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Kate Perry moaned as she pushed her vibrator deeper inside herself. The television issued moans, grunts, and calls of pleasure. She had been watching a porno by herself like she had been doing many a night lately. She and her boyfriend had broken up two weeks ago and she was reduced to masturbating on the couch with a porno playing. She came strongly as one of the males moaned and shot cum over his sex partners back. Kate desperately wanted a man. She had been going out to bars but had not found anyone she thought worthy. Kate tuned the machine off, climbed the stairs to her room, and slipped into bed still naked and glistening. She fell into a deep sleep immediately.

Kate was roused awake but a small rough tongue licking her bud. Her sheets had fallen off during the night. She looked down to her crotch. Her cat, Bongo, was lapping at her swollen clit. Before she could stop him she felt the all too familiar tensing of her body. Her hips bucked forward and Bongo continued to lick her out. She came all over the cats face. "Stupid cat." She muttered, breathing hard and feeling ashamed she ran to the shower and washed. She emerged feeling refreshed and dressed quickly. She was already late for work.

As she reached her door the bus across the street pulled away from the curb. "Damn!" She cursed under her breath. She defeatedly went back inside and called a cab. She then rang her work and told them that she'd be in soon as she had slept late. Kate decided to wait outside. She sat on the front stoop and waited for the taxi to arrive. Five minutes later she climbed into the taxi and was headed towards work. Her desk was located towards the back of the room. People would only go to the next available desk instead of keeping going to her, so her day was quite uneventful like most other days. So many times she had thought about doing something different with her life. She wished that something would happen that would turn her world upside down and around and around.

When Kate arrived home she noticed scratch marks on the door as if it had been forced open unsuccessfully. She opened the door to an empty house. Something ran past her leg, she jumped and turned on the light. It was only Bongo. She blushed remembering what had happened that morning. She decided to never leave the door open again. She made a TV dinner and ate it in front of the telly. After she had eaten she moved to the lounge room and fingered her small collection of porno tapes then decided against playing one that night. She was too tired to do any thing else so she retired to her bedroom. She made sure the door was shut firmly then changed and got into bed to sleep. She fell asleep quickly.

Kate rolled over and looked at the clock, she decided she should get up for work. She showered, dressed then ate. At the bus stop she met up with Aaron.

"Good of you to join us today." He said in a cheery voice. Kate mumbled a hello to him but offered no explanation about the previous day. They sat together as the bus was quite full. "So did anything important happen to make you late for work yesterday or did you just wake up late again?" Aaron worked with Kate but his desk was near the front on the long room. She told him she slept in and he laughed. "I think you need an alarm clock Katey-dear." She cringed. She hated when he called her that. Her day at work was basically the same as the previous day but this time she got a customer.

As soon as she got home that night she flipped on the TV and stuck here favorite porno tape in. she started to fuck herself with her vibrator when she heard a knock on the door. She growled at the interruption and pulled her dress down. "Yes?" she answered the door. A gun was shoved in her face. "Oh!" she gasped as she was shoved backwards. She retreated to the lounge room and picked up the phone.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The man had a balaclava covering his face. He pointed the gun at her. Moaning from the TV interrupted him for a moment. His eyes flicked to the set. "Feeling horny are we?" Kate squeaked out a yes. "Get back on the couch. Continue what you were doing." Kate didn't move. "NOW!" he screamed. She lay on the couch and awkwardly started to push the dildo back into her. The man came around and stood next to the TV so he could get a better view of her. Despite the situation she felt more aroused having him watching her. She began to fall into a rhythm. "Stop!" then man commanded before she could finish. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He had unzipped his pants and was stroking his fully erect cock. It stood almost ten inches out from his body.

Kate scooted up on the couch trying to get away as the man stepped closer. She slid down the couch when he reached the end. "Stop!" he commanded again. Kate froze. She was becoming scared again. He grabbed her leg and pulled her towards him. She tried to twist away. He forced her shoulders down and climbed on top of her. She squirmed again. He slapped her across the face. Tears formed in her eyes and she looked up at his face. She tried to pull the balaclava off his face. He pulled away then wrenched her towards the kitchen. He searched through the drawers. He found a ball of string and wound it around her wrists several times so she couldn't break free.

"No." she tried to pull away again. He pushed her roughly onto the couch again, climbed on her legs, and held her arms above her head. He pulled her skirt up and slid into her as she was still sopping wet. He pumped into her and used his spare hand to pull the dress higher so he could suck on her nipples. Despite the tears continuing to roll down her face she moaned softly from him inside and on top of her. He pumped faster and harder. "No." she cried and shook her head but it fell on deaf ears. She felt her walls tighten. He blasted his seed into her as she came.

"Oh god!" the man groaned as he kept going till he fell soft. He still sucked and bit her nipples. He then pulled away and stood watching her. Kate scrunched into a ball and cried. She turned her head and looked up at him. "Thanks Katey-dear. Hope we can do this again sometime."
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