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I was asked to write this Ďstoryí by a Ďfriendí of mine. Some names have been changed or left out all together to protect the innocent and not so innocent. I hope you enjoy. I wrote from the perspective of Ďwiseguyí. This story is experimental so please let me know what you think.

First of all, Iím not some cacchio in an empty suite. Iíve got my button. Nor am I some kinda un cacasenno. Iím da real thing, whether you like it or not. My nameís Paul, and last names arenít really that important. Anyways, as I was sayní. Iím not a prick. I love my wife, dearly, and my kids. But, ya know sometimes a nice pair of cioccie are hard ta pass up. Iím only a man after all! You wanna judge me? Vaí a fare in culo!

I got a call from a friend about some leccacazzi makiní some website about our family. Yeah, I know, thereís a load of websites out there about my family. But, this cacchio was takiní pictures of our wives and children! Faccia di merda! So, after they pop him, they bring me this computer. This busted up heap of fuckinĎ plastic. I mean, really this thing looked like it had been dragged from one end of Jersey to the other. Since I own a computer they suppose Iím some fuckiní nerd who can find out if that hard on had anythiní else on there. You know, somethiní more incriminating. I donít know a damn thing about computers. Shit, my 12-year-old has to come turn my damn computer on for me!

I take a paper towel to wipe the shit off of it and noticed a sticker on the side. It was the phone number to some computer store. Some ĎTecho Blender Companyí. On a whim I call and talk to some nice girl. You know, I told her my PC was in an accident, couldnít remember if I had bought any warranties, yada yada yada. She told me to bring it in so they can take a look at it. That wasnít about to happen. Whadever was in there, if anthiní, couldnít fall into the wrong hands. So I tell her Iíd pay double, plus gas if she could have someone come to my house. Told her I was down in my back or whatever. She said somethiní like they usually donít do that, blah blah blah. I finally got her to agree to send someone out.

It was a Tuesday. I was home alone; kids were at school, and my wife was makiní sure she got her quota of my money spent. I had a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and was watching some old black and white on the tube when the doorbell rang. Of course I check out the window; I see some little Saturn parked in my driveway and a broad at my door. What da fuck?

I open the door and ask, "Need somethiní, miss?" She was weariní these tight little blue jeans a T-shirt. That shirt was way too big for her.

"Ummm...yeah I donít think Iím in the right place, but are you the guy who has a broken PC?" I recognized her voice. It was the same broad Iíd spoke to on the phone.

"Yeah. You here to look at it?" I asked as I poked my head out of the doorway looking for someone else. Ya know someone other than this fine little piece of ass. "Nobody else wit you?"

"No, just me. As I explained on the phone we donít do this usually." She said looking a little irritated.

"Oh, well, come on in then." I opened the door more for her and got a nice long look at her ass. I was startiní to feel a little turned on. Her hair was about down to her shoulders, brown and wavy. Really fuckiní sexy. Would Ďave been sexier if her hair was longer, but it did the trick. She wore glasses and barely had any makeup on. A very big turn on for me. Natural beauty is the best.

She looked around the entrance hall amazed. "This is such a beautiful home. You must make a fortune. Where is your PC located?" She walked past me and I caught a drift of this overpowering wonderful smell. I still donít know what it was, but it was amazing. The scent of vanilla or clove, god, it filled my mind with these lustful thoughts. She turned around and looked right into my eyes. Those eyes; so calm and blue.

"Itís in my office upstairs." I put my bowl of ice cream in the sink, and started up the stairs. "You qualified to look at it. I mean, no disrespect, but are there a lot of women in this line of work?" I asked, while I unlocked the door to my office without turning to look at her. That smell made me light headed. I didnít understand what happened. I felt somethiní stirrní deep within me.

"You know what? Fuck you! I own the company! You donít want a woman to fix it; then you donít get anybody from my company to fix it. Iím outta here." She got really pissed off, and turned to leave.

"Hey! You gonna yell at me in my own house?" Without even a thought, I had grabbed her by the arm. I swung her around to face me and slammed her back hard against the door to the workplace. I could just about smell the fear coming off her. That little fighetta made me so hard. I loomed over her with my body and pinned her against the wall.

"Whatís your name?" I asked her while I breathed in deeply the scent of her curly hair. That scent. That scent coming from her hair was it. That was the origin of that magnificent fragrance. My lips barely skimmed the top of her head as I in took as much of her aroma as I could. My cock was getting harder by the minute. I had no idea what I was doing. For some reason all I wanted was to possess her. Every grain of my being needed to own her in every sexual manner conceived. Maybe it was a full moon or somethiní; I doní know. Normally, Iíd never ever fuck some baldracca in my own house. I repeated the question a second time to her.

