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Prisoner to Porn

Bored, Kalynn and her rich, useless boyfriend casually walked into La Femme porn shop on a chilly autumn night. They joked together as they stared at the wide array of crotchless panties, fuck-me pumps, and fishnet stockings. Kalynn walked up to the front counter and leaned over to look at body jewelry.

Kalynn had been considering getting her navel pierced, and she loved to look at the different rings that were available. Her breasts grazed the counter and her V-neck sweater dropped slightly at the shift in weight. The girl behind the counter came up and asked if Kalynn would like to see anything. Kalynn continued to examine the jewelry under the glass and shook her head no. She straightened in time to see the girl behind the counter avert her eyes away from Kalynn’s cleavage. A little uncomfortable at the female attention, Kalynn walked away to find her boyfriend.

She found him in front of the dildos. “Cute,” she chided. “Do you want one for yourself?”

Laughing, her rich, useless boyfriend held up a huge black latex penis. “This looks just like mine,” he told her.

She smiled and thought to herself, “Yeah, don’t you fucking wish.”

Kalynn continued to glance around the small corner, looking at plastic pussys and realistic looking dicks. She leaned over to get something from the bottom shelf. Her short, vinyl skirt rose slightly, revealing the lace tops to her thigh highs. Her rich, useless boyfriend’s jaw dropped, and the girl behind the counter raised one eye.

“Nice,” Sarah whispered to her boyfriend and coworker, John. “Very sexy. She would be an awesome playmate.” They both watched Kalynn, as she tossed her long, thick, auburn hair over her shoulder. She was about 5’8”, all leg. She did not have huge breasts, but they were perky, with hard nipples pushing against her cashmere sweater. She had huge green eyes full of wonder as she ran her french-tipped nail over the head of a fake cock. A flat tummy and creamy white skin completed the look of this vixen.

Sarah and John had a very interesting sex life. They loved to play pretend. They were both quite happy working at La Femme, taking home new toys to play with almost weekly. Sarah was short, pierced, and had a fetish for redheads. She was on the short side, about 5’4” tall. She was a blond herself, with short spiky hair and deep brown eyes. She loved to dress up in different roles. Tonight, she was the naughty schoolgirl, wearing a short plaid skirt, white oxford button down shirt, knee high white socks and shiny black shoes.

John loved her wild side. He would indulge from time to time with his own fantasy. He loved to dominate. Standing almost a foot taller than Sarah, he felt the height difference worked to his advantage. He dyed his hair platinum and wore blue contacts. He was somewhat lanky, with enough muscle on him to avoid looking completely ridiculous. John was strong. He loved pinning Sarah to the bed and fucking her hard.

Kalynn turned her head and caught the reflection of John and Sarah checking her body out. She flushed a deep red. Her rich, useless boyfriend announced he was ready to go. Kalynn moved to follow him out the door, but something caught her eye. She told him to go start the car, she would be out shortly.

The clock on the wall announced it was 9:00 p.m., closing time. Sarah looked at her watch and back at Kalynn. Kalynn muttered under her breath. Sarah did not hear what was said, but she knew Kalynn called her a dyke. Sarah moved to John’s side. She whispered something in his ear and moved to lock the door. Kalynn paid no attention to what she thought was a blatant move to try and hurry her out of the store. She continued to look around. In the background, Sarah lowered shades and turned off the neon lights announcing they were open. She shook her head slightly at John. Sarah and John had a plan and Kalynn was clueless.

John sauntered casually over to where Kalynn was standing. “Are you looking for anything in particular?” He asked her, his voice dripping with charm.

Kalynn looked at him and answered that she was curious about bondage. The response startled her. She had never said anything about this fantasy to anyone. He grinned, and led her over to a counter at the rear corner of the store. Leather strips and chains hung from a rack mounted to the wall. The glass counter held an assortment of steel handcuffs, glow in the dark plastic cuffs, feather handcuffs, and different novelty items. Kalynn laughed in surprise as she pointed to a pair of thick handcuffs lined in leopard print fleece.

“For your comfort,” John assured her as he removed them from the case.

Kalynn leaned over the glass counter and extended her wrists to him. John slapped the cuffs around her arms, and she brought them up to her face to examine them. Laughing, she offered her hands back to him to unlock. John looked her deep in the eyes and shook his head no. Smiling, she cocked her head and asked him to release her. Again, John shook his head no. He grabbed the chain connecting the cuffs together and yanked her over the counter. Kalynn let out a loud gasp in protest as John took a clip that was mounted to the wall by one of the thick chains she had noticed hanging there. He connected it to the cuff chain, pulling her hard against the top of the glass.

Kalynn was helpless, laid over the glass counter, her arms extended painfully in front of her. The edge of the counter dug into her abdomen, and her legs were pressed hard against the front of the glass. She struggled, trying to pull herself free, but to no avail. She was locked firmly in place. John kneeled in front of her and produced a roll of tape from a drawer under the counter. He stuck a thick piece of duct tape over her mouth. Panic rose in her as Kalynn realized she was in a lot of trouble.

