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Rape And Torture

Fake Gang Rape Stories

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Warning, this story is violent. It is purely fictional. It is not based on anything that has ever occurred in real life.

The nose of the cruise ship seamed stationary against the distant horizon. The equatorial sun was getting warmer on Karen's skin. It was only 7:30 am. she preferred to restrict her sunbathing to early morning and late evening, hoping to avoid any chance of getting skin cancer. The billowing clouds took on a variety of shapes. Karen amused herself by distinguishing what they looked like. The movement beside her was almost unnoticed until her husband's muscular hand appeared below her hat rim, holding a glass of orange juice. Looking up, she gratefully accepted the juice, as he settled down on the reclining deck chair beside her. Casually they discussed the planned activities. Soon they noticed the irregular shapes of an island on the horizon ahead. Their voices became excited as they discussed the two day island excursion that lay ahead. Knowing that they still had a couple of hours to kill, they decided to go to their cabin.

Karen decided to wear the light green cargo shorts and a simple long sleeved cotton blouse that would protect her from the midday sun. She arranged them on top of the dresser, then took off her bikini and lay down on the bed. She watched Robert as he finish getting his clothes ready too. He had chosen light tan shorts and a party shirt. It was dark green with great big yellow flowers. He smiled at her as he pulled the swim trunks off of his long lean muscular body and dove onto the bed beside her.

They embraced each other. Karen felt Rob kissing and licking the top of her breasts before working his way up her neck. His hands held her breasts, fondling her nipples as he licked, kissed, and nibbled his way to her ear, then to her gaping mouth. They messaged each others lips with the kiss as their tongues played hide and go seek with each other. Karen carefully grasped Rob's hardening cock. She turned, swinging her leg over his muscular chest. Rob grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing and rubbing as she gently began nibbling the end of his penis. She slid her tongue into the tight little crevice, wrapped her lips around the head and suckled it. She slowly lowered her pussy as he guided her to his waiting lips and tongue.

Karen always thrilled at the feeling of his thick eight inches sliding into her throat as she sucked it in. She carefully let her lips slide between it and her teeth to protect him. She began to bob her head up and down rhythmically. She felt the glory rising in her loins as Rob's tongue worked on her. He drove it into her, licking her deeply. she felt his hot tongue wiggling against the sides of her pussy, playing with her urethra and then her clitoris. She continued sliding her wet mouth up and down his long shaft as he played. Soon she felt her orgasm growing near. Bob's cock felt hot and rock hard in her mouth. She slowed down and then stopped sucking him. She lifted her mouth off his hardness and buried her nose in his balls and blew a raspberry.

Rob responded to her signal. He gently lifted her legs over beside him on the bed. In an instant she had pivoted and lay beside him. Rob rose over her. Karen spread her legs and knees wide. Rob swiftly drove his hard cock into her hot hole. She thrilled as his hard body slammed into her clitoris, and his balls slapped against her. They worked each other in complete harmony as their orgasms rose within them. Their mouths embraced, tongues entwined, and then parted as Rob rose to deliver his strong hard thrusts deep into her loins. She felt his cock stiffen and then flutter as her own orgasm peaked into climax. He lowered his weight back into her embrace. They held each other as their thrusts subsided into gentle rocking, and then stopped. Karen relaxed as Rob pulled his plug from her. The flood gushed down her crack and onto the bed.

They laughed together as they lay there waiting to stop panting. After a few moments of blissful silence they heard the deep bellowing sound of the ship's horn as it signaled the taxi that would lead it to dock. Together, they bolted for the shower.

Rob and Karen followed the flow of tourists as they stepped off the gangway. Delicious aromas tantalized their appetites as their eyes viewed an abundance of booths and shops that filled the marketplace before them. Following the cobble stoned street for about 25 yards, they paused as they approached the first intersection. Carefully they considered which way to go first. People swarmed around the long rows of sales booths that skirted the sidewalks. The sidewalks fronted the long row of stores and shops housed by old stone builds. The marketplace extended as far as they could see, in all three directions.

