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It seemed like forever. Any time I approached my wife intimately she just seemed to cringe. I heard everything from the 'headache', 'her time of the month', 'too tired' and when I knew good and well she was healthy and alert it came down to 'Is that all you ever think about?' This left me crawling away like a whipped dog. Really after that particular response, I didn't want to be with her anyway. I thought she was beautiful, that is when she was not being offensive and hateful about sex. Almost any way that she dressed was attractive to me and would set my wheels in motion. This tale begins after six months of absolutely no occurrences of sexual anything between my wife and I, who otherwise got along wonderfully. Little did I know, her plan was working wonderfully.

One day out of, for lack of a better word, desperation, the thought occurred to me rather innocently...can a husband rape his own wife? I mean technically rape is sex with an unwilling partner but if you're married does it still count? I thought it was rather funny at first. Not ha ha funny but odd funny, really just in the fact that I thought it, it made me feel a little dirty.

As I allowed myself to continue thinking of it; I would see in my head; her mean looks, her snide comments... thinking of every thing that happened over the last six months when she refused my advances. The thought of taking charge was in itself was a turn on; putting her into the submissive role had an alluring nature to it as well. She could be very overbearing. I could certainly vent some energy in the process.

The decision entered my head suddenly. I argued with myself. I would do it... no, I was really going to do it. That of course was what I thought, actually following through when I'm looking her in the eyes would be a different story altogether. The timing had to be right. I didn't actually want to do it at a bad time for her. All the reasons I listed before had to be checked off of the list... up until 'Is that all I ever think about?' and the answer would be an undeniably accurate! Yes!, 'right now that is all I'm thinking about.' It ended up being another week before an opportunity ripe enough presented itself.

I approached her quite normally... my heart pounding out of my chest though.

"Hey baby, I have a couple questions for you" I stated plainly.

She turned to look at me "'K, what?"

"I was wondering if, uhhhh" (I grinned a little as I imagined her response) "we might have a little time together?"

She raised her eyebrows and replied. "Is there anything else in that mind of yours?" She stopped there and just scowled at me which is where I normally would have walked away... I waited and jutted my neck out somewhat indicating that I expected a response.

We looked at each other in momentary silence then she spoke

"Oh yea, you said a couple of questions." She said to let me know that the first question was no longer open for discussion. "So what's your other question.....? "

"You didn't answer my first one yet." "

Yes I did, and you know it."

"Oh, I expected a yes or no, or something to that effect" I let that hang in the air until it was obvious she was not going to offer the customary yes or no. She just stood there looking at me. I found her beautiful even when she was angry.

I spoke just as generally as if I were asking for a dish towel.

'Oh, ok, uhh..." I said as if I had to actually remember the question. "... my second question; since your feeling bitchy and all" I raised my voice slightly "How about a little pussy bitch!!!" I reached out and pulled her face to mine and kissed her hard. As she tried to push me away I reached out and tore her button down shirt open, as an added bonus her bra came with it. The look on her face changed dramatically; from a scowl to surprise.

"Lay down bitch!" I commanded and then forcefully threw her to the bed. As she tried to control the bounce from hitting the mattress, I came down on top of her and grabbed her arms. I held her arms above her head and wrapped my legs around hers in an effort to protect myself from her kicking legs. Feeling marginally safe and in control, I sucked her exposed breasts and nipples in spite of her fighting. She threw a string of curses at me that only made my resolve that much stronger. One interesting fact to the whole incident was that she never said no. I wondered, did she not think of it or did she intend it so. Her curses continued. I had to get her pants off.

While I could possibly lose myself and focus on her beautiful breasts for a whole afternoon, today was not the day. Somehow her pussy was going to be stretched around my cock until my balls were milked dry. Between her flailing arms and powerfully kicking legs I was a little too tied up at the moment to be pulling skin tight jeans off of her.

"That pussy is mine you cock tease! I'm going to fuck you senseless!"

"You are not you motherfucker," She spat out."'re going to go jack off in the bathroom like you always do!"

"I'll tell you what bitch, if I jack off it's gonna be in your face where you can lick it off!"

The fact was I couldn't get her pants off. I pressed my hand between her legs and rubbed her crotch. Her legs squeezed together hard enough I think to crack a walnut.

