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"Reach back and spread those cheeks" the horny latina orders. "Wider!" she barks, and the scared teacher pulls her buttocks apart as far as she can, wincing as the skin at the top of her ass-crack stretches painfully. Chrissy finds a small tube of KY in her jeans pocket, and after un-capping it she squeezes a gob of it onto her fingertips, which she then pastes onto the softly-weeping blonde's nether-hole. She gasps as those jelly-coated digits force their way past the clenched ring of muscles guarding her anus. Betty Dalton bites her lips to keep from crying-out, but the stinging pain is almost too much as the insistent fingers probe deeper, stretching and lubricating her hot, forbidden anal passage.

Chrissy wiggles her fingers in a what is known as a "finger-wave"; the tight hole is loosening a bit, and the initial pain is beginning to subside somewhat. The fingers slide out, and the big-titted mother sobs brokenly as something hard and greasy prods against her aching rectal opening. She howls in agony as one hard, quick thrust sends the massive intruder plowing past her virgin anus and into her previously un-penetrated backdoor. Chrissy gives her a few seconds to adjust to the thick intrusion, then starts to butt-fuck her as if she's farm worker churning butter. Placing a hand on each of her luscious hips, the dildo-strapped teen works her fingers under the wide band of the garter-belt and uses it to lever the impaled teacher backwards onto her monster prong. Her own slim hips grind in hard, tight circles on the "in" thrust, so that she is the stirring the contents of Mrs. Dalton's bowels like a blender gone mad.

"Oh, Dear Lord" the chesty blonde whimpers, lost in a cloud of pain as her bottom is painfully, relentlessly plundered by the remorseless latina student.

She prays fervently that her neighbor, a Jehovah's witness, a kid selling newspaper subscriptions, anyone, stop by and save her from this horrible torment. It suddenly occurs to her that, unlike with a male rapist, who would eventually lose his erection to climax, that Chrissy will not have that problem; that she can go on raping her anally until she's good and ready to quit.

At the same time, she is aware that the pain has faded to a dull, uncomfortable fullness, and that she is beginning to feel twinges of pleasure: the large set of fake balls beneath the cock is slapping repeatedly against her clit, making it sting, then tingle, and now that it is burrowing much more easily into her loosened behind, the millions of nerve ending located in her rectum are responding to the hard, deep thrusting of the rampant dildo. She is unable to stop herself from throwing her hips backward, trying to get more of her partner's cock into her suddenly hungry ass-hole.

This action is not lost on Chrissy: "Work that big ass, baby" she grins, stepping-up her pace. "You're my bitch now, hmmm?" When Betty doesn't answer, Chrissy whacks her hard on her left ass-cheek.

"Y-y-yes!" the cock-stuffed wife and mother gasps, taking the hint.

"You will address me as Mistress, Betty" Chrissy informs her, adding another slap for emphasis.

"Y-Y-yess, Mistress" Betty Dalton wails, not so much from the pain of the blow, which does hurt, but from the vibration the slap causes in her throbbing, swollen clit.

Chrissy decides that she has ass-fucked the buxom math teacher into submission and realizes that it is time to bring this session to an end. Chrissy's hands leave the sweating, panting blonde's hips and slide beneath and under to grab a hold of her bouncing, swaying tits. The heavy jugs, still contained in their bra cups, over-flow her small palms, but that doesn't stop her from milking them roughly in time to her hard thrusts. Betty Dalton grunts like a pig, her back arches into a painful bow as the first explosion racks her being; successive lust bombs go off one by one, until she is driven nearly blind with the force of it. She can't stop the loud, blatting, fragrant fart the issues from her destroyed rose-bud as Chrissy pulls-out after a last, bowel-skewering, pumping thrust. She would be embarrassed by the crude noises if she wasn't so thoroughly and completely fucked into senselessness.

"Suck my cock, bitch" Chrissy demands; even this last order doesn't horrify the busty wife as it once would have. Hating herself for her lust, and ashamed for her weakness, Betty allows the greasy, soiled cock into her mouth. Though she gags at the taste of her own ass, she bravely attempts to swallow the whole shaft. Chrissy's hands wrap into the teacher's hair, holding it stationary as her hips kept pumping deep and hard. As the shaft appears and disappears and appears from between her lips, a sheen of spit covers it, making it easier for the student to ram it in and out of her throat. She gives the massive rubber prick a blow-job worthy of a professional whore.

Sylvia Martinez feels guilty about drugging her beloved husband's brandy, but she needs her daughter's big cock in her cunt and ass. Her lust for her youngest child is something she can neither explain nor justify; she only knows that she can't help herself.

She calls Chrissy's mobile phone and verifies that she will be home in fifteen minutes: Sylvia will be waiting for her...

To be continued...
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