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The business conference I was attending was winding down after three days of intense seminars and group meetings. Most of the companies in the Healthcare Industry were represented at the conference. The conference coordinator had scheduled a party for tonight and most everyone was looking forward to blowing off some steam as the conference winds down.

The party that was scheduled for tonight was a costume party. The conference had arranged for a costume company to provide costumes to us. Yesterday, I reserved my costume. I had selected a Zorro costume, consisting of a black hat and eye mask, black silk shirt, black leather pants and black cowboy boots. Completing the outfit was an actual sword. Once I put on the outfit I would be anonymous because of the eye mask.

By the time I arrived at the party it was already in full swing. There must have been a 1,000 people in full costume attending the party. The ballroom was decorated and the lighting dimmed as groups were scattered in and around the dance floor or the bars located in various parts of the ballroom. Off to the left was a short passageway leading to a balcony. The balcony was secluded and overlooked a formal garden with ponds, trees and beautiful flowers. The moon was full a cast a dim but distinct shadow.

I was impressed with everyone's costumes, especially the girls. I saw everything from the girls dressed as nurses, airline stewardesses, cheerleaders and even a dominatrix or two. I was hoping to meet and maybe even bed a woman tonight, as it had been such a long time since my last sexual encounter. You could say I was in a dry spell. Hopefully, my luck would change tonight, as it appeared that there were more women attending the party then men. Besides that some of the men weren't even in costume and who would the girls rather fuck, Zorro or some average Joe from Anywhere, USA.

As I moved through the crowd I noticed a beautiful redhead with her back to me. As she turned around I nearly fell over with surprise. It was Susie, a family friend from my neighborhood back home. She was wearing a Mexican senorita costume. The skirt was full and brightly colored, the white blouse was off her shoulders and the front of the blouse cut low, accentuating her full breasts. Her shoulders were freckled and her skin creamy white. She reminded me of a fresh young college girl. Susie is a stunning 34-year-old woman with a flat tummy, a tight ass and perky 34C breasts. In Susie's hair was a single red rose tucked into her styled hair. Her beauty captivated me.

As our eyes locked, I moved towards her. I was hoping by lowing my voice she would not be able to recognize me. Without breaking our gaze, I smiled and introduced myself as Zorro and asked her if she needed to be rescued. She replied that she didn't before I approached her, but she might need to be rescued now. Laughingly, I asked her if I could buy her a drink. After a couple of shots of tequila and some funny stories were shared about the conference, I reached for her hand and took her to the dance floor.

The band was jamming and the way Susie moved on the dance floor was driving me crazy. With her hips swaying and her bosom looking like they could fall out of her blouse at any second, I was longing to take her in my arms and feel her next to me. I was certain she did not recognize me. We stayed on the dance floor as the band began a slow song. Reaching for her, I took her in my arms and we began to move slowly to the beat of the music. Holding her, I felt her breath on my neck, her arms around my waist, her breasts pressed against my chest and her lower tummy lightly pressing against my groin. That's all it took, I felt the blood rush to my cock, strengthen it and causing it to grow into a rock hard erection. My hand slipping from her back, sliding lower over her hip and gently but firmly pulling her teardrop shaped bottom into my erection. She responded with a gasp and a tremor and pressed her pubic bone into me. Holding her tightly, we held onto each other. It was obvious to me that she could feel my hard on. I could feel the heat radiating from her body.

As we continued the slow sensual dance, I moved her effortlessly towards the balcony. I was desperate to kiss her, to taste her lips. Leaving the dance floor, she looked up at me and asked me where we were going. Without replying, I took her hand in mine, leading her to a darkened corner of the balcony. As we stopped, I felt her tense up. Turning toward her, our eyes locking, I took her in my arms and I lowered my lips to her lips and kissed her. Her hands were on my chest, not allowing me to feel her as our kiss became more passionate. As my arousal grew, my kisses growing more urgent, she gently tried to push me away. Breaking our kiss, she breathed that we couldn't do this; she didn't even know who I was. I told her of course she knows who I am. I am a man who wants you and you are a woman who wants me.

Susie tried to move away, but I grabbed her hands, raised them above her head, and kissed her with all the passion of a thousand lovers. Skillfully I backed her against the wall, my hand holding both of her hands above her head. Kissing her with a burning fever, I could feel the heat rising within her. With a sigh, I felt her surrender to my desire. Slipping the black silk sash from my waist, I fed one end of the sash through a lighting fixture on the stonewall of the darken balcony. Placing her hands together, I tied them securely to the fixture. Her eyes widened in surprise as she realized what was happening. She struggled to break free, her breasts rose and fell with her struggle and her breathing came in short little gasps. Perspiration beaded up in her cleavage as her neck became flushed with desire. She pleaded with me to let her go, but her eyes were on fire with lust. Moving my right hand to the back of her head, I wrapped my hand into her hair and pulled her to me, kissing her again. Again she tried to break free but the sash held her upraised arms firmly in place. Confusion and lust filled her eyes.