The first goal would be to locate the tour office. They planned to take a jungle tour scheduled for 1:00, which was in two hours. They wanted to locate the office before doing anything else, so they would be able to find it when the time came. They carefully studied the map that the cruise line had provided. They figured they should continue straight ahead for two blocks and then turn left. It would be two blocks down that road.

The merchants' friendly voices beckoned to them to stop as they walked through. Rob and Karen smiled back and waved. They pointed to their map in an attempt to explain that they needed to go on. As they noticed objects of interest, they promised the merchants they would return later.

Turning left at the second corner was like turning the corner into a different world. The cobblestones ended, the road beside them turned to dirt. It was lined with several old cars. Most were rusty and dented. Their windows had plastic taped over them. The storefronts here more run down. Many of the windows were boarded up. There were very few people. Occasionally an old car would pass by the corner at the end of the block. They made a rumbling noise and were accompanied by large clouds of dust. Rob and Karen reached the building on the second corner, finding the name of the tour company on the door. It was locked.

Well, at least they knew where it was. As they turned together to go back towards the market, they saw a little girl on the other side of the road. She smiled and waved at them and began skipping across in their direction. Rob and Karen greeted her and smiled at her. They both enjoyed being around children. The child asked if they were going to the market and said that she would like to go with them. They told her that they would be honored to have her accompany them. The child walked between them and then stopped. They turned to look at her and she held her hands up to Karen. Karen hesitated, but then agreed to pick the little girl up and carry her as they walked.

They had just crossed the next road when they heard an angry voice coming from behind. "Stop! Stop! Don't take my baby. Police, Police, Help, please stop them. They're taking my baby!

They turned around to see a woman in the middle of the road pointing at them and waving at a car. They heard it's siren begin screaming as it slid around the corner in their direction. Karen swiftly lifted the little girl down to the ground as the old rusty police car slid to a halt in front of them. A billowing cloud of dirt and dust spread over them. The woman ran up as the two police officers jumped out of the car. They both weighed about 250 pounds. They approached Rob and Karen with their guns in their hands.

The driver yelled to his partner "Get the child Deputy." The officer from the passenger side grabbed the little girl with his other arm as if he were rescuing her. He gave the child to the woman. She will be just fine Sheriff he said as he turned back around.

The sheriff aimed his pistol at Rob as he confronted them. "You two move over here beside the car. Put your hands on the roof of the car and spread your legs."

The sheriff followed closely behind Karen as the couple walked to the car. "You are both under arrest for kidnapping." Karen's purse was in her hand on top of the car. The sheriff took the purse, tossing it into the front seat of the car. Karen felt the barrel of the gun on the back of her head. A rough hand brushed her ear then gathered her hair behind her neck. The man slid his hand under her right arm, across her breasts, down her stomach and squeezed her crotch. He felt the curve of her waist and thigh, then pressed his hand hard into her ass feeling her through the material of her shorts. "Stand still he ordered," as he stepped away to feel her left side. "Place your hands behind your back." Karen obeyed, she felt the handcuffs fastening them together. He tugged on her arm, forcing her to walk around to the other side of the car. Opening the door to the back seat, he pushed her in and slammed it shut. Rob was already sitting there next to her.

"No talking back there." The car jolted them as it turned around, taking them away from the marketplace. The deputy had his eye on them as the car sped through the dirty streets. The long drive ended in front of an old stone building with bars on the windows.

The policemen took them into the building. They stood in front of a large desk opposite the front door. The Sheriff threw Rob's wallet on the desk and walked around the desk to sit down. The deputy put Karen's purse on the desk next to the wallet, then moved to stand behind them.

The Captain removed their ID's from the purse and wallet, and began filling out an arrest report. He studied the Karen's ID glancing at her several times as he entered her information on the report. He couldn't suppress his growing excitement as he anticipated her interrogation. It had been ages since he had such gorgeous young victim. He assessed her appearance as he looked at her. She had light brown hair, hazel eyes, beautiful young cheeks, a perfect nose, and plump ruby red lips. Her perfectly curved bosom filled her white cotton blouse. His eyes followed the gentle curve of her waist and hips as he finished his report.

