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My boss is a dick. So when he ordered me to accompany him to a meeting in LA I was less than thrilled. I'd worked at Jenner Lang for six years and five and a half of them had been great. My old boss, Rick, was a sweetheart and we got brilliantly. He was a family man with three children and a lovely, friendly wife called Darlene, who used to bring all us girls muffins and candy whenever she dropped by the office. When Rick retired we bought him and Darlene two weeks in the sun in Hawaii.

But this new guy - I'd like to have bought him a one-way ticket to anywhere-but-here.

He was so cold and controlled. Our office had always been full of fun and laughter, but Mr James was a real killjoy. When he first arrived, lots of the girls flirted with him - after kindly old Rick, it was kind of exciting to have a good-looking guy around, and Mr James was certainly that - tall dark and handsome. But he ignored all our attempts to get him to loosen up. He was always immaculately turned out in a sharp suit and silk tie, with every black hair in place and a slight look of disapproval always in his deep green eyes. The first day I arrived and called him David, he said: 'I prefer Mr James, if you don't mind.' Made me feel like I was back at school. Asshole.

So anyway, you get the idea - I didn't like the guy and the thought of spending three days in LA with this stuffed shirt was maddening.

We checked into a crappy motel - separate rooms of course. By now I was relieved - all that flirtiness had worn off really fast once I realised what a cold fish he was. He asked me to come to his room after I'd freshened up, so we could prepare for tomorrow's meeting. It was going to be a toughie - Jenner Lang was vulnerable to a hostile takeover by a firm called Markhams, and we were trying to fight it - despite the scary rumours that Markhams was a cover for the mob. I sighed - we had a lot of paperwork to get through tonight but it was important stuff - Mr James had said it was information that could save the firm.

I took a quick shower and put on fresh underwear. I'd brought the set my last boyfriend, Carl had got for me for my birthday. White lace with tiny pink roses. It was over a year since Carl and I had broken up and I hadn't had an occasion special enough to wear it yet, but - hey! - three days in LA is three days in LA, whatever the reason.

I looked in the mirror and I liked what I saw. 25 years old, with a flat stomach and small firm tits that Carl used to call my 'double handful'. He used to love hanging off them while he ate me out on his knees, rolling and pinching my small pink nipples. The memory brought an unexpected shiver, a tiny thrill that made my clit tingle and tightened my asshole. Wow, it was a long time since I'd thought about sex, and tonight was not the night to get started!

It was a hot night, so I pulled on a little cotton dress, then gathered the papers Mr James and I would need and went next door to his room. I knocked and the door opened. I stepped through before I realized that it wasn't Mr James who had opened the door, but a large man with dyed blond hair.

'oh', I said, as he shut the door behind me. I looked around. There were three other men I'd never seen before in the room. And one I barely recognized. Mr James was handcuffed to a chair. He'd obviously also had a shower, and his dark hair was wet. He was wearing his suit pants, but no shirt or shoes. And a trickle of blood had run from his nose down his chin and onto his chest. He looked up at me with dazed eyes and - inexplicably - another thrill rippled through my shaven lips. Without his sharp suit and fancy tie, Mr James was pretty damned sexy, even with blood trickling past one nipple and down his smooth, tanned skin to his muscular stomach. Plus it was kind of cool to see this control freak in such a helpless situation.

'Don't scream'. said the blond man.

'I'm not going to scream,' I said, 'I'm not a screamer.'

'Oh yeah?' Blondie smirked at me. 'Maybe we'll see about that.' He moved round in front of me and held out his hands for the papers. 'These the papers?' Mr James nodded warily. I handed over the papers. Blondie grinned at Mr James 'Why the hell didn't you tell me she had them? You could have saved yourself a broken nose.'

'Can I go now?' Whatever this was about, I knew it was nothing to do with me and hoped they'd realise that. All I wanted to do was step back into the corridor and run the hell away from here as fast as I could go.

'O sure, you can go', said Blondie, then they all laughed as I turned towards the door, only to find it locked.

'Let her go,' Mr James still managed to sound in control, even though he was cuffed to a chair and bleeding. 'I'll give you what you want.' I felt a tiny chink open in my animosity towards him. But Blondie just laughed again. 'Oh, I know you will.' He grabbed my arm and I winced at the power of his grip. 'And so will she.'

