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I was home alone. The husband had gone off to play with his boyfriend. Wasn't something I minded, I was happy that he had finally admitted to himself that he liked men more than women. Meant I could play the way I wanted to, in the D/s Lifestyle. This evening he had gone off and I had decided I wanted the night to myself. The kids had gone to the in-laws over night. For some bizarre reason she had invited them both. Rare but I wasn't going to argue.

I shaved in the shower, everything from armpits to pussy to legs. Then I had a bath, a long soak in our ancient claw foot tub. Vanilla bath oil, candles and some jazz made the whole thing very relaxing. I almost fell asleep. I roused myself and got out of the tub. Glancing at the clock I was shocked to find it was 11 already! I dried off and put my hair in a towel.

I wandered, nude (why bother putting on clothes?), into the bedroom and got my skin lotion. I rubbed it into my feet, then my calves and thighs. I rubbed it into my ass and as much of my back as I could reach. My arms and neck were next. I smoothed cream all over my belly and slid my hands up to my breasts. 38DD they were, heavy and tipped with deep pink aureole and big round nipples.

I stroked and teased them, pinching and rolling them between my fingers. I pinched hard and moaned at the pain it caused. I lifted one and took the nipple into my mouth. Again I moaned, not because my nipple felt good but because my mouth loves having a nipple in it. I sucked on it, biting and chewing on the nipple, flicking it with my tongue until the other one ached for the same treatment. I did the same for it too. Then I lay back on my bed, with my bottom pointing at the window to indulge my exhibitionist streak, and covered my hands with more cream. I didn't notice the blind was up a few inches and I could indeed be seen by passersby.

I spread my legs wide and started rubbing cream into my freshly shaved cunt. I took my time, running my fingers all over the outer lips, making sure every bit had cream soaking into it. I pinched my inner lips, slipping a finger between all the crevices, exploring like it was brand new to me. I moaned as my fingers brushed against my clit. With one hand I slid two fingers into my hot wet hole and started sliding them in and out. My other hand rubbed my clit. Back and forth and up and down, I pinched and pulled, ground it between my fingers. I was totally lost in the sensations and close to cumming when I heard a bang on my front door. I ignored it, attributing it to the house across the road.

When it happened again I cursed and figured I'd better check it out. I rolled off the edge of the bed and came to my feet. Grabbing a robe I pulled it on and went tot he front door. Now, my house is small. The kids' rooms are upstairs but the master bedroom is on the ground floor. The front foyer is set up with the living room entrance and our bed room door right beside the front door. So it wasn't that long a walk. I cautiously opened the big door and snapped on the porch light.

Standing on my porch was a man. I had to look waaaaay up to see his face. He must've been 6'7." I'm 5'8" but it's still a long ways up to his height! He was smiling sheepishly down on me. Bright blue eyes with crinkled blonde eyebrows above them stared at me. His eyes took in my attire rather hungrily. I pulled the robe tighter. But I let my eyes slither down his form. Well muscled chest and torso. Legs clad in tight denim, leaving what appeared to be a very impressive bulge cradled behind the button fly.

All this happened in about 2 breaths. I opened my mouth and asked, "Can I help you?" In my head there was an automatic capital on the Y in you. He must've sensed it. "Yes, I need to use your phone. Let Me in please."

Even as part of me cursed myself I stepped back and allowed him entrance. "The phone is through here." I turned but he caught me by the hair and pulled me back against him.

He took a deep breath through his nose. "mmmmmmm you smell good little girl. What were you doing before I knocked on the door?" I struggles briefly with his hands in my hair but when he tightened his grip, nearly tearing my hair out of my head I stopped and hung limply from his grip. "I was just getting ready for bed."

He shook me, "Liar! What were you doing?"

My teeth rattled. "N-nothing! I had a bath and went to put my pjs on."

He snarled then pushed me into my bedroom and threw me face down on my bed. He flipped up my robe and shoved two fingers into my cunt. "Oh you are soaked! I think you were playing with your own cunt weren't you?"

I sniffed, near tears, "No! I wasn't!"

His hand crashed down on my ass with a loud SMACK! "You are lying AGAIN!" He grabbed my ankles and flipped me over like I was a rag doll. I gasped, horrified for some reason that he would see my red and swollen nipples. Sure enough, he ripped open my robe and saw just that. "You were playing with your own nipples! You are a slut! You must also be horny. Want me to fuck you like a whore little slut?"

