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There you are again. Every day this week when I come into the library, you're sitting at that table. I can feel you staring at me with those black eyes as I come and go. Not smiling. Not nodding a greeting. Not saying hi. Just staring. It's creepy.

I don't think I'll make a trip to the library tomorrow. My e mail can wait one day. I'll be so glad when my home computer is fixed. I hate having to come all the way into town just to use a public computer.

So I skip Thursday. On Friday, there you are. At that table between the elevator and the stairs. I go to the reference section and pick up a magazine to flip through. I peek at you over the magazine as I pretend to read. Yep, you're looking straight at me, as I knew you would be. Creep. A woman walks by your table with an armload of books and she drops one. You pick it up for her and stand to give it back to her with a smile. You're not bad looking, nice smile. Maybe you're not a bad guy after all. You turn your dark eyes back to me, and the nice smile disappears. Back to the penetrating stare. Those dark, dark brown, almost black eyes.

I put the magazine back on the shelf and walk to the elevator. I can feel your eyes burning into my back as I push the button and wait for the doors to open. They open and I hurry on, feeling that somehow the small space offers some protection from those ever present eyes. As I turn to face the front, you get up from the table and look in. Our eyes crash together. You stand there with your arms crossed over your chest, your black eyes boring a hole right through me. There isn't much space between us, and you make no move to get on the elevator.

"Khan," you say in a clear quiet voice only I can hear. The doors seem to stay open for an unusually long time today. Our eyes are still locked together as the doors finally slide close.

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I've never had this feeling before. I'm scared of you. And yet, you are sexy in some perverted way. Damn. Those eyes. So dark. Khan. What? His name? First or last? Odd name. It goes with his odd behavior.

I go into the computer lab and sit at an open terminal. Damnation. There you are outside the lab's glass partition at the nearest table. You must have run up the stairs.

Khan. Is he a nice man, or a stalker or something? He may be Jack the Ripper reincarnated. How come he just doesn't come up and say hi and introduce himself in a normal way?

I get my business done at the computer and hurry out, not looking at you at all. I look in my rear view mirror for the first couple of blocks, half way expecting to see you following me. Twenty minutes later, I pull into the drive at my little country home. I like living by myself out here. Mom and Dad didn't like the idea of their little girl moving out here. But after college, I wanted to be on my own, and I loved this quiet spot out of town. Today, I sit in the car for a few minutes, still watching the rear view mirror. I was a little afraid to get out for some reason. "Shit," I muttered to myself. "I'm getting paranoid."

The weekend passes by normally. A few times I think of the mysterious 'Khan'. He's cute. He's weird. He's sexy. He's creepy. He's tall. He's scary.

I begin to think of you again on my way to the library Monday evening. I called the computer shop and the guy said maybe another week. He had to order a part from China or something. How come I was sort of glad that I had to come to the library again? I must be crazy to feel anything at all for that weirdo. It's late when I get around to get into town. It's a little after 8 p.m. and the library closes at 9.

It didn't seem to matter what time I made my daily trip to the library, you were always there.

Oh, wait. I'm surprised. You aren't here. I spend thirty minutes in the lab, writing some letters and answering my e mail. I look at the table outside the lab, and you aren't there. You aren't at your table by the elevator. I breathe a sigh of relief. But on the other hand, I kind of miss you.

It's quiet in the library at this late hour, and most everyone else has gone. I say goodnight to the woman still sitting at the reference desk, and walk out the door.

I turn the corner of the building, and out of the shadows I'm grabbed and pushed into the dark area between the bicycle rack and a short brick wall. The wall has a bench attached to it on the other side. I scream, but it's cut short by a heavy hand slapped across my mouth. I squirm and kick as you push me against the side of the big building.

I know it's you. The weird Khan. You slam me into the scratchy brick surface. The rough outside wall scratches my back. You have one arm around the back of my neck, with your hand curled over my mouth, and the other arm around my hips. Your face is inches from mine. The light of the full moon is reflected in your dark pupils. The look in your black eyes goes right through me.

You push several fingers into the crack of my ass, probing. The material of my stretch pants is between your fingers and my puckering back door. Your breath is hot, blowing the hair by my ear.

