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Heading into the hallway with my robe billowing like a cape, I turned into my bedroom. I paused in front of the bathroom mirror, where I was afforded a full length view of my naked body as I stripped off the robe. I was just turning to the shower when the phone rang... It startled me and I wondered who would be calling me this early in the morning. I walked back into the bedroom, picking up the phone as it rang loudly the third time.

"Hello!" I said, easily.

"Well, you sound very happy today! Were you expecting me to call?" The deep voice of a man answered.

"Who is this?" I asked, completely puzzled.

"Well, well! Has my little cocksucker forgotten me already?" the voice asked. "Don't you remember the time we spent together on the patio during the company's event a couple of weeks ago. You were so bored and your husband was having a good time and you needed some fresh air, remember?"

"Jake?" My voice trembled, "What do you want? You shouldn't be calling here!"

"Why not? Don't you want to suck my cock, again? I think you want it more now, than you did that night, Isn't that right?" His voice still had that arrogant tone.

"Jake that was a mistake! I let it get out of control. It's my fault and I'm sorry that I let it happen. Can't we just let it be forgotten and each goes our own ways?" I know my voice had a pleading sound to it.

"Oh, No! Not at all, my little cocksucker. I can't forget how good your mouth felt on my prick, not to mention how you loved my hard cock slipping up your willing pussy. I think a slut like you should have another chance to really enjoy my cock in all of your holes." he said.

"Please, Jake! I'm married and have a family. I can't be doing this. I would just die if Monty or the girls found out!" This time I was sure that my voice had a begging tone to it. "What can I do to convince you that this is wrong?"

"I can't see where fucking a slut like you is wrong! I'm doing you a favor, because you need a steady diet of cock and cum to keep you happy. As for keeping it from Monty or your daughters, that is strictly up to you. You will have to figure that out!" His voice had a threatening tone to it.

Hoping to placate him, I replied, "Please, Jake! I admit that it was enjoyable and we both had orgasms from it, but it just can't continue."

"The hell, it can't!" he replied loudly, then in a quieter tone, added. "I am just down the street from your door. I will be there in two minutes and you better have the door open before the doorbell stops chiming. Do you understand, whore!"

"Jake, you can't do this! I'll call the police and you will be arrested! I don't want to, but you are forcing me."

"Go ahead and call the police if you want to accept the consequences. But, I promise you that Monty, your daughters and all of your neighbors will know what a slut and whore you are. Now, get your ass in gear and have the door open before the chimes stop ringing." And the phone went dead.

Panic ran through me as I grabbed my robe and slipped it on. I only had time to tie the belt around my waist and run to the front door as the chimes sounded. I pulled the door open to see Jake standing there as if he was head of the house. A smirk was on his lips as he took in my mode of dress.

"Well, well! I knew you would be reasonable when you fully understood the situation." He grinned, as he stepped through the doorway. I closed the door behind him and stood before him, meekly.

"Please, Jake! I... I.. We can't do this!" I stammered, "I'm married and if this got around, I'd be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. You can't just barge in here and demand sex from me. Yes, I admit that I got carried away that night on the patio and I also admit that I enjoyed it, but it was a fluke. Nobody was hurt by it and if you would just leave, I won't say anything about it."

"Leave?" He laughed, "You don't want me to leave! You want more of my cock, don't you? You remember the feeling you got with my cock buried in your pussy up to my balls? You weren't asking me to leave then, when your cunt was pulsing and quivering around my prick. Why don't you admit it?"

"Please, don't talk that way, Jake!" I pleaded. "I'm a married woman!"

"Sure, you are!" He smiled that arrogant smile again. "You are a married slut and whore. I bet this was not the first time that you offered that juicy pussy of yours to a strange cock, is it?"

"That is beside the point!" I replied, defensively. "A Lady can make a mistake and that is what happened. I said I was sorry that I lost control of my passions."

