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Trish knew something wasn't right when she entered the building. She looked again at the adress to make sure she had it correct.

"8945 Crawford Street." She said aloud,"Yeah I got it right."

She carefully walked around the seemingly vaccant building. She was to meet her long time online friend "CrazyCool" a man she had been talking to for over 9 months now. She felt a connection to him. She could talk to him about anything and it seemed he understood. Even when she complained about her husband and how he couldn't satisfy her in bed. He seemed patient and to be a good listener. Even giving out advice to her on how to be more aggesive in her appraoch to their lovemaking. But tonight for the first time ever she had a eerie feeling about meeting him. She knew all of the things people said about not ever giving out personal information, but she felt she knew Eric. She felt she could trust him. He had turned into one of the best friends she had ever had.

"Stop being a stupid Bitch," Trish said to herself,"This is "CrazyCool". He wouldn't hurt you. You know him. He's a good guy."

But still the feeling remained as she walked through what she thought was a deserted building. Calling out his name with each new room she came to. She was only greeted with silence. She thought about writting a note and leaving it for him, but decided not to.

"I'll wait for another 5 minutes and then I'm out of here." She said to no one in particular. She continued her search for Eric. "Why the hell did he want to meet here??"

She was highly confused. And every nerve of her body was on edge. Her instincts all screamed "Leave! Leave now!"

But she didn't and that would prove to be her most fateful mistake.

She walked inside a room that was totally dark except a few candles lighting the way. She remembered telling him how her husband isn't the most romantic of the bunch and how much she misses romance so maybe he was doing that to remind her how it felt to be romanced. That's what she told herself, but the eerie feeling was getting worse now. She followed the candles all the way to the back a big room. Her eyes had adjusted so she could see better in the dark. But was confused by what she saw a strange looking table had been erected in the middle of the room complete with leather straps and metal handcuffs. She started to back out the room when Eric finally spoke.

"Glad you could make it babe."

"What's all this shit??"

"Just a game I'm sure you'll enjoy."

"Eric I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but as much as I told you about my fantasies that's all they are is fantasies! I don't want to act on them!!"

"Alittle late for that now Bitch!" He walked over to her and slapped her," Do you know what you did to me talking about all of that rape shit...You got me thinking..Got me thinking and got me HARD!!" He hit her a few more times until she fell to the floor sobbing.

"Eric I thought you were my friend. I thought I could trust you."

"You don't know anything about me Cunt!" He started to laugh a bone chilling laugh,"LIke did you know you have been chatting with a man who just got out after spending 5 years in the hole for rape?" He reached down and tore her shirt. "So you don't know ME you know the man I wanted you to. You played into my hands perfectly. All those rape stories and every instant message I saved. If you do go to the cops it will look like you wanted this!"

Trish's sobbing was louder now because she knew he was right. And how vould she go to the cops when her husband didn't have a clue about her online alter ego. He would divorce her and take her children away. The faces of her children passed before her eyes. She knew he had her.

"Get up Bitch and undress!"

She hesitated so he decided to help her. He ripped through her sweater with the knife he was concealing in the back of his pants. The knife made Trish shake.

"OH MY GOD!! He's got a knife!!!" She thought to herself trying to keep a hold of the hysteria threating to take over her body.

"You gonna get fucked real good tonight Whore! I'm gonna rape every hole you have! Now Take off those jeans unless you need more of my help!" He held up the knife watching as Trish's eyes followed it's every move.

Without hesitation she unbutoned her jeans and slid them off of her body.

"Nice sexy panties. You can't tell me you don't want this. Only a slut would wear panties like that to meet someone for the first time. You a slut darlin?"

Trish was begining to feel very sluty in her read g string silk panties.

"I asked you a question. Are you a slut?"

She shook her head no.

"Wrong answer BITCH!! He screamed in her face as he knocked her down to the floor with one solid blow to the side of her face. "Are you a SLUT??"

"Yes." She whispered.

"That's better. Now who's slut are you?"

"I'm your slut, Eric."

He laughed another bone chilling laugh. He looked down to where she had fallen,"Well While you're down there..." He pulled her up to her knees."Unzip my pants with your teeth and with your sexy mouth get my cock out and suck it. You better be good at this Whore or I'll cut you."

Tears falling from Trish's eyes she began to unzip his pants with her teeth. In order to get his cock out she had to practically put her whole face into the opening. Finally she pulled it out with her mouth and started sucking like her life depending on it. Using her tongue on the underside of his thick cock and wrapping her tongue around the shaft so tight her lips were burning. He grabbed both sides of her hair and began forcing more and more of his large organ down her gagging throat. Only when her nose was buried in his pubic hair did he pull back only to slam back into her mouth again.

"Ahhh yeah Whore you have a fucking great mouth. I knew you would...Hell yeah suck that big hard cock." He was fucking her mouth with intensity now. It was so far down her throat that she had to make her self calm down so she could breathe out of her nose.

Suddenly he pushed her mouth off of his cock and threw her back on the dirty building floor.

"I'm gonna rape you now you little Bitch!"

He moved her panties over so he could gain access to her tight little hole. She was dry and even with the spit from her earlier blowjob he was having problems getting his thick eight inch cock inside her tiny opening.

"Damn Cunt for having two brats you sure are fucking tight. Don't your husband fuck you at all???" He laughed at the look of embarrassment on her face.

He knew her husband rarely fucked her. He knew pretty much all he needed to know about her. He laughed again.

" That's okay I was expecting this." He got up and went to the bag of goodies he had waiting for her and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly. He put some on his cock running his hands up and down his cock and alittle extra on the head and then reached down and put some on her tiny slit. He cut her panties from her body.