He pushed me backwards across the bed, his big hands groping at my breasts through my thin cotton dress. I tried to fight him off but he was really strong. He straddled me, pinning me to the bed, and with a single movement he ripped the top of my dress down. I didn't scream, but I heard myself pleading with him: 'Please don't. Please don't. Please don't.' I felt his rough hands on my thighs, then my body jerked upwards as he tore my white lace panties off me.

Through my panic I was dimly aware of the other three men coming closer to the bed. Two of them were big and muscular and looked like brothers and the third was small and wiry with a goatee. To my horror I saw that the brothers already had their dicks out. 'They're going to rape me' - the voice in my head told me this calmly, but I still couldn't believe it would happen to me - not here in some scuzzy motel room with my boss watching.

But he wasn't just watching. Blondie was suddenly knocked sideways as Mr James kicked out with both feet at him. Blondie sat up and lashed out with the back of his forearm at Mr James, knocking him and the chair over. Goatee kicked him in the guts and I heard a small grunt of pain escape from him.

Blondie pulled open his pants and his dick sprang out. It was about eight inches and rock hard. 'Open your legs, bitch.'

'Fuck you!' I yelled at him. 'No! - Fuck YOU!' he laughed. He pushed my thighs apart with his knees, and shoved his cock in me. I gasped with the shock of being pierced by a cock without even a semblance of foreplay. It burned like fire and took my breath away. Even though I was far from prepared for sex, Blondie was well on his way and he only pumped into me frantically nine or ten times before suddenly stiffening and groaning and shooting his load into me. Then he dropped his full weight on me, crushing me, as he panted and groaned in ecstasy.

I felt him being rolled off me and my heart leapt. Maybe Mr James - David - had freed himself...

Instead, as Blondie was pulled off me, I saw that it was only because the rest of the pack wanted theirs. One of the brothers, Vinnie, straddled my head and started mauling my tits. His dick was out and hung over my face, but wasn't hard - yet. Meanwhile his brother, Stan, pushed Goatee aside, holding his 9-inch hard-on like it was a sword.

He pulled my hips towards the edge of the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulders, then plunged into me. I'd never had a cock as big as this before and once more I squealed as he skewered me like a kebab. He bucked like a bronco, grunting with satisfaction as his dick pounded its target, and all the time, he never looked me in the face once. He and his brother looked at each other all the time - I was just a hole to him.

I noticed that dick hanging over my face was now hard, and realised that Vinnie was getting turned on watching his brother's dick pump in and out of me. Sick bastards!

Stan suddenly started grunting and I knew he was close to cumming. I prayed he's be quick cos this was torture - these big hard men forcing their way into my tight hole. Stan started pumping harder and faster and losing control, but he had enough to pull out and come all over my tits - and Vinnie's face. In front of my eyes, Vinnie's cock bulged to monstrous proportions - he must've been 9 inches long but much thicker than his brother - as thick as my wrist. He caught me looking at his meat with trepidation and laughed 'don't worry, whore, you're not my type'. I didn't wonder why - I only remember being relieved.

Stan made way for Goatee, who had a thin, curved cock about 8 inches long. He flipped me over and pulled me onto all fours - by now I was too exhausted and beaten to resist - and fucked me from behind, using short fast strokes. He reached under me and tugged at my tits like he was milking a cow. He was also talking the whole time: 'oh yeah, oh yeah, open it up, whore, you fucking slut, you love me up you.' Goatee started squeaking like a piglet, and getting even faster, then suddenly came hard, filling me with hot steamy cum. He pulled out of me slowly, leaving my puffy lips twitching and dripping cum.

It was over. I had been raped and i had survived. I was going to get out of here okay. Relief swept over me.

Blondie was back in control now that he'd satisfied himself with me. He pulled me into a sitting position. Stan and Vinnie picked David off the floor and sat him back in the chair he was still cuffed to. We were now facing each other, but David could barely look at me and when I remembered I was naked and covered in cum, I didn't blame him. Shame made me burn. Blondie's blow had left a swollen welt along under David's eye, and his nose was still dripping blood. He looked like a boxer after a prize fight.

Suddenly, Vinnie and reached down into David's lap, then laughed. 'This guy's hard! Fucking pervert!' They all laughed and David didn't know where to look. I couldn't believe it. I was appalled that he could get hard watching me being brutally raped.. .What a bastard! I noticed Vinnie took more time than was strictly necessary to confirm that David was indeed packing an erection.

