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The next day Arii slept a good deal, partly because she expected to need all the rest she could get ahead of the Baron’s Birthday and partly because there wasn’t much else to do. Dair brought her some food and a quart jug of water at daybreak but didn’t stay to chat. She sensed it was going to be a long day and made the food last as long as she could, nibbling on little bits of bread and cheese from time to time. Both were verging on the stale, but she was hungry enough not to mind.

Her vagina had a strange warmth in it that fell some way short of actual soreness. She could tell it had been well stretched both lengthways and widthways by the three different penises that had been in it. It was just as well that Dair had got her wet before he had started on her and that he, Seth and Len had been only forceful, not rough. Thinking about it made her bite her lip. It was pointless to deny that she wanted to be fucked again.

During the afternoon some sunlight streamed through the shutters; it was a pleasant afternoon out there. If she listened carefully her sensitive ears could pick up someone at work with a spade not very far from the cottage, the occasional flap of wings and a quack or honk of a duck or goose coming down to the pond, one of the dogs dislodging a particularly troublesome flea, and the cooing of wood-pigeons away in the forest. It was peaceful, if rather dull.

When the evening came she heard the sound of the five young men coming in and a rattle of firewood in the pot-bellied stove in the next room. Gradually a smell of cooking filtered through. Give them their due, at least one of them knew how to make a good stew, and her mouth began to water.

The bolt grated back. It was Seth bringing her a well-filled bowl of stew and a horn spoon. He motioned to her to stay where she was, and set it down on the floor. Arii looked at it.

“Do I have to earn my supper?” she asked tartly.

“No. A bargain’s a bargain,” Seth grunted. “Tomorrow will be soon enough.”

He took her chamber-pot outside as well as the water-jug, returning a minute later with the one of them emptied and the other filled. By then Arii had tucked heartily into her stew and was most of the way towards finishing it. He looked her up and down. She had the blanket wrapped around her as a concession to modesty, while it was allowed.

“We’ll be turning in shortly,” he said; it was after sunset and the dusk was already fading. “Big day tomorrow for all of us.”

As if the Baron had ordered it specially, the Birthday dawned bright and clear, with a promise of heat to come. Four of the brothers trudged off after breakfast, but Len stayed behind; Arii could here him pottering around in the cottage.

“How come you’re still here?” she demanded, through the closed door. “Are you getting a head start on your brothers?”

“It’s tempting, but no,” Len replied, with a chuckle. “I’m here to keep an eye on you. Yesterday was our day to work our own holding; today it’s the Baron’s field, at least in the morning, so officially I’m ill. No-one’s going to think I’m faking it, when it means missing the hog-roast.”

He went back to his chores, while Arii sat on the bed and tried to relax. She was going to be fucked over and over again when the brothers came home and she wasn’t cold-blooded enough to face the prospect unmoved. She’d enjoyed it despite herself two days ago, but that was then and this was now. Suppose they were rough with her? Suppose Ned had her first and didn’t give her time to get wet? A dozen or more fucks would be no laughing matter if she was sore from the first one, and she had to make sure she pleased all of them or they might not let her go, after all.

There was something she could do about that. Very gently, Arii parted her labia, stroking them with the tips of her fingers, barely touching herself. She imagined Benji’s soft, inexperienced fingers, guided by purest instinct, finding her sensitive places and making them respond. Dair’s tongue, moistening her with his saliva and her own juices. Seth’s firm touch, uncompromising and demanding, giving her no choice but to beg to be fucked properly; and Len’s startling expertise. Startling…


“What now?”

He sounded amused as much as anything else. “You’ve had sex before, haven’t you? With someone who knew what she was doing?”

“Nosy! Yes, as a matter of fact. Last autumn, after the harvest was in, a fine lady came by, wanting someone to go to town with her to fetch and carry. We’d no work on right then, so I went. It meant a shilling in wages, and, as it turned out, she’d a fat old husband twenty-odd years older than her who couldn’t keep up with his young wife. He’d a taste for good red wine and he was in bed and snoring by nine o’clock at night… and she’d a soft tread in her bare feet and could find the garret bedroom without a light. She said it would be an education for me. It was.”

“You fucked a fine lady?”

“Believe it,” said Len, laughing lightly. “All three ways, at her bidding – after I’d licked her and fingered her. She wanted her shilling’s worth. There wasn’t that much fetching and carrying to do. Good job for the both of us she knew how to keep quiet.”

