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It finally happened. We've all wondered what we would say or do if the ex that had screwed us showed up again.

I opened the door and there she was. I hadn't thought about her in 6 months. I hadn't seen her in almost a year. From the black eye and swollen mouth I figure her year was worse than mine…not to mention she was at my door. I looked past her to her car. The same beater she'd had a year ago. It was full of clothes and boxes to the point she would barely fit behind the wheel. I felt a long story coming.

I opened the door and motioned her in. She came in and stood to the side as I closed the door. I closed the door and as I led her from the kitchen to the living room. I grabbed the pint of Hot Damn from the freezer. The cinnamon liqueur was one of the things we had in common.

I took a seat on the couch. She took the other end.

"How much snow should I expect?"


"Obviously hell has frozen over…" I opened the Hot Damn and took a swallow then offered her the bottle.

"I shouldn't have come."

"Shut the fuck up and take a swallow."

She took a long swallow without looking at me and handed the bottle back.

"So… what's the story?" I asked.

"He threw me out."

"And beat you up."


"So what landed you here? Why not Brandon, or Jerry, or Randy for that matter?"

"They're either Ed's friends or bastards."

"Better a pervert stalker like me, eh?"

"I apologized for believing that stuff."

I took a large swallow of frozen cinnamon as a lump of year old anger crept up the back of my neck.

"So now you need a place to stay. How long have you been in your car?"

"2 days. I'm sorry. I shouldn't--"

"Shut up! You're here and I won't put you on the street. I still love you. And I'm still mad as hell."

"You still?"

"Shut Up!" I stood up and began pacing. This woman had been thru abuse. I would not abuse her, but I would not bend over again. "This is how it's going to work. You can stay as long as you want to or need to. But while you are under my roof , your body is mine!"

Her head jerked up and her eyes finally met mine.

"That's right," I said, "I will use your body. I will feel you, lick you, suck you, fuck you in any way, in any orifice I want."

Her mouth opened in shock, surprise, or protest. I didn't care which.

"Stand up! You have a choice to make right now. Turn left and leave, or stand still and accept my terms."

She stood still. I went around the coffee table to stand in front of her. A tear was sliding down her cheek. I wiped it away, then continued to explore her face, remembering the days when she welcomed my touch.

"I will not hurt you. That's not who I am. If you stay long enough you may remember that. But I will have you, no excuses this time." She nodded.

" Do you have your photo albums in the car?" She nodded again.

"The special one?" Her head jerked up.

A previous boyfriend had done boudoir photos of her. She had allowed me to see some of them, but not the sexiest ones.

"Go get your clothes. I'll make room in the closet. Bring in the special album with the first trip. I'll decide on additions while you finish."

She simply nodded. She was exhausted.

I didn't help her carry the clothes. As she passed me with the first armload she handed me the slim folder of photos. Most of them I had seen before. They showed her in negligee in various poses, displaying her ass and breasts. Four shots she had withheld. Two showed her spreading her pussy, a third enjoying a vibrator, the fourth, sucking cock.

I followed her to the bedroom with the last armload of clothes. As she arranged them in the closet, I couldn't help shaking my head, wondering how stupid I had to be to allow her back into my life. I reached out to stroke her hair as I thought this and she turned to bury her head in my chest.

I tangled my hand in her hair and pulled her head back. Her eyes opened in alertness. I don't know what she expected. When I pulled her into a deep kiss she answered it immediately.

I groped her breasts, teasing her nipples to tight points, then slid my free hand to her jean-covered pussy.

I had no idea whether her reactions were genuine or not. I'm not sure I cared. She slid one hand behind my neck to maintain the kiss and the other to grope my cock.

I considered taking her there on the bedroom floor, but decided to play a slower game. Keeping the hand firmly entangled in her hair I pulled her free of our lip lock and turned her around. I steered her into the bathroom and holding her in place with one hand began undressing her with the other. She tried to help, but I slapped her hands away and continued. I wanted my domination game to continue for a while.

When I had her standing naked before me I had a decision to make. Do I undress and join her in the shower or stay dressed and wash her with the curtain open? Which imposes my domination more? My naked self pressed against her? or the image of a dressed outsider washing her with the curtain open?