"Please donít hurt. I-Iím sorry I yelled at you." Her lips trembled when she finally spoke and she looked at me with those eyes again. Porca líoca! What was this broad doiní to me. I couldnít help myself. I pressed the weight of my body into her, and felt every curve of her voluptuous body. She was a little on the meaty side, but that was fine with me. She struck her fists into my heavy chest, and I grabbed them. With one hand I secured both her wrists above her head and pressed my lips to hers. I expected a struggle. Even if I wouldíve had to go downstairs and grab some rope from the garage; I would have her. After some harsh bitin', her lips gave way for my tongue, and I plunged into her mouth. That was fuckiní amaziní. I thought I would bust outta my pants. I hastily tore my lips from hers and made a path down her throat.

"Lana," she spoke in between fearful breaths. "My name is Lana."

"Nice ta meet ya, Lana." I said, halting my assault on her creamy neck. "Tell me, if I let your wrists go; ya gonna do whatever I say?" My eyes, dark and full of lust, met hers. "If not...let me just tell you Lana; Iíve broken a 240-pound manís neck before with my bare hands. Understood?" I said even though I knew I would never have done anything like that to her. Thatís just not my bag.

Slowly, she nodded for me. Those icy blue eyes drilled into mine as I released her hands.

"I doní know what the fuck youíre doiní ta me, but it is driviní me insane." A whiff of that scent floated my way as she shifted against my weight. "What is that smell? It is turniní me on like ya wouldnít believe."

My face suddenly found itself buried in her hair; the root of that scent.

"Just some spices from the kitchen. I made it." Her lips were tight as she spoke and she began to avoid my eyes.

"Ya wanna fuck me?" My large hand seized her chin and forced her eyes to pierce mine. "If you say no; I canít promise that I wonít force you."

"Then why should I give you an answer?" Bitterly she spat that sentence at me.

Okay, if that was the way it was gonna be. After that, my memory is a little hazy. Somehow I got her into my office with the door shut behind us. That body of hers was pressed against me again.

"Strip." The animal lust in my voice unable to be hid. As I stepped back, she rather hastily shed her snug jeans. Those legs were killer! Porca líoca! Like I said, she was a meaty broad, but she was sexy as hell. She couldnít get her shirt off fast enough for me. I grabbed the hem of it and almost ripped her hair out as I brought it over her head. Scared I would try and remove her bra too, she quickly unsnapped it. Her straps hadnít even gotten down her shoulders before I had her pushed against the door. Pure, animal lust was pumpiní through me as I tossed my pants off. My belino was pokiní out the slit in my boxers. It was so hard I thought the skin would split in two. I had never had a hard on like that before. I doní know what happened. I had grabbed the condom from my wallet, and then that scent filled my nose again. My hands were full of her smooth ass cheeks, and her legs were wrapped around me as I heaved into her. She was gushiní with desire. I thought Iíd jet right then as I sank deep into her.

"Easy...," she breathed into my ear, "...too big for me..."

I think thatís what she said anyways. It didnít matter though; there was no way to stop it. "You do wanna fuck me. You put some sort aí spell on me didnít ya? Ya some kind of witch, arenĎt cha?" I could swear I heard her laugh when I said that. That just made me drill my wrapped 7 1/2" deeper into her, and I made her scream. She was warm, wet, and so so tight. It amazed me how much I could feel even through the rubber. It was hard to not just let loose, but I wanted to indulge myself in that fighetta. It would be a long time, if ever, I could feel anythiní that tense around my dick again. For a split second I worried if I had just ruined her virginity, but she moaned and the thought was lost.

Back and forth, my lucid movements brought us closer. Her hands had snaked around my neck, and she pushed my face into her hair. I breathed in as deep as possible, almost passiní out from the aroma that drove me. Deeper and harder I shifted into her. I had to íave been hurtiní her as I got nearer to my freedom. Her ass slapped against the wooden door and her big cioccie bounced into my chest. For some reason, I found myself bitiní into the fatty top of her right tit as I pounded her into the door. Harder and harder. Our bodies were compressed so tight together that I could feel every breath and whimper she made. My balls had tightened, and pulled themselves up into my body.

Then I popped. Just like a cork cominí off a champagne bottle. I crashed into her; the weight of my brawny chest forcing all the air in her lungs out. But I couldnít stop! My hips continued to thrust even after the jiz jetted outta' my dick.

"You fuckiní love this, donít ya witch?" I asked as my eyes rolled into my head. I came a second time!

She made a deep Ďmmmmmmí sound in her throat and I felt her little muscles clutch my joint. She came on my cock. The tightness around my dick drove me crazy! That was too much, and porco mondo, I came again.

It felt like forever that we stayed in that position, my body crushed against hers, and my cock still hidden within her. Aftershocks ripple through my body.

"What did ya do ta me?" Breathless I posed the question.

"I did nothing to you. It was the passion spell. It was not intended for you. But, it felt good none the less." She spoke softly against my ear. "Whenever your ready Iíll look at your PC...just take your time."

*******AuthorĎs note *******

Feedback is welcomed, and please donĎt forget to vote.

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