Enflamed with lustful cravings, I took one step backwards and placed both hands on the front of her blouse. With one quick pull, I ripped the front of her blouse open, tearing it open to her navel. Her breasts strained to be freed from the demi-cup red bra she wore. She tried to cry out, but I smothered her cry with a kiss full of hunger, a hunger that only she could satisfy. Reaching up I placed both of my hands on her breasts and massaged them through her bra. Her nipples pressed into the palms of my hands. I became more aroused as she struggled against me. Was she struggling or trying to excite me beyond the point of control?

Again I stepped back and reached into my pocket, pulling out a small camera. I took several pictures of her straining against the sash, her blouse torn open to her navel, her pink nipples, hard as cherrystones, clearly visible through the shear material of her red bra. I told her that I was doing to take her and that if she screamed and we were discovered, I would have these pictures developed and I would send them to her husband and neighbors. Tears welled up in her eyes as I removed my sword from its scabbard. Placing the tip of the shinny silver sword underneath the waistband of her skirt, I cut the material causing her skirt to fall off of her hips, falling in wraps around her ankles. My eyes traveled from her breasts, down past her flat tummy to her shear red panties covering her pussy. Clearly visible to me was her red bush and a dark wet spot on her panties where her legs joined together. Encouraged by this discovery, I smiled at her as she lowered her tear stained eyes, embarrassed that her desire was so openly displayed to me.

Standing before her, I brought the sword up to her deep cleavage. Caressing her breasts with the sword, I played with her. Telling her to stand very still, I inserted the tip of the sword under her bra and sweeping it up it cut through her bra, releasing her tits to me. Her tits were large, round and full, beautifully shaped, and capped with little pink nipples. Coming to her and placing my hands on her tits, I felt her nipples harden again under my touch. Bending down I took one nipple in my mouth and sucked, as I pulled and massaged her other tit with my hand. I had seen Susie many times at the pool and often wondered what her tits really looked like. Now I knew. I caressed, pinched and played with her tits for a good ten minutes. Sometimes I pulled them really hard, stretching them. Other times I pushed them together so I could suck both nipples at the same time. I even told Susie that if she was "a really good girl" I would tit fuck her until my cum exploded all over her breasts. She moaned and wiggled her hips against me as I spoke to her.

I reached up and loosened one of the knots holding her arms over her head. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I firmly guided her to her knees. Once on her knees, I secured the knot again. I told Susie that she was going to suck me and she had better make me cum in her mouth or I was going to have to fuck her for my pleasure. Looking up at me from her knees, I told her I would take my pleasure either in her pussy or her ass, depending on how good she was with her sweet little mouth and tongue. Susie started to protest but I quickly silenced her as I roughly grabbed her hair and forced my cock into her mouth saying, "suck my dick and shut up bitch!" As I entered her wet mouth, I could feel her tongue play with my dick. Her mouth felt so good on my cock I thought I would cum right away. Susie fucked my shaft with her mouth, sometimes moving slowly and sometimes rapidly bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I told her to relax her throat and take my big dick down her throat. She shook her head no and I grabbed her head, forcing my cock down her throat until she gagged on the length of my cock. Holding her head in place, my cock down her throat, I felt the pressure of my cum building in my balls. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I wanted to fuck her sweet little pussy so I pulled my dick from her mouth. All shiny and wet from her salvia, I rubbed my dick all over her face as she looked into my eyes with a wanton slut look.

Untying Susie, I told her to remain on her knees and positioned her hands behind her back. I quickly tied her hands. She whimpered, "Please don't fuck me. You promised that if I gave you a good blowjob you wouldn't fuck me. I know you were close to cumming in my mouth. I could feel your cock growing larger and throbbing with your climax. Please let me finish you with my mouth."

I responded by raising Susie's little pantied ass up in the air and forcing her face down against the cold tiles of the balcony. Reaching down I ripped her panties right off of her upturned ass. Kneeing behind her, I told her to turn her head around and look at me. I told her that I was going to remove my eye mask and I wanted her to know who was going to fuck her. I needed her to know that it was my cock that she would feel between her legs, entering her, reaching into the depths of her sex. As I removed my mask, her eyes flew open and she tried to scramble away, as she recognized me. She cried out "Oh my God, no Alex, please don't fuck me." As she was saying this, I was grinding my cock between the crack of her ass.

