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Kelli woke up late on Friday, the events of the previous evening fresh in her mind. Her 1pm arising would normally have been a problem, but she was done with classes, and only had one thing left to accomplish: the humiliation of her final foe. The best part was that the target thought that Kelli was one of her best friends, a notion which Kelli did nothing to disabuse her of. Kelli laid back in bed, remembering....

It was only last semester that Kelli realized what was going on. Each of the women that she had done bad things to this week were only part of a larger game, a game being orchestrated by Stacy, one of Kelli's best friends. Early on in her college career, Kelli met Stacy in a class they had together. They got along immediately, becoming best friends. But apparently Kelli had done something somewhere along the way that had offended Stacy deeply; Kelli still had no idea what that was. But as things went wrong for Kelli, she noticed that Stacy was always somewhere nearby. She hadn't put it together for the longest time, but then she remembered. Stacy was at the back of the crowd that watched Bonnie lock Kelli out of the gym in the nude. She had been at the party where Cindy and her friends set up Kelli to look like a lesbian. Stacy had been one of Erin's best friends, as well, when Erin betrayed Kelli. After reflection, Kelli also realized that there had been another woman in the room with Chris that afternoon, hiding behind the door... that could easily have been Stacy. Then it all came together for her that Stacy was the only consistent item through all of those events; she must have been orchestrating it somehow, while pretending to be Kelli's friend. Kelli had even confided in Stacy about how much all of that had hurt, and how she wanted revenge; Stacy had consoled her, pretending to care.

So Kelli had saved the best revenge for last; tonight it was Stacy's turn. Kelli had taken very special care in planning this evening's activities, and she was eager to get started. But she wasn't meeting Stacy until 10pm, so she settled down to wait.

Soon enough, 10pm arrived. Kelli had spent hours getting ready for the event. Kelli was 5-6, 115lbs, lithe and athletic, with a reasonably large chest (she thought) and a great ass. Her blonde hair was cut short in a tomboyish style, and her green eyes sparkled mischievously at all times. She and Stacy were going to an "upscale party" tonight, so Kelli was dressed in a little black number that barely covered the good parts, with spaghetti straps, stockings, and stiletto heels, along with a small black purse. Stacy was waiting for her in the lobby of her dorm, dressed in fiery red. Stacy was 5-7, probably about 130lbs, most of it in her breasts. No kidding, they were huge, easily 34D was Kelli's guess, maybe 36 or even a DD. She hadn't been able to find out for sure during their whole friendship; Stacy wasn't really willing to discuss them. Kelli was pretty sure that was because they were fake, but she had never pressed the issue. Stacy had a trim waist and a proportional butt, and long black hair to the middle of her back. She had blue eyes, and large lips set in a narrow face, not strikingly beautiful, but not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. Besides, most of the men who met or dated Stacy never looked anywhere but her chest anyway. She was wearing a red mandarin style dress that wrapped her like a mummy from her ankles to a high collar at her neck, except for the large slit up the one side that ran almost to her waist. Kelli was sure she could see a hint of red lace at her hips as Stacy walked towards her.

"Hi Kel!" Stacy said happily "you look great! Ready to go?"

Kelli answered in the same tone "You look too good for words, Stace... let's do this thing!" They both walked out to the car that Stacy had borrowed from her boyfriend for the evening, a bright yellow corvette. Kelli raised an eyebrow and asked dryly "Couldn't you get something more noticeable?"

Stacy just laughed at her. "Get in, you tramp, and let's get going!" Kelli laughed and got in the car with her. They drove for a while, heading to the party. When they got there, they had a good time, most of which Kelli didn't notice; her main goal was to get Stacy tipsy at least, drunk hopefully. She accomplished her task, and Stacy weaved a little as they wandered out to the car.

"Are you okay to drive, Stace?" she asked in a concerned tone?

"Fine, Kel, get in the car, okay?" Stacy replied drunkenly.

"Alright, if you're sure" Kelli responded, knowing the danger was minimal. Stacy peeled out of the parking lot in a hurry, and weaved her way onto the old country road that was their path home. She had driven less than a mile when the familiar red and blue lights flashed behind them: a police car.

