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I step out of the shower. The steam swirls around me as I glance at the droplets of water beading on my soft, pale skin in the hazy mirror across from me. I step out onto the carpet and reach for the towel on the door. My mind is rolling over the events of my day. "Mmmm, that towel smells nice. Who was that creep on the bus, and why was he staring holes through me? Did I lock the back door when I came home? Why am I so rattled? Tea, I need some tea to settle my nerves. Yeah that's it, tea . . .and a damn joint wouldn't hurt either."

I close my eyes and bury my face into the soft towel inhaling deeply. When I bring the towel down and open my eyes, the room is black. "Oh Gawd!" I gasp.

I reach for the light switch flicking it up and down repeatedly. I can feel my muscles tighten. I shake my head and chuckle at myself as I take a deep breath and try to regain control.

"Laura you chicken shit. The power must have gone off."

I stand there silently in the darkness, mentally traveling the path I will take to the fuse box. I wrap the towel around me.

"What was that noise? A squeak . . .shhhhhh. There it is again!"

I take in a sharp breath as I hear the bedroom door open. "Creaaaaaaak" I am the only one home. I freeze in my spot trying to push out all other sounds. "Hold your breath, Laura so your ears can hear better." The floor in the bedroom creaks as I hear slow footsteps coming towards the bathroom. My hands fly to my mouth to cover it. Adrenaline pumps through me making my stomach burn as the muscles tense up. I want to scream but the sound is frozen in my throat. I can't make a noise. My heart is pounding so loudly I'm certain it can be heard outside the closed door. I hear the knob on the bathroom door as it starts to turn. My brain is running. "Run, Laura! Oh fuck, did that creep on the bus follow me? Shhh, be quiet! Oh Gawd, this isn't happening!"

There's nowhere to run. My feet are stuck like glue to the floor. My eyes widen with fright as they try to adjust in the dark.

The door opens. The moonlight filtering in from the bedroom allows me to see a form as I press myself against the wall in the tiny bathroom. "Blink. Look harder!" I can't make out a face. The figure moves towards me in a flash. A hand grasps my arm roughly pulling me into the bedroom and tossing me against the bed as I struggle to catch my breath. I feel as if my heart is about to burst from my chest. I gather enough air to begin to scream. As the first shrill sound pierces the air a hand clamps roughly over my mouth. "Aahhhhhh.. . . mmmppphhhhh."

My head is shoved back against the mattress and the scream is caught in my throat. I hear a deep voice hiss out. "Lay still bitch!"

"My head is spinning. Oh Gawd, I'm gonna throw up. Wait, do I know that voice? Please let me know that voice. I can't be sure, it sounds so muffled" I open my eyes and blink. " Look at the face. Oh no! Gawd, don't look at the face, he'll kill you! Yes, look at the face!"

In the moonlight I can barely make it out. "Where are the eyes? I should be able to see eyes!"

There are no eyes, only blackness. I am staring into a face with no expression. My heart races wildly as my hands fly up to claw at it. "A Mask! The Son of a Bitch coward is wearing a mask!"

My wrists are caught, shoved down against the bed roughly and then moved over my head where they are captured in one hand by my captor. I hear the sound of a slap and then feel the sharp stinging pain shoot down my thigh as the voice repeats loudly.


I shake my head to clear my thoughts. Tears sting my eyes. I can feel them sliding down my cheeks, hot tears of fright, anger, frustration.

I hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper sliding down. Panic rises again. I whimper and squirm wildly on the bed. "NO!"

The pain shoots again as another sharp slap is directed at my thigh. Fingers twist in my hair and clutch tightly against my scalp turning my head to the side. My captor leans over my trembling body pressing the cold faceless mask against my ear. "Don't test my patience slut," he hisses behind the mask. A rope is slipped around my wrists. I wince as it is pulled around the bedpost yanking my arms up tightly. I can hear heavy fast breathing from behind the mask. The towel is ripped from my body. The air feels like the blast from an opened freezer against my once warm skin. Goose bumps prickle instantly.

"Oh Gawd, no please!"

Warm rough fingers slide over my soft skin as I gasp, up and down my sides, over my inner thighs. The motions of my attacker are deliberately slow and torturous. "He's enjoying this. That asshole wants to see me get all worked up"

I struggle to fight for control of my body. I can feel the wetness growing between my legs as his fingers glide over my nipples. They react instantly to his touch and I can feel the skin around them puckering as the nipple grows more erect. "Oh fuck, no don't do that! Oh gawd why am I wet?"

