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David knocked on the door of Catherine's house at the appointed time as instructed. I use the term house very loosely as it was quite evident that she was very rich. David remembered that her parents had been killed in a road crash and so she had inherited the estate. It was huge! The drive must have been half a mile long!

The door swung open and a Maid enquired as to his name. Then he was led into a reception area where his coat was taken. David felt wretched! He followed the Maid up a huge flight of stairs, along a corridor and into a massive room that had a desk in the middle of it. The shutters were closed and so David felt most intimidated.

"Thank you Gretchen." Came a female voice from behind him.

David jumped! Spinning around he could see that it was Jenny.

"Take a seat!" she instructed, and pointed to the desk.

David did as he was told, and Jenny took the seat opposite him.

"I thought that it would be a little easier to talk frankly here rather than at work. Don't you agree David?"

David nodded but kept quiet.

"Well it's been quite a day hasn't it!"

Jenny reached down to her briefcase and retrieved her laptop. She placed it on the table, opened it and fired it up. Then she retrieved a brown paper file with David's name on the front of it. She placed it carefully on the desk next to the laptop and opened it. She leafed through the pages ignoring David in the process.

After what seemed like an eternity she placed another machine on the desk and plugged it into the computer. Then after clicking on a file, she turned the machine on. A white square appeared on the wall in front of David. Jenny adjusted the image and gradually the picture of him sniffing Catherine's panties came into focus!

She stared at the image for a while and then turning back to David she said "So tell me about this picture."

David cringed. His mind raced and he couldn't think of anything to say!

"Sorry! I…"

"Sorry. Well it's a good start." Jenny purred.

"What are you going to do?" pleaded David.

"Oh I think we're jumping the gun a bit here don't you! I think we need to go through the facts first."

David shifted uncomfortably in his chair and as he did so Catherine's panties cut into his prick. He thought of moving again but didn't want to draw attention to himself and so he just stayed there.

"What are the facts as you see them David?"

David's heart sank. It was obvious that she knew what had happened, but maybe she only knew some of the facts. He decided to go for a minimal account.

"Well, as you know, Catherine caught me um, going through her locker and…"

David looked up at the image on the wall.

"Well, um, and she took a photo of me handling her underwear."

"Right." Replied Jenny. "So the facts are firstly that you admit to breaking into her locker. Secondly that you admit to sniffing her dirty underwear. Thirdly that she caught you and finally that she was able to take a photograph at that moment to prove that it was you that had been doing this. Are we agreed?"

David coloured up and sheepishly said "Yes".

"Ok - well as you've no doubt realised, I spoke to Catherine this afternoon. During that conversation I wondered why she had brought the camera into work and she told me that this had been happening for some time and so she had wanted to catch the culprit. How long?"

"Only three or four..."

"Only three or four times. Ok. So you have been breaking into her locker and sniffing her panties over what period of time?

David dropped his head in shame. "A few weeks."

"A few weeks. Right. Why um. Why Catherine? Have you got a thing for her or something?"

"Well she's… Yes, I like her."

"I'm asking you this because I'm trying to understand what it is you get out of these actions David. So when you're sniffing the crotch of her knickers, you're what…thinking about having sex with her? Is that right David?"

David squirmed. He was about to answer when the door opened and the Maid came in again!

"Would you both like a cup of tea?" she asked formally.

David was aware of the image projected in a ten-foot square on the wall. He hoped that the maid hadn't noticed but no sooner had this thought crossed his mind she lifted her head and gazed at the picture.

David tried to distract her.

"Um, yes please. Milk and two sugars please."

"I'm sorry, how many sugars?" she replied having obviously distracted.

"He'll have two sugars please. And I'll have none in mine. Thank you."

The maid bowed imperceptibly and left. As she closed the door behind her she looked at the image again and then threw a quick glance in David's direction!

"I am really enjoying this!" said David sarcastically.

Jenny smiled. "Yes I bet! Anyway where were we? Oh yes, you were about to tell me what you think about when you sniff Catherine's knickers!"

David sank into his seat. He just wanted to disappear. He was also starting to feel a bit angry by now.

"Well what do you think I think about!"

"Don't take that tone with me David! I'm a woman, how am I supposed to understand these perversions of yours? If you want a more sympathetic audience we could always get the police in! I'm sure they'd understand!"