“Will you tell me about it?” asked Arii. She was getting wet just thinking about it, and a deliciously naughty thought arose in her: to masturbate while Len talked to her, secretly, on the other side of a locked door. She sat on the floor by the door and spread her legs wide.

“All right, why not? Can’t hurt to prime us both for the party, can it?”

I was up at the castle helping to move some barrels out of the buttery so the cooper could check them over, mend the ones that needed it and throw out the ones that had had it, when one of the guards came by. He said there was one of His Nibs’s friends that was passing through on the way up to their winter quarters. They’d sent their servants on ahead to open up, but Lady Jane (and that’s not her real name) had decided she wanted to see about some dress material and fripperies from the town, so they needed someone with a strong back for a couple of days. Well, it was a change of sights and besides they were paying hard cash, so I took it like a shot, just as soon as I could pump the sweat off me. That’s how I got a ride on the back step of a carriage for the first time in my life.

Her ladyship dragged us round the cloth merchants for a while and got me to carry a few bolts of silk and satin to their carriage, and some more odds and ends that I don’t need to list right here and now, and by the time she was done it was getting on to dinner time and her lord and master was in need of a drink. He’s not quite His Nibs’s station, but he’s got a fair bit of gold to his name from the wool trade and it does even a Baron no harm to keep in with such as he, and he’s also got a taste for drinking the profits, though not enough to ruin him. But he’s well past forty and looks the better part of sixty, what with his red cheeks and whiskers and a peppery sort of temper that I shouldn’t wonder was down to gout, and by the time he’s finished stuffing his face he’s well in his cups and fit for nothing but sleep.

I’ve had a good dinner below stairs in the inn, and I’d’ve taken the job just for the meat meal even if there hadn’t been a shilling to come, and what’s more, I’ve got a room to myself up in the attic with proper sheets on the bed. So I’m just settling down to sleep in my little bed when I hear the latch on the door, and that makes me jump, ’cos I surely hadn’t heard anyone coming up the stairs.

There’s no light and hardly any creak from the door, and I hear some footsteps as soft as a cat, but just as I’m deciding whether to scream or take my best shot at giving whoever it is a knee in the pods, I hear a whisper: “Don’t worry, Len, it’s only Lady Jane. Shh!”

“You startled me, my lady,” I say, sort of nervous. “Is something the matter?”

“No, but I’m not ready to go to sleep yet. I want to stay and talk for a while. Can you move up a bit?”

I do, though it’s not that big, and she edges onto the bed next to me, just a hint in the darkness. She smells sweet, some of that lady’s scent that my sort couldn’t afford if we saved for a year, and I remember her trying some out in the perfumer’s earlier in the day. I’m pushed up against the wall and even so she’s pressed right up against me, not to fall out.

We start talking and she tells me some scandalous stories she’s been hearing that we both have a quiet laugh at, and it turns out she knows some filthy jokes too. I tell her one of the filthiest I know to see how she’ll take it, and she sort of slaps me and tells me I’m a bad boy, but with a laugh in it. Then she says: “Whatever is that you’re wearing, Len? I can feel it through everything I’ve got on.”

It’s only my wool vest. I always keep it on from harvest to May-time to keep out the cold, but she says “You don’t need it at the moment. It’s warmer here than in your cot, I’ll be bound. Take it off. Don’t worry, it’s too dark for me to see anything I shouldn’t!”

I do as I’m told and toss it down at the foot of the bed, a little cross that she’s laughing at what I wear, and I say, “Is that better now?”

“Oh yes,” she says. She is pressed up against me and I can feel the silk of her nightgown, and she takes a handful of the sleeve and says “How do you like the feel of this?” and strokes it over my bare chest.

“It’s smooth,” I say.

“Mmm. So are you, Len, lovely and smooth. Except I can feel all the little dents that wool’s made in your skin.”

“It’s soft too,” I say.

“Yes. That’s why I love silk. So beautifully soft. But you’re not soft, Len, are you?” She lets the silk drop and strokes my chest and my shoulders. Well, okay, I’ve not yet got my full growth, then or now, but I’ve got some muscles already. “No, that’s not soft,” she says, coming back down over my chest and down over my belly, “and that’s not soft – and oh, my Len, that’s not soft either is it?”