The price a man has to pay to have a beautifully fit wife. My arms were wearing out holding her arms above her head. I had to do something quick before I became too exhausted and lost the war. The thought occurred to me then. Oh, god...she could call me her bitch then. She wore button down jeans; the kind that slightly ride into the pussy, giving you a glimpse of what is under the denim. I pulled my hand from between her legs and forced it between our bodies to her button. It took a little shifting of my body on top of hers but I was able to un-button every last one.

Un-buttoning was one thing, uncovering that pussy was something else entirely. She squirmed and fought but said nothing other than the strained gasps that escaped form her throat. All I could think of was to taste her pussy. I always thought even her pussy was beautiful. A tight uniform slit that turned me on wildly just looking at it. I had to eat it. Lick it, then stick it didn't quite apply here. Feast on it and fuck it was more appropriate.

I finally decided that getting her face down on the bed would be a better approach. In a deft move, I rolled her over on the bed face down and recaptured her arms and placed them behind her back. I had planned to just hold her arms with one hand and slide her jeans off with the other but her heels thrashed at me at such a velocity I needed both hands to ensure my nose or some other necessary body part wouldn't get impaled. Holding her wrists with one hand, I slid my belt off with the other and used it to tie her hands behind her back

"You motherfucker!" She said trying to pull free from the restraint. "Just go jack off you bastard! Go jack off in a towel and untie me!"

"Why would I jack off when I've got a good slut to fuck?" I had slid back and was pulling her jeans from her hips. "You're nothing but a little bitch that's going to get fucked until I'm done fucking!" Her tight jeans pulled the thong panties she wore with them. When the jeans came over her ass I strained to see her pussy. There it was shaven smooth as a bald head. I pulled her jeans until they were bunched around her ankles and then flipped her over onto her back.

"Don't you do it! " She said squeezing her legs together.

I stood next to the bed, pulled my shirt off and threw it across the room.

"Don't do what?" I said smiling as I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my cock out for her to see.

"Jack it off you pussy!" She hissed.

"Your pussy is going to do the jacking off for me. Down to the last drop."

I pulled my pants from my ankles and then threw them across the room against the wall. "Six months of no pussy you little bitch!" I stood there naked with my dick standing straight up and throbbing. "I'm going to bust a nut up in your gash and then I might just flip you over and shoot the other one up your tight ass."

"Your just going to scurry away and fuck off you cocksucker!" She said breathless from fighting.

"Maybe you'll just want to suck the other one dry, we'll see in a little bit."

I couldn't wait. I lunged at the bed and seized her kicking legs. I pressed her knees to her sides and buried my tongue into her pussy.

I licked and lapped at her smooth body that was surprisingly wet. Her taste made my cock seem to throb painfully harder as if it also wanted a taste. I don't know if she quit kicking as much or if I just didn't notice the blows, but using both hands I pulled her pussy open wide so that I could slide my tongue deeply into her and lick her inside out. She tasted so fucking good. I pulled away to look at her pink wet body before feasting on that smooth pussy some more. Seeing her body so open and so wet was more than I could handle. A pussy that looked like that just had to be fucked by something longer than a tongue.

I slid my body between her legs and guided my hungry shaft to her wet hole. Once I felt our bodies touch, I buried my cock to the balls in one fluid ramming motion.

My wife gasped. "Fuck you!"

"Oh no bitch, fuck you!"

I began slamming into her rapidly. I turned my body so that I entered her at different angles each time. Each thrust loosened her pussy more. I took her nipples into my fingers and squeezed them. I heard her gasp and cry out slightly so I lightened the pressure.

"Pinch them motherfucker. Make me scream!"

I squeezed her nipples as hard as I could until she grunted and gasped. Her wet lips made me want to fuck her even harder. Wet red lipstick, her slightly open mouth gasping with pain that she asked for. I kissed her hard on the mouth, sliding my tongue across hers in a hungry display of eating her up. She was kissing me back! I pulled away and pinched her nipples again until she cried out and then continued kissing her. She hungrily lapped at my mouth and tried lifting her head into me. I pulled away and out of her completely.

