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I received an email today at work from Warren telling me to meet him at his brother's cabin; he had a surprise for me. I have been seeing Warren for a few months on the side; my husband is always away on some kind of business trip. Warren and I usually met at a hotel or up at his brother's cabin so I never thought that anything was suspicious at all. He had always taken such great care to be sure no one ever found out about us for me.

The cabin was two hours out of the city, it was great so peaceful. Like usual I was the first to arrive so I started a fire in the fireplace and made a pot of coffee.

I was sitting flipping through a magazine waiting for him; I had already changed into a long black satin nightgown that laced up on the sides, a gift from Warren.

I heard the door open I grinned to myself and stood in the middle of the living room waiting for him to come in. I froze in shock because it wasn't Warren who walked in but a woman, I recognized her from photos from around the cabin.

"Oh God I am so sorry, Warren told me..." I managed before she cut me off.

"Yes I know, told you to meet him here. Well I can tell you he won't be coming anytime soon." Her voice was hard and cold and if looks could kill I would be dead.

I was flustered, I grabbed a blanket from the couch to cover myself, "I'm confused, what has happened? How did you know about us? Why did he send his sister-in-law up here to tell me this?" I was full of questions but a feeling of dread was warming my blood. Something wasn't right and I was starting to get a pretty good feeling that this wasn't his sister-in-law.

"You really are a stupid bitch, I'm his wife and I know because I sent you the message. He didn't cover his trails to well these past couple of weeks. I have read more than enough of your email to see what has been happening." It felt as if someone had wrenched my stomach my head was spinning.

I muttered, " He never told me, I swear he never...Oh God I am so sorry...Oh shit this can't be happening."

She began to come over to me every bone in my body began to scream danger. This really wasn't good I was alone with a jilted wife in the middle of nowhere.

I was shaking when I stood, " I think I should just go now."

As I moved to get by her she grabbed my arm and pushed me back down on the couch then slapped me so hard my head snapped to the side, " Listen and you listen good." She seethed, "You will leave when I am good and finished with your slutty ass."

I could taste blood in my mouth; I couldn't believe this was happening. I heard a car drive up and my heart leaped into my throat. I was so sure it was Warren who else could it have been. I watched the door intently waiting for him to walk in.

"You stay right there whore." She turned then left for the door.

With my hopes running high I jumped up fully believing I was going to see Warren in the doorway. My heart stopped beating when I saw four other women walk in, each giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I began to panic " No, oh God, no." It was all I could manage to say. She glared at me from the door her friends looking towards me grinning.

"My tonight will be quite entertaining." One of them said.

Warren's wife stormed towards me yelling, " You don't listen very well, I told you to stay put."

She grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back into the living room and pushed me back into the chair. She came at me with her fists bunched but before I could cover my face I felt her fist connect a couple of times.

Her friends rushed over and pulled her off of me telling her " That's enough stop it Hon, she'll more than pay for everything this weekend. Let us take care of things right now. Let Kelly here take you into the kitchen while we prepare. Have a cup of coffee and take something to relax. I'm sure we can handle things from here for you."

Listening to her made me cry, silent sobs racked my body as I curled up into a small ball in the chair. This had to be a horrible nightmare, I jumped as I felt someone touch me then whispered in my ear " It's ok slut, you're safe, for now. Let me see the damage, she wont come at you like that again, that I can I promise, no one will. We need you looking pretty for the camera."

I looked up in shock and as I did she had grabbed my face between her hands.

She looked quickly " Well a split lip a little bruising on the cheek but no other damage done."

The two other women came in to sit on the arms of the chair. " O.k. well let us introduce ourselves and tell you our part of the story. I am Sheri on your left is Tanya and on your right is Becky. Kelly is in the kitchen with your worst nightmare Julie."

I couldn't think my head was racing " I swear he never told me." Was all I could say.

"Shhh, you speak only when told from now on. It doesn't matter you see she's checked you out. You yourself married, then there was my husband, Kelly's husband, Tanya's husband plus many more. It would seem you've used your husbands office as your hunting ground." Sheri's voice was calm and oddly soothing as she spoke.

I wanted to be sick it was like time had stopped. The room was swirling again the blackness creeping in.