I decided to undress. I guided her into the shower by her hair then made her wait as I stripped. I don't know what she thought as she saw my stiff cock. Whether she thought I would take her there in the shower or not. I've never asked. It never occurred to me actually. I have a bit of an oral fetish. The first thing I wanted to do was to eat her into a screaming, thrashing fit. It's kind of a control thing I guess. If I can bring my lover to an uncontrollable, mind numbing orgasm, I have that much control over her.

OK, so I guess I am a pervert. Just not the kind the asshole accused me of being.

I stepped into the shower and turned her into the spray. I stood behind her and reached around to explore her body that I had only seen in photos before.

She leaned her head back on my shoulder as my hands explored her breasts. They weren't perfect but they were firm and fit her build. Her nipples came erect instantly at the touch of my fingers and the beat of the water.

An idea occurred to me as I fondled her. I leaned forward and nuzzled her neck. Taking a thin strip of her skin in my mouth I sunk my teeth in and began sucking. It must have hurt a little because she reacted immediately. She couldn't escape me however. I released her after a minute or so, but the damage was done. I looked at the dark blue hickey forming on her neck as she looked her question over her shoulder.

"It will take a good three days for that to go away. Even if you change your mind and leave, you won't be going back to Ed."

"He hasn't touched me except with the back of his hand in three months. He wouldn't even notice."

"And you chose him over me?"

She pulled away in response, a futile effort in the close environment of the shower.

One hand pulled her back against me and began exploring her breast again as the other dipped to her bush. It was thick and long. She hadn't had any hair in the "special " photos. Maybe the story of Ed's neglect was true.

I pulled her tight against me, pressing my cock between her cheeks as my fingers explored her slit. She opened to me easily and by the third stroke she leaned her head back against me again. Her breath deepened and she reached behind to take me in her hand. Suddenly she straightened up and elbowed me in the ribs.


"heh yourself! Those times when I told you Ed was big why didn't you tell me you were too?"

"I'm not. I'm average length and maybe a little thicker than average."

"That feels like a Coke can from here."

"You haven't been touched in three months remember?"

"Some things you don't forget! You'd better have some lube for that thing."

"I'll make sure you're plenty wet."

I slid a finger into her and rubbed my thumb across her clit as my other hand alternated between her nipples. One of her hands assisted mine in pulling on her nipples and the other urged me on between her legs. She began to hump against my hand as I rolled her clit between my fingers. My other hand abandoned her breasts and I slid a finger into her. My finger curled and probed for her G spot. When I found it her hips bucked back against me.

"Oh Fuck! Oh God!"

I held her pinned against me, my cock pressing into the crack of her ass, and increased pressure on both clit and G spot to send her crashing over the edge into her first orgasm.

She leaned back against me, her head hanging.

"What was that?" she asked.

I hesitated, unsure what she was asking. "What do you mean? You had an orgasm."

"No, I've had orgasms. That was like being hit by a truck."

I began to get the impression that none of her lovers had ever found her G spot, then put the thought out of my head. I didn't want to think about other lovers. We all have baggage.

I began washing her slowly, gently. This time she didn't try to help. She giggled when I soaped her pussy.

"Your fingers seem to be spending a lot of time around there."

"Other parts will get their turn."

"Other? Plural?"

I leaned forward and licked her neck.

"Oh, I see." She giggled again.

Next, I soaped her ass and pressed a finger against her brown eye. She clenched her cheeks and tried to pull away. An arm around her waist kept her in placed and gentle pressure got the finger in to the first knuckle.

"Remember, anyway I want, anywhere, anyhow."

"But it's—"

"I know some religious bugaboo. Well if you get struck by lightning I'll get it too since I'll be several inches inside you. If you relax it will go a lot easier."

She relaxed and I spent several minutes soaping and massaging her sphincter preparing it for a much larger visitor.

After the shower I proceeded to towel her dry. She raised her leg and rested her foot on the side of the bathtub.

"I thought I'd give you easier access." She said with an impish grin. I left her pussy till last and instead of drying it I reached down and pulled out a single hair. That earned me a playful slap. I hung up the wet towel and grabbed a dry one, a couple razors and the shaving cream.

