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Chris's Undoing - The Fucking of an Innocent Wife Ch. 1

I had been bored to tears at my own high school reunion. None of my good friends had shown up and the rest I could have cared less about. The music sucked too. I had hoped that at least a few of the hot gals from our class would show, but the only one that did was pregnant! Being recently divorced, I was of course stag. Bummer. Leaving the conference room I headed down the hall to the bathroom, when I noticed that there was a 2nd room down the hall with another reunion going on. After taking a piss, I figured Id check it out.

It didn't look much more exciting than mine did, but I went and checked it out anyway. All the formalities were over and everyone was just milling about, a few dancing. I first noticed her by the buffet table. She had on a short blue low cut dress that showed a bit of cleavage. She wasn't very large, but that's how I love them! I hate big baggy hanging boobs. And those tanned legs! Boy they looked nice, especially with those killer high heels! And the gorgeous smile and eyes topped it all off! The next hour or so she was quite unapproachable, constantly with another couple. I didn't see any sign of a husband though she did wear a ring. I did get close enough to notice her name Chris on her nametag. mmmm I wondered what it would be like to fuck her. Ive been divorced from my ex-bitch 6 months now and haven't been inside a woman since.

I made my way opposite her on the other side of the buffet. I got what i wanted when she leaned over to examine which cheese puff to pick. I got a great shot down her top and could see most of her tits hanging before me. The white creaminess of them next to the tanned skin set them off perfect and gave me an instant hardon. After awhile I gave up looking for cheap thrills and headed out of the room over to the hotel bar to grab one last drink before calling it a night. Shortly thereafter Chris arrived with her 'companion couple'. I continued drinking and watching them laugh and party. Only once did I notice her check me out. I also noticed the couple moving closer together and bet myself it wouldn't be too long before they would be leaving for their room.

Chris would often let her eyes drop down to her friend's crouch where i knew the woman's boyfriend was rubbing her. It wasn't long before I won my bet. I worried that she might leave with them but she stayed to finish her drink as they giggled that it was good she didn't have to drive home. As she watches them walk out the door, I move a few stools closer. She turns back, sighs and takes a big drink. I jokingly speak up asking if her friends abandoned her. She's quite buzzed now I can tell and she shakes her head and says 'yeah, poor me all alone now" and laughs. I order another Long Island Ice tea and ask her if she's ever had one. Of course she has and decides its a great drink to have. (I think its great too with 5 shots in it!) We small talk for awhile as I move to the seat next to her and she is flabbergasted that I know her name. I point out that she still has her name tag on. She laughs out loud, putting her hand on my leg telling me how insightful I am.

After finishing her Ice tea in record time she discloses how she has to pee like a race horse. I remind her that that is a guy saying. She laughs out loud and gets up. She stumbles on her high heels from the severe effects of the alcohol. "god damned heels!" she says and takes them off. I watch her slim legs intently. Now in bare feet she smiles triumphantly. She nods her head "much safe now!" She heads out to the hallway and i follow, offering the same reason for leaving. We continue to talk as I guide her away from the bathrooms and down the hall to the rooms. She drunkenly forgets the bathroom and heads to her room. She fumbles for her room key and then opens the door. She turns and looks at me 'Do you need to use it too?'' most definitely" i answer, and follow her in. She chucks her purse on the chair and goes in the bathroom. 'Its not much, but its home!" she laughs. She finishes in the bathroom and comes out. She stops and looks at me.

"What are you doing here again?" I reply 'couldn't help but follow those legs back here!" She looks down at her legs and stumbles as she does so. She laughs again. "These ol things?". I say "yeah sure, they're great, let me have a closer look. "i don't know about you" she slurs and comes over to the chair where I'm now sitting. She grabs hold of the dresser and puts one foot up on the chair. I run my hand over her foot and up behind her calf. "Oh, very nice indeed!" She loses her balance and has to quickly put her foot back down. As she does so my hand, without moving, is now up past her knee on the inside of her thigh and partially under her dress. I immediately caress her thigh. She holds out her hand to show me her ring. "You do realize that I'm married don't you, whatever your name was". I look up at her and say "Just say stop whenever you like." I continue caressing her thigh while inching up her leg further. "stop" she says softly. I continue caressing, my hand now under her dress, my fingers feeling the soft bare skin of her thigh.

