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Disclaimer: If you're not an adult, you shouldn't be reading this. This story contains expanding breasts, sex, and men treated violently. If you don't like that, don't read this. Yadda, yadda, yadda and all that stuff that goes in every other disclaimer.

The voice floated pleasantly out of the open office door. "Kendra, can I see you for a minute please?"

Kendra Saunders was in the middle of transcribing the notes that she had taken during Mr. Hall's meeting with his supervisor's. She answered just as pleasantly as he had asked, "Be in in just a second sir!"

She grabbed a pencil and a notepad and walked into the office. Carter Hall was sitting behind his huge oak desk. He was a middle-aged man. His balding pate made him look older than he actually was. A pair of small glasses was perched on the edge of his nose. He had a habit of letting them slide down there and peering over the tops. This is how he got the nickname "Hawkman." It wasn't that he wasn't a nice guy. Carter Hall was a great boss and a nice person all the way around. It was just the staring over the glasses thing that was a little creepy.

She stood in front of Mr. Hall's desk as he peered at the notebook in her hand. "I don't need you to take dictation Kendra. I actually need you to do me a favor."

Kendra, the bubbly young secretary she was, answered enthusiastically, "Sure, boss, what is it?"

Since Kendra was holding her notepad at her side now, Mr. Hall was able to get a good look at her chest. Carter Hall had worked in the bra business for a long time, going on fifty years now. If he couldn't tell a woman's bra size just by looking at her, it was time to retire.

"You're a 34B, right Kendra?"

Kendra, a little curious now, looked down at her chest. She was wearing a tasteful, sleeveless, black blouse. "Yes, I am, Mr. Hall. Wow, you're amazing."

Kendra knew that this wasn't a come-on. After all, she had worked at the Everlasting Uplift Bra Corporation for a year now. Mr. Hall's question wasn't sexual harassment. It was business.

"Well, Kendra, I have a problem. R & D just sent up a bra with a new underwire that they've been developing. The problem is that I'm out of models to try them on and wear them to see how comfortable they are. I was wondering if you could do me a favor and wear it home tonight. You could just jot down a few notes on the comfort and support of it and give it to me tomorrow so I have something to give back to R & D. As luck would have it, it's the same size you wear."

Kendra, who had been a secretary ever since she started with the company was hoping to move up into one of the design departments for a while. The problem was that people who worked at EUBC, like Mr. Hall, tended to not quit, or retire, or even die. As a result, not many positions ever opened up that she could move into. Still, she liked working here and figured that if she worked hard enough and showed some initiative, good things would happen. Volunteering to try out a bra was the right kind of initiative. "Sure, I'd be more than glad to help you out."

Mr. Hall let out an audible sigh of relief. If she hadn't agreed, he probably would have had to wear it home, and he wasn't a 34B. "Great. Here's the new bra and the paperwork on it. Read it over and familiarize yourself with it. Wear it home tonight and around the house, or whatever you're going to be doing. Jot down a few notes and give them to me tomorrow. Sound good?"

Kendra came to attention. "Yes, sir!"

Mr. Hall smiled. "Dismissed."

Kendra walked out of the office and tossed her notepad on her desk. She walked down towards the ladies' room with the bra in one hand and the paperwork in the other. She figured that she'd be able to write up a terrific analysis if she got started as soon as possible, which meant putting the bra on now. She walked into the ladies room and into the empty handicapped stall. She always tried to use the handicapped stall in the bathroom. It was so nice and roomy. She sat down on the toilet seat and laid the bra in her lap. She rifled through the paperwork just to see what exactly was so terrific about this new bra. One of the pages was a mock advertisement. In big, capital letters at the top of a blue background read, "Giving you support to the Nth level!"

Below the tagline was a picture of a the bra that was lying in her lap. There really was nothing special about it. Of course, Mr. Hall said that it had a new underwire in it. There was a testimonial under the picture that read. "Try Everlasting Uplift's new Nth Wire Bra. It's our most popular bra brand combined with a new underwire made out of the new alloy, Nth metal. It promises the most and best support and uplift of any bra on the market."

