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The house was shrouded in darkness when I arrived home. I was just about to reach for the light switch, when I felt a strong hand wrap itself over my mouth, smothering any screams that might have burst forth, a second snaked around my waist pulling me tightly against a masculine form. My heart began to race and fear loomed in my eyes. Instinct took over and I began to struggle, kicking my legs out then back hoping to connect and inflict pain, hoping to escape

"Stop struggling whore!" was whispered harshly against my ear.

I could barely breathe, as his large hand remained clamped down, grinding my lips against my teeth painfully. My fear increased as I felt something cold and dangerous pressed against the delicate flesh of my throat.

"Stop it or I'll make you wish you had." the hot words tickled my ear as the cold pressure against my throat bit slightly. I knew now what he held against my throat and could feel the sharp blade neatly part my tender flesh. My mind screamed out to my body...relax...just do what he says then every thing will be all right. I stopped struggling, though my mind was on overdrive.

His voice was like gravel as he said; "Now I'm going to take my hand away, if you scream or even look like you're going to scream, I'll finish what the knife started. Nod if you understand."

I could barely breath through my fright and simply nodded. Yes I'd be good; yes I'd do anything to make this stop. I could feel the hand being pulled away slowly. My heart pounded in my chest, the overwhelming need to do something to try to save myself welled up inside me but I swallowed it down. I knew my attacker was serious and would make good on his threat if I so much as twitched wrong. I stood there trembling and could feel his eyes roaming over my body.

I stiffened as I felt the blade against my skin. My eyes misted with tears as I felt and heard the material of my clothing being cut from my body. My bottom lip trembled with the rest of me as he ripped my clothes away until all that remained was a lacy black bra and thong, God how I wished right then, that I wore more conventional under things. I could do nothing but stand there waiting for whatever he intended to do with me, the blade hovering close to my body.

I watched as he circled me, then gasped as he roughly grabbed my arms and forced them behind my back. I could hear metal and felt the cold unforgiving cuffs as he bound my wrists then another set higher just above the elbows. I nearly screamed when he placed a blindfold over my eyes. I began to tremble harder with the realization that now any escape would be impossible.

I stumbled, loosing my footing as he roughly pushed me forward. He grabbed me by my now bound arms to keep me upright and I bit my lip to keep from screaming in shear pain as the muscles in my shoulders protested the position. I finally found my footing again and stumbled into the living room where he shoved me to the floor onto my knees.

I knelt, head down waiting for his next assault. I could hear him walking around me and felt his eyes on me. With my arms back behind me like they were it pushed my breasts out. My knees were widely spread and aching as the carpet bit into them. I felt very vulnerable in this position. I tried to move my knees together but a low growl from him made me think twice. I knew my breasts were inviting trouble jutting out like they were and I couldn't help but jump when I felt the blade between them as he cut the material away.

His voice held a hint of amusement, "ooo, nice tits" as he began to maul them with his strong hands, pinching the nipples roughly, making me whimper and fresh tears to spring up in my eyes behind the blindfold.

My mind couldn't understand when or how but somewhere in all the terror and pain I could feel my body betray me, could feel wetness forming between my widely spread knees. I whimpered softly, praying silently to anyone or anything that he didn't or wouldn't notice and again I tried to bring my knees together to hide my shame.

"Don't you dare bitch, keep them apart just as they are!" he growled accentuating his meaning with the blade to her tender throat again.

I swallowed hard and nodded whispering "ok." His hands began to roam over my stomach and down further. I whimpered as I felt his index finger slip under the waistband of my thong and pull it away from my body, then the cold metal caressing my flesh as he cut the thin material away exposing me completely. As he ripped the shredded thong away I shuddered with fear, and what, excitement? I wasn't sure and thought this couldn't excite me...rape?? How?? Is it even possible? His fingers slowly made their way over my cleanly shaven sex as hot tears soaked the blindfold and ran unchecked down my cheeks. He now knew my betrayal in full.

His voice rumbled close to my ear, "So the bitch likes it rough. You really are nothing but a whore, a slut." as his fingers opened me completely. My clit throbbing with excitement, my cunt spasming as he worked first one, then two and finally three huge fingers into me. I whimpered, unwilling to let my body have complete control. My mind tried to find a place to hide until this was over but the electric shocks running from my clit and pussy up through the rest of me was more then my mind could take and a soft pleasurable moan escaped my lips.

He slowly finger fucked me, his thumb making tight circles against my aching clit. The sensations flooding me were powerful as my hips thrust forward meeting his hand. The tears continuing to run unchecked down my cheeks at my shame of being aroused by something to horrible. My very violation shouldn't be arousing, but I could feel the familiar white heat growing in my core as I grew close to erupting in an orgasm.

He could feel her pussy quiver around his fingers and he watched her closely waiting for just the right moment. Just as her cunt began to tighten around his fingers he slipped them out quickly. He saw the distress on her face and he smiled wickedly wanting to keep her on that edge, all night if it pleased him. Her body rocked in shock of the denied orgasmic pleasure as she whispered, "Please..."

