watering at the sight of it. But she was afraid of this man.

He stood up and his dick was in front of her. He pushed it against her lips and they parted, he pushed into her mouth. Wanda began to give him her usual blowjob. He was pleased with her, she could tell. As big as his dick was, it wasn't completely hard. She could feel it growing as she sucked on it.

Walter was enjoying his blowjob, this bitch had a great mouth on her, she really knew what she was doing. He groaned and began to pump his big black dick in and out of her mouth. He held her head and told her, "I hope you know how to deep throat because I'm going to fuck your mouth good." Before he did that he pulled out of her mouth and hit her cheek with his dick. He like to do that, it made him feel in control. He gave her a couple more whacks and grinned as she winced everytime his hard dick smacked her face. He couldn't wait any longer, he pushed into her mouth, forcing his way down her throat. He was amazed when she didn't even gag; she must be used to big dicks being shoved down her throat. He didn't care; all he cared about was how good it felt. He pulled it out and shoved it in again and again. He had to be careful or he'd come in her mouth. That wouldn't do, he had to fuck that pussy before he lost his hard on.

He decided to stop and have a look at her pussy, he didn't know how long he could last yet and there was no way she was leaving here without his cock being rammed into her. He yanked her out of the chair and in one smooth move pulled her skirt up over her hips. "Oh now that's pretty, yes baby that's a mighty pretty pussy you got there. Now hop up there on my desk and spread those long legs for me."

Wanda sat on the desk but she didn't spread her legs. Walter growled, "I believe I said spread your legs bitch". When she didn't move, he pinched her nipples hard. So hard that she yelped. "Now spread those legs and show me that pretty pussy." Wanda spread her legs, giving him a view of her pussy.

Walter leaned down and used his fingers to separate her pussy lips, "baby that looks so inviting" and without warning he pushed his rock hard cock into her. She gasp and tried to back away, he was so big and she didn't think she could take him. The fear he saw on her face turned him on even more and he grabbed her hips and held her there. She was nice and tight, he was surprised, he thought with all the men he's seen her leave his club with, that she'd be loose. But maybe he was just so much bigger than the rest that to him she was tight. He didn't care, all he could think about now was how good it felt to be inside her. He pulled out till just the head remained inside her and pushed himself all the way back in again. He fucked her hard and fast. He talked to her while he fucked her.

"You like that don't you baby? You like little Wally all up inside you don't you?" He grunted and groaned. "How's that, you like that baby?" he ask as he forced himself into her again and again. "You have the best pussy I ever fucked. You should sell this pussy, you'd make millions."

Wanda wanted to scream out but was to shocked, not by what was happening, she'd accepted that, but by the fact that she was liking it. She didn't want to like this, he was raping her. But she couldn't help it, the feel of his big dick going in and out of her pussy felt so good to her.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of her. She thought he was going to do what most of her men did, pull out and cum on her belly or back. But instead he pulled her off the desk, spun her around and pushed her over so that she was half lying on the desk with her ass in the air. He used his food to spread her legs apart.

Walter looked at the sight before him. This gorgeous thing, long legs spread, ass just asking to be fucked, her tits smashed on the desk…it was such a turn on seeing her like that with her pussy glistening with wetness. He couldn't wait any longer, he rammed his cock into her again and began thrusting and pumping in and out of her fast and furious.

Wanda couldn't hold it in any longer, she had to let it out, she moaned with each hard thrust of his dick into her. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying this but she couldn't help it. It just felt so good, she knew from instinct the she would come in this position so she might as well just go with it.

He heard her moan but at first wasn't sure whether it was pleasure or pain making her moan. He was getting close to cumming and he wanted to prolong this but the combination of her tight pussy, her moaning and hearing his balls slapping against her ass was becoming too much for him to bear. He didn't know how long he could hold on. "Oh baby you are so tight. I could come in you right now but I want to fuck you some more."

She couldn't help herself, she had let the sex take over and now she was enjoying this big ugly man fucking her. "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck that pussy baby. Make me cum." She was talking to him and egging him on. She felt herself starting to cum. "Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhh….yeah yeah yeah fuck my pussy….yes yes yes." She was cumming and cumming hard, "ahhhhhh…ahhh…ahhh…ahh…oh yesssssssssssss" she screamed.

Walter was going mad, he was fucking this cunt and she was liking it so much she was cumming for him and getting into it. He wondered how she'd feel if he fucked her in the ass. He wanted to do it but was reluctant to withdraw from her pussy. He'd just fuck her a little while longer.

Her orgasm was one of the best she ever had, she wanted more. "You're good baby, fuck me hard, yeah that's it. Keep on giving it to me…"

Walter was so caught up in the pleasure he was experiencing that he almost started to cum. He pulled out of her and used an old trick his father told him about years ago. He pinched his cock right under the head that always helped him to stop his orgasm.

"Don't stop now, keep fucking me…please…" Wanda couldn't believe she was begging this man for more but she was. She wanted more of that big dick.

"Don't you worry baby, old Walter ain't done with you yet." He pushed a finger into her dripping pussy and then used his lubed up finger to get her ass ready for him. She was moaning and wiggling around, he figured she must like taking it up the ass. He shoved his dick back into her pussy a couple times to get it all slicked up then he pulled out and without warning, spread her ass cheeks and pushed into her asshole. "Oh shit baby, oh yeah…" He pushed in almost the whole way and pulled it out and began to pump it in and out of her ass. "Oh yeah that's good, great pussy, great ass…"

Wanda let out a squeal when she felt his dick boring into her ass. She wasn't expecting that, but she'd taken it up the ass before so after the initial shock. It was good. She reached down, found her clit, she began rubbing it, and pretty soon she was cumming a second time. "Ohhhhhhhhhh…ohhhhhh…ohhhhhhh….."

Walter couldn't hold it off any longer, he gave her a final thrust and pulled out of her ass. He knew she was in the middle of her second orgasm so he pushed back into her pussy and helped her along. When she was done he pulled out, slid his big black dick between her asscheeks, and shot his load onto her back. He backed up and sat down in the chair she had been sitting in. His dick was limp now and just lying in his lap. He didn't have the strength to even put it back in his pants.

Wanda got up and pulled her skirt down, pulled up her top and turned around to face the man that had just fucked her so good. He was sprawled in the chair, his dick hanging out of his pants. She just realized he hadn't even pulled down his pants, just pulled it out of the zipper. No man had ever treated her with such disrespect as this man did. But she could hardly complain, because no man had ever fucked her quite so well either. Before she left, she turned to him, "I guess I don't have to leave my number, I'm sure you have it already. Call me sometime. You may be an ugly mean son of a bitch but you fuck like nobodies business." She started to walk out but stopped and bent over him and picked up his dick and kissed the head. "Now you are a beautiful dick." With that she walked out of the office.

Alien Rape Pics