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"Fuck me harder! Don't stop!"

Those words echoed throughout Amisha's mind all week. She kept having the same reoccurring wet dream about her mysterious solider. Her soldier was 6'2 with a beautiful mahogany body. He was very much in shape and his eyes were a soft hazel brown with red and yellow specs in them. She sees him with his new girlfriend but she needs and wants him.

Amisha is a lust witch. She can control anyone who has the slightest sexual thought or feeling. In order for her to keep her powers and continue to live she has to have sex very often. But ever since she met this solider she has turned down all of her offers just so she could be with him. She actually developed feelings for him. But she knew the only way for her to get him was through magic. The next night would be the first full moon, the only time during the year where her powers would be at their highest peek. Therefore the ceremony for her solider would happen then. She would finally have him.

Amisha slipped on a sexy red halter-top dress that cut into a low V-shape in her handfuls of cleavage. It formed the shape of her curvy Latino hips. She was very proud of her silky beige skin, her dark auburn eyes that matched her blackish- auburn, just below the shoulder length hair. She had full hypnotic lips that were highlighted with rich black lipstick. Her long athletic legs were adorned with red 6" stiletto heels that accented her small pretty feet. She was dressed and ready, as the sun sunk in the now rainbow colored sky.

After the ceremony was done and the spell was cast, all Amisha could do was wait. She waited and waited, yearning for him to show up. Her imagination was running a mile a minute; with all of the things she would do to him. She peeked through the black blinds and the high full midnight moon glared in her eyes.

"He's never going to show", she mumbled with a lump in her throat.

Her heart pounded, her body shook, and she started feeling cold inside. She started crying as loneliness was taking over making her body ice. She stood in the corner of her room now with her head against the wall. Her tears were hot cheeks but only for a minute. Amisha's skin started crawling and she got goose bumps. She turned around from the wall with her eyes closed.

"Where are you, my solider?" she whispered.

Out of nowhere warm gentle lips met hers. They pushed against hers rough but kind. She concentrated on the lips but then she felt a tongue pry open her jaws and reach for her tongue. Her head was pressed against the wall as this kiss of passion was being given. The kisser pulled away, leaving her lips wet and ready for more. The kisser moved up to her ear and breathing softly said,

"I'm here my love,"

She opened her eyes amazed to find her solider standing in front of her. His body glistened and his chest rippled behind his opened army uniform. He started to speak again but she closed his mouth. She kissed him again pushing his jacket off of his shoulders and onto the floor. She dug her nails into his back as she kissed him making him moan in her mouth. She let go and slid her hands from his shoulder to his hands. Once her hands were in his, she led him to the center of the room. She snapped her fingers and the blinds rose and let a ray of moonlight in that hit his body perfectly. She snapped her fingers again and out of the ceiling a beam lowered that had a pair of red handcuffs on them. She told him to raise his arms above his head and she cuffed him to the beam.

She stared into his eyes and examined his body he looked sexy and edible with his body tied up and helpless. She needed to feel him without touching him. When she lowered her head to brush her nose against his neck, his hair rose and his neck relaxed. He tilted his head to the side and she softly she bit down on his neck. She heard him moan and she bit harder. Every touch was a sensation for them both. She walked around to his back and rubbed her hands down to the brim of his pants. She circled to the front of the pant and down into them. She got a grip on his humungous dick and began playing with it. She also bit down on the other side of his neck causing his moans to become ecstatic. She pulled her hands out of his pants and pulled them down. She then returned to the front to admire her soldier's riffle. She kissed his lips then kissed lower biting down on his nipples as she passed them until she got to his dick. She dropped to her knees and gripped it with both hands cause it wouldn't fit in just one. First she licked the head and the beginning of the shaft. Next she placed it into her mouth. It was a slight struggle for a second. She started sucking and kept sucking with a steady but strong bobbing motion. When she got to the tip she moved her head in circular motions like she was playing with it. Her body bounced with the rhythm of her head. She watched his eyes as they rolled to the back of his head and his mouth foamed. Her head movements slowed down and became exaggerated. Like a rushing rapid his cum entered her mouth and she swallowed it in one gulp. She kept sucking until he was all out.

