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The whistle didn't surprise her. At 46, Nancy Pace was still attractive. In fact, partly due to her recent interest in Roger Mitchelson, the up-and-coming real estate broker she'd begun dating, she was feeling more sensual than she had since her marriage to Bill ended, more than 5 years ago. The fact that she'd finally gotten breast implants last year, along with a regimen of collagen and Botox treatments, had her feeling downright sexy, most of the time! "Some women just bloom late," she thought to herself, as she turned to smile at the pair of construction workers entering the convenience store. She mentally registered her delight at their stares as she walked to her car. All guys love a slim blonde!

Getting into the car, she hesitated behind the wheel, and watched the men through the windows of the store. She thought back to 5 years ago, and the pain she'd felt when Bill told her he was moving out. Their sex lives had deteriorated to once-a-month listless couplings, if that; and they never talked anymore, unless he wanted to complain about how life was treating him unfairly. It was mid-life crisis, she knew, and she tried to combat it by planning romantic weekends and candle-lit meals, but it was too late. The divorce was amicable, but not without a lot of tension, and the dividing of property was a painful process. Fortunately, Billy was mature enough to cope with his parent's problems, and had elected to stay with his mother.

22 years old now, he was still at home most nights, but spent a lot of time with his friends and his attractive girlfriend, Brenda. Nancy had never gotten used to being alone, and when Billy suggested she try to make herself more 'available,' she decided the time had come. The boob-job and collagen had done wonders for her self-esteem, and now "Nancy Pace, full of Grace," as her husband used to call her so many years ago, was once again the confident, sexy woman she used to be.

"Maybe even a little bit of a slut," she thought with a smile, as she sat in the car. Why else would she linger, curious to see those two young men in their tight jeans and bare chests once more, when she should be heading for home? Sighing, she turned the key and backed the car out of the parking lot. "Not THAT much of a slut," she thought, her eyes nonetheless scanning the rear-view mirror as she left.

Arriving home, she noticed Billy's car was gone, as usual. She entered the silent house, put her stamps and half-full can of soda on the counter, and walked to her bedroom. She was feeling horny. As always, lately. Roger, she knew, was at help there. As she passed the full-length mirror on her wall, she studied herself. "Not bad," she sighed, running a hand through her long, flaxen hair and pulling it across one shoulder. It fell over one breast, which was almost visible through the gauzy material of the linen blouse tied at her waist. She almost never wore a bra anymore. Her jeans were tight enough to showcase her lean legs, and when she quarter-turned, her tight little bottom. The strapless heels pushed her perky ass out and up, and she knew why the man had whistled. Nancy smiled. She DID look hot!

Gazing at her reflection over one shoulder, Nancy fantasized, as she often did these days. The door would open, and the two construction workers would enter the house and head straight for the bedroom. She walked to the bed, imagining them ordering her to do just that, and sat on the edge, a look of fear and lust in her eyes as she looked from one to the other. They were so strong, these much like animals. She heard one of them tell her to take her top off, and she began to untie the blouse, slowly.

"Hurry up!" he ordered, and she pulled it roughly apart. The men moved closer, one of them reaching out to fondle the naked breasts she had revealed, and she leaned back on her hands, closing her eyes. She could hear the zipper of one man's jeans being slowly lowered, and imagined him pushing them down over his hips. His cock stood out straight when she opened her eyes, and she couldn't take her eyes off it. The other man's hands were pulling and twisting her nipples now, and she could feel the painful pleasure of his domination. She was at their mercy now. Her breath came in short, noisy gasps.

Her hand went to the button fly of her jeans, and she fumbled with the zipper. "C'mon!" she heard one man say, and she lay back on the bed, yanking the zipper down. Pulling the flaps apart, she could see the top of the bright yellow thong, and knew they would want more. She raised her hips and pulled the jeans down over her ass, taking the panties with them. The whiteness of her tan line glowed in the darkened room, and the thatch of curly brown hair looked impenetrable. "I really should shave it," she thought, and came to a decision then and there. For now, though, these imaginary men needed to be satisfied!