"Settle down. You'll only wear yourself out," you whisper.

You spin me around in your arms, so my back is against your chest. You grope at my breast squeezing it and at the same time you shove your other hand down the front of my pants.

"Mmmmmmmm,' you moan. "I knew you were a naughty girl, Anna, you don't wear panties do you?" You stroke your hand across my lower tummy, your fingertips just touching my hairline. "I could always tell that you didn't wear any. In your tight jeans, there was never any panty-lines across your ass." Your fingertips move a fraction of an inch down. "Tell me why you don't wear panties you nasty cunt."

I draw in a deep breath. "How----" I swallow and cough to clear my throat. "How do you know---my name?"

"Tell me!" You shout. You grab my chin and turn my face toward you. Then the whisper is back. "Tell me why you don't wear panties."

You put your palm flat on my tummy and press me tighter against you. I can feel that you are hard. You rock your hips against my butt slightly.

"You look so nice and proper. Always dressed nice. Your long hair always fixed up nice. You push your hips suggestively forward and your hand tightens on my stomach, squeezing me to you. "I like it when you wear it down and let it swing free."

Your right hand still on my chin, your lips just a whisper away from mine. Your other hand is on my stomach holding me firmly.

"But you aren't a proper lady are you? I've seen you looking at all the men in the computer lab."

You take your hand out of my pants, and put it on my breast kneading it with your strong hand and fingers. Then going to the other breast you knead it feeling my nipple harden even more. You release me only long enough to grab a hold of my blouse at each breast and rip it open, tearing four buttons off and exposing my dark blue bra. Before I could come to my senses and try to run, you grab me again with your hand on my crotch and the other hand on my right breast. My butt is against your groin. I start squirming, but I don't cry out. Slowly, ever so slowly, you work your fingers inside my bra and find my hard nipple.

You jerk your other hand away from my crotch and cup my chin again, pulling my face to within an inch of your mouth.

"I knew your nipples would be hard you horny slut. That day when you got on the elevator, did you know that your nipples hardened just from looking at me?"

You massage the tender flesh of my breast, and squeeze my sensitive nipple hard. "Did you think I wouldn't notice? You probably didn't even realize that your body was responding to me without my even touching you."

I gasp from the sharp pain and lean over to try and shake off your hands. I scream. You clamp your hand over my mouth after just the tiniest sound.

You continue to speak close to my ear. "Do you know what you do every time you look at a man?" You take your hand off my mouth and jam it down the front of my pants again. You stop just before you reach the top of my slit. "Do you know?"

I shake my head side to side.

"Liar. You squeeze your thighs together."

You move your hand across my hip and down to my inner thigh.

"You do it every time. I've watched you. You squeeze them tight together and feel the pressure in your pussy don't you?"

You run your hand up and down my thigh. You don't touch my genitals.

"Every time a man comes into the lab, you look up and if you like what you see you squeeze those pussy lips together."

You cup my chin and your lips just brush mine. Your tongue eases out and lightly touches my lower lip.

"You did that for me the first day I walked in and sat behind you. You like men, there's no mistaking that. I can almost smell it when you walk by."

Suddenly you pull my stretch pants down to mid thigh. I can feel you fiddling with the front of your jeans. I pull on your hand at my chin, and reach around trying to keep your other hand from unzipping your jeans. My actions are fruitless. You're too strong. I feel your hardness touch the cheek of my bottom.

"Mmmmmm Anna, I knew your skin would be soft."

It felt warm on my skin. And hard. Very hard.

"You've made me this hard every day for two weeks."

Did I say that out loud? Very hard? Wait a minute. Two weeks?

"You've been watching me------for TWO weeks?"

"Yes, Anna, I have." You rock your hips against me. "I've wanted to touch you for days and days."

Your hand goes across my mouth again, and your other hand goes between my legs.. You shove two fingers inside me. I gasp through my nostrils, and try to lean forward, pulling on your arm. You work your fingers inside me.

"You're wet, Anna. You must like to be treated this way."

I shake my head side to side.

"Liar," you say again. "You like it. Your wet pussy doesn't lie. Your tight hole is juicing up for me. I did that to you."

