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Life has been good. We have raised our three children, all now gone. Each graduated from college, each with a start on their career jobs. I had helped each get a start on a home of their own, either a single family home or townhome to fit their tastes.

That left me and the wife alone most of the time. Married 31-years, we are still happy. Older, our bodies showed it. Graying hair, paunchy middles, we were the prototypical middle aged couple. Our lives had slowed. A big house, empty, I looked forward to having the kids home for the holidays. Laughter, conversations, hugs. All I had taken for granted now were longed for. I missed our closeness.

After the youngest daughter left for college, I threw myself even deeper into my job. General manager, local television station, I was behind the cameras in the office. We were the top rated station in the community. Life passed, day after day of new stories, world conflicts, and local interest stories. Life, normal life continued.

With the retirement of our beloved weatherman, we searched and found a new young buck Nick from the northwest territory of the US. Bringing him down to our community was easy. Offering big bucks, a Colorado life style, and the morning show weather position, he came without hesitation.

Nick was one of those guys that had the world by the tail. Tall, athletic, handsome, he had his pick of ladies I am sure. He definitely was egotistical, but he could give the forecast and chew gum at the same time. A pretty face, great camera persona, and best of all, he was bright. Once past the ego, he was rather a normal guy. His wife, Sondra, was god's gift to mankind. Absolutely beautiful, she stunned all who met her. Tall, lithe, athletic, and angelic beauty, she sucked life from all in a room. She lit up any gathering. Demur, she was terrific support for Nick. I often tried to imagine what it would be like to ride her hard and put her up wet. What a fantasy.

I would soon be 55. I really did not dread it, I had never really focused on it. But I noticed a change in our sex life after my wife's 52nd birthday. Her desire for sex diminished quickly. Twice, maybe three times per month left me with constant thoughts about sex. I often got woodies just sitting in my office. It might be my assistant's body that would flash before my eyes. Or I would think of Sondra. She gave great virtual sex! I could stroke, close my eyes, and have her beg for my 9 ½ inches. She loved it! And Nick did not care. Of course, this was only in my little sex world I had created.

Then it happened. My little sex world would become a little more real. Over a weekend, I had to come into the office to complete some paperwork. Being a morning person, I actually arrived at the station at 5:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. I had not expected anyone to be there at that time. Entering the building, I noticed Nick's car was parked to the side of the building. The weather department is down to the back of the building. I started off down the hall toward that department. As I approached, I could hear load, muffled voices. I slowed my approach. I was not sure what to expect. I approached the door.

"Sit down! Now bitch!" rocked my senses.

I reached for the door knob. Turning it slowly, I pushed the door open very slowly. The room was brightly lit, but I could not see anybody in my line of sight. I pushed the door open several more inches. I leaned forward, trying to peek around the edge of the door. The next thing I knew, I was picking myself up off the floor, assisted by Sondra and Nick. My head was throbbing. My vision blurred. Dragging me, they pulled me into the room, across the floor, and placed me on a chair against the wall.

"Shhh," whispered Sondra. "Hush," she repeated. I glanced around the room. Someone, I could almost see them behind Nick. I was bleeding. Blood dripped down my cheek, landing on my sweat pants leg. Sondra handed me a small hand towel. "Press that against your head. Hold it firmly," she stated. She was wearing a robe and sandals. I glanced to Nick. He also was wearing a robe. And slippers!

"Glad to have you join us, Mr. Manager," the voice said. I glanced up, finding the source of the voice. A man, a large man; no, a very large man was standing several feet in front of me. I am 6'6" tall, nearly 280 lbs, and he was large even by my standards. I could see him clearly, well clearly for a fuzzy view. My head throbbed. "You're just in time to join our party," he was saying.

"Nick, what's going on?" I inquired, glancing in his direction.

"Shut the fuck up!" commanded the large man. I glanced back quickly to him as he stepped toward me. Grabbing me by the hair, he lifted my face upwards, directly in front of his face. "I talk, you listen! Clear on that?" he shouted. He rested a barrel of a gun against the side of my nose. I could smell the metal. Thrusting his hand to the side, he threw me off the chair onto the floor. "Get your ass back in the chair!" he growled. Sondra reached to assist me as I climbed back into the chair.

The big man stepped behind Nick's chair. Reaching out, he grabbed Nick's ear. He pulled it hard. "Squeal," he commanded. Nick jerked forward. The big man popped him hard on the back of the head with the barrel of the gun. Nick slumped forward. "Fuck!" screamed the big man. "God damn! God damn!" growled the big man. Sondra gasped, and jumped forward to assist Nick. He backhanded Sondra hard.