Her hand’s gone down over the sheet, over my belly and so on down, and you can guess what she’s found that isn’t soft. I mutter something, sort of embarrassed, but she shushes me and turns the sheet down. “Oh, my,” she says again, as her hand takes hold of me, “that’s not even a little bit soft. I thought we’d hired ourselves a boy, but this doesn’t belong on a boy!”

Now she’s got her whole hand wrapped around me and she moves it up and down a little. “So hard!” she says. “May I say hello to this little man, Len?”

I nod, and she says “Only if I say hello properly, I might end up getting something on this nightgown, and that would never do. Should I take it off, do you think?”

Without waiting for me to answer, she stands up and there’s a soft rustle as she slips out of her silk nightie, and lays it over the chair in the corner. There is just enough light for me to see a couple of smudges on her breasts and a darker one between her legs, but no more. That’s too bad, ’cos up to then I’ve never seen a girl there, at any rate not since I was too young to care what I saw. She edges back onto the bed, pressed up against me all along my whole body, and her hand finds me again, and she rubs and strokes at me gently.

“Is that good?” she says.

“It’s fantastic,” I say. I want to touch her too but I don’t know if she’ll let me and I daren’t ask, but she brings one of her breasts up to my mouth and says, “Why don’t you suck on me, Len?”

She doesn’t need to ask twice. Her hand is going oh so slowly and her nipple is big on my tongue, and she’s breathing slow and deep and sort of musically.

“Oh, I think I ought to suck this little man now, Len!” she says, and I gasp. I can’t think what it must taste like, or why a fine lady like her would want to do that to the likes of me, but she says, “Don’t be shocked. It’s all right, Len.”

As she starts to slip down me, leaving a trail of kisses on my chin, my throat, my chest and my stomach, I say “But, lady, if you do that I might…” and then I don’t know how to finish the sentence.

“Might? Might what?” she teases. Then she says, “I hope there’s no might about it, Len. Don’t worry, I know perfectly well what I’m doing. But you’ve got to be *absolutely* quiet, do you understand?”

When she takes me in her mouth I’m quite sure I’m going to spend right there and then, but I’m too embarrassed to, if embarrassment can stop that happening. Then she goes to work tormenting me good and proper. I don’t mean she’s hurting me, because that’s the last thing she’s doing. It’s just so much pleasure and I’m so close to coming, and she doesn’t quite let me, for what seems like ages. She licks at the tip of me, sucks on the end, then takes me deep inside her mouth, strokes me slowly with her hand, pumps me hard and fast for just a second, then starts all over again. I’m catching my breath every breath I take, expecting to fill her mouth up any moment, but never quite getting there.

“Oh, please, lady,” I say eventually, and that’s all I have to say. She pumps and licks a little harder, sucks a little deeper, and all at once it starts to happen. She drives her hand right down to the base and lifts her mouth away from me, there’s a second or two when I think it’s not going to happen after all, before I suddenly go off like a cannon. I swear I hear it splash into her mouth and then I hear her snap her mouth shut, and she gives a sort of a hum and a giggle.

“Mmm. And how was that, Len?”

“Wonderful,” I say, truthfully, “but why did you want to do it?”

“Because I love it, silly boy,” she says. “Oh dear, look what I’ve got all over my face! I’ll have to mop it off. I’ll use your sheet, it’ll be all right, they’ll know young men like you have little accidents now and then.”

I hear the rustling as she dabs at her face, then she gives me a hug and says, “All right, would you like to do that back to me?”

“How?” I say. “I’ve never done it before.”

“I’ll teach you, then,” she says, and gets me to kneel at the foot of the bed, as if I was going to say my prayers. Her feet are on the floor either side of me – the bed’s not high – and I can smell her woman-place, all hot and sort of musky. I don’t know what I expected it to smell of, but it’s exciting. She says, “I’ll help to guide you into place. Feel around with your tongue, you should be able to find a little bump about the size of a small bean. Being licked all around there is good, but if you find the place I’m talking about…”

I do my best. I burrow into her damp crevice, hidden away inside a mass of soft curly hair, sort of rooting around like a pig in an orchard, though I hope she doesn’t think of it that way. Actually my nose finds something before my tongue does, and I guess it’s the place she’s talking about, especially as she gasps when my nose hits it, and all the more when I start to lick at it.