She lay back, her arms outstretched in surrender, and thought of them above her. They would both be naked now, their cocks hard and throbbing with desire for her. She worked her legs, inching the jeans down and kicking her shoes off. Rising to push the clingy material down over her calves, she sensed the cocks at either side of her face. Turning to her right, she took one man in her mouth, the musky aroma of his genitals filling her nostrils. His hand went to the back of her head, pulling her roughly onto him, as the other man yanked her blouse back over her arms. Her pussy oozed wetness as the men took turns, then, sharing her mouth.

Nancy lay back, inviting the men to fuck her. She felt her legs being roughly pulled apart, and someone pulling her forward, to the very edge of the bed. The other man would stay alongside her on the bed, she knew, and once again thrust his big dick into her mouth. As she fingered herself, imagining the man inside her, her cunt reacted. She was very wet now, so slippery beneath her own fingers! The sounds of her wetness filled the bedroom as she frigged herself anxiously.

Suddenly, the front door burst open, and she heard Billy's voice, speaking loudly to someone. "Sure, c'mon in!" he said. "My mom's here somewhere."

Reacting quickly, Nancy raced to her bedroom door, shutting it as Billy called to her. "Just a minute, hon!" she yelled through the door. "I'm changing clothes!" Leaning back against the door, she looked around. Her jeans and panties lay in a tight little bundle on the floor, one shoe under the bed and one across the room, and her blouse hung off the footboard. She took a long, deep breath as she tried to quiet her nerves. "Well, that was close," she chuckled, once her heart rate had returned to near normal, and she began to pull on a clean pair of jeans and a tank top.

She was surprised to find Billy with two of his old friends, Matt and Craig, sharing sodas in the living room and talking. "Well, hi," she said, extending her hand to each of them. "I haven't seen you two in a while." She was vaguely aware of the lusty aroma of her sex, and wondered if they could pick up on it.

The boys explained that they had been away at college, and proceeded to tell Billy about some of their adventures, so Nancy wandered back into the kitchen, where she could participate in the conversation if requested, but give them the privacy she felt they might require. Smiling as she leaned against the countertop and sipping at her soda, she watched the three of them, her eyes going over the forms of her son's two friends as they talked. They'd grown up a lot in the last year.

She began to notice the two boys studying her as they talked, as well. Their eyes seemed to go to her often. In fact, it seemed that every time Billy was speaking to one boy, the other was watching her. She began to feel a little self-conscious, but more than a little excited, too. It was the construction worker fantasy, but now enhanced with the images of the two young men present in her house. Suddenly, the phone rang.

Nancy picked it up. It was Brenda, who exchanged pleasantries with Nancy for a few moments before asking for Billy.

"Honey, it's that girl again," Nancy joked, holding the phone out to Billy. He took the phone and turned toward the front of the house, shielding his conversation from them all, and Nancy took the opportunity to ask the boys if they wanted anything to drink. When they agreed to a soda each, she turned to the refrigerator, suddenly keenly aware of their eyes on her ass. "Hmmm. Just their luck, the sodas are on the bottom shelf," she thought to herself with a smile, as she bent at the waist to retrieve them.

Sure enough, when she turned to them, their eyes were glued to her bottom. It took a couple of seconds for them to re-focus their gaze as she walked toward them, and she laughed out loud.

"So, you guys gettin' any?" she asked pointedly. Neither boy replied, and as she handed them their sodas, she looked each one in the eye. She could see the desire there, just before it turned to embarrassment, and she smiled inwardly. "Still got it, kid," she told herself as she left the room.

Billy came to the utility room shortly, where she had busied herself folding the laundry, and announced that he was going to Brenda's, and that Matt and Craig wanted a word with her. When she looked at him questioningly, he rolled his eyes.

"I don't know, mom," he said. "That's why they came over in the first place." See ya."

Nancy walked back into the living room to find the boys waiting apprehensively on the sofa. When she entered the room, Craig, the blonde young man, rose quickly and motioned her to sit next to Matt. When she did, he seated himself so she was between them.

"So, what's up?" she said, somewhat nervously. Their close proximity made her feel a little ill at ease, and there seemed to be a tension in the room. It was unmistakably sexual. She looked from one to the other, waiting for one of them to speak. Finally, Craig cleared his throat.

"Uh, Mrs. Pace," he began. The boys exchanged a look before he went on. "We found something...something that might interest you. It sure interested us."