Looking down on her ass, I could see her moist pussy, her pussy hair glistening with dew, her lips open and ready for me. I took my cock in my hand and placed the thick swollen head against the wet opening of her sex. "I know you want this, I can see how wet and swollen your pussy is," I said. My cock slipped into her red haired pussy from behind. Her pussy was hot and wet and oh so tight as I pushed more of my engorged dick inside her. Groaning and spreading her legs further apart she accepted my shaft into her being. Inch by inch, I entered her until I could feel my balls, heavy with cum, resting against her clit. Finally, she submitted to me with a moan and a lowering of her head to the floor. Slowly, in and out, my cock moved in her pussy. Gradually her sex opened up to accept the girth of my cock. Groans from deep within her punctuated the air as I stroked her pussy from behind. Her moans grew louder as my cock moved in her pussy, bathing my hard cock with her pussy juice. Her juices ran out of her and down her spread legs, coating my balls. Faster and faster I fucked her, my balls slapping against her clit.

Suddenly I pulled out, leaving her pussy empty and open. I pushed a finger into her juicy pussy, coating it with her wetness and then removed it. I knew where I wanted to put it. Susie's bottom was raised up in the air, her shoulders and face flat against the cool tile. I wanted her there. In that place that is very special. Placing my hands on the cheeks of her ass, I spread her open. Her asshole looked so tiny, so inviting. I had to have her there. I knew I would have trouble putting the thick head of my cock in that tiny little hole. Just the thought of fucking her ass caused my cock to grow even longer and thicker. I placed my wetted finger against her asshole, lubricating her rosebud with her own juices from her pussy. "I'm going to fuck your ass now Susie. You have teased me for three years. You have pressed your breasts into me for the last time without a consequence. You have flirted with me at the pool, teased me at neighborhood parties and now you are going to pay for it. Your days of not coming through are over. I am going to fuck your ass good and when I am ready, I am going to squirt all my come deep in your ass," I growled. With that I grabbed her hair and placed the thick purple head of my engorged cock against her asshole and began to push it in. Twisting and turning she tried to escape her ass fucking. "Be still you little bitch!" I commanded her. She cried out "No Alex, please don't. Nobody has ever done this to me! I'll do anything but this. Please don't fuck me in the ass. I'll do anything else, anything else you want to do. Please don't hurt me."

"Shut up and relax . I am going to fuck your virgin ass. Now you can either relax and enjoy this or you can stay tense and it will hurt. Either way, your ass will get fucked." With that, I slapped her ass with my open hand and pushed the head of my dick into Susie's ass.

"Ugh, No, Alex, No, Ugh" she cried out as my dick pushed in farther. "Please stop for a second, it is too damn big, it hurts," she sighed "let me get used to it. Easy baby, easy."

"That's a good girl, now breathe honey, relax and breathe," I said. She responded by relaxing her ass, allowing me to plunge deeper into her. I pushed again and again until I felt her ass open up to my assault and my balls pressed against her wet pussy. Her teardrop ass felt so good as I pumped slowly in and out of her. On her knees, hands tied behind her back, I fucked her ass. Faster and faster I pumped. "Move your ass against me. Move it in little circles, you horny little slut," I told her. Her breathing was coming in short quick gasps now. I could feel her legs beginning to tremble and saw goose bumps appear all over her body. I could feel her orgasm beginning to consume her.

"Fuck me, Alex, fuck my ass, make me cum," she moaned in pleasure. Reaching beneath her, fondling her pussy and finding her stiff exposed clit, I rubbed it in tiny little circles. The combination of my fingers on her clit, my cock stretching her virgin ass and her submitting to me, created a fire in her center that she had never experience before. Faster and deeper I fucked her as her orgasm overtook her body. "Alex I'm coming, don't stop, deeper, deeper, don't stop fucking me Alex" she cried out. From deep within her she came, sending her body into ecstasy. Like a wave building and tumbling through her body, she released the passion that had been building up all evening. Juices squirted out of her pussy as she contracted her ass muscles around my cock.

Feeling her cum, her ass milking my cock sent me over the edge too. I could feel the cum in my balls release, blasting their way through my dick into her ass. Deeply I stroked my cock into her, grinding my balls against her sweet wet pussy. Jet after jet of my milky white cum filled her ass, overfilling her.

Collapsing on top of her, overcome with pleasure, I gently kissed the nape of her neck. Kissing and licking the sweat from her neck I whispered into her ear "Thank you Susie. You are such a wonderful lover, so giving and so pleasing. I have to see you again, my dear sweet Susie." With tenderness I untied Susie, laid her down and took her into my arms, cuddling her with true affection. Stroking her face and hair, our eye locked and we looked into each other's souls. Still holding my gaze, she lightly kissed my lips and replied, "Yes Alex, I would love to see you again."
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