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It was the day I had the car to do errands...Friday. Alan, my husband called and asked that I take our son to the babysitters for the night...for overnight, he had a surprise. so I arranged everything, showered, dressed in a peasant top that tied at the neckline, and full skirt that matched, my favorite and most comfortable outfit. Before I dropped off our son at the babysitters Alan called again telling me not to worry about picking him up, he would get a ride, so I wouldn't be rushed. I thought that was kind of him and smiled, dropped our son off and went home, happy and anticipating the time with my husband.

I saw a huge black truck pull up to the house and he got out and so did another man...he was tall with shoulder length black hair that waved slightly and was a tad taller than my husband who stands a 5'11". The man was tan and looked to have American Indian in his ancestry. They came in the house, which surprised me a little but I am always hospitable, even if muttering at my hubby under my breath. Alan introduced the man as Peter, and I noticed his eyes were a brilliant blue, almost mesmerizing and I had to work hard not to stare. Alan announced he was going to take a quick shower, and I realized our plans for the evening included this...Peter, and I was quite upset. I offered drinks, juice soda or water (we have no alchohol in the house) then went to get it, fuming the whole time, but careful not to show it, after all it wasn't Peter's fault and he seemed nice. I tried not to think of his body. I normally don't think of other men like that because I have given myself only to my husband, and he is very attractive to me. So it was odd that I would have this fluttering thinking about Peter, who was fit, and looked strong, though not over muscled. I ended up having to make the up the juice from frozen concnetrate, and it was taking a bit of time, and I felt arms slide around me. Not even thinking I snuggled back...only my hubby gets that close to me. Though it didn't take more than a second for me to realize it was not my husband...and I blushed and tried to pull away. He held me tight and nibbled my neck which drives me crazy. I whispered to him to let me go, I didn't want to make scene, but he just laughed and held me tighter...and I struggled more, I mean my husband was in the shower and could come in at any time, he nibbled on my neck and ear and his hand reached up and covered my breast squeezing slightly and taking my nipple between his fingers though my blouse and bra. I had already been slightly aroused thinking of the time I would spend with my husband...and though it was not my husband doing this I became wet. The thought breifly crossed my mind that my hubby was not taking a short shower but a rather long one, but then Peter's hand reached down, pressed down in a slow circular motion against my mound and I lost it, I stopped struggling and melted. His touch was expert and he knew all my sensitive points and what would excite me. His hand on my breast, my back to his chest, his lips on my neck and ear, the other hand now pulling my skirt up to gain better and closer access to my wetness. He turned us around so he was leaning up against the counter to better support me as my legs were weak by now. His hand reached into my bikini panties and his fingers drew circles around my sensitive bud, and I made a low moan. He played on my body drawing out responses with ease.

It did not take long I felt the familiar trembling inside just before I climax, and I hear my husband's voice loud, and in front of us "You slut....you couldn't resist...could you...." Completely embrrassed and more than a little scared I try to break free of Peter's grip. He only holds on tighter and laughs. "I told you she couldn't resist, though she lasted longer than most, I must say you know her well. The places you told me she liked were right on the money" Hearing all this, I was at first embarrassed then angry, and struggled against Peter's hold, but he tightened his grip on my breast and waist. "Oh no you don't, you need to learn faithfulness to your husband." and he chuckled.

Alan looked a trifle odd, not exactly angry, but anticipating. I got a little scared, something had been planned and I did not think I would like it. I was dragged into the living room. Our loveseat that sat in front of the picture window was now perpendicular to it and I saw in the glimpse I was given before I was spun around, that there were thick white ropes around the feet of it. Peter held me while my husband took my clothes off, well, ripped them off, because I was struggling.

Then Peter spun me around again and pushed me over the back of the loveseat and told my husband to hold me there, and he did. I tried to move but felt a stinging slap on my butt and yelped "Be still woman" Peter growled. I stilled, I didn't know what Peter would do and now I wasn't sure if Alan would stop him. I felt Peter tie first one ankle, then the other, firmly and far apart. Then he went around and tied my wrists so I was spread and immobile and blushing furiously. Alan stepped back from me so I didn't even have his body to shield my nakedness. He sat over on the chair where he could see my face easily. I could not look at him and gazed at the floor.

