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Now why she would decide to sit her ass down next to the bad man, I would never know.

I did not like Amanda, and she knew that - what the hell else did the bitch expect after running her mouth to everybody and their sister about me? Okay - since you insist, let's do the reasonable man shit - ours is a big competitive organisation, and she was only trying to get ahead the same as the rest of the small fish - but none of those fish were stupid enough to try to run me down during peer evaluations, or roll their eyes at my suggestions during brainstorming sessions - and no sane being was stupid enough to park its tight little ass next to me during the Xmas function, having committed al the aforementioned sins.

This bitch did all of those things, and then to add fuel to the fire, she takes her place next to me, while disarmingly fluttering her baby blues, and breathing "Oh, the place is crowded, may I squeeze in next to you?"

You are welcome bitch - I got plenty of squeezing for you...

So now you argue that competition is a part of our day to day existence, and shouldn't be taken personally? Apparently you feel that I should read nothing into the fact that she chose me f all people to sit next to, on this most joyous of occasions?

Well here is my opinion: If you are really pretty - fuck you, and if not - fuck your girlfriend, fuck your wife, fuck your sister, or under extreme circumstances, even your mother if she can still turn heads walking down the road.

There is far too much of this 'all in a day's work' shit going around - if a man is prepared to take you on across a boardroom table, he should be ready to do the same in the street, and as far as bitches are concerned, well let's just say it's a man's world - if it wasn't, they wouldn't need us to look after them, would they? And this one was going to need some looking after by the time I was through with her, that I could guarandamntee....

So here we were, apparently enjoying the 'ambience of a cosy pub-like atmosphere', squeezed together like sardines, nibbling at our cheapest-of-three main course options, and little bitch was actually managing to maintain a very proper one inch gap between us throughout the meal.

I shook my head in disgust. Some people just begged for a good taking down...

Well all good things come to those who take them, and if the evening progressed as per the universal company year end function agenda, we would be at close quarters soon enough...I managed to tone my savage smile down to a polite I-am-really-interested-in-what-is-coming-out-of-your-mouth smile, as I kept her wineglass full. Interested in what's coming out of her pie-hole? You have got to be kidding! More like what will be going into it...

As soon as the scurrying waiters cleared the tables, I resettled, allowing my leg to come firmly to rest against Amanda's. Even if she didn't like it, she had nowhere to go - there was the table in front, a wall behind us, Fat Albert to the right, and me to her left.

To her credit, she did try to adjust, but then she settled down - and thus sealed her fate.

Studying my prey, I could not help but grin - Amanda was perfect to bring the worst out in me.

Had I not known her, she would have reminded my of a scared little rabbit caught in the headlights of a speeding 18-wheeler. She sported a cute little pixie face, haloed by shoulder length blond hair (spiral-permed of course).

Cutie did not have much in the line of breasts - she was far too slender for that - but she did manage a b-cup, and on that chassis, it was enough. I was only too aware of her tight little ass - I had stared at it many an hour sashaying about the office, whilst contemplating all the nastiest ways imaginable to exact some retribution on this bitch.

Of course she was dressed for the occasion - the little minx was sporting a Mrs Santa, or rather, miss Santa, outfit. On anybody else the getup would be considered corny or slutty - on little miss Goody Two Shoes, it looked absolutely fucking adorable.

I could already see the Old Man considering her next promotion - and that without her even sucking his cock - the bitch would have him feeling totally embarrassed for even thinking something so deprived of a lady so chaste.

Well I had no problem with depravity, and that little red miniskirt suit, hat, high heels and fishnets had me sporting the kind of wood, that would intimidate a seasoned logger.

So we sat there, me enjoying the touch of Amanda's almost bare thigh against my jean clad leg, while she was working at improving the faraway look in her eyes, along with the stupid little smile too much alcohol induces in the uninitiated.

My pulse accelerated watching the tables in the middle of the hall being cleared, I knew that the hard partying was about to start.

Almost on cue senior management rose from their table and started doing the obligatory thank-you rounds. If they had a lick of sense they would keep it short and sweet - and then they would take their leave. Why? Social Interaction 101 teaches that all company Xmas parties have one thing in common - once the lights go down and the music comes on, reputations start imploding all over the show - you don't want management there spoiling things, making their name ass, or bearing witness to events...

