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I strut down the hallway feeling on top of the world. I had just finished an incredible encounter with my two new friends. Jenna, the exotic brunette beauty. Her sweet essence still on my lips, and Kit my handsome stranger. Wow what a night I think to myself as I stoop to grab my purse from the floor. I feel Kit’s cream drip down the inside of my thighs. God I haven’t been fucked like that in a very long time.

As I come to the end of the hallway the men’s room door slams open. Out stumbles a young man. He couldn’t be more the nineteen or twenty. He had short, light brown, wavy hair and glasses. Obviously he was quite drunk. He didn’t see me and ran right into me, crushing me up against the wall. His hands groping my tits, squeezing and pulling on them hard.

“Mmm… yes. I like my bitches firm and ripe for the taking.” He slurred, pressing his young body against mine.

I could feel the contours of his muscles through his thin shirt. A sudden ripple of sexual excitement flowed through my body, as I almost wanted to be his bitch.

I fought the urge to drop to my knees and submit to him. It had been years since I thought like a slave and it pissed me off to be put back there again.

“You motherfucker, how dare you talk to me like that let alone put your hands on me!” I told him hotly before I pushed him away.

Pushing him so hard that he lost his balance and fell on his ass with a thud. The sight of him made me giggle. He lay there glaring up at me, which made me laugh even harder. He leaned up on his elbows, a small smile on his face.

“Go ahead and laugh now, but you will pay for it later bitch.” He threatened in a dangerously low voice.

I stopped laughing as an icy trickle of fear went down my spine.

By the menacing look on his face and the tone of his voice, I had visions of pain and torture. But I couldn’t let him know how scared I was.

“Yeah ok, you’re barely old enough to drink, let alone think you can handle a woman like me. Your nothing but some kid punk.” I told him turning on my heels and walking away.

Just as I turned the corner, I hear him say.

“You will be mine.”

When I opened the door to go outside the cold air smacked me in the face. Cursing under my breath because I decided to leave my car at home tonight. I gather my coat around me tightly, tying it together. Walking the two blocks home I couldn’t help to laugh at my good fortune. After four years of loneliness and hardly any sexual contact at all, I had a blast tonight. I’ll have to get to know them each on a personal level I mused as I fingered Jenna’s damp panties in my pocket.

Strutting down the street like a woman who had just been fucked. My legs slightly bowed and my ass just a swinging. I come to a split in the concrete. I try to step over it, but my ankle twists and I fall flat on my ass. And to make matters worse, the heel of my shoe wedges in the crack. Just as I fall you come out of the bar for some fresh air. You fight the urge to bust up laughing. You start to come forward to help when I turn my face to the light and you recognize me.

You step back into the shadows, knowing it is I. The one who pushed you and laughed in your face. Your heart begins to race. Small beads of sweat cover you forehead. Your hands begin to itch to feel the give of my soft supple skin. Your dick hardens at the perfect opportunity destiny has presented you with to fulfill your ultimate fantasy. You can almost hear my screams as you glance up and down the street. Not a soul in sight. You grin as all the possibilities fill your head. Just how will you make me pay, how your going to punish me.

Slowly creeping forward, your eyes never leave your prey. The closer you get the more you realize how badly you want to feel my body tremble under yours. How you need to hear my screams as I beg you to stop. You are seconds away from grabbing me when I finally get my heel unwedged and stand up. You duck back into the shadows to remain unseen. I turn around to see if anyone saw me make a fool of myself by falling. Breathing a sigh of relief because no one is around. Pulling my down my dress, I adjust it to cover my ass. Giggling, I think that if anyone were behind me they would have had a perfect view of my assets, so to speak.

A few steps behind me, standing in the shadows you catch a whiff of my perfume. A light floral scent, but there is something else. A raw, powerful, exotic scent. A scent that had you having visions of slapping bodies, screams of ecstasy, and moans of pleasure. The scent of hot pounding sex! Your rage starts to build as you realize that your bitch has been tampered with. Touched and violated, stretched out and sloppy. Adrenaline pumps through your veins as you step from the shadows a few feet behind me. I have no sense of danger as I stroll along humming under my breath. My thoughts are on the shiver of excitement I felt when I talked to the guy from the bathroom. The undeniable urge to submit to him. I hadn’t felt like that since I was married four years ago.

When I step off the curb is when you decide to pounce. One arm around my waist, gripping me tightly. Just as I start to scream, your other hand clamps over my mouth. You drag my struggling body down the dark alley. Whispering gruffly in my ear.

