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It all began innocently enough. He would write to her, fan mail. His letters full of praise for her every thought, every word, nearly for her every breath. It wasn't hard for her to eat up the praise and flirt a little with him when she replied to his fan mail. It all began innocently enough, answering his question, "Are your fantasies the subject of your erotica?"

She had thought long and hard thinking about the stories she had written, stories about gang bangs, stories about lesbian sex, stories about group sex, stories about anal sex. She had just recently written a story about non reluctance or forced sex.

She sat at her desk and ran her fingers through her short red hair; she stared at the screen, her blue eyes transfixed to the blank space before her. Slowly she began to type the reply,

"Dear Eric,

A great deal of my erotica has been based on my fantasies. I guess I fantasize through the characters in my stories. Sometimes a real experience will find its way into my writing too, but I always let the reader try to determine which ones those are. The thrill of what might have been and what is to come I suppose. I've never been gang banged, nor have I ever been forced to perform some of the things I write about, but to write about them I would have to confess that yes, they are things I fantasize about.

Wishing you whipped cream dreams,


The fan mail kept coming and she slowly began to realize that the person writing the fan mail was more than a fan; he was someone who knew her well. The thought of having a secret admirer made her blush a little bit, she was a little embarrassed by all the attention.

A few weeks later there was a knock at her door. Glancing at the clock and getting up from the computer she muttered to herself, "who can this be at this hour?" She got to the door and looked out the keyhole only to find her boyfriend standing there with a strange look on his face.

"Hey there," she called through the door, "I thought you were goin out tonight?"

"Scarlett," he said quietly from the other side.

She felt a weakness in her knees. The only people that knew her by that name were people who read her sex journal and the people who read her erotica. She leaned against the door and softly asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm your fan Eric, open the door Scarlett." His voice had taken on a commanding quality and the effect was fully realized when she unlatched the door.

He stepped inside the room and closed the door behind him swiftly. In one single movement he had her pinned against the wall. Looking down at her curvaceous body dressed only in skimpy panties and a t-shirt, he whispered in her ear,

"You dress the way the girls in your stories do. Pretty little panties and a t-shirt. Does that mean you want to be fucked the way the girls in your stories are?"

She could feel his breath hot on her neck and his hands roaming along the perimeter of her body. Around the curve of her breasts, and tapering in to her waist, back down along her rounded hips, he stopped only to grab her hips and lean against her.

"Your heavy breathing answers my question; you do want to be fucked like the helpless girls you write about. You want to be made to do dirty girl things to fuck up your good girl reputation. You want to be daddy's dirty little slut but you just can't let yourself go. Isn't that your problem Scarlett?" He ground his hard cock into her crotch, leaving the stain of her wet pussy on the front of his trousers. She couldn't help herself, he was pinching and teasing her nipples through her t-shirt, all valid reasoning left her mind. Her body was on automatic pilot as her nipples hardened under his fingers.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Oh you know the story better than that love," he said as he found her wet pussy through her panties with his index finger, "you know that you have to tell me you want to be my little slut and you will call me Daddy, or would you prefer I tie you up and make you call me Sir?"

"Daddy" she moaned as he slid her panties aside and thrust two fingers inside her dripping cunt. She slid down the wall impaling herself on his fingers.

"That's a good girl," he said pulling his fingers out of her pussy and bringing them to her lips.

"Taste them. Lick your pussy off my fingers because little sluts like you love to taste their own pussies."

She felt his fingers press against her lips and she encircled them with her tongue. She grabbed his hand and held it still so she could lick the gooey candy from underneath his fingernails.

He stood her up and gently nudged her; she led him to the bedroom, acutely aware of his body pressed against her back. The coarseness of his khakis didn't stop the feeling of his hard cock poking her at the cleft of her ass when she took each step.

Once in the bedroom he forced her to the bed and pushed her shoulders down until she was sitting on its edge. Standing there looking down at her he began to undress and talk to her in a quiet low voice.

"You are going to do everything daddy tells you to do tonight. Because if you don't," he flashed his belt before her eyes, "then daddy would have to punish you. Do you understand that Scarlett?"

She looked up at him, her blue eyes filled with lust, excitement, fear and longing. She was acutely aware of how her pussy throbbed against the mattress she balanced on, and how her nipples rubbed against the soft of her t-shirt as she took each breath. Did she have the resolve to fulfill her every dark desire?

Haltingly she answered him in a timid girlish voice, "Yes daddy, I understand I need to do everything I'm told."

"Good," he answered standing naked before her. He reached down to the neckline of her tee and ripped it off her body. "Pull your panties down to your knees you dirty little slut."

She complied quickly and blushed when the scent of her pussy wafted upward through the air between them.

She felt nothing and then all at once his hand was on the back of her head and the feel of his cock at her lips. He rubbed his cock on her lips, smearing her lip gloss, making her lips part.