The sheriff signed the bottom of the report, slid back his chair and got up. He glanced at their names on the paper, then spoke to them. "Rob and Karen, we believe that the two of you kidnapped the child that was with you this morning. There have been dozens of children taken from the families in this area during the last few months. We are determined to do whatever is necessary to protect the families of our community. The two of you may be working alone, or you could be members of a crime ring. In either case you are going to tell us what you know."

He turned to the other officer. "Deputy, I want you to interrogate the male prisoner. I'll be taking care of the woman myself." His wide grin frightened Karen as he grabbed her arm. They were lead through a doorway in the back of the room into a long corridor. He lead Karen past the entrance to a small room. He paused, jerking her arm until she was in front of him. He looked at his deputy, pointing to the room. "You take him in there. We will be in the one at the end."

The captain forced Karen forward. They walked past a long row of jail cells before reaching the room at the end of the corridor. A straight backed wooden chair and a simple table were in the center of the room. A steel bar hung from the ceiling above the table. A work bench and a large metal cabinet lined one wall. The back wall had a small open window with iron bars in it. An assortment of ropes, whips, and bamboo canes hung on a rack under the window.

The sheriff pulled the chair out away from the table. He removed her handcuffs and ordered her to sit in the chair, then immediately secured her hands again behind the back of the chair.

The sheriff stood in front of her looking down at her. "Now Karen, this can go very easy for you if you will just cooperate. Tell me what you were planning to do with the little girl this morning."

Karen looked at the officer. Struggling to pulling herself together, her tone was pleading. "You have to believe me. We really meant her no harm. The child came up to us. She wanted us to take her to the marketplace."

"Why didn't you ask her what her name was or who her parents were?" His gruff voice seemed to penetrate her.

"I am sorry. We didn't think about that. I wish we had. We would have never agreed to take her with us, if we had known her mother was with her. We thought her mother would be at the marketplace."

The captain eyes were like steel. "I think you wanted to kidnap that little girl. It has happened before and I see no reason why it isn't happening now, except for the fact that you got caught. Yes my dear, you have been caught." He reached down, grabbing her cheek between his thick calloused finger and thumb. The gleam returned to his eyes. He released her cheek, unbuttoned her blouse, pushed it back over her shoulders and removed her bra. Her firm white breasts spilled out into the room. "I have ways that will make you talk dear. And if you don't, I won't stop until you do."

He went to the rack under the window and returned with a long thin bamboo cane. "Lets begin with twenty strokes." He brought the cane down hard across the top of Karen's breasts. Her screams filled the room as the cane swished through the air, inflicting sharp stinging eruptions of pain. The intensity increased as his strokes continued to make contact with her stomach, breasts, and nipples. The pain took her breath away, cutting her screams short as she heard his commands. "Confess, to your crime girl and you will be spared." Karen could barely reply with anything other than more screams. "No. Please don't. I didn't do anything wrong." She managed to say between sobs.

The sheriff handled the instrument of her torment with great skill. It did not break her skin. She could see the rising welts on the tops of her breasts. But tears soon filled her eyes and she could no longer see. The entire upper front half of her body felt like it was on fire. The twentieth blow came at last. "Confess to this crime Karen and it will stop."

"No, no, I didn't do anything wrong." her quivering voice insisted. The sheriff looked angry. "I know you were kidnapping that little girl. Don't lie to me." He brushed the tears from her face then lifted her chin with his fingers. "Look at me Karen. It is time to tell the truth here and now. Just tell me what you were going to do with that little girl." Karen jerked her chin from his hand, shaking her head. "Nothing. We were not going to do anything to her."

The sheriff made a second trip to the rack under the window. "OK, have it your way. I can make you confess, if I have to. In fact, I am going to enjoy making you confess." He placed the looped end of a rope around her neck. Holding the other end, he removed her handcuffs. "Get up." He jerked on the rope to emphasize the order. Karen rose shakily. "Take off your shorts and panties and put them in the chair." She was overwhelmed with reluctance but saw no alternative but to do as he said.

