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Nisida was glad to see the dawn. She had spent another restless night trying to calm her mind and come to grips with the torment in her soul. She had spent the hours before the sunrise rethinking all that she had been though the past week. She reviewed again and again what had happened. How it had all begun. Her brother, Arbor had borrowed and then gambled away a large sum of money from Gregor Shehu a known leader of the Albanian mob. In order to save her brother, Shehu had offered her a deal; He had proposed that she take over the ledger account for several businesses that he had recently “invested” in. She would work on those books three days a week and two week ends a month. If at the end of the six months those businesses were turning a profit, Shehu would not only erase her brother’s debt but give her 15% of the profit margin from each business. Refusal of the bargain would have meant her brother's death she was sure. There was one final catch. She was never during the six months to wear clothes in Shehu’s presence. He did not care who else was there, as long as he was she was to be naked. And while he had sworn to protect her from unwanted advances, she had been obligated at first to masturbate for him and to masturbate him on command. In only two days that had expanded: each time by her choice. Now Shehu kissed her whenever he wanted and her pussy was now fair game for his hungry hands. She felt her self slipping a little more each day and was disgusted that she was more fascinated then terrified as to the eventual outcome.

Thursday was the first hot day of spring. As Nisida ate breakfast she listened to the weatherman say that it would hit 87 easily today. She wished that she did not have to go to Shehu’s today. All she wanted to do was go to the park and enjoy the warm weather. That would not be possible. Instead she sat at her desk and worked on the week’s ledgers for the diner she and her brother owned. The sun rose higher in the morning sky as she worked and when next she noticed it was nearly 845AM. She had arranged with Elvis, Shehu’s driver to pick her up today here at her apartment rather than the diner. The strain of going in to the diner, seeing her brother and their employees was too much on her. She closed down her PC, Stood up and pulled off her nightshirt. She walked slowly to the door and grabbed her raincoat wrapped it tight around her naked body and left the apartment.

The heat hit her like a wave as soon as she stepped out of the building. She felt the sun burn down on her neck and face. At the curb Elvis in shorts and a T-Shit leaned against a black ford focus.

“Where’s the Porsche?” Nisida asked smiling.

Elvis shook his head. “On business.”

He opened the door and Nisida slide into what felt like an oven. Elvis walked around and climbed in the driver’s side.

“Roll down the windows the AC is busted.”


Elvis shrugged and pulled out. The drive to Shehu’s house was a little over a half hour from the diner so it would be at least forty five minutes from here. It would be along trip, they were not even off the block and all ready despite the breeze from the open windows Nisida could feel the sweat between her breast and legs. A few minutes later as they pulled on to the highway she could not stand it any more.

What was the difference she thought to herself Elvis had seen her naked before and would see her nude again as soon as they got to Shehu’s house. She undid the belt of the London fog, undid the buttons and let the breeze cool her exposed body. They were traveling too fast and she was sitting to low for anyone but Elvis to see. He looked over at her, nodded his head and kept right on driving.

At Shehu’s she hung her coat in the garage as she always did, and then turned to walk into the kitchen.

“He’s at a meeting.” Elvis called after her

She stopped. “Oh.”

Elvis nodded “I have to go to…no one but Millie will be home till at little after noon.”

“Okay.” She said. “I have work to do anyway.”

“The pool guy is in the back yard…..So if you don’t want….he’ll be there till ten…so”

Nisida smiled at him.” I guess I won’t open the shades in the office till at least then.”

Elvis smiled and strolled back towards the car.

Nisida watched him drive off then opened the door and stepped into the kitchen. Millie the maid was in there cleaning the stove. She picked up her head and looked at Nisida the same way a southern pastor looks at a poor white trash girl. A mixture of contempt and pity. Nisida walked passed her, her naked feet padding across the tile floor. She went to the coffee counter and poured a cup of coffee. Nisida fixed her coffee slowly and diligently and then began to walk out of the kitchen. When she reached the doorway to the main portion of the house she paused.

She turned and said to Millie.

“You don’t like me very much do you?”

“It is not for me to like or dislike you.” The woman replied.

Nisida nodded and took another step out of the room.


At the sound of the woman speaking her native language Nisida spun around.

“What did you say?”

Millie shook her head. “Nothing.”

“PĂ«rgigjem mua.” Nisida demanded.

The two women eyed each other for a moment.

Nisida spoke again in her native Albanian. “I am not a cunt.”

Millie grinned at her and answered in Albanian. “You stand there naked with your hairy pussy exposed for all to see. You play with yourself on demand….you use your body to satisfy men….of course you are a cunt.”

Nisida took a step towards the woman, who seeing the anger in Nisida’s eyes stepped back.

“You stupid cow.” Yelled Nisida. “You have no idea what I am going through. You have no clue what brings me here each day.”