"NO! no no please don't."

He laughed as he began to undo his shirt. I tried to scramble back out of his reach. He sighed heavily and grabbed my ankle. "Now see what you've done? I'm going to have to punish you too." He sat down and hauled me over his broad lap. He pulled the sleeves of my robe half way down and pulled my arms behind me. He arranged me so that my arms were bound up in my robe and my tits were hanging down outside his legs. He laid one hand in the small of my back and started wailing on my ass with the other. I screamed and cried out. Begging him to let me go, I'll be good I swear! It didn't matter. He kept going until my ass was on fire. Then he stroked it softly and slipped a finger into my cunt again.

"Oh you little bitch! You liked that!" He shoved me onto the floor and stood over me.

"No! No Sir, I did not!"

"I like that," he thought for a moment then kicked me lightly in the ribs. "Yes, I think you will call me Sir or Master for the rest of the night. Is that clear?" He lifted his foot again.

"Yes Sir! It's clear, please don't kick me again."

He didn't. Instead he leaned over and grabbed my hair. He pulled steadily until I was on my knees. With his grip still on my hair he ordered me to open his pants and take his cock out. My hand shook as I did it and I gasped at what I saw. He just grinned.

"You like that don't you? It scares most girls, but not you. You're drooling, you want it in your mouth, don't you?"

I was mesmerized by the very thick cock bouncing up and down in front of my eyes and didn't answer. He grabbed it and slapped my face. Hard. I tried to nod in answer but only succeeded in getting a head full of pain. "Yes Sir!"

"Yes Sir what cunt?"

I whimpered at having to be forced to admit anything, "Yes Sir I want it in my mouth!"

He shoved his hips forward and I opened my mouth. Even opening it as wide as I could I had a hell of a time getting the head past my teeth. Ever try to give a blow job to a pop can? I backed off, wet my lips and tried again. This time I got the head into my mouth. I started sucking and running my tongue all over his head. I was oddly pleased when he moaned. He pulled back and shoved more into my mouth. I gagged when that monstrous cock hit my throat. My eyes bulged when he steadily shoved more in. I was thankful it was only 8 inches long! He pulled back and started steadily fucking my mouth.

I tried to arrange my breathing around him pulling out but he was shoving more and more down my throat and I was drowning in precum. He slammed in and out harder and harder until he suddenly stopped. He panted, drawing in deep shuddering breaths. He pulled out.

"That was very very good! But that's not where I want to cum."

He hauled me to my feet. I was sure I was going to have to see a stylist to cover a bald spot on my scalp. "You have ties on this bed?" I reluctantly nodded. He made me get them and secure them the middle of the headboard.

As I knelt there trying to do as he asked with shaking fingers he climbed on tot he bed behind me. He took his cock and slid it up and down my ass cheeks. I shuddered. I so did not want to be turned on by this! But I couldn't help it, the thought of having that thick, thick cock in my pussy was making me hot. I wanted it and I wanted it now.

He moved around beside me and tied my hands together. I couldn't get them loose no matter how hard I tried. He laughed at my efforts. "Baby, you aren't going anywhere. If you don't stop trying you're going to cut off the circulation in your hands." I was still on my knees and he flipped me onto my back. "That's what I like about tying this way, I can turn you over whenever I want."

He lifted my ankles with one hand and raised them to his shoulder. My face twisted with defiance and I pulled one loose and kicked out, striking him in the chest. He quickly regained control, grabbing both ankles again, this time in a crushing grip. Then he smacked me in the face. I saw stars and knew my cheek would have a big bruise the next day.

"Don't you EVER do that again!" He snarled at me, glaring until I shrank back into the bed, totally cowed.

"Yes Master," I whimpered.

He held his cock with one hand and stroked it up and down my slit. I was soaked and my face was beet red with shame and embarrassment. He set his cock against my hole and pushed just enough to stretch the entrance. I groaned and he moaned.

"Holy fuck you're tight!"

Now, I'm no stuck up twat, I have my fair share of lovers but the last couple have been women. No cocks in my cunt. Not even rubber ones. I do exercises regularly so that my cunt stays tight and I can control the muscles. So yeah, I was damn tight. And he was almost hurting me. He pulled back a little and I sighed with relief. Then he plunged in. Four inches of that incredibly thick meat were suddenly inside me and I screamed. He was panting, his faced screwed up as he tried to gain control. He dropped my ankles to his shoulders and leaned forward supporting himself on his hands. I squirmed and wriggled. My twat was beginning to adjust and I was finding this intrusion a delight. I got wetter around him and lifted my hips, almost unconsciously, to encourage him. He felt it and grinned in triumph.

