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'Are you ready babe?'

'Coming, just getting my bag!'

Hi my names Claire, I'm a twenty-two year old women from Cornwall, England. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and a curvey size 16 figure. My breasts are a ripe 36f and I regularly shave my pussy.

My boyfriend Jason and I have been together for exactly two years. We met at work and he is my first love. Jason has the most gorgeous green eyes and a dashing smile. His hair is dark blonde and spiked. He has a strong, broad shouldered body and a beautiful cock. It is six inches, but very thick.

Today was our Anniversary and Jason told me he had a surprise planned. I wanted to look my best so I donned a black ankle length skirt, white wench style top and black ankle boots. Underneath I was wearing a purple set of bra and panties and black stockings. He hadn't seen this underwear set yet. I was really looking forward to showing him later.

I ran down the stairs and into Jason's arms kissing him deeply, our tongues swirled in each other's mouths, sharing our breath. 'Happy Anniversary love' I gasped. He opened the door for me, leading me to the car. When we both got in and he reached for the glove box. Out of it he produced a blindfold, which he used to cover my eyes. I tried to speak, but he shushed me. Then he reached around me and buckled my seatbelt.

My heart raced, and I felt a twinge of excitement at this light restraint. I couldn't help thinking of what it would be like to be fully bound. My dreams and fantasies were always full of such things.

We began our journey, and I paid as much attention as I could to every bump and turn. Hard as I tried though, I couldn't figure out where we were going, although it was amazing to discover how much my other senses were increased while wearing the blindfold. The suspense was killing me.

At last we arrived! I took off the blindfold and found myself looking up at The White Hart Hotel. It was here that Jason had taken my virginity all those years ago.

We entered the hotel and received our keys from reception. Nervously I took his hand and he led me upstairs. My eyes welled up with tears. 'Jason, you even got us the same room!' He winked at me and unlocked the door.

Once inside he kissed me passionately and lifted my top over my head, within seconds my skirt had joined it on the floor. He stood back and looked at me. 'You look so beautiful' he said as he studied me in my new apparel. 'Put your hands against the wall.'

I did as he instructed. I felt his presence behind me, a shudder wracked my body when I felt him run his fingers up my spine. He reached around me letting both his hands caress my breasts, playing over my sensitive nipples making them hard, almost painful to touch. He pressed up against me so that I could feel his groin against my behind. He knew that drove me wild.

One of Jason's hands travelled down my body and slipped into my underwear. I moaned my approval when his finger stroked along the lips of my soaking wet pussy and settled on my clit. He was an expert when it came to orgasms and within minutes I was shaking, nearing my release.

Then he stopped! I let out a cry of dismay but he held me close, kissing my neck. 'Not yet my sweet, we have all night we don't want to rush.' Part of me was still disappointed, but knowing he was going to make this an all night experience eased my frustration. I turned around to kiss him. He held his fingers to my lips, and I began to lick them clean.

Suddenly the door burst open and two masked men stormed into the room! One of them grabbed Jason whilst the other held a strong smelling cloth over my mouth. I started to get dizzy and realized it must be Chloroform. My vision went hazy and I blacked out.

^ ^ ^

When I came around I couldn't see a thing. I was blindfolded again. The men had also gagged me and tied me to the bed by my wrists and ankles. I was spread wide apart. I was so scared, and I could feel them moving around the room.

'Ah! Our little toy is awake.' I squealed and turned my head in the direction of the voice. 'Here's the deal girl. We're going to remove your gag now, but if you make any noises we don't like your boyfriend won't last the night. Understand?'

I slowly nodded my head. The gag was removed and I breathed deeply. 'Where's Jason?' I whimpered. God I sounded so pathetic. I could hear them both laughing.

'Don't worry. He won't be bothering us for a long time.' The man sat on the edge of the bed, and he ran one of his hands over my body. 'My name is David, and this is Jack. We're going to have some fun with you. Would you like that slut?'

'NO I WOULDN'T!' I shouted. 'Leave us alone!'

' YES YOU WOULD! You should see how damp your pants are!' His hand stopped exploring my body and wrapped around my throat, squeezing firmly. I tried to breathe but couldn't. 'Are you going to show us some respect? Nod your head if you are.' I nodded again and he let go. Air rushed back into my lungs.

They laughed again as my chest heaved. 'Look at those tits David' said Jack. 'I've never seen any that big. Lets get started, I'm horny.'

'All right, but I get her first.' I heard a click and David touched my neck with something cold. It was a knife and I was shaking all over. Then he used it to cut my bra down the middle. My tits sprang free to meet the cold air. He leaned over me and took one of the nipples in his mouth. Ripples of excitement shot through me. I couldn't let myself enjoy this, I would be betraying Jason.

I began to scream and David punched me in the stomach. 'YOU BITCH! We were going to be nice with you. Now you can go to hell.' After saying that he grabbed hold of my panties and tore them from my body. I felt the cold air on my pussy. I sobbed feeling how vulnerable I was, and also how wet I was. 'Look at that you're all ready for me.'

Jack started clapping and chanting. 'Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape!' The very word made me tremble.

David edged forward. I felt the head of his cock against my cunt lips. He swirled it around my pussy, coating it in my juices. 'Please...' I begged. 'If you're going to rape me at least use a condom.'

