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Amanda knelt next to the bathtub, rubbing soap on to her mistress' body. The skin was slick, and Amanda enjoyed sliding her hands up and down Caitlin's front, especially over the soft breasts and thighs. Caitlin lay back, eyes closed and head bent upwards, enjoying the younger woman's hands slipping up her body. A sigh escaped Caitlin's lips as Amanda soaped up the inner thighs, coming very close to touching Caitlin's burning hot pussy.

"When did you lose your virginity, Amanda?" Caitlin asked softly.

"Senior prom. My date and I left early, drove in his car up to the park on top of the butte in the town I grew up. We kissed for a long time, he felt me up a little bit…and then we did it, in the passenger seat."

Amanda had gotten over being embarrassed by these sorts of questions. Her mistress had been 'getting to know' Amanda all weekend, sitting her down and asking her question after question about her intimate life and partners that she had had.

When not being questioned by her new mistress, Amanda had worked hard cleaning the house from top to bottom, scrubbing bathrooms and floors, doing dishes and making meals. Though conversation had gotten steamy, there had been no repeats of the performance that took place Friday after meeting for the second time, no intimacies at all really.

Caitlin had set some ground rules: Amanda was only to address Caitlin as Mistress, and only speak when spoken to. She was to do the housework every day without instruction, and cook three meals a day at certain times. Whenever Caitlin was in the room with Amanda, unless Amanda was specifically instructed to do otherwise, she was to remain on her knees, crawling when needed. And at all times, Amanda would be nude.

The windows were always open, exposing Amanda to the outside. Amanda felt uncomfortable at first, but the house was set back a bit from the streets and trees mostly concealed the windows. Instead of feeling nervous, after a few hours she began to feel somewhat excited by the idea that any stranger could walk up to the glass and see her inside, on hands and knees, scrubbing a floor completely naked.

"What is your favorite kind of sex?" Caitlin asked, lifting her leg in the water to make it easier for Amanda to reach with the washcloth. "What position, what kinds of kinks make it special for you?"

Amanda thought for a moment, rubbing the soap on to her mistress' smooth leg.

"Doggie style is my favorite position, I think, Mistress. I like to be fucked from behind, while the man grabs my hips, pulling me back on to him in time with his hard thrusts. I don't know about any kinks, though…I've never really tried anything."

"Mm hmm…" Caitlin murmured, sitting up for Amanda to be able to reach her back. "Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

Amanda blushed, lowering her head. Strands of her blonde hair fell in to her face, shading her eyes. She saw her naked breasts hanging down and outwards, almost offering themselves to Caitlin. But Caitlin seemed not to notice, her eyes not even darting down to the breasts at all. Amanda wondered if she was even interested.

"No, Mistress."

Caitlin rested back down in to the tub.

"Have you ever thought about it?" Caitlin asked, opening her eyes to glance at Amanda.

"Yes, Mistress…I've thought about it a little bit." Amanda answered softly.

"And does it excite you?"

"Yes, Mistress," the words were almost a whisper.

"Anyone in particular?"

Amanda hesitated. "Yes, Mistress…a girl I worked with. My secretary, actually."

"What was she like? Tell me about her."

"Her name is Susan. She's taller than I am, but not much…probably about five foot four…She's got red curly hair, green eyes…freckles, not many, just a few…she's really rather cute. Great body, curves like crazy. Slimmer than I am, though."

"Did you fantasize about her often?"

"Every once in a while, Mistress." Amanda began to massage Caitlin's calves.

"You ever tell her?"

"Tell her what, Mistress?"

"Tell her that you thought she was sexy."

Amanda blinked, surprised.

"No, I never told her. I didn't want to act on it, I just thought that she was hot."

"I think that you should have told her, Amanda," Caitlin closed her eyes again and moaned softly. "Maybe we can take care of that somehow."

Amanda stopped rubbing Caitlin's legs, a little bit scared.

"Did I tell you to stop, dear?" asked Caitlin patiently.

The massage resumed instantly, harder than before.

"I think I'll get out anyway. Grab me that towel, will you, Amanda?" Caitlin stood up in the water and took out the drain plug.

Amanda wrapped the fluffy towel around Caitlin, rubbing a few places dry. She then knelt on the floor, knee's spread wide, and looked up at her mistress.