"Oh no! Look I'm sorry! This is really embarrassing! I'm sure you can see that?"

Jenny nodded but didn't answer. A long silence developed and David realised that she was waiting for him to answer her question.

"Look, I um…I just think about having sex with her. She's an attractive lady and I, well, that's it really."

"Ok. So you are only sniffing her knickers because you want to have sex with her. Yes?"

"Yes. It's pervy I know! But that's how it is."

"Thank you for being clear David. We can only deal with this properly if we can discuss things as they really are - I'm sure you understand?"

David nodded in grudging agreement.

At this point Jenny Pulled some paper out of her briefcase and her favourite pen. She wrote the word "Plan" at the top and underlined it. Then reaching over to the computer she double clicked on another file.

The screen changed and a box appeared with the words "Media Player" at the top of the screen. The video began. The film was of David furtively entering an office and opening someone's locker. He riffled through the locker and retrieved a sports bag. Unzipping it he retrieved a wet tee-shirt and unrolled it. Inside was a pair of panties.

David looked on in horror whilst Jenny lit a cigarette!

On screen David was rubbing the sodden material under his nose! His other hand was buried inside his trousers - obviously toying with his erect penis!. The film stopped and then replayed. Jenny left it rolling and drawing on her cigarette turned to David.

"I think it's time to get some more facts David."

David wet himself! Only a little, ut enough to bear testimony to how frightened he was.

"Ok, so here's the story so far. You have been breaking into Catherine's locker at work when nobody is around with the express purpose of getting sexual gratification by sniffing her knickers. And you have been doing this because secretly you wish to have sex with Catherine. Right?"

David nodded.

Jenny turned around and looked at the screen again.

"The thing is David, that's not Catherine's locker is it! It's not even her office! So whose locker is that?"


"Don't tell me; you have a thing for Louise as well?"

David remained silent.

Jenny double clicked on another file. David already knew what was coming.

On the screen was David with his trousers around his ankles. He was lying on his back with his ankles raised off of the desk, masturbating. In his other hand was a pen. He was plunging this in and out of his asshole. Every now and again he would retrieve the object and sniff the tip. Eventually his breathing became laboured and a jet of thick white semen oozed out over his fingers. The film went into repeat mode at this point.

Jenny put the pen that she had been holding down on the table in front of her.

The door swung open and the maid returned with the tea. David squirmed as she took her time over setting the cups out on the desk along with a small tray of biscuits.

"Thank you Gretchen. So anyway David, what were you thinking about whilst you put my pen up your bum?"

David glanced at the Maid who shot an accusatory look at him as she left."

"You're really enjoying this aren't you!" he responded with a snarl.

"You know David, I do believe I am! Time for Catherine to join us I think."

Jenny picked up the phone and requested Catherine's presence. David just glared at her until the young woman entered the room along with a couple of very ferocious Dobermans! One of them sidled over to David and stuck her nose in his lap.

"Bella!" shouted Catherine, making David jump! "Not yet!" The Humiliation of David - 2

The dog sat down and looked up at David, her nostrils flaring as she savoured the scent.

"How's it going?" asked Catherine.

"Well we've established that David fantasises about fucking you, Louise and myself. We've also demonstrated that we have enough evidence to have him prosecuted, fired and generally humiliated."

"I suppose you could always move away David!" offered Catherine.

"Yes. I'm quite happy to…"

Jenny interrupted him. "But then we wouldn't get to enjoy the spectacle of watching you being utterly humiliated David. It seems to me, the only choice is whether we do that in public by involving the police, or whether we do that in private. Which would you prefer?"

A tear ran down David's cheek He had never felt so depressed. "Private."

"Good boy!" squealed Jenny, as if her child had just taken its first steps. "In many ways it's the harder option, but at least you won't be humiliated in public. Well not as long as you behave yourself! Understood?"

David nodded.

Bella lifted her head and sniffed David's crotch again. David tried to brush her head away but she growled. Her white teeth coming to a point just inches from his manhood.

The two women smiled.

Catherine giggled. "She just likes the smell David! You can understand that can't you?"

Hope you like this first attempt! More to follow. Please drop your comments to the address in my profile.
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