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Ralph Huggett, a simple bear like halfwit, lay across the sofa, "Chuck us another can." On the other side of the room Sidney Dyson bent over the arm of the chair pulled a can from the plastic ring and threw it across the room.

Ralph pulled at the top ring opening the can. The larger spurted out the top soaking his already filthy shirt, "You fucking dick head, you deliberately threw that, fuck, look at me half of it's down my shirt you shit, you fucking ass holing shit."

Sid smiled, "Then next time my dear fellow, get the fucking tin yourself I ain't no slave, anyway shut the fuck up I'm watching the news."

The newscaster looked his mournful best as he announced that today the burial had been a family concern at the small church of St David in the Field at Ultringham.

It was the burial of Sergeant Roy Lile, killed when his jeep was blown up on active service in Iraq, the family are from this area and his wife Pauline has asked that now is her time to be alone, her time to remember and be left to greave in piece, Sergeant Lile had only been married for seven months, at that point a picture flashed on to the screen of him and his wife.

Ralph almost fell of the sofa, "Will you look at that, fucking hell, eat your heart out Buffy what the fuck would he want to go to war and leave a piece of fucking like that for, god what I could do to that cunt, where are you little babe I need your cunt," then Ralph swallowed the other half of the can.

Sid lent forward, under the table and pulled out the telephone directory, flicked through to L and took thirty seconds to say, "Forty two, Victoria Terrace, Orchard Grove, Ultringham, she don't even live on the base."

Ralph crushed the empty can, threw it at the waste bin and missed, belched and asked, "So what, clever fuck?"

Sid dropped the directory on the floor, "I thought you wanted to go see her, you know, you said you could do something to that cunt of hers?"

There was a long silent pause before Ralph sat up, "How, I mean, what if, eerr how would we see her?"

With sarcasm in his voice Sid said, "God you are thick, we would say we are old friends of Roy's we brought you some flowers and would just like to say how sorry, dee dar, dee dar and so on, its not rocket science, even for you."

Sid had dropped his can in the waste bin, took another from the pack, opened it and took a swig before Ralph said, "You don't really think, we could, I mean do you?"

Sid took a long drink from the can, looked him square in the eye and in his superior voice said, "It would break the boredom of being stuck here with you tomorrow, its got to be better than being with you any-day anyway remember nothing ventured nothing gained and all to play for."

Ralph got up, his huge frame paced around the room, "But what if some ones there, I mean she's just lost her husband, well a while ago but she would, you know."

Sid didn't even look at him just carried on letting him ramble away, "You know what, I mean, if there's some-one there we pay are respects and go, but it would let us get a lay of the land, for future reference, but, you know, what if she's home alone?"

Sid sat silent, thinking to himself, how did I get to lodge with this thicko? He shook his head before he downed another beer, at least it's cheap, thicko does pay for most.

Ralph muttered to himself, "We got what we would need, just in case she didn't want to be friendly straight away, just to stop her shouting and moving, you know, and my best trousers are clean, ya I even have a clean shirt, ya why not, lets visit."

Sid turned a looked at him, "You're not joking, your fucking serious aren't you?"

Ralph was really worked up, "Ya as you say nothing ventured, nothing gained, lets do it lets go tomorrow, I'll bring the bag you get the flowers, here I got money."

Sid carried on drinking, he thought even if we went there it will be crawling with press and relatives, so where's the harm in humouring him and anyway we'd be out, get to a bar, old thicko could get the beers in.

Sid carried a rather nice arrangement of carnations, Ralph almost dwarfed him as he walked beside with a small rucksack, Ralph almost in a whisper said, "You can see why they call it Orchard Grove, lovely trees," they turned in to Victoria terrace, the house was easy to spot, the curtains were drawn.

Sid was surprised to see how quiet it was, no car anywhere, no flowers, and amazingly no people, he felt uneasy, somewhere inside him he had hoped that this wasn't going to happen, but Ralph pushed on.

"Number forty two ya," Sid nodded to him, he walked up to it, as Sid arrived behind him he said, "Now I'll do the talking," Ralph rang the bell.

The same beauty they had seen on the photo opened the door, "Look I'm sorry but I just want to be on my own, just to be myself for a day or two, you understand don't you?"

