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The lands have been covered in fire and blood for as long as I can remember. There is no "safe" place anymore. That is why people run. What path they choose determines what they are running for. Some people run to live, that is where my family falls. Others run to die, to allow those who strive to live a chance to do so. The invaders do not kill everyone, but those who live under the invaders wish for death. They're screams are almost not human, but that is the way of the land.

I remember the first time I saw the invaders. Their arms are like nothing I have ever seen before. Their eyes seem to burn from fire, and their breath is enough to kill off entire harvests. They are strong, stronger than any man in the village is. I have never seen my parents frightened, but that is all that falls in the invaders wake.

We do not know where they came from, but that is not what is most frightening of all. They are following us. They came from some place in the south, and we are running out of north to travel in. Sooner or later they will have us cornered, and when that time comes, I do not know what will become of us.

I have heard stories, I do not know if I should believe what I have heard, but it is worth passing along. I have heard that the invaders kill any man that crosses their path, but as for the women, they take them along with them, as a "comfort" of sorts. Honestly, I would rather die now, a free woman, than to ever be used for the "comfort" of the invaders.

May 22

They found our camp. Papa and the other men fought them so Mama, the other women, and myself could escape. I was separated from the group. It has been hours since I have seen or heard anyone. I think this is a safe place to hold camp. The whole world has been turned up side down, and the people are helpless to stop it!

May 23

I spent the day running or hiding. They are getting so close, and I don't know what I can do to stop them! If they find me, Papa's sacrifice was made in vain.

May 24

I found their camp, the main base, if you will. The place is huge! I do not know what will happen to me if I am found this close to their camp, but it is too dark to travel anymore tonight.

May 26

They found me. I thought I had been careful! I did not light a fire for warmth, I slept under a bush, but they found me before sunrise. I awoke as I was pulled to my feet and forced to walk myself right into their camp. Never before had I seen so many of the invaders in one place, all with their eyes burning into my flesh. My memory fails me for a part, but the one thing I do remember is pain. Pain like I had never felt before. They used a branding coil to mark me as one of theirs, burning my tender flesh with the hot iron. I then remember being placed in a large tent, where I was left alone.

I was not left alone for long. A large man entered the tent, and glared down towards me. He then mumbled something in a language I do not understand, and started to remove his armor. Once all of the large heavy metal had been removed from his form, he returned his attention to me. He gave a simple grunt as he pointed to where he wanted me to be a pile of assorted furs on the floor. When I did not move I found myself in his clutches, as his large hand wrapped itself around my neck.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the very furs he wanted me on, gasping for air as he finally released his hold of me. Everything happened so fast, I do not know how to describe it. Before I could utter any resistance, he had penetrated me, jamming his huge member deep within me. A scream of pain escaped my lips, but that meant nothing to him as he worked harder and harder to satisfy his lust.

It is an odd sensation, but the friction shared in that moment is pleasurable. It almost feels like little sparks going off in your entire body. However, just as it started feeling good, I felt his body quiver, and he released his seed into me, before rising, and replacing his armor. He had left the tent before I started sobbing.

I do not know how much time passed before he was back again, drunk, and tired. Before he even removed his armor he was on me. He just gave himself enough time to remove his codpiece before he was within me. The sharp edges of the armor dug into me, causing more pain than his forceful entrance.

This time was different though. He passed out before he could finish the job, collapsing to my left, yet still keeping his tight hold on my body.

I awoke with the sunrise to find him gone, but a bowl of fruit lay on the ground near my feet.

He came to me twice more, before nightfall. Then he gave me a most precious gift. You, my journal.
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