Sheri began tapping my face " Stay with me slut there's no passing out," She paused, " yet." The three women giggled as Sheri gently brought my head between my knees to keep me from passing out.

Kelly called out from the kitchen " Hey Becky just hold on out there we're still waiting for a couple more, Terry and Jess are coming."

Sheri pulled my head up and looked into my eyes " Oh this is going to be fun." She smiled wickedly at me.

I could taste the bile in the back of my throat; I whispered, " Please don't do this."

Sheri grabbed one of my nipples and twisted hard, " I told you not to speak unless spoken to didn't I?"

I gasped out in pain managing a weak, " Yes."

"Yes what?" She replied twisting harder.

"Y-y-yes Ma`am." I stammered.

Sheri let go of my nipple and brushed the tears from my face. Her face lit up suddenly, " Terry, Jess I didn't hear you guys come in."

"Well we didn't want to interrupt your lesson. So does the bitch learn fast?" asked Terry.

Becky turned back to me and smiled "Well it seems she does have a little trouble doing what she's told. I'm sure we all can cure that."

Becky and Tanya grabbed my arms and pulled me into the middle of the living room as the others moved the couch out of the way then brought the table that was behind the couch into the middle of the room near me. As they finished they gathered around me in a circle.

A chill ran down my spine, my palms were sweaty, I couldn't move I was so frightened. I wanted the floor to swallow me up. I looked from one woman to the next trying to read their faces.

Becky was a tiny woman in her mid 30's, everything about her was tiny she seemed elfish in appearance. Her dark eyes were full of anticipation they glittered with excitement.

Jess was a tall young blonde, your stereotypical trophy wife. She stood there watching me with her arms folded and hunger on her face. Tanya was the opposite she looked like your stereotypical housewife. She had a thicker build and average looks.

Terry had fiery red hair and green eyes. She was standing with Kelly whose bright blue eyes were glowing. They stood there licking their lips like a cat watching a mouse.

Sheri was starting to look like a kid in a candy store. Her firm body was oozing sexual energy.

When my eyes fell on Julie I dropped them immediately to the floor, I couldn't look at her. I was afraid she would come at me again though she seemed a bit more relaxed, but looks can be deceiving.

"O.k. bitch strip." Julie commanded her voice hard and cold.

What I hadn't noticed was the thin riding crop she has in her hand. She crossed her arms tapping it against her upper arm. I couldn't move my eyes were glued to the riding crop in Julie's hand.

"All right you had your chance. Jess, Terry, strip her." Before I even had a chance to spin around Terry was in front of me and Jess was behind me holding my arms. I tried to struggle free but her grip was firm. Terry just grinned at me as she grabbed the front of my nightgown and jerked down on it, instantly tearing the straps. The nightgown pooled at my feet and Jess continued to hold my arms, I was so humiliated standing there naked in front of all these women.

Terri grabbed one of my arms while Jess continued to hold the other. They held me tightly as Julie came around in front of me smirking running the tip of the crop across my belly. I tried to back away but they held me firm. My eyes went wide when I saw the crop.

"It's time for payback." Julie raised the crop and brought it across my breasts. I had never felt pain like that before in my life, Jess and Terry let me fall to my knees. Before I could recover from the pain Julie brought it down again on my tits.

"That pain is nothing close to what I felt." Quickly she cracks the crop once on each breast.

She looked up " Who's next?" I snapped my head up; I heard a few stifled laughs.

"Oh pleases let me." It was Sheri. As Julie handed her the crop she said, " I'll need the rope." Sheri took the rope and handed it to Jess.

"Tie her arms together." Jess made sure the rope was secure as Terry and her walked away no longer needed.

Sheri stood behind me and grabbed my hair and pulled me back. I practically fell back I had lost my balance. I lay there on my back with my legs bent up under me. Sheri came around in front and kicked my knees farther apart exposing my pussy.

Sheri ran the crop slowly up from my cunt along my belly up along my breasts running it along my cheek then back down again. My muscles tensed as she brought the crop up over my skin as it brushed against my cheek I turned my face away sobbing.

I cried out as she brought it down over my pussy and along the insides of my thighs. Over and over as they each took their turns lashing it across my body. It felt like an eternity before they had finished, I could feel the welts burning.