"Fuck!!" Stacy yelled, slamming her hands on the wheel as she slowed down and pulled over.

"Kelli, I'm screwed!" she moaned "they're gonna throw me in jail!"

"No they won't, Stace, relax, we'll get through this. Trust me." Kelli replied. The officer walked up to the window and did the bit about the license and registration. When he came back, he asked both of them to step out of the car and place their hands on the roof.

"What's going on, Kelli?" Stacy asked with great concern as she climbed from the car.

"I don't know, but I'll find out" Kelli replied, and walked towards the police car. Both officers got out and met her there, and they conferred for several minutes, then Kelli returned to talk to Stacy, standing across the car from her.

"Okay, Stace, good news and bad news. Are you ready?" Stacy, who was crying softly at this point, looked up at Kelli unsteadily and nodded. Kelli took a deep breath and began. "They are going to arrest you for driving drunk and also mentioned something about impounding the car. And also about you being in jail for a few days on suspicion of grand theft auto."

Stacy stared at Kelli in disbelief. "Wha... what..." she stammered, unable to complete the sentence. Kelli walked over to Stace and gave her a hug, taking that moment to whisper in her ear.

"I tried flirting with the officers, Stace, and I'm pretty sure that they'll let us go if we... um... shit, there's no gentle way to say it, if we fuck them. I made them think I was really attracted to them, though, so you'll have to pretend you really want to do it, so they get turned on enough to let us go. Can you do that, Stace?" Kelli asked, putting her fingers to Stacy's chin and raising Stacy's eyes to her own. Stacy hesitated for a second, then nodded and wiped her eyes. Kelli's eyes flicked up over Stacy's shoulders, and she nodded imperceptibly to the policemen, who came over to stand beside the two girls.

The taller of the two, who had been the one to talk to them first, looked at the girls and said "we're going to have to arrest you two now. Please come with us." Stacy looked at them and asked, as seductively as she could, "couldn't we come up with some other... arrangement... officer?" He looked at her, then at his partner, who nodded.

"What did you have in mind, Miss?" he asked coldly.

"Well, I thought that, you know, since there were two of us... and two of you... maybe we could... you know... offer a trade of some sort."

"A trade?" he responded. "You're not trying to bribe an officer of the law, are you, Miss?"

"No, no..." Stacy hurriedly responded "it's just that you're both so... attractive... that my friend and I would.... be more than willing to... be with you... if we weren't going to go to jail." Finishing the sentence, Stacy slowly walked up to the police officer and offered her wrists to him, pressing her breasts together in the process, saying "Whatever you want, officer... you can take me in.... or you can just take me... do what you feel you have to do." Kelli stood back, admiring Stacy's adaptive skills.

The police officer looked the two women over slowly, almost leering at them, then looked at his partner, who was nodding in agreement. "Okay, ladies, let's go down to the station... we'll see what happens when we get there." Kelli and Stacy, uncuffed, obediently climbed into the back of the police car, and they pulled away in a spray of gravel.

The two whispered to each other in the back of the car. "I want the tall one" Kelli said.

"Fine" Stacy answered, still in shock at the whole situation.

Kelli leaned over very close and told Stacy "remember... our freedom, our not going to jail, depends on you and I slutting it up as much as possible for these two men, doing whatever they want. Otherwise, we're screwed in the BAD way, as opposed to the good way." Stacy nodded her understanding, looking a little discomfited at the whole situation. After what seemed like only a few minutes, they pulled up to the back door of a darkened building, and the men ushered them quickly inside.

Taking a look at their surroundings, the women were surprised. The room was more like a living room than a police station, with several couches and chairs, somber lighting, a refrigerator, several ashtrays strewn about, and a huge mirror that dominated one wall. The officers walked in as if they were at home, taking off their gunbelts and locking them into a gun safe in the corner, commenting "welcome to the interview room." Each then sat down in one of the chairs in the room. Without missing a beat Kelli walked across the room and sat down in the tall officer's lap, grabbing him and kissing him deeply, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Stacy followed suit more slowly, walking to the shorter one and sitting on the arm of the chair to kiss him hesitantly. Kelli broke her kiss long enough to look over at Stacy, and saw her indecision. Kelli looked at "her" cop and asked "is there somewhere we could freshen up?" He pointed to a door in the wall opposite the mirror and Kelli grabbed Stacy and dragged her inside.

