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This story was re-edited by 'Techsan' on 11/05

You need to read the previous chapters to know what's happening.


I ran out of the motel and flagged down a taxi. As the taxi sped off I thought I spotted David going into the motel, but wasn't sure. I took the elevator up to the ninth floor of our motel and hurried in.

The room was a mess, there was just a little spot of blood on the sheet. I yelled for Jill. She was in the bathroom. I ran in and found her in the shower.

She looked up and was crying as she said, "Jack, he raped me."

I grabbed her and hugged her and said, how I was sorry for abandoning her. I started crying as I held her in the shower. She had welt spots or something on her breasts and lower belly, her bush was shaved off. She had blood on her legs, probably coming from her anal opening.

I pulled the drain button so the tub would fill up with warm water. I reached up and grabbed the bubble bath the motel supplied and poured the whole bottle in the water. I helped Jill sit down slowly. I wanted her to sit and relax in a warm bath.

She wanted to talk but I told her to rest for a few minutes. We had plenty of time to talk. I wanted to do everything I could to comfort her. This was my woman and I wanted ... no needed ... to take care of her. As she sat in a relaxing bubble bath I went to the phone and called housekeeping. I told them I wanted a complete change of bedding, right now. They were there within ten minutes and cleaned up the room.

They looked at me strange because of all the stuff they had to clean up. I gave them fifty dollars for their time which seemed to make them happier. After they left I went back in the bathroom and helped Jill out of the tub. I dried her off and brought out her new nightie and walked her to the new clean bed. She lay down and began her story.

"Jack, after you and Joyce left, David and I came up to the room. He had a small suitcase with him. Everything seemed to be going well. David offered me a drink; he said it would calm me down. I guess it was drugged but I didn't know it at the time. David took me by the hand and we went up to the big windows. He opened my blouse and undid my bra and let them drop to the floor. Then he put my hands and arms up against the windows and pushed my tits against the glass. Kind of like we've seen in a few movies, I thought it was erotic."

"Then he grabbed me by the hair and said, "You're going to be my slut tonight whether you like it or not and started laughing."

"I became scared. What was he doing? The drug must have taken effect because I must have passed out. When I awoke, he had me stripped naked and handcuffed to the bed. When I started to get my senses back, I start yelling at him."

He was calling me slut, bitch, whore, just about every vile name he could think of. When I started screaming, he took his filthy underwear and jammed it in my mouth. I wanted to vomit but was unable to with his shorts in my mouth. He then reached in his bag and pulled out a safety razor and shaving cream. He said his bitches are supposed to be bald. I started to kick at him when he said to stop fighting him or you wouldn't recognize me when you got back. I was scared shitless Jack, so I did everything he asked but he still raped and hurt me."

"These little welt are from a candle. He lit it and let it drip down on me. It hurt Jack, damn it hurt. I was crying through the shorts in my mouth. He didn't care. His dick was hard, Jack, real hard. It was similar in size as yours but he didn't know how to pleasure a woman with it. He climbed up on the bed and pulled his shorts out of my mouth. I was able to breath some air then he put his cock in. He mouth fucked me until I started to choke, then he pulled his cock out and said I didn't know how to give head.

He dropped down between my legs lifted them up and then jammed his cock in my pussy. Thank God I was a little wet from earlier. I felt nothing but shame Jack. He didn't use a condom. He laughed at me when I mentioned it. He said if I was lucky he may leave a seed behind to remember him by. He didn't even fuck good, just used me. Then he pushed my legs all the way up until my knees were up near my head, then plunged his hard cock into my ass. I screamed out and he put his dirty underwear back in my mouth."

"He had a difficult time getting it into my ass, said it was too tight. He kept plowing and plowing until I could feel my ass bleeding. I was glad I started to bleed, it gave some lubricant to my asshole so he was finally able to get it in. Then he shot his load up my ass and pulled his dick out. God, I was glad it was over. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

He then said that if I ever wanted more to drop him a line. He undid the cuffs and packed his toys. Then he said, 'I've had much better than you but you could learn,' then laughed as he left."

"I got up and staggered into the shower. You were here not ten minutes later. You just missed him Jack. I'm so sorry and ashamed, Jack, I should have listened to you.