"Where are you going! Get back here and fuck me you son of a bitch!" She cried out hatefully. I pulled at the jeans around her ankles and threw them into the wall.

"Bitch! I'll fuck you whenever and however I want, now spread your legs!"

She did so and her wet pussy pulled open so that I could see her loose hole.

"That's what that motherfucking pussy should look like you little bitch. Now all you need is my come running out of it."

"Fuck you!" She said. "Just go jack off."

"I'll show you jack off you little whore!"

I went to her and knelt near her head and pulled her face to my still throbbing cock. I felt her lips tighten around it and she took it in. I reached behind her back to pull off the belt that restrained her arms. I couldn't find it. I pulled her over to find her holding the belt in her hands.

"Are you trying to escape?" I said suspiciously.

She smiled deviously. "I'm trying to get fucked."

"I'll show you fucked you little bitch!" I said thrusting myself between her legs and back into her wet pussy. She raised her fingers to her own nipples and squeezed them until her fingertips were white. I thrust into her with every ounce of strength I had, grunting and gasping every time I pulled out and re entered her with a bed rocking slap. I could feel my gut tighten and my balls began to ache. I lifted her up by her legs and pulled her into me each time I thrust until I succumb to her delicious pussy. I rammed against her as hard as I could just as my cock began to ejaculate. I cried out and moaned loudly as flashes seemed to bounce around inside my body. Each flash accompanied by a stream of come shooting out of me into her. When it slowed, I began fucking her pussy again in pulses until my jerking cock slowed and then quit. I collapsed on top of her panting for breath.

"What's this?" She said lightly. "I thought you were going to bust a nut in my gash and then stick it in my ass, or let me suck you dry?"

I just moaned in between heavy breaths. She pushed me off of her onto my back and grabbed my still hard cock.

"I guess it's up to me to get that other nut off."

My wife began stroking my still hard cock and talking to me.

"Greg, you have always been a caring lover, so gentle, so affectionate. I'm sorry for hurting you. I wanted you to fuck me. I have wanted you to fuck me for so long..." She said sweetly. "...You just weren't that way."

I rolled my head to her and looked into her eyes. "Geeze Kara. You could have fucking told me."

"No I couldn't" She began. "You would have stumbled around trying to act like you were fucking me and it would have felt stupid."

"I could learn."

"I was about to give up. I hoped that if I put you off long enough you would come and take it but you never did. That's how sweet you are."

"What about all that stuff we said? The name calling?"

Kara smiled. "You called me a little bitch you motherfucker."

Hesitantly I asked, "Does that make you horny too?"

Kara nodded her head. "You have never talked dirty to me. That whore bitch slut stuff had me so wet I couldn't stand it. I wanted to finger myself when you flipped me back over." She smiled again. "Which I could have, since my hands were out of the belt the moment I was on my back again." She bit her lower lip gently and shook her head. "I could have come when you pulled my hand behind my back and started to tie me up."

Kara started stroking my shaft harder and faster. "I knew it was going to happen then."

"You are so fucking hot Kara." She was stroking my cock hard and fast. I could feel my balls begin to tingle with round two.

"Well maybe we could experiment a little bit." She said. "I love soft and sweet, but hard and dirty is pretty good too."

I sat up and pushed her back forcefully onto the bed. "You little bitch suck my cock."

Kara shook her head. "No"

I started jacking myself off above her face. "You better suck it you little whore!" I pressed it against her red lips. "Suck it dry."

Kara pressed her lips tightly together and shook her head. I continued stroking my shaft faster and faster above her face until I began to gasp in quick short breaths and a small amount of come shot onto her face. Kara pulled my hand away and ran her mouth onto my shaft until the end hit her throat making her gag. She did it again and again and said. "Come when it's deep."

I felt the end of my cock rub the back of her throat and my balls released. I pulled her head onto me and came. After my cock shot twice into her throat she gagged and pulled away. Kara held my cock in her hands and continued jacking me off into her face until it stopped.

"Don't move." I said. I reached into the night stand drawer and pulled out the digital camera. Kara was on her knees with come dripping from her pussy onto the sheets. Her face was covered in spurts of come and what I shot into her throat was running out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin. As I took the picture I said. "That bitch has been fucked. Kara smiled and licked her lips.

Bound Rape