"Sit down bitch," he growled. "Let pretty boy get himself up," he continued. "Get up you candy ass faggot," shouted the big man. Nick pulled himself back into the chair. The big man reached into a backpack on the floor. He pulled a long rope out of the pack. Moving quickly, he tied Nick tightly in the chair. Placing a chair directly in front of Nick, he sat down. Silently, he watched us closely.

"Ms. Morris. I'm Jillian. I'm Nick's boyfriend from college!" he stated. "I bet he never told you that," he continued.

"Liar," Sondra hissed! "You fucking liar," she repeated. Jillian leaped up from his chair, drew his hand back to hit her.

"Stop!" shouted Nick. Jillian hesitated, turned to Nick. "Please, don't hurt them," pleaded Nick.

"You two, strip!" commanded Jillian. We sat, not moving a muscle. He turned slowly, menacingly toward us. "What don't you understand? Now!" again he commanded. He reached the gun out, placing the barrel against Nick's forehead. "One! Two!"

We both reacted quickly, started stripping our clothes off our bodies. I could not help myself from looking at Sondra. Sondra stood, opened her robe, pulled it off her shoulders, and let it drop to the floor. Dressed in a light blue teddy, she looked heavenly. I pulled off my nikes, socks, and stood to pull off the sweat pants and sweat shirt I was wearing, leaving me in a t-shirt and briefs.

He pulled the hammer back on the pistol. I quickly removed the t-shirt, reaching to grab the waist band of my briefs. I glanced at Sondra. She pulled the teddy over her head, exposing her breasts. Nothing left but a thong on her body. Her tits stood proud, her nipples pointing upwards, nipples hardened because of the cool air. Normally, at this point, my cock would chub, and begin new life. But with Jillian holding a gun, my cock did not move. I bent to strip my briefs from my body. Sondra followed suit. Standing, I moved by Sondra, our bodies inches apart. Both now totally naked. Her hands moved to hide her charms, one hand dropped to her crotch, the other crossed her tits, covering both nipples with her hand and forearm.

"See Nick, they look good together!" growled the big man. "What do you see in her Nicky?" he continued. "I always made you happy," he rambled on. Turning quickly, he pointed the gun directly at Sondra. "Suck him!" Jillian commanded. Now my cock chubbed.

Sondra dropped to her knees in front of me. She quickly reached out, took my flaccid cock in her soft hands, raised the head to her pouting lips. Her tongue snaked out, licking over the head, forcing her tongue gently into the slit. Inhaling, she pushed forward. She engulfed all of my cock. It instantly began growing. As she pumped up and down on my cock, my knees buckled slightly. I reached to her shoulders, pulling her forward, driving myself deeper into her mouth. She looked deep into my eyes. "Sondra," I whispered. I thrust my hips forward, my cock gaining life, becoming rigid in her mouth and throat. She groaned loudly.

"Suck him bitch," commanded Jillian. "Make him cum in your mouth!" he continued.

"Jillian," pleaded Nick. "Don't do this," he continued.

I lost thought. Closing my eyes, all my senses focused on Sondra's mouth. My cock continued to grow quickly. Within minutes, I reached full staff. I drove my hips against her soft lips, driving all 9 ½ inches down her willing mouth. Glancing down, I saw her hand busy between her cunt lips. I could smell her sex. She continued to impale her face on my cock. Groaning loudly, her body twitched several times as she ground her fingers into her cunt. Reaching upwards, she grabbed my cheeks, pulling me hard into her mouth and throat. I intertwined my fingers in her hair, pulling her hard against me, driving my cock completely into her throat. A couple of small gags escaped her, but she did not hesitate. Arching my hips into her face, I exploded, erupting into her mouth. My balls contracted, driving my sperm up my shaft, out the hole into her mouth and throat. She sucked hard, sucking my cum out, draining my balls in the process. A demon possessed, she face fucked me hard as my cock began deflating and growing soft. Pulling off, she licked her lips, a finger collecting any escaping cum and sucking her finger clean.

"Sit in your chairs," commanded Jillian. He stood. Unzipping his pants, he pulled a semi-flaccid cock from his pants. Stepping toward Nick, he grabbed Nick's head and pulled him to his cock. "Suck me baby," Jillian commanded. Eyes closed, Nick opened his mouth, and hungrily sucked the big man's cock into his mouth. Jillian hammered his hips against Nick's mouth. "It's been too long Nicky," the big man soothed. His cock grew rigid. He thrust hard into Nick's face. Nick's neck extended, he sucked the big man's cock completely down his throat. He groaned with each thrust. Jillian pulled out of Nick's mouth.