Caitlin looked down at Amanda. Amanda's short blonde hair appeared windblown as usual, a good deal trying hard to get in front of Amanda's eyes. The sapphire blue eyes looked Caitlin right in the face, revealing all the mixed emotions Amanda felt at kneeling naked in front of another woman.

"I think that you ought to go in to work tomorrow. Gather the things from your desk and bring them back here, tell your boss," Caitlin sneered at the thought of Zane Smith, a man who years before had caused Caitlin's own husband to go to prison. "Tell your boss that you won't be back on Tuesday, or ever again."

"Yes, Mistress," said Amanda.

"And I want you to invite Susan here for dinner this evening. I haven't found reason to punish you yet, but if you fail at this I will do so, and most severely." Caitlin's voice seemed colder than ever, causing Amanda's heart to pound heavily with fear.

"Yes, Mistress. She will come."

"Excellent. Now, come, we must get ready for bed."

Caitlin walked through the door to the adjoining bedroom, Amanda crawling after her on all fours. Caitlin had set a pillow and blanket at the foot of her own bed, and for the last two nights Amanda had slept there, listening to the sound of Caitlin's soft snores.

Caitlin ran her fingers through Amanda's hair, then walked to the side of the bed and crawled in. She flipped off the bedside lamp and Amanda could hear her covering herself with the blankets. Amanda felt oddly frustrated, on the floor. She wanted to be up in the bed with Caitlin. She wanted to feel the other woman's soft skin against her own.

"Don't masturbate, dear," Caitlin reminded Amanda before falling fast asleep. The sound of her heavy breathing soon filled the lonely room.

Amanda curled up on the floor, hugging herself for warmth, and waited for morning to come.


Amanda woke when Caitlin put her hand on the back of Amanda's neck, warm fingers curling in to her hair and petting Amanda's head. Amanda instantly pulled herself to her knees, spreading her thighs and looking at her mistress' feet, waiting for directions.

For a moment Caitlin said nothing, just looked down at the girl. She smiled and spoke.

"Come with me," she said, turning towards the bathroom.

Amanda followed on all fours, shivering as her knees and palms touched the cold tiles.

Caitlin took care of her toilet business quickly, and then allowed Amanda to do the same. Caitlin didn't appear to be much in to water-sports, for which Amanda was very thankful. She got almost sick to her stomach thinking about what Caitlin could command her to do.

With a sudden booming flow, water began to pour out of the faucet in the tub, and Caitlin ran her hand under the water, patiently waiting for it to grow warm. She flipped it to shower mode, and stepped in.

Caitlin's hand motioned that Amanda should follow, so she did, stepping behind the shower curtain behind Caitlin who stood in the stream of water.

Caitlin ran her hands through her own hair, getting it thoroughly wet, and lifted her arms. Amanda knew what was expected and picked up the bar of soap, beginning to wash her mistress. She ran her hands over Caitlin's underarms, and down her sides and back up the back. A shiver ran through her body as her hands connected with the smooth skin. She coated Caitlin's breasts with soap, and then helped rub off the suds, reaching around Caitlin's body, breasts touching the other woman's back. Once Caitlin's body was squeaky clean Amanda put the soap back and snatched up the bottle of shampoo, flipping the lid and squirting the thick stuff in to her palm. She spread it in her mistress' hair and massaged it into the dark strands, working up a good lather. She helped Caitlin rinse it out, careful to not let any suds near the other woman's eyes.

Caitlin rubbed herself down quickly, a once over to make sure no soap remained on her body, and stepped out of the shower.

"Get clean, and dry, then we'll get you dressed for work," she said, disappearing through the curtain.

Amanda washed herself quickly, hands hesitating over the slit between her legs. She yearned to stroke herself, pleasure herself to the point of orgasm, but didn't want to anger Caitlin. Perversely, this deprivation was causing new states of lust for her. Amanda wanted more than anything to be invited in to the mistress' bed, to be allowed to bring Caitlin to orgasm. She shut her eyes and felt herself lightly, experimentally. Just one stroke and her clit was on fire, begging for more. She shuddered violently, tearing her hand away and flipping the water to cold. The icy water cooled her desires, and she stepped out of the shower. She dried herself briskly with the towel and got down on her hands and knees to crawl back in to Caitlin's bedroom.

Caitlin was standing in front of the closet, sorting through clothes. Amanda crawled to her feet and knelt to the side, looking at the floor.

"I think that this will do," she said, holding out a dress on a hanger. "Yes, this should be just fine. Why don't you stand up and we'll get this dress on you?"