I hear a soft chuckle behind the mask as he pinches my firm nipple between two fingers rolling it and pulling. A moan escapes from my mouth without me being able to stop it and my hips lift off the bed, almost as if begging. A stray hand makes its way down my stomach, over the tiny triangle of hair on my pubic bone and slipping down between my legs. I press my thighs together but to no avail as I feel weight on the bottom of the bed and first one knee and then another shoves up between my legs driving them apart. I can feel the cool rush of air against my wetness. Fingers slide down over my wet slit and immediately dip inside me as I gasp loudly and arch my back. "Fuck, FUCK, I am wet! No, I can't be enjoying this!" My mind argues silently with my body, screaming inside my brain. "Why are you betraying me? This is not good! Why are you wet?"

I hear the voice again chuckling. "You are very wet My little one," he says. "GASP. Did he call me little one?" The words echo in my mind. He reaches up and flips off the mask as I make out the features of my Master. Before I can respond, he leans forward and covers my mouth with his pressing his lips tightly against mine. "Mmmphh"

I feel his hot breath panting against my cheek.

We kiss passionately as His fingers painfully pinch and roll my nipples between them again. My body once ready to run now aches to give in. The adrenaline pumping through my body immediately flows down between my legs as I gasp and moan into His mouth. I feel his erect cock pressing against my clit as I raise my hips to meet him. "Pleeeeease, I whimper."

His hand slides down and he directs his strong hard cock to my wet lustful pussy. With one thrust he enters me. My wetness allows him to enter quickly. I gasp loudly and wince at the pain of His sudden thrust. "Ow, GAWD!"

I feel the burn inside me as ge spreads my warm walls quickly. I press my feet hard into the mattress. My back arches and I raise my hips to meet his thrusts, groaning as I feel his strong hard cock ram deeply inside me. I squeeze my walls tightly around his cock with each thrust.

"Yessss, Master"

My breasts are bouncing up and down wildly as he slams into me. I can hear the sounds of my juices gushing around his cock as he slides in and out. I raise my legs and rest my calves on his shoulders looking into his eyes as he leans forward. "Whimper." Tears flow freely down my cheeks now, but from relief and need, not from fear or anger. "Stifling a sob"

His cock presses deeper into me as he lunges pressing my knees back against my chest. I gasp and close my eyes as I feel him filling me deeper. I lean forward as far as I can. The rope pulls tightly at my wrists as I stretch. My lips meet his and he kisses me passionately and breathlessly. My tongue slides into his warm wet mouth sucking his tongue hungrily. I drop my head back to the mattress as he starts to thrust harder.

"Grunt, gasp, owww."

My breath shoves out from my lungs with each thrust of his cock deeper inside me. All I am able to do is grunt the exhaled air then gasp for breath and whimper as he slams hard into my cervix. He grabs my hips and pulls me down towards him hard.

I cry out, "Owwwgawwwdddd." The sound of His balls slapping my ass fills the room along with my grunts and his groaning. I feel my muscles clenching around his cock without warning and I scream as I feel his cock swelling deep inside me. "Oww, fuckkk!" I feel his balls tighten and he groans loudly. I whimper as my head thrashes back and forth. My body is ready to explode. "Please . . .please Cummmm?" I manage to gasp out as my hands twist against the ropes, my upper body taut and arched.

I hear him groan loudly.

He responds "Yesss noww, uuuugghhh . . .cumm pet!"

He explodes deep inside me as I orgasm. My body shakes and quivers as my juices flood his shaft and my eyes roll back. My hips jerk up towards him as I scream.

"YESSS MASSSTERRR." His cock spasms deeply inside me as his warm juices splatter my walls. I contract my muscles tightly around his cock. My pussy sucks milking every drop from him as he groans loudly. I can feel his arms shaking as his body shudders.

The weight of his body finally slumps down over me as he falls against me exhausted. Both of us gasp for air. I turn my head towards him placing soft warm kisses all over his face nuzzling my cheek against him.

I whisper softly, "I love You my Master."

He smiles and rolls to the side reaching up to release my hands. I shudder and giggle as I feel his cock slide from me. He wraps me in his arms and holds me tightly.

"I love You too my little one," he whispers as we drift off to sleep together in our own sweet wet dreams.
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