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A single ray of sunlight reached into the room like a musical note from God, so beautiful in its divine silence. Strangely transfixed by the perfect pitch of this cadensa, Arietta reached her fingers into the light and felt the ecstatic joy of quiet. She watched a gleaming ballet of dust spiraling around her fingertips, as she felt music envelope her.

She turned to the piano and tried to translate the light onto the keys. A single note, strong, then wavering in echo proclaimed a failure. More notes expanded into the room, each one slightly darker, each one a failure. She paused as a tear wandered down her cheek. Then she crossed her arms over the piano and crashed her head down upon them, beating a strange rhythm.

Her flaws haunted her, curves and lines stretched out in front of her, mocking her. She could not escape. In the mirror they stared at her, and now in the sunlight, in the midst of such beautiful music, she was hopeless. The keys, the timing, the rhythm failed her.

The ray of sun slowly crossed the room, each moment its aria called to her. She moved carefully, trying to absorb the silence, the perfect music. She tried again and again to play the sunlight, but failed. She longed for its bright light, for its perfect pitch.

- - -

"She was always eccentric, but now she continues to descend into herself," Dr. Wolf whispered to Dr. Motz. "I fear something in our treatment is terribly flawed." They watched her bang her arms and head onto the table through the two-way mirror.

"Have you tried letting her play a piano?"

"She doesn't play, she never has. She is a graphic artist, considered one of the most brilliant in her field. We have tried letting her sit with a piano, but she just sits in a corner, she won't touch it," Dr. Wolf explained. "We keep her away from the piano now."

"It is baffling," Dr. Motz replied.

"Yes, I fear we will lose her completely if we don't find some way to treat her soon. It seems just when we are about to make some progress she pulls away, terrified. Look, I will go in and approach her, watch her reaction."

- - -

The ray faded as the sun dipped below the horizon. Arietta worried now, he came to her in the darkness, all she could do was watch as he tore her dress off her. She’d scream, but no-one would hear, he’d continue, removing her undergarments and when she was naked he’d throw her on the bed and undress himself. If she tried to run, he’d strike her and throw her back. When he undressed he would come to her, and though she’d fight him, he’d force her legs apart and move between them.

She could feel it then, his grotesque member as it pressed against her, his horrid cock would flail against her as they struggled. Hard as she fought, it would soon penetrate her, first easily as he worked it in, but soon he’d force himself savagely into her. As he thrust she could smell his breath, feel him drool on her moaning all the time. She finally would stop fighting him and lay motionless as he pumped himself into her. Fighting her urge to vomit, she’d endure him as he pressed again and again, forcing himself deeper and deeper into her burning flesh. Finally with a loud moan he’d embrace her tight, press his hips tight to her and come, spewing his acid hate deep inside her. Then, he’d leave her, naked, often bleeding from the attack, and simply walk away.

- - -

“You see what I mean, as I approach her, she pulls away as if actually in pain. Sometimes she cries out as if someone were hitting her. I am helpless here, I cannot help her.”

"And she was such a wonderful artist. It is a shame, I don’t know what else to say."

“Now, see there, it’s like she is playing again,” he whispered, nodding at her.

- - -

She had wanted to play the notes, correct the flaws. She feared the darkness. It came upon her like a swift tide, enveloping her in cold, cold, icy notes. She played the darkness beautifully, each note flowed in perfection, the rhythm rolled like waves and she was drawn further and further into the deep. She felt the tide rising and knew her time had come. In the moonlight, Arietta gently pressed the keys. In the faint luminous melody she became the moon and disappeared into the clouds, never to return.
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