Blondie came back over to me and knelt on the bed behind me. He cupped my tits in his hands and pointed the nipples at David. 'This turn you on, pervert?' David said nothing, but I saw the furtive glance he gave my nipples before looking off to another corner of the room. Once more Vinnie reached down to his pants, and this time he unzipped them and pulled them down on David's hips a little. David was wearing shorts. I noticed the slim line of dark hair that rose from his shorts, tapering across his flat belly to his navel. Vinnie stared into David's face while he reached around inside his shorts. 'Man he's fucking huge!'

Blondie rubbed my tits and then his hands dropped to my crotch and forced my thighs apart for the second time tonight. I felt my face burning as he exposed my cum-drenched cunt to my boss. 'This turn you on, pervert? Huh? You like seeing the little bitch get a good fucking? Make you want to join in, huh?' Make you want to put it here?' He roughly dipped two fingers into my hole, making me jerk with surprise and discomfort - and something else?

'Bring him over here'

Stan and Vinnie uncuffed David from the chair and brought him to the bed, where his cock - still curled inside his shorts - jutted just below my chin. They re-cuffed his hands behind his back. 'On your knees,' said Blondie. David said nothing and did not move. Stan kicked him in the backs of the knees to make him drop to the floor.

'Okay' said Blondie. 'Now clean our cum out of her cunt, you piece of shit.'

I looked down at David on his knees in front of me, and he met my eyes. Both of us looked away quickly - this was too awful to contemplate. But Vinnie grabbed David's hair and forced his mouth to my hole. The first touch of his lips on mine was electric and immediately my clit stood to attention, seeking his tongue. I was horrified - the last thing I wanted was for this ordeal to last a second longer, but here was my clit, with a mind of its own. Certainly MY mind wasn't on getting turned on by my perverted boss in a room full of rapists, but my body had other ideas. I was only grateful that a woman's arousal so easily goes unnoticed.

David started to eat me out, slowly and uncertainly at first, but - with Vinnie's hand still forcing his head against me - gaining rhythm and pace. Blondie started to flick my nipples again as he watched David going down on me, while Stan and Goatee stood watching and stroking themselves. Vinnie was captivated by the sight of David's tongue flickering over my clit and cleaning my cunt. He was now standing directly behind David and removed his hand and replaced it with his own hard cock, pressing the underside of it against David's wet hair and breathing heavily with the pleasure it obviously gave him to force my boss's mouth onto my pussy lips in this way.

I looked down at David and started to pant. I couldn't help it. The erection in my clit may only have been noticeable to David, who was now wanking it roughly with his lips and teeth, but I couldn't hide my heavy breathing and the way my thighs were starting to spread to accommodate his seeking mouth and the tongue that kept jabbing into my hole.

I've been lucky enough to date a lot of guys who enjoyed eating me out, but I've never felt anything like the rhythmic, insistent tonguing that David was giving me. I thought of him back in the office, being a cold dick, and of what the girls would say if they could see him now, on his knees, beaten, bloodied, and giving me the best oral sex I've ever had. A spasm thrilled through my cunt and asshole, and I groaned.

'this whore's getting off on it!' said Vinnie. Blondie put his head down to my left tit and started suckling like a baby, while Goatee quickly closed his lips around my right. Like his fucking, Goatee chewed quickly and hard on my nipple, making me wince in pleasure as much as pain.

David's attentions were suddenly more urgent and I could feel that he was moving his body in rhythm to my breathing, and now groaning. My excitement was making him even harder but his cock was pressing only against the side of the cheap motel bed. Still, he had nowhere else to go, so his hips jerking urgently into the bed was the best he could do, and I could feel the bed rocking with his movements.

I started to arch my back. I put my hands on David's head and pulled him even closer into my cunt. 'Yes, yes, yes, there, right there, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, yes! I was lying back on the bed now, my legs over the side. I sought David's dick with my foot and discovered a rod of hot iron, still encased in his shorts, thrusting frantically.

Touching his cock - even with my foot - started me over the edge and I screamed: 'Fuck me! fuck me! I'm gonna cum! Oh god! Oh god!' David suddenly shook off Vinnie and scrambled to his feet. With his hands cuffed behind his back he couldn't release his cock but he started to dry-hump me as I started the orgasm of a lifetime.

