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Walking across campus, Kimmy sat down briefly on a bench to look through her backpack for her cell phone. Her boss Mike said she still had a job but would have to make it up to him by taking extra shifts for any dancers who were sick or didn't show, which meant checking in early and often. She asked about the dissatisfied customer, Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome, but Mike told her not to worry about it. Flipping it on, she checked her voicemail and smiled as she listened to the message her father had left. I love you too, she thought. After calling Mike and discovering her night would be free, she walked towards the Student Union Building.

She couldn't wait for Spring Break, she thought to herself. She needed a break already and it was only January. She had papers coming out of her ass and if one more professor mentioned that she needed to stop writing so "journalistically" she'd scream. Turning the corner, she noticed her Chemistry professor, Prof. Erichson. He was laughing with a man she couldn't see. The stranger looked slightly familiar to her from the back though.

When she drew nearer, Professor Erichson looked up, smiled and acknowledged her presence with a friendly wave. "Hello Miss Cummings." Kimmy walked over towards him and smiled shyly and waved back. Just then the other man turned and all oxygen left her body when she recognized Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. He recognized her too, if the narrowing of his eyes was anything to go by.

"Please meet Professor Rafa Mondragón, visiting from the Barcelona Business School," Professor Erichson politely introduced. Smiling stupidly, Kimmy took the hand Prof. Mondragón offered. He squeezed her hand warmly and held her gaze, observing her pale face.

"Professor Mondragón is a professor of Economics and will be giving a series of lectures this week. I know you haven't picked a major yet Miss Cummings, perhaps you'll find his area of expertise of some interest," Prof. Erichson continued, unaware of the tension between Kimmy and Prof. Mondragón

"Yes, I have a lecture in about 20 minutes. At the Arts Building, room 124. You might find it of interest Miss Cummings," Rafa invited, giving her a look that said he expected her to be there whether she wanted to or not.

"Yes .. Yes. I think I'll do that. Room 124?" she agreed quickly. He nodded and watched as she walked away. Two nights ago she had left him with a hard cock and he had not forgotten that. When he and a few of his visiting colleagues had stopped for drinks at a local strip joint, he didn't think he would feel compelled to sample the local meat there. Miss Cummings was a welcome surprise, he mused, watching her walk away. If she failed to show up at the lecture, he didn't doubt he'd be able to locate her easily with the help of his good friend Professor Erichson.

Entering the classroom, he noticed the room contained about twelve students and five professors. He didn't see Miss Cummings, but he knew she'd be there soon. She had six more minutes. Walking towards his student assistant, Patrick, he checked the power point presentation, making sure the slides were in order. He chatted amicably with the people in the room and carefully watched the door as more people continued to flood the classroom. Finally seeing the object of his desires walk in, he relaxed and smiled and joked with the crowd.

Kimmy took the seat closest to the door and quietly sipped her coffee. She doubted business or economics would ever be her major or area of study, but she was a businesswoman, she reflected wryly. He politely nodded to her and she nodded back, getting comfortable in her seat. He was a very handsome man. He had dark, almost black eyes, intense in their scrutiny. He was probably very smart, well, he had to be of course, he was a professor. He stood about 6 ft 2 and had very broad shoulders. He either worked out or was supremely blessed with a naturally gorgeous physique. His dark, brown hair curled softly and she remembered how soft it was against her neck when she'd danced for him. He had a dominant streak a mile wide too, she guessed. His voice was deep, hypnotic almost and she observed all the females in the room carefully ogling him.

Kimmy sat throughout the whole lecture, watching him. She wanted him and she knew he wanted her. Why else would he invite her here? Somewhere around the middle of his talks, she adjusted her bra, showing off black lace. She played with the strap, teasing him. He simply looked at her and continued speaking. He was strong, she grinned.

After the lecture, she waited in her seat. It seemed like hours before people cleared out and he was left alone, with her. Walking to her seat, he sat on his hunches, his eyes almost level with her eyes. "So, what do you think? Does modern economics hold the key to your university career? Hmm? Want to take a stab at the nature of trade?" he grinned.

Kimmy laughed, "No... well, I think I do well enough with trade in my own way," she joked rising from her chair. She slung her backpack over her shoulder and picked up her empty coffee cup. A young man who had been present earlier re-entered the room. Rafa chatted quietly with the young man he called Patrick and gathered his things, his papers and briefcase. Patrick gathered the computer and power point machine and wheeled the table out of the room. Prof. Mondragón walked back towards her.