"Jillian, please," whispered Nick. Glancing at us, Jillian grinned. He stepped back to Nick. Nick impaled himself again, groaning with each thrust.

"Ready Nicky," queried the big man. Nick groaned. Jillian grunted, grabbed Nick head, and ground his cock into Nick's mouth. "Fuck yeah," growled the big man. With each spurt of his cum into Nick's mouth, the big man grunted loudly. Nick made sucking noises, trying to drain the big man's balls. As his cock grew flaccid, he ground his cock harder against Nick's face. He withdrew quickly, leaned and kissed Nick, his tongue extending into Nick's mouth. He tasted his own cum. "Wasn't that good Nicky," he asked. Nick's head drooped.

"On the floor," commanded Jillian turning to us. "Eat her pussy," he said as he looked directly at us. Sondra dropped to the floor, rolling over on her back, spreading her legs. Her pussy beckoned me. A soft tuft of hair, neatly trimmed topped her glistening slit. Her clit peeked between her lips. Her fingers traced down her thighs, brushing across her slit. Her head tilted upwards, a small gasp escaped her mouth. I slowly moved to her, lying on my stomach, raising my body up on my elbows. I reached under her ass, my hands wrapping upwards, grabbing her hips. I lifted her pussy to my mouth. Softly, slowly, I sucked her clit into my mouth. I sucked it, pulling it up from her body, my tongue flicking quickly over its' head. I tasted her. My tongue slid down her clit, snaked between her lips, and licked front to back, sliding along each side. I tilted her hips upwards, driving my tongue into her wet, wet hole. Sondra thrust her hips upwards, trying to capture my tongue in her cunt. Her fingers reached around my head, pulling me deeper into her cunt. I sucked in her juices. My tongue danced over her clit. I sucked it deeply into my mouth, rolling it back and forth with my tongue. I assaulted her clit, grabbing it gently between my teeth, holding it firmly. My tongue mashed it, rolled it, and flicked it back and forth quickly.

Sondra's hips jumped involuntarily, arching against my assault. Her breathing became labored. Eyes closed tightly, hips jumping under my mouth, she ground her body against me, her body begging for a powerful orgasm. I slowed my pace. I wanted to delay her orgasm, to prolong her heightened senses. I sucked her clit gently, licking it softly, humming, vibrating her clit between my lips. I watched her hands grasp her tits, squeezing softly, fingers pinching her nipples, pulling them upwards. I felt her body tense, her cunt jump upwards, her hips arch hard against my lips, grinding against my mouth.

"Make me cum baby," she asked. "Oh God make me cum," she pleaded.

I jammed two fingers into her hole without warning, forcing them deep. Her body arched high off the floor. I started thrusting in and out of her cunt as I sucked her clit hard into my mouth. I bit it gently, holding it firmly between my teeth. I flicked it back and forth fast. Her body grew tense. Her hips arched upwards, I thrust my fingers deep, grinding them hard into her hole. She held her breath. Her body tensed, her hips jumped higher. Holding, her clit exploded into orgasm. Her body flopped down on the carpet under my mouth. I held on as her body arched and dropped several times. I began thrusting again. She gasp for air. I continued my assault on her clit. My fingers slid easily out of her wet cunt. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole. I reamed her hole, sucking her juices into my mouth.

"Now Mr. Manager. Fuck the bitch!" growled the big man. "Watch Nick. See you wife fuck this man's cock!" he continued as he directed Nick's gaze to us.

My cock was rigid. I moved up her body. Grabbing my cock, I slid it into her slit, top to bottom and repeating. I coated his head with her juices. She raised her legs, pulling them up to her chest, opening her hole for my invasion. I reamed her hole with his head. Grunting I slid my cock forward. I ground my cock hard into her hole. Wet, slippery, her velvet hole sucked him into her body. I would hesitate, withdraw, and thrust forward again. Grabbing her legs, I spun our bodies around to Nick. I wanted him to see me plunge my hard, massive cock deep into her hole. Plus, the added benefit, he could see my ass. I wondered which he would watch. Buried deep, I started full withdrawal, and would plunge deep, thrusting hard back into her body. Our bodies slapped together, the noise filling the room.

We fuck hard. Our breathing was ragged at best. I lay on her body, feeling her tits mash against my chest. I kissed her, my tongue dancing with hers. I thrust hard again. I wanted to taste her orgasm, to feel her cum on my cock. Tilting her head back, she started grunting with each deep thrust. I hammered her sweet cunt. I ground my cock deep, my balls bouncing off her asshole with each deep penetration. I slammed my cock deep, grinding each inch hard into her.