Sid put on his best sorrowful look and just pushed the flowers to her, "We knew Roy in the old days we just wanted to say sorry, he was an ace before the army, always there for you and he was good to our friend here so he must have been the best, and well, just sorry."

She took the flowers, "I'm sorry to be like this, but there has been so much media and solders and I just couldn't cope any more, I never knew him before the army, was he? Well, oh this is ridiculous, how would you like a quick cup of tea? I feel I've been so rude to everybody, but, well all this hero business you know it's a bit over whelming, come in."

While she had been talking to Sid, Ralph had scanned every inch of her perfect form. The sleeveless roll necked sweater did little to hide her able chest, the pleated black skirt showed her rounded ass and sat nicely above the knee, her bare shapely legs, lovely and white ran down to her neat ankles and her feet were in-cased in tan ankle strapped sandals but the whole shape paled away when Ralph studied her face, almost angel like with cascades of blond hair that bounced on her shoulders as she moved, he followed Sid in.

Ralph closed the door, gave it a little pull to make sure the lock had dropped and went through to the sitting room, the adrenalin in him was almost making him sick, he smiled at Sid as she went in to the kitchen to make tea.

Soon she was back, she sat in a chair opposite, Ralph didn't say anything, it took him all his time to say "Please and thank you," for the tea as he almost dribbled at the sight of her perfect legs now showing a little more thigh, Sid carried on his lies about knowing Roy.

It was though some one flicked a switch, clutching his rucksack, Ralph stood up and walked towards Pauline, Sidney alerted himself to the danger.

" Look Pauline," she was taken by surprise that he had called her by her name, "Look Pauline as you have no husband would you like to be my friend?" She put her cup down, Sidney stood as well.

"All right Ralph, calm down you can't ask a lady that sort of thing."

Ralph's eyes were transfixed on Pauline, "But that's why we came, you know, to be friends and do things that she's been missing, that's what we agreed," she was frightened.

Pauline slowly got up, cleared her throat, "Well it's been nice meeting you, eerr both but you must excuse me, I'll show you the way out."

She went to move past Ralph but his arm was quick and accurate, it slid right across her throat, crooked and pulled her back to him, locking over her windpipe, her little delicate hands grabbed at him as she struggled to catch breath in side the powerful grip.

Sid's first reaction was to put a stop to this but as he moved forward his mind changed. Ralph was keeping the choke hold tight by having her slightly lifted, her toes could just touch the floor making her legs tighten in to a perfect shape, as she struggled and moved the skirt would ride up, giving a glimpse of inner and outer strong firm thigh.

She was fighting for air, her large breast's rose and fell as she sucked in air, her mouth, open in a straggled cry, it looked so adorable, her blond her tussled round her face and Sid couldn't help but imagine it covering a pillow.

Sid stopped in front of her, Ssssshhh, don't fight him, he's to strong for me let alone a pretty little thing like you, just relax and above all don't speak."

She was gasping for air but she stopped pulling at him.

"That's it, if you don't fight and don't speak he won't hurt, now just give me one of you wrists," she looked at him, her big blue eyes wide with fear, Sid smiled, "Would you like me to say please or would you like my friend to hang you again?"

She started to mumble and cry at the same time, Sid picked up the rucksack, "For the last time would you please give me a wrist and don't make a sound."

She pushed her left arm forward, as she did the phone rang, Ralph gripped her tight again, she panicked trying to scream past the choking arm, Sid waited, eight, nine rings and the answer-phone kicked in, "Hello, thank you for calling but for the time being this phone will not be answered and for personal reasons don't leave a message," the line went dead.

"Nicely put, now where were we, oh yes, if you wish my friend to stop then give me your wrist," her face now white with fear she pushed her left arm forward, Sid took a piece of thick black cord about four, four and a half feet long from the rucksack, folded it in half over the extended wrist and tied it tight.

He had a condescending smile on his face, like he was talking to a child, "There that wasn't difficult was it, now put both arms down, you can release her a little," as her arms hung by her side Ralph lowered his arm enough for her to stand flat.

Sid moved, this time he bent and picked up one length of the rope he let his head brush her breasts as he stood, he looked at her and smoothed the top of his hair, "Oopps that was interesting."

He bent beside the untied arm and reached behind her, his face inches from her knee, he gazed at her lovely legs as he bent round for the other length of cord.

