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'Do you know you were driving 65 in 45 mph zone miss?'

'Oh my, officer,' you replied batting your eyelashes, 'I had no idea I was driving so fast.' You poured the charm on thick, trying to convince the policeman, handing him your license and registration. Fussing and twisting your long locks of golden hair.

He stood tall on the shoulder of the road, with his face so high up out of your sight. His zipper was at eye level with you and you glanced at it obviously, hoping to divert his attention. His flash light could have doubled as a night stick and he carried a pistol holstered on his side belt, equipped with a radio, hand-cuffs, pepper-spray, and other objects of protection and weaponry. He was very broad, especially wearing his bullet proof vest under his uniform.

'You also ran two stop signs and were driving very erratically,' the officer continued, checking over your photo license and shining his light in your eyes.

It isn't easy making "pretty eyes" when you're being blinded, especially after midnight when you had a few drinks, but you remained calm and managed a pose. It didn't hurt that you'd hiked up your thin, white shorts and adjusted your perky, petite breasts before he came to your car window.

His flash light moved from your face to your thighs and followed your hand as you lifted and shifted the hem just a little more.

'Honestly sir, I didn't know,' you pleaded. 'If there's anything I can...'

'Have you been drinking?' he questioned.

'I had a drink or two, but I assure you, I'm not drunk.'

'What's your name miss?' the officer asked.

'Colleen. It's right there on my license.' Seductively, you continued, 'What's yours?'

'Reed,' he said. 'Lieutenant John Reed, Bensalem PD. I'm going to have to ask you to step outside the vehicle Colleen.'

Reluctantly, you opened your car door and stepped out onto the pavement. He seemed contrite toward you for pulling you over. Keeping your composure, this time you insisted, 'I'm not drunk.'

He was large. Even with your lean stature of 5'9", he was much taller than you, standing well over 6' high. His light brown hair was short and tapered around to the back. Lt. Reed was an older man, maybe early 40's. His harmless eyes were fixed to your face. He had a sturdy, masculine chin and a smooth, clean shave. Reed was well groomed and dapper. You were pleasantly surprised.

His soft spoken, apologetic voice said, 'I'm going to run you through a quick sobriety test and hopefully I can let you go home. It shouldn't take long Colleen.'

'Oh no, I hope it doesn't take too long,' you said, playing on his sympathy. 'I have children at home.'

He'd heard it all before. "I had no idea." "I promise to be more careful..." Women trying to flirt their way out of a ticket. You were no different, he thought. What did he know?

He was easy, you thought. A pose and maybe a little bartering and you'd be on your way home. What did you know?

You sang the alphabet a la Marilyn Monroe. Walked a straight line runway style. Even touched your nose one finger at a time, still managing to lick your red lip-stick. Not good enough.

Shifting your gaze from his eyes to his growing erection you giggled and joked, 'Oh no, not the breathalyzer.'

'Colleen, please turn around and put you hands on the car. Feet apart.'

Although Reed failed to find humor in your little muse, he was a gentleman and respectful to you. You decided you'd be better off to just cooperate and get this over with. You obeyed and the Lieutenant squatting behind you began frisking you. His warm hands touched your sandals and slowly patted there way up your naked legs. As his touch reached the hem of your shorts, you arched your back and pushed your ass out to meet him. His thick fingers swiped you pussy gently and wrapped around your waist. Standing behind you now, he lifted your shirt and felt your back. His cologne was making you wet. Before you knew it, his hands were on your already hard nipples. When he leaned against you to check your arms and wrists, his stiff cock pressed tightly against your ass. You moved against him submissively.

'Is that your night stick, or are you enjoying this as much as I am?' you taunted.

'Well Colleen, you passed the field sobriety test, but I smell alcohol on you. I'll need to take you to the station.' Lt. Reed escorted you to his patrol car, 'Watch your head,' he added, assisting you into the back seat.

Once in the driver seat, Reed called on the radio and requested a private conference room using code numbers too hard to decipher.

The room was small and empty, save the sink in the corner, a long table and two folding chairs. They were too uncomfortable to sit on, so you propped your ass against the table instead. There was a large mirror on the wall next to you. You thought it was cute how Reed, a serious policeman, tried desperately to remain un-aroused with your femininity. You turned on your heels and faced Reed, locking your gaze to his. You were too adorable to refuse.

'I really hope this isn't going to take long,' you said impatiently. 'I really do have family waiting for me at home. Can I at least call them?'

'Sorry Colleen, cell phones are forbidden in the building. This'll only take a few more minutes. I need to do a cavity search on you. Would you please remove your clothes?'

'A strip search for a traffic violation?' Shocked and afraid now, you snapped, 'I'm not wearing a...Oh fuck it!!'