I made my move while the Old Man and the rest of the Board were doing their rounds at our table. Having shaken his hand, my am continued its decent past the edge of the table, and firmly onto Amanda's wonderfully warm thigh.

The poor little thing was so shocked that she did nothing more than to shoot me a startled glance while shaking the old man's hand. The horny old bastard was of course living dangerously, holding her hand a full second beyond the limit of becoming behaviour, all the while smiling and blushing as if caught staring at his daughter's tits.

And while this was all happening I slipped my hand between those juicy little thighs, spreading them just far enough to let her know who owned them now - and that I would be exploring the treasures hidden beneath the skirt soon enough.

Amanda barely allowed the entourage to depart our table before trying to rip my hand of her leg.

"Jesus Christ what do you think you are doing?" she whispered savagely, trying to dislodge my hand, "get the fuck off me you bastard!"

I just tightened my grip on her leg and smiled - she would be blue by the time hubby got her back.

"It isn't Jesus honey, it's me" I drawled, "And I am going to play with your little pussy until you beg me for release"

It must have been the shock of my brazenness, but she froze for a second or two, which was long enough for me to slip my hand under her skirt and discover that she was wearing stockings, not pantyhose, and that there was a little wisp of cloth covering her pussy which definitely felt silky.

A moment later she had both her hands around my wrist, tugging desperately, but to no avail. While her frantic effort certainly accelerated my pulse past the 150 mark, it was time to calm her down, lest she attract unnecessary attention to us. Collecting a nice handful of silk and quivering flesh, I first closed my fist, and then gave a short, sharp tug. Amanda's eyes instantly turned watery and my raging dick answered with an approving lurch.

"If you don't settle down right now, I will rip your cunt clean out of your body - do you understand?" I was looking deeply into her eyes as I whispered the words, trusting my eyes and wolfish smile to convey the sincerity of my intent.

"Please don't do this to me!" she begged while relaxing her grip on my arm, "I haven't done anything to you - you are going to feel terrible for doing this! Please just let me go - I won't tell anybody!"

"You haven't done anything?" my smile now bordered on downright nasty. "I will feel bad? You won't tell?!" I leaned forward until there was little more than an inch separating our faces, before I spat, "I am already feeling great - and I have barely started on you, so spread your legs slut, and we can discuss your indiscretions for the rest of the night!"

Judging from the little pout and resistance in her thighs, she had no intention of making this easy.

This was just getting better and better.

This time my tug removed what had to be a nice tuft of pubic hair. Her eyes teared up again, but those succulent little thighs fell open to my attention. I was almost giddy with anticipation.

"Now for your punishment" I grated, "take off your panties!"

She wanted to start arguing, but the look in my eyes was warning enough. Amanda's shaking hands began feeling around her hips, but she was clearly not overjoyed with the idea of undressing right there at the table. I decided to help her a bit. A quick jerk, and the offending cloth was in my hand.

"Take it" I ordered, depositing the wisp in her hands. My hand returned to the juncture of her legs before she even realised that she had missed an opportunity.

"So you have not done anything to piss me off?" I quizzed, cupping her sex in one hand. She felt incredibly warm, and very small beneath my fingers.

Amanda offered no reply, stiffly staring off in the distance.

"Look at my bitch!" I snapped, spreading her folds and stroking her slick inner lips.

"Fuck you!" she hissed, glaring at me. "I will see you rot in jail for this! You stupid bastard - you are raping me in the presence of a hundred witnesses!"

I laughed softly.

"Rape?" I scoffed, "I haven't even fucked you yet! As to witnesses - are you going to call on Fat Albert to testify to your ordeal? Nobody even knows I have my fingers up your wet cunt - and you are very wet aren't you - I can smell you!"

Amanda looked shocked.

"Tell you what my beautiful little slut" I continued as my fingers were busily massaging her entrance, "Why don't you just lean over and ask Albert to help you? Tell him you have this problem: You are sitting with your wet panties in your hand, my hand in your sopping cunt, and you don't like it. Or would you prefer that I do that for you - maybe you would like Albert to watch as I make you cum? - or perhaps you would like him to join in? Maybe he could suck your titties - would that get you off?"

