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To best enjoy this story, please read the first ten parts of the Nisida Tales

Nisida could not help but think to herself that under other circumstances in another world or in another time they may have appeared normal. As she sat eating her dinner she looked at those gathered around the table and thought that they could have been a family of a sort in another place or time. Millie, the motherly matron, Shehu, the paternal influence, Anton, Matt and Elvis the strong sons, and herself the dutiful daughter.

But of course that was not the case at all. Mille was Shehu's mother-in law, though she was close to his age, Nisida did not know yet what had happened to her daughter but Nisida was sure that it was a sad story. Shehu was the head of a large organized crime family and Anton, Matt and Elvis were his capos, his henchmen, his thugs. And Nisida, well Nisida was their slut, their cum toy and if there was any doubt of that, if there was any doubt that they were not normal, all one had to do was look. Because she was eating her dinner just like the others, but she was stark naked, and she had been stark naked for the past six weeks.

During that time the men at this table, as well as dozens of others had fucked her and had her suck them off and used her in every sexual way possible. Just two weeks ago she had, as part of her other job given business proposals to a series of businesses that Shehu had taken over. She had delivered those proposals as she had done every thing stark naked. In fact Shehu had offered her as the prize to the business that over the next six months performed the best.

So while at first glance they may have looked normal. They were far from that.

As Millie poured the desert wine, Nisida cleared her throat.

"Arthur." She said using Shehu's first name.

"Yes my dear?"

"Tomorrow is my brother's birthday. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to see him?"

Shehu sipped his wine slowly and then peered over the glass at her.

"Are not the phone calls enough?"

"There is a lot that we have to say to each other that the phone just does not allow for….it's hard."

Shehu nodded. "I see. I ….would like to accommodate you my dear, but as you know I despise your brother and do not want him in my home."

Nisida nodded sadly. "I…….."

"I could take her there…to the diner. That is where Arbor lives now right? In the room upstairs?" Elvis said.

Shehu raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

Elvis bowed his head slightly. "I am sorry Sir, It was just a suggestion."

Shehu took another sip of his wine.

"You have been very very good Nisida, I have little complaints about your performance."

"Thank you."

"But there is the matter of our agreement that you remain naked."

"I……." Nisida did not know what to say.

Shehu smiled at her once then at Elvis.

"Still it would be nice to do this for you. You may wear your trench coat. You may have two hours out of the house. Elvis will drive you. The rules however still apply my dear…any of the men who have access to you may use you at their discretion. You may not say no."

"I understand. May I go late at night sir, so as to not have a large group of the staff or customers at the diner?"

Shehu waved a hand impatiently. "Go when you wish."

"Thank you Sir."

Shehu pushed his chair back and stood up. He reached out his hand "Come upstairs and show me your thanks."

Nisida got up and followed him to her bedroom.

Several hours later Shehu was gone. Off to spend the night at his Manhattan Apartment. He had business early in the city he had explained. Nisida was neither sad nor happy to see him gone for the night. She was anxious to see her brother and trying to figure the best time to go.

As if on cue Elvis entered her room.

"Nisida?" He asked knocking on the open door.

Unlike the other men in the house who entered her room at will, unless the door was closed indicated that one of the men wanted privacy, privacy she was denied, Elvis always knocked.

"Hi." She responded.

"I was thinking of the best time to go see your brother."

"So was I."

Elvis smiled.

"I figured that. I think we should leave here at about 3AM. That will get us to the diner by 330AM and we can leave by 5 before the big breakfast crowd gets there."

"Why worry about that, we can go to his apartment upstairs."

Elvis shook his head.

"I am not sure that would work. Arthur has Gjergi Tsim, living there with him."

Nisida grimaced. Gjergi Tsim has been the older man with Shehu the very first day that he had come to the diner, the very first day he made her strip. Since then she had seen Tsim only twice. Each time he had fucked her hard. He had not been gentle or polite. Rather he had been leering and dirty. She did not like him.


"Your brother saw a lot that night with Todi. The Boss was worried that he may crumble or even that he may be a target. Tsim's wife had thrown him out so it seemed like a perfect fit."


