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Family Rape Stories Forced Sex Young Girls Online Rape Videos Forced Mother-daughter Sex Slave Stories
This carries on from My Paula series.

From Paula's perspective.

Paula had lived the life craved by so many in the society in which we live. Her husband was a rich and successful lawyer. A man of power at the age of thirty.

Her husband James had been fortunate himself. Fortunate that he had a stunning trophy wife to adorn his arm at his many and varied functions. This had been good for business and so good for her idyllic life.

So what had gone wrong? She mused. Though she knew the answer only too well.

Her neighbour John had taped some private conversations. Conversations that centered on the many one-night stands she'd had. Paula had made it all up. It was her outlet to talk dirty to John and watch him salivate. Did he guess that these sex stories were a figment of her imagination? He wasn't as stupid as he looked however. A few taped conversations and then he'd forced her into acts that had been anathema to her until now. He had blackmailed her into being his sex slave. She had been forced into giving him whatever he wanted. What he had wanted was sex...and lots of it.

Paula had been pissed with him. She couldn't honestly say for the sex part. That was enjoyable...sometimes. The twenty six-year-old blonde was used to using her looks to get what she wanted. Having the tables turned on her by John had been totally unexpected. He had forced her into giving him blowjobs. She never even gave James blowjobs! Not that her husband was interested in her in that way. The trouble was that John had used her husband's indifference and her own horniness against her.

Before she had known what was happening she was handcuffed to his bed and feeling the full girth of an eight-inch cock up her ass! First the ice cold feeling of the lube he'd smeared on her puckered anus. Then the shock as his finger had invaded her virgin territory. Pushing, probing, forcing his lubed-up digits into her till she felt she would pass out.

The relief as he had eased his fingers from her abused and sore anus. Then she had felt the tears well up in her eyes as his thick tool had forced its way into her tight ass. Soon he had been hammering his tool into her, forcing her head into a pillow as he gripped her shoulders and slammed into her again and again until at last she had felt him tense and dig his fingers into her shoulders as he unleashed a jet of cum into her.

The bastard had taped every minute of it. One murmur of dissent and the tapes were made public. No more millionaire lifestyle for Paula. She had been told how her future was to be. He told her he was her new MASTER...yes he now called himself that and she was forced to follow suit.

The one drawback with marrying a lawyer was that the pre-nuptial agreement was watertight. Any sign of infidelity and she was penniless. Worse than penniless!

She wanted to chew her fingernails at the thought of her predicament. Except those expensively manicured nails were part of her total package.

Even her stunning good looks would be useless to her. Perfect breasts, beautiful curves. All would count for nothing. No rich man would look at a woman who had been made to look such a slut on camera.

But that hadn't been enough for John! Oh no!

He had heaped further shame on her.

It had been two weeks since Paula had been forced into stripping for a bar full of men. No! And not just ANY men! She fumed. A room full of men she knew personally. From the mailman to the guy who filled her car at the gas station. All had seen her strip naked in front of them. Shedding her clothes and her dignity at the same time.

Paula fought back the tears as she remembered being made to play with herself on the stage of that smoky bar room. Play with herself as Anthony, the young eighteen-year-old who lived only yards away from her own home had stared at her as she masturbated in front of him. Not allowed to stop fingering herself and arousing herself until she had climaxed for the men in front of her. Even her sixty-year old teacher from when she was young had watched as her pussy glistened and her love juices trickled.

Then an even greater indignity heaped upon her.

Paula had given away a bit of information weeks earlier that had been used against her. She recalled the conversation with John.

"Anyone in your family ever come onto you?" he had asked, as though the answer was of no consequence.

"My young nephew Stephen has the hots for me. Nothing spoken. You can just tell. He looks at me with those puppy dog eyes he has. You know what it's like at his age."

Little did the blonde know at the time that a little snippet of information like that was gold dust to someone with a game plan. Someone who would use that information to lead her further into debauchery.

Her own nephew, Stephen had also received an invitation to her striptease performance. It had been his eighteenth birthday.

Unknown to her he had been approached earlier in the day and shown a twenty second clip of a strip she had been forced to perform for John in her own bedroom. How John had laughed afterwards.

He had delighted in telling her how he had stopped the clip just as her little red panties were about to be lowered to the ground. Giving her nephew a taster of what Paula looked like topless and the promise of what lay beneath that scrap of material.

Her mind drifted back to the smoke filled room and the bright spotlights trained on her perfectly honed body. A body that no man in the room would have dreamed of seeing unveiled.

Until John had blackmailed her.

Her mind snapped back to the events of that fateful night.

How the crowd had cheered as she had climaxed. Like a cheap hooker. Not the society woman she had struggled to be.

Further humiliation had been heaped onto her as she was made to parade buck naked through the tables.