"Lady? Passions? My God, woman! How you go on! It was plain fucking and sucking that you were looking for. You wanted to get your tonsils pushed around and your married cunt lubricated with another man's cum." He paused, his large hands reaching for me. "Besides, I didn't come here to argue, I came here to fuck you."

"No! Please...!" My words died in my throat as he pulled me to him, his strong arms holding my trembling body close as his lips found mine in a rough kiss. I felt his hand slip inside my robe and squeezed my left tit. I resisted his probing tongue against my lips until he got my nipple between thumb and finger, pinching it hard. I opened my mouth to protest, but his tongue cut off any sound that I was capable of making. His arm around my waist was keeping me pressed tight against him and I could feel the tell-tale bulge of his cock pressing into my stomach.

For long, breathless minutes, Jakes lips and tongue danced and probed against my eyes, ears, neck and shoulders, always returning to my open mouth where our tongues darted and twisted in their dance of pagan love. Breathlessly, I tried vainly to push him away, but I was held fast to this man who was determined to have his way with me. With the sensation of his lips and hands on my breasts and the growing bulge in his pants, I felt myself growing less resistant. I felt weak and shaky as Jake released me. I put my hand on his shoulder to steady myself and offered no resistance as he reached for the belt to my robe.

With agile fingers he made the loosely tied knot disappear and with a brush of his hands my robe slipped off my shoulders, landing in a wrinkled pile around my ankles. His dark eyes swept over my naked body, taking in the rapid rise and fall of my breasts. He reached out to cup and caress my tits and pull at the hard, erect nipples.

Bending down, he kissed along my neck and shoulders, leaving a cool trail from his tongue downward to my breasts. Each one was kissed and molded as his lips sought the erect nipples, sucking each in turn, drawing my breasts out to a point as the nipple and areolas disappeared into his mouth. While continuing to suck my tits, I felt his hand slip across my stomach and down to my pubic hair. With his mouth still sucking forcefully on my breasts, his fingers curled through my hair and found my clitoris. My body trembled as he touched the sensitive button and I immediately felt it responding to his touch.

"Aaahh!" He whispered as he let my nipple slip from his mouth. "I think you are liking this, aren't you?"

I did not answer, but sighed inwardly as the tingle in my stomach started to build. I was drawn to the touch of his fingers and my legs opened of their own accord offering him access to my most intimate place. My hips hunched forward as his fingers rubbed along the swollen lips of my pussy. The long, thin inner lips were slick with my fluids and separated easily as two fingers slid deep into my cunt. I bit my lower lip to suppress a soft moan of pleasure as Jake held me tight against his body, my head laying lightly against his shoulder. His fingers curled like a hook and pressed even deeper into me, spreading my pussy lips even more, causing my swollen clit to rub against the palm of his hand as I move my hips slowly back and forth.

Jake's mouth sought mine as I stretched up on my toes, pressing my breasts against his chest as our tongues darted in and out, driving our passions higher. I let my hand slid off his hip and come around in front; searching for the large bulge that was between us. His pants was restricting his cock as my fingers traced the outline of its length through the tight fabric of his pants. My breathing was hot and rapid as I tried to squeeze the large cock and push my wet pussy deeper onto his probing fingers. I was sure that Jake sensed that I was nearing a sexual climax, because he quickly broke our kiss and pushed me back, withdrawing his fingers from my steaming cunt.

"Oh, No you don't, my little whore! Not so fast! We have all day for you to enjoy my prick and all the cum in my balls." he grinned, "So, there is no need to hurry!"

I stood silently in front of him, my breasts rising and falling as I breathed deeply, trying to regain some sense of understanding as to my feelings. There was no doubt in my mind at all that I had responded to his sexual overtures without even thinking of the consequences but, was deeply disturbed by the thought of discovery. I didn't have much time to think about it as Jake's voice lifted me out of my trance-like state.