Kendra had read some of the reports that had crossed Mr. Hall's desk. She remembered from some of her high school chemistry classes that Nth metal really wasn't an alloy, per se. The company had a mine that it owned through a subsidiary and it had found a huge deposit of a mysterious metal that could be refined more cheaply than any other metal the current the company currently used. The strange thing was this metal didn't seem be found anywhere else on Earth, just in this mine.

Kendra shrugged her shoulders. It didn't matter anyway. She was going to do a terrific job and hopefully it would put her over with her bosses and finally move her into a job in design. She took off her blouse and hung it up on the coat hook on the back of the stall door. She unhooked the bra she was wearing and hung it up too. Her nipples stiffened in the cold, air-conditioned environment of the office ladies' room. She shivered a little then slipped her arms through the straps of the Nth metal bra. She hooked it in the back and adjusted the cups over her firm breasts. She slid side-to-side on the toilet and watched and waited to see if there was any jiggling coming from her average sized breasts. There wasn't. She thought to herself, "This really does give a lot of support."

She looked down at her bra-covered chest. She gasped suddenly. She wasn't used to seeing cleavage this deep on herself. She grabbed her bras, juggled them, and thought, "Wow, this is terrific. This could be the next WonderBra."

She stood up and put her blouse back on. She grabbed her old bra and the papers and walked out of the ladies' room. She almost bumped into Sandy, the obnoxious jerk from Sales. Sandy waggled his eyebrows and whistled. "Looking good, Kendra."

Kendra smiled weakly, said nothing, and slipped past him. She walked as fast as possible back to her desk in front of Mr. Hall's office. He yelled out, "How's it feel?"

She turned and made the OK sign with her hands that he could see through the windowed partition between them. She sat back down at her desk. She grabbed her notepad and quickly jotted down, "Feels like I'm practically braless. Nice cleavage too."

She threw her notepad and old bra into her purse and looked up at the clock. It was 4:30. Mr. Hall leaned out of his office door and said, "Why don't you punch out early and go home. You're not going to get any good information just sitting there."

Kendra grinned. She had her purse in her hands and was half-way out the door. Mr. Hall could hear her trail off "Thanks, boss! See you tomorrow!"

She stalked down the hallway to the elevator. Luckily, she didn't run into Sandy this time. She jabbed at the elevator button and waited for it to come. She jumped up and down a bit. She was amazed. She really didn't feel the bra. It was like it wasn't even there. She got on the elevator when it arrived and rode it down to the ground floor. She got the next bus that pulled up but saw that it was so busy that she had to stand. She grabbed a hold of a strap. Even in her old bra, which was a pretty good one, she still has a little jiggling in her breasts because of the jostling of the bus. In this bra, nada. The bus finally got to her stop and she got off. She walked the 5 blocks to her house. She looked up at the sky as she was walking. Dark, ominous clouds dotted the horizon. "Storm coming," she thought to herself.

It got darker and darker as she walked home. By the time she was unlocking her door, the wind was really starting to kick up, blowing her skirt all around her. She walked into the house, tossed her pursed on the sofa, and checked her messages. There was one from Charles. She really didn't consider him her boyfriend. She had seen him a couple of times. He was a lawyer for the firm of Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe. He was big, handsome guy, but really uptight. His money and car more than made up for his anal retentiveness. She could hear thunder booming from the storm that was rolling in. She loved thunderstorms. Even as a kid, she would run outside during one and just let the wind and thunder send shockwaves through her body. She loved the feel of big, fat raindrops as they hit her skin and run down her body. She decided to make dinner in a little while. She was going to experience the storm first.

She opened the back door and stepped out onto the stone patio. As she started to step into her backyard, her foot hit a pebble. She started to stumble and fall. She put her arms out, closed her eyes, and braced for impact. Ten seconds went by and nothing. She opened her eyes. She was looking down at the ground. She thought that was odd. She looked down her body. Her entire body was hovering only about six inches off the ground. She let out a "Holy shit!" as she hovered there. She kicked her feet a little and felt herself be propelled forward.