Peter walked around behind me talking as he went "Sandra, you should really be more careful who you let touch you like that. You never know what they might do after you let down your guard" he slaps my butt again, then rubs the sting away. He leans over close to my ear and says "Or what they might make you feel" and reaches under me and take my nipple in his fingers, pinching hard and pulling it away from my body, I suck in a breath. "Now you will do as I say, when I say it...if you do not please me or your husband...you will regret it. Understood?" I say nothing, then yelp agian as his hand comes down on me. "I didn't hear you." "Yes" I say through clenched teeth. "Good" and I hear him chuckle. "You are not allowed to make ANY noise...unless you are telling me you understand what I am saying or I give you permission, Understood?" "Yes" I say quietly. I look at my husband and he still has an odd look on his face though now he is clearly aroused, evidenced by the bulge in his jeans.

I feel Peter behind me running his hands up my legs thoroughly exploring me, I am still wet from my near climax and shudder as brushes my sensitive bud. "She is still wet...you want first helpings?" I blush and look at Alan, silently pleading with him to stop this. He looks into my eyes and smiles "No she is yours....let her find out what happens when she lets another man touch her" I blush, and try not to cry.

Peter then leans over and takes a nipple in each hand pulling and pinching, and to my dismay they harden and he quickly puts little clips on them causing me to bite my lip at the tight pinch, then shows me a chain as he connects the clips to it. The chain runs under my arms so it lays across my back cold at first then warming to my flesh. He tugs a little on the chain and it pulls the clips causing me to gasp softly. "Ohh...did I hear something?" I shake my head afraid to speak. "Good he says.

I feel Peter's hands over my back and butt pinching a little then all at once thrusting three fingers in my wetness, moving them in and out making me wetter. "I hear you don't like to go down on your husband shame on you. We will have to teach you like your husband's cock, and want to taste him, even beg to have it." he laughs. I blush because I hear his words, and wonder how much my husband has told him and feeling his fingers begin to pump behind me I can feel the trembling agian. So does Peter and slaps my butt..."No you don't. Hubby comes first...in your pretty little mouth" He takes his fingers out and my husband gets off the couch and undoes his jeans. I really am not fond of doing this and am angry, so I shake my head and keep my mouth closed. I feel pain shoot through my nipples and feel the ripples of it in my stomach and I cry out as Peter pulls the chain to my nipples. "Girl your husband wants to be in your mouth, you open it and make him a happy man or you will be punished." with tears in my eyes, and refusing to look up at my husband I open my mouth, and Alan pushes inside. "Suck on him, Girl, make him feel wanted there" and a tug on the chain makes me whimper but I begin to do as I am told. I suck gently on him as he pushes in and out of my mouth. He holds my head now as his thrusts begin to quicken and he is throroughly enjoying himself. I have a little difficulty breathing becuase he pushes so deep in my mouth, but I learn quickly, and realize the sooner he is happy the sooner this will be over and I can go hide. I double my efforts to make him come. Then I feel Peter's hands on me again, spreading me wide, then pain as he thrusts himself all the inside my wetness. I would have screamed but for the hardness in my mouth and I stop concentrating on it for a few seconds, but there is the tug on the chain and try to forget the stinging as Peter slams into me from behind. Apparently, this just too much for Alan, and he grabs my head and screws my mouth as fast and deep as he can.Then I feel him spasm and I have no choice to swallow as he comes in my mouth. Alan groans stepping back, collapsing on the couch, and nods to Peter.