"Why would he rape me when he could have had me? I can't believe he was so deranged. He could have had the best sex of his life and chose to humiliate me instead. What a bastard! I'm glad I'll never see him again."

"Jill, I'm so sorry," I told her. "I should have been here to protect you and I wasn't. Please forgive me."

"Jack, it's not your fault," she reassured me. "And it's really not mine. It's that bastard who raped me. It's his fault. I'm just glad you're here now. Why did you come back early? Joyce wasn't like him, was she?"

"No, Joyce was fine. After having sex she told me a little information about David. It bothered me so I came home to make sure you were okay." I said. "Guess I wasn't quick enough," I said sadly.

Jill finally fell asleep. I couldn't sleep so I got up, got dressed and caught a cab and went back to David's motel. After what he did to my wife I was going to kill the bastard or at least hurt him. It was now 2:00am but I didn't care. As I was going by the front desk the clerk stopped me and asked where I was going?

I told him sharply, "To see the couple in Room 206."

He said, "They checked out about an hour ago."

I looked at the clerk and told him, "I need to get in contact with them. It is very important."

"I'm sorry, I can't help you sir," replied the clerk.

I reached in my wallet and pulled out a hundred-dollar bill. "This is yours if I can have a copy of their checkout receipt," I said, flashing the money at him.

The clerk looked at me, grabbed the money, then punched the button on the computer and gave me a copy of the receipt. I looked at the receipt and it had all the information I needed.

I headed back over to The Sheraton Inn, and my wife, who was still sound asleep.

When we awoke the next morning. Jill was feeling much better but said she was still sore. I wanted to apologize some more but Jill stopped me.

Jill said, "It's ok, Jack, no real damage done except to my pride."

"The welts will go away in a couple of days. My ass might take about a week. And that means you aren't getting any for a while Jack," she said trying to smile. "Now my bush is another thing. It's going to take awhile to grow back unless you want it this way."

I looked at her and said, "I want my blond bush back, I don't want any memories of this weekend."

We then called our daughters and told them we had a nice time and would see them that evening. Jill and I got dressed, ate breakfast and headed for home.

On the plane home Jill looked at me and said, "I love you Jack and you're all the man I'll ever want, I just hope that someday someone will get even with that son of a bitch."

I made myself a promise that Jill's wish would come true.

Chapter 4, setting up the revenge:

After we arrived home Jill and I made appointments at the doctor's office. We wanted to be checked for sexually transmitted diseases. I didn't tell Jill I didn't use a condom. Instead I excused my examination by saying it would looked better if both of us were having physicals. Our tests came back negative so that was one problem out of the way.

I looked again at the checkout receipt of the Couchs. They were from Akron, Ohio, and not Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He charged his bill as a business stay for an insurance company. So he didn't own a store, he was apparently an insurance agent in Akron. We lived in Columbus which is only about hundred miles from Akron.

Things were beginning to look up.

Later in the week I wrote to David on the e-mail that we had set up. I acted as though I was Jill and asked to see him again. I explained that I was really mad when it first happened, the way he treated me. I wasn't use to being treated like that but after I thought about it, I missed it. Now I needed to be a submissive. I finished my forged letter by telling him that Jill needed a dominating man like him, not a wuss like her husband Jack.

Now I had to wait to see if he would take the bait. I didn't want to tell Jill about it until it was over. I knew she would try and talk me out of it but I had to do it, for Jill and for me.

David replied the next day. He said he knew I would be back, he knew his women. He said, "I can't wait to fuck your tight ass again." He asked if Jack knew about me wanting to meet him again and how would we get together when he lived in Pittsburgh, Pa. and me in Indiana?

Continuing my ruse, I wrote back still acting as Jill and told him, "Jack is not going to know." I told him I wanted a chance to show him that I could really suck his big cock. Also my ass is healed up from the last banging it received and needed more. I really laid it on thick for this sick puppy. I told him, "No condom. I want your sperm in my pussy. I stopped taking my birth control so I could have your baby. I just want to be used by you."

I told David that I had a pharmacology convention to attend in Cleveland, Ohio on October thirteenth. Maybe we could find a motel and meet half way, maybe Akron or Canton Ohio on Friday the 14th on my way back. Only one of us, Jack or me could attend this meeting. The other had to watch the business. So Jack said I should go and he will mind the store.