"Oh, that's right. You like the bare ones." She commented seeing the supplies.

"Only down on the lips. You can have a much bush above as you like."

I positioned her on the edge of the bed atop the towel and pulled a chair over for myself. With her feet on my knees, her legs were spread wide and her pussy opened in front of me like a flower. She held her breath as I pulled her lips tight and performed what has to be one of the most personal services a woman can receive without a medical license. When I was finished she had a full bush above her slit and was bare below. I toweled her dry then looked up to her face between her legs.

"Good enough or keep going?"

She reached down to run her fingers thru her bush then down across her bare lips. She dipped a finger into her pussy then slid back up to grasp her bush briefly.

"Can I look at it in the mirror?"


As she posed in front of the mirror on the bathroom door, I returned the razors and shook the towel out over the trash . I got out a washcloth and soaked it with hot water. In the cupboard I found what I had wondered if I still had, a jar of Vaseline. I turned to find her still examining herself in the mirror.

"It's so weird. I still have a full bush but my pussy feels bare."

"So? Keep it or lose it?"

"Keep it. At least for now."

"Okay. Back on the bed."

She climbed into the middle of the bed but I sat in my chair and dragged her back to the edge. I left the Vaseline on the floor and with her once again spread wide I used the warm washcloth to clean away any remnants of shaving cream or hair. She squirmed as the warm cloth penetrated her most personal area.

When I was satisfied and her movements told me she was enjoying it for more than the cleaning I tossed the washcloth into the dirty clothes hamper and pushing the chair back I moved her feet to my shoulders and replaced the cloth with my tongue.

Her gasp of pleasure was all the incentive I needed. I buried myself in her pussy. I covered every inch of her slit with my tongue. I sucked her clit into my mouth and holding it with my teeth, tortured it with my tongue. I shoved my tongue into her pussy and used my nose on her clit.

And every time I sensed her approaching orgasm my attentions wandered off to her thigh or her belly button or somewhere less satisfying.

Her moans and the stomping on my shoulders were predictable.

I began to concentrate on her clit again and slipped a finger deep into her soaked tunnel. She was tight even around a single finger. A little more evidence that she had been ignored. My other hand found the Vaseline and began to lube her ass.

"No, please," she begged, her cheeks clenching as I forced a finger in.

"The more I lube it now, the less it will hurt when my cock goes in."

Without waiting for an answer I put my tongue back to work on her clit and slid a second finger into her pussy. The finger in her ass worked its way in and out stretching her opening.

Resigned to the coming penetration, she had unclenched her cheeks and was concentrating on her pending orgasm. I turned the fingers in her pussy and probed for her G-spot again. I found it and she fell over the edge into convulsions. She tried to push me away from her hyper-stimulated cunt but I knocked her feet away and plunged my fingers back into her to continue their assault on her G. I don't know if she noticed that during the peak of her orgasm I had slipped a second digit into her ass. It was ready when I wanted it.

She lay there panting, her legs spread wide, her thighs coated with her juices and my saliva. Her pussy lips were open wide, inviting me.

Time for my orgasm. I leaned down and positioned my cock at her entrance and took her born again cherry with a single stroke. She responded by crying out and wrapping her legs around me and trying to control the speed of my strokes. It only resulted in allowing me to plow deeper.

I leaned down and took first one breast then the other into my mouth, torturing her nipples. As her pussy adjusted to my size I picked up speed. Then her pussy began to grip me as she approached another orgasm. My balls clenched and released at the extra pressure. I pinned her to the bed and let my cum splash deep in her pussy.

Her eyes opened and she tried to push me off."

"Oh Fuck! I quit taking the pill a few months back."

"Then I guess I'm leaving a mark that will keep you away from Ed more than three days, eh?"

"That's not funny. What would I do with a baby?"

"Leave him with his dad, who you'll leave at the first opportunity anyway."

"That's not nice. And how do you know it'll be a boy?"

"Old wives tale. Plow deep for boys."