You pull your fingers out and bring them to your nose. Inhaling deeply, you close your eyes and slowly lick off each finger, looking at me, making sure that I see what you're doing. Then you reach down and ram your fingers inside me again. I can't tell how many fingers you have in there.

"Stop it!" I protest feebly. I still feel your hard cock pressed hard into my right ass cheek. This time you bring your fingers up to my mouth.

"Taste yourself," you order me.

I reluctantly open my mouth and you put your fingers between my lips. I try to bite them, but you take them out quickly.

You again slide two or three fingers inside me. I let out a moan before I can stop myself. Do I really like it? My eyebrows scrunch together. No. This man isn't nice. I want to get out of here. I don't like it. I don't.

After you get your fingers covered with my juices, you put your hand around your hard prick rubbing the wetness all over it. You dip your fingers inside. Again you wrap your wet fingers around yourself.

You pick me up with one arm around my waist and push me against the short brick wall. The wall comes up to just below my breasts. You take hold of your long hard prick and push it in between my ass cheeks. I feel the round head against my tight hole.

"No!" I protest, realizing what you're about to do.

You put your hand over my mouth, and shove your hips forward hard.

Your stiff cock breaks through my tight sphincter and I squeal in pain. You stop your forward movement when about half your length is inside. I whimper and my breathing slowly returns to almost normal. My little hole stings, it feels like a baseball bat was shoved up there.

I get only a little breather, until you start pushing in further. You push and push and push. Finally I feel your lower belly hit my ass cheeks. I have had only one other man put his cock up my backside, and he wasn't as big around as you are. It burns. It hurts.

You hump in and out a few times, and then slowly withdraw it all the way. You lean down and kiss each of my ass cheeks. That seems like an odd gesture to me. Almost like you were kissing the hurt away.

Then facing me, you pick me up and back me toward the brick wall of the building. My legs are flung around your waist. My pants are still down to just below my crotch. Without saying a word you guide your hard dick inside my pussy and lower me until you're buried deep inside my wet slit.

You drop your head to my chest and reaching behind your back, you pull one leg of my pants down and off over my shoe.

I didn't realize it until I settled my leg back against your hip that I had helped you take my leg out of my pants. What the hell was I doing? I try to push you away with my hips and hands. You stagger back slightly, then push me against the brick again.

"Aaahhh!" I bellow as the rough brick surface tears into my tender skin.

You put your arm up farther around me and when you push me backward again, your arm protected my back from the rough brick.

You grab my bra in the center of my chest and pull it up, letting my breasts tumble out. Pulling me to you, you kiss me hard. My breasts mash against your chest. Your skin is hot through the material of your shirt. Your breathing slows and you break the kiss.

"Oh shit, your pussy feels so fucking good. I've waited and waited to feel the inside of you. You've got me so hot I don't know what the fuck I'm doin'."

You kiss me hard again. With a moan and a grunt you begin slowly stroking inside me. "Mmmmmmm. Tell me you like it. Tell me your pussy feels good with my big cock stroking in and out of it. Shit, your pussy feels so fucking good."

You grab a handful of my hair at the back of my head and guide my lips to yours. Your lips caress mine, and you run your tongue across my bottom lip. Then you deepen the kiss with a groan. "Mmmmm does it? Does your pussy purr with the feeling of my rock-hard cock buried deep inside it?"

I don't want it to feel good. I want to push you away. I don't want to like your kisses. I don't want to feel my nipple harden when you close your lips around it. Mmmmm.

"Your tits are perfect. Firm. And soft. Your nipples get so hard."

Your rhythmic thrusts get faster. Your rocking motion is tearing the skin of your arm between my back and the brick surface of the wall.

"I thought I was going to cum in my pants when you got on the elevator and I saw your nipples harden when you looked at me."

Two more quick thrusts, and you explode deep inside me.

"Oh shit!!" You exclaim as you fill me with your seed. Your grip on my hair tightens. You grunt with each ram of your hips. I can feel your strong spasms all along the walls of my pussy. I try to keep my hips from moving. No, no. I can't be. I can't.........mmm....mmmm.....mmmmm.