"Tell me something Miss Cummings," Rafa began, taking her arm, "are you interested in spending the remainder of the day and night with me? I can promise you, I will make it worth your while," he smiled.

"How worth my while," Kimmy grinned.

"Well, I will double what I was willing to pay the other night, plus I have a few friends, colleagues that would be interested in occupying your time as well. They would pay top dollar, a lot of money Miss Cummings," he tempted, smiling. Kimmy only saw 40 percent of the money her clients usually paid and was wildly excited about spending the night with this sexy man.

"It's a deal Prof. Mondragón," she quickly agreed. His arm encircled her waist as he walked her to his rent-a-car.

"No. You will not call me Professor Mondragón. You will call me Daddy," he whispered against her ear. He opened the door for her and watched as she hurriedly got inside his car. He wanted to get her back to his hotel room and quickly plan the evening. She would be his beautiful Theresa for one night. His daughter. He would get to live out his darkest fantasy.

Her legs parted slightly, she squirmed in her seat. By her increased breathing, he could tell that she was excited, aroused. Good, he wanted her that way. She would not be getting any relief for a few hours.

Driving up to the hotel, he got out and quickly handed his keys to the valet. Not bothering to open the door for Kimmy, she got out and followed him inside. She had to move quickly to keep up. The reception area of the hotel was busy, people walking in pairs, some just checking in. She had driven by this hotel many times, but had never been inside and she was struck by its pretty, clean appearance.

Stepping inside the elevator, Rafa neither looked nor spoke to her. Once they were inside his room, he gestured to the bar and asked her if she wanted anything to drink. It was a large suite, the bedroom obviously in another part of the room. It looked more like someone's living room than a hotel room. The one's she'd been inside had beds, maybe a chair and a desk, a television and bathroom and that was it.

"No, I'm fine," Kimmy answered, curious about his strange mood.

"Good. I have something I'd like you to wear," he explained. Walking out of the room, he left her to peruse the suite. Sitting on the comfortable sofa she put her backpack on the floor by her feet.

When he returned Rafa had a nightgown in his hands. A long, white, flannel nightgown. The kind someone's grandmother would wear. He held it with both hands, like it was precious and rare.

"This belongs to my daughter Theresa. I'd like you to put it on," he explained, looking at her hungrily.

Standing carefully, she took the gown he offered and looking around the room, asked, "Where should I change?"

"Put it on right now. I'd like to watch you," he demanded, sitting on the couch.

She placed the gown on the sofa beside him and set about removing her clothes. She listened to each indrawn breath he made as she exposed her breasts, her belly. When she tried to retrieve the nightgown, he stopped her, "No, you haven't taken your panties off yet. Do it. All of it," he ordered.

She pulled her panties off and he demanded she bend over. He wanted to inspect her body. He told her to spread her thighs. He commanded she open her asshole, stick her finger inside. He wanted to see how far it would go. She was instructed to open her cunt, show him her meat, insert her fingers; he wanted to see how far her fist would fit. He asked her how many lovers she had had. What was her favourite position? What did she find painful. The questions went on and on and finally she was told to put the nightgown on.

"That door over there leads to the bedroom. I want you to go inside and get in the bed. I know you're aroused but I would request that you not touch yourself. I want you to rest, sleep if you like. I have to go out, but I will be back and then I will wake you. Your name is Theresa. If anyone asks you, tell them that. Now, go now and go to bed," he ordered.

Kimmy tried to be nonchalant but she felt some trepidation. He was acting weird and she'd never been with a customer that Mike hadn't cleared first. Mike might take the ransoms cut but he kept her safe and she wondered in the back of her mind if she was being stupid to be here with him. However, she walked to the bedroom and once inside got in the bed and tried to relax. The bed was huge and comfortable. The duvet was white and soft on her body. Soon she fell asleep.

Hours later, the room was dark and she felt a moment's panic when she woke and didn't remember where she was. She heard voices and one of them she recognized. Professor Mondragón was back and he must have brought other guests like he said he would. She heard laughter and the voices of at least three other men. She heard the word PUTA a lot and a great deal of chuckling and wondered what they were talking about. She didn't understand their language but they seemed to be having a good time. Suddenly the door was opened and the light blinded her. It was Rafa.

