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It was already so late, so dark, she paused at the gate and decided to take the short cut through the cemetery. If she didn't allow herself to think about it, and hurried, she would be just fine.

Walking quickly, among the dead and the lost souls, among the moonless night, headstones barely visible in the fog She never heard him, never had a chance against him. He was on her, tearing at her, as he forced her off the path. Grabbing onto a headstone to keep from being knocked to the ground she tried to pull herself away from him. It was ineffective.

When he spoke it was almost shocking, so soft spoken, but his words were definite, didn't need a loud commanding voice to get his point across. It occurred to her that under other circumstances the voice could be a pleasant one to listen to, but the words he was saying...such vile things. His mouth so close to her ear, telling her, as he forced her over the headstone, how very hard he was going to fuck her. A hand forced her work uniform up onto her back, the other hand tearing at her panties, as he tells her how much of a slut she is and how good she feels as he thrusts painfully and dryly into her. The rough headstone abrading her pelvis, his hands tangle in her hair pulling her back holding her, forcing her back onto his hard cock. His hand reaches under her, rubbing her crudely, touching her most intimate parts brutally. Pre-cum eases his entry for a few strokes, allowing him into her deeper, feeling his cocks head against her cervix and bruising it.

Everything was happening so quickly, but the initial shock wearing off. She starts to protest, to beg him to stop. He laughs, and reaches around her and covers her mouth with his hand, silencing all but some pathetic whimpering. If you want something to scream about, I shall grant it to you...he tells her, and pulls his cock out of her cunt, aims it at her tightest opening. Rubbing it back and forth, up and down, pushing, panting. His excitement almost overwhelms him as he tries to work himself into her tight ass. Suddenly her flesh gives just slightly, but enough for him, as he bears down hard onto her. She feels a deep burning within her, feeling as though her very flesh is being split. Agonizing pain like a bolt of lightening, she almost wishes she were truly one with the night...with the dead. Her asshole being scraped coarsely by his pounding, he leans over her, and sinks his teeth into the flesh of her back as his cum pours into her raw ass. She opens her mouth to scream and feels his fingers in her mouth as she instinctively bites down. The metallic taste of his blood in her own mouth...yet he doesn't utter a he pulls his cock from her...slaps her ass and pushes her to the ground, walking away from her.

Laying there trembling, bruised and shaken, fearing his return she curls up into a fetal position on the soft damp earth, dirt and twigs in her hair, willing herself to get back up and to get OUT of the cemetery now.

Scrambling around in the dark thinking only to find her panties, her shoes, and suddenly he is there at her again. Grabbing her hair once more, yanking her to her knees he leans against her, pulling her face to his crotch. Fighting back she tries to pull away from him, but it only makes him more determined, forcing his cock against her lips. Her whimpers excite him as he overcomes her resistance, pushes deeply into her wet mouth, gagging her. Her moans sends a vibration through his cock as he tells her to suck it good, grinding into her throat, fucking her face over and over again. Suddenly, he pulls his cock out of her mouth and pushes her onto her back, kneeling between her legs. And that voice, so soft but firm in his speech, telling her to look, he knows how scared she is. Alone in the dark with a rapist, her rapist.

Reaching between her legs he probes her cunt, pushing into her ...harshly...into her, not stopping, not caring and hooking his fingers deep inside her. Her legs quiver as he pokes and prods against her g-spot. Shockingly, unwillingly she is coerced into an orgasm, furthering her shame and humiliation. Her rapist, a stranger doing what many men hadn't been able to do for her. Touching her so intimately as though he knew her body, understood its needs, making her cum all over his fingers like a slut, he murmurs to her. He lies over her quivering body and slides his cum covered fingers towards her mouth making her taste herself. Unexpectedly he kisses her cheek, feeling the wetness from her silent tears, feeling her body beneath him racked with silent sobs. He licks her lips, tastes her. Among the dead, she feels confused by his latest actions, the warmth of him on her on the middle of the cold cemetery.

He whispers to her, that he will be back, as she will be back, hoping & praying that I find you again. You know I have touched places in you that no person ever has...and will never be capable of doing. It will drive you back to me again and again.
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