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Senior Year, Gym Class

The sun beat down on the baseball field as I adjusted my green ball cap, damn I hate this heat. Damn Coach T for making us play in ninety degree weather. Sure, if I had enough guts I would say something, but no one had enough guts to say anything to Coach T, most were scared of him. I grimace as I wipe the sweat from my brow and try to concentrate on the game. No use worrying about things I can not change.

I feel my hand sweating in my glove as I wait for the pitcher to actually throw the ball, I keep my eyes focused as I think of who I am surrounded by. The whole gym class was guys, I the only girl. I could not stomach taking home economics and would have rather played sports and that was how I came to be in this class of all males. That's what I get for growing up a tomboy.

The pitch is thrown and the ball is hit toward me, a simple grounder to third and I scoop it up easily and throw it to first getting the out. Suddenly I am knocked over and my breath taken away as I am tackled by the runner who was coming from second base. I braced my body for the impact even as my eyes closed in reflex and then I hit the ground with my hip and I yell out from the pain.

As I lay there upon the ground trying to catch my bearings I realize that the body atop mine was not being too still, that in fact he has his hand on my breast and was groping me even as he knocked me over. I realized that that was his plan all along and that this was no accident. Cory had been trying to find ways to touch me since this class started. I had had enough.

Rage took over. I've no knowledge where I got the strength, but I pushed Cory off of me. I followed him as he fell onto his back, missing the circle that was starting to form around us. I attacked him, hitting and punching even as I screamed at him to never ever touch me again. I've no knowledge if he tried to hit back, only that I wanted to make a point to him and every other boy in this class who had tried to touch me over the past year. It was never going to happen again.

I'm pulled off of him and my arms held to my side and I finally notice the circle that had formed around us. I see the shock on all the faces of the boys who had for months taken turns seeing who could 'accidentally' grab my breasts or slide against me while I was not looking. I saw the faces of the boys who I had said no to every time they had asked me out and I had refused. I saw the faces of my repressors and I realized I was no longer repressed by them.

In their faces I now saw the respect I had failed to earn by how I played sports and I had gained it by beating up one of their own. As I calmed down I looked up and saw the face of Coach T, he looked to be in as much shock as the rest as he held me. He was refusing to let me go even as I stilled my movements.

Cory lay upon the ground covering up his head and as the silence finally reached his ears he removed them and looked up. His face turned red as he looked around realizing he had been beaten up by a girl in front of his peers and then ashen as he realized who held me. He stood slowly as he dusted off his clothes, the worry on his face evident. No one messed up in Coach T's class without paying the consequences.

"I want everyone except Lisa and Cory to go get their showers and get to class." T says to the silent students and I look on as everyone walks away. T lets go of me and I watch him warily as he looks at Cory. I've no idea what is about to happen and I'm scared to death. T didn't want me in this class in the first place. Everyone knew he was a chauvinist and that he hated teaching girls. That was why he taught Senior gym since only guys ever took that class. Seems I was the exception to the rule.

That was also the reason I had never said anything to him about any of the boys harassment. I refused to have him tell me that I should leave the class. I hated being put in that box of the little woman. I had been rebelling against it for years and I was not willing to stop now just for him or them.

Cory gives me a wary look as he picks up his hat that has fallen on the ground and I almost smile at him as I realize he must think I am very foolish. There's no way in hell even I would dare to attack him in front of Coach T. That man scared me entirely too much. I look over at T and he is just looking back and forth between me and Cory not saying anything. I think for a few minutes that he's going to kick me out of class, but he shocks me.

"Cory, go clean out your locker. You're off all sports teams and out of this class. If you complain to anyone, I will explain what happened here, understood?" T says finally as he looks at Cory completely ignoring me.

"Understood, Sir." Cory says meekly as he looks at the ground his face fallen and looking completely beaten down.

"Go, now." T says with such authority that Cory leaves as quickly as possible and I'm left watching his foot prints wondering what shall happen to me now. I turn to face Coach T and he is already staring at me. I'm caught off guard and I bite my lip as I look back. I refuse to back down from his stare no matter who he is.

