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There were four of us. My wife Terri and I, Frank and his wife Jen. Frank and I were reporters for a paper in California. We were sent to Africa to cover a recent rebel uprising that was quickly quashed before it got out of hand. Our job was to go in, interview a few Government troops, cross the border and fly out. Our safety was guaranteed as our escorts were supplied by the standing government. My wife, a doctor, insisted she go along in case there were any wounded that needed help. Frank's wife, a registered nurse, was invited to go by Terri to help her should the need arise.

I was a bit uneasy about bringing Terri and Jen. I've been covering incidents like this for a few years and knew what could happen to white women caught by the rebel forces. However, since our safety was guaranteed and we would be traveling with armed guards, my worries were put at ease.

Before we left, we were instructed on what to wear and how to act, and what to do in case rebels captured us. Unpleasant as it was, if rebels captured us, in order to survive, we were directed to comply with their wishes at any cost.

Our itinerary was also set. We were to arrive early on Tuesday, be chaperoned to the capital for interviews, spend one night at the state hotel, cross the border to neutral territory and fly out.

We arrived on schedule and were greeted by the government troops. They were a well-organized group of young men. They were courteous but direct. They gathered our things and drove us into the capital. On the way they told us about the recent skirmish and how they were victorious. They detailed their firefight with the rebel soldiers and how they were able to kill every man that attacked. They also detailed their plans to go into their villages and burn them to the ground.

I asked them what plans they had for the families of the deceased rebels and the replied with cynical laughter.

We arrived at the capital unharmed and were granted interviews with a select few generals who oversaw the victories. Their stories were a biased attempt to slander the rebel troops. I was in no position to argue so I wrote down their responses and kept asking questions. Frank's interviews were more or less the same.

Terri and Jen were allowed to visit the state hospital and assist the doctors there with tending to the wounded. Later that night we were treated to a dinner with the vice-president and escorted to our rooms. Our rooms were then locked from the outside.

The next morning we were loaded onto a vehicle and driven to the border. On the way there the drivers explained the border process. We were to be dropped off at inspection and then taken through customs and released on the other side where we would be taxied to the airport. Our escort was not allowed to cross the border with us, so once we were dropped off, they were to leave.

We arrived at the border early and were dropped off. Since the country was in a state of lock-down, the borders were virtually empty. As we approached the building I noticed there weren't any guards patrolling. It seemed odd since I was expecting a full-scale military outfit to be there.

We walked into the building and were approached by armed men. They weren't dressed in military gear and my mind immediately began to race.

"Hold it right there! Hands up!" They yelled as they approached us.

"Good morning," I said. "We're hear to pass into your country so we can catch a plane."

The armed men came closer until one was right in front of Frank and I and another was circling Terri and Jen. "We don't care where you're going! Now you are our prisoners! We have taken over this station and are holding you captive."

These men were rebels. My mind went over the instruction the US Government had given us and I feared for the worst. We had to follow their orders to survive.

"We're Americans, please let us contact our consulate and we will convey your demands." Frank said.

"We don't have demands for the US... Only for our country! We're going to use you as bargaining chips and have some fun with you in the meantime!" The man standing in front of us said.

With that, the man sent his rifle butt into the back of Frank's head, knocking him to the ground. Before he struck me, I turned to look at my wife. The second man was gliding his rifle butt up her thighs and saying something in his native tongue. Before I could speak I was knocked unconscious.

I woke up to laughter. I tried to move but my arms and legs had been tied down. It took my eyes a few minutes to adjust in the dim light of the room. I glanced around to try and figure out my situation. I immediately realized I had been stripped naked. Frank was next to me in the same position. He still was unconscious. There was a guard in the room. We were facing a two-way mirror looking into an interrogation room.

"I see you're awake!" The guard sneered. "Once your friend is up we will begin." He began to size me up, "I can't believe white man have such small dicks!" He laughed and tapped Frank with his rifle.

"Small dicks?!?" I thought, looking at myself. Mine wasn't that small, even though in this situation and with the cool air it looked like it. I looked at Frank and saw his was a bit smaller than mine.