Note: to readers who aren't familiar with that area. Columbus, Ohio is approximately100 miles from Akron, Ohio. Canton is about 20 miles south of Akron. This is the area that the Couchs really live in so to meet in this area, he wouldn't even have to leave his home city. Pittsburgh, Pa. where he said he was from, but wasn't, is about 100 miles from Akron, Ohio also. I figured he'd jump at the idea of meeting in Akron and I was right.

I received an e-mail back from David saying he was going to leave his calendar open for that day. He would drive in from Pittsburgh and arrive in Akron around 7:00pm. He would make a reservation at the motel 6 off the I-77 interstate. He said to contact him by e-mail sometime during the week of October thirteenth to make sure the plans were still on.

I wrote David one more time (still acting as Jill) saying, "I will do as you said and send you a reminder". I told him please don't mention it to Joyce. I didn't want her knowing about our liaison. I ended the note with, "Don't forget the toys!"

Now since the date was set, I had to start working on my plan. Damn, this was almost exciting except for the fact that he hurt my wife. I decided to call in some help, I needed someone I could trust and not have to tell all the facts to. I didn't want anyone to know what happened to Jill. The person I picked had to be willing to get his hands dirty. There was one person I felt fit the bill, my old friend from college, Billy Mason.

I need to regress and explain a little about Billy. We went to college together, we were both on the football team. I was a second string end, but Billy was a starting guard. He was a black man who stood 6'6" and was about 280 lbs. He was as good a friend as there ever was. We were roommates during away games. We hung around together until he started to hang with a bad crowd. He wanted money and was caught selling dope at one of the parties. I was saddened when I found out about it.

He told me he let me down, he let his family down, and the team down. He lost his scholarship, and a chance at the pros. He was almost a shoo-in. He was sent up for five years. He lost everything.

I kept in touch with him as much as possible and told him I would always be his friend. If he was in need of anything when he got out to come see me. I would help him if I could.

Jill and I had been married for about three years when she had her chance to meet Billy. We (Jill and I) were at a Denny's eating lunch when I turned around and saw a big black man sitting alone eating his lunch. He hadn't noticed me so I yelled at him, "Hey, you big black bastard." He turned toward me and yelled out, "What? You little white fuck," and we both jumped up.

Jill screamed, "Wait!"

Everyone in Denny's thought a fight was about to start but instead we both jumped up, went to each other and just hugged each other like two big teddy bears.

Jill looked relieved and said, "This has got to be Billy," as she got up and hugged him too. I've heard so much about you. You're like a brother to Jack."

Billy looked at Jill and said, "Mother fuck! What a good looking piece of white meat." Then he said, "Oh, my God, you must be Jill, I'm so sorry. God, I apologize."

Jill laughed and said, "Apology accepted. Except from now on call me Jill, not a piece of white meat."

We all laughed as Billy joined us at our table. He sat on one side and Jill and I on the other.

"What's the latest, Billy. When did you get out?" I asked.

"I got out about 2 weeks ago and just got back into town yesterday. I'm looking for work right now, I wanted to buy a business but just don't have the finances right now." Billy replied.

"What kind of business," I asked?

Billy said, "Don't laugh but while I was in the pen, I took up a trade and I'm very good at it. I want to be a tattoo artist. There's a tattoo business for sale over on Broad Street. A really good location but I just don't have the money."

"How much is the business, Billy," I asked?

"$120,000 dollars with a minimum of 15% down. That's $18,000 down. I don't have kind of money. I looked at the books and even the bank agreed that the business pulls in enough to make the payments, but because of my past they want the 15% down." Billy replied.

"How much do you have, Billy?"

He replied, "$621 dollars," and reached into his pocket and pulled out his change. Counting it quickly he said: "And 18 cents."

We all just started laughing. I looked over at Jill and said, "What do you think?"

Jill answered, saying, "He's your friend. Whatever you decide is alright with me."

Billy looked up and said, "What? What are you saying?"

I looked at Jill, then over at Billy. "Billy, I've known you for years. If I've ever trusted anyone besides Jill, it's you. We will loan you the $18,000 but you will have to sign a promissory note with some type of payback agreement."