"Why didn't you tell me how they were treating you?" The calmness of his voice surprised me, I was expecting anger.

I crossed my arms under my breasts as I answered him. "I was afraid you would make me switch classes."

He just looked at me, his gaze unreadable as he contemplates what to say next and finally I look away. Normally I can tell what someone is thinking, but with him I am lost.

"You won't be switching classes, but from now on I expect you to report any incidences to me immediately and they will be dealt with. Though I have a feeling that none of those boys or any others in the school will even think of touching you from now on." He smiles at me after he says this and I blush. That could be the first compliment Coach T has ever given any female that I know of.

"You have to get in and get ready for the rest of your classes, but I'll need you to stop by my office this afternoon after school and fill out an incident report. Will 3:30 be okay?" He glances down at my chest as he says this, but I don't think anything of it and I nod.

"Yeah, that should be fine. I'll see you then." I smile and say goodbye and head into the school to the girl's locker room. I stop at the full length mirror that's there on the wall opposite the door and I gasp. My shirt had been torn, the front shredded at some point and with my arms still crossed in front of me I saw what T had been trying not to look at.

My full 40dd breasts were almost bursting out of my black sports bra and with the added pressure of my arms underneath them it looked as if I was displaying them on purpose. As I took my shower washing the dirt and grime and sweat that I had gotten on me during the game and the tussle with Cory I started to forget about the awkwardness of knowing Coach t had been staring at my breasts. Could I blame him? They are gorgeous and I have always shown them off to their best advantage. I tried to forget about the whole situation

I got dressed quickly seeing I didn't have much time left in the hour, hurriedly slipping on my black thongs and bra and then my black miniskirt and the sleeveless dark pink top I had worn. Even though I was a tomboy I had learned a few years before that I loved dressing femininely. I was just a girl that loved to play sports as well as the boys do, that's all that was different about me.

The rest of the day went quickly. The boys gave me a wide berth as what happened in gym class became common knowledge. No school can ever keep a secret. The girls shunned me as usual, no idea how to talk to the girl who didn't enjoy the groping attentions of teenage boys. The teachers didn't change their attitudes toward me; I was still the girl with too much anger inside her to be a good girl.

The only class of the day I did enjoy was Spanish class. Senora Watson was my teacher and she was always so nice to me. I had been getting straight A's in her class from the beginning and we had always gotten along. After class she stopped me as I was leaving. I was due in Coach T's office in 15 minutes.

"Are you okay?" Senora Watson asked me as I stood at the door and glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Yeah, just a little shaken up, I'll be fine."

"I just wanted to make sure, I know you can take of yourself, but I wanted to know that mentally you were okay. Are you? If you need to talk I'll be here."

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you. I need to go do something, can I go now?" I only had 10 more minutes to get to Coach T's office and I didn't want to be late.

"Sure, take care of yourself, Lisa."

"I will. Thank you Senora Watson." I replied and hurried out the door hoping to get to his office on time. I'm not sure what I expected to happen if I was late, but for some reason I did not want to be.

Coach T's Office

Damn, 5 minutes late. It looks like no one is here, how odd. I get to Coach T's office and it's completely dark when I arrive. The door is open and I go in figuring to wait for him inside since there are no chairs out in the hallway. I turn the light on and set my book bag down next in front of his desk as I slowly sit down in one of the seats there. I take out the book I'm reading, a random romance my sister had given me for Christmas.

I promised her I would give it a try when she realized I hadn't read a bit of any of the ones she bought me. I began to read and soon time flew by and before I realized it, it was already dark outside and Coach t still hadn't arrived. Damn, 5:00, how the hell did I lose track of time so quickly? Where the hell is Coach T?

I put my book away and go to leave when I see Coach t walking down the hallway. He notices me at the same time.

"What are you still doing here?" He asks, clearly surprised to see me.

"I was waiting for you, we had an appointment." I say hesitatingly as I sling my book bag over my shoulder ready to leave and go home.

"Oh, Lisa, I'm sorry. I have the form on my desk. Why don't we get it filled out and you can go home. I apologize for forgetting."