You drop your head onto my breasts. After a minute you lower me until my feet are back on the ground, and help me put the one leg of my pants back on. I pull my bra back down to cover my breasts as you stuff your softening prick back into your jeans. You're blocking me into the dark corner with your body.

You step back slightly into the ray of the street light and look down at your forearm, the sleeve of your shirt is torn and you unbutton it and draw it up to your elbow. You're bleeding in several places.

I take your arm, looking at it and catch myself before I say that I was sorry for your pain. What the hell am I thinking? Our eyes meet and I know you can tell what I'm thinking. You grin slightly.

"You came didn't you?"

My eyes widen at your question. "No."


I throw your arm out of hands and try to run. You grab me around the waist. I scream and you clamp your hand over my mouth. No one hears or sees anything. I see only one car in the parking lot. Mine is on the street out front. I kick my legs in the air and try to kick at your shins.. You keep walking toward the car, with your hand over my mouth.

I try to bite your hand, but it's like a vise on my mouth, I can't even part my lips.

We reach the car and you open the driver's door. There's a length of rope and two rolls of tape on the seat, one being gray tape, and the other clear packing tape. With your arm still around my waist, you tear off a length of the clear tape and put it across my mouth.

You pick up the rope and while holding both of my wrists together, you wind the rope around them and tie it tight then open the back door and throw me in. You pick up some rope with a clip of some kind on it from the floor and loop it between my bound wrists, and clip it to something under the front seat. I have freedom to move around but I couldn't climb out the open windows.

I scoot across to the other back door, and the handle doesn't open it. I look to the lock, and you have gray tape over it. The window is down and the tape goes all around to the bottom of the door, wrapped many times over. The lock is hopelessly buried in the tough gray tape. I can't see the end of it. I try to tear at it. It won't yield. You put more tape on the opposite door over the lock all the way around just like this one, and slam the door. I look at the passenger door in front, and it's trussed up in the same way.

Lock the driver's door. The keys are not in the ignition. The windows are down. Damn. My mind is going a mile a minute. This damn tape over the lock is like steel. I scramble around doing anything I can think of. What am I hooked to under the seat? I reach under there to feel what it is and I can't tell how to undo it. Dammit. The driver's door opens and you climb in and start the car.

I try to climb over the seat and reach for your door to maybe open it and push you out. You bring your arm back with your fist doubled up like you were going to back-hand me. I turn my head and bring my shoulders up and cower back.

That scared me. The tape on my mouth made it difficult to breathe. I tried to force open my jaws. I could feel the panic starting to well up in my chest. I don't know this man. He could really hurt me. I'm not a naive school girl. I'm not a virgin. I like aggressive men. He didn't seem exactly dangerous to me. This is some kind of sex game. He has made no threat to my life. I wasn't scared of him until he raised his hand to me. I don't want broken bones or to be psycho for the rest of my life. I can take a dick in my pussy without it making me crazy. I settle back in the seat and scrunch down in the corner. I slowed my breathing and wondered what might be next.

You drove in silence for about fifteen minutes, then stopped the car. We're out of town, the lights of the city are far away. I look all around and there are no lights to be seen of other houses. Just a small porch light on at the house you're dragging me to. You stop as soon as we get into the circle of light on the porch.

"I'm going to take the tape off. There's no one for twelve miles in any direction. No one will hear you scream."

You bring your mouth down to mine, and kiss my lips through the tape.

"So you might as well keep quiet," you whisper.

You turn me in your arms so that my back is against your chest, and you put both of your hands on my breasts kneading them.

"I'm going to enjoy you my pretty Anna."

Your right hand goes down inside the front of my pants and you sink two of your fingers inside me.

"I'm going to fuck you in so many ways, you're not going to be able to move for a week."

You knead my left breast firmly, then soften your touch. At that point my nipple tightens into a hard pebble.

"Mmmmmm," you moan.

You move your left hand over to my right breast, working your hand inside of my bra. Your fingertips circle my nipple and it too hardens quickly. You pull the tape half way off my mouth, then give it a yank to rip it the rest of the way.

I immediately start to scream. I had to try.

You stop in the doorway after you turn the knob and push the door open. I still scream as loud as I can. Releasing me, you bring your arm back again as if to strike me across the face.
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