Sarah came up behind her and lifted the back of Kalynn’s skirt to see her panties. Kalynn tried in vain to wiggle out of Sarah’s grasp, but Sarah just laughed at her. Sarah kicked Kalynn’s legs apart and pressed her own knee between her legs. She shoved Kalynn’s skirt completely over her hips and touched the waistband of the simple black bikini panties she was wearing.

“Not very sexy, whore,” Sarah told her. “These just won’t do.”

The sound of fabric ripping echoed through the quiet store as Kalynn’s underwear was torn off. Sarah laughed cruelly, and Kalynn closed her eyes in embarrassment.

“Watch who you call a dyke, bitch,” Sarah warned Kalynn. “Let me show you just how nasty I can truly be.”

With that, Sarah raked her fingernails hard over Kalynn’s bare ass. Behind the tape, Kalynn cried out in pain. Long welts of torn flesh scarred Kalynn’s backside. Sarah brought her hand down on Kalynn’s ass cheek hard, causing another muffled cry from Kalynn. John came up behind Sarah and cupped her breasts. His breathing was hard in her ear, and he pressed his erect cock against Sarah’s ass.

“I love it when you are an animal,” he whispered in Sarah’s ear. “Let’s show this bitch a good time.” With that, he bit hard on Sarah’s neck and Sarah screamed in pleasure.

She whipped around, facing John, and yanked his pants down over his hips. John never wore underwear. He loved the way that strangers started at the bulge in his pants when he was hard. Sarah smiled in satisfaction. She grabbed the thick shaft of his 7” dick and stroked him hard twice. Sarah bent her head down and licked the tip of his manhood, running the ball of her tongue ring over his head. He groaned.

“God, you are a fucking tease,” he panted.

He grabbed Sarah by the back of her head, trying to bring her mouth completely on his erection. She pulled back and grabbed a hold on his dick. Sarah tugged him forward, around the counter to Kalynn’s face. He pressed his cock against the tape on her mouth. Kalynn tried to pull back, but was helpless with the cuffs around her wrists. She closed her eyes again. She shook her head no as a single tear slid down her cheek.

“Poor whore,” Sarah cooed without sympathy.

Sarah walked around to Kalynn’s behind. Getting on her knees, Sarah inserted one finger into Kalynn’s moist pussy. Kalynn’s eyes popped wide open in surprise and fear. John laughed again, and moved his dick forward to stroke her cheek with his head. Sarah continued to trace the lips of Kalynn’s swollen sex with a finger. Kalynn squirmed; angry with herself for the way her body was betraying her by reacting to touch. Sarah touched the curly red pubic hair before sliding her finger into Kalynn’s pussy again. Kalynn jumped and Sarah took the chance to bring the tip of her tongue to taste Kalynn.

Sarah ran her tongue on the outer edges of her soaked cunt before thrusting it completely into Kalynn. Kalynn’s knees started to shake and Sarah held her hips hard into the glass. Sarah continued to assault her with her tongue, licking, stroking and gently biting at her engorged clit. Kalynn shuddered, tears openly running down her face as Sarah brought her to the brink of orgasm.

“You fucking whore, you must be a dyke too, because you seem to be enjoy being tongue-fucked by another bitch!” John was in Kalynn’s face yelling at her. “Open your eyes, bitch, and let me see how much you love it!”

Kalynn opened her eyes and looked at John helplessly. Kalynn’s eyes were dark with desire, despite the way she shook her head. Sarah inserted two fingers into Kalynn and continued to lick her from behind. Sarah’s tongue moved faster and faster until Kalynn released her orgasm, shooting juice all over Sarah’s face and neck. Kalynn moaned loudly behind the duct tape on her mouth. Sarah stood up, and strutted over to John. John leaned in and licked remains of Kalynn off of Sarah. Running his tongue over her face, he brought his hands to the buttons of her shirt and tore the seams apart. Sarah’s pierced nipples stood firm and erect in front of him.

“You are a nasty little slut,” John smirked. “You leave eating pussy, don’t you?”

Sarah responded to his question with a grin. She turned to face Kalynn, who was no longer struggling against her restraints. Her body lay still, draped over the glass in obvious defeat. Sarah leaned over so she was face to face with Kalynn.

“You poor thing,” she said in a soft tone. “Do you want us to let you go now that you have had some fun?”

Kalynn weakly shook her head yes. Both John and Sarah laughed.

“Too fucking bad, bitch! You have yet to do anything for us!” Sarah spat the words out cruelly at Kalynn.

John lifted Sarah onto the glass next to Kalynn’s head. In a swift movement, Sarah ripped the tape off of Kalynn’s mouth. Kalynn yelled in pain, and John took the opportunity to shove himself into her mouth. Kalynn responded by gagging against his enormous cock as he started to move in and out. John used his left hand to grab a fistful of Kalynn’s silky hair as he continued to fuck her mouth hard and fast. He ran his fingers through the tresses before yanking hard. Kalynn felt her scalp being pulled violently as he tugged on her hair.

John used his free hand to snake between Sarah’s parted legs. Under her short skirt, she was not wearing underwear. Two shiny silver hoops hung from Sarah’s pierced labia, and another one hugged the hole in her clit hood. He shoved two fingers deep into her hairless snatch and pumped his hand in and out. He thrust his hips in time to his fingers so he was fucking Kalynn’s mouth and Sarah’s pussy with the same rhythm.