“Remember what I told you bitch? I told you that you would be mine. Now the time has come to make you pay for laughing at me!”

Realizing who you are I momentarily stop struggling, shocked and very scared. You SLAM me up against the brick wall! So hard it feels as if my brains are scrambled. The impact sends shockwaves of pain down my spine. Dazed, I shake my head. Thinking fast I bring up my knee to your nuts, causing you to step back and release me.

I push against your chest, knocking you to the ground. I start to run back up the alley, but I trip and fall flat on my face. You see this and jump on me. Dragging me by the ankles back down the alley. I feel the skin being ripped off of my legs. Pebbles and rocks painfully digging into my skin. You flip me on my back growling ferociously.

“Bitch you will regret that little move of yours!”

You take off your tie and use it to bind my wrists together above my head. Then you anchor them to the foot of a dumpster. In this position, my tits are thrust forward.

“Please nooo… Please don’t hurt meee!!” I beg.

“Shut up bitch, or I will kill you first then rape your dead corpse!” You growl, grabbing my tit and squeezing hard. “That little stunt before will cause you so much pain.” You tell me leaning close.

I see the dark animal-like passion in your green eyes.

You stand up, looking down on me. I start tugging at the tie, kicking my legs. You have an evil grin on your handsome face as you almost giggle watching me struggle fruitlessly. As the panic sets in I begin to scream.

“HELLLPP MEEE…..PLEASEEE HELP MEEE!!” At the top of my lungs.

You move to where you’re standing at my feet. You start laughing as I continue to scream and struggle.

“Go ahead and scream, no one can hear you, and if they do, they won’t care. At least not in this” neighborhood.” You tell me.

Taking off your coat, you let it fall to the ground. You pull something from your back pocket. The grip of fear tightens on me when I hear the unmistakable click of your switchblade. An icy trickle of terror flows down my back as I realize that you’re really going to hurt me, but in some sick sense I begin to get aroused. A need to be used and degraded takes over. Trying to fight the feeling within myself. I start to struggle again. Not only against you, but also against the strange sexual need I’m feeling. You drop to your knees. Pressing them into my ankles. I begin to plead with you.

“Please sir, don’t hurt me. I’m just trying to get home. I’m sorry I pushed you and kicked you. Please just let me go, please?” I beg in a small child-like voice. “Tsk, tsk…now look at you. My little bitch wants free. Not so easily done I’m afraid. I’m getting what I want. I’m making you mine before I free my little whore.” You tell me in an evil voice.

I begin to whimper and sob. You just smile, nodding your head.

“Yes…that’s it. Go ahead and cry. The tears won’t help anymore then your screams did.”

I feel the cool steel tip of your knife slowly glide up the inside of my legs. The cold sensation of the metal against my hot skin creates shivers and goosebumps that cover my body. I jerk trying to pull my legs away from it, but I feel the tip of the blade pierce slightly into my skin. I stop moving, terrified of being cut, but I continue to whimper and whine. Begging desperately for you to release me. The blade presses against my damp cunt-lips before you slice up the center of my dress with a single flick of your wrist. Peeling back the frayed fabric you smile and lick you lips as you reveal my flushed skin.

“Ahh…yes. Better then I first thought. Such a hot little bitch who loves to get fucked! Noo…please don’t do this. You bastard, get the fuck off of me!” I moan, struggling under you weight. “Ahh yes, attitude. I just love attitude in all my bitches.” You chuckle.

Reaching out, you grasp each of my tits in you hands. Pulling and squeezing them roughly. I yelp in pain, but my nipples grow hard in response. I fight the urge to thrust my hips forward and beg for your touch.

You see the conflict on my face.

“Yes bitch, you’re enjoying this. You want me to rape you. You sick nasty slut.” You moan before bending your head forward.

You capture my pebble-like nipple between your teeth. Biting gently, then increasing pressure. I whimper and moan as a tidal wave of hot searing pleasure washes over me. I thrash my body, trying to shake you off. Fighting hard not to relinquish myself to you. But I’m losing the battle fast. You begin to chew at my hard nipple flesh. Each graze of your teeth sends jolts of erotic ecstasy straight to my exposed cunt. Shaking my head, I begin to chant.

“No, no, no, no, no, no.”

Each time I say it, my voice gets deeper more husky. I involuntarily arch my back. Giving into the sexual throb that has overtaken me.