When the guard tapped Frank he slowly regained consciousness. Once he was fully awake the guard told us to both be quiet and look into the other room. If we didn't comply we would be shot.

He pushed a button on the wall and the door in the other room opened. A tall black man wearing a tank top and army fatigues walked in first. I immediately noticed how muscular he was. He stood against the wall and motioned towards the door. Another man came in, shorter and stockier than the first man. Then Terri and Jen entered the room. Luckily they were both still clothed. They were followed by one more man holding a pistol. The third man was medium height and very skinny.

The man guarding frank and I pushed an intercom button on the wall and said, "Ok men, start the interrogation!" He looked at us and laughed. He pushed a button so we could hear the sound from the other room. "Now gentlemen, we'll show you how we take care of our white prisoners!"

Terri and Jen were made to sit in chairs so they were facing the mirror. I noticed that Terri had held her composure while Jen had started crying. Both women sat silently as the man with the pistol spoke.

"Ok ladies, my name is Sam, the man with the tank top is Enton and the other man is Arch" the guard began, "Here's how we do things. First we have to search you for contraband. Second we interrogate you. Then we do what we please." Jen sobbed loudly.

"Stand up and begin removing your clothing." Both women remained still. "Stand up dammit! If you don't you will be punished!"

My stomach dropped. I was afraid to watch.

Terri and Jen stood up and slowly began removing their clothing. Jen continued to cry. I watched my beautiful blonde wife remove her clothes. She began by removing her shirt and shorts, exposing her cotton panties and bra. She was almost 40 but still looked incredible. She was 5' 6" and 130 pounds. Her butt was firm and round and her breasts were a perky 36C. I felt like a depraved animal thinking of her sexually at this moment, but I couldn't seem to control myself. She removed her bra next, exposing her soft pink nipples. She pushed her panties to the floor and exposed her pussy. She rarely shaved it, just trimmed it neatly leaving a light covering of soft blonde curls.

Jen slowly removed her clothing. She was shorter than Terri by a few inches. Her hair was dark brown. She probably weighed 125, more or less. Her breasts were enormous, probably a 38DD or more. Frank used to confide in me that that's what first attracted him to her. She slowly undressed completely, first exposing her breasts and dark nipples and then her hairy pussy. Frank told me she never shaved or even trimmed her bush. It was thick and matted and you couldn't see an outline of her pussy lips from where I was sitting. Still, she was beautiful in her own way.

I immediately became aware of a light feeling in my stomach. My cock had also begun to stir. I was afraid the guard might see and I tried to hide my feelings. I glanced over at Frank and noticed he was having the same problem.

Both women were pushed against the mirror and made to assume the search position. They were approached from behind by Enton and Arch. Enton stood behind Terri and Arch behind Jen.

Enton slowly began running his hands up and down Terri's body. He reached in front of her and squeezed her breasts hard, causing Terri to wince. He then rolled her nipples between his fingers before focusing on her pussy and ass. As he moved his hands down, I noticed Jill's nipples had remained hard. He roughly ran his hands over her ass. He then ran his left hand over her crotch, forcing a finger between her pussy lips. Jill's face remained unchanged. I could tell she was trying to think of something else to take her mind off of the situation.

Enton then spit on his right fingers and rubbed them on Terri's pussy lips. She bit her lip as he pushed a finger into her pussy and wiggled it around. He pulled it out and began to rub her clit. He then rubbed around the entrance to her pussy and forced two of his massive fingers in. This time rather than probe around, he pistoned them in and out like a cock. Terri closed her eyes and began to flush.

Enton turned to Sam and said with a laugh, "her pussy is clean!" He removed his fingers and brought them to his face. "Her pussy is clean and wet!" All three men laughed. I was in shock. Could Terri be turned on?

Enton then returned to his assault, this time rubbing her tiny puckered ass hole with his wet fingers. The expression on Terri's face changed as he slowly forced his index finger through her opening and into her ass hole. She bit her lip again. Enton followed the same procedure as with her pussy. He removed the index finger, spit on his hand, and began finger fucking her ass hole.