"Okay, don't stop then" she weakly says. My hand caresses its way up further, expecting to find her panties, of which I find none. As I caress I can feel the cheek of her ass and then the hair from her pussy. I look up at her. "must have lost them in the bathroom" she giggles. She leans over slightly and puts her hand on my shoulder. "you really should stop you know" she says. Its the last word of protest I hear that night as my fingers glide over her lips and she involuntarily shutters. I let my middle finger glide over the part between her lips and I'm surprised at how dry it still is. I slowly work my fingers up and down, slowly parting her lips. I find what I'm looking for. Inside she is soaked. Her breath deepens and quickens as I work my fingers inside her pussy. She slowly sinks down to putting her knees on the chair on either side of my legs. Her legs spread much wider than before.

She puts her head down on my shoulder as my thumb starts to work on her clit, two other fingers inside her. Her hips start to grind on my hand. "are you sure you want me to stop Chris?" i ask sarcastically. "You've already got me where you wanted me, don't you...oh god" her voice trails off as she begins to cum on my hand...

* * * * *

I could feel her clenching my fingers as they continued to work her. Her hips bucked slightly and hands gripped my shoulders. She moaned and whimpered softly as her orgasm subsided. I slowly stood her up as I stood up. I grabbed the bottom of her dress and slowly lifted it over her head. She now stood before me in only a lace bra .She stared into my eyes as I undid my shirt. "I've never cheated before...Ive never been with anyone besides my husband." she whispered. I looked at her and smiled slyly. "I guess that's all going to change tonight". She looked absolutely stunning standing there, a perfect tan stopping only at the bikini line. The light glistened off the wetness of her pussy.

"Sit down" I said sternly. It made her jump a little. I pointed to the edge of the bed. She delicately sat down on the edge and looked up at me. I stepped out of my pants and in front of her. "Are you going to fuck me now?" she said. I smiled again and pulled down my shorts. My cock sprang free pointing out at her only about 6 inches from her face. "Oh no, not yet." I said. She looked at my cock, then up at me. She whimpered, "Oh I cant, I just cant do that". I reached down and took her right hand, lifted it to my cock and wrapped her fingers around it. It grew even bigger when she touched it. I slowly moved her hand up and down on it. I let go and she continued the motion herself. I could tell she was very nervous. I moaned softly as she stroked. She soon was mesmerized by watching her own hand stroke me. It was time for more.

"Chris!" I said. She looked a little startled at me. I stepped closer to her, now between her legs. She backed her head up a bit as my cock approached. "I need to feel you mouth on me." I could hear her breath quicken. She looked up at me pleadingly. "Now" I said softly and put my hand behind her head pulling it towards me. Pressing my cock to her lips, she slowly parted them allowing my cock to slide in. Still holding her head I began to pump her mouth slowly. She soon relaxed and I Let go of her head and stood still. This cute little wife homemaker was now pumping up and down on my cock by herself. In the mirror on the bed behind her I could she the back of her head pumping up and down on me. I almost blew my load right then. Suddenly the phone rang. She stopped sucking and looked over at the phone.

"My husband!" I looked down and her hand was still rubbing my cock as it glistened from her saliva. I just put two fingers on her chin and slowly guided her mouth back to my cock. The phone continued to ring as she resumed her perfect blowjob. If only her hubby could see her now. The phone finally stopped. She stopped pumping too. With my cock deep in her mouth I could feel her tongue wrapping around it. I felt like grabbing the back of her head, shoving in deeper and blowing my load right down her throat. Not yet though. Her pretty eyes looked up at me as I withdrew my cock. Susie homemaker was about to get fucked...

* * * * *

It was very hard for me to pull out of her mouth, especially when I would hold it still inside her and she would glide her tongue all around it...mmmm...I took her hand and stood her up before me. I slid my hand up her body to her bra and then slowly undid the snap revealing her perfect little titties. They were creamy white, totally contrasting to her dark tan. I put my hands on them, feeling there softness. She moaned a bit. Her nipples grew hard. Its was such a shame that so very few have gotten to see them. It was a shame that i didn't get her to my room as I already had a video camera prepared to catch such a moment. Her hubby would shit a brick if he came across a web page advertising amateur tapes and finding his unsuspecting wife as the star of one of them!

I looked at her and said sternly, "Now, I am going to fuck you". she mumbled "I don't... can't" I ignored her words and turned her around. She now faced away from me but next to the large easy chair in the room. I drew up behind her and kissed her neck. My hand slid up her front and caresses her tits again, squeezing harder now. My rock hard cock was wedging into the crack of her cheeks. "Tell me you want me to fuck you" I whispered in her ear. She pressed back to me and breathed heavily. I repeated the question. She softly replied, "I want you to fuck me". My hand slid down to her pussy and worked her clit again. "Tell me like you mean it" I demanded. She was quite hot now.