If looks could kill, I would be toast. I loved every moment of it - isn't payback a bitch?

Shifting position a bit, I turned almost side on to the table. To anybody watching it would seem as if I was engrossed in a conversation with Amanda and that we were huddling closer in order to hear each other over the din of the music which had started a few moments ago. But it was doubtful that anybody would now be looking in our direction - the lights had dimmed and there were three or four strobe lights flashing to the thunder of the music - the party was on!

I changed hands, allowing myself comfortable access to what was now a very wet pussy. Amanda was still glaring at me, but who cared? Slipping my middle finger deep into her pussy, I swirled it around, exploring the ridged roof of her warm cavity. Stroking it in a circular motion, I started rubbing her clit with my thumb, almost as if I were intent on my fingers eventually meeting. Seeing her bite her bottom lip, I laughed softly.

"I wonder what you taste like Amanda?" I asked, bringing my other hand to my lips. The answer was divine - pure juicy innocence.

"Try some" I suggested, but she shook her head, glaring at me as if she believed that would put me off. I had to give her credit, she was more feisty than I expected.

"Suck my fingers" I instructed, "or you will be sucking Albert's cock in five."

It was an idle threat, but she had no way of knowing it - all that mattered was that she now had an excuse to be nasty - and she proved to be as nasty as anything I had ever come across, sucking my fingers deep into her mouth while swirling her tongue around my digits. I would have loved to see the faces of her prim and proper cohorts, had they been there to witness her true colours, but all of them would either be long gone, or lost in the melee of panting dancers and flashing lights. In fact, not even Albert was seated at our table anymore - the big boy was probably on the prowl for a fat babe from accounting, who would have a similar inclination to self humiliation. We were totally alone amidst a mass of humanity - and none of them were interested in what was happening in the shadow we were inhabiting.

Pulling my fingers from her mouth, I cupped Amanda's head, and pulled her mouth to mine. Give her credit, she still resisted, but as the alien said - resistance is futile.

Forcing my tongue into her mouth, I ravished her mouth with the same intent I reserved for the rest of her body. She kept up the pretence for about a minute before her tongue responded, but once she started duelling with me, the moans quickly followed - it was inevitable since I now had three fingers pumping into her wet crevice, and she was hunching my hand like a bitch in heat.

"God your pussy is tight" I mumbled into her mouth, "doesn't your husband have a dick?"

"Fuck you, you fucking animal!" she gasped, "He is a decent human being in contrast to a fucking rapist like you!"

I laughed at her in her face.

"Am I to assume he is too decent to suck on your pussy until you scream?"

Her face said it all.

"Ask me" I commanded.

She shook her head resolutely.

"OK - beg then" I said, withdrawing my fingers from her pussy, leaving her quivering on the edge.

"Never!" she spat, trying to get up.

"Be that way then" I snapped, pulling her off her chair and pushing her to the ground.

Before she had a chance of resisting, we were on the ground between the table and the wall, completely shielded from the room.

Being a slight little thing her flailing helped little - in a matter of seconds I had her on her back, legs splayed wide by my crouching bulk between them. Unceremoniously I pulled her closer and threw leg over each shoulder. She probably planned her last act of resistance for the moment I freed my cock from its confines, but she missed a trick - it wasn't time to wrestle the python just yet.

With her legs pinned back her glistening pussy was in view for the first time, and it was indeed a sight to behold - wet, puffy with excitement and covered in a pale down attesting to her genuine blondness.

I did not hesitate for a second.

I lowered my head to her pussy and started sucking and licking at every fold, bump, crevice and cranny my urgent mouth could reach.

Amanda responded as if she were being electrocuted. First she struggled desperately to dislodge my head, but when I sucked her clit into my mouth she gave up, rather opting for urgently hunching against my face while making the kind of guh-guh sounds that guaranteed that I would be fucking her brains out before the hour was up.

A conniving bitch she might be, but right at this moment she was a bitch in heat, and she smelled and tasted as sweet as her public persona.