" I knew you were a whore! You want this bad don't you!"

Even as I shook my head no my body was betraying me, my cunt muscles milking him, trying to suck him in. He laughed and pulled back a little. Then he slammed his entire cock into me. Quick strokes even as I yelped in pain from the first one he had slammed into me three more times. oh God it was incredible! But no! No! I couldn't like it. This man was invading my body.

Nevertheless, my ankles locked themselves around his neck and my hips lifted to meet his thrusts. "Oh yes, yes baby! You have such a tight cunt!" He stopped abruptly and viewed me with shrewd, thoughtful eyes.

I squirmed, thrust against him to try to get him to move again. He chuckled. What he said next chilled me to the bone. "If your cunt is so tight, how tight is your ass?"

"NO! NO! NO! NO!" I screamed it at him even as he wrestled my legs off his shoulders and turned me over. Well, tried to. Despite not having my hands to help me I was doing my best to stay on my back. I wrapped my legs around his waist, he pried them off. I forgot the previous lesson and put both feet on his chest to push him away. He smacked my face again, in the same spot. The pain made me limp and he turned me easily. He found pillows and pushed them under my belly, pushing my hips in the air. He was muttering to himself. It wasn't anything I understood, I was still dazed from the smack. I felt the bed move as he got off it. I heard an exclamation of discovery and triumph.

I moaned and my head lolled as I tried to turn it towards him. The fog in my head cleared instantly when I saw he was winding a thick leather belt around his hand.

"No! Please Master, I'll be a good whore!"

He ignored me and took a couple of practice swings. His third swing landed on my ass. I cried out. He did it again and again. Soon my ass was on fire and, I'm sure, covered in welts. Ten whacks with the belt. I counted every agonizing one. I was hurting and pissed off that my cunt chose this moment to betray me yet again.

He climbed on the bed behind me and shoved his cock deep into my sopping hole. He moaned at the heat and wetness. Then he pulled out and pressed the head against my tight anus.

He grunted when I refused to open for him. He looked around and found my bottle of body lotion. He picked it up and covered his hands in it. He shoved one finger deep inside my ass while he played with my clit with the other hand. I squirmed and moaned as his fingers on my clit brought me closer to cumming. He pulled the finger out of my ass and added another one. That bit of stretching pushed me over the edge and I screamed out in rage as I came hard. HE shoved in a third finger in the middle of my orgasm and it just kept going. He did not stop playing with my pussy as he pulled his fingers out and put his cock back at my ass. He pushed and this time the muscles gave way.

I screamed again, in pain as the burning shot through me. I begged him not to, even as his fingers brought me to another mind blowing orgasm. With a popping sound the head of his cock slipped through the tight sphincter. I moaned in pain. He moaned in pleasure.

"Holy fuck girl. I can barely keep from cumming and I've only got a couple of inches in!"

I was stunned. Only a couple of inches?? It felt like he was tearing me open and there was MORE to go?? I whimpered.

He slid two fingers into my cunt and pushed more cock into my ass. In and out, a little deeper every time. His fingers pressed against his cock through the thin barrier as he found and tortured my g-spot. I gave into the sensations and allowed him to make me cum at will. Which he did. I lost count of the number of pain and pleasure filled orgasms I had by the time all 8 inches of that pop can were inside me. My ass clenched down on him, refusing to let him pull back. So he pulled his fingers out of my cunt and smacked my ass. The welts there caused quite a bit of pain to shoot through me.

He pulled almost all the way out and slammed it back into me. My ass was burning but by the fourth stroke I was starting to enjoy it. I couldn't believe it. He fucked my ass just as hard as he fucked my cunt. I could feel it swell as he got ready to come.

With a loud roar of satisfaction He shoved it in one last time, burying it all, his balls slapping against my cunt, then let that hot fluid pour forth from him. He stayed there till his balls were empty. Then he pulled out.

He pulled out the pillows and pulled my legs out behind me so I was lying flat. He untied my hands moved my arms, rubbing the rope burns on my wrists. I could feel his cum dripping out of my ass and sliding down my cunt to land on the bed.

I knew he wouldn't stay the night. He never did.
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