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Rose had been sitting on the bench studying the Monet for some time. She was so tired from walking around the city. The heat was unbearable and the museum offered a cool sanctuary. The painting of the waterlilies looked so cool and refreshing. It was a good place to rest and get her self pulled back together after her walk through the city. She had never seen so many people pushing and shoving each other out of their way on the street. Perhaps it was the terrible heat that made them so rude and thoughtless. Her bench offered a quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the noonday crowds.

Rose was a gentle soul who had never push or shoved anyone in her whole life. She had never been very far from the place of her birth and she was beginning to regret leaving the tour group to see the city on her own. But Rose had a sense of adventure and a love of history. She wanted to get out among the people and "see the real Italy", not the tourist spots that are made so artificial to attract the visitors. She had purchased a little city map from the museum and she opened it. As she was trying to make some sense of the little squiggles that represented streets, a young man approached her.

"You are having trouble with understanding the map? " he asks.

He smiled warmly and introduced himself. "I am Mario. You seem unsure of the map. Can I be of assistance?" He sits down on the bench beside Rose and reaches for the map.

"Where is it you wish to go"?, he asks.

His eyes travel over her as she studies the map. She is maybe in her mid-sixties, he thinks, but very attractive. She has aged very well, very stylish, hair cut in latest style, dark smoky eyes, Her light summer dress shows off well rounded breasts that are peeking seductively over the top of the low cut neck line. Mario adores older women. They don't play coy games. They know what they want and not afraid to get it. Oh, they might be a little difficult at first but once they get warmed up, they willingly give a man every thing he wants. This one looked prime. He would have very little trouble seducing her.

"Anywhere cool", she answers. "I should be getting back to my hotel. It's the Hilton. Do you know where it is?"

"Indeed", Mario answers" It is a long way for you to walk. If you will permit me, I will drive you back to your hotel. It is on my way and now is the hottest time of day."

Rose considers his offer only for a minute. It IS Hot out and he appears to be such a nice young man. Not to mention the fact that he is VERY Attractive. She wouldn't mind being seen with a young good looking man. Rose studied the young man .He was tall and well built, skin bronzed from the summer sun. His black eyes seem to look into her very soul. Rose had been alone for a very long time. Even older women get lonely, she thought. So she agreed to let him drive her to the hotel.

"There is something else I would like you to see here before we go", Mario says. He takes Rose's arm and leads her down the hall until they come to a closed door. He opens the door and pulls Rose inside after him. It's dark and Rose stands just inside waiting for him to find a light switch. Instead of a light switch, he reaches for Rose and she is suddenly wrapped in his arms . He is more powerful than he appears and she can't get out of his grip. No matter how hard she struggles she can't get free.

He is pressing her into the wall with his shoulder and one arm. With the other hand he is lifting her skirt up around her hips. She opens her mouth to scream but he presses his mouth over hers in a long French kiss that leaves Rose breathless. His free hand is inside her panties and she feels a finger slide into her Frantically, Rose shoves and kicks at him. But he just laughs softly against her mouth. His other hand has found a breast and is squeezing the nipple sending shivers down Rose's spine. Rose knows that he is going to rape her and there is nothing she can do. The hall was empty of people so there was no need to scream even if she could.. Mario stops kissing her long enough to tell her she is beautiful and sooooo desirable. He must have her. His breath is hot on her neck as he places small quick kisses and moves back up to nibble her ear.

“Please Mario. Stop this” rose pleads. She was so weak I the knees he was holding her up against the wall.

Mario continues to whisper to Rose and trails kisses over her face and neck. He tells her how much he desires older women, how he loves to give them pleasure. He tells her that watching her sitting on the bench has filled him with such powerful desire he had to have her.

“I don’t want to hurt you or frighten you.” He said. “I love to fuck older women . Just relax and let me make you feel good.. “

Mario’s hands never stop their caresses teasing and tantalizing Rose. Slowly he begins to bring her long forgotten passion to the surface.

Rose is amazed and a little embarrassed to find her fear dissipating and she is beginning to respond to the young mans advances. She can't control the heat that is spreading through her body or the flow of hot fluid she feels between her legs. Like a dam busting, her emotions were overwhelming her, rendering her helpless. She wants Mario to touch her all over. She wants him inside her. She wants to touch him all over. She is thrilled to feel his erection pressing against her. She is no longer struggling to get free. Instead she is struggling to get herself and Mario undressed. When they are naked, he finds a light switch. Rose admires the wonderful rippling muscles and the delicious huge penis that stand proudly out in front of him.

Rose says to him," You could have asked me you know."

"Would you have said yes?"


"Well" Mario said, "There you are. I wanted to fuck you and wasn't in the mood to be turned down."

When Rose asked that the light be turned off again, Mario told her no. He wanted to watch as she took his cock in her mouth and sucked and kissed it. He wanted to watch his cock go in and out of her pussy and see the emotion in her face as he fucked her. Rose started to protest when Mario dropped to his knees and she felt the first thrusts of his tongue against her hot pussy.

”Do not try to push me away,’ there was just a trace of anger in his voice.” When I fuck a woman I do it my way. In a minute you will love it and beg for more.” Within seconds she was exploding in a fiery climax, clinging to Mario for all she was worth.

After an hour of intensive lovemaking, Mario delivered Rose to her hotel with a promise to return later that evening for another session. She was fairly skipping up the hall to her room. WHAT AN AFTERNOON!!!! She was very pleased that she had decided to go out and see "the real Italy" and her "tour guide" had shown her a new and exciting way to view the city. Although most people might consider the inside of a store room a strange place to visit, Rose found it a unique and different experience. When the rest of her tour group returned they were gushing about all the wonderful things they had seen and it was really too bad she hadn't gone with them instead of spending a dull afternoon all alone in the city. Rose just smiled and told them she had had quite an interesting and enjoyable afternoon at the museum.

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