Nisida paused. To some extent Millie was right; Nisida was here because of money. The money her brother owed and the money she stood to make if the businesses turned a profit.

“Look.” Nisida said “My brother got into some trouble I am here to……”

“To fuck him out of it!” Snapped Millie.

Nisida shook her head this was pointless this woman would never be her friend what had made her think that she could accomplish anything speaking to her. She began to leave the room.

“You are here to get your pussy filled. To satisfy yourself…you are a cunt…I bet that your cunt smells like sex even now….Are you wet little whore…Look at yourself your nipples are rock hard….you are sorry he is not here…you want this….you are a cunt….” Screamed Millie.

Nisida kept her back turned on the woman. There was no way she could deny that she looked for Shehu when she entered, nor could she deny to herself that she was disappointed that he was not there. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet. Millie was right she was a cunt. She stiffened her back and started walking away.

“How can he defile my sister’s memory with the likes of you?” Cried Millie.

Nisida did not turn around but she did stop and say softly.

“Your sister?”

“Yes cunt my sister, my poor dead sister. You are not fit to be spit upon by her you fucking cunt.”

Nisida wanted to say something, anything but nothing came to mind. She walked out of the kitchen and back to the office at the rear of the house. She sat behind her desk put her head in her hands and cried.

By the time the clock in the office struck one Nisida had pulled herself together. She was busily working on the books for Arthur’s restaurant when Shehu blew into the room. He was not a tall man but at nearly seventy he walked as erect as an army solider so he appeared tall. His stock of gray hair was neatly combed. He wore a red bathing suit and flip flops. Behind him his key men, Dark haired, Dark eyed Anton, Brooding Ali, jovial Matt and Elvis, all also wearing bathing suits strode in.

“Ah my dear.” Shehu cried as he leaned over and kissed her cheek. “How are you?”

Nisida nodded. “Fine”

Shehu took her face in his hand and turned her head.

“What is this? You were crying?”

Nisida shrugged. “It was nothing.”

“It is too pretty a day to cry my dear.” He leaned down and kissed her lips. Despite herself she yielded to his touch.

With a suddenness of movement that defied his age he all but leapt to the large glass doors on the other side of the room, he threw open the curtains and allowed the bright sunshine to enter the room. Opening the glass doors he stepped out onto the patio and took a deep breathe.

“Come out here.” He ordered Nisida

She stood and walked over to his side. The patio lead to the pool and the yard beyond that Tall trees and a fence rimmed the side and kept prying eyes out of the yard.

“See.” Said Shehu. “It is very beautiful out is it not?”

Nisida took a deep breathe, she felt the warm sun on her bare skin, stretching she felt the soreness leave her back.

“Yes it is.”

Shehu strode over to the pool a dove in. His men took up seats around the small picnic table and began to speak amongst themselves.

Shehu did several quick laps in the pool then slide to the low end side.

“Come here my dear.”

Nisida walked to the edge of the pool.

“Sit Sit.” He ordered

Nisida sat down and dangled her legs into the pool. Shehu reached up and spread her legs, slowly and gently he began to rub his fingers around the outside of her pussy lips. He pushed and prodded as the moisture began to grow in her. He pinched her clit and Nisida jumped slightly then he slide two of his fingers up inside of her. As she leaned her head back in a moan Nisida saw the men looking at her she smiled at them and they smiled back. Shehu’s fingers sunk deeper into her.

“Ahh….yessss” She moaned.

As she rocked her butt slipped off the edge of the pool and she splashed into the water. Shehu grabbed her and held her close. He began kissing her face and neck and she responded in kind. Her hand reached under the water to his swim trunks and she began to wedge her fingers inside his suit.

“Slid it off” He told her.

She hooked her hands on either side of his suit and slide it downward. She ducked her body under the water and pulled his trunks downward. As she came up she grasped his cock in her hands.

Shehu's’ fingers found her snatch again and he played them deep into her. She stroked his cock rapidly. His kisses became more intense on her mouth. He slid his fingers from her twat and brought his hands up to the back of her head. He stroked her hair as she kissed him.

Shehu applied a gentle pressure to the back of her head. Slowly he pushed her downward. She kissed his neck and chest and then her face hit the water. She pulled up took a deep breathe and went under. Her mouth found his cock. She took it deep in her mouth. She swallowed some water but she kept bobbing up and down on his cock. His hand rubbed across her back Even under the water she could here him moan.

“Yes …..Yes”

His cock burst into her mouth. The Taste of his cum mixing with the cool of the water and tang of chlorine. She came up gasping for air. Shehu’s cum dripping from the side of her mouth. She ducked under water again to wash it off. She leaned against Shehu and the two of them floated lightly in the water.

“Very satisfactory my dear.” Commented Shehu.