He pulled the left hand cord moving her left wrist about six, seven inches behind her; then he fastened the cord to her right wrist, also tying off the other cord around and in front, to her right wrist so her hands were held about three inches behind her but firmly to her thighs.

"There now if you don't speak until we ask you, he will relax his grip and we can all get along just fine and nobody will get hurt, nod if you understand," as Ralph loosened his grip on her neck she sobbed and nodded, Sid clapped his hand, "Good."

Ralph dropped his hands to her shoulders, gripping them so she knew she was going nowhere, Sid kept looking at her, "Now what's next, oh yes those pretty little ankles of yours, I promise I won't mark them, just move them about four maybe five inches apart, just for me."

She opened her cute pouting lips and started to form the word, "Please," but before she even got to "Pl" Ralph's hands closed around her throat and silencesed her.

Sid watched her gasp for breath, "Now what did I say about talking, it's a no, no and it will hurt, so just be a good girl and part them about four or five inches, NOW."

He watched as her legs opened, he delved in to the rucksack and pulled out another small length of cord and knelt down in front of her, he could almost lick the dimples on her knees, he tied one ankle then left a four inch gap before tying the other ankle, he took great delight in running his hand up both calves before standing and looking at her terrified face.

"You're doing very well, shall we think what's next?"

She was trembling; she didn't know where to look she started to cry; then looked at Sid, "Please no more, haven't I suffered enough?"

"Oh dear there was I thinking you were being good, but no, still it has answered what's next," Sid put his hand in the rucksack, pulled out a Stanley cutter, she squealed, Ralph's hand shoot across her mouth, Sid, as ever, smiled and shook his head, "No, no I wouldn't want to disfigure you, and you won't make me do that, will you?" Pauline tried to shake her head.

Next he pulled out a roll of tape, it was in a very colourful holder, he looked at Ralph as he brought it to her face, "I don't think Pauline will scream but hold her throat, just in case," like a automated puppet Ralph lowered his hand to her throat she took a deep breath, Sid carried on.

"Can you read what's written on this," she looked at it, Sid laughed, "No, I want to hear you read it."

Pauline licked over her lips and read the roll, "Car, Carters Carpet tape, the t, tape to seal any joint."

Sid took it and ran the cutter across it, peeling it off he side, "Lets see if what they say is right."

Taking both ends of the cut tape he pushed the length up under her chin around and up to ether side of her mouth, she stared at him, she tried a little movement only to feel Ralph's hand tighten on her throat. Another strip was cut and firmly plastered over her mouth and the first strip; then another, and another, three strips covered her mouth and cheek holding the strip under her jaw tight, Sid put the tape back in the sack, not looking at her he mockingly said, "You can say something if you wish."

A kind of mmmm sound but it came from her nose, Sid pressed the tape hard to her face, "Good, no more silly talk, all right you may leave her to stand on her own," he moved back as did Ralph. Both men sat and stared up and their pretty captive.

No one spoke, the only sound was the sniffing of tears, little jerky breathing accompanied by the odd muffled moan and all female, Sid suddenly said, "You are one unbelievable beautiful woman, don't you agree my friend," Ralph was obviously excited as he blurted out, "Fucking right Sid, a."

Sid slapped his hand down on the chair arm, "Oh thanks, I told you, I'll do the talking why can't you listen, thanks a fucking lot you dick head why don't you give her our address while you're at it, fuck, fuck, fuck."

Pauline stared at them, her mouth sealed shut all she could do was shake her head, Sid looked at her, "Ya, ya you didn't hear, and I'm King Kong too, oh lady what we going to do now, do you know why we are here?"

Unable to move any where she blinked a couple of times and waited, Sid stood up and began to pace around the room, he stopped at the back of the chair, put both hands on the chair back and looked at her, "Well I'll tell you."

He folded his arms and put his full weight on the chair, "Its like this,

"Me and my friend were sitting watching some tele when we heard some very sad news," she looked down but Sid still continued, "We heard that there was a beautiful piece of cunt that wasn't getting any cock," she looked back up at him, "Yes my dear I mean it, a beautiful bit of cunt, and I haven't even seen it," there was a little pause before, "Yet."

She moaned a little as he carried on tormenting her, "My friend was the first to suggest that we came round and did something to help you out, you know its only human nature to want to help out in times of need and your need is great and we really want to help, fill that gap in your life, if you see what I mean, so my friend would like to show you just how much he appreciates the way you look," he looked at Ralph, "It was my friend idea, I thought he was joking, I never thought we would even meet you, but look who's got the last laugh," he could see the little driblets of water slavering down Ralph's chin, "Well go on show the lady."