His wet hand encircled my throat, as he growled, "No, you don't get to cum until I decide you deserve it, and so far you haven't!" I trembled in fear once more as he shoved me backward toppling me. I heard him circling again, like a hungry wolf after its prey, waiting to pounce.

I felt him grab a handful of my hair and pull me upright again. I whimpered and tried desperately to keep from struggling. I heard the unmistakable sound of shedding clothes as I trembled, my body still on fire, riding the edge. I thought he might be too busy to notice as I tried once more to bring my knees together, more to relive the pent up pressure then to hide my shame. I heard him growl and felt a hard stinging blow against my thighs. I gasped through the pain and knew then he'd been watching, hoping for some stupid move like that. Another sting, marking me with welts on my thighs bringing new pain and tears.

He watched her smugly as she tried to relive the pressure he'd built in her. His belt was what he was holding and he folded it once. SMACK across her thighs, SMACK, SMACK, crisscrossing the marks, watching her shudder. He also watched her juices begin to run down her thighs and he could taste her scent with each inhale. He smiled as he finished undressing, his cock pounding in his pants and it sprang from his boxers as he finished. He walked slowly to his bound cunt, yeah that's what she is a cunt, worthy of only being fucked and fucked hard. He stood directly in front of her as he slapped her face with his hard cock.

He continued to slap my face with his cock, my mind slipping toward my body's betrayal, as my mouth hungered to taste him. Turning my head this way and that trying to suck his cock into my mouth. He backed away to get his blade again and this time allowed me to capture his cock. His voice hoarse as he whispered, "If I feel teeth bitch, you'll feel this blade stealing your life."

I whimpered nodding as I started to suck his cock, my tongue slowly dancing on the underside, my lips forming a tight circle, suckling greedily. He growled softly and grabbed a handful of my hair forcing his cock down into my throat. I began to gag trying to keep my teeth away from his member as he forced his cock deep. I tried to relax the muscles and after a little time, finally managed it, allowing his cock to rest in my throat. My eyes widened behind the blindfold as I realized he now controlled my breathing. His cock nestled in my throat as I started to struggle slightly. He chuckled as he eased my head back just enough for me to get some air then back into my throat again holding my head tightly against his groin.

He backed off again allowing me another desperate breath. I sucked air along his cock briefly just as he forced his way in again. I could feel his excitement, could smell it on him as his cock swelled in my mouth and throat. I worked my tongue trying to make him cum hoping that if he did he'd be spent enough to leave me alone. I was getting used his cock wedged in my throat and I slowly started to use the muscles there to help in making him cum and somewhere in my shattering mind I wanted to taste it. To taste the power he's already shown me.

I could sense he was getting close as I worked my mouth and throat. I whimpered loudly when I heard him grunt and pull away from me, "Stupid bitch, trying to make me cum. I cum when and where I want and down your fucking throat isn't were I intend to cum you fucking slut!"

He roughly pulled my head back. Oh it comes, I've made him angry and now he intends to finish what the blade started earlier, my throat completely exposed and vulnerable to him.

He growled again, his intent at that moment was to make his threat a reality, but something in the way she just knelt there, the way she'd seemed to given in to her fate made him stop, the blade just centimeters from her delicate throat. He watched her, waiting, then it came, her hushed whisper, "Sir, please don't kill me, please. I'll do anything, anything I swear but please don't kill me," she begged. She meant every word; he knew that, he could feel it coursing through her body into his. He dropped the blade and in a moment of uncharacteristic mercy, he lightly caressed her exposed throat with his fingertips.

His caress was a surprise of gentleness, but quickly replaced with what I'd concluded was his norm as he hauled me up by my hair pushing me forward over the back of the couch. He kicked my legs out wide, my ass greeting him, my sopping wet cunt twitching.

He could smell my arousal as he leaned over and harshly whispered in my ear, "You're nothing but a fucking whore, you know that bitch? And I intend to fuck you every which way from Sunday. So accept that, get used to the idea, because I'm not only going to fuck your sloppy pussy but I'm also going to pound your ass into oblivion!" His hand smacked my ass hard leaving his handprint as a hot reminder of his words. I could do nothing but quiver under him and wait for it to start.

I could feel his throbbing cock pressed against my hot wet pussy. I pushed back against him practically begging for it to begin. He chuckled as he felt me push back, "So eager you little slut." as he slapped my ass again, harder then before. Tears again stinging my eyes.

He enjoyed seeing his handprint glowing brilliantly against her ass, so he slapped again and again making it brighter. Her whimpers fell on deaf ears as he enjoyed the slut he'd found, his cock twitched with each slap. He couldn't wait any longer and roughly embedded his cock into her hungry cunt.

A low animalistic moan spilled from my lips, surprising us both, as he filled my aching pussy with his throbbing cock.

He could feel my cunt quiver around his cock, sucking him in deeper. He pulled it almost completely out then rammed it back in hard and fast. My pussy welcoming him with each thrust, my body in complete betrayal as my splintering mind clung desperately to societies ideals.