What hits me most is how tiny the thing is I’m licking at. It’s not the size of my smallest fingertip, and I’m astonished to learn that women have got a place that goes hard the way my cock does, and doubly so to see what it does to her. She starts making groaning noises, like I’m hurting her, but she whispers “Don’t stop, Len, please don’t stop,” when I make to ask her, so I just get on with it. Soon she catches me by the back of the head and starts pushing up to meet me. I get my nose banged like this, but I don’t stop. After she’s taken my stuff in her mouth, I don’t want to let her down.

This goes on for a while and she sounds more and more excited from the way her breathing’s going, and she’s moaning and gasping all along but keeping it very quiet. I wonder how long she wants me to keep it up for. I mean, I know that when I shoot my stuff I’ve had enough, but how do I know what it’s like for women?

She breaks off after I don’t know how long and moves my head away from her cunt, which is just as well for me as she’d been riding my face harder and harder and it was getting tricky to breathe. She sits up on the bed and bends down to kiss me on the face, right where I’m covered all over with this wetness of hers, and she says, “Lovely, lovely Len, you’re doing your best, but I don’t think you’re going to get me there like that.”

“What do you want me to do then, lady?” I say.

She reaches down and takes hold of me, and laughs. “I thought so. This little soldier’s standing to attention again. I think we ought to send him into the breach. Lie down on the rug.”

She follows me down as I go, and says, “That bed would creak far too much for what I want. Are you comfortable?”

“Yes,” I say, wishing there was just a little more light. Her ladyship straddles me at about knee height and shuffles forwards, and I see the dark shadow between her thighs come down over my little soldier, as she calls it. She’s right about him being at attention, too. I feel something warm and wet touch him, and then she shuffles some more and I feel him all of a sudden wrapped to half his length inside her. It’s the first cunt I’ve ever been in, and it feels fantastic.

“All right, Len?”

“Oh, yes,” I say, just barely remembering to whisper. Then she starts to ride me, like I got you to, but she’s been for a sight more gallops than you have, elf. I feel myself going deeper and deeper in, until I can feel her wet cunt pressed right down to the base of me. She’s grunting and groaning and letting out little low moans all the time.

“Are you all right, lady?” I say.

“Mmm. Oh, yes, Len, yes, you bad boy!” she says. “Oh, you’re so big and hard, you’re just what I needed, this is wonderful.”

That’s the one word of truth. I’d always imagined what it would be like for my cock to be deep in a girl’s cunt, but I never knew what to expect. My hand’s hard, dry and rough, but she’s the complete opposite, soft though firm, wet and slippery, and so, so smooth I’d never imagined. You don’t know what it’s like being inside a cunt, girl, or you’d know why men want it so much.

She rides me hard and fast, and starts to make whimpering noises through her clenched teeth, until she calls out, “Bad boy, bad, bad boy!” and then just lets out a whole string of little mews. I feel her cunt sort of clench, over and over again, in time with her mewing, and I can feel myself well up, all ready to shoot inside her.

And then she pulls off me, really sudden, enough to make me gasp, and she says, “Len, you naughty boy, you were just about to do it inside me, weren’t you?”

She sounds teasing more than angry, and I say, “Wasn’t I meant to?”

“Ooh, no, you mustn’t dare do that, Len!” she says. “That old fool doesn’t see half what goes on right under his nose, but even he couldn’t miss a round belly on me by Lady Day, and it wouldn’t be a bit of good my saying that an archangel did it!”

I see what she’s saying, of course. She can pull the wool over her husband’s eyes, but she can’t risk getting a baby that way. I can’t help sighing, though, which she hears and says, “Now don’t be disappointed, Len. I haven’t finished with you yet. Will you stay hard for me a little longer?”

There’s no danger I won’t, and I see her get to her feet and rummage around in her nightgown. There’s a little rasp of something, stone on stone or maybe pottery, and a sort of slurping noise. I can just make out her rubbing her bottom, and I catch a strange smell, sort of like butter. Then she kneels down next to me and feels around until she finds my cock, which she strokes with a hand that’s now all greasy, and damn me if it isn’t butter, which I find mighty strange at that place and time.

Before I can ask what’s going on, she’s slid the bolster off my bed onto the floor, and she lies across it so her bottom’s up in the air. “Now, Len, you can fuck me in my arse,” she says, “but you’ve got to be patient to begin with, until I open up. Do you understand?”

“I think so,” I say.

“Good. Find the hole with your fingers. A little higher. That’s right. Now bring that battering ram of yours up there and just push gently. Ohh!” she gasps. “That’s it. Really slowly.”
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