Nancy's heart skipped a beat. What was going on here? She studied Craig's face, searching for a clue, then looked at Matt. He was smiling, watching her face eagerly now. "Boys?" she began. She suddenly wanted to bolt; to get herself out of this extremely awkward situation, but she didn't know what she was running from.

Matt put a hand on her leg. His touch was possessive, not the accidental gesture it should have been. "Lay it out for her, Craig."

Craig said, "Mrs. Pace. Do you remember this?" He reached into his back pocket, and held out a VHS tape. It had a crudely labeled sticker on it, which she struggled to read as he waved it in front of her teasingly. Then he stopped moving it. The label read "Desperate Housewives," she saw.

Nancy frowned. "Is that the TV show?" she asked, and both boys laughed. Matt's hand on her leg moved inward, getting very close to her crotch. She looked at him.

"Matt? What are you doing?"

Matt only smiled, his eyes raking up and down her body. He said to Craig, "You'd better show her the video, man." His fingers slid over her denim-covered pussy as he watched her face.

Craig rose and went to the entertainment center. "You do have a VCR, don't you?" he asked, pulling the doors open.

Nancy reached down and took Matt's wrist. She shot him a look as she picked his hand up and dropped it into his own lap. Her blood was suddenly boiling. What the hell were these two up to? She was starting to speak, when Craig announced, "Found it!"

"Now the fun starts," he said, as the TV flickered to life. He slid the tape into the VCR and turned to Nancy and his friend. "Hit PLAY, would you?" indicating the remote on the coffee table.

Nancy seized the remote and held it to her chest. Her eyes were angry. She looked at Craig and demanded, "What the hell are you doing?" Before he could answer she said, "This is my house, and I'm not in the mood for playing games! Now, tell me what this is about, or get out!"

Both boys laughed out loud, and Craig said only, "Hit PLAY, and you'll see." Then they waited. The silence was deafening, and the only thing Nancy could hear was the pounding of her own heart. Finally, after staring at first one and then the other, she realized they weren't leaving. She pushed the PLAY button.

As the tape began to play, she heard corny jazz music, and knew instantly it was one of those low-budget porn tapes. She relaxed a bit, and rolled her eyes. If these boys thought that they could embarrass her; or, worse yet, get her 'in the mood' with this bit of crap, they would soon find out differently. She watched the titles roll, and heard the moans as the first scene faded in. No story here, to get in the way!

"Oh, come on, guys," she said, and then stopped, thunderstruck. Her thumb hovered over the STOP button as she recognized the faces on the screen. Oh, my god!

Nancy's stomach rolled as she realized that it was her onscreen; her and Bill. Her hair was much shorter, and still a mousy brown color. Her breasts were smaller, her body less toned. Suddenly she remembered the night they'd videotaped their lovemaking. It was her idea, a last-ditch attempt to rekindle their passion. Though their sex that night had been inspired, it hadn't had the long-term effect she had hoped for, and she assumed he had gotten rid of the tape.

As she watched herself on tape, she reacted subtly. Onscreen, Bill was licking her pussy animatedly, she was moaning, and the camera was placed just far enough away to capture the action full-length. Nancy began to remember the passion she'd felt that night. Her pussy moistened as she listened to herself, and remembered the feel of his mouth on her. That had been such a long time ago!

Temporarily forgotten, the two boys watched Nancy's face as she relived this little escapade. Her mouth hung partly open as she watched the action unfold, and she allowed herself to settle back into the sofa cushions. Her attention was only broken when Craig spoke.

"You know," he said, and waited for her attention to focus on him. "It sure would be a shame for Billy to see that. Or anybody, for that matter." He smiled, like a cat watching a chameleon under his paw. Her eyes dropped as she realized the implications. So this was it!

"What do you want?" she asked quietly, stiffening as Matt's hand again settled on her thigh. This time she didn't attempt to remove it. It crept to the junction of her legs and covered her crotch, where it began to stroke her softly through the denim. His voice was suddenly in her ear.

"We thought maybe you'd want to bribe us," he said. "After all, it'd be a shame to waste a pussy as nice as this one, Mrs. Pace." His finger pressed harder against her, and she moaned, in spite of herself.

"Noooo," she offered, half-heartedly, and they all knew she didn't mean it. As his finger rode up and down the furrow in her jeans, her breath seemed to catch in her throat, and she leaned back into the cushions. Her eyes cut to Craig, who was still standing by the TV, watching her intently. The sounds of saxophones and her lovemaking onscreen seemed deafening. Their intentions were clear, and she didn't have the fight in her to contest them.