She jumped up and shoved her tongue in his mouth. She wanted him even more. She let him go and led him to the bed. Crawling backwards, she reached the top of the bed never leaving his gaze. He followed crawling on top of her still staring into her eyes. He reached her face and she said,

"Ravage my body as you have done with my mind".

He obeyed not wasting any time. He began kissing her neck where her sweet spot lay. He moved down unbuckling her dress and sliding it down. He finally reached her titts and she screamed as he gripped one in between his jaws and tried to take it off. His sucking was very impressive and made her very horny. He circled her nipples with his tongue giving each one special attention. He moved lower to her belly button tickling it with his tongue. Next he was at her coochie pulling her cotton red thong off. He kissed her inner thighs marking each one with his bite marks. Her coochie was already wet as he bit her while she waited for his tongue to enter her. When it did she was not as prepared as she thought she would be. His tongue was soft but hard. It dug directly into her pussy and aimed for her clit. It teased it then left it to lick the lips of her pussy then it was right back in there. He started jerking off as he ate her out. The more excited he got the more violent his tongue got. She could not hold it anymore she squirted on him so many times that it looked like someone splashed him with milk. She reached down and pulled on his ears. He followed her winding up on top of her. But she pushed him on the bed. This was her wish and she was going to do it the way she wanted.

Amisha mounted him, guiding his dick into her pussy. Slowly she started riding, trying to adjust to the thickness of him. She caught a cramp but she knew it was worth it. Her hips pushed her pussy forward on him giving her body the perfect rhythm. She spread her legs wider and moved faster. She was adjusting to him quickly and that helped her ride better. He placed his hands on her hips feeling the force of her hips under his fingers. She grabbed on to her hair as she rode moaning every time she moved. She started bouncing harder making the bed rock. His moans became louder and his grip tightened. He pulled her on to him more, wanting her to take him all in. She let out a small yelp because it hurt but she tried it anyway. She rode him smiling when he squeezed her nipples in between his fore finger and thumb. She came all over herself her juices sliding down her thighs and legs. She kept going realizing that his stamina was very long. She bent over placing her hands on his nipples. She was in a frog like position riding, bouncing, and swirling her body making sure he would cum inside of her. But she changed her mind. She didn't want him to cum yet, so she got off.

Amisha watched his face as he begged for her to get back on. She waited for a minute, and then she got on backwards. So that he was in the back of her pussy. It was a position she never tried before. The penetration level was even higher and by her pussy being wet it helped him slide in faster. She snapped her finger and the bar appeared above her head. She reached up and held onto it giving her leverage over his body. It hurt to be on him like that. She liked the pain and she started to ride deeper to cause more of it. She began yelling as she rode sometimes saying 'fuck me' or screaming 'harder soldier'. And he did just that. He raised her up a little with his hands and followed with his hips. He began thrusting his pelvic area up into her. She was shouting in pain. He dug his entire cock into her body hitting her back wall so hard she thought that he would break it. Tears streamed down her face, and screams escaped from her mouth. She matched him by bouncing back with all of her body weight. They both were pounding into each other trying to hurt each other in some way. The room became filled with screams. moans, and pleas from them both.

Her pussy began to burn form the friction so she licked one of her hands and played with her clit. She kept playing until the burning sensation went away and then she reached lower and tickled his balls. He laughed and sat up a little. This was the greatest sex that any of them had ever had with anyone. He reached his hand up into her hair pulling her neck backwards causing her back to arch that way. She was arched so far back that they sort of formed an 'o' shape. They flicked their tongues in and out of each other's mouth. He sat up, Amisha still on top of him and clung on to her titts. He slipped two of his fingers into her mouth and rubbed it in on her nipple. He leaned his head on her back as he pumped his last pump and gushed cum into her body. Amisha rode robotically not wanting to stop but her body said she had to or else she would rip in half. She let go and turned around.

She looked at her fantasy come true and did not want to let him go. But she kissed him goodbye knowing in the morning the spell would wear off and this would all be a dream. She had to get him out of there before that happened. She said her spell and watched as he was transported back to where he came from.

Amisha curled up alone but would never regret the first and last night with her soldier.