Amanda stood, hanging her arms at her side, looking at the dress. It was a simple black thing, sleeveless with a V-neck and a slit up the long skirt designed to show off a big of leg. It was very tasteful, Amanda thought. She wouldn't mind wearing it at all.

Caitlin handed Amanda the dress and Amanda took it in her arms, waiting for undergarments.

"Just put it on, dear," said Caitlin patiently.

Amanda hesitated. She had never appeared in public without underwear. Her first similar experience had been Friday when she had come to this house with none on. She shrugged and slipped the dress over her head. The cotton fabric rubbed against her nipples deliciously, the friction sending sparks of pleasure through her loins. Her pussy began to feel hot, and Amanda pushed her thighs together to try to control the feeling's rushing through her body.

Once dressed, Amanda put her hair into a ponytail at the back of her head, and she and Caitlin left the house. Caitlin drove to the office building that Amanda still technically worked in, and parked outside.

"I'm going to wait at Tino's. Once you have gathered your things, and invited Susan to dinner, meet me there. Don't take too long."

Amanda stepped out of the car. The chilly air caused her nipples to become erect, standing out against the fabric.

"Yes, Mistress," she practically whispered in to the car. She slammed her door, and walked to the building.

It was 10 AM and the building was full of people. Secretaries walked from office to office delivering papers, and other employees bent over their desks writing furiously on pieces of paper. Some people were on the phone, and some people were laughing together.

"Miss Mitchell!"

Amanda turned towards the voice and saw the redheaded girl rushing towards her.

"Where have you been, Miss Mitchell? You were supposed to be in a meeting an hour ago! Mr. Smith has been calling me all morning. We have to get you down there, quickly!" Susan turned towards the elevator, expecting Amanda to follow.

"Wait a second, Susan," said Amanda. "I don't have time for the meeting right now. I've decided to," she swallowed, "I've decided to quit. I'm only here to get my things and leave my letter of resignation on Mr. Smith's desk."

"Oh, no!" Susan exclaimed. "Oh, Miss Mitchell, I'm so sorry to hear that!" Susan's eyes began rimming with tears. "I love working with you so much! Is there anything we could figure out to get you to stay?"

"I'm afraid not, Sue," Amanda said softly. She put her arm around the girl, touching her for the first time since their handshake when Susan had been hired. "I liked working with you, too. Just because I won't be working here anymore…well…we can still be friends, can't we?"

"Miss Mitchell, that is so nice of you. I would love to be your friend." Susan smiled happily, the tears in her eyes making them shine brightly.

"Would you like to come to dinner tonight?" Amanda asked.

"I would love to!" said Susan. "Just tell me where and when!"

Amanda went in to her office, beckoning Susan to follow. Susan stood beside her at the desk while Amanda scribbled down an address.

"We'll be expecting you at seven," she said, handing the paper to Susan.

"We?" Susan asked.

"Yes, I'm living with a friend of mine. She'll be there, too. I think you'll like her, she's very nice," Amanda trailed off, feeling uncomfortable about trying to describe Caitlin. After all, she still knew nothing about the woman.

Susan agreed to come, and helped Amanda clear her desk. Amanda wrote a quick letter on her computer, printed it out, and asked Susan to give it to Zane Smith as soon as possible.

"I'd be happy to, Miss Mitchell," she said.

"Thank-you, Sue. I have to get going now, I'll see you tonight?"

Susan nodded and watched her former boss walk out of the office with the box of papers and private things.

Amanda carried the box outside and across the street to the restaurant where Caitlin was waiting. The air once again chilled her nipples, exciting her. Her pussy began to grow hot and moisture began to appear on her thighs. She wished she was wearing underwear, and imagined her juices dripping down her bare legs. Soon she was inside, seated across from Caitlin with the box next to her on the seat.

"Did she agree?" asked Caitlin.

"Yes, ma'am," said Amanda. "She'll be there at seven."

"Excellent," said Caitlin. "I ordered you a salad."

Amanda shifted in her seat. She could feel the fabric of her dress pressing against her pussy lips.

"Uncomfortable, dear?" asked Caitlin slyly. "Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

Amanda nodded.

"I want you to go to the restroom and sit in the stall, and I want you to touch yourself. I want you massaging that pretty little pussy of yours until you are on the brink of your climax. But don't cum; I don't want you to have an orgasm. When you are mad with desire and teetering on the brink I want you to come back here. Understand?"