"Ah, Theresa, you're awake. Good...good. I have a gift for you my pretty girl," he smiled. He handed her a fluffy brown teddy bear with a bright red bow. It was about as long as her forearm and had huge eyes and a little pink tongue. Smiling, she took the bear and shyly thanked him.

"Did you have a good rest?" he politely asked, his eyes shining.

"Yes, this bed is very comfortable," Kimmy admitted truthfully.

"Is the puta coming out or not Raf?" someone yelled from the living room. The yelling was followed by more conversation that she wasn't able to follow.

"Uno momento," he yelled back. "Come, come, bring your gift Theresa," he smiled gesturing.

She quickly got out of the bed and walked into the other room. She was wrong. There were eight men in the room, nine including the professor. All were dark haired and handsome, some more good-looking than others. Some were younger than others.

"I'd like you to meet Theresa. She will be our entertainment. Gentlemen, treat her as you would your own ... daughter," he grinned and stepping away from her went to sit on the sofa. He crossed his legs and picked up his drink.

Kimmy felt insecure standing in a room with all these men. She felt like a little girl and then cleverly, she realized, that's what Professor Mondragón wanted. He wanted her to feel like a little girl, a stupid child that knew nothing. Kimmy was a woman though and had more men under her than she knew what to do with. Smiling sweetly she crossed the room to the first man and sat on his lap, holding the bear to her chest. The men in the room started laughing and suddenly she was grabbed and pulled on the floor on her knees. The bear was discarded. Her nightgown was pushed up, her ass and cunt fingered roughly.

She was wet and she knew it and they knew it. There was no further foreplay before the first man thrust his cock in her cunt. She was hammered as a man grabbed her face and forced his cock in her mouth. She sucked and began pumping another offered cock with one hand. She felt hands caressing her, fondling her, words she couldn't understand aroused her. The cock between her legs was almost violent in its force. At one point, she almost hollered in pain. Before she knew it the man had ejaculated and another man took his place.

When the man changed places, she creamed all over her next customer. Eventually she was repositioned again and this time she was directed on top of a man, while another man fucked her ass. She wailed and shrieked her pleasure, loving the double penetration. More cocks were shoved at her. It seemed like there were more men in the room. More than she had originally counted. More semen flooded her pussy and ass and mouth and more cocks took their places banging her brains out.

She was eventually placed in the center of the room, surrounded by cocks. She was right. There were at least twenty men in the room now. Cocks in hand. She was covered in cum, her hair, her face, her body leaked fluid. The nightgown was a ripped heap on the floor. She had cocks in both hands and tried to take the multiple cocks being shoved at her. Cocks slapped her face and hair and she could feel men jerking off on her body, ropey, white trails soiling her.

Shoving the naked men aside, her benevolent benefactor, Professor Mondragón suddenly appeared by her side. Kimmy was breathless from exertion. Smiling, he showed her the teddy bear. "You dropped this Theresa," he whispered and reached down, plunged the bear between her spread thighs. "Ride it," he ordered, backing out of the circle.

Her sore pussy grasped the teddy bear as the men moved in closer. She ground her cunt into the soft fabric, undulating, rolling her hips for her audience, for Professor Mondragón. More jeers and loud taunting followed as the aroused men demanded more and moved closer still to the little slut. One man dropped to his knees and held the teddy bear forcing it further into her cunt. Delirious in pleasure, she almost fainted. She lost track of how many times she orgasmed and men just kept fucking her.

She was eventually picked up and carried to the kitchen table where she was ass and pussy fucked some more. Each man wanted his turn. Some men wanted three or four turns and wouldn't leave until they got their money's worth. She was spread wide, stuffed full, poked over and over in every hole. When she finally fell unconscious, her last memory was of drinking a bowl of semen for her joyous clientele.

Waking up, she was on the floor, her thighs spread, and the room was quiet. Every muscle hurt, was her first conscious thought. She was a mess, a smelly, squishy mess.

"Hello?" she called weakly.

"Ah, good... You're awake Theresa," Professor Mondragón beamed down at her. "What a good girl you were!" he smiled approvingly. "I have to say Theresa, you ... exceeded my expectations!" Reaching down, he gingerly helped her get to her feet. She had trouble walking and he half carried her to the bathroom. "I've prepared a bath for you with lots of bubbles," he explained.