"Well, Come on! Don't you want to see what I have for you?" He laughed, "But you have to work for it! Come, my little slut and undress me!"

Seeing no way out of my dilemma, I moved forward and began unbuttoning his shirt. Under normal circumstances this would be exciting, but it was very obvious that I was not in control. I saw that arrogant grin on his lips as I pushed the shirt off his shoulders and pull the shirt tail out of his pants. Jake quickly stripped the shirt off his arms as I gazed at his massive chest. I had to admit that he was a handsome hunk of man-flesh. I looked downward and the bulge looked even larger than it had felt. It made a tent-like effect in his pants leg as it pressed against the fabric. I felt Jake's hands on my shoulders as he pushed me downward, saying, "I think you can do the rest of it better on your knees." I sank down on my knees and reached out for the belt. My eyes looked up into his smiling face and my trembling hands removed the belt.

The loud hiss of the zipper filled the room as my fingers found the tab and pulled down. The snap at the waist-band clicked open and his pants were supported only by his hips and the growing bulge in front. As I reached for the waist-band, I realized that he was not wearing underwear and as the pants slipped off the cheeks of his ass, the weight dropped them to his ankles. I gasped in surprise as the enormous prick snapped upwards; brushing my cheek as it rose to eye level, then throbbed upwards until it reached the full erection stage. It was an awesome sight.

Remembering the night on the patio, I was surprised that I did not realize at that time how massive his cock was. But, seeing it for the first time in the light of day caused me to gasp in awe. It looked even bigger than it had felt through his pants fabric. The shaft stood up at a 45 degree angle from the bed of thick pubic hair. I noticed at that time that he had trimmed all the hair from around base of the shaft as well as his balls. The sac, although wrinkled, contained two large testicles about the size of small plums making the sac hang down well below the shaft. My shaking hand reached for them, cradling them gently and feeling the heaviness of them. Now, I understood the need for his handkerchief that night on the patio.

My eyes were drawn to the massive column of flesh rising out of the clearing, very much like a lone tree standing in a small clearing, surrounded by thick brush. My eyes took in the road map of swollen veins that circled the throbbing shaft, twisting upward and disappearing just below the large, deep-purple head. It looked so swollen and smooth, the flaring edges sloping upward to the blunt tip and the small slit that was leaking pre-cum.

"Come on! My little cocksucker! You have looked enough!" He laughed. As my eyes rolled upward to meet his mocking gaze. Knowing that I had no other choice, I decided to comply with his wishes and bent forward to kiss and lick his balls, taking each one into my mouth and rolling it around with my tongue. Letting them slip from my mouth, they hung wetly against his thighs as my tongue began the long journey upward. The tip of my tongue traced the swollen veins, leaving a shiny wetness as I neared the swollen, throbbing head. My hand reached for the shaft, my fingers circling it at the base and pulling the head downward to meet the tip of my tongue. I gathered up the oozing pre-cum and spread it lavishly all over the flaring head. My sensitive tongue could feel the tiny nubs that covered the lower edge of the flaring gland.

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I guided the swollen, throbbing cock-head between my lips, being careful not to rake my teeth against the sensitive gland. God! I couldn't believe that I was able to take that much into my mouth. I felt Jakes hands clamp on each side of my head as I pressed my tongue tight against the thrusting head, making it rub gently between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. There was no doubt in my mind that Jake was in control of my sucking his cock. He would speed up his thrusts into my mouth, pressing the head right into the opening of my throat, causing me to gag several times as he fucked my mouth. Other times he would pull back, letting the head throb and jerk in my mouth as he tried to control his urge to cum.

The thin taste of his pre-cum coated my lips and tongue, the wetness on the shaft marking the depth of his strokes. Occasionally, he would allow me to swallow the fluids building up in my mouth, but a lot was dripping off my chin and falling on my tits. Even though I tried to suppress my passion, my erect nipples and seeping cunt gave me away. I couldn't deny that it was having the desired effect on me.
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