Amanda nodded again, flushed with the idea of doing such a thing in a public place.

"Then go!" commanded Caitlin, motioning towards the restroom door in back of the restaurant.

Amanda slipped out of the booth and headed slowly for the bathroom. She felt like all eyes in the room were on her, and if she rushed they might know what was going on.

"Stop being silly," she told herself. "They don't know what's going on."

Nonetheless, she avoided eyes as she slipped through the swinging door.

The bathroom was small, with only two stalls and one sink. Amanda chose the one furthest from the door and locked herself inside. She bunched her dress up around her hips, and sat on the toilet with knee's spread wide apart.

Holding the black dress in one hand, she slowly slipped her other hand between her thighs, caressing the soft skin there. She began to massage the lips, teasing her pussy, and moved up to the clit.

"Time to get down to business," she thought.

Her middle finger stroked her nub, rubbing it gently. The finger moved in circular motions. A soft moan escaped from her lips as she began to rub harder. She pressed down on her clit, running her finger back and forth across it and the surrounding skin. Her hips began to move, and she felt her body opening up, grasping for something to enter her.

Amanda shut her eyes tightly, and moaned again.

She dropped the dress, moving her second hand down to the area and slipped two of her fingers in to her slightly moist pussy. She was not very wet, but still very close to coming.

While she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt, Amanda wondered if Caitlin would know if she came. How would she be able to tell? There wasn't any way, was there? She didn't know if she ought to risk it, and in the end settled on the idea that this denial was rather arousing.

Amanda pictured Caitlin, naked. She imagined herself next to the bathtub, bathing her mistress, rubbing her mistress' beautiful tanned breasts. She could practically feel them under her hands, molding to her fingers as she squeezed them lightly.

With a start, Amanda realized that she had reached the brink of orgasm. Every touch to her clit sent a shiver through her body, a warning of things to come.

Her hands slipped away from the region, gripping the sides of the toilet.

She sat there, breathing heavily, fighting for control.

Shutting her eyes lightly, she moved her finger back over her clit, flicking it lightly. The pleasure it promised was almost too tempting, so Amanda stood up before she lost her head again and unlocked the door.

Amanda walked over to the sink and turned the water to cold. Water filled her cupped hands, and she splashed it on her face. The icy fluid helped cool her flushed cheeks, but the heat in her loins remained. Slowly, methodically, she washed her hands under the cold water and walked back out towards her table.

As before, she felt as though all eyes were on her.

"They know what I was doing in there," she thought to herself. "Could they hear me moaning through the walls?"

Heat rose to her cheeks again, embarrassed at the very thought of anyone hearing her in the bathroom. She was relieved to find herself sitting across from Caitlin again.

"Did you do as you were told, pet?" asked Caitlin, smirking at Amanda's flushed cheeks.

Amanda nodded. "Yes, ma'am," she said demurely. She glanced through the corner of her eyes to the other guests, wondering again if they knew what was going on in the booth.

"Very good. Go ahead and eat your salad. We have a long day ahead of us."


Dinner was almost ready. The whole house was filled with the scent of Amanda's cooking. Caitlin had told her to bake chicken, and she had gone from there to create a recipe from the different spices and foods in the kitchen. The table was set for three with silver and china, wine glasses and cloth napkins. A vase filled with flowers cut fresh from the garden was set in the center, and the small glass chandelier filled the dining room with dim light, offering it an almost romantic setting.

Amanda smoothed an imaginary wrinkle out of the knee length skirt she wore, watching Caitlin inspect the table.

"Excellent, Amanda," Caitlin said, nodding her head.

Relief spread through Amanda's body. She was pleased that Caitlin found no fault in her decorations. For reasons she could not fathom, she desperately wanted her mistress to be happy with her.

The sound of the doorbell filled the room, and Caitlin motioned that Amanda should answer the door.

Amanda walked slowly towards the door and swung it wide open, smiling at the girl on the porch.

"Hi, Miss Mitchell," said Susan shyly. "I brought wine. I didn't know what we were having, so I just brought white. It's my favorite."

"Thank you. And please, Susan, call me Amanda." Amanda took the offered bottle.

Susan swept past Amanda in to the warm house, looking around at the décor.

"This is a nice place," Susan commented.

"Thank you," said Caitlin, stepping out of the dining room in to the entryway. "I'm Caitlin, by the way. This is my house, Amanda has been staying with me."

Anime School Girl Rape