Matt's hand seemed to force her legs apart, but she knew it was of her own volition. She paused, thought, and finally sighed and said to them, "We may not have long." Craig moved to her other side.

Nancy allowed herself to be kissed, returning their kisses with increasing passion, as the hands stroked and fondled her body seductively. Her tank top was slid up over her breasts, exposing them to the mouths of the two young men, and she watched them suckling greedily on her nipples, their hands attempting to encase the fullness of her enhanced orbs. Beyond them, on TV, Bill had her on her hands and knees, and was plunging methodically into her from behind. The moans she was soon making began to merge with her increasingly frantic sounds onscreen. Nancy was quickly going insane with lust.

When the fingers slipped the zipper down on her jeans, Nancy gasped. She arched herself upward, eager to feel their touch. Two pairs of hands yanked at the material, forcing it down over her hips. They were excited to see that she wore no panties. The tank top was snatched over her head and tossed aside.

Her pussy, it's hairy mantle all but obscuring it, beckoned, and Matt slipped to his knees before her. His hands pulled eagerly at the jeans, dragging them over one ankle and foot, then abandoning them. His hands now went to her thighs, pushing them far apart. She watched his mouth approach her, begging for the feel of his tongue.

"That's it, baby," she panted, thrusting herself at him. "Lick me. Oh, me up!"

Her voice encouraging him, Matt swiped at her gash with his tongue, and she went crazy. Her voice rose to an almost-scream, and she began to tremble. He buried his tongue inside her, and she squealed her pleasure. Oh, god! She was going to cum already!

Throwing her head back, Nancy felt her release, and knew this would be the first of many. She loudly exhorted him to fuck her with his tongue, and went right over the top when his finger slid into her.

Matt grinned. Billy's mother was one crazy bitch! And that body...He couldn't wait to plunge his dick into her, and feel her go crazy beneath him. He and Craig had already fantasized about this. They would fuck her until they couldn't fuck anymore, and then they'd make her clean them both up. As she trembled under his frigging finger, he pulled at his snap and zipper.

Craig, meanwhile, had disrobed and climbed up onto the sofa next to Nancy. Her open mouth seemed to invite his cock, which was throbbing with desire, and he roughly seized her head and turned it toward him. As she gasped and moaned, he thrust himself between her lips, and felt them close around him. He pushed forward, and felt his cock head hit the back of her throat. She gagged.

Nancy had never felt so lusty. While the one young man was pleasuring her pussy almost unbearably, the other was using her face as his fuck-toy. She tried to focus on Craig's cock, which was rather long and curved, and getting it down her throat without getting sick on him. She'd never deep-throated a real cock before, but she'd often used a dildo as practice, and she knew she could do it. If only he'd be a little less aggressive.

Craig had no intention of taking her easily. He thrust roughly back and forth, hitting the back of her throat each time, and holding her head in his iron grip. Grinning as she gagged on his cock, he stepped over her and took her straight on now, his knees against the back of the sofa as he fucked down into her face. Even Matt felt the tightening of her body as she fought the intruder, and paused to watch.

"Yeah! Fuck her, man!" he grunted, and buried a second finger in Nancy's spasming cunt. He rubbed her clit roughly with his thumb, and felt another wave of warm fluid gush over his hand. God, she was horny!

Nancy tried to concentrate. This double assault on her body was not only driving her crazy with pleasure, it was making it hard to breathe. She fought to allow the pistoning cock past her uvula, and once she remembered to swallow as it entered her throat, it slid smoothly down her gullet. Craig stopped, realizing he was balls-deep in his friend's mother's mouth, and began to stroke more slowly now, enjoying the feel of her tongue against his sack.

Nancy relaxed some. It felt good to have a real cock in her mouth, and she reveled in the musky taste of his skin. She pursed her lips around the boy's shaft and sucked gently, hearing his moan of pleasure above her. Her tongue swiped at Craig's balls, licking the underside of his scrotum. She felt the hands release her head as he balanced himself on the back of the sofa, and stroked gently in and out. She also felt Matt's fingers leave her pussy, the air cool against the exposed inner skin.
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