My softening cock answered by sliding out of her pussy. I decided I wasn't done yet though. I moved to the center of the bed and leaned over her head. She took my soft cock, soaked in her juices and my cum, into her mouth without argument. Her tongue swirled around the head and shaft covering every inch of me. As I began to get hard again, she still kept the whole length in her mouth, sliding me deeper down her throat as I grew. Her teeth began to dig in so I pulled out and climbed between her legs again.

"Hate to break it to you but that tasted more like a little girl than a little boy."

"Oh really? And how many little girls have you tasted?"

"What? Oh, fuck you!" she replied laughing.

"I had something like that in mind."

I lifted her legs so that both her pussy and ass were exposed for my choice. I slid myself back into her pussy and she closed her eyes. Even with her juices and mine leaking out of her, she was still tight. But not as tight as my next target.

With my cock coated in our juices I slid all the way out of her pussy and slid down that precious inch. The head popped in before she realized what I was doing. She clenched her cheeks and the door shut on my cock head.

"Fuck! Do you really have to?"

I slid two fingers into her pussy to her G spot and my thumb found her clit.

"Have to? No. But I'm going to. I'm going to have you in every way possible. That way if you walk out an hour from now or a day from now I'll look back and have no regrets."

"So this is a grudge fuck?"

"There's a little of that. Would I have worked so hard to make you cum If that's all it was? If it were a true grudge fuck I'd kick you out the door after I finished with you."

I had been working her pussy and clit the whole time we talked and it was having its effect.

She laid her arm over her eyes, "Go ahead. Just please don't slam my ass as hard as you did my pussy."

She unclenched her asshole and I began to slide deeper.

"You don't like me very much do you?" she asked.

"Play with your nipples." I ordered, "I don't know how I feel about you. At one point I thought I was in love with you."

I was all the way in her ass. I began to pull out slowly while I intensified the pressure on her clit and G spot.

"Then you started up with Brandon for a hot minute and then Jerry, all the while claiming you loved that moron Ed. I'm not even sure who you are"

Her mouth opened and her breathing was deepening. The fingers were having their effect on her. He tight (supposedly virginal) ass was having its effect on me. I slid in and out of her ass and watched her play with her tits. I never thought I would see her again ever. Yesterday I would have put money on it. See her like this? Never. I would have put a paycheck on it.

Her pussy clenched around my fingers and her asshole did the same to my cock as she came. It triggered me and I pumped my seed deep in her bowels. She lay there like a rag doll as I pulled my cock out of her and went into the bathroom to wash off my cock. I considered making her lick me clean again, but even I'm not that much of a bastard.

She hadn't moved when I returned from the bathroom. I used a warm washcloth to wipe the cum and Vaseline from her pussy and asshole. She squirmed a little, at the warmth maybe, or maybe she was a little sore. Her asshole had recovered from my attentions but not completely. It still hung open enough to insert a finger without lube or force.

My cock hardened again as I cleaned her and toyed with her. I moved her up into the center of the bed and rolled her over.

"Up on your knees." I ordered. She pulled her knees under her presenting that cute ass and a choice of targets. She must have known what I was thinking, or at least what I was seeing.

"Just my pussy, please, my ass is sore."

"We'll see." I said as I slid my cock into the pink target.

I took my time this round. After two quick orgasms, I didn't think my balls would deliver again too soon.

Her pussy was loosening up after this afternoon's workout. As I held her hips and fucked in and out, I would angle to the side every few strokes, stretching her a little more. Our juices foamed up and left a ring at the base of my cock. A slow trickle of my cum leaked out of her ass and joined the mix.

She finally gained enough interest to reach under herself and begin playing with her clit. From her breathing and the brief tightening of her pussy, I think she had one small orgasm before I felt my balls tightening. I leaned forward and grabbed both tits as I began to pound her in earnest.

I plowed deep and held as I shot another load into her pussy. She looked over her shoulder at me.

"Still trying for a boy?"

I was semi-hard still but I knew I would not be worth much and she was exhausted both by me and whatever Ed had put her thru.

I settled in the center of the bed and pulled and guided her to lie on top of me.

"Already? I need to rest a little."

"That's what we're going to do."

I slid my barely hard cock into her pussy and pulled the sheets over us. She settled her head on my chest and dozed off.

With my cock in her and my arms around her, I lay awake and wondered what next? Then I remembered the camera.
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