"Yeah well I figured you would rather avoid him. He never comes down to the diner before six. So……"

"So we go early…and there should be no one there expect the night shift….Maria and Tania."

"Tania left for another job. There is a new girl Sara."

Nisida nodded she did not like that things had changed while she was gone but she knew it was inevitable.

"Fine. Can you call my brother?"

"I all ready did."

She walked over and kissed him on the cheek. "You are so sweet."

He blushed. "You better get a few hours sleep. I'll wake you about 2:30"

"Make it 2:45." She said "After all it is not like I have to get dressed."

At 3:25AM Nisida and Elvis pulled into the parking lot behind the diner which Nisida and her brother Arbor had together run since the deaths of their parents.

As Nisida stepped out of the car she tugged the trench coat tight around her body. It felt odd to wear it. It felt odd to wear anything. She had been naked for so long that the very feel of clothes on her body was strange and out of place. She fought an urge to take it off and leave it in the car. She was amazed that her body felt more comfortable naked.

Elvis held her arm as she walked up the stairs and into the diner. The interior had not changed. Counters and rows as familiar as the palm of her hand. Her brother Arbor rushed from the kitchen to greet her as they entered. She fell into his arms and they hugged silently for along while.

In the same silence he led her to a small booth in the rear of the diner. There were only two customers. Old men whom Nisida knew from there years of meeting here at odd hours. They would come in two or three nights a week and drink coffee and talk of the old country. Russia she assumed.

As they passed the main counter Nisida could see Maria in the kitchen with a woman she assumed was Sara. She was not sure what Arbor had told them about her. She really did not care.

They say in a booth. Elvis went behind the counter and pour three cups of coffee. He brought two over to them then took his and sat at the counter. Leaving her alone with her brother.

"Happy Birthday." She said.


They sat.



The siblings laughed.

"You first." Nisida said.

"I am so sorry. I have…..I am sorry….." Arbor said stammering.

She shook her head. "No dear I am sorry. I thought that I knew everything could handle everything. I was so wrong."

"But it was my fault all my fault. And that night how could I ……"

"It was a violent ugly night…we need never speak about it again."

"But I got aroused by…….by you."

"I was blowing on your cock. I 'd be upset if you didn't get aroused."

He stared straight into her face just as they had done when they were children. She stared back and for a long moment neither one blinked. The he shook his head.

"Ha." Nisida cried. "You lost."

They burst out laughing and reached over to hug each other.

For the next half hour they sat and talked and talked. Nisida tried her best to explain what her life was like now. While still trying to maintain some modesty. And arbor told her about the twelve step program he had joined for his gambling. And how well the diner was doing. They were lost in their conversation, so lost they did not see Gjergi Tsim entered from the side door. Elvis did but there was little he could do. Tsim outranked him in age and respect if not in actuality.

Tsim walked over to the booth.

"Well what do we have here?" He asked.

"Gjergi." Said Arbor. "You are up early."

"I had the shits. Good thing to or I would have missed this. Does the boss know you are here slut?"

Elvis walked over. "Mr. Shehu gave permission to see her brother briefly for her birthday. We were just getting ready to go."

Tsim raised an eyebrow. "Really. Well not before I get my piece."

Arbor stood up. "Tsim." Tsim took a step forward. "You do not want to say anything boy. Sit down."

Arbor looked at Nisida and Elvis they both shook their heads. He sat slowly down.

"Now slut where were we. Oh yes please take off that stupid trench coat. It is unbecoming."

Nisida stood up and removed the coat. Before she could even turn around Tsim pushed her onto the table. He unbuckled his pants in a smooth fluid motion. His hands spread her legs and he plunged in. Nisida fell back on the table top and let out a cry. She turned her head and stared straight into Arbor's face as he sat frozen in the booth. Tsim kept ramming his cock deep into her panting all the while. He twisted her head to face him and kissed her deeply his fat oily tongue plunging deep into her mouth. She wanted to spit. She wanted to vomit.

