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I grew up in the Florida keys. The reports of when Sandy got his first boat are inaccurate. I was actually not permitted to sail until I could walk the whole length of the pier unaided. After that, I spent more time on the water than on land.

I went to school. I figured that I would just put in my time until I could get my commercial license and then my own charter boat. One thing and another happened and I wound up going to college and joining the FBI.

When I went to work for the FBI, I met Fiona. I fell for Fiona like a ton of bricks. I thought Fiona fell for me as well. We got married. Chalk it up to my country boy inexperience.

With my boat handling experience and Fiona’s drive to succeed at any cost we wound up back in the Florida keys. There was drug smuggling going on. Sandy and Fiona were to pose as a young couple who had a little money and were looking to make more any way they could.

We hit the bars at a few of the drug hot spots in the keys. We got a lot of action, mainly guys who wanted to fuck Fiona. Fiona would fuck the Devil if it would further her career. However, Fiona was not going to fuck for pleasure, her pussy was for business use only. Well, she did let me fuck her once in while, just to keep her skill level up.

We finally began to get some nibbles about perhaps smuggling in some drugs.

A couple of hard boys rented us a 25-foot sail boat to test my ability to single hand such a craft in the waters in and around the keys. I passed the test.

Fiona also got tested. Her test was to see if she wanted to fuck the hard boys. Fiona not only failed the test, I had to pass another test about rescuing a man overboard. The hard boys stalked off at the end of the test. They did not seem really happy.

The first test led to another test. This one was for real. There were a hard boy and a money man. We sailed in and out of marginal areas around the keys. I showed the boys exactly where a boat could go and where it could not go. The final test was for me to sail through an area where I would tear the bottom out of the boat. I refused and told them why. I passed the test.

Fiona and I got an assignment to smuggle in a small amount of ganja [marijuana] from Jamaica.

I hooked up with the motor cruiser from Jamaica. They had a bale of ganja. The wanted money. They also wanted Fiona. We had guns and money. We got the ganja. They got the money, but they did not get Fiona.

We sailed into a bar with a private dock. We met our contact and sold the ganja to him for a tidy little profit. We also told him we wanted more work.

He wanted to give us another ganja assignment. Fiona wanted more.

Fiona spent the night with the man.

When Fiona came back to the boat, I was mad as hell. Fiona didn’t care.

Fiona told me that we had a contract to smuggle in a quantity of Columbian cocaine. The job would make us a bundle and establish us as a major player in the local drug smuggling operation.

I just looked at Fiona without saying a word.

Fiona finally said, “OK, I fucked the man’s brains out. That was the price for the contract. It was business.”

I just kept looking at her.

Fiona sighed and then said, “OK, I have to fuck him every time we bring in a cargo. How the hell else do you think we got this far into the operation this fast? It is business.”

I finally said, “OK, business lady, I got some information while you were fucking your drug pimp. There is someone preying on the drug smugglers. It has got so bad that only a few sail boats are making it through. Not only that, there is someone preying on the pirates who prey on the sail boats. You just signed us up for a suicide mission.”

Fiona looked at me. She knows me well enough to know what I said was the truth. She said, “Sandy, I’m sorry. I want to get us a major arrest in the drug smuggling operations and then I can get other young, female agents. Right now, I have to do what I have to do.”

I wanted out. However, just sailing away was not practical. The drug smugglers would undoubtedly shadow us for a while. If we tried to run, it would almost certainly cost us our lives. As dangerous as the operation was, our only real hope was to make the cocaine run and build up a little confidence. Then we could either get help or run. I told Fiona as much.

Fiona looked right through me. “Sandy, I can get information about the pirates and the risks. It is the only way we really have a chance. You will just have to trust me.”

Fiona dressed up like a whore and slithered through the bars where we had heard that the drug smugglers frequented. By the end of the first night she had more fingerprints on her tits than the FBI master file. I suspected that the information she had gotten was not only worthless, it was information designed to lure us into a trap. Unfazed, Fiona slithered through more bars. Not only did she get fingerprints on her tits, but also on her pussy. I don’t know how many guys she fucked, but the further information she got was also worthless on the surface.

I analyzed what Fiona had fucked out of the boys. The routes and times they suggested were traps for a sail boat. They were narrow routes that allowed no real evasive action by a sail boat. A power boat could easily chase down a sail boat and board.