She nodded. He broke from her and swam to the side of the pool. She watched as he pulled himself from the water. Anton was there with a robe for him.

He turned back to her. “You should relax for a while my dear. We will go over your work in an hour or so.”

He turned around and smiled.

“Oh look Millie, wonderful. Please fix Nisida some lunch. Oh and go down to the supermarket and buy her a toothbrush and toothpaste. We will keep these in her bathroom. I am sure she will need them in the future.”

He turned his back on Millie once again. But Nisida could see her eyes and read her lips as she mouthed one word.


As Millie walked away Nisida pulled her self out of the pool. Shehu handed her a towel. She dried her self off and was walking back inside when Shehu said.

“My dear, stay out here enjoy the sun.”

He pointed to lounge chair. Nisida went over and lay down on it. She rolled over and let the sun warm her back and buttocks.

She saw Shehu say something to Ali but she could not make out what he said. Ali went inside and returned a moment later with a plastic bottle in his hand

“My dear.” Said Shehu. “I have some sun tan lotion. I do not want your back to burn.”

“Falemnderit” said Nisida thanking him in their native language.

“You will not mind…..” Shehu paused and looked at his men. “Anton putting some on you will you?”

A shiver ran down Nisida’s spine to say no would mean allowing yet another man to touch her naked body. Yet she was afraid to say yes, she would mind. Afraid of these men and the tension that her nudity must produce, afraid that if she denied them they would force her to do worse, and deep inside she admitted that she was very afraid that if she did not allow it she would never have the opportunity again.

“No.” she said softly. “I do not mind.”

Anton came over and sat on the chair next to her. He applied the lotion liberally to his hands and then slowly began to work it into her back. His strong fingers worked the muscles in her neck, rubbing in the lotion and loosening her tense muscles at the same time. He spread the lotion down to the base of her spine. Then slowly he brought his hands back upward to her neck.

Carefully he worked downward again this time he rubbed the lotion into each of her butt cheeks. His hands slide down her legs to her feet and then back up once more to her ass. As he worked the lotion in her crack she lifted slightly off the bench.

“Roll over.” Shehu said.

She obeyed and Anton began to apply the lotion to her breast paying special attention to her hard nipples. He reached downward to her stomach and as he did Nisida began to slowly spread her legs for him, the heavy smell of her sex wafted upwards towards him. He added more lotion to his hands and began to work on the inside portion of her thighs.

Nisida knew that as soon as his fingers slide into her pussy she was done, what Anton could do to her the others could as well. Still she felt powerless to call a halt. In fact somewhere deep inside she did not want to stop. She spread her legs further mentally willing Anton to enter her.

Suddenly Shehu’s cell phone rang. The ringing seemed louder than anything Nisida had ever heard. Anton’s fingers stopped working as his boss answer the phone.


Shehu listen for a moment then yelled

“No..Ah...Fuck, No.”

Anton got up from the chair and joined Elvis, Matt and Ali as they circled around Shehu. Nisida was all but forgotten.

Shehu grew increasingly angry on the phone then finally he slammed the phone down and said to his men.

“Fuck, Fuck him. They have found Olti in the trunk of a car in Vineland New Jersey. We must handle this immediately. Have all the men meet us at Pelligrino’s in one hour.”

The four men nodded and left the patio in silence.

Shehu stood for a moment wringing his hands. Nisida stood up and walked over to him. She placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked at her with surprise. He reached up and gripped her hand.

“You are very kind my dear.” He said. “Olti, was my brother’s only son.”

“I am sorry.” Said Nisida and she truly was.

Suddenly instead of looking much younger then his years Shehu looked much older.

He gave her a wane smile. “Those who did this will be sorry.”

They stood for a moment.

“I am afraid my dear I will need to break our agreement somewhat. I cannot spare anyone to take you home. In fact I think it would be best if you remained here till I return. I shall be back tonight but not till well after six.”

Nisida nodded. “May I call my brother?”

“Yes but do not tell him you are remaining here, tell him you are at a friend's.”

Nisida nodded her agreement.

“Millie will be told to fix you dinner and see to your needs.”

“That’s not necessary I can fend for myself.”

“It is her job.” Said Shehu simply.

Elvis returned to the patio. “Are you ready Sir?”

Shehu nodded. He took Nisida in his arms and kissed her passionately. She felt his tongue slide deep in her mouth and surprised herself by sending hers into his. Shehu broke their embrace and moved towards the main house. Elvis nodded at her and gave her a rather lopsided and endearing grin. She smiled back at him.

She stood on the patio for a long while feeling the suns rays on her skin and wondering just what she had gotten herself into. She was still standing when Millie stepped out on the patio. She held a large Kitchen knife in her hand.

“Well my little cunt it is just you and I.”

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