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Helpless with my hands tied behind my back, my legs spread wide and tied to the chair legs, I couldn't stop my blindfolded niece as her mouth sucked my clitoris and lashed it with her tongue. She drove me closer and closer to orgasm; my face and chest flush with a combination of embarrassment and sexual excitement. Several of the man laughed and touched my breasts and stomach fanning the passion that Jessica was stirring in my sex. The ball gag and tape over my mouth muffled my plea for her not to do this to me as I felt the pinprick sparks of sexual desire spread from my clitoris to my breasts.

The second man that mounted Jessica had sped up the long, hard strokes as he held her hips and drove his black cock deep into her soaked pussy. With each thrust the man pushed her lips and tongue against me causing more and more friction on my pubic area and easing me closer and closer to the unwanted orgasm. I couldn't believe what was happening to my body. My own niece, blindfolded and obviously not realizing that the "whore" she was going down on and forcing to cum was me, pushed me closer and closer until I knew that I had lost and that soon I would cum no matter what I did to try to prevent it. My face was red with embarrassment as I thought about my body in the throes of an orgasm as the black men watched and waited their turn.

My breathing got more and more ragged as my body reacted to the stimulation from my niece's mouth. "I can't help it", I thought as I felt my clitoris being washed by Jessica's tongue. The rolling motion of her tongue was too much on my nub and I felt myself right on the edge. I moaned into the gag as the man fucking Jessica gave a final push, forcing her mouth hard against my clit. She forced me beyond my body's limit and I felt my leg muscles tighten and begin to quiver as she pushed me over into a forced orgasm.

I screamed into my gag as my vagina tightened and began to spasm. Jessica's felt it and her tongue penetrated my vagina for several inches causing me to gasp with forbidden pleasure as the orgasm took complete control of my body, sweat popping out on my chest and face. After several seconds of fucking her tongue into me, she raised her head and said, "She came hard. I can feel her pussy clamping down on my tongue. Damn, what a whore." I tossed my head from side to side and screamed into the gag as Jessica returned and continue to lap my clit causing my body to jump from one peak of pleasure to the next until finally my body surrendered and I slumped in the chair, exhausted.

I heard the man behind Jessica moan as he grasped her hips and pulled her ass tight against his crotch. I heard my niece grunt as he shot his sperm deep into her, pooling with the first's man cum. As he pulled his spent cock out of her I heard her protest again that it was too soon. Her protests were cut short when the next man mounted her and began to push into her dripping pussy.

Her eyes got big and I heard her moan, "Oh, ohhhh, It's too big, please, Ohhhhhhhhhhh." Her protests fell on unhearing ears as the huge black cock plunged into her. I saw her eyes close and her body tense as the obscene cock fucked her. For the first time I saw Jessica lose control as her body began to shake, the huge cock driving deep into her. Each inward thrust caused her to moan softly as the sexual need took control and carried the twenty-year-old girl toward her climax.

The scream signaling her orgasm was primal as the massive cock stretched her vaginal and the tip touched places no man had been. The huge wave of pleasure wrenched her body as the cock began to pump sperm deep into her, splashing against her cervix. Her neck and upper chest were red with the flush of sexual fulfillment as the combined cum of the three men begin to leak around the cock and out of her pussy, running down her leg. Her arms trembled as she remained on her hands and knees until they sort of collapsed and her head and upper chest lay on the floor at my bound feet.

The huge cock was still deep in her vagina, her ass held up by the black's hands as he emptied his balls into the spent girl. Jessica was moaning softly as the black released his grip on her and began to pull the shiny wet cock out, the tip wet with the combined cum of the three men and my niece's juices.

He grabbed one of her arms and pulled it up causing my niece to roll over on her back. He immediately sat on Jessica's chest, pinning her arms to her sides, his shiny cock inches from the blindfolded girl's mouth. He pushed his hips forward, brushing her lips with the tip of cock, leaving a shiny bit of cum on her lower lip.

Jessica slightly opened her mouth and the tip of her tongue ran over the black cock causing the man to groan, as she tasted the salty sperm residue. The man flexed his hips and several inches of the cock head entered her mouth. I heard a soft "emmmmmmm" come from her throat as she sucked on the tip.

I could see movement behind the man sitting on her chest as another black mounted her and positioned the tip of his cock against the soaked folds of her pussy. Suddenly she turned her head rapidly to one side and the cock pulled from her mouth as she begged, "No, not yet, please, let me rest. Plea----." Jessica's plead died in her throat as the man drove his cock into her slick vagina and rapidly took up a fast pace of fucking in and out of her.

The first man grabbed her hair and forced her mouth back around his cock. He started to flex his hips, fucking in and out of Jessica's mouth as the man in her pussy stroked ever harder and faster. Soon the girl was moaning as the two men used her body like two dogs playing with a rag doll. I could tell from the look on her face and the sounds that came from her throat that she was afraid and that the sexual heat between her legs had turned into a numbness as she realized that she was nothing more than a hole to fuck to these men. I glanced behind the man raping her pussy and was shocked to see that at least 20 men had lined up for a turn at my niece's body.

Before I realized it, my hands and legs had been untied and I was fearful of joining Jessica, but instead two men lifted and carried me to another room. When they reached the room they dumped me on the floor and snapped an iron collar around my neck. A short chain ran from my collar to a hook in the wall so that I had use of my arms and legs, but was limited to the chain length as far as movement is concerned.

After a meal was brought to me, I tried to get some sleep, but several hours later I abruptly sat upright as the door was opened and several men half carried, half drug a sobbing Jessica into the room and dropped her to the floor. They attached another collar and chain to her neck and left her sobbing on the floor.

The poor girl had been used continually. Sperm was all over her, especial, around her upper thighs and bush. I could see the dried, shiny cum on her face and lips as the extent of her rape became apparent. Drops of the thick liquid ease out of her and lodged on her thigh as she continued to sob softly. I tried to reach her, but the chain length would only allow me to barely touch her hand. She jerked her hand away until she saw it was I. Her sobbing got louder as she tried to tell me what happened, not realizing that she had forced me to cum before I was taken from the room. I listened and found out that she had been gang raped for three hours with men raping her mouth and vagina at the same time. She was full of no telling how many men's cum and was sure that she was pregnant. She tried to describe what happen when she tried to stop them and begged that she couldn't take anymore, but she broke down completely and couldn't get the words out. I was stunned at the abuse she had to endure and I wondered why they had not kept me there to share Jessica's fate. I was to find out the next day.

To be continued.

P.S. Dear Reader, I will be out of town for all of next week so part three of our story will not be posted for about two weeks. Hope you enjoyed part two.