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Jessica and I were awaken by several men and two black women carrying our breakfast. As the women placed the trays with the food I could see the sympathy in their eyes as they looked at Jessica's battered and used body with the cum from the previous night dried on her face and thighs. Jessica seemed to be still dazed by her gang rape last night and ate the food very listlessly, her eyes downcast.

Following our meal we were taken to a primitive shower where we were allowed to wash the sperm and sweat from our bodies and for the first time since our kidnapping I felt almost normal, but that wasn't to last.

Following our bath, our hands were tied again behind our backs and leather leads were attached to our collars. Two black men led us out into the sunlight to a sort of a town square within the building we were held captive. I tried to stop when I saw the sea of black faces and bodies within the area all watching us, but the men leading us pulled on the leads and we were forced to follow, though the crowd of blacks to a small platform that was about 6 inches above the ground. The black leading Jessica stopped her and forced her to kneel as two more black men took my arms.

The man that had led me in untied my hands and the other two forced me to lie on my back on a mattress like pillow. Swiftly they spread my arms above my head and tied my wrists to metal rings in the top corners of the mattress so that my hands were about 3 feet apart. They did the same with my legs and in a second I was spread and helpless to resist whatever they wanted to do next. My body was exposed to the noonday sun except for my face that they made sure was in the shade. From my neck down my body was in the direct tropical sun and soon I could feel the perspiration begin to pop out on my skin, the warmth drilling into my body.

Once the men had made sure I was securely tied they left the stage and I wondered what they were going to do. After several minutes of lying exposed I looked at the crowd and with horror realized that every man I could see was slowly masturbating. For several minutes there was no movement except the slow stroking of the mass of black cocks.

I turned my head away and closed my eyes, my mind full of dread, afraid that man after man would rape me until I would be used up and die. I sensed movement around me and when I opened my eyes I saw that six men had moved beside me as I moaned in fear, begging them not to hurt me.

Three of the men, each stroking black, shiny, erect cocks positioned themselves around my helpless, bound body. One was between my legs, and the other two were at my breasts and I tensed, waiting for the rape to begin. To my surprise they continued to masturbate until each came. I felt the warm, viscous cum settle on my breasts and in my pubic hairs right above the hood hiding my clitoris. The three black who had just cum went back to the crowd and were replaced by three very, very old men. All had gray hair and their skin was worn and dry.

By this time I was soaked with perspiration as the sun bathed my naked, bound body. My perspiration ran together with the men's cum as the old men took their positions. Again I braced myself to be raped, but the man between my legs placed his fingers on the wet pubic hairs and picked up some cum that was on my bush. Gently he took the fold of skin that covered the nub and bathed it with the slick cum from the ejaculation. I gasped as the fingers smoothed the liquid over the skin surface. I expected to be raped. I did not expect that someone would gently stroke the very seat of my womanhood nor did I think that this old man would be so skilled at manipulating a woman's desire.

I was trying to fight back the sensation as the old man coaxed my clitoris from the folds of the hood, the cum that he rubbed over the exposed skin made it feel like my nub was in a hot oil bath because of the body heat and the direct African sun on my body. The remaining two old men collected cum from my breasts and started to work the slick liquid into my nipples. Again I gasped as the skill of these men became apparent, my nipples hardening as they rolled the stiff nubs between their cum soaked fingers.

I bit my lower lip as I turned my head aside, but someone gently forced my head back where I could see the men working on my body. I tried, but couldn't stifle the moan that escaped from my lips as the terribly skilled men continued. I wasn't prepared for the erotic feeling that the men forced upon my bound body as they skillfully used the men's cum to enhance the sexual need that they were building in me.

My nipples were rock hard as they focused on one and then the other. The fingers on my clitoris and on one of my breasts would slow their work, not quite quitting the stimulation, as the remaining man would intensify his area of my body. His fingers strongly squeezed my nipple, but not quite to the point of pain as I arched my back in response to the pressure. My nipples had turned almost a dark red from the teasing I was being subjected to and I moaned in spite of myself.

On and on it went. The combination of the heat from the sun, perspiration from my body and the teasing stimulation from cum coated fingers at my nipples and clitoris was pushing me toward orgasm. I moaned and tossed my head back and forth as I realized that there was nothing I could do, but let them take me where they wanted. I was almost beside myself as I felt the building wave of pleasure in my loins. I arched my back and strained against the bonds holding my arms and legs open, begging them not to make me cum in front of all the people as I felt the heat spread to my stomach.

Suddenly, the stimulation stopped and I saw three more black men walk toward my straining body. They were masturbating as the approached and I again prepared myself to be raped. At least I thought, my body is aroused and they won't hurt me when they enter me.

To my amazement they masturbated until they shot their cum on my pubic area and each breast, just like the first three did. After they ejaculated they walked back toward the crowd and again the three old men took their position next to my bound body.

"OHHH, Please, please no more", I almost screamed as they again reached for me. The viscous sperm was again spread on my nipples and clitoris as my body shuddered with both anticipation and dread. I couldn't help the feeling that they forced on me. The heat and sweat on my body combined with the obscene stimulation was more than any woman could bear long. My body was wound tighter and tighter, my nipples now a bright red glistening with cum as the fingers gently rolled them back and forth. My clitoris, fully erect and floating in a sea of warm sperm as the fingers gently pushed the tip in tiny circles until I couldn't stop my moans as my breathing became rapid and ragged.

