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Cassidy and Emily were the perfect couple. Both 28 years old, they were the 'beautiful people' and lived an amazingly rich and fulfilling life. Cassidy had joined the US Army ten years previously and married childhood sweetheart, Emily, two years later. They had been stationed in Germany at a base there for the past three and Emily had a nice job at the administration block on the camp. Cassidy was a tall, blonde, muscular guy while his wife was a petite, smouldering brunette with dark hair that stretched just past her thin shoulders while her dark eyes seemed to be all knowing and mischievous at the same time. Yes they were the perfect couple, the perfect kinky and perverted couple that is!

If their sexual appetites had been voracious before marriage (and it was, before they wed they fucked like rampant rabbits for hours on end) once they were married it seemed to explode. And as great as the sex was it did not take long for both of them to require things to get more and more kinky. They was little that they did not try or do or experiment with, more positions than the Kama Sutra had to offer, every sex toy imaginable (and some that weren't), had tried all sorts of kinds and forms of bondage, hired prostitutes even more taboo things like watersports were not beyond them, and all the time their love and lust for each other just got greater and greater.

Their latest thing, which they were both enjoying like nothing before (but they knew that it would not last, they would soon tire and want something new and kinkier) was for outdoor kinky fun. Over the last few weeks they had perfected it, added to it, new twists, new kinks to help them both enjoy enhanced experiences. It had started innocently enough with a picnic on a Sunday afternoon and after a few glasses of wine they both felt randy and Cassidy had his way with Emily under an old, gnarled tree under the beating sun in a deserted, country meadow. As was the norm the sex was rough and hard and animalistic, both noisily grunting as they rutted, doggy style, Cassidy finally flooding his sexy wife's pussy full of his sticky seed. Before they collapsed atop each other and slowly regained their breath over the next few minutes.

The next day Cassidy was barely over their house doormat before he was met by his sexy wife, dressed in a long brown raincoat and with just a peck on his lips, she grabbed his hand and led him out of the house and along a deserted country lane that lay well to the South of the camp compound. They were both excited long before they got there but once they did Emily dramatically whipped off the coat to reveal (as Cassidy had guessed) that she did not have on a stitch of clothing under the coat and her nubile, pert body was in readiness for his attentions. What he had not expected though was the words "CASSIDY's'S PUSSY" to be written in big letters on her stomach and an arrow pointing down between her legs to her shaven cunt. She shrugged off the coat and gave a playful twirl to show that roughly scrawled on her back was the word "SLUT", it couldn't have been easy to do.

If Cassidy had been hard before (and he had been, his nine inch cock creating an obvious tent in the crotch of his army trousers) seeing those blasphemies on his pretty, innocent looking, wife's body drove him insane with lust and he could hold back no longer, he grabbed her by her hair and physically hauled her back onto the coat and took her there, by the side of the lane. His fingers working their magic on her clit and pussy as only he knew how before rolling her over, spanking her some then fucking her hard in her tight asshole while he pulled back at her head by her hair. It was frantic desperate sex and they barely retained their humanity while fucking but once he came deep inside her ass they both knew that they had cum like never before and their new game had been found and started.

After that things just escalated and new additions were made to their new sex game. For a start some of the filth they (for Cassidy got to write too) wrote all over Emily's body got more and more extreme and degrading But Emily loved that, she was just that kind of kinky bitch! Want some examples? Well how about the words "COCK HOLE" in red letters around Emily's lips? Or "BARRACKS WHORE" on her flat stomach? "CASSIDY'S WHORE" on her inner thigh? How about "SPANK ME" just above her cute ass cheeks? Or the charming description of "CUMSLUT" across her chest? She even allowed him to write the words "DOG LOVER" on her stomach too, no doubt because she was always so kind to dumb animals. Yes, all those things and a hundred others adorned her sexy body at one time or another and it didn't take long before she egged Cassidy on to take their digital camera to capture her various humiliating phrases so they could relive them long after they had been washed off.

