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Part 2 of “Do I Get The Job”

A month has passed since the day of my interview. Mr. Baker has instructed me to call him Tad when we are alone. We get along great and I actually enjoy working for him. Other than a light pat of the bottom here and a tweak of the nipples there, he has not asked me to do anything other than my secretarial duties. I still don’t know exactly what it is that we do here. I was instructed to never look in any of the files that I handle.

All day today I have had the eerie feeling of being watched yet I haven’t seen anyone. On my way back from lunch, I cross the street and the hair on the back of my neck stands up. Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, I turn and look all around me. The sounds of people talking and laughing, car horns honking, radios blaring, and a traffic cop’s whistle blowing begins to overwhelm me. I feel a sense of panic overtaking me, my heart starts pounding and I gasp for breath. I bead of sweat runs down my temple, leaving a streak in my makeup. A man talking on a cell phone brushes my shoulder as he walks by, knocking me forward a little and out of the trance I seem to have fallen into. Quickly, I adjust my purse strap and hurry back to the office. Several times I glance over my shoulder, watching for someone to be following me. “You are losing your mind Jess!” I mumble to myself.

When I reach my office door I hear mumbling coming from Tad’s office. A bit of confusion sets in for I don’t remember him having any appointments today. I glance over at his door and stand with my hand on the handle of my own. A soft feminine laugh comes drifting from his office. I decide it was none of my business and continue on in to my office and set down at my desk. As I pull out the bottom drawer to put away my purse, I notice a yellow sticky note attached to my desk calendar.

Jess, I have an unscheduled appointment. When you return from your lunch break, please come in to my office. There is someone that would like to speak to you. Tad

Frowning, I put away my purse and get up to go to his office. My nerves are still a little raddled from my walk back and as I get closer to Tad’s door, I feel my nervousness increase again. I just can’t figure out who on earth would be HERE to see me. No one even knows I work here. I have no family alive and I haven’t talked to any of my friends in months. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it back out, I try to not let my nerves over take me as before. Softly, I knock on the door in front of me and hear a loud, “Come on in.”

I open the door and peek around the edge, “You wanted to see me Mr. Baker?”

“Jess! Come in and join us.” He gives me a broad smile and watches me as I make my way into the room. I dart a glance at the figure sitting in front of him. A woman, looks to be in her early to mid 50's, is watching me closely with a stern look on her face. She is well dressed in a burgundy skirt, matching blazer, and black high heels. Her hair, a rich brown with gray at the temples, is in a neat bun at the back of her neck. She has a light coat of makeup on that looks artfully done. Small wrinkles at the corner of her eyes and mouth combined with the stern expression, seem to make her face look hard as she frowns at me. She seems so familiar to me but I just can’t seem to place her.

Jess, this is Audrey Lumpkin. Perhaps you remember her as she says she has met you before.” Tad turns his gaze from me and looks back over to the woman sitting across from him. “Audrey, would you like me to leave the room so that you can speak to Jess alone?”

Never taking her eyes off of me, she replies, “Of course not Tad hunny. You are more than welcome to stay. Besides, I may need your help with this before we are finished here today.”

My confusion is getting worse by the minute. I do in fact remember Audrey Lumpkin. She is my ex-boyfriend’s mother. Bobby Townsend has never really gotten along with his mother and from what I understood they argued often. I met her one time for about 15 minutes when Bobby stopped by her house for a quick word with his step dad. I remember it as an awkward 15 minutes with barely a dozen words spoken between us. My eyes glance at Tad and then back at Audrey several times but I can’t say anything because my voice seems to have left me.

A clearing of the throat brings my eyes back to Audrey. “Well now, Jess dear, or would you prefer me to call you Miss Tanner?” This was said with a light raise of her left brow.

“No, no Jess is fine.”

“Well, Jess then, why don’t you have a seat. I’m sure you would be more comfortable.”
She pauses and waits for me to slowly make my way over to the chair next to her and lower myself into it before going on. “I’m sure this may be a little awkward but I really do feel we must talk. You see, you have left my Bobby in a terrible state. I feel it my duty as his mother to ease his pain. So, Jess, I am here to talk to you and try to get you to call him. Now he doesn’t know I am here and I’m sure he would be quiet angry with me if he did know but that’s ok too. The boy stays angry at me. All that I ask is for you to call him and talk to him, work out your differences, and I am sure you both will be happier. So, what do you say dear, will you call him?”