Her mouth hung open agape. She stuck her arms straight out in front her and kicked again. Soon, she felt herself rising further and further away from the ground. She was flying! She closed her mouth so that bugs wouldn't fly into it. She flew higher and higher in the air. She moved her arms to the left and felt herself dip to the left. She was getting the hang of this. Soon, she was flying, and dipping, and zooming all around the yard. She was in such ecstasy from the freedom that her flight made her feel that she didn't notice the storm that was whipping up around her. She pulled out of a dive that she was and started to fly straight up towards the sky. She closed her eyes letting the wind whip past her. She flew higher and higher. Soon, she opened up eyes and saw the huge thunderheads. The lightning was crackling around her, and she said, "Oh, shit!" just as a lightning bolt shot out of the cloud and hit her straight in the chest. For some reason, she just floated toward the ground, semi-conscious. She lay in the yard for a while trying to recover her senses. She sat up and shook the cobwebs out of her head. As she was sitting there, she felt something warm and heavy in her lap. She was still confused. She opened her eyes and her bra-covered breasts jutting out in front of her. Her blouse was lying in tattered remains around her. Her new boobs were so huge that they were sitting in her lap. She reached down and squeezed the sides of her newly mammoth mams not believing what she was seeing. "What on god's green Earth has happened to me?" she shrieked.

She stood up. Even as huge as her boobs were now, she was guessing her bust was least 50 inches now and had to be an HH cup. She ran into the house. Even though she had a fence up, she didn't want to her neighbors to see her like this. One neighbor was a 16 year-old boy who she had caught trying to peep at her through the window. The last thing she needed was to be giving him wet dreams. Even as huge as her boobs were now, she still didn't feel any jiggle as she ran into the house. She slammed the door behind her and sat down at the kitchen table. Her humongous breasts sat on the table in front of her. She gasped as she tried to catch her breath. She thought about what had happened and all she had was questions. How could have been flying? Was she really flying? Was she really struck by lightning? Was it all a delusion? How did her breasts get so big? Was that part of the delusion? If it was real, why did her blouse get shredded, but not the bra?

The bra. The words echoed inside of her head as she sat there absent-mindedly stroking her newly enhanced chest. If she wasn't going crazy and hallucinating, then it had to be the bra. That's the only answer. She ran and grabbed the papers that she had left with her purse. She rifled through the papers looking for anything that could explain what had happened to her. Finally, she found a study of the Nth metal. She skimmed it and one sentence jumped out at her, "Metal seems to present anti-gravity qualities when electricity is conducted through it."

She sagged against the wall. It was the bra. That's what her bra stayed intact and not her blouse. Somehow the metal in the underwire enabled her to fly and helped the bra expand, but anything else was fair game. In order to recover from the shock, she grabbed the doorknob of the door that ran down the basement for support. It broke off. She lifted the doorknob up to her eyes and squeezed her hand tightly. The doorknob shattered in her hands. Once again, an exclamation of "Holy shit!" escaped her lips. She turned her hand over and let the powered doorknob drip lazily to the floor. It was official. She had now become some kind of big boobed Amazon. The only difference was that she seemed to remain her normal 5'5" height.

She reached down and gave her boobs a playful squeeze. They felt pretty firm. Well now that she seemed to have her questions answered, she had to see what these bad boys looked like. She scampered upstairs, her boobs still riding high and perfect on her chest, not a single bounce. She jumped off her feet and floated over to her bed. She sat up with her back propped against the wall. Reaching behind her, she undid the clasp and let the bra fall into her lap. What she saw took her breath away. A huge expanse of creamy white flesh seemed to ride off toward infinity. Even without the bra, they still were perky and firm. She reached out in front of her and felt her nipples. They were standing as firm and erect as her breasts. She ran her fingers lightly over them and let out a sigh of pleasure as a seemingly electric shock went from her nipples down to her pussy and up to her brain's pleasure centers. "Oh my," she said.

She slid her cotton panties down over her soft thighs and kicked them off. She left her right hand on her breast, stroking it and teasing the nipple as she moved her left her down to her pussy. She slid down the wall so that she was now lying on her back. Her breasts stood up on her chest. She had expected her breasts to slide into her armpits, but they didn't. "Must still be the anti-gravity," she said.