That's okay," I say and I smile back at him as I walk back into his office and he follows me. He goes to walk around to his chair shaking his head.

"After this morning things just kind of blew up with Cory and his parents. I've been dealing with them for the past 2 hours. They wanted to press charges till I told them that I witnessed what he had done and I was willing to testify. Seems they are okay with everything now."

"I'm sorry I caused you problems." I say as I sit down again and cross my legs forgetting about the miniskirt I am wearing and the hemline slips up my thighs a bit.

"I'm sorry you didn't come to me about this in the first place." He said as he grabbed the folder on his desk and he looks back at me. He hands me the paper and I lean forward to grab it. My skirt rides up even higher and my shirt gapes open in the front showing off my bra. I realized the problem a bit too late as Coach T's eyes seemed to skim up an down my body focusing on those points.

As I sat back I adjusted my skirt as much as possible without being too obvious and then began to fill out the paperwork. I have a habit of losing myself in things and about 20 minutes later I jump as Coach T nudges my arm with his hand.

"Are you almost done?"

Yeah, just let me sign my name." With that I hand him the paper and then I stand up to leave.

"Oh, sorry, let me get that." I say because I have dropped his pen and I bend over to grab it not bending at my knees. Giving him an even better view than earlier of my legs and thighs. I rise back up quickly realizing too late what I have done and my face turns red in embarrassment. I hand him his pen, but instead of taking it he grabs my wrist.

I freeze and look up at him. His eyes hold mine and his hold on my wrist tightens. I go to pull away, but he doesn't let go of me. I try to say something and all that comes out is a squeak. I know he can overpower me very easily and it scares me to death.

He pulls me to him so slowly letting me become even more frightened with every second that passes. I try to think, is there anyone left in the building? Why did I have to stay here so late? I shouldn't have dropped that pen. This isn't happening! He turns me and pulls me against him, holding me as he did earlier out on the baseball field when I was crazy with anger. He holds me so close I can feel his every breath, I hear him breathing in my ear. My breathing that had stopped returns in a rush and my chest is moving as I gasp in air trying to stay calm.

My eyes close as I think of ways to get out of this or even figure out what is going through his mind. Then I can keep quiet no longer. "What are you doing?" My voice is quaking with fear, please don't let this be real!

"What I wanted to do earlier out on the field, but couldn't with all those boys around."

"What are you talking about?" I'm confused, this is crazy!

"You were so beautiful when you got angry; you were begging to be taken. I wanted to fuck you on that field, show you that I could give you what you wanted."

"I don't want that, I don't even know what you are talking about." I was not only scared I was completely confused. Had I asked for this?

I shook my head, "No, I didn't ask for anything, I don't want anything. Please let me go. I won't say anything, I swear."

"No, I'm not letting you go until I get what I want, what we want."

With that there was very little talking, not from him, He tightened his hold on me, his arm like a steel band at my waist and no matter how I struggled I couldn't break his hold. His other hand slid into my hair and pulled my head to the side as his lips descended upon my neck kissing it, sucking on it.

I was frozen. I knew what would happen would not be by my choice and that the more I fought him the more determined he became. I stopped moving altogether thinking that if I became like a rag doll he would let me go. As I relaxed in his arms and waited for him to get bored and let me go I realized an even bigger problem. One that made me begin to kick and fight and yell even as I knew no one would be able to hear me.

He turned me and bent me over the desk letting me have my hands to brace my body. I struggled harder and he smacked my ass, hard. I jumped and whimpered in surprise. I went to move again and again he smacked my ass, this time hitting part of my bruise from the fight from earlier. I stopped moving trying to avoid more pain.

His hands spread my legs apart making me stand there before him waiting as he looked at me. I felt his hand slide up my thighs and I rose up on my tiptoes so he couldn't reach the apex of my thighs, but it was no use. I started to cry when he removed my thongs leaving me bare and open for him. I felt him move up behind me, his hands cupping my breasts as I felt his cock against my ass and I began to cry even more.