Every part of her body hurt, including her jaw and lips. She'd been rubbed raw, fucked ragged and knew she would need a couple of days to recover. It had been worth it though when she thought of the money she'd made in just one night. Rafa gently helped her into the bathtub and grabbed the washcloth and began to clean her body. Lathering the soap, he wiped her back and neck, washing the cum from her skin. He squeezed shampoo into his hands and washed her hair, uncaring of the water soaking his expensive clothes.

When he was satisfied that she was clean, he helped her out of the tub, wrapping her in a big, soft towel. When she stumbled, unable to walk, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to his bed. His lips gently pressed to the top of her head. "My sweet Theresa, you mustn't be afraid of me. The night now belongs to just us," he whispered, placing her carefully on the big bed.

Snuggling into the bed, she yawned widely. She watched with eyes half closed as Rafa removed his clothes. Kimmy had never felt so weak, so tired. The night had been more than she'd been prepared for. Rafa crawled up on the bed, naked and gathered her close to him. His hands sought out her breasts and cunt, teasing them. She whimpered in pain though and tried to resist his advances.

"I don't think I can do this ... prof... Daddy," Kimmy pleaded.

"I know .. I know," Rafa calmly spoke, "It's your first time Theresa, it's suppose to hurt. Daddy will be gentle. Daddy loves you my angel. I would never hurt you," he vowed, ignoring her pleas.

"Besides, if you don't behave I'll have to keep all those gifts the men left you. There were a lot of gifts Theresa. You'll only get them if you behave like a good girl, like I know you can be my angel. Do you understand Theresa?" he murmured, kissing her face.

Kimmy understood perfectly. If she didn't let him fuck her, live out his fantasy, she'd be screwed big time. No cash. Oh well, what's one more fuck tonight, she sighed. "Ok Daddy. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a bad girl," she told him in her best little girl voice. She cuddled closer, feeling his large cock bump against her legs. He was so tall compared to her, so big, physically large, but she didn't think he'd ever do any real harm to her. At least, not intentionally.

"That's my girl. Now kiss Daddy, like a good girl. Give me your mouth precious," Rafa ordered.

She shyly kissed him, gently ran her tongue over his lips, dipping inside timidly. She wanted to make his fantasy as real as possible. She knew nothing about Theresa except that she wore white flannel knit nightdresses and that she looked enough like Kimmy to arouse Rafa.

Rafa massage her small belly, lightly pressing just above her pussy mound. Incredibly, Kimmy felt her juices start to pool inside. Still sore and lacking energy, she softly suckled his neck, running her tongue up and down his skin. He tasted wonderful, salty and fresh. He smelled incredible, musky and slightly like spicy cigars. He was a very vocal lover, quick to give her approval when she pleased him.

He inserted his knee carefully between her legs, nervous about upsetting her. It wasn't Rafa's intention to hurt the young woman in his bed, but he wanted this night, this fantasy of incest to be as real as possible. His daughter had for so long represented both absolute purity and complete dirtiness for him. He needed both visions to fully enjoy the dream, to purge Theresa from his sexual needs.

"Your tongue feels so good on papa. Do you know where papa wants to feel your tongue Theresa?" he asked, opening his legs.

"Down there Daddy?" Kimmy gestured with her finger.

"Very good, Theresa. Show papa what you can do with your pretty tongue," he invited with a big smile.

Kimmy crawled to the middle of the big bed, his dark naked body stood out starkly against the white duvet. She carefully seized his cock in one hand and gently caressed him, pulling back the foreskin. She leaned over and pressed her lips softly against the tip of his cock. She lightly ran her tongue just over the tip where the slit appeared. She flicked her tongue, back and forth, moving her hands up and down his cock.

"Very good girl Theresa. Show daddy how much you love him," he ordered hoarsely.

She moaned and fully enveloped his cock in her mouth. Years of practice had prepared her for a cock the size of his. She should have gagged on it, but she swallowed, carefully feeling it push through the skin at the back of her throat. She concentrated in her mind, swallow, 1, 2, 3, Mississippi, release and breathe out. Swallow, 1, 2, 3, Mississippi, release and breathe out.

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