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Carol reached into her nightstand and pulled out the magazine she had bought recently at an adult bookstore. It carried ads from people offering all sorts of services and she picked through the offers, looking for something specific. Carol had decided to try to find an adult who could satisfy her need to be controlled.

She found one that seemed promising. "Are you a bad girl? Do you need to be punished? I will teach you discipline." It gave a P.O. box as a return address.

Carol rented a box of her own the next day and sent a short note to the address on the ad, signing it "Curious" rather than using her name. She wanted to be certain the ad was legitimate before getting in any deeper.

Within three days she got back a thick envelope. she drove home quickly and ripped it open with trembling hands. Inside was a letter and a smaller envelope that felt like it contained photos. She read the letter first.

"Dear Curious (it read) You sound like you need someone who can make sure you get what you deserve. I have enclosed some pictures to show what you can expect when we meet. Call the number below as soon as you get this. The longer you wait, the longer you will go unsatisfied."

Carol opened the inner envelope and pulled out several large photos. They took her breath away. They were in color and were very explicit. In the first, she saw a muscular man wearing a black mask which covered his entire face. He wore black leather pants and boots and was shirtless. He was muscular and trim. In his hands he held a long whip. Carol licked her lips as she imagined what it would be like to be at the mercy of the stranger.

The second picture showed a blond woman chained to a pole, her arms handcuffed over her head. She was naked and her head was thrown back as she screamed. The man in the first photograph was applying the whip to her naked stomach and the camera had cunt him just as he wrapped the long leather thong around the woman's ribs.

In the third shot the woman was on her hands and knees. Her hair was being grabbed by the man, who was pulling her head up and forcing her to suck his long, thick cock. She had her eyes closed and her mouth had engulfed several inches of the man's erection.

The last shot showed the woman being penetrated from the rear while administering a blow job to the man in leather. The second man in the picture was as heavily muscled as the first, and was holding the woman by her hips, his fingers digging into her waist as he roughly pulled her to him.

Carol felt herself getting wet as she imagined being in the woman's position. She took several deep breaths to calm herself, then dialed the phone with trembling hands.

"Hello," said a deep male voice.

"Hello...I'm calling about...I just got a letter with this number..."

"Who is this? What is your name?" he demanded.

"I'm 'Curious'." Carol said, biting her lip. What if the whole thing was some kind of joke?

"Did you like what you saw, Curious?" the voice asked harshly. "Are you looking at the pictures now?"

"Yes," Carol whispered.

"Is this what you are looking for, Curious?"

Carol's heart was beating wildly "I think so."

The man chuckled and ordered, "Tell me what you look like."

"I'm 5'6" and weigh 125 pounds. I have long brown hair and brown eyes."

"How big are your breasts?"


"Excellent. What is your name?"

Carol hesitated. She couldn't believe she had called a complete stranger and she was unsure whether she should reveal her real name or not. "You can call me Curious," she said softly.

"First lesson is to always do exactly what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. Is that understood?" The voice was harsh and arrogant and Carol felt herself responding to it.


"Then tell me your name, now!" the man shouted.

"Carol Allen." Saying her name to a stranger who wanted to use her sexually was turning Carol on. It was a thrill and she was feeling the beginnings of arousal. Her hand slipped into the waistband of her skirt and began massaging her clitoris.

"Carol Allen?" The man laughed cruelly. "Well, Carol Allen, I definitely think we should get together. Tomorrow. Be at the mall parking lot at exactly seven o'clock. Park next to the entrance and wait for a blue van to pull in. When it does, blink your lights twice and then get out of the car. The van will pick you up and bring you to me. Your life will never be the same after tomorrow night, Carol Allen." The phone went dead.

She was at the mall on time the next night, her palms sweaty and her mouth dry. This was far different from allowing Brian Dunross and his friends to have her. She was about to put herself at the mercy of strangers. She knew it was dangerous, but somehow that added to the thrill of it all.

She saw a dark van pull into the mall and blinked her headlights twice before getting out of the car and locking the door. The van cruised slowly toward her, stopping fifteen feet away. it only had windows in the front and back and they were tinted so she could not see inside. She slowly walked toward the van and a hand came out of the driver's window and pointed her toward the back.

Carol walked around the vehicle and opened the door. she had a brief glimpse of carpet inside before she was jerked off her feet and dragged into the interior of the van. She was thrown to the floor as the van shot out of the parking lot. It was too dark to see anything, but she had the impression there were two men in the back with her.

"Strip," ordered a voice from the darkness and when Carol hesitated a hand reached out and ripped the front of her T-shirt, exposing her bra underneath. Before carol could react, the other man roughly pulled the garment off her body and threw it in her face.

"You heard him. You want us to rip the rest of your stuff off or will you do it yourself?"

"I'll do it," Carol said, frightened and also aroused by the power in the man's voice. She unclipped the bra and pulled down the short skirt she was wearing, taking her tiny panties with it. She was naked and the two men began running their hands over her body.

"Lean back on your hands and don't move," she was ordered and Carol complied, allowing both of to arouse her tits and probe her already moist pussy. One stuck a finger inside and began a fucking motion, which caused Carol to begin humping back against his hand. The other grabbed her nipples in both hands and began to cruelly flick and pinch them until Carol thought she would faint from the sensation.