Emily loved it, she found it so exciting to have all that written all over her body and could be sopping wet when they walked to their various places to fuck with just a long coat hiding her nakedness and the filth written on her. She even took to writing some of the stuff on her and leaving it on while she went to her work and loved the feeling of it being there while going about her normal, daily routine, her friends and colleagues unaware of it. That turned her on so much that most days she had to disappear to the toilets and give herself a good, hard frigging with her vibrator and biting her lip so as not to give away what she was doing.

As with all their sex crazes the kinky couple had to add to their activities, add twists and risks to feed their addiction. At weekends they took their exploits out with the confines of the Army campsite, journeying into the German countryside and finding all sorts of places to strip off and fuck. At Emily's urging they sought out places that offered slight chances of discovery but so far no-one had come across them or if they had then they had been discrete enough to move on quickly. Whether that disappointed them was not apparent.

Further still, they started adding objects to the mix. Before too long their gallery of kinky pictures on their computer includes pics of Emily bent over and being double penetrated by two big, black dildos, with fruit inserted in her and even wine bottles. Once while a rainstorm engulfed the area they had to call into a local bar that was deserted on a Sunday afternoon and they retired to a pool room where Cassidy fucked his nymphomaniac wife atop the pool table and after they had climaxed they finished by taking pictures of Emily perched on the baize with a pool cue screwed open and one half buried in her ass and the other in her cunt. She spun over once they were out to pop the eight ball into her pussy and another Kodak moment was born.

Their fondness for bondage was soon experimented with as well as one time, with Emily stripped naked and spread out, Cassidy lifted her and led her to a picnic bench (this was late one Sunday evening), produced rope from his pockets (she hadn't know he intended this) and proceeded to tie each of her slim limbs to the corner of the wooden table and with "FUCK ME" and "COCK HOUND" written clearly on her stomach, Cassidy left her there as he turned around and walked away.

He stayed away from her, out of sight, for as long as he could manage. The anticipation and thrill of what they were doing and the risk that a stranger could come along and discover his slut wife tied up like that with that writing on her was huge, and he knew Emily, herself would be creaming herself over the situation. When he eventually did reappear Emily was struggling hard against her bonds but not because anybody had come along (in truth there was little chance of that so remote were they at that time of the day) but because she was desperate to get her hands to her pussy so she could frig herself, so excited was she. Cassidy teased and tormented her that night as she was helpless and eager for her pussy to get some action. He didn't satisfy her for as long as possible, using his fingers and tongue to kiss and tease her pert breasts before finally ripping off his trousers and revealing his raging hard dick which he plunged deep into her soaking pussy and there followed ten minutes of rough, frantic fucking while Emily lay tied there unable to contribute much more than a constant flow of dirty talk.

They had enjoyed doing it there so much that for the next few weeks they repeated that with each time a slight alteration to the kinky fun What they didn't know was that their kinky habit was not going unnoticed.....

It had been a hard week for both of them, working really hard and for various reasons (work, visitors and a couple of nights out) they had not managed to fully exploit their sex drives as per normal, so hey were both really looking forward to their now regular Sunday evening outdoor sex session. After a light tea Cassidy helped his wife by stripping her of all her clothing and writing the words that so inspired them upon her body. In a neat line right down her chest, across her tits and onto her stomach were written in capital letters "SLUT", "CUNT", "WHORE", "BITCH" and "COCKSUCKER" while both her inner thighs were decorated with arrows pointing in the way with the words "ANYBODY'S PUSSY" behind them.

They could barely keep their hands off each other as they drove the twenty or so miles to the car park where they had tended to leave their car. As before it was deserted when they arrived, this really was their own little playground, and after parking they set off down the lane for a brisk ten minute walk to their favourite hidden area Emily unbuttoning all the buttons on her long coat so that with every step she took a long stretch of her delicate and written on skin was exposed. Cassidy smiled and reached under the coat to grope his wives smooth tits and whistled as he swung a canvas bag he had with him from which he would produce whatever gimmicks his dirty mind had dreamed up that week, not even Emily knew what was in it, that was part of the appeal.