"Fuck me from behind," she said. I withdrew. I knew I was in for rug burns, but wanted to feel my hip flesh slap against her ass. We moved to position quickly.

Grabbing each hip, I moved forward, my cock dangling between her cheeks. Reaching, she grabbed my cock, placed the head into her stretched hole, and drove back on me. Between my pulling her hips, and her reverse thrust, we drove my cock deep with the first penetration. I began to fuck her with abandon. My hips slapped her flesh. Her cunt lips would stretch to hold him in her body. Almost completely out, I would thrust forward, slamming each inch back into her body. Dropping her shoulders, she raised her ass upwards, giving me a perfect fucking machine. We fucked hard. I watched Nick. With each stroke, I grunted. Sondra groaned.

"Fuck me with that huge cock!" she screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me! she grunted out.

I slapped her ass, the flesh tingling under my fingers. I popped my thumb tip into her asshole. A firecracker went off inside her. She started fucking me so hard and fast, I slammed my cock forward to keep her buried deep. I popped my thumb in and out with each thrust of my cock. Her hand reached between her thighs, flicking her clit back and forth as I fucked her pussy. I could feel her finger tips rake over my shaft. She grabbed my balls, rolling them, pulling on them. And back to her clit. Within seconds, her body erupted in another orgasm. Grabbing both her hip bones, I pulled forward, grinding my cock deep into her tight cunt. I exploded, sending another load of cum out my shaft. This time, I filled her cunt. We collapsed forward, my cock still buried deep in her cunt. I ground my hips into her, driving my deflating cock deep again. I kissed her neck and shoulders softly. She flexed her cunt muscles, milking more cum out of my cock and balls. Our breathing returned to normal.

We glanced to Jillian. He had dismounted the chair, and was bobbing his head up and down on Nick's rigid cock. Nick's eyes were closed. He was lost in the blow job the big man was giving him. We watched, mesmerized, actually fascinated. Nick's hips flexed, lifting his hips higher, grinding all he could do down Jillian's throat. Nick's body went rigid. Pulling up, Jillian watched Nick.

"You always liked my thumb up your ass when I blow you baby," Jillian stated. "Show Sondra," he continued. Nick spread his legs, giving an obstructed view. Jillian's hand was under Nick's balls. Jillian reached, moved Nick's balls. His thumb disappeared in Nick's ass. Jillian leaned, sucked Nick's cock back into his mouth. He drove Nick's cock balls deep into his mouth. Thrusting his thumb in and out of Nick's ass, Nick could barely breathe. Within seconds, he exploded into Jillian's mouth. Jillian sucked all Nick's cum, not missing a spurt.

Turning to us, we knew another command was coming our way. "Fuck her ass," he stated. We knew our butt fuck would lead to a butt fuck for one of them. Sondra turned to me, dropped her face to my crotch, and sucked my large, but flaccid cock into her mouth. She growled from within. My cock grew instantly. She impaled herself again on my cock. I reached to her wet cunt. I flicked her clit back and forth. She got wetter. I spread her wetness over her asshole. I slid a fingertip into her. She groaned loudly. She dropped her hips, pushing more of my finger in her ass. I jammed it into her. I rotated it around, spreading her muscles, stretching her hole. I would soon invade her ass with my large cock. Any preemptive stretching would ease her pain. I spread more juice over her ass.

"Fuck her ass," Jillian growled. Looking to Jillian, we again had the gun in our faces. I moved behind her. Slowly, we lined my cock up with her ass. Gently, I pushed forward. The head of my cock popped through her tight ring. I grabbed each hip bone. I pulled forward as she ground back against me. An inch, two slid into her body. I withdrew slowly. I pushed forward again. More slid into her body. Repeating, we slowly buried my cock in her ass. As we fucked, a warmth spread throughout her body. A need enveloped us. I could feel her. Spreading her knees slightly, she tilted her hips, and thrust backwards against me. My cock buried balls deep. We ground our bodies together.

"Now fuck me baby," she commanded. "Fuck me hard!"

I widened my knees on the carpet, grabbed her hips tightly, ground my hips tight against her flesh, pumped little thrusts, and withdrew. Just as quickly, I thrust forward, impaling her ass with my cock. I closed my eyes, withdrew, and thrust forward again. With each thrust, Sondra groaned, grunted, and gasp for breath. As our pace quickened, Sondra got vocally loud, screaming with each thrust. Her scream matched the intensity of the thrust. Driving her hips back hard, she opened her ass for me, grinding her body against my cock, sucking him into her body. Her muscles griped, held, and refused to allow his escape, continuing to suck it back into her body. Our orgasms approached quickly.
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