She started to moan and whimper as one hand massaged one breast and the other hand slid into her warm, wet pussy. She rubbed her thumb in a circular pattern over her clit before plunging two fingers deep into her quivering chasm. The fingers started a rhythmic pumping motion as she finger-fucked herself. Her moaning and groaning increased as her pleasure increased. What she didn't notice was that the closer she got to orgasm, the higher she was rising into the air. The only thing that she was noticing was the erotic pulsing pleasure that was coming from her new boobs and soaking pussy. Her eyes were shut as she reveled in the sensations coursing through her body. All of a sudden, she felt a bump on both of her breasts. The hand in her pussy kept pumping. Just as she felt the bump, she came. Her pussy spasmed around her hand. She screamed in pleasure and her eyes flew open. She noticed that the bump she felt had actually been her breasts bumping into the ceiling. She had risen totally off of the bed! As she came, she floated back down like a leaf on a breeze. Her eyes closed again as she drifted off to sleep.

She slept peacefully and contentedly. She had a dream where she had grown giant wings out of her back. She was flying around through the sky, not a care in the world. All of a sudden, though, her wings disappeared and she plummeted toward the ground. Just before she hit, she sat up forcefully in bed, gasping for air. She shook her head a minute to wake herself up. She realized she was back in her room. She looked down at her chest and noticed that the jutting boobies she had mysteriously grown were gone. She was back to being her normal 34B self. She got out of bed and stretched. Had it all been a dream then? She felt her foot brush against something soft. She looked down. It was the bra. She reached down and picked it up. It had gone back to the 34B size it was when she had picked it up fro R & D. She put the bra back on and all of a sudden, it felt like all her nerves had fired impulses at once. She doubled over in pleasure and pain. She hugged herself. As the pain started to subside, she felt the pleasure double as her arms were being pushed away from her chest. Her breasts were growing again! It wasn't a dream! In only a few seconds, they had inflated back to their unnaturally hefty state.

She decided to experiment a little more. She reached for her panties and slid them back on. It wasn't easy bending over because her newly acquired mams kept getting in the way. Soon, she jumped out the window and flew to the tool shed that was in her back yard. She opened the doors carefully. She scanned the interior and found what she was looking for. She reached in and grabbed a cinder block that she had used to hold down the tarp that covered the wood she used during the winter. She held the block easily in both hands. As she applied a little pressure, she could feel the concrete crumble in her hands. Her breasts jumped a little as she felt the block turn to dust in her hands. Then, not as carefully as last time, she grabbed the two she doors. She leaned back and they were easily ripped off their hinges. She tossed them up in the air and juggled them before setting them back down on the ground. Charles was supposed to be coming over later. Before her "change," she had dreaded it. Now, she was looking forward to it. At least he could put the doors to the shed back on.

She flew back into the house, hovering just a few feet off of the ground. She was going to have to get dressed if Charles was coming over. One of the reasons that their relationship had never gone to the more serious stage was that Charles was, for lack of a better term, a tight ass. He disapproved of any kind of public physical contact, and even in private contact, he would just fuck her and cum. He never kissed her during sex and barely touched her. He would climb clumsily on top of her, pump a few times, shoot his load into her, climb off, get dressed, and leave. She was always stuck finishing herself off with her dildo. If it weren't for the fact that he man had money, taste, and fixed things for her, she would have thrown him out on his ass a long time ago. As it was, she flew upstairs into her bedroom. She took off her new bra knowing that her new jutting bosom would scare Charles. As she was getting dressed, she felt her breasts start to shrink. She finished getting ready and went downstairs to wait for Charles.

Soon, she heard a large motor rev and stop in the driveway. Charles was getting out of the car as she opened the door. He certainly cut a dashing figure in his Armani suit. Even through the fine material, she could see his muscles rippling. He seemed to put all the energy that he lacked in sex into working out. As a result, his abs were something you could grate cheese on. One time, she had snuck into his house and watched him work out in the basement. Just watching him bench press 350 lbs was enough to set her loins aflame. She had always had a thing for strength.

He stalked up the walk toward her. As he neared her, she reached out with open arms and gave him a big hug and peck on the cheek. He squirmed out of her embrace and said, "Kendra, please! What if someone's watching?"
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