The men she had known for years had touched, squeezed and rubbed every inch of her body. Dirty, squalid men with menial jobs were able to cup her ass and tits in their calloused hands. Men who would smirk and sneer at her in the street in the not too distant future.

Her husband's assistant Dave was there. She thought back to how he'd tried it on with her at many a Xmas party at James's office.

Now he as she'd walked past his table he'd pulled he by her hand.

He'd looked at John for a sign that he was okay to continue and John had nodded.

Paula remembered her head bowing in shame as Dave had cupped her pussy in a hand. She knew she was still wet from her earlier exploits.

Dave had grinned at her and gently eased a finger into the sopping wet cunt.

She had totally submitted to him. Knowing it was far, far too late to retain any dignity.

He had finger fucked her gently until her juices ran once more. Then with a look of triumph he had removed the digit and held it to her lips. She had known what was expected.

He had smiled the smile of a man who had tasted victory as Paula obediently licked her own cum from his finger.

Only the promise from John that the night was young had stopped them from gang raping her there and then.

She was ushered forward onto the raised platform of the stage. Once more into the brightness.

Forced onto a table she had watched as her young nephew had been pulled up on the stage to join her. Little did she know at the time that at the age of eighteen he had inherited a large amount of money. John had found that out and offered his hot aunt to him on a plate. The tape had soon persuaded Stephen to part with a slice of his new cash.

All Stephen had to do was get on stage and fuck his aunt. Lose his virginity to her on film. John would have the money and at the end of the night Stephen would be handed all the evidence he could ever want on his aunt.

And of course, with that evidence would come the power to fuck his gorgeous aunt wherever and whenever he wanted. Sweet.

So Stephen had fucked his aunt as a room full of men whooped and cheered. Two of his eighteen-year-old friends had joined them on stage and her firm, lithe body had been ravaged by the youngsters.

The one youngster had slammed his cock into her pretty little mouth as the other had pushed his erect tool into her small, delicate hand. As her nephew had slammed into her sopping wet cunt she had fought her incestuous thoughts but the attentions of the three young men had overcome her.

She had forgotten that her carnal act was being performed in front of an audience and that John was taping it. He had taped every fuck session she had been forced to participate so she knew this would be no different.

She had known but still she had drawn her legs around her nephew and pulled him onto her. Spearing herself on his weapon and driving herself onto him with even greater abandon.

All she had focused on were the three cocks that were hard as steel. Young, virile men were taking her and she had abandoned herself to them.

Oblivious to the lights, the crowd or the hidden menace of the rolling cameras she had sucked furiously on the cock that had been slapped against her cheek.

She felt the cock in her hand twitch and ribbons of cum had shot across her perfect, toned stomach. Her hand was sticky with the dribblngs of the spent tool and her face had been splattered too. She felt her nephew explode into her welcoming pussy and a noise awoke her from her trance like state.

The noise was the roar of the crowd as they saw the blonde vision that had entered the room only half an hour before reduced to a cock happy slut.

Before she could respond to her situation the cock in her mouth spewed out its steaming hot stream of cum.

From instinct she went to pull away but her head was held in place by the youngster who had forced her to swallow the hot liquid.

Even as all the lights in the room had been raised to full she hadn't realized the depths of depravity John was willing to inflict on her.

He had organized the crowd into an orderly line and one by one she had been forced to give each man a hand job or blow them till they came.

Paula had looked at John in shame as he brought two men closer to the action and had them film her at close quarters.

Five bucks he had charged each man. Five lousy bucks! The only stipulation was they weren't allowed to cum in her mouth.

So each man had left his mark on her in his own way. Some had just spurted straight over her face, hardly able to pull their cock from her mouth in time. The ones that she'd jerked off by hand had come over back and head mainly. Sticky secretions from the first men were drying on her body even as the most recent man in line shot his load onto her once alabaster skin. A skin now coated in the filmy cum of many men.

John had planned a bukkake style finale to the evening.

As the two cameramen had become the last two she had been forced to service John had spoken.

"We'll have to get you to a different town of course. Your husband will understand. You told me yourself that he wanted to move to a bigger city for business reasons. I'd arrange it quickly if I were you. After tonight you've got a reputation to live down to. A reputation as the biggest slut this town has ever known."

Paula had knelt in front of John and sobbed uncontrollably.

"I've sold a share of you to your nephew. When you relocate you can be sure the pair of us will pay you many a visit. Didn't ought to be too much of a hardship to a slut like you. The way you fucked your own nephew on that stage was awesome. Now get into the showers out back and get back to your husband."

With that he had thrown her the key to the back entrance he had locked her in with earlier and went to usher the last stragglers out of the bar.

That was just two weeks ago.

Two weeks where she had lived on her nerves and been scared every time the phone rang or the front door knocked.

And then it did.

To be continued...

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