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The following story will take you to the most intimate confessions of 27 year old Verna. Verna stands 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 105 lbs with lovely olive skin and a very short hair style. Her short brown hair depicts her as both boyish but extremely attractive. The small physique is highlighted with 34 d cups and a solid tight ass.
This story is based on a good friend of mine with a good portion of it being fact and not fiction.

Verna is a workaholic who has only known 2 or 3 boyfriends all of her post college life. She only practices straight intercourse and has needed to break off her past relationships when guys demanded sexual favors from her that she thought disgusting. Her strict upbringing and bookworm attitude in school molded her into a cocoon of shyness when it came to sex. Breaking away from living with her parents at the age of 25 left her no room for a social life as her long working hours were needed to afford her apartment.

At the age of 27 Verna decided it was time to take a vacation and try to relax, as far away as possible. Her April trip to Las Vegas was right around the corner and she couldn't be more eager to leave. Verna decided on Las Vegas to get away from her quiet lifestyle and perhaps break her shyness mold where no one would take notice. Verna planned her stay at a luxury hotel a few blocks from the strip and rented a car for the entire week's stay. I will now take over the person of Verna.

Vacation day arrived and the 5 hour plane ride was very smooth. Arriving at the hotel, I was tired and decided to rest in my room. While on the bed reading the local newspaper, I came across an adult entertainment boutique ad that caught my attention. A fellow co-worker had once remarked how she boldly visited an adult boutique and had a terrific time. This same co-worker had remarked at how the adult boutique catered to both men and women and told me that I really needed to try it out some time. I said to myself, "If I'm ever going to test these waters, this is the perfect time for it. After all, it seemed harmless enough and I have no fear of running into anyone I know!"

That evening I visited the hotel casino and within a half hour lost $50 in the slot machines.
I had a drink at the bar and watched the entertainment before promptly losing another $50 an hour later. The evening was cut short and I got an early sleep and decided to get away from the casino the next day.

The next morning , after breakfast, I took a ride to the adult boutique thinking it was early enough to pay a visit before it became too crowded. My red sun dress with matching bra and buttons down the front made me nerviously excited as I pulled into the parking lot. This place was off the main road in the middle of nowhere. The desert and overhead jets fron the nearby air force base were the only sights and sounds engaged.

I got out of the car with an enjoyable sensual feeling in the pit of my stomach as I opened the door to the boutique. I was amazed at the display of videos, books, and sex toys. Embarassed to stop and look, I walked straight ahead to the back of the store and passed through red curtains following the sign that read "movies". Passing through the curtains, I entered into an extremely dark area with movie booths on each side me. Looking at the pictures on each booth to see what was playing, I chose to enter the booth with the least x-rated picture display. Once inside I realized that tokens were needed to see the movie and exited the booth to purchase the tokens. The man behind the desk gave me 5 tokens for $5 and I returned to the booth.

Placing a token in the slot, a movie quickly exploded on the small video screen. Two men were in the process of undresind a gorgrous looking woman in the bedroom. They took turns shoving their huge cocks inside her mouth and grouping at her breasts at the same time. It amazed me how the woman seemed to enjoy this and I couldn't believe the size of the men's giant dicks. The movie shut off with no warning and I immediately fumbled for another token saying, "I can't believe how hot I am and how fast my heart is pumping!" I quickly placed several tokens in the slot at once with my trembling fingers and the movie reappeared. The actor was shouting at the top of his lungs, "that feels so damn good, don't stop!" He immediately shot his load into the woman's mouth. I was astounded as the smiling hussy said, "I love to swallow your cum and have it coat my throat, it feels so smooth."

It was at that very moment that my heart started beating rapidly and loudly as I witnessed the woman suck both cocks dry. I never saw anything like it and felt the blood rushing to my head with wild thoughts picturing myself as the actress on screen. It was also at that very same moment when I noticed a hole in the wall directly beneath the coin box. I viewed the entire booth as my eyes were now adjusted to the darkness, and saw another hole directly behind my bench seat. I became very nervous and quickly exited the booth.