I know my mouth has got to be in my lap at this point. The thoughts of this conversation actually happening has me dumbfounded. I feel my mouth working as I try to form words to say to this woman. My mind seems to have blanked out on me. Finally, I hear myself respond. “Um, Mrs. Lumpkin, I can appreciate your concern and trying to help Bobby, but really, this is between us. I just don’t think you being here today is helping at all.” I throw a look at Tad and back at Audrey again. “I mean, really, thank you for coming but I don’t want to call Bobby. He made the decision to leave me so if he wants to work things out then he needs to call me himself, then I will think about it.” Standing, I again look from one to the other and say, “Really, I must get back to work. I’m sorry this didn’t go as you hoped but I just can’t call him. So, please excuse me, and have a nice day.” I turn to the door but her voice stops me.

“Wait! Please!” I turn back to look at her with a curious look. “Won’t you please just think about it. Maybe meet somewhere and talk? I know! Come to my house. I will arrange for him to come and you come by and I will leave the two of you alone.”

I laugh a little and shake my head. “No, I’m sorry. I just don’t think that is a good idea.”

Audrey looks over at Tad and nod’s her head. “I believe it is time. I see no other way.”

“What do you mean? Mr. Baker? What does she mean?”
I quickly glance at one and then at the other only to do it again when neither answered. Tad gave her a grin and started to rise from his seat.

“You really give us no other option hun. I’m afraid we will have to do this the hard way.” He walks over to me and reaches out only to reach past me and lock the door. My heart flutters and I look at him with panic on my face. I remember all to well the last time he locked the door. I take a step back and bump into the door. “Oh now, come on Jess, it won’t be so bad. Just think of this as a bit of persuasion.” Again he smiles at me then gives me a little wink. Grabbing my hand, he pulls me after him. I follow but reluctantly.

“Please, wait, what are you planning on doing?” Frantically, I look from one to the other. My nervousness has gotten so bad that I am shaking all over and feeling a bit light headed.

Tad pulls me back over to the chair that I occupied earlier and gently pushes me back down. He then walks over to the cabinet and opens it. A squeak from a hinge sounds extra loud in the quiet room. He grabs the bench from my interview and brings it to the center of the room. I stare at it with mixed emotions. I felt fear from not knowing what was coming but I felt a wave of pleasure at the memories from last time.

“Audrey, if you are ready we will begin.” With these words Tad started removing his clothes. Silently, I just watched, not knowing what to say or do. I see Audrey get up and walk over to the cabinet and remove a black leather whip like device. It had several leather straps tangling from a round wooden handle. I feel sweat beading on my forehead and I swallow hard. She walks over to the bench and they both stare at me. I stare back, afraid to move.

Tad reaches down and begins playing with his cock, making it’s semi-hard state a full blown hard on. “Come Jess, it is time to be persuaded.”

“Why are you doing this? This is not right. I don’t want any part of this. I’m leaving.”
I stand up and move around the chairs and try to make my way to the door. They both stand in front of me and refuse to let me pass. “Please, don’t do this.”

“Jess, all you had to do is agree to talk to him. Now, you have to face the consequences. Don’t make this any harder than it has to be. Now, take off your clothes and go over to the bench.”
Tad points at the bench and gives me a gentle shove. “Go on.”

“You both are crazy. You can’t do this. I won’t let you!”

Giving a soft sigh, they each grab one of my arms and pull me over to the bench. I struggle and whimper but can’t get free from their hands. They start ripping my clothes from my body leaving me completely nude. A tear falls from my eye and rolls down my cheek. I whimper again, “Please.” Pushing me down on the bench, they roll me over and tie my hands with the silky scarfs.

I lay my head down hiding my face and a sob escapes from my lips. I soft “thwack” and a sharp pain hits my buttocks. Crying out, I lift my head before letting it fall back down. Again, a “thwack” and pain. “No! Please, that hurts!”