John loved the brutal feeling he experienced as he used Kalynn’s mouth to pleasure himself. It did not take long for him to feel the pressure of his cum rising. He felt his shaft tighten and his balls draw close to his body. He pulled himself out of Kalynn’s mouth. The head of his cock was purple with the need to cum, but he stood in front of Kalynn breathing hard. Sarah leaned her head back, and John bent over to kiss her exposed pussy. John blew on her wetness and proceeded to bite her inner thigh hard. Kalynn knew she should say something, protest, cry, attempt to move away, but she was enthralled by the primal urges the two were sharing. John pressed his lips against Sarah’s open hole and sucked hard. Sarah screeched in pleasure and raised her hips off of the glass.

“Are you close, my whore?” John asked.

Sarah shook her head yes. “Go ahead, love,” he instructed her.

Sarah instantly moved to the front of Kalynn’s face. Kalynn started to beg and plead but Sarah threw her soaked mound on Kalynn’s mouth.

“Suck me, bitch, if you know what’s good for you,” Sarah commanded.

Slowly, barely able to breathe, Kalynn began to kiss Sarah’s sopping cunt. Despite the humiliation she was going through, Kalynn found herself very turned on, creating juices in her own snatch. She rubbed her tongue along Sarah’s lips, gently at first.

“Harder, bitch!” Sarah screamed at her as she grabbed the back of her head as John had done.

Sarah pushed Kalynn’s head hard into her, mashing Kalynn’s lips against hers. Straddling her face, with a leg on each side of her body, Sarah continued to demand pleasure from Kalynn’s mouth. Kalynn stuck her tongue deep into Sarah and brought the tip out slowly, teasing Sarah’s clit. Kalynn used her teeth to pull on the ring in Sarah’s hood, and moved her tongue to flick the rings in her labia. Sarah moaned and ground her hips against Kalynn’s face.

John moved behind Kalynn, and thrust himself hard into her swollen cunt. Kalynn cried out against Sarah and struggled to remove her head. Sarah’s grip on Kalynn’s head was too strong, and she was unable to do anything but be fucked by John and suck on Sarah. John gripped Kalynn’s hips hard, and continued to ram her against the glass. He filled her cave with his massive presence. Kalynn did not want to admit it, but damn, he felt fucking awesome. His dick was perfect. Here she was, forced to be a prisoner, completely unable to leave, being raped and eaten by a sadistic nut and her fucking boyfriend. And yet, Kalynn was streaming her own juices down her legs. She was still trying to pretend that she was helpless, angry and hurt, but her body was giving her away. She was so confused. This should not happen to her. Why was she so turned on eating this slut and being fucked by this guy?

John banged himself in and out and Kalynn. “Do you like being fucked by me? Do you? Do you want me to shoot a load into you, whore?” Each time he opened his mouth the verbally assault her, Kalynn’s clit throbbed and her nipples tingled against the glass she was forced to bend over.

Kalynn felt Sarah’s thighs tighten around her face as her body tensed. “I wanna cum, baby,” Sarah begged John.

“Just a moment longer, I am almost there!” John responded. He dug his nails into Kalynn’s hips and threw his head back. “Cum with me, bitch!” he shouted.

Immediately, Sarah moaned in pleasure as she sprayed Kalynn’s mouth with her cream. Kalynn continued to lick and suck, removing cum from her. John watched the two women as his dick shuddered and pulsed. He shot white-hot semen deep into Kalynn as she exploded against him in an orgasm that she did not even know was building. John gave a few more thrusts and withdrew his semi-limp cock from her.

Sarah slid off of the glass and casually moved around to look at John’s handiwork- a gaping cunt hole with him dripping out of her.

“Very nice, love,” she murmured as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. John grinned down at her and kissed her forehead. Nonchalantly, like nothing had ever happened, he went to the front of Kalynn.

She had her cheek pressed against the glass, eyes closed, breathing ragged. John removed a set of keys from a drawer. He touched her chin and her eyes popped open. He leaned in and kissed her very gently on the lips. “You, bitch, are a great fuck,” he announced as he undid the cuffs.

Kalynn quickly straightened, and stretched her sore arms above her head in an attempt to release the kinks that had built up. She brought her hands to her hips and pushed her skirt down. Kalynn walked up to Sarah. Sarah sneered at her. Kalynn brought her hands to Sarah’s face and cupped her gently. She leaned in and kissed Sarah on the mouth, allowing her the pleasure of tasting herself. As Sarah started to caress her tongue, Kalynn pulled back, and raised her hand. With a loud smack, she slapped Sarah hard across the face.

“Fucking dyke,” she murmured as she fumbled with the lock and left the store. She ran to the expensive SUV that her rich, useless boyfriend drove. She climbed into the passenger seat.

“Damn, honey, you were in there for a very long time,” he commented. “Find anything you like?”

Kalynn sat quietly for a moment, reflecting. “Yes, I found a few things I liked. I am going back tomorrow.”
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