I was about to enter another booth and was bumped by an Indian boy no mote than 21 years of age. He apologized with a gracious smile and it was then that I noticed what a good looking Indian boy he was. I smiled in return out of habit and entered the booth quickly. I shut the door and heard another one shut right after mine did. It was exciting to her to know that the tall, good looking Indian boy was probably in the very next booth viewing adult films. Again I noticed a hole in the wall behind me leading to the booth where the Indian boy was.

Curiosity and an aroused heart beat from watching 2 people engaged in intercourse on the screen got the best of me. I peeked through the hole in the wall and saw the Indian boy sitting down with his shorts and underwear pulled down to his ankles while he masturbated to the movie. I couldn't take her eyes off of his long skinny cock and my heart was now crying to escape from my chest. Suddenly a free hand darted through the hole and beckoned me closer. Shocked but excited I unknowingly inched closer. The boy's hand immediately began unbuttoning my sun dress from the top through the large hole. It now disappeared to my bra while I was frozen with fear and arousal and helpless to move. Before I knew what happened, the hand moved under the bra and flicked my taut nipple back and forth. I finally pulled away and the hand disappeared but returned with a $50 bill in it and stuffed it in my bra.

I thought to herself that I could certainly use the extra money and, after all, he was only feeling my breast and no one would ever know. At this point my mind went completely blank and there was an unmistakable tingling between my legs. Short on breadth and excited, I said to myself, "I'm 2200 miles away from home and may never have the courage to do this again." The hand now disappeared and was replaced with a long hard skinny cock. I placed my fist around the middle of his cock and started to jerk it off as I saw in the movie. The cock quickly disappeared to my puzzlement and there was a knock on my door. I decided to open the door quickly thinking that it was the manager requesting me to leave the store.

Upon opening the door, the good looking Indian boy pushed his way in and locked the door behind him. He said, "my name is Pras and I'm here to collect on my $50 payment unless, of course, you wish to be arrested for prostitution!" Pras then proceeded to drop his shorts and underwear and step completely out of them. Overcome by the moment and by what he threatened to do, I said nothing and directed my gaze at the long haed cock before me. Pras took advantage of my silence and quickly unbuttoned the bottom buttons of my red sun dress and rubbed the top of my thighs inching their way towards my crotch. He then pushed a finger under the side panty elastic and rubbed it over my wet vagina. He quickly took his hand away and placed his right foot up on the small bench with his left foot planted firmly on the floor. He directed my head towards his cock. I shivered, took one step forward, and wrapped my tiny fist around his long cock while being forced on my knees. I knew what was coming next as Pras forced his long hard cock to my lips. Something now snapped in my mind and I knew there was no turning back as my lips parted to allow entrance for the huge tool.

Pras said, "that feels so damn good, don't stop!" I started sucking and sucking aware of the slobbering noises that I was making. I felt the head throbbing in my mouth as well as the musky taste. The sexy looking Indian boy shoved his long tool further into my throat and I felt it pulsing like mad. Next, the feel of gooey liquid squirting to the back of my throat was
nearly choking me. I was barely able to contain it before the second explosion erupted. I was disgusted by the smell and taste at first but had no choice but to swallow the sticky fluid as the long penus was firmly implanted down my throat with no intention of dislodging. "Please clean it for me", he ordered. I obeyed as he took the cock from my throat and pulled apart his pee slit for me to suck on. With cum stuck to the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth, I placed the limp cock on my tongue and squeezed out every last drop of cum. I continued to lap at the sticky from the head of his penus and cleaned it thoroughly.

Although repulsed at first taste, I came to enjoy the milky liquid and remained in a state of nervous sexual emotion. Pras put on his clothes and whispered, " I must go now but I will be here this evening with another $50. I buttoned up my red sun dress and departed to my hotel room.