The one area the fuck boys did not suggest was the only way we just might make it. It was an area of reefs and rocks. A sail boat has no advantage over a power craft in such an area. An experienced Captain has a huge advantage over some power boat driver who does not really know the area.

Fiona realized that she had been played for a fool. She was angry, but only because she had not gotten useful information from selling her pussy. She then developed another tactic that might actually give us a better chance.

We sailed out one moonless night and rendezvoused with the drug ship. They dispatched a small boat and were prepared to take our money without giving us any cocaine.

We had what looked to be AK-47s and a generally nasty attitude. We also had a completely nude Fiona. The delivery boys wanted no part of an AK-47 shootout. In addition, they were so busy ogling Fiona that we could have taken the cocaine and not paid. However, that last would have put us out of the cocaine smuggling business for good. Also, since a high-powered motor boat could easily chase us down before we could get to a safe port, theft meant death.

Once we had the cocaine, I expected Fiona to put her bikini back on. She just grinned at me in a sort of nasty manner and told me, “No one is going to shoot a nude lady. It would be a terrible waste. My tits and pussy will get us safely back to dock. Learn to live with it.”

Since I had no choice, I sailed for home.

I sailed a seemingly random route that forced a motor boat pilot to try to sail in unfavorable conditions or to take the long way around. With a combination of skill and luck I got us into the shallow, rock infested waters I knew from my early days.

I did what I could, but we were intercepted by a motor boat. The motor boat had four aboard and they were prepared for anything. Well, almost anything.

Nude Fiona jumped onto the foredeck and opened up with what the cocaine ship guys had undoubtedly told the pirates was an AK-47. The weapon was actually an AK-74, the newer version of the Kalshnikov series. The AK-74 also fires explosive rounds. Scratch one motor boat.

The sea battle had left me with only one real option. There were three channels we could use to reach safety. However, the winds dictated the use of just one channel. There, our luck ran out.

There were two more motor boats. They could not have covered all of the channels, we just lucked into the one they did cover.

There were six armed men aboard the two boats. I had to sail our boat or we would run aground and sink. Fiona might blow one boat out of the water, but the men in the second boat would kill us. We surrendered and tied to one of the motor boats.

Four men boarded us, two from each boat. They tied me up for real and threw me on a bunk.

They tied Fiona just enough so that she could not defend herself. Then the first of the men raped Fiona in front of me.

The man was a brutal looking guy who drove his huge cock into the pussy that they forced Fiona to spread for him. The guy got deep into Fiona and drove his cock into her hard. He was interested only in his own pleasure, but he and Fiona climaxed together. He pumped cum deep into Fiona and then dismounted.

The second guy was ready with another hard cock when the first guy finished. He mounted Fiona and started another savage fuck. Fiona did not resist and apparently attempted to bring the guy off as quickly as she could.

The pirate laughed and told Fiona, “Clamp down on it good bitch! This will be only the first time.”

There were six of them and only Fiona. Once Fiona was too exhausted to play, they would kill the both of us and take the cocaine.

The second man finished with the kind of grunts a pig might make as he fucked a sow.

As he dismounted, I could see cum leak out of Fiona’s pussy.

The third man mounted Fiona and thrust another big cock into her already cum filled pussy. He insulted Fiona and called her a whore, bitch. He continued to drive his big cock into helpless Fiona.

The fourth guy lounged against the cabin door opening and casually commented that, “The bitch is looking tired. She needs to suck some cock while she recovers.”

He said nothing more and it was a few seconds before I realized that he was down on the floor of the cabin. A man in dark clothing snuck behind the man raping Fiona and hit him behind the head with a club. The man fell off of Fiona.

The man with the club quickly tied the men he had just hit.

Another man checked me and then Fiona. He then asked Fiona in a commanding voice, “Where is the cocaine?” My last hopes faded. The men were not rescuers, they were more pirates.

Fiona told him where the cocaine was. She also pleaded for her life. Not our lives, her life.

The man disappeared, to return with a sack holding the cocaine. He went to the cabin doorway and out. He returned in a few minutes, without the cocaine.

The club man then carried the tied up body of the man he had hit out of the cabin door.

The man who had taken the cocaine faced the two of us and asked, “Are you insane?”
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