Vinnie moved quickly and yanked David's pants down further to release the biggest hardest cock I've ever seen. It must've been 11 inches and thick with it. Vinnie reached round and jerked David's cock several times, causing pre-cum to fly off the end and splatter on my face. David was trying to shove it in me, but he couldn't use his hands and his excitement was so great that his hips were moving spasmodically, making aiming a hit-or-miss affair.

Vinnie grabbed my boss's rampant cock and steered it between my lips like a stallion man helping a thoroughbred to cover a mare. No sooner had it touched my cunt lips than it was buried in me up to the hilt. I howled my ecstasy. David looked me in the eyes properly for the first time, his eyes filled with shameful lust and his cunt-juice and blood-covered face dripping onto mine. I cried out Oh Fuck Me O Fuck Me O Fuck Me I'm cumming, as I exploded. I almost passed out - I actually saw stars as my eyes rolled back in my head, and I could feel my cunt and asshole clenching and holding onto David's huge dick like a bitch and dog, tied together.

Suddenly David cried out in agony and his face twisted with shock and pain. I felt a crushing weight on me and I opened my eyes to see Vinnie's red, sweaty face above David's and realized what was happening.

Vinnie pushed David's face down towards mine as he grunted into him: 'Take it like a man, you fucking pervert. Fuck! he's tight!.' At first David's fucking stopped completely as he writhed in pain, still inside me, but speared on Vinnie's cock. For maybe twenty seconds the only thrusting in me was Vinnie's, through David, whose cries were reduced to grunts as his asshole learnt fast to accommodate or tear apart.

Suddenly David groaned and started to fuck me deep and fast - even harder than he had before, with his teeth gritted in agony and ecstasy as Vinnie's dick ripped into his ass. Each thrust carried the weight of two men behind it, and I thought that David's giant cock would choke me.

The sight of David fucking me while Vinnie fucked him was too much. I came again - hard and fast and loud, and I felt David's cum shoot up me again and again, and I swear I could feel Vinnie's cum jetting into David's ass as all three of us cried out together. I leaned up and bit David's nipple and felt another shudder run through him.

Goatee came in his own hand as he chewed on my raw nipples, but Blondie grabbed David's hair and twisted his head round, shoving his fat cock into his mouth. David tried to turn away, but Vinnie reached forward and helped Blondie hold him in place until Blondie came in his mouth, groaning in pleasure. His bucking hips slowed and stopped, but he gave an extra long thrust into David's mouth before withdrawing slowly, with strings of cum hanging between his cock and David's lips. As a 'thank you' he hit David in the face once more, spraying me and Goatee with cum, pussy juice and blood.

Through all this, David's cock was still hard and twitching inside me, skewered there by Vinnie's cock in his ass, and my hole was jerking and spasming around it. Vinnie pulled out of him roughly and David grunted in pain and his head dropped to my chest, beaten and humiliated, panting with the violence of his own rape and mine. Vinnie slapped his ass 'Nice hole.'

'too right' said Stan, and quickly bent Vinnie over the dressing table, and took his own brother up the ass, quickly and violently. Blondie and Goatee watched the brief animalistic coupling with interest. Stan came in a matter of seconds and pulled out again roughly, as if he was ashamed of it. Vinnie wasn't though. His softening cock had been hardened again by the brief encounter. He laughed - 'Oh man, that was good bro - look what you did to my dick!'

Blondie picked up the papers. 'C'mon guys'. But Vinnie wasn't going anywhere. ' Hold on. I just got to have seconds of the tightest ass I've ever fucked!' He stroked his twitching cock proudly as he approached David once more.

'No!' David yanked his half-hard cock out of me and struggled to his feet to face Vinnie, in a desperate attempt to stop the inevitable. His dick was still big, even at half-mast, and it glistened with the juice of every man who'd cum in me that night.

'C'mon vinnie!' Blondie sounded impatient. 'Shut up. This won't take long.' Vinnie shoved David onto the bed beside me - with his hands still cuffed David could do nothing to defend himself. David's face was only inches from mine and I saw the fear of the pain that was to come .

Vinnie opened David's ass with both his hands, inspecting his hole like a fussy shopper. He stuck a finger up him and worked it around a bit. David winced and bit his lip to keep from making a sound. Then Vinnie took his finger out and aimed his cock back at David's opening. David's eyes squeezed shut in anticipation, and he let out something like a sob as Vinnie plunged into him once more.

Anime School Girl Rape