Just when I thought that I was going to orgasm they stopped and three more men came and added their cum to the rest. By the time the old men spread the new sperm and again started their stimulation I was hotter than I've ever been in my life. "Please", I gasped, begging through my desire, "Rape me, but don't make me want it."

The man working on my clitoris smiled and through my moans of desire I heard him say, "You will want it white whore, and you will get a chance to show the man that takes you how very much you need to be fucked." His fingers continued to push my nub in tiny circles and even though I knew I was being forced, my vagina was dripping wet with my body's response to the forced teasing. I desperately needed a man, anyone to take me over and release the pent up tension that only a sexual release would give me.

Closer and closer they drove me until only my head and feet touched the mattress as I arched my back, trying to force more contact with the teasing hands. My eyes were shut tight and moans came from my throat as I felt something warm on my cheek. I opened my eyes as someone forced my head to face the object. Touching my lips was the thickest cock I had ever seen, shiny black and erect in the hot African sun.

"Yes, oh, please, yes", I softly whispered before I realized what I had said as my body's need for sexual release overrode my reasoning. My cheeks turned a deep red with embarrassment as I saw the old man between my legs smile at me, his skilled fingers driving me toward orgasm, gently pushing the erect clitoris in a tiny circle in the smooth slickness of the sperm. I couldn't control the sparks of sexual need that the men were building in me.

"Noooo, no damn you, Don't stop, please take me, take meeee", I screamed as the old men, once again, stopped their sexual torture of my body. I arched my back and strained desperately against my bonds, trying to regain contact with the tormenting finger and push myself over into orgasm, but to no avail. I gasp and thrashed, but the orgasm was again denied me.

"Suck him white whore. Show him you want him to fuck you." Hands lifted my head up as the tip of the black cock touched my upper lip. "If you want release, suck him." The voice repeated as I felt cum slick fingers return to my clitoris and nipples. I tried to turn my head away, but the hands held my head as the old men's fingers again pushed me to the edge.

The old man squeezed my clitoris and as I gasp in pleasure the cock at my lips was pushed into my mouth. "Emmpppp" I protested as the younger man flexed his hips and held my head as his cock inched deeper into me. The old men renewed their effort and soon my need for release drove everything else out of my mind.

As the cock slowly wormed it's way into my mouth I heard the old man say, "Suck white whore and he'll reward you." My body was bathed in sweat as the fingers gave me no rest or release. I had to do sometime before they drove me mad so I swirled my tongue around the man's cock as I sucked as hard as I could and I felt him sort of jerk, a groan coming from his mouth.

Again I heard the voice of the old man as the cock was pulled from my sucking mouth, "Tell him white whore, tell him what you want." Tears came to my eyes and I slowly shook my head as the fingers on my clitoris and nipples pushed me right to the edge of the abyss.

Finally, after keeping me on the absolute edge of an orgasm for about 30 seconds I could take no more and I screamed at the younger man as I tried to reach his cock with my mouth, "FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK MEEEEE!!!" I couldn't help it, I'd never been so helpless and yet so much in need of a man, any man!

The old man between my legs moved aside as the young black crawled over my bound body. I was wet from head to toe with my own perspiration, my brunette hair matted against my forehead, my lips glistening with the combination of my sweat and the man's precum, and my vagina soaked with my own juices. Great gasps of air filled my lungs and my body writhed as the fingers continued to tease my nipples. The man mounted me, his weight on my heaving stomach, the tip of his black cock rubbing against my upper thigh as he positioned himself between my bound legs.

I groaned as I felt the man reposition himself and grab the base of his cock. With a quick look he rubbed the tip the length of my slit and suddenly, with a mighty flex of his hips, drove the black, pulsating cock deep into my soaked passage. "OHHHHH, YES, YES, YES", I screamed as the cock stroked deep in me, stretching me and as I pushed back against the pounding cock as much as the ropes would let me, the now familiar sparks of orgasm begin deep in my loins as the black pounded into me.

It didn't take long as much as the old men had teased me and forced me time after time to the edge of orgasm. My head tossed back and forth, my eyes shut tight as his balls swung against my ass with each down stroke. Soft moans came from me and I felt my body tense as his cock lifted me to the edge. "Yes, yes, yes" I moaned over and over as the black cock disappeared deep in my pussy.

The man could sense my urgency and began to fuck me harder and faster until- "Aaaaaaaaaaa, yes, oh, oh, ohh, I'm cu- I'm- oh -AHHHHHH" I screamed as the massive orgasm washed over my bound body. I couldn't believe it, the man continued to fuck me with deep hard strokes as my vagina tightened around his cock. The continued fucking caused my orgasm to go from peak to peak, each one seemingly stronger than the last. All I could do was lay there, the pleasure overwhelming my body until the man groaned and the first shot of his massive cum poured into my overheated passage. Through the fog of my orgasm I felt his sperm pour into me as my sexual pleasure peaked, my body arching tight against my bonds, my vagina full of the black man's cum until I could take no more. With a loud scream my body went limp as blackness came over me. After the first man finished with me I could sense rather than see the gang rape as man after man used my semi-conscious body until the blackness completely enclosed me and I passed out.

To be continued...