First, you removed your black, halter-top. Your pale-white breasts were small and firm, with erect nipples that pointed to the ceiling. Then you peeled off your soaking-wet shorts and stepped out of them. You had a beautiful, heart shaped ass, and a neatly-trimmed little vagina. Your moist pussy lips were puckered and protruding. Standing arms akimbo, you revealed every inch of your naked body. You felt naughty for not wearing panties. It was very exciting and you couldn't help admiring yourself in the full length mirror and caught another glance at the lieutenant standing at attention. Folding your arms and cupping your supple breasts you asked, 'This floor is cold, can I leave my shoes on?'

Again, he asked you to face away from him. Hands on the table and feet apart. Reed began frisking you once again. Much slower and indiscreetly this time.

"I'm naked," you pondered, "what could I be hiding? Why is he frisking me?" 'Oh!' you squealed as his thick fingers separated your ass cheeks, jabbing and stretching your anal passage. First a single finger, then a second.

'This may be a little uncomfortable,' Reed warned too late.

'Yes,' you answered half agreeing and half approving.

Your breathing was getting heavy and you could feel his fingers bear down on your asshole. The pressure was like a dizzying rush and it was making you weak. With his fingers still implanted deep within you, Reed rose behind you and you could feel another finger touching your wet pussy. Not possible. His right hand was up your ass and his left hand was searching your torso.

Reed had a stiff prick. The thought of this sexy officer touching and fondling you was making you horny. You felt faint. Your knees buckled and you fell upon his rigid cock again and again. You lay face down on the table, ass high in the air. You lifted you legs and wrapped them around Lt. John Reed's ass. He was deep in you, you were deep in ecstasy.

'Oh lieutenant,... You're such a gentleman.' you murmured in irony.

You could see your reflection in the mirror. You liked to watch Reed stick his skewer in your pussy. Making his fingers wet and fucking your ass. I think you like the double penetration. You can feel his fingers touching his cock between your womb and your ass. It felt as though he would wear through the barrier. Tearing you a new ass hole, if you will. Pumping and shaking his hips and pelvis in your tight, wet pussy. Fighting and forcing his fingers further up your ass. Left hand around your waist supporting you. Your legs clamped around his ass as if to win a wheel barrel race.

You moved against his rampant thrusts, challenging his strength. Defying his authority. Groaning and shouting cliches and sayings like; 'Protect me. Serve me John...' and 'Enforce yourself on me Lieutenant...'

He's very handsome and refined, but in the mirror his face looks more threatening and crooked. Boys are fun and energetic. Older men are sexy and respectful. This man was an animal. Lt. John Reed was officer, judge , jury and executioner.

'I'm a criminal, Lieutenant,' you cried. 'Convict me.'

John was hot in the mirror, but when you looked at yourself lying there face down, spread eagle around this seasoned professionals waist, you fell in lust with yourself. Just the sight of yourself having elicit sex with a stranger makes you cum. Your tummy smacks the table as John's grip falls from you waist. The quick, unexpected jolt forces you to a spastic orgasm and the shock raises you to new and higher levels of pleasure. You're convulsive and bursting with cum.

'Hands behind your back Colleen,' he commanded and you obeyed.

He slapped the cuffs on you and flipped you over on your back. It hurt. He was being a little too forceful and too strong to resist his arrest. His fingers and his cock are gliding in and out of your soft pussy and ass. In and out. Sometimes in unison, sometimes syncopated. You cum again and again. His fingers slip away and he begins pumping his cock is your ass. Hands on your shoulders, and thumbs clenching your throat, he wants you to look him in the eye as he practices this sordid display of police brutality. It hurts and you love it. You whimper and your face is twisted. Tears are streaming down your cheeks.

John pulls his dick from your ass, strokes it a few times and cum sprays on your pubic hair. Another splashes on your belly button ring. 'Bull's eye,' you said. A third and fourth messes your hair and lips. You touch his dick between your arched feet and pull yet more hot semen from his fading erection.

He strides to the sink and rinses your ass off of his pink dick.

Still handcuffed you kneel before him and stare desirably at his midsection.

'You truly are Bensalem's finest,' you said and kissed his shriveled cock. Licking his balls and sucking the tips of his fingers. 'I definitely got off.'

'Yes. I'll let you go with a citation for speeding. You can dispute it if you want, but I won't let you off next time. Unless you'd care to make it a private dispute.' Reaching into his wallet he smiled, but still was serious. 'Here's my card.' he said, helping you to your feet.

It was well after 2 am and you wanted to go home. It was late and you were too tired to argue then and there, but perhaps, soon you would contact Lt. John Reed, and settle this on a more personal and private level.

'I think you're sobered up by now. I'll take you back to your vehicle.'

He chauffeured you to your car and let you go. Kissing your knuckles, he gallantly held you car door open and waited for you to put your seat belt on before returning to his car.
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