Ralph slowly stood, his large frame cast a shadow over the room; he moved toward her, Pauline started to squeal in to her gag, she shuffled away pulling at her wrist. The rope holding her wrists jerked up over her ass taking her skirt with it, Ralph stopped and Sid moved forward on the chair as her legs were exposed all the way to her panty line.

Her bound hands pushed and shoved at the skirt trying to get it to fold back down but it was bunched up around the rope.

Sid was up and grabbing at the rucksack, he still kept moving towards the helpless Pauline, Ralph just stood and watched.

As Sid moved he pulled out a two-foot length of cord, as he got to Pauline he discarded the bag, slid his arm through Pauline's and pulled her elbows together, using the cord her elbows were soon fastened tightly together.

The way her wrists were tied they were now held at waist level and the skirt held the same.

Sid turned back to the chair, saying to himself more than the others, "Couldn't have unveiled it better myself," as he turned to sit he looked at the still motionless Ralph, "Get on with it dick-head you don't think she's going to ask you," he laughed out the rest of the sentence, "But I tell you this, she sure as hell ain't going to say no."

Ralph's smile turned his face in to a twisted grotesque sight; he first looked at Sid then back, moving towards Pauline.

Pauline squealed again and tried to move, being hobbled she could only shuffle, she turned and tried to make for the kitchen door, Sid watched her, her skirt trapped around her waist left him a lovely view of her superb legs and little black lace panty's covering a small but beautiful rounded very firm ass. Tied the way she was it was impossible for her to get to the door knob and she tried to lift herself to the catch, struggling and pushing against the door, Sid knew how a cat felt as it toyed with a mouse.

Ralph moved at her his massive hand slammed in to her back pinning her to the door, she muffled some thing that was inaudible under the tape her legs pulled at the ropes but she was helpless, Ralph grinned over at Sid, Sid shook his head, "God your fucking ugly, still don't just stand there take my mind off how ugly you are show me something gorgeous, her ass."

Ralph other hand slid in to the waist band of her pants and pulled them down so Sid could see, Pauline muffled cry's became a squeaking noise from her nose, Sid watched her ass as it moved from side to side flattened to the door, "Come on my friend don't mess rip them off."

Ralph's hand turned gripping the thin lace and he tore side-ways, one tug then another before a ripping noise heralded the parting of the lace, dragging his hand down and back the remnants slid between her legs the two halves grasped in his hand, he immediately stuffed them in his pocket.

Sid clapped his hand again, "Oh adorable absolutely adorable, firm, full, round with dimples and I bet bloody tight now turn her round, lets see what we came for."

Ralph slid his arm between Pauline and the door and held her, then lifted and turned, with out her feet on the floor she just spun around to be greeted with another clap from Sid, "Oh yes, oh fuck me yes, that's looks neat, doesn't even look that used and a real blond and a curly one at that, oh yes my tongue and that could be real friends," he stuck his tongue out and wiggled it at her, "You are really something else, now my friends tits show me her tits."

As if lifting the lid on a sumptuous dinner, Ralph, now stood behind her, got hold of the bottom of her sleeveless jumper and pulled it up to her neck exposing her black tit filled lace bra, Sid rammed his hand between his legs and giggled, "Oh boy black on blond, unbelievable absolutely unbelievable and so big and to think I didn't want to come and now all I want to do is cum, cum in you."

Sid rummaged through the rucksack until he found the cutter, pulled it out, "Here you go, now if you would like to remove all of Pauline's clothes then maybe we can get down to business, be careful no cuts or nicks." He stood and walked over to Ralph and put the cutter in his hand, he put his hand under Pauline's chin, "Don't look so frightened, but I would warn you not to move to much he's just as nervous as you are."

He returned to his seat as Ralph grabbed the neck of the jumper and cut in to it. Pauline stood in frozen terror but Sid had that silly grin on as he resumed his torment, "Now isn't this more fun than you sitting home alone?" Ralph finished cutting away her top and began on her skirt as Sid continued, "What were you thinking of doing, thinking about all the fuckings your husband had given you, the amount of time you let him come down your throat, do you swallow, I hope so."
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