"Fuck me, yes fuck me, please just fuck me." I needed no more incentive. I pushed her shoulders down, bending her over the arm of the chair. Soon her head was on the cushion of the chair, her ass sticking up high. I Spread her legs apart and stepped between them. Using my hand I guided my cock head into the very wet hole of hers. She moaned deeply as I slid the full length of my shaft deep into her pussy. I know if I hadn't had a few drinks I would have cum right then. I started slow but was soon pumping away, pounding deep into her. She moaned and cried out as I fucked her. I grabbed her hips to fuck her even deeper. I started talking dirty to her, telling her what a bad girl she was letting some stranger just fuck her. That just made her buck some more. Her pussy was so very tight. On occasion I would clutch both her ass cheeks and shove myself deep inside her and just hold it there. I could feel her pulsating around me. Her cheeks were so white I couldnt help but smack her one, leaving a bright red handprint on her ass. She cried out and then grunted as I stuck myself back in her. This sweet thing was quite an animal indeed...

I needed to cum soon, get the first over now. I pulled out of her and ordered her to the bed. I ripped off the sheets and she laid back on the pillow. She looked gorgeous. I climbed on top of her. My cock hung above her pussy. "Put me in you" I told her. She grabbed my cock and placed it inside her. "Fuck me" she told me. "Just fuck me, use me, do whatever you want." I instantly plunged inside her again and began fucking. Her body felt great against mine. I could feel her clamping my cock. "Oh I love using you" I said. She moaned a 'yes'. "Does it feel good getting fucked by a stranger?" "oh yes". I pounded away at her, feeling my climax build.

"I hope he calls back again, cause when he does I'm going to cum in you" I said. "Instead of you answering his call, your cunt is going to be filling up with my cum!" I could see her orgasm coming. And true to word, the phone began ringing again. She instantly started to cum, her nails digging into my back, her legs wrapping around me. She was covered in sweat now, as was I. On the forth ring, when he was probably wondering where she could be, I dumped my load in her. Wave after wave of cum flowed into her. Shortly I fell out of breath next to her on the bed. I looked over at her and she just stared at the ceiling breathing heavily. I watched her breasts rise and fall, glistening with sweat. Such a perfect sight. I looked at the clock, 11:45. I wondered and hoped I would get to fuck her at least once more tonight...


She lay there completely silent. I leaned over and kissed her belly. The saltysweet taste of her sweat was was euphoric. I kissed my way up to her still very hard nipples. I heard her soft gasp as I took her nipple in my mouth. I looked up at her eyes. She slowly shook her head at me. "I can't believe you just did that to me." She said breathlessly. As I pulled up next to her, my still hard cock slapped against her leg. She looked down at. I smiled at her slyly and said "We're not through with you yet." She looked at me unbelievingly and was about to say something when the phone rang again. She looked at me frightend. "Oh, I have to answer that."

She then looked pleadingly. "Can you just leave the room for a few minutes while I talk?" I nodded for her to get the phone and got out of the bed. She looked at me thankfully and watched me grab the room key and put my pants on. She then answered the phone as I slowly closed the door behind me. I heard her faint, guilty hello on the phone. I smiled to myself as I went to my room. This would actually turn out perfect. I got to my room and got my little duffel bag together. I already had my camcorder set inside as I had been hoping to tape myself fucking one of my old girlfriends. I turned it on and checked its postition as it pointed out its secret hole. I quickly got some jeans and tee shirt on and headed back.

I very quietly opened her door. She was still on the phone, though she had put on a long teeshirt. She looked up at me frightened and put her finger to her lips. I nodded and put my bag down on the dresser (pointing it at her). I pointed to the bathroom and stepped into the bathroom. This was going to be great! What a tape this would be! To have this sweet thing talking to her hubby, telling him everything is alright and that she missed him and loved him. Then enter me and fuck her! My cock was so ready for this!!

"No, I hung out with Jim and Shiela all night." She was starting to get a little mad. "No, I didnt talk with Nick, he wasn't even there!", then "No, no, no, even if he was I told you I wouldnt talk with him! What do you think id do anyways?" oh she was mad, then she calmed. "Okay, I forgive you. Yes, Ill be home sometime after lunch tomorrow. Okay...yes, me too, bye" She hung up the phone...


Want me to write about your wife? Unfortunately she needs to be pretty and petite and Ill need a pic for inspiration. I only like to write about good wives gone 'astray'. No slut stories. Only pretty little Soccer Moms getting in over there heads, whether they be drunk or drugged.
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