I couldn't believe Enton could fit his massive fingers in there. They must have been as big as my cock. Terri hated anal sex. We tried it once and she said it was too uncomfortable for her. We never experimented with it again.

When Enton finished with her ass hole he turned to Sam and said, "She's clean. Nothing in her ass either." Sam nodded and instructed Terri to sit down. She sat in the chair naked with her legs slightly open. I could see that her pussy was moist from the search.

While this was happening to Terri, Jen was experiencing the same ordeal. However, Arch was far more brutal than Enton was with Terri. Arch was wearing a glove on his right hand, which he lubed with something he carried in his pocket. He was all business. He didn't massage her massive tits or play with her nipples. Instead he forced his fingers inside Jen's pussy one at a time until four were buried inside her. He was expressionless as he moved his hand around inside her pussy. Jen cried the whole time, trying to deal with the uncomfortable situation. Sam kept telling her to shut up.

Arch removed his hand from Jen's pussy and turned to Sam saying she was clean. Then he applied more lube to his glove and positioned his fingers at the opening of her dark anus. Without regard to Jen, Arch immediately forced two fingers inside of her. Her face turned red and she yelled out. This caused Arch searching her to smile. He then forced another finger inside of her and then a fourth. I was sure eh would try to get his fist inside of her.

Frank told me once that they had anal sex occasionally. Usually when Jen had her period. He said she seemed to enjoy it but didn't want it on a regular basis.

Arch stopped short of fisting her and removed his hand. He turned to Sam and told him her ass was clean and he instructed Jen to sit down. Arch lifted his hand to his face and smelled it, stared into the mirror and laughed.

While the women were being searched, my cock had grown hard. There was nothing I could do, I tried to suppress my feelings but it was useless. I looked over at Frank who was also hard as a rock wondering what the guard would do if he noticed. He seemed preoccupied with the events in the other room and failed to notice our ordeal.

They started to interrogate the two women. They asked an insane amount of questions that neither could answer. It was all a joke. It was a formality before punishment. Both women remained seated staring into the mirror. Jen had stopped crying and had glazed over. Terri remained strong, but was unable to answer any questions.

Sam ordered the questioning to stop. "Ladies. Since you have no contraband but are unable to answer our questions, you must be dealt with." Jen let out a low sob. "There is nothing to be afraid of. Most white women enjoy our dealings, and those who don't learn to enjoy it." I knew what was coming next. They were going to rape our wives in front of us. There was nothing Frank or I could do.

Sam continued, "For your inability to help us, you will be forced to submit to our needs. If you resist you will be severely punished!" Sam motioned to Arch and Enton. They went to our wives and made them stand. They then forced both women to kneel on the ground with their backs to each other so they were facing the mirror sideways. Frank and I could clearly see their profiles.

Sam then motioned to the Arch and Enton and they began undressing. Jen began to cry again. Enton stood in front of Terri. He was ripped; his muscles were throbbing as he removed his shirt and fatigue pants. A smile came over his face as he stood there in his tight underwear, a massive bulge in the front. Arch removed his clothes completely and stood with a massive erection pointing upward. His cock must have been 9" long and several inches thick. Jen glanced up and stopped crying, instead staring at him in awe.

The guard watching us turned to Frank and said, "You see! Black cock is massive! They'll make your wives forget your tiny white dicks!" He noticed Frank and I were both sporting hard-ons and laughed. "Those tiny things won't be usable on those bitches when they're through in there! You'll have to screw each other!"

The last comment made me uneasy. I focused my attention on the interrogation room. Enton had removed his underwear and was now standing in front of Terri with one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. It was slightly bigger than Arch's and definitely thicker. Sam nodded and the man in front of Terri grabbed the back of her head and started to slowly bring her mouth in front of his cock. Terri resisted slightly but understood her predicament and complied.

She opened her mouth and licked the head of Enton's cock. I wondered how she would ever get it in her mouth, I'm sure she did too. He let out a low moan and pushed himself in. Terri complied. She opened her mouth and tried to accommodate the huge black rod. I could see her struggling as he pushed in the first five inches. He laughed and began pumping into her mouth. Terri instinctively moved her hands up and began stroking his shaft.