It was a beautiful warm, sunny Sunday evening and birds sang at them as they literally skipped down the overgrown part and both their hearts started to beat harder and harder as they nearer what they felt sure would be another kinky success.

As soon as 'their' clearing and wooden dining table came into view Xassidy spoke to his wife in a harsh, dominant voice that left no doubt as to who was in charge.

"Get your coat off slut!"

They were still thirty yards from the table but without question Emily slipped off the coat to stand in nothing but her shoes. He took the coat and carried it as he spanked her on her ass and ordered her further.

"Now walk, don't run! Walk over to our table and assume your position slut. You're going to get the fucking of your life tonight."

A shiver of anticipation ran through Emily's body and she slowly walked before Cassidy, aware that if someone was to actually appear they would see her stark naked, her pussy lips already glistening in anticipation and all those humiliating, degrading words scrawled on her chest. But no-one did show up and too soon they were at the table and Emily hopped up onto the cold, wooden surface and stretched out her from to all four corners so that her pussy was in the perfect position to be penetrated from someone above her. Cassidy quickly produced four lengths of pristine white rope from his bag and wasted little time in lashing his wife's wrists and ankles to the four corners of the table. They were tight enough that Emily would never be able to wriggle from them or free herself without help - she was once again totally helpless.

Cassidy smiled down at her and dipped his hand once more into his bag to produce to pieces of thin, strong string that, after pinching and twisting Emily's nipples, he wound around her erect nipples and pulled tight before tying each to the nearest tree on either side. Meaning that any move that Emily's body would pull on her nipples and stimulate them even further. The next object from Cassidy's bag was a pink ball gag which he pushed into Emily's submissive mouth before connecting the ends behind her head and her silky dark hair. The gag was rarely used in the outdoors but Cassidy had brought it because he didn't want to hear what Emily had to say about his next object. From the bag he pulled out a thick length of brown rope tied in a distinctive noose! Emily's eyes widened and she tried to speak behind the gag but it was useless, Cassidy carefully lifted his wife's head and pulled the noose slowly and gently over her head until it was fully around her neck before her, very carefully, tightened it. It wasn't enough to press at all on her neck but the threat was there and it was turning both on massively.

Cassidy smiled and stood back to take out his camera and take a bevy of snaps of his beautiful trapped wife and savour her helplessness before moving on to fucking the hell out of her. Emily must have been really getting into the role too, he thought, as she was pulling her head up to look at him with the most desperate pleading, worried look on her face. My god she was convincing......

Cassidy didn't think any further than that as he collapsed from a heavy blow with a weighted blackjack to his neck that saw him unconscious before he hit the ground. Emily frantically tried to free herself but it was pointless she was trapped as six, skinheaded German youths stepped towards he and over the inert form of her husband.

While five of the youths stepped up to her and began to run their hands all over her body the sixth busied himself with stripping Cassidy naked, stuffing his clothes into his own bag and removing the laces from Cassidy's boots to use them to lash Cassidy's ankles tightly together and then use the second lace to even tighter tie his wrists together, both behind his back, From there it was simple to connect the two laces together so that Cassidy was on his knees and hands and feet totally immobilised behind him, he was effectively hog tied and as helpless as his pretty wife.

Emily flinched and panicked as one of the skinheads hands took hold of the loose end of the rope of her noose and gave a slight tug on it, smiling before he spoke.

"So American woman, you are how you say, kinky? You like the dirty, nasty sex, eh? We know, we have watched you these past few weeks and now we think you need to live a bit more dangerously, eh? I see you like to write what you are on yourself. So which are you? A slut? A cunt? A whore? A bitch? Or a cocksucker? I think you are all of these, and if not you certainly will be before this night is over!"

Emily strained desperately against her bonds again but it was no use, Cassidy tied them and knotted them too well to allow escape and all that her urgent struggle was doing was to tighten them even further. A fact not missed by the six men (six now as the last guy had finished with the still unconscious Cassidy) and they stood back to allow her to find out the futility of her efforts. It wasn't long. A slight cool breeze got up and she felt her skin turn to gooseflesh and a shiver run the course of her spine, despite herself she was also excited by this situation, terrified, but excited.