You bite down hard, your teeth cutting into my skin. The stinging sensation I feel causes me to yelp in pain. But it does nothing to quell the sexual energy that flows through me, it only creates more. You pull your head back and I see the dark red blood on you lips. You see the yearning passion, the terrifying fear, and the boiling anger written all over my face. You lick you lips, savoring the taste of my thick blood.

“Yeah, that’s it, enjoy it, love it, want it, like the dirty whore that your are.” You groan.

You repeat the same pattern on my other nipple. Biting gently, increasing pressure, chewing then cutting into my skin with your teeth, and once again tasting my blood. Suckling, you draw more of my blood into your mouth. You pull back your head, letting the blood dribble down you chin. I gasp in horror as I watch the blood drip from your chin to my chest and down my stomach. I look down at my body and begin to moan in agony, or is it ecstasy; at this point I’m not so sure.

“Aww…my little bitch is scared of a little blood?No matter though, there will be a lot more before I’m through with you.” You tell me with an evil, almost hateful grin on your face.

The pain radiates from my swollen, bloody nipples throughout my body. Increasing the sexual need I feel in my loins. You stand up and as you do, you trail a finger through the droplets of blood. This causes a long smear of blood down from my chest to my stomach. Smiling down on me you admire you handiwork. A beautiful, bound woman with smears of shiny red blood against her pale skin. If the way I’m panting and rocking my hips is not enough to tell how horny I am. Then the sight of my glazed over pussy will.

From where your standing you can see the wetness seep from my swollen cunt-lips. Wanting so bad to taste me your mouth waters. I lay there my arms and wrists aching from the struggle. My nipples throb each time a breeze blows past. Causing tiny explosions of pain that only make my pussy juicier. I watch you trying to decide what to do to me next. All the while losing the battle within myself. My body taking over. I arch my back with a deep gut-wrenching growl. The pure animal in me totally engulfs my entire body.

You chuckle, seeing the urgency in the arch of my back. Hearing it in the tone of my voice. Now you know it is time. You unbuckle your belt and you pull it from your pants with a snap. The crack of the leather makes me wince in fear and anticipation. Grabbing my ankles, you pull them up over your shoulders. Using your belt, you bind my ankles behind your neck. In essence, tied to you. My ass rests against your raging hard-on, and your have a perfect view of my wet cunt. My natural, musky scent fills your nostrils as you look down at my exposed pussy.

I look up at you and automatically smile and lick my lips upon seeing your massive tool. You begin to stoke it between my legs. Lightly pressing your throbbing cock into my parted lips. I gasp in awe at the picture we have created. My arms bound over my head, and my legs tied around your neck. Only my head and shoulders are touching the ground. My juice floods as your cock grows harder, longer. I feel it pulsating against my swollen, trembling clit. I grind my pussy on your throbbing fuckstick.

“Oh god, yesss…” I moan. “Oh, no not there you wanton whore. Look at you, laying there begging for more. Such a tramp.” You tell me before positioning yourself at my anal entrance.

“Noo… oh god not there!” I beg, my voice dripping with desire. “Oh yes!” You tell me pressing forward.

You grasp my hips. Holding me so I don’t jerk away. Thrusting your hips you drive your rock-hard cock balls deep into my rectal cavity. I scream in excruciating pain as I feel my ass being ripped open. I try to pull away, but you grip my hips hard. Your nails digging into my tender flesh, holding me still.

“Oh yeah that’s it bitch. Scream for me!”

Tears form in my eyes as the pain is almost unbearable.

“Oh god, it hurts! It hurts! Oh My Fucking God! PLEASE STOPPP!” I scream and cry.

You hold me for an instant before pulling out. My screams intensify as the searing hot pain doubles. It feels as if my entire body is on fire. I feel a warm trickle of blood drip down the crack of my ass. You plunge forward, driving deep and hard again. My cries falling on deaf ears as you begin to fuck me with a fierceness that blows my mind. Your thrusts unrelentless. My hips start to ricochet off of yours. I, unable to stop myself am forced to fuck you back. My screams echo through the alleyway.

As the pain subsides, something inside me snaps. I am overwhelmed with a pleasure that makes me forget everything. Forget that I’m tied up in an alley. Forget that a madman is raping my ass. All I do is feel. I feel every vein, every bump, and ever ridge of your thick cock as you pound my tight ass. It is exquisite. Unable to move, I moan.

“Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck your bitch. Mmm. God yess!!” I moan from deep within my soul. “Oh yeah. Mmm. That’s it. Who’s my bitch? Who’s my whore? Say it!” You demand. “I am. I am your bitch, your whore. Oh god. Just please don’t stop!!” I growl.