Billy looked at me and said, "You are willing to loan me $18,000 dollars based on our friendship?" We could see tears well up in the big man's eyes. He started crying and made us tear up also. "I promise you, on my life, on my future wife's life, if I ever have one, and even on my future kids lives, I'll pay you back every cent with interest".

He collected himself then continued. "If you ever need me for anything Jack, just ask me and I'll be there."

That happened fifteen years ago. Billy has since paid his debt off to me and was making good money. We are the best of friends. He has often said he will never forget what we did for him when no one else cared.

Well, now is my time to ask Billy for a favor. I called him and asked if he would meet me?

He replied, "Anytime, anyplace, anywhere." He was a true friend.

Billy and I met and I told him I had a big problem. I needed to extract revenge on a guy who hurt a friend of mine. I told him I wouldn't be able to tell him who the person was who got hurt because of a promise I made to the victim, only that it was a very close friend. Then I mentioned that if he was unable to help me I would understand.

Billy looked at me and said, "Jack, I've known you a long time and know you would not do this unless it was very personal and extremely important to you. No matter what it is, I'm in. If someone hurt a friend of yours then they hurt a friend of mine. Just tell me what you want from me and when. I'll be there!"

Damn, I thought, if one man could love another man, I loved this guy, not sexually but as a true friend. I explained my plans and when it would take place.

Everything was now set. I wrote the final e-mail to David (acting as Jill again) saying everything was set for my trip and that Jack wasn't the least bit suspicious. "I can't wait to have that hot cock of yours. It's all I've thought about." Again I reminded David not to tell his wife Joyce and not to forget to bring the toys, meaning the shaving kit, cuffs, candles etc.

David sent his reply and said, "I can hardly wait for two more days. I'll see you at the Motel 6 on I-77 at the Akron exit. I have room 129 reserved. It's on the end so we won't be disturbed. The toys are already packed and Joyce doesn't know about us. See you Friday!"

I got up Friday morning and Jill looked at me and said, "What's going on, Jack?"

I could never hide anything from her, she just had that instinct. I explained to her that Billy and I were going out that afternoon and wouldn't be back till late evening.

"Where are you going, Jack?"

I looked at her, "Jill, please don't ask me any questions. I promise you I will tell you everything when I get home. I will not lie to you, you know that."

"Okay, Jack, answer one question for me. Are you going to Pittsburgh, Pa.?"

Damn, this woman was smart, I looked at her and said, "No Jill, Billy and I are going to Akron Ohio to take care of business". She never knew I got the checkout report of the Couch's. So I didn't lie to her, I would tell her everything tonight.

I had one more call to make and then Billy and I would be on our way. I dialed the number of Joyce. It was her personal cell number that she had given me. The phone rang and then a soft voice answered, "Hello."

I said, "Hello Joyce, are you alone?"

She said, "Yes, I am. Who is this?"

"This is Jack. Remember me from a few weeks ago?"

"Oh, my God!" she cried. Her voice perked up noticeably. " Jack, how are you? How could I ever forget you? Why are you calling?" she asked.

Then without a pause, she quickly asked. "Do you want to see us again?" Anticipation was evident in her voice. "David doesn't know I gave you my number," she said, hesitating just a bit at the thought of David finding out. "He'd kill me if he found out," she added.

"Whoa, Joyce, give me a chance to answer a few of these questions. First, I have to tell you how much I miss you. Sex with you was great and I want to do it again. I don't want Jill or David to know, just a meeting between you and me."

Joyce said. "God, Jack, I'd love to see you again, but I can't travel anywhere without David knowing. I'm really scared of him, Jack," she confided. "By the way, he didn't hurt Jill, did he?"

"No, Jill's alright," I told her. "She wasn't happy with him but she'll survive," I said. I made sure my voice sounded earnest as I continued. "Now, Joyce, truth time. If I could arrange it, do you want to see me again? I really need the truth, Joyce."

"Okay, Jack, I'll be honest with you. The sex I had with you was the best I ever had in my life. I'm not in love with you but I would love to have sex with you again. I should also tell you that we don't live in Pittsburgh, Pa. We live in Akron, Oh. Sorry to lie to you Jack but that way no one knows where we live, orders from David."

Extreme Rape Stories