In the hotel room I took off my clothing and lie on the queen sized bed totally naked. I decided to watch an x-rated movie and fell asleep shortly thereafter. After a short nap I woke up as horny as ever and thought I might have been dreaming until I saw the adult film on the tv screen. I decided to have a late dinner and return to the adult boutiqe around 10PM that evening. I said, " I kind of enjoyed the tast of cum in the back of my throat and I certainly wouldn't mind doing that again for another $50.
This is something I will always remember, my very own private and personal secret".

Before I left the room I continued to watch a gang bang in process on the tv screen while rubbing my clit hard and fast. My head thrashed from side to side as I reached my peak. Arching my back I was able to put 4 fingers deep into my cunt and went into spasm-like twitches on the bed. My juices gushed from my body as I lifted my tight ass high in the air while moaning long and loud. I became exhausted at this point and fell asleep once again.

Before leaving for the adult boutique that evening I put on a button down silk gold blouse with a knee length skirt. Once again I parked her car in the boutique lot with my heart thumping away in nervous anticipation.

Purchasing the tokens and walking through the curtain to the private booths I observed many men just standing around but no women at all. Nervously walking to the back booth I entered and deposited my tokens in the slot. Sure enough, a $50 bill came through the large hole with a note attached that said, "unlock your door!" I unlocked the door ever so quietly and within a minute my young Indian stud walked in and said, "I'm glad you came back."

He immediately pulled me close to him forced his tongue between my lips and squeezed my tight butt from behind. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach through his shorts and watched as he dropped his shorts and underwear to the floor. His hard cock immediately sprang to attention with no underwear to hamper it. Pras situated himself in front of me and leaned against the far wall with one foot up on the small bench seat once again. His long hands moved to my head and he began to fuck my mouth as I was standing up and bent over at the waist with my back to the door. This time he used a slow rythm while penetrating deep the back of my throat with his long thin cock. I never realized just how tall this Indian boy was until now, when I had his cock in my mouth while standing up, bent just slightly at the waist. Pras proceeded to unbutton the top of my blouse and cupped both breasts while fucking my mouth. At this point my horniness was at a peak and I was losing total control of my actions. I knew that I finally found a missing pice to my boring life!

It was exactly at that moment that I felt another set of hands on the small of my back, working their way to the front of my blouse. I looked up and Pras placed his hands on my shoulders while saying, "Don't worry, this is my friend Carlos. I left the door unlocked , just relax and enjoy yourself!" Standing with his long cock between my lips, Pras kept his hands on my head while Carlos unclasped the front of my bra. I was now overcome with lust as my mouth was being fucked and my naked hanging breasts kneaded at the same time. Next my skirt was lifted up and I felt Carlos rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass through my panties. The Indian boy's cock started to swell inside my mouth and I knew he was about to explode. I pulled my lips from his cock until just the head of his dick lay on my tongue. Next my panties were pulled down and off and the cock was now rubbing up and down the crack of my bare ass. The cock was replaced with Carlos' tongue which drove me wild. Pras now exploded his first shot of hot cum down the back of my throat while Carlos entered my vagina with his cock. Carlos kept his hard cock inside my wet pussy while Pras was squeezing every last drop of cum onto my tongue. Next it was the Latin boy's turn to explode and he turned me around and pushed my shoulders down until I was kneeling in front of him. He immediately directed his hard cock against my full lips as his fingers tightened in my hair. I sucked hard and fast as I was overcome with excited lust. Carlos erupted and jerked himself off inside my mouth, smearing his white cum across my full lips and into the corners of my mouth.

The young Indian lad got a second wind and positioned me on his lap facing him as he shoved his skinny cock into my pussy. He rode me for a few minutes and exploded once again all over my belly. He then held me as Carlos shoved a small butt plug up my ass lubricated with cum. It was a sensation I will never forget for as long as I live. I began to shake with built up lust as Carlos pushed the plug in and out in a slow manner that made me cum over and over again. Seeing I was cumming, Carlos pushed the butt plug in and left it there while turning me around and lapping up all of my freely flowing juices spilling out of my vagina. I bucked uncontrollably into spasms and nearly passed out.