You run your hands up and down my legs now that you no longer have to hold me still. My flesh squeezing through your spread fingers. You look down at my gaped pussy. My thick wet lips pushed apart by my protruding clit. Swollen and glistening in its own sweet juices. I moan and grunt with each deep thrust of your cock into my ass. I begin to talk to you.

“Yeah that’s it. Fuck me with your stick. Mmm… yeah, fill me up. Oh god it’s so good! Yesssss….”

You smile wickedly. Cupping my cunt, your thumb lightly grazes over my quivering clit. I squeal in pure delight.

“Oh god, yess. Touch it, pinch it, yessss." "Mmm You like that bitch? Oh yeah, just wait, I have more for you." "Mmmm… yes. More, give me more!” I beg.

You grasp my clit between your thumb and finger. You start to pinch and roll it. Not showing and mercy you pinch hard, tugging my clit roughly. The painful pleasure that courses through my body has me begging for more.

“Please, yes. Oh god yes. Give it to me!”

You start to roll your hips in a circular motion. Stretching my ass wider. I move with you. Your legs start to tremble, your balls heavy with your fluid. You are so close to pumping my ass full of your cum. But you know you must slow down. You slow your thrusts, in turn slowing mine.

“Nooo… Please don’t stop!” I beg, trying to move. “Oh no bitch, not yet. I’m not quite through with you.” You tell me as you hold my hips still. “Just relax.”

Using your thumb, you lightly rub my clit. Just barely touching me. You feel my ass muscles grip your cock.

“Oh god, yes. Please don’t stop!” I beg.

The way you have me, you can tell how close I am by the way my muscles tighten. Just as I am on the edge of orgasm, you stop moving your thumb.

“Nooo!” I scream. “Oh yess!” You tell me.

You feel my muscles release slightly. You slowly insert a single finger into my cunt-hole.

“Mmm. Oh god, that feels so good.” I purr.

You twist and wiggle your finger deep in and out of my pussy. You feel me build again, and again right before I cum, you pull your finger out of me.

“Oh no, Not again. Please don’t do this to me!" "Heh, heh.. Bitch, I will do anything I want with you! And you will love every minute of it!” You growl through clenched teeth.

You continue to play with me. Building me up, then letting me relax. Stopping my orgasm. Over and over again. You rub my clit, then insert a finger, one right after the other. Till you get to the point that you’re fucking me with four fingers. Finally you have my cunt stretched to where it can fit you whole fist. The frustration written all over my face, I beg you to let me cum. I feel you cock throbbing deep in my ass cavity. You get you fist into my pussy to your wrist, but you don’t push any further. You begin to rotate your wrist, letting me feel each of your knuckles. I try to spread my legs wider. Moaning in pleasurable agony.

“Yes, please! Please fuck me! Oh god! Mmm yesss!” I beg again.

You hear the need drip from my voice. I try to rock my hips; you let me as you begin to thrust you hips again. Fucking my ass hard. Each time you pull out, you push your fist deep into my cunt.

“Yeah, you little whore. Look at you, taking it all. Just like a tramp! Oh yeah, such a tight little bitch.” You moan as you begin to lose control with your thrusts.

“Mmm… Yeah bitch. Whose is it? You’re my bitch, you're my whore!" "Oh god yesss! Oh yeah, its yours. I’m your bitch, your slut. Oh yess! Fuck me. Mmmm….” I scream as my orgasm soars to untouched heights. “Yesssssssss……..” My body going rigid.

My pussy grips your fist like a vice. My ass clamps down on your cock so hard that you feel the ripples of my orgasm. My juices gush around your fist and arm. You are amazed at the volume of cum I have built up. My body trembles violently as my orgasm continues. Lasting a full two minutes before my muscles collapse. I feel more alive than I have ever felt. Like an electric current flowing through my body before and explosion. One that shoots me in a million different directions, before total darkness.

As I lose consciousness you smile down on me, satisfied. You have never made a girl pass out before. You pull your fist out of my stretched-out cunt with a slurpy, sucking sound. You lick come of my sweet juices off your arm before reaching up behind your neck. You untie my ankles and slide your cock out of my ass. Letting me fall back to the ground. You cock still hard as a rock. You stand over me, intending to cover me in your hot man-cream. Stroking hard and fast.

“Mmm… Oh yeah.” You moan as the first spurts of your cum splash across my face.
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