"This should make it alittle easier." He laughed again as he lined himself up with her nice tight little hole. He was about to push himself in when he had another idea.

"I want you to REALLY feel this." He said to her as he lifted her legs on his shoulders and plunged inside her tiny hole.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed.

"Damn baby I didn't think you'd enjoy it this much!" He told her as he felt her getting wet.

"Stop crying Bitch you had this coming to you for almost a year now." He looked down between her legs watching his cock move in and out of her glistening with her pussy juices,"You Whore look how wet you're getting. You're making a fucking mess all over the floor. You dirty Bitch!"

She started sobbing harder because she knew he was right. She WAS wet. She was starting to feel pleasure from his rough rape of her pussy. She could feel the tingle deep inside her begin.

"I can't cum! I can't cum!!!! This is rape not making love! This motherfucker is raping me not trying to pleasure me! I CAN NOT cum!!!!!" She screamed to herself shaking her head back and forth.

Eric could tell from how she was shifting her body and starting to fuck him back that she was close to cumming.

"To bad Bitch I'm not gonna let you cum just yet!!"

In a flash he had flipped her over and rubbing some more KY Jelly between her ass cheeks.


"Oh yeah Cunt right there. I told you I was going to fuck every hole you had!! I'm going to make you fucking cum for me while I am sodomizing your perfect little asshole!!!" He laughed a demonic laugh that sent shivers up her spine.

When he had her asshole well lubricated as well as adding more to his swollen cock he pulled her cheeks apart and lounged inside of her asshole. He had some trouble getting past her sphincter muscle that was trying to protect her virgin asshole from the invasion. But He kept at it he was determined to get inside her ass.

"OH MY GOD THAT FUCKING HURTS TAKE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!" She was screaming it over and over again.

"You dumb Bitch it isn't even in yet!!!!" With that he gave a vicious thrust and broke past the muscle and felt himself finally get inside her ass.

"OHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Trish screamed as the searing pain shot through her body. The burning pain was so horrible that she was sure that he was going to rip her apart from the inside out!

Eric picked up his knife from the ground and held it up to her pussy.

"I'll cut your pussy lips off if you scream like that again you dirty fucking Bitch!!!"

His cock was moving in and out of her asshole at an alarming rate. Trish was biting her bottom lip so hard that she could taste blood inside her mouth. Every time she felt she was going to scream again she bite her lip even harder that the even more blood seeped into her mouth. She was sobbing uncontrollably but was making as little noise as possible. Just then Eric slammed his cock brutally into her already throbbing asshole and she screamed again.

"Just making sure you could still feel the pain!!!"

He started to laugh as she whimpered her tear and dirt streaked face turning him on even more. He could feel his own release coming to a boil.

"You ready to cum you little Cunt Whore!!!" He rasped into her ear.

"No Please No just take it out please JUST TAKE IT OUT!!!"

"Hell no you haven't had your fun yet!!"

He turned her around so that she was on her back and he was still inside her asshole. She screamed from the fresh pain this new position was causing her. He reached inside his little bag of tricks and pulled out a dildo that was at least 12 inches long and 4 inches around. She screamed when she saw it knowing what he had in mind.

"I'm going to stretch your hole out so bad that I'll be able to fit my whole hand and arm inside your pussy!"

He started ramming the dildo deep inside her cunt. She felt filled to the hilt. Both holes felt filled. The pain off the dildo and the ass fucking almost made her pass out but he slapped her hard in the face.

"Wake up Bitch I'm about to make your dreams come true!!

He continued the assault on her ass as he fucked her long and deep with the dildo rubbing her clit. If anything Eric had a terrific rhythm going. He never missed a beat he could feel her body starting to react and he loved it.

"That's right baby cum for your rapist!" He shouted over and over again.

"No!!! Please don't make me cum!!" She was begging between grunts. Her breathing became heavy almost to the point of panting. He thought it was funny he was fucking her like a dog and here she was sounding like one. Trish felt the tingle coming all over again. It was much more intense than before. She knew she wouldn't be able to control it. She couldn't stop it. The feelings he was making shot through her body was more intense than anything her husband had ever made her feel.

"Tell me to fuck you harder Slut!"


He upped the tempo and she started screaming, but this time it wasn't only because of the pain. It was an intense mix of pleasure and pain. She started shaking as it began to slice through her. Eric could feel her starting to shake and the way her asshole was contracting around his cock. He started to cum with a venegence he had never felt before. Trish screamed louder with her release she could feel his cum shooting deep inside her pussy as well as her own cum mixing with his and coating his cock. She couldn't take anymore she passed out in the middle of her own orgasm. Eric finished up his and laughed. Pulling his cock out of her well used asshole he loved the way it looked so distended and dialated. Like it would never close again. Her pussy was so stretched that he wondered if he really would be able to stick his whole hand and arm inside her well used hole. He decided to try. He pulled her legs apart once again and started with just four fingers they easy slid in. Next his thumb, no problem. Soon he had his entire hand inside her pussy he balled it into a fist and began ramming it inside her slimy pussy. She never woke up just grunted everytime he pounded her. He decided to push further. He had his arm up to his elbow inside of her cunt and couldn't believe it. He was glad he had set up the video camera in the corner where Trish hadn't seen it. No one would've believed this if he didn't have proof!! He decided to get ready for his finale. He picked Trish's limp body up and placed her on the table he had prepared. Then smiled as he cuffed her hands to the top and bottom and used the leather straps around her neck and breasts. He was very proud of his handiwork...He smiled again only this time the smile was filled with evil and hate.....................

TO BE CONTINUED........................
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