"Now take off your shoes and socks." She could almost feel his eyes watching her beautiful bare ass as she bent down to obey him. "Ouch," she muttered softly as her arms brushed against the welts on the sides of her breasts. "Now lean over and put your head on the table with your arms above your head." The rough texture of the wooden table pressed painfully against her. He walked around, tying her outstretched hands to the table legs. He admired her rounded white bottom as it hung out over the edge of the table. "Confess Karen. Now is your chance to make this stop."

"I have nothing to confess." Karen's mind struggled. This had to stop. But how could she convince him that she was telling the truth. "OK Karen, have it your way. Thirty strokes this time." She heard the cane swish. Blazing stings erupted on her back as it struck her. Taking care not to break her skin, the sheriff raised his arm with repeated strokes as he systematically laid the stripes in a neat row down the length of her back. Karen's sobs could be heard among her screaming. The sobs and screams mingled with the sound of the cane striking her flesh. "That's twenty," said the sheriff as he whipped the backs of her legs.

"Please stop. I didn't do this," pleaded Karen. But instead of stopping, he picked her up by one leg, exposing her tender pussy. The sheriff carefully modified the strength of his stokes so that he wouldn't break her delicate skin. He only wanted to inflict pain.

Karen's body flinched as his cane struck the tender flesh of her vagina. He held her leg tightly as he continued striking her most vulnerable places, whipping her inner thighs several times and then her clitoris. Karen collapsed when he let go of her. Her legs couldn't bear weight. She hung by her arms sobbing from the pain. She could hear her husband's tortured screams coming from the room down the corridor, then the sheriff's firm voice. "What do you have to say girl? Do you confess? Tell me about how you kidnapped that child." Karen said nothing. Fighting against the growing desire to give in, all she could do was cry.

"You can do this Karen. Just tell me the truth and this will all be over." She heard Rob's scream again. He wasn't confessing. The thought was encouraging. She would just have to stick this out somehow. The sheriffs determination would not break her.

"I will get your confession Karen. I will get it today." He picked up her legs, shoving the rest of her up onto the table. He placed a leather strap on her left leg just above the knee, then hoisted her leg up with a rope strung over the bar above her. He took the rope holding her left arm and tossed it over the bar, then lifted her onto her side. She was now on her side, hanging from the bar by her arm and leg.

The sheriff unlocked the metal cabinet. Putting on thick heavy gloves, he got out an old car battery, a box, and some long cables. After carefully assembling the apparatus, he placed it on the table right in front of her face. The battery was wired to the small box. The box had a dial on it. She read the word "amps" that was hand written under the numbers on the dial. The numbers started at zero, then ranged from point one up to one point zero. A knob below the dial had numbers ranging from one to twelve.

Two long cables were connected to the box. The sheriff held the ends of them in his hands. One had a small clamp made of steel on the end. The end of the other cable had a plastic handle with a long steel prong sticking out of it. Karen's eyes watched him set the pointer on the knob between the four and the five. "Four and a half watts. That should be just about right. I don't want to kill you Karen. I just want to make you talk to me."

Karen's eyes were wide with disbelief as she thought about this new instrument of torture. The captain keenly noticed her reaction. "It is really very simple Karen. You don't have to go through all of this. Just tell me the truth. What were you doing with her? Why were you kidnapping her? Confess to me. Tell me Karen. Tell me all about it." She took a deep breath. "I didn't kidnap anyone. If I had been kidnapping her, I would have told you by now. You must know I'm telling the truth."

"But Karen, I know you kidnapped her. You have to confess. I will make you confess, one way or another." He pinched the skin on her raised arm and placed the clamped wire there. Karen watched the needle on the meter spring into action. It hovered just above point four as searing fingers of pain rushed through her arm. He pinched her hip and attached the clamp there, rubbing the prong along her waistline. She grew to fear the prong's touch as he sent the jolting waves electricity through her skin.

He grasped a pinch of flesh between the welts left by the cane on the top of her breast. He moved the clamp there, then touched her under her breast with the prong. Karen's screams filled the room as he repeatedly shocked her welted breasts and nipples. She began to plead with him again, fearing his next target areas. But he wouldn't stop and she knew it. He adjusted the knob on the box to a position between the five and the six. "This will deliver .45 amps. It is still less than it would take to kill you. I will be working farther away from your heart now. So it will be less likely for that to happen."

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