His right hand slid down to my cunt, and I knew he could feel that I was shaved and my face burned hot at that. No man had ever touched me there, the most my ex got was a quick feel up of my breasts. My face went ever redder when he slipped his fingers between my lips and he felt my shame. Why I had been fighting him so much.

He laughs in my ear as he brings his fingers to his mouth and I hear him sucking my juices from his fingers. I start to cry even more as he then licks my neck as he fingers me. Though I steel myself against it I can't stop the moan that escapes my lips as the sucking of his mouth on the juncture of my neck and his fingers on my clit make me forget how or why he is doing this. All I can think of is how good it feels. I freeze when I hear him laugh at me again, a wicked laugh because he knows he now is in control of me.

He pushes me down upon the desk completely and he pulls my skirt up out of the way. He puts his cock at the entrance to my puss and teases it by rubbing it up and down, making me cringe as I wait for the moment and then start to move back against him wanting more. I am ashamed of my body's actions and yet I feel as if I can't help myself. God, why am I responding to him? To this?

"Please don't" I cry out, "I'm a virgin!"

He stops moving and my body relaxes in relief, he's going to stop.

"Oh, you are?" He asks me and he still keeps his cock right where it was.

"Yes, please stop."

"No, I don't think so. You want this as much as I do."

"No, I don't, please let me go."

"Sure, but only if you don't beg me to fuck you."

I freeze, how in the hell is he going to get me to beg for him to fuck me? Fine, he wants to play games, damn him, I will. "Fine, go ahead and try."

His hands go back to my breasts as I hold tight to the desk. I'm not worried about this. I know that I won't give in to him and this nightmare will soon be over. He starts to lightly caress my breasts through the fabric of my shirt. I can feel my nipples tighten as he skims them lightly. I think about how much I hate him right now and how terrified I am, but I realize I'm no longer terrified.

His left hand slips down to hold his cock and he rubs it against my puss as he was doing earlier before I told him of my inexperience. He rubs it against my outer lips and then lets it slip up to rub against my clit. Oh, it feel so good, please don't stop. I catch myself moving against him, helping him tease me, making me want him. I can't want him, this is crazy! Why won't my body listen to me?

Soon I feel him slipping the tip of his cock in and out of me and I push my body back against his even as I try not to. No matter how hard I am fighting it, fighting him, my body is not listening. It's at this moment that he asks me.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"No" I say and I'm breathless with my want, but still so stubborn with the wrongness of the whole situation.

His hand that is on my breast rolls my nipple between his fingers and he whispers in my ear "cum for me" and I cum for the first time by someone else's hand and my puss clenches around the tip of his cock that he has kept inside me to torture me.

"Beg me to fuck you, now" He whispers in my ear and I hear a voice, I know it's mine, but I can't believe I am actually saying it.

"Please, fuck me."

"Good girl." And with that he thrusts inside of me breaking my cherry leaving me gasping out in tears at the pain and the shame of me begging my rapist to fuck me. I cry as he slides his cock in and out of me, the pain abating but the shame still making me cringe. I try to think of something else, but soon my body betrays me again and I push back against him with every thrust.

It's not much longer before I'm cumming again and this time I feel a gush of fluid run down my legs and I know it's from me. I'm biting my lip to keep myself from saying anything else as Coach T fucks me long and hard against his desk. I'm gasping and moaning in ecstasy as his hands grasp my hips pulling me toward him, our bodies slapping against one another. I feel him start to tense up and then I feel him cum inside me with a few more thrusts and then it's over.

He pulls out and when I go to stand up after a bit he turns me around and he kisses my tear streaked face. First my forehead, then my eyelids because I can't look at him yet and then my cheeks. I'm surprised for it feels as if he is trying to be nice after what has just happened. I open my eyes in time to see his eyes darken and he kisses me. I'm lost and I don't know if I will ever find myself. The feel and taste of his kiss meant more to me than the whole encounter; I was so confused about it all.

After the kiss he pushes me to my knees in front of him and I look up at him, at a loss. I don't know what he wants. "Suck me, taste yourself on me and clean off my cock of our cum, I'll tell you when to stop."
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