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She had been put on trial because of those evil kids. They had declared her witch and there was nothing that she could to prove the claim false. Those nasty little children had pointed at her and cried out "Witch, Witch!" in between their twitching and moans. And those idiotic adults had believed them! They had believed them over her!

Now she sat in a filthy jail cell, a single bed and a pail was all she had at her disposal. She regretted now that she had ever told fortunes for these town folks. Young girl that she was, eighteen since March, she had no business in a jail cell. But here she was, sentenced to execution by hanging by sundown two day's time.

She stretched out on the filthy bed, yawning quietly behind her hand. She dare not make any noise, those fools didn't need a reason to come beat her.. And oh, was she tired. She closed her eyes trying to block out all of the thoughts from the day. Slowly she drifted into a heavy sleep . . .

. . . She was woken by a hand covering her mouth, and her muffled screams got louder as she saw who it was. It was Thomas , Thomas Baker. The mayor of the town and twenty years her elder.

"Sara," he whispered, his voice low and husky with a hint of danger in it, "Sara, there's nothing you can do."

She looked into his eyes., her own green eyes she knew were wild and opened wide, his brown eyes were strangely calm. Those eyes scared her, but not as much as his voice. She had to do something! She did the only thing that she could think of and bit down on his hand, as hard as she could. He cried out, but did not let go of her, she could feel the warm blood running down her chin.

"Witch!" he hissed, his face so close to hers that his foul breath caressed her cheek, "You will pay for that."

He reached down to the floor and picked up a length of rope that he must have carried in while she was sleeping.

"Do you see this?" he asked. "This is the rope that you will be hung with. It will slip around you're delicate porcelain neck," with this he caressed her neck, "And soon that beautiful bossom will no longer be heaving with your breath," he then grabbed one of her breasts, definitely more then a handful. "I can save you, Sara. You know that I can, I only ask for one favor in return."

Sara's eyes widened even more then they already had, and some of her long, dark brown hair fell onto her face. She knew that Thomas had always wanted her, the crude comment he made when she was around, that he was always trying to grab her. She knew what he wanted, but could she give it to him? Could she give up her purity, even in exchange for her life?

"Answer me now, Sara. If you want to live you shall answer me now or I will hang you in the morning."

She slowly nodded her head, hoping that she would not regret this.

"Alright then, you stay quiet Sara," Again he reached down, vaguely Sara thought that he must have a bag down there. When his hand came back up, she craned her neck trying to see what he had brought now. She almost laughed when she realized that it was an apron, a common apron. But she wasn't relieved for long, when he took his hand from her mouth he folded it up. She dared not scream for his threat to have her dead in the morning. He put the apron in her mouth and tied it tightly so that no scream would be able to be made. She almost gagged because it was pushing her tongue into the bottom of her mouth.

"Are you ready, my precious?" The words coming from him scared her. His tone was so eerie that she did not know what to answer. And when she didn't he shook her hard, making her neck snap back. "I said are you ready!"

She nodded as best as she could, her neck now sore. Again she almost laughed, her neck sore now when she could be hung tomorrow.

He undid the blouse that she was forced to wear in the prison and he breasts popped out, seemingly relieved to be free of that tension. Thomas gasped at the beautiful sight before him. Her breasts were perfectly round, and about a D in modern times measurement. The nipples were perfectly placed and had hardened in the rush of cold hair when he took her blouse off. His mouth moved down to them, tongue flicking over the tips of them.

She gasped from the surprise and automatically went to hit him. He growled and took her hands in one of his. "If you try that again, I will kill you right now." There was no tone of anger in his voice, it was very calm. He took the rope and tied her wrists together, with the extra length he tied her wrists to the metal pole at the head of the bed. "Now, now, no movements."

His mouth moved back to her pert nipple and begin to bite it, hard. Sara bit down on the apron in her mouth to keep from making any sounds.

His tongue traced the outline of her left nipple and then moved on to her right. When he was finished with that delicate circle he trailed his tongue down her stomach to the long skirt she was wearing.

"Now, Sara, the fun starts." With that said he roughly jerked off her skirt. Sara closed her eyes tightly, not being able to watch what he was doing. Her eyes shut she felt Thomas begin to run his finger up and down her clit. She didn't want to enjoy it, really, but her body was betraying her and her pussy began to get wet.

"I see, you cheap whore, you're starting to enjoy yourself. Well, let's see what else we enjoy."

Thomas' finger slid inside her tight pussy. A virgin? He thought, he had not known that. Oh, but he was going to enjoy his new found treasure.

Sara was still getting wet, but she was crying silently. How could she enjoy this? How could her first experience be like this? She was trying to bite on the moans that wanted to escape her throat, she would not allow him to hear her!

Thomas stood and slid his slacks off, his dick fully erect and wanting to enter her sweet, tight pussy. He wanted her so bad, and he knew that she wanted him. Her pussy wouldn't lie to him, even if she did. And her pussy was saying , "Take me now, Thomas, fuck me 'til it hurts!"

He forced her legs open while she tried to keep them closed, but her leg muscles were no match for the man that wanted to fuck. When they were open enough he rubbed his dick against her clit, and Sara tried her hardest again not to make any noise. He was going to take her, and she was resigned to that, but she wasn't going to enjoy it.

His dick moved inside of her, spreading her lovely petals. He couldn't be gentle after resisting this long, he pushed as hard as he could and forced his way into her.

Sara's back arched in pain, oh the pain, but god it also felt so good. A muffled cry mixed with the pleasure and pain escaped from within her throat.

Thomas heard her noise, but didn't care if she was enjoying herself. He fucked her as hard as he could. God, her pussy felt good, her muscles tightening around his dick. And now she had started in with the movement, bucking her hips against him with each angry thrust. Sara likened it to rabbits, hard and fast, and when his sperm shot into her, her cum mingled with it. She couldn't help it, a scream arose from her throat, making itself into a muffled cry against the cloth.

After he was done he lay beside her, stroking himself some more.

"Have you ever sucked someone off, Sara? Have you?" His voice questioned, his dick already beginning to get hard.

Sara shook her head no, of course she hadn't, this had been her fist sexual experience of any kind.

"Well, you're going to now. Now, not a sound or you die right now."

Thomas took the apron from her mouth and she licked her now chapped lips. His dick was now fully erect, he knew she was licking her lips for his benefit, or at least he thought he did.

Thomas pressed his dick against her mouth. "Open wide, and suck it like you mean it."

Sara opened her mouth and allowed his dick to enter, but when it pressed against the soft folds of her throat, she gagged.

"None of that!" Thomas said, "Now suck it!"

Sara sucked lightly on his dick while he face fucked her, doing her best to massage his hard cock with her tongue. Thomas had grabbed her hair and was using it as some sort of handle, pulling her harder, faster onto his dick, moaning in pleasure as he went. She sucked him a bit harder, wanting this whole experience to be over with. Within a few minutes his cock seemed to explode in her mouth, shot after shot of cum going down her throat.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?"

Sara looked down, not wanting to anger him she said, "Yes sir, I enjoyed it." She had been defeated, and she knew it.

"Now, about you being able to live. There are a few things I want from you. You will move in with me and my wife, you will do all household chores for her, you will watch my children, and you will offer up any orifices when I choose to fuck you again."

Sara nodded, and he left. She cried herself to sleep.

The next day the people of Salem were shocked, the mayor had let a witch go free. And once more, she was living with him and taking care of his children. Sara occasionally showed up at the market place with bruises, but no one seemed to notice, or they didn't want to. No one could know what went on behind the mayor's door.

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