I moaned under him unable to control the feelings that were pouring through me. I didn't care anymore that this man had forced me. My only thought now was to please him. I gasped as those thoughts formed in my mind, "what the fuck" I silently whispered to myself. Where in Christ did that idea come from? My pussy responded to his pounding, my clit burned with need as it was roughly pushed against the couch back, my entire body knew what it wanted...and that was release.

He could feel her cunt tightening around his cock, he grabbed a handful of hair again almost yelling, "You fucking whore, don't you even think about cumming...don't you dare!" He used her hair like reigns, pulling her head back pounding away at her cunt, claiming her. She bit down hard on her bottom lip to keep the orgasm at bay, praying silently it would be enough.

I could feel his swelling cock deep in my quivering pussy and knew without a doubt he was going to explode. God, I prayed, outside please as I wasn't on the pill and he wasn't using any protection. I wanted to plead, but knew he'd cum where ever he chose, inside or out, it didn't matter to him. I was nothing more then a toy to be used. Nothing more than the whore he kept calling me. I had to be a whore, or else my body wouldn't have reacted like it did, so wanton, so needy so full of what, lust? Desire? No, the word escaped me at the moment. I felt and heard him growl deeply behind me pulling me back hard against him as his cock exploded deep inside, almost pushing me over the edge he'd set me on.

I could feel every squirt of his cock painting my walls in hot cum, my body drinking it like it was the only thing keeping her alive, and on some level it was. I whimpered softly as he pulled his still hard cock from me wetly, amazed that after cumming he could still be hard. I felt his fingers roughly collect some of his cum from my seeping pussy onto them and use it as lube for my ass, twisting and turning his finger to violate me there.

I squirmed under him, "Hold still bitch," he growled into my ear, his hot breath caressing my face. He twisted two fingers into my ass, stretching me. I panted through the slight pain and thanked God I'd gotten used to anal sex before this. I felt him drive another finger into my ass and I let out a moan as he opened me up, readying me for his invading cock.

I felt the muscles stretch as they got used to his invading fingers. I could hear him chuckling, "So the bitch likes it up the ass. Do you bitch? Do you like hot cock up your ass?" he didn't expect an answer as he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with the head of his still engorged cock.

Pushing at the entrance, feeling the muscles give he slipped it in my ass surrounding him tightly. "Oh God whore, you've got a tight ass" he moaned as he slowly began to fuck me, pulling out just a little then driving it back deeper and deeper each time. I was a writhing mass beneath him, moaning, whimpering and what? Pleasure?

He grabbed my hips and thrust hard into me, pushing past any barriers, pushing past the point where all my past lovers had gone. Taking virgin territory. I finally did scream as pain seared through me. He started a steady strong rhythm, laying claim to me like no other person alive. His hand came down hard against my left ass cheek and I jumped in pain/pleasure as his hand connected, marking me again.

He grunted like an animal obsessed as he fucked her ass. He could feel her muscles loosening a little but still so tight. He'd never felt anything quite so tight before. He drove forward in his relentless attack and knew he'd blow soon. He couldn't take the tightness long without blowing again and god did he ever want to cum again, make her take all of him.

I could feel his cock swelling, stretching me further, and driving me mad with need to cum. I bit down harder on my bottom lip, tasting blood as it poured into my mouth. I tried with all my will to keep the orgasm at bay. I had no idea what he would truly do to me if I did cum, but God I needed to. I could feel the heat of my cunt as it spasmed and twitched, my clit was on fire, my breasts pressing hard against the couch were nothing but globes of pain, pain I breathed into pleasure, the sensations were overwhelming.

He could feel her tighten around him, contracting as the impeding orgasm he'd led her to threatened to overtake her. He didn't say anything to her, waiting to see if she could control it as he fucked her hard. He could feel the tingling in his balls the forewarning of his own orgasm and he pulled her tightly to him burying his cock deeply feeling it twitch as he finally exploded again filling her ass with his seed. So much of it, it began to leak out around the edge of his cock and her stretched ass..

I felt him twitch. I knew he was about to explode again. I didn't care what happened to me at this point, my body needed release. As he began to cum my body let go and I also exploded, clamping down hard around his cock, milking him dry as my ass drank him into me. My cunt poured juices, staining my legs. My clit burst as lights flashed behind my eyes. I screamed again, this time with release. Pleasure poured through me as I climbed higher and higher, riding the wave that had been a threat for what seemed like hours. I relished its flavor, bathed in its light. I felt blackness wrap around me and I fainted with pure exhaustion, collapsing limp over the couch. His cock embedded in my ass, still twitching its last seed into my body.

When I finally awoke I was in bed surrounded by light as it streamed in the window of my bedroom. I stretched, wincing as pain shot through me. My mind raced. Was that a dream? I wasn't entirely sure and as I stumbled toward the shower I caught a reflection of my ass in the mirror. I gasped as I saw bruises imbedded in my flesh. I began to shake uncontrollably and cry as the reality of what happened the night before surrounded me. I sank to the floor sobbing, knowing I'd never again feel like I did last night, alive for the first time in years. I didn't cry for the violation of my body, I cried because I knew without a doubt I enjoyed it, relished it, and wanted more of it. He awoken something in me, and now I knew what it was. I had tasted submission.
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