Peter slows down his strokes, "Good Girl. He is pleased...but that is just part of your lesson...now you are mine until your husband thinks you have had enough" Laughter. A tug on the chain and I whimper. I am afraid. He reaches under me and touches my bud while he thrusts deep inside me. Despite myself I move against him and again I feel the climax coming and this time I hope it does. Getting close before, then stopping is making me insane. All of a sudden Peter draws himself out and I feel nothing, and moan in frustration. A sharp tug on my chain and I gasp and bite my lip before I can cry out. "Not a sound....not one..." I hear rustling, then something press against my entrance. He pushes it in and it is wide, knobby and pulls at my tender skin as he pushes it deep. It stretches me tight now and I want to cry. It is as about as long as a man's cock maybe longer. I am full and stretched to my limit. He gives it a vicious twist and my knees about buckle Then he reches under me and I feel somethig cold against my bud, and then a hard pinch and I do cry out as he clips something to my bud. A tug on my chain reduces me to whimpering again. I look at my husband hoping to see that he is sorry I hurt, but all I see is a gleam in his eye as if to say you did this to yourself. I cry I know now that Peter can do anything and Alan will allow it even enjoy it. Peter's hands on me again and I wait what new hurt I will feel but instead whatever is buried deep inside me begins to vibrate and pleasure spreads through me. I close my eyes and hang my head. "Surprised you huh...." he leans over pressing whatever it is deeper into me and whispers " I am not done yet"

I whimper a little and he laughs. Then he moves back and I feel something cool being spread around my anus and I try and turn but sharp tug on my clipped bud turns me around quick. I feel Peter's fingers on me and push into my tight anus, first one then two. He pushes them in and out of my tight ring, and have to bite my lip "Just relax....then it won't hurt...as much" chuckling is heard behind me. I do try to relax the vibrating helps and I take a deep breath. Three fingers now, and I am feeling very stretched no matter how relaxed I try to be. Then they are gone. I feel the tip of Peter's hardness against the opening and he slowly works his way in stretching even more and tears roll down my cheeks from the pain but I make no noise. I am surprised when I feel a hand on my cheek wiping the tears it is my husband. He says" Come on baby...you can do it..." and he strokes my hair. He stands up and I see he is still aroused and I open my mouth. He smiles and slides in slowly stroking in and out of my soft lips.

Peter has worked his way in my tight backside and begins to slowly stroke to my surprise the pain eases some. He reaches over me and unclips one nipple then the other and the relief is almost as painful as the clips were but instensifies the pleasure from the vibrations. Peter's strokes push the vibrator in deeper and he reaches under and unclips my bud. The pleasure is so intense I climax and groan around my husband's hardness, shaking and barely able to keep my head up. Alan holds my head and strokes a little faster and Peter, well Peter forgets where he is at and just bangs into me, but I am so aroused it doesn't matter and pushes me over again and I feel him come inside me, In huge spurts he comes deep inside. Alan again holds my head tight and goes fast and deep pumping in my mouth spurting his cum so I can swallow. This time though, I am not angry but glad I can please him. He pulls out again and does up his pants then goes into the bathroom and I hear water running.

Peter pulls out slowly, turns off and removes the vibrator unties me and seeing I am too weak to move picks me up in his arms. "You did good Girl..." and kisses me, while his hand brushes my breast. I shiver.

Peter eases me into the warm water of the tub. It feels deliciously warm and soothing. I look up at both men standing there, and see they are looking up and down my body, with it's swollen tender nipples and marks where the ropes were around my wrists and ankles.

Peter smiles and says, "I will leave you now." But Alan protested, saying "No, Make yourself to home, and we will talk a little more." I of course was not too keen on this idea, but by this time l knew better than to say so. Peter left the bathroom leaving me with my husband. He picks up the soap and a washcloth, lathers it up and begins to wash me gently, being very careful with my breasts, pussy and ass. I was beginning to relax when he started talking to me. "You were very beautiful tied up, I am only a little sorry it hurt. I wanted you to know I didn't like the thought of you getting aroused by another man. I think though you still liked it. I am not sure what to do about that, but I think I want to make you come a few more times. This time, I will hold the chain." I shivered under his hands. "There, you are all clean now." He helps me up out of the tub and wraps a towel around me, I wrap another one around my hair. Alan says, "Stay here 5 minutes, then come to the bedroom."