The Indian boy and the Latino quickly dressed and said, "come back tomorrow and we will make it worth your while!" I quickly departed on weak legs and decided that I had enough for the evening.

The next day I woke up and still couldn't believe what I did the day before. I decided not to return to the adult boutique because I did not like the out of control and helpless feeling I had experienced. I accomplished something that I would never forget and wanted to leave it at that.
That evening I took in a show and played some slot machines before retiring to bed.

The following day I decided to take a ride through the desert to relax and get away from the casinos and crowds. I awoke early and took off to visit a ghost town that I had read about while in the hotel. The trip was 2 hours each way off the desert highway. I decided to dress in comfortable jean shorts and a one pocket tee. I drove for what seemed loke an eternity through thre desert. After clocking nearly 100 miles I came across a convnience store and gas station. I needed something more than the morning cup of java that was in my stomach. Walking into the store I finally emerged with a bag of chips and bottle of water. Upon returning to my rented car I immediately noticed that the driver side front tire was completely flat. The gas station only pumped gas and I did not know how to put on the spare tire. I started to panic while standing next to my car when a well dressed man in his thirties approached and asked if I needed help in changing the tire. I was so greatful to him and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

Suddenly I heard him say, "I'm afraid the spare tire won't help much. Your both front tires are flat." Sure enough, I took a look and saw exactly what he was talking about. Both tires were flat!
The gentleman saw me start to panic once again and said," no need to worry, my name is Ed and believe it or not this sort of thing happens out in the desert quite often." He went on to explain that he wouldn't mind giving me a ride to the next town only a few miles away where I could get some help. I thanked him once again and proceeded to get in his car but noticed the passenger side front seat loaded with small boxes. Ed said he would clear the seat for me but I told him not to worry, I would get in the back. Ed had a very roomy sedan and I actually preferred the back.

After riding a few miles Ed suddenly pulled off to a smaller dirt road which he explained would lead to the town ahead. Suddenly the car stopped and the back doors opened on each side of me. Two men about the same age as Ed came in and sat on each side of me. The doors closed and I was trapped in between these scruffy looking men. I could smell the alcohol on their breadth as I demanded to know what was going on. The skinny one on my right did the talking and said, "I'm Willie and this here is Lonnie on your other side. We came to have some fun with you and it will be up to you whether or not we leave you stranded in the desert without clothes or drop you off to your car." Lonnie was medium build and wore a white guinea discolored tee shirt and blue jeans. Willie was kind of tall and very skinny also with a gunea tee and blue jeans. Meanwhile Ed, the driver, told me to relax and cooperate with them and he would take me back to my car when it was all over. He went on to say that he my tires just needed some air which they had back at the gas station.

Suddenly Lonnie told me to stay still while he reached out and felt my large breasts with both hands. He placed his hands under my pocket tee undid my bra and squeezed and pinched my breasts and nipples. Willie rubbed my pussy from outside my jean shorts and forced my legs apart. He then stuck a finger under the elastic of my panties and finger fucked my wet vagina. I became extremely wet and horny as ever while Willie shouted, " Holy shit, this girl is as wet as they come, with the longest vagina I ever felt!" Lonnie immediately pulled my tee shirt and bra off and began to suck on my breasts. He then knelt on the seat next to me and pulled his gunea tee down and forced me to suck on his nipple. This seemed to turn him on tremendously as Willie continued to finger fuck me. Both men stopped, stepped out of the car and pulled off their jeans and underwear. They returned to the car and sat on each side of me once again with their fully aroused cocks standing straight up in the air.

Lonnie pulled me to him and forced his tongue between my lips. He frenched me while Willie took off my shorts and panties. Will then grabbed me by the hair, turned me around and said, " I want you to get on your knees and use those luscious thick lips of yours to get me off and suck me dry!" Willie's cock was just as skinny as he was with noticable protruding veins. His cock was so hard that it hurt my bottom lip as he forced it between my lips. I slowly pushed my lips down over his throbbing cock until it lodged at the back of my throat. I could feel his cock pulsing as I sucked up and down while holding the base of his long skinny dick with my fist.
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