Sitting upright on the floor, I pulled her up with me, leaving only her shoulders on the floor, with her legs draped over my shoulders. Stabbing my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, I sucked as much of the surrounding flesh into my mouth, and really went to town.

Guh-guh changed to the names of all the saints, but since none of them were there to assist, I redoubled my efforts to make up for their absence.

As her orgasm broke, Amanda sat bolt upright and spoke her mind to the heavens - using my shoulders as her saddle and leaving my face buried in her snatch - but this was one time I had no problem with her wiping my nose in it.

I did not slow the pace of my own efforts until I felt her relax. I carefully laid her back down on the floor - it was time for me to collect my pleasure.

Unbuckling my jeans, I freed 'ole faithful' from his restraints - and sorry to disappoint you, it wasn't 17 inches uncut and 10 inches around - but it was big enough for the prissy little bitch lying on the floor to realise that I was not her little poodle husband trying to hump a Doberman's leg.

"What do you think you are doing?" she protested, knowing full well what was coming. "I am a married woman - I can't do this!"

I laughed. If nothing else she was persistent!

"I don't seem to recall you calling your husband's name a few moments ago!" I grinned, "and as to what I am doing, I am about to collect on prior damages suffered and recent services rendered - with interest!"

"Fuck you!" she shouted, but the sound was drowned by the din of the party on the other side of the table. I again laughed as she tried to scurry away. Grabbing a leg, I pulled her closer, but she was really putting up a fight now, so I opted for a change in tactics. Since she didn't want to be on her back, I allowed her to scurry to her knees - and then I enveloped her.

Crouched on her knees, she suddenly found herself compacted into a ball, her head trapped between my legs, her hands trapped under my shins, and the full weight of my upper body bearing down on her back. She was going nowhere, and could do nothing - not even bite my balls, since she couldn't turn her head to get to them.

"You are a very naughty little slut!" I shouted, loud enough for her to hear me above the din. "It is very rude not to offer to return the favour when a gentleman sucks your pussy until you scream - so now I will teach you to scream!"

I couldn't quite make out what response followed, but it definitely wasn't polite.

Flipping up her little skirt, I ran both my hands over her tight little ass. It was warm, firm, and nowhere near red enough. I set about remedying the last part to the beat of the thumping music washing over us.

As each slap landed she squirmed and struggled, but there wasn't a soul to appreciate the beautiful sight she made, other than yours truly. As her ass turned a bright shade of red, I became as stiff as the Queen's upper lip, the roaring in my ears confirming where all my blood had gone to.

Feeling her struggles subside, I stopped spanking her, rather running my hands over her ass and pussy - and incredibly the bitch was wet again! It was too much - I had to have her right now!

Letting her up, her tear streaked face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Guiding her hand to my raging hard-on, I was looking for any sign of resistance - there was none - and that would never do.

"Suck me" I ordered.

She shook her head.

"Suck me!" I barked, forcing her head to my crotch.

"I can't!" she cried, "I have never even done that for my husband!"

"Well you will be well trained by the time you go home tonight!" I grated, forcing my dick into her mouth.

Once I was inside her mouth, she gave up the fight, and set about sucking cock with gusto. The girl clearly had no experience, but she made up for it in raw talent. Swirling her tongue and bobbing her head while seemingly intent on turning me inside out through the vacuum of her mouth, I knew I wouldn't last long, if I allowed her to keep going at this pace.

Much as I would love to fill that prissy little mouth with my cum, I had other ideas as well.

Pulling her mouth of my aching dick, I stuck my tongue deep down her throat, while my hands pulled open her little red jacket. I think she was trying to mumble a protest, but she had been protesting all night, so it was hardly likely I would be interested in anything she had to say this time...

I didn't waste time looking for the clasp on her bra - I just ripped it off her.

Lowering my head to her breasts, I saw two perky little orange sized tits capped with pink nipples just begging to be sucked. I obliged.

Sucking the first into my mouth, I felt in instantly harden. Switching to the other, I nibbled and sucked for a few seconds before biting down hard. Amanda was moaning, now cradling my head to her chest while furiously stroking my dick.
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