I wait the 5 minutes then go to the bedroom, butterflies in my stomach, because I don't know what Alan is planning, and obviously wants Peter there too. In the bedroom, both Peter and Alan are naked, on either side of the bed, Peter's bag close by. "Get on the bed." I look at Peter then Alan and hurry to do so. They pull the towels off of me, and Peter moves to hold me down. I struggle a little, until I feel a sharp pinch and twist on my nipple. I quiet down, and watch as Alan puts the clips back on my already sore nipples. I bite my lip. Peter's cock is by my face and he presses it against my cheek. Alan commands me to take it in my mouth. I open up with a glare in my eyes, and Peter thrusts it in deep almost choking me, but then just holds it there. Alan pushes my legs apart. I feels his hands on me, running over my clit, down my slit, gathering the moisture that is already there, then I feel his fingers at my sore asshole, and I whimper around Peter's cock. Peter just grins, and pulls back to thrust in again, and I have to work to breath. Alan pushes into my hole with two fingers and twists a little, making me move a little. Peter tugs the nipple clips and I stay very still though I want to move away from Alan's rough hands. I watch as Alan takes a nubby didlo, I think it is the one Peter used on me, and presses it into my asshole. I want to scream, but Peter's cock is buried in my mouth and I don't dare move. Alan slowly, but without stopping pushes it into me. The pain as it catches my insides makes the tears leak from my eyes. Peter pushes in and out of my mouth again, almost as if to distract me, and I suck on him slightly and he smiles at me. I see Alan reach down next to the bed and I shudder slightly, afraid. I brings up a small clip, and chain, I know where it is going. Alan clips my clit, and tightens it slightly, and I arch up, panting as I try to control the feelings that wash over me. Alan just gives me the evil grin as he positions himself between my legs and thrust himself deep inside, burying himself in one thrust. I moan around Peter's cock. Alan reaches down and gives the dildo in my ass a full twist and I nearly scream, and Alan laughs. Alan begins to thrust into me, hard and with each thrust he tugs at the clip on my clit sending ripples of pain through me.

I look up and see an odd look on Peter's face. He says, "Alan, I want her breasts, May I?" Alan just nods as he pushes in and out of me, the pain slowly easing and sending sensations of near pleasure through my body. Peter straddles my stomach and carefully eases up until his cock is between my breasts. He licks a finger and touches a nipple with it and I close my eyes with pleasure. He unclips my nipples then, and the pleasure is intense, for a short time making what Alan is doing more pleasurable. Peter then pushes my breasts together, slightly pinching my nipples while he does so. My breasts engulf his cock, slick from my mouth. He begins to slide it in and out of the tunel he created. He squeezes and massages my breasts while he uses them to stroke himself. Moving faster and faster and as he gets caught up in the sensations his hands a little rougher but ohhh so pleasant. He pinches my nipples more as he strokes in and out, his eyes closed. The sensation of his cock between my breasts was different than I expected, silky smooth gliding and rather nice. I try to lick the tip of him when he stroked in.

Alan still pounding away at me, pushing the didlo in my ass with each stroke but he had forgotten about the clip, and so I was actually beggining to feel good, and thought I just might come again, when Peter picked up his pace enough that I knew he was close. He squeezed my breasts so hard and gave a final thrust and pumped his juice all over my neck and face. A few more thrusts and he was done.He just grinned at me, and got a few kleenexs to clean some of come off my face. Alan finally was getting close, but I wasn't and was going to feel cheated, when Peter leaned over and unclipped my clit, the rush was intense and bucked up against Alan as he thrust inside, matching him stroke for stroke, skin slapping. I felt the dildo rub against Alan as he came inside me that last time, thrust into me to his balls, as he came, the spasms runnning over his body. Peter reached over and pinched both nipples at the same time and twisted, and I was climaxing, long and hard, my body convulsing around Alan and the dildo, setting off more tremors, until I was wrung out, and could barely move. Peter got up and I heard water running again, and he came back with a wash cloth and finshed cleaning my face as Alan got up and gently pulled the didlo out, then Peter finished cleaning me up which made me blush. I was so tired, I just closed my eyes and slept.
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