'I'm not going to use one of those fucking things! Maybe if you're a good girl I'll pull out. What do you say? Will you be a good girl for me?'

'Okay!' I cried. 'Please don't get me pregnant.'

David grabbed my hips firmly and thrust into me hard making me cry out. He wouldn't give me time to adjust, he just started to fuck me as cruelly as he could. It hurt so badly! The blindfold was becoming soaked in my tears. Jack cheered.

'You love this don't you?' He grunted. I didn't reply. He slapped my tits hard leaving a red handprint. 'ANSWER ME!'

'I love this...' I sobbed.

'That's more like it.' David bent over me and started licking my breast where he had slapped me. My now sensitive flesh tingled with every touch of his tongue.

He changed his strokes now. They were longer, more deliberate. He would pull his cock out to the tip and then ram it back home. The room was filled with the sound of his balls slapping against my ass and the evil laughter of the other man. I was groaning now, I was still horny from earlier and it was starting to feel good. I didn't want it to, but my submissive mind was really getting off on this. I felt a traitor to Jason.

David reached between my legs and started stroking my clit. 'Don't do that! I can't...' I wailed.

'Yes you can' he chuckled. 'You're going to cum all over my dick. And to think your boyfriend is gagged, tied to a chair, watching the whole thing happen.'

'Oh God no! Don't make him watch. Jason I'm sorry!' I tried so hard to resist the pleasure this man was giving me, but rape had been a fantasy of mine since I was young and now it was finally coming true for me. I felt pleasure rip through me and I came the hardest I had ever come in my life.

'That wasn't something a good girl would do. What a little slut you are, I'll have to punish you. For that we are both going to cum right inside this tight little pussy of yours.'

'OH NO! That's not fair!' I bucked and writhed trying to throw him off of me, but my struggles only turned him on more.

'Look out whore' he grunted. 'Here it comes!' His cock pulsed and I felt wave after wave of hot cum assault my fertile young womb. The room fell silent except for my sobs. 'That wasn't so bad was it?' He withdrew, I could feel his cum leaking out, running down the crack of my ass.

'That's a pretty sight' laughed Jack. 'Look how swollen that cunt is. My turn?'

'Be my guest' said David politely. 'It's Jack's turn now. There's a reason I always make him go last. I wouldn't want to fuck a stretched out pussy.

I went cold with fear. Jack assumed the position and lined himself up with my hole. He started to push. My eyes went wide, even though my pussy was full of cum this monster was still struggling to get in. Jack, however, was persistent.

The pain was unreal. I was screaming so much that David had to cover my mouth with his hand. After what seemed like forever my swollen sex relented and the head popped in. I felt a searing pain and knew I had been torn. Jack pushed in deeper, I was more full than I ever had been in my life.

Jack started off slow, he liked the feel of my broken pussy sucking his dick, but before long he was assaulting me at a furious pace. The whole bed shook and banged against the wall. My breasts bounced dramatically as he bottomed out with every stroke.

He was more violent than David was. Although I was tied and helpless he enjoyed the feeling of pinning me down himself. He held onto my wrists as he raped me, so tightly I couldn't feel my fingers. He would alternate kissing me roughly with biting my nipples.

I thought he couldn't possibly last long at this pace but I was wrong. The rape lasted for maybe an hour and I came at least three times. 'You're not such a tight fuck anymore' taunted Jack.

I wasn't afraid of Jack cumming this time. After all David had already cum inside me, so I thought the damage was already done. I was wrong.

'Is that your first black cock?' Asked David. I froze. Black? At least if I got pregnant by David I could pretend it was Jason's, but if the child was black everyone would have to know I was raped.

'Oh please. Not that... show me some mercy!'

'You should feel lucky bitch' said Jack as he stiffened. 'It's an honour to have a black man's baby.' He growled like an animal, my last shred of hope faded as his cock pumped strongly filling me with baby juice.

The room was spinning. I could hear them making nasty comments about how big a slut I was, and laughing at me. I couldn't take anymore of their cruelty. My mind retreated from the scene and I fell unconscious.

^ ^ ^

When I woke up my body was aching all over. I was no longer tied. I was covered in bruises, especially on my tits and between my legs. The mattress was soaked with cum and a little blood leaking from my pussy.

I tried to stand but couldn't walk. As I fell backwards a pair of strong arms caught me. It was Jason! He sat me back down on the bed and held me as I cried. 'Did you like your surprise?' He asked.

'My surprise!?' I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Jason had arranged what happened. 'Why did you do this?'

' I've known for a while now that this was a big fantasy of yours. I've seen you reading those stories and looking at the pictures on the Internet. I want to make all of your dreams come true.'

My eyes filled with tears. 'You love me that much?'

He nodded. 'I would do anything for you.'

'Jason! What if I'm pregnant? If it's black everyone will know.' I cried again.

He held me close again. 'If you are I'll look after you, and we can go away for a while. Then if the kid is black we can pretend it was adopted. No one has to know.' He pushed me backwards. 'Time to finish what I started earlier.' I sighed with relief as he mounted me, sliding his dick into my tender pussy.

'While they were raping you I taped the whole thing, you can watch it later' he said. 'This is only the beginning sweetheart.'

The meaning of this story is, if you really love someone you will do anything for them. This is my first story so I hope you liked it. I look forward to hearing from people. Although I don't get online often, so I apologise if it takes me a while to write back.

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