With one final thrust Tsim exploded into her pussy. He pulled out and zipped up his pants. Nisida lay spent on the table top. Slowly she got up and stared at Tsim.

"Hey Sara." Tsim shouted.

From the kitchen the new girl stepped out. She was tall maybe six feet with a stock of red hair and a face filled with freckles. She walked over to the old man and kissed him on the cheek. Arbor turned in disgust.

"This slut is the sister of the boy. The one I told you about."

Nisida saw Marie walk out of the kitchen then turn quickly and head back inside. She could not face her old friend.

Sara put her hand out. "Pleased to meetcha."

Hesitantly Nisida returned the handshake.

"Sara. Don't you have work in the kitchen?" Asked Arbor.

"Nah." Said Sara dismissively.

"Hey." She said to Nisida. "Let me wipe that stuff off you."

"No it's all right." Said Nisida

"Let her." Demanded Tsim.

Nisida sat back on the table top and spread her legs. Sara took the counter towel and began to wipe off Nisida's leg. Slowly she brought the towel further and further up Nisida's legs. Sara used her hand to push Nisida back on the table top. Once again Nisida found herself looking into the face of her brother. Arbor again tried to rise but Tsim has sat next to him blocking him in the booth.

Sara slowly worked the towel up between Nisida legs. Then when she reach the edges of Nisida's clit she abandon the towel and began to rub her hair though the thick mound of fur on Nisida's bush. Nisida moaned in pleasure as Sara replaced her hair with her lips and began to kiss and suck on Nisida's pussy. Nisida felt Sara use her tongue to part her pussy lips. Sara slid her lips along the edge of Nisida clit causing Nisida to spasm in pleasure. Soon under the ministrations of Sara's talented tongue Nisida was spilling juice from her cunt. Nisida griped the edges of the table as the organism racked her body. As she let out a squeal of pleasure, Sara stood up and lifted her uniform skirt to reveal her bare pussy.

"Your turn."

Nisida looked at Elvis and then at Tsim.

"Do it." Said Tsim.

She slid off the table and onto her knees. Nisida buried her face in the bare flesh of Sara's pussy. The smell of her sex crept into Nisida noise and she took a deep breathe of the scent. Slowly she began to work her tongue into the pussy lips of the waitress. Sara widened her stance so that Nisida could get her tongue deeper. She grabbed Nisida's head and pushed her deeper into her cunt. Nisida's teeth bit light on Sara clit and the waitress cunt juice began to leak out of Nisida's mouth. Slowly at first and then faster and faster Nisida flicked her tongue in and out of Sara's cunt. As the waitress began to shake with pleasure Nisida was afraid that the other woman would break her neck with the force in which she pushed Nisida's face into her cunt. Final with a moan loud enough to attract the attention of the two old men Sara screamed and released Nisida.

She pushed Nisida away so hard that she sent her sprawling across the cold floor of the diner.

Elvis stepped over and helped her up. Tsim got up from the booth and walked over to them.

"Maybe you should do those old men Slut."

"She needs to be back by 5AM." Said Elvis. "We need to go."

"And if I say she stays?"

Elvis handed Nisida her trench coat. "Here"

He walked up to Tsim and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Mr. Shehu likes her very much. He will not like that you mistreated her. And I will let him know you did. Consider this morning to be your retirement party."

"Say good bye to Arbor." Elvis said to Nisida

Arbor sat in the booth in tears. Nisida sat down next to him and took him in her arms. He cried for what seemed like a long time.

"I have to go but I will be back and we will be fine. I swear it." Nisida said getting out of the booth.

She then began to leave. At the door she stopped and walked back to where Sara stood.

"Just so you know. This is still My Diner. I am still the owner."


"You are fired. Get your things and get out. Never come back."

"You can't." Sara objected.

Elvis appeared behind Nisida and looked at the waitress.

"She can and she just did. Get out. NOW."

The Waitress pushed passed Elvis and Nisida and with one backward look at Tsim she raced out.

Elvis offered Nisida his arm and the two walked out of the diner as the day began.