"Oh, god, that feels so good," she murmured.

"She's ready," one of her attackers said. "Let's go to the house."

A canvas sack was pulled over Carol's head and her hands were swiftly handcuffed behind her. Minutes later,the van stopped and carol was forced to step out, naked and nervous about where they were. The unknowing created a brand new wave of desire within her and she was practically panting form excitement by the time they entered the house.

She couldn't hear very well because of the sack and of course could not see anything either. She was led down what felt like a long hallway and through a door. Carol was pushed into a chair and her ankles were tied with rope tot he legs of the chair before her bag was ripped from her head.

She was in a large room that looked like something out of a medieval torture chamber. The walls were made of stone and had different contraptions hanging from them, constraints made of leather and attacked with chains to the masonry. One wall held a rack of whips, ranging in size form small ones only a few inches long to thick ones that were three or four feet long. Her eyes were drawn to the other people in the room.

There were a half dozen men and two women, all dressed in leather. The women wore skin tight halter tops, which left their flat stomachs bare. Both were in fine shape and looked young. It was hard to say for certain since they all wore masks. The men were wearing leather pants and vests. They too, wore masks. All the people were staring at her, hungry looks in their eyes.

One of the men said, "This kitten needs discipline. She answered my ad and wants to be controlled. Isn't that right, Carol?"

Carol could only nod, bringing laughter from the group.

The man walked to the wall and selected a long metal pole with a pear shaped object on the tip. The other end had a long wire and he plugged it into a socket before turning to Carol. He pushed the pear shaped plug in Carol's pussy and flipped a switch. The pear began to rotate. He began moving the rod in and out and it was easy to see that Carol was humping back at him to try ot get maximum penetration.

He kept it up for some minutes, until Carol was moaning and trying to force her way upwards.

"She's ready for some games. Who's first?"

"I am," said one of the men, with the build of someone who works out religiously. He untied carol and carried her to the wall, where he secured her to wrist and ankle restraints.

He leaned close and licked her cheek. "It's especially nice when you scream," he said softly, sending a chill down her spine.

Carol watched as he selected a thick whip from the rack and walked to the center of the room, flicking it a few times and finally cracking the air with a sound as sharp as a pistol shot.

With an underhand motion he sent it to slap against her unprotected body. Carol compared his powerful strokes with the ones she had received so far. He suddenly snapped the whip against her, causing her to cry out and try to squirm away.

"I'll tell you when to move," he snarled.

" hurts so much,,,sorry..."

One of the women said, "Let me have a turn then."

Carol thought she might get a reprieve, but he woman was actually worse. She whipped Carol's tits, stomach and finally landed a blow right against the center of her pussy, practically causing Carol to pass out from the pleasure. She used one finger to probe inside Carol's pussy and said, "She must be ready, she's as wet as an eel in there."

The woman moved closer and began kissing Carol. Their tongues briefly dueled with each other before her tormentor held her head in one place. Carol felt a warm tongue moving over her skin, gently nibbling at her ears, then moving down to her breasts. Her nipples were licked and sucked into arousal and Carol felt the heat of it once more coursing through her body.

"Tie her down," her mistress commanded and Carol was transferred to a padded table and tied spread-eagled. A man lowered his pants and kneeled over her, allowing her a good long look at his equipment. without any foreplay, he sunk his cock completely in Carol's pussy, thrusting hard and roughly pawing at her nipples. She gasped and thrust her hips up at him.

"That's it, fuck me good. Ooohhh yes...that's it."

"You weren't given permission to talk. Shut up," he said calmly. Carol did as she was told.

One by one the men took their turns with Carol and she satisfied them all. Then one of the women climbed onto the table and squatted over Carol. "Let's see how well you use your mouth for something other than talking," said the woman.

Carol obediently began to nibble at the clitoris of her tormentor, determined to get her off in record time. The woman allowed Carol to stimulate her pussy for a few minutes before climbing down. Carol was sweaty and begging to be used further, amusing the woman who reached out and pinched Carol's nipples cruelly.

"Talk to us, Carol," she ordered. "What is the wildest thing you have ever done?"

Carol told them the story of the barn and there was a surprised silence. "Well now, you aren't the innocent you appear to be are you? Who took you to the barn?"

"Some of my students," Carol answered.

The woman looked at the others and they began to laugh. "I don't think we'll need these any longer," one said and they began taking off their masks.

Carol was shocked to see that the group included Mr. withers, her principal, as well as other teachers from the school. The woman whose pussy she had been licking was Liz Jones, a first year science teacher who was only twenty-one years old. The others were all members of the faculty and Carol suddenly felt very exposed.

"Well, boys, let's stop fooling around and give carol a nice gang-bang, " Withers ordered. The others began to do just that. Carol was forced to suck a cock while she was being fucked and for the next thirty minutes, she was a plaything for her fellow teachers. including the two women. The other woman, Melissa Mills, held Carol's face to her pussy while Liz Jones, licked Carol. Both women reached climaxes within seconds of each other.

Before Carol was untied, Withers said, "Stop by my office first thing Monday morning, Carol. We need to talk about you taking on some extra duties while at school."

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