"Open up for daddy, show me what a good little cocksucker you are." He ordered as he stuffed his cock into her willing mouth. She could taste the strawberry of the lip gloss on the head of his cock as it slid down her tongue straight to the back of her throat. She didn't gag, or gulp for air; she took his cock all the way to the back of her throat and massaged it there as he fucked her face.

"Oh yeahhhh," he grunted, "You are such a good little cocksucker, I knew you didn't make that shit up. Suck daddy's cock you little slut. That's right, now rub your pussy. Take that juice from your pussy and rub it into your ass baby, you're gonna want a well lubed ass when daddy fucks it."

He talked to her as he rammed his cock deeper and deeper down her throat; she sucked rhythmically while she finger fucked herself then slid her fingers back to her puckered asshole.

He pulled out of her mouth leaving her moans in midair. He pulled her hair so that she was looking up at him. Her eyes were locked on his. Her stomach tightened as she realized she is hoping he will fuck her soon.

"You aren't done baby. Now it's time to lick daddy's balls and rim daddy's ass. A dirty little girl like you loves to lick her daddy's ass while she finger fucks her own pussy. Get busy slut," he commanded as he pushed her lips to his sac.

She began to stroke his balls with her tongue, long cat like licks that made his cock jerk above her face while she licked. She could feel his legs spread wider apart as she approached his asshole with her tongue. She cautiously ran her tongue around it.

"Smack!" The sound of his hand on her upturned ass startles her and made her withdraw her tongue.

"I didn't say tease it slut, I said lick it and suck it, stick your tongue in my asshole and fuck it."

She pointed her tongue and dove in, one hand pulling his cheeks apart, one hand furiously working over her swollen clit. She moaned against his asshole and she could feel his sphincter tighten around her tongue as she came on her fingers.

"That's right, you are such a dirty little girl, you liked it. Now I'm gonna give you something else you are gonna like. On your hands and knees baby, get ready for my big hard cock. I'm gonna fuck your pussy and then I'm gonna treat you like dirty little slut you are and make you beg to cum while I pound my cock in and out of your ass, do you like that slut?"

His voice teased her and taunted her as she moved to her hands and knees, her face buried in a pillow. His fingers took turns violating her pussy and her ass while he told her what a dirty little slut she was She responded to his fingers inside her body, thrusting and pushing back on them, her body betraying her showing him just what a dirty little girl she had become.

"Tell me what you want," he ordered as he pushed his thumb into her asshole and buried three fingers in her cunt. He continued to push his in and out of her tight holes while she moaned and writhed helplessly under his touch.

He moved behind her and shoved her ass higher in the air, withdrawing his fingers and taking aim at her tight pussy with his hard cock.

"Beg me for it slut," he ordered.

"Please," she started by whispering, "Pleassssssseeeeeee," getting louder and longer as he began to enter her pussy, slowly, stretching out the inches. "Pleaseeeeeeee fuck me daddy, make me your whore!" the scream came from out of somewhere deep within her as he plunged deep into her wet pussy.

Burying his cock into her to the balls, he pulled her hips back and began to drive mercilessly into her tight hole. Just as he felt her clamp her cunt down around his cock he reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair "Cum on my cock slut and I'll fuck your ass." The threat of his cock in her ass sent her over the edge and she came on his cock, clenching him with her pussy. When she was through cumming she felt him withdraw and felt the pressure of his cockhead against her asshole.

"You are such a dirty little slut, spread your asscheeks, spread them wider." He ordered her to comply as her hands reached around and she spread herself. The sensation of his cock pressed against the opening of her ass was compounded by the sensation of her ass being so vulnerable to his assault.

"You are such a good girl," he half moaned as he pushes his cock into her ass.

Her head dropped to the pillow and the room was filled with the sounds of his thighs slapping against hers as he buried his cock into her tight ass again and again. He reached around and pinched her clit between his fingers as he plunged deeper inside her.

"You know you want to cum when I shoot my load in your ass. Don't you baby?" His voice teased her as he fingered her clit.

"You wanna show me how much you love my cock in you ass while you cum on my fingers, don't you my dirty slut?" His deep strokes seemed to punctuate his words as he drove deeper and deeper inside her.

He could feel her body begin to tense and her whole body tremble when she turned her face from the pillow to scream, "Yes daddy make me your slutttttt, cummmmmm deep inside my assssssss, makeee me like it. Let me cummmmmmmmmm…" she screamed back into the pillow as he thrust into her one more time before his cock twitched and his balls emptied their load deep inside her pulsing ass.

He collapsed beside her on the bed and after a moment of breathing hard he asked her quietly, "Now can you write from experience my love?"

"Yes daddy I can, I know exactly how a dirty girl is made now," she answered softly before she fell asleep in his arms, her sticky, sweaty body pressed to his.
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