The guard with us turned to me and laughed, "your wife already enjoys the black man's cock! It hasn't even been 5 minutes!"

I turned to look at Jen. She was crying as Arch slapped her cheeks with his member. He was becoming annoyed with her. Each time he tried to enter her mouth, she turned her head and let out a sob. Sam walked up behind her and held her head still. Arch then forced himself into her mouth, stretching her lips around the massive head of his cock. She let out muffled cries as he pumped in and out of her face. After a few minutes of brutal face fucking Arch had completely buried his rod down Jen's throat. I could see the bulge in her neck each time he lunged forward. I could tell she was struggling to breathe each time he did this.

Watching this horrific sight of both wives being face-fucked by massive black cocks sent me over the edge. My cock was throbbing. I ached for a release. If only I could stroke it, I kept thinking. I could tell Frank was experiencing the same discomfort.

Terri looked as though she were enjoying sucking off Enton. She was enthusiastically sucking his massive black rod, making loud slurping noises each time she thrust him into her mouth. This pleased him and he lightened his grip on her head. I was a little confused by her behavior and figured she was probably trying to end this ordeal as quickly as she could. How could she be enjoying this? We were married after all.

Jen had given in and was now, too, sucking off her captor. She wasn't as enthusiastic as Terri, but she was trying all the same.

After what must have been 20 minutes, both men picked up their pace. I could tell they were going to cum. I was angry and confused, but turned on at the same time. I couldn't believe Terri was going to swallow this man's seed. But, I guess she didn't have much of a choice. Then, with little warning, Enton tensed his muscles and began shooting cum down Terri's throat. She gladly swallowed every drop, not letting any of the liquid get past her lips. Exhausted, Enton sat in one of the chairs, his massive cock dangling between his legs. Terri sat and tried to compose herself.

Arch wasn't as gentle. His body began to tense up and his moaning increased. He then thrust his cock as deep as it would go and pumped his first spurt of cum down her throat. Jen's eyes widened and she gagged. He pulled his cock from her mouth and shot wave after wave of sticky cum on her face and chest. When he was done he ordered her to clean the remaining cum from the top of his cock. She complied and he too sat in a chair.

The guard watching us started laughing. I looked over to see what was so funny. When Arch came on Jen's face, Frank shot his load all over the chair and floor in front of him. I couldn't believe it. He came without being touched. Poor bastard. He sat there with his head hung low.

The guard looked at me and said, "looks like your friend enjoyed watching! You're in luck, there's more to come! And don't worry friend, you'll be satisfied!" He winked at me turned to watch the interrogation room.

Terri and Jen were then ordered to lay on their back with her legs spread. My stomach dropped again. They were going to be raped.

I looked at Terri and noticed her nipples were uncharacteristically hard. I couldn't see her pussy, but I was sure it was wet. This made my heart sink. How could she do this? Arch turned his attention to Terri. She looked surprised. He sat in the chair stroking his cock to a full erection. Then he walked over and kneeled between Terri's legs. She spread them wider for him. He spit on his hand and rubbed the head of his cock. He then spit on Terri's pussy and began rubbing the massive head up and down her slit. I could see it glisten in the light and wondered if it was from his spit or her juices. Either way it didn't matter.

Arch then paused and began inserting the head of his cock into her pussy. Her breathing became rapid and she arched her back. I knew she had never had anything that big between her legs before. I was her first and we had no children. I could see Arch struggling to force himself into her. Terri accommodated him the best she could.

I watched as the head slipped inside of her and he continued to feed inch after inch into her. When he was halfway in, he pulled out abruptly. His cock was soaking wet! The man then looked in the mirror and smiled before thrusting himself balls deep into Terri. She let out a load moan as he did. He then began pounding mercilessly into her with his massive black cock.

I shifted the focus of watching my wife getting raped to my own ordeal. My cock was so hard it was starting to hurt. I needed to do something. The guard looked at me and laughed. "You need a release, eh white boy?" I didn't reply.

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