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Free Young Rape Pictures Pictures Of Rape Fantasy Rape Clips Gallery School Teacher Rape Bondage Torture Video
I awoke with a start and started to tremble as I remembered the series of mind shattering orgasms that were forced on my body. Confused, I thought to myself that maybe it was all a nightmare until I moved and felt the tenderness in my pubic area and realized that I was naked. I glanced around and saw Kathy, naked and sitting on the bed next to me, her eyes wide as she stared at a large screen TV. I looked at the screen and tears came to my eyes as I saw a close up of my face, tortured with the forced orgasm. It must have been the last one, because I slumped on the screen and passed out as the camera faded.

The screen came to life again and there was Kathy being raped by the black man, the camera zooming in on the large black cock as it pushed in and out of her. The picture shifted to her face as the orgasm hit her causing her neck and chest to redden.

"Kathy", I said, "Are you all right?" I could see the red on her face and the tear streaked cheeks as she turned toward me. Her body began to heave as the sobs overcame her. I quickly went to her and held her in my arms as she cried. It was strange being naked and holding another naked woman, especially since it was my best friend, but Kathy needed support so I held her as she sobbed.

"Oh, Linda", she sobbed. "He raped me, a black man raped me. He came in me and I'm-I'm--." She couldn't finish the sentence, but I knew that she wasn't on the pill because her husband had a vasectomy and that she probably thought she was pregnant by the black rapist. I shuddered as I thought about her belly swelling with a black child and realized that without my pills, I too could be pregnant soon. As I held her, I glanced back at the TV. The scene had again changed and I saw the dildo being pushed in me as I hung there helplessly bound. I closed my eyes as I heard myself gasp as the fake cock began to move in and out of my vagina.

The time passed slowly and even though we refused to watch the taped replays of our ordeal, we could never get away from the sounds of our rapes. Several hours had passed and we were served a very good meal, which we both wolfed down. In whispered tones we talked about ways to escape and how we would support each other no matter what we had to endure. The entire time the TV played and replayed our rapes and we could hear our gasps and moans as we were forced to cum. Suddenly we noticed that the room was beginning to get very warm again and soon our bodies were moist with perspiration. The door was unlocked and Kathy and I held each other as several people, evenly divided between male and female entered the room. The black man that had raped Kathy and the fat white guy that I found so repulsive led the others in.

With more courage than sense I quickly stood up and demanded that they release us. My daring move was met with laugher by the men as the fat guy moved quickly toward me. Before I could react his hand grabbed my hair and snapped my head back as his other hand squeezed my left breast. Bringing his face close to mine he hissed, "Dumb cunt! Why should we release you when you'll soon beg to suck me off? I'm really going to enjoy watching you at the party tonight." He then pushed me backwards, causing me to fall on the bed. He turned to the others and with a load voice said. "OK, get them ready."

The women came to us and pushed us toward another door. Inside was a large bath with showers and several chairs. The black man followed us in and warned us to cooperate with the women or we would be severely punished. The women showered us and rubbed us down with oil, their hands lingering on our nipples and at the v of our thighs. In spite of our situation both Kathy's and my nipples became hard as the teasing of our bodies continued. They applied delicate makeup to our faces and finished up with a muted red lipstick.

Then we were sort of dressed. Almost everything showed as they draped the sheer black, off the shoulder gown on my body. They were smoothing the material when I heard Kathy whimper. I looked and saw that she was dressed in a sheer white gown similar to my black one, but what caught my eye was that they had tied her hands behind her back and placed a sparkling collar around her neck. I started to say something when my hands were forced behind my back and cuffed. I screamed at them as they forced a collar around my neck and locked it in place. Then my mouth was forced open and a ball gag was inserted and quickly tied off behind my head. The fat man walked up to me and told me, "You shouldn't talk so much, when you open your mouth it should be for a cock. You'll learn, probably the hard way, but you'll learn." I tried to struggle as they took Kathy and I by the arms and led us down the hall.

We were taken to a white door and stopped as the black man unlocked it. We heard someone's voice in muffled tones and when the door opened there was applause as we were taken on stage. Right in the middle of the stage was a huge bed; with two raised strips toward either end several inches higher than the rest of the mattress. There were spotlights on us so I couldn't make out whom or how big the audience was, but it was hot with the lights and soon the parts of our bodies that were exposed glistened with moisture.

I felt my hands being uncuffed and then retied in front of me and attached to a chain from the ceiling beam. The chain was then drawn up until my arms were above my head and I was forced to stand on my tiptoes to relieve the strain. Frantically I looked around and discovered that Kathy was also on her tiptoes, head hung down, sobbing as the others left the stage and the spotlights danced over our straining bodies. As the rest of them made their way off stage the fat man leaned over to me and whispered, "Show time, Bitch". He moved behind me and I felt his hands run over my back and move to my breasts. I could feel his massive stomach against my back as he teased my nipples with his fingers. The spotlights bathed us in a warm glow, perspiration dripping off of both of us as my eyes adjusted and I could make out about twenty people in the audience, at least a few of them women.

I heard movement from the audience and when I looked a scream died behind the ball gag as six men, two of them dwarfs made their way toward the stage. The fat man whispered in my ear, "You'll love the dwarfs, they really get into our 'guests'-more ways than one I might add." I cringed as the men gathered around our stretched, bound bodies. Three moved to Kathy and three plus the fat guy with me. I closed my eyes as I heard Kathy scream and felt the first pair of hands on my hips.

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