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The taxi pull up to the curb and the lowly travel steps out exhausted for the grueling meeting the took him so far away. He walks up the driveway and enters the house. He hears someone in the kitchen… it must be her. Silently he places is suitcases down and out of the way and walks towards the kitchen. As he nears the entrance he spies her at the counter in front of the sink. Standing in the doorway he watches her prepare the evening meal completely unaware that he returned early. She starts cutting up some carrots from a bowl of garden vegetables. Having been away for so long he watches silently eyeing her up and down. She has never looked so good he thinks to himself. Her breasts are soft and supple through her shirt. The tight jeans she always wears are a delight to see her in. His breathing starts to get heavy and he starts to get hot… he loosens his tie and unbuttons the top two buttons from his shirt.

Done with the carrots she reaches over and grabs some lettuce and starts cleaning it. He notices the her shirt is opened slightly exposing the flesh of part of her breasts. She drops a spoon on the floor and bends down to pick it up giving him full view of her tight round ass. Getting excited watching her he walks up behind her quietly so she doesn't know he's there. As she goes back to cleaning the lettuce he slowly moves his hands to her waist. He gradually moves his hands in-between her legs rubbing her pussy lightly through her jeans. Gasps when she feels hands on her and attempts to turns around but the closeness of the body behind her and the counter keeps her from turning.

He moves his hands slowly up her body smelling her hair as he cups her breasts. She breaths in deep and closes her eyes whispering a protest not knowing who is touching her. He gets even more excited hearing her protests and starts to undo the buttons on her blouse. He starts kissing her gently on the back of her neck. She tries to move his hands from her blouse.

After her blouse has two buttons undone he stops and moves his hands back down to her pants and unbuttons that button. Sighing with gradual sensations flowing through her she say "No don't please stop." He smiles and unzips her jeans then moves his hands over her panties rubbing her pussy slowly. He starts sucking on her ear whispering "Your mouth says no but your body says more." Then he slides one hand under her panties moving his other hand up around her neck. Slides his hand around her neck down between her breasts and pops off her buttons one by one. Rubs the outside of her pussy slowly before rubbing the area around her clitoris. Moaning she says "No please not there stop it please." He grabs one of her breasts and starts messaging it roughly saying "Mph your wetness only excites me more."

She can feel his ever growing bulge up against her ass as he moves two of his fingers into her slowly. Crying out she says "Oh no please take them out." Beginning to move his fingers slowly in and out of her hole he asks "Take them out of where?" She grabs onto the counter and says loudly "No please don't make me say it just take them out." Moving his fingers in deeper and in and out faster he says "But if you don't tell me how am I to know where to take them out?" He takes his other hand away from messaging her breast and undoes his shirt, ripping off the buttons wildly.

Then he turns her around with a jerking force and continues pumping his fingers in and out of her as he sticks his tongue in her opened mouth. Attempts to cry out but is muffled by his tongue in her mouth, closes her eyes as their tongue move about and around between their parted lips. Tells the she is getting more and more excited though she still protests as she continues to pleasure her pussy rubbing her clitoris and moving his fingers in and out of her wildly.

Getting excited himself he pulls his fingers out of her all the way and she opens her eyes looking slightly disoriented. He grabs her wrist and pulls her to a chair… ripping off her closes before using his tie he loosened earlier to tie her to the chair. She moans as asks "What are you going to do now." He smiles as she watches him take off his shirt and undoes his pants to allow him more comfort. He says simply "Now the real fun begins." And he kneels before her and spreads her legs. She closes her eyes and says "No, no more please." He smiles as he puts his fingers back in her while he teases her red bulging nipples with his tongue. She moans saying "Ahh n.. no please." Ignoring her he starts licking and sucking on her breast while he continues to move his fingers in and out of her.

His hand getting tired he stops sucking on her breast and moves his face down to look at her luscious, inviting, dipping pussy. His hot breath excites her slightly more and she moans loudly as he begins flicking her clitoris with his tongue. She bites her lower lip trying not to moan. His hands move up and start messaging her breasts as he continues licking her hot pussy, occasionally sucking on her clitoris. Moans loudly "Oh, oh please no stop please oh mm ahh." He sticks his tongue deep within her, rubbing his nose against her clitoris while flicking his tongue in and out of her. She tilts her head back closes her eyes and says loudly "Oh god no please."

About ready to burst he pulls away from her and starts to take off his pants. She opens her eyes and looks at his long, hard, erect penis. Realizing what is next she says "Oh no please not that please no not that." He smiles as he runs his penis around her pussy, it gradually getting even harder. He slowly inserts his cock into her deep dark cavern sucking on his lips from the absolute tightness squeezing his member. She squeezes her muscles and screams "OH PLEASE PULL IT OUT NO PULL IT OUT!" He starts pulling it out slowly the pushes back in asking her "Pull it out of where." She squeezes her eyes shut screaming "NO PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME SAY IT." He smiles at her screams and pushes him in even farther moaning "Mph your pussy is so tight around my cock I don't think I can pull it out." Starts moving in and out of her gradually getting deeper and pumping faster. She screams "AHH, AHH NO PLEASE…" He stick his tongue in her mouth, cutting off the rest of what she was going to say. Grabs her legs and spreads them open more allowing him to thrust even deeper and harder into her.

With every push she lets out a loud moan exciting him even more. Knowing that she is now succumbing to his thrusts he slows down. She opens her eyes her cheeks hot from the feelings coursing through her. She look at him with a look of desire, of a wanting need. He pulls out of her but keeps his cock mere inches from her soaked hole. She pleads with him "Oh please give me more. Please don't stop." He smiles and inserts himself back into her thrusting faster and harder, banging his balls into her. She screams "OHH, OHH YESS YEESS PLEASE FUCK ME MORE." He obliges and pumps even faster loving to hear her screams. He says "I knew you wanted it. Now take it all and call me master." She obeys him screaming "OHH, OHH, OHH YES MASTER, MASTER MAKE ME COME, MAKE ME COME MASTER." Slamming into her as hard and as fast as he can she screams in ecstasy. Explodes with excitement and blows a load of come in her as she screams in her climax. They both breath deep and smile.