I was crying hysterically as two grabbed my arms and dragged me to the table, " Please no.please stop..." I managed to stammer. They began to tie me to the table.

Tanya grabbed my face roughly forcing me to look at her," I don't remember telling you to beg bitch." she spat.

They made sure that my ass was just at the edge of the table; my arms were stretched out and firmly tied to the legs of the table. They looped a rope around each of my knees and tied them so my legs were pushed up to my chest and spread open.

"Should we gag her?" asked Becky.

"No, there's no need for that." Julie grinned she came up beside my face and grabbed my chin firmly and turned my head away from her.

She ran her thumb roughly over my bottom lip, " Her mouth will be kept quite busy."

She had turned my head so I could see that the women were stripping and a few were helping each other strap on rather large dildos. Terry was helping Becky, as she stood behind her she caressed Becky's tits and kissed her neck. When she noticed that I was being made to watch she grabbed the dildo and began stroking it like it was a real cock. Becky giggled and began bucking her hips as if she could feel her hand stroking. Kelly was stroking her dildo like she was jacking off watching the two.

Julie looked up at Sheri and said, " All right baby work your magic."

I looked frantically between the two tugging at the ropes again. Sheri grinned as she stood between my legs and began tracing a finger along the inside of my thigh. I closed my eyes as fresh tears ran down my cheeks. Her finger continued it's gentle path up my inner thigh. I didn't want to like this, the feel of her fingers on me, but it felt so nice after all that has happened to me so far.

I had never been with a woman before and in spite of everything I was beginning to enjoy the feel of her soft touch. Her finger found it's way to my moistening slit she spread my lips apart and then I felt her hot breath on my pussy. I kept my eyes closed I couldn't look at the others afraid of what they were doing, planning.

Her tongue slipped out and flicked at my clit making it hard, making it ache. As she did this her hands started to caress my breasts. Her tongue and fingers teased for what felt like only seconds before there was a sudden sharp pain on my clit and nipples. My eyes flew open; they had attached clips to my nipples and clit.

Sheri continued to tease the tips of my nipples with her fingers and my clit with her tongue. My nipples and clit were swelling, her tongue and fingers felt somewhat soothing as the clips bit into my skin.

I was squirming under her getting use to the pain of the clips, " All right that's enough for now." Julie whispered into Sheri's ear.

Sheri stood and moved to the side Julie was standing there wearing the largest of the dildos. My eyes were round as I looked around trying to see what was happening. I stopped when I saw Jess holding a camera already taping everything that was happening.

Julie bent down to my ear and whispered, " The rules of this game are before the person stops pounding into your cunt you have to get the woman on your mouth off."

Before I even had a chance to protest Tanya had her pussy already over my mouth, she sat with her back towards me. I felt a dildo rip into me making me scream. I couldn't tell which one it was my screams were muffled by Tanya's pussy.

"If you want it to stop you better start licking whore." I had no idea who said it my head was swimming.

I pressed my tongue onto Tanya's pussy I was unsure of what to do I had never did this before and with the dildo being slammed into me I was unable to really concentrate on what I was doing.

My pussy was practically dry as I was being fucked mercilessly, " You'll have to do better than that of course if you like being fucked like this."

The pounding became even harder I closed my eyes and tried to collect myself. I took a deep breath and started to press my tongue into Tanya's hole, " Mmmm, that's a little better."

I wanted this to end fast I had to try anything to make them cum fast. I did my best to block the pain from my mind and to forget about the camera. I started to flick my tongue on her clit and around the lips of her pussy. I sucked on them and kissed them then I sucked in her clit again.

"Oh yeah that's it..." Tanya moaned over and over.

I was finding all the spots and she began to rub her pussy over my mouth grinding it.

I moaned and whimpered into her pussy as the fucking continued relentlessly.

Suddenly Tanya pressed her cunt down on my face and began to shudder her cum was flowing over my lips.

"Suck it out of me Bitch, drink it all." As she came she flicked and pressed at my clit making me jump and strain at my ropes screaming hard into her pussy. Once she was satisfied she climbed off of me and between my legs was Becky with a wicked grin on her face as she slammed into my cunt viciously.