"Now American woman you would do well to remember your position and that of your husband. We promise that if you do as we say and want then no harm will befall you. You are here to have kinky sex and we will give you both that and more. Understand?"

The one who spoke was taller than the rest (which was quite the achievement as they were all tall and imposing to her, especially stuck as she was) and after he had said that in a broken, pigeon English he reached behind her head to pluck out the ball gag so carefully placed there by Cassidy. Her mouth gasped at first at its release and she took a quick, deeper gulp of air before launching into all her remonstrations that she had previously yelled into the gag. they went ignored and one of the youths decided to halt her racket by hopping up onto the table and, with his trousers already removed, jamming his long, hard dick deep into her throat. It was an effective silencer.

Emily panicked at first as her mouth and throat were invaded, the German youth was hardly gentle or circumspect and on his first push down he had buried his dick fully in, right up to the hilt and his hairy balls were resting on her delicate little chin. Her eyes widened and she fought desperately for a breath for a while before relaxing enough to remember to breath through her nose but it was not easy. The guy squatted over her head, resting his knees either side of her head, effectively blocking out her eyesight and when she did care to look all she saw was a leering, sleazy looking twenty year old sighing and moaning as he plunged his cock up then deeply into her mouth. She felt a twinge at her breasts and it became clear that either his feet had snagged on the twine around her nipples or one of the others was pulling at it (soon, from the regular pulls and nips at them it became obvious someone else was doing it) as she gasped at this new sensation and despite herself she could not help but be turned on. Although she had never told anyone, not even Cassidy who was not up for involving others directly in their sex games, she had long held a sort of rape fantasy. And here she was, helpless and exposed and at the mercy and will of these six young German men and all were eager to fuck her senseless it would appear.

But more sensations continued to visit her as she lay there being face fucked, the man now holding her head still as he hammered in and out of her. Multiple fingers groped and pulled at her large, sensitive pussy lips. Emily had already been very wet in the whole build up to today, only more so on the walk down here, first with just a coat on then as she strolled the last part stark naked and was then tied up. So when those fingers explored her cunt they came away glistening and slick.

"God damn this bitch is soaking!"

"Ja, she must be gagging for dick!"

But right then the only dick she had was burrowing it's way deep in her gullet and she was still trying not to gag on it and the bastard was now even trying to force his sweaty bollocks into her mouth. There must have been five or six fingers at her pussy now, alternatively pulling her lips apart to squeeze inside or a couple were twiddling at her glistening clit. That did not last long though as one hand seemed to sweep the others away and seconds later Emily felt the unmistakable feel of the helmet of an erect penis slip between her cunt lips and with one thrust penetrate deeply within her. She wanted to gasp and moan, to complain and plead, to even urge him further, she was so confused, how could she like this.

"Like the words on your stomach say, you are a slut aren't you, an American whore!"

The guy in her pussy was certainly not hanging about as he plunged into her rapidly, perhaps he was always like this when having sex or perhaps it was the situation, whatever she squelched with every powerful thrust of his eight inch dick into her slick fuck hole and had reached around her hips to try and pull himself deeper and she could offer no resistance with her ankles pulled to their limits of strain by their bonds to the table. She was a bitch in heat set up on a plate for these hungry predators and they were intent to each have their full fill of her.

Cassidy came to groggily to the sounds of grunts and laughter over by the table. For a few moments he was dazed and disorientated and did not remember where he was or why. But seeing the bare, hairy asses of a couple of animated Germans right in front of him quickly reminded him of what he and Emily had been going to do. They weren't aware that he was conscious again and he made and immediate and ill-fated attempt to spring up at them. He swiftly realised that they had pretty effectively neutralised his limbs and his efforts ended with nothing more than Cassidy lurching forward and crashing face first onto the hard ground in front of him. The disturbance and noise alerted the guys not seeing to Emily and they turned around, one nodded to the furthest back and he came back to pick up and speak to Cassidy.
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