“ Now dear, you brought this on your self”
Audrey says. Then once again I hear the “thwack” and fell pain. With each hit she makes, I feel heat from the sting but a pleasurable heat begins between my legs. After she makes a fifth hit, I hear Tad say, “Enough for now, lets see how far that gets us. At this point all I can do is whimper and sob. I turn my head and see Tad moving between my legs. Grabbing my hips, he pulls me onto my knees and caresses my ass. Reaching between my legs, he rubs a hand across my pussy and then inserts a finger between my slit.

“Hmm, she is wet but not quit wet enough.” I feel his lips on my left ass cheek and then I feel his tongue slide down and across the lips of my pussy. I gasp at the sensation and my sobs taper off. I feel his tongue slide inside my hole and then find my clit. Flicking my clit over and over, I can’t help but let out a moan.

“Now then, let’s see how this goes,” he says as he raises back up. I feel his cock slide along my slit before going deep in my pussy. Moaning, I look over my shoulder and see Audrey with her skirt above her waist and sliding her panties down her legs. I close my eyes and place my head back down on the bench. Tad starts pumping in and out of my pussy. As he starts pumping faster, I hear our bodies smacking together.

I feel a touch on the back of my head and then a slight tug on my hair. Looking up, I see Audrey standing in front of my face with her pussy at eye level. She has pulled over one of the chairs and she places her left foot in the seat. In doing this, she has bared the lips of her pussy to me and she leans down next to my ear. “Lick my pussy, Jess. Show me that you are sorry you told me no.”

“No, please, I can’t,”
I whimper.

“Yes, you can. Do it now, or you will be sorry, I promise you.” She then pulls my face to her and holds me there. Tad suddenly slaps my ass with the palm of his hand and starts pumping into me harder. Crying out, I stick out my tongue and gently touch the lips of her pussy. I hear her moan and she moves her hips just a little. Moving her hips makes my tongue slide between her lips and I feel my tongue slide into her hole. The overpowering musky smell and the foreign taste hits me at the same time and I try to pull back. She holds me to her and again moves her hips. “Smack”, and pain runs across my ass. Tad has hit me again. I let out another whimper and start flicking my tongue along Audrey’s lips again. She takes her left hand and pulls the left side of her pussy open, making access to her clit easier for me. I run my tongue across it and I’m rewarded with another moan. I move my tongue all around her clit and then flick it several times. I feel Tad moving at a steady pace, fast and hard. I can feel my body tensing with my orgasm and I moan. I suck on Audrey’s clit, pulling at it a little with my lips and again flick at it with my tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh, yes baby,” is followed by cum filling my pussy as Tad finds his release. My own orgasm is triggered by his and I gasp and moan, my whole body quivering. Audrey still hasn’t let up on my head and I go back to licking her pussy. I feel her body start to shake and then she lets out a long moan of her own.

As Tad pulls his softening cock out of my pussy, he caresses my ass once again. I hear Audrey say softly, “Are you ready to talk to him or do we need to take this further?”

I look up at her face and shake my head no, “No, I will talk to him. There is no need to take this further.”

“Good. Tad, get that cream and bring it over to me please.”
I turn my head and watch as Tad gets a tube of cream from his desk and brings it over to Audrey. After handing it to her she moves behind me and I feel her smearing it on my ass, soothing the sting from her whipping. Tad unties my hands and moves back to his clothes, picking them up, he starts to dress.

“Get dressed Jess. You can use my phone to call Bobby. I’m sure he would like to know how your interview went.” With this Tad smiles and winks. I get up and grab my clothes, slowly putting them on and staring at the floor feeling humiliated. After I finished getting dressed, I look up and see that both Audrey and Tad are dressed as well and are watching me. Tad motioned to the phone with a little wave. Taking a deep breath, I walk over and pick it up, dialing Bobby’s number with a trembling hand.

It was answered with a terse, “Hello.”

“Bobby? This is Jess.”

A full 10 seconds pass before he answered. “Hi Jess. How’s things going sweetheart?”

Looking at Audrey and Tad standing next to each other, I reply, “Well, I got the job.”