Terry came over and licked at my lips, " Oh yes Tanya your cum tastes so sweet on her lips."

Terry climbed up next also facing away from me but the fucking stopped momentarily as someone else started to fuck me. On and on it went I had started to get into licking their pussies, my cunt was even dripping by the time they had finished.

Julie came over to me still wearing her dildo, " Of course the slut was going to like it. Now it's time for you to clean off our dicks."

She straddled my face and shoved the dildo into my mouth until I was gagging on it. Julie fucked my mouth until she was satisfied that it was cleaned enough. Sheri and Jess who were the last, they were about to take them off when Julie said, " Wait not yet we aren't done."

I moaned the ladies looked at her confused, " There is still another hole." Julie pressed her finger against my ass hole.

I panicked, " No, no, you can't please no."

Julie slapped me hard on either side of my face, " No one asked you for your opinion."

I breathed deep Becky waltzed up behind Julie and handed her a bottle of oil. She rested her chin on Julie's shoulder and watched as Julie poured oil from the bottle between my legs. They watched as the oil ran down between my ass cheeks. Tanya had the camera and came around and got a shot of it.

Julie went first she pressed the tip of the dildo into my ass. I groaned loudly and tensed, she continued to press harder finally getting the tip in, " Oh yeah fuck her Julie, make the whore scream."

"Yes fuck her ass."

"Fuck her ass like it has never been fucked." As Julie started to fuck me again they cheered her on. Julie's speed picked up I was straining against the ropes my mouth open in a silent scream fresh tears running down my face.

The sweat was poring down my body as she continued to pound my ass her face twisted into a hateful look. The pain was becoming too much and to make matters worse Sheri, Kelly, and Becky stood beside me and each was playing with my nipple and clit. Each of them were being rough and gentle at different intervals. My voice was hoarse from screaming.

Julie stopped, panting, " I have an idea get her on her feet."

They undid the ropes and made me stand my knees were weak. Two of them held me up by my arms, " Here throw the ropes over the rafters then tie her with her legs spread. We can then fuck her ass and pussy at the same time." Julie grinned as she announced her next plan.

"Since she loves to fuck so much I am sure she'll love this." She sneered.

I would have dropped to my knees if I weren't being held up. Once done Julie came around behind me again and rubbed the tip of the dildo over my ass.

"O.k. who wants to go first?" She asked as she grabbed at my tits.

Jess stepped forward " This is going to be so much fun."

"Hold her ass cheeks apart for me." Julie asked.

Jess held my ass apart and Julie ran the tip over my ass hole then slid it in again holding it deep until Jess had entered me. Jess pressed hard into my pussy holding my face between her hands as they began to fuck me. She licked at my lips held my head back so I had to look her in the eyes. All I could feel were hands stroking my body and two large dildos fucking me. It was too much it didn't take long for me to pass out I was exhausted and the pain was too much.

When I came to I was laying on the floor my hands tied behind my back.

Terry came over to me and knelt down " You wrecked our fun but that's o.k. we still have a whole day ahead of us."

Sheri came over " Come on lets move her."

They had moved me over to the TV and sat me on the floor making me sit with my legs straight out in front of me and my back against the couch. Everyone came into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"We have a little show for you." Sheri told me.

When they all had settled they turned on the TV, what flashed across the screen made me gasp. They were making me watch what they had recorded. I had tried to look away but one of them had pulled my head up by my hair.

"Watch." Julie commanded.

I was mortified that I had to watch this my body splayed out each of them fucking me. Close ups of my tongue licking their pussy. After a while it was like I was watching someone else, my pussy was becoming wet. I squeezed my thighs together hoping to get some kind of relief.

Behind me I could hear them kissing, moaning, "I think the slut would like to watch us."

I heard a few giggles as Julie said, "Turn around whore."

I struggled to turn once I was facing them I kept my head down to embarrassed to look.

Julie hooked her finger under my chin and lifted my head, " Watch."

I bit my lip I didn't want them to see that I was enjoying this. Kelly's head was between Julie's legs as Sheri was fucking Kelly with a dildo. The others were licking Jess's nipples and pussy. I could feel the wetness of my pussy dripping down my thigh.

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