The restroom was small but clean, containing two stalls and a urinal. Kelli grabbed Stacy by the shoulders and forced Stacy to raise her eyes to Kelli's own. "Stace... it's not going to work unless you want it. Do you want to go to jail?" Kelli asked her forcefully. Stacy shook her head and took a deep breath. "Okay, then, let's get slutty" Kelli said, pulling her makeup out of her purse. 5 minutes later the girls were ready, their makeup perfect, their lips painted deep red, ready to "wow" the officers in the other room. "You'll do great" Kelli whispered to Stacy, and opened the door to the other room, striding confidently forward, pushing Stacy before her.

Stacy almost tripped when she saw what awaited them out in the room. The two policemen had been joined by four more, and they were all sitting around talking and laughing. Several had cans of beer they were drinking from; a couple empty cans already lay on the floor. All of them turned to the girls and whistled and clapped as they entered the room. Kelli pushed Stacy into the arms of the cop she had chosen, and Kelli walked to hers, appraising him as she walked.

He was about 6'1", with broad shoulders, sandy blonde hair, and a great body. There was no other way to say it. Even in the policeman's uniform, he looked fantastic. His biceps pushed at the confines of his sleeves, and his tight body was revealed by many other folds in the fabric. His face was beautiful, only slightly weathered. He was 25ish, and Kelli thought he was gorgeous. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply again, pushing him back against the mirror with the weight of her body in his arms.

Stacy also evaluated her partner as she stumbled forward. He was about 5'9" tall, a little overweight, not much, and had a bodybuilder style body, very large in the neck and shoulders, with a narrow waist and large thighs. He was built for strength, and caught her easily as she stumbled into his arms. His face was average, but Stacy had seen worse; hell, she had dated worse. His eyes, predictably, were glued to her chest the whole time he was looking at her.

"What's with them?" Kelli asked her cop without preamble. "They thought they should get in on the fun too" he replied, "and we agreed. Any problem with that?"

Stacy started to shake her head in disagreement, but a look from Kelli silenced her. "Let me get this straight... we do what you guys say for, say... the next 2 hours... and we are driven back to our car and let go free?" The cop looked thoughtful for a moment and replied "You do exactly what we ask for the next 3 hours, and we will take you back and let you go. In addition, we will destroy any records of us ever pulling you over. Deal?" Kelli motioned for Stacy to come over and said to her "Stace, I know you're scared... but it's only 3 guys each, for 3 hours... it's worth it, isn't it, not to go to jail?" Stacy nodded resignedly. "Okay, remember... you've got to keep them interested so they don't go back on their word." Stacy nodded again, and they walked forward together. Kelli grabbed the guy's hand and said "you've got a deal. 3 hours in return for a clean slate. What do you want?"

One of the men at the back of the room yelled "for starters, you two get up on that table there so we can look at you!" Kelli and Stacy complied, climbing up on what appeared to be a poker table at the corner of the room. The men hooted and hollered at them for a few minutes, praising Kelli's ass and Stacy's tits, and then quieted down.

"How will we do this?" one of them asked the tall cop.

"Well, how about this" he replied. "We'll take turns, by seniority, telling them what to do. Once we've all got a turn, we'll decide where to go from there. Okay?" The men murmered in agreement, and they all turned to the tall cop again, saying "You're first, Rob."

Rob nodded in acknowledgement then turned to Kelli. "Kiss her."

"What?" Kelli asked incredulously.

"Kiss... her... like you kissed me a minute ago" he repeated. Kelli sighed, then, before Stacy could freak out, grabbed Stacy, pressed her against the wall, and kissed her, forcing her tongue between Stacy's trembling lips, kissing her as passionately as she could. Stacy started to respond after a few seconds, the alcohol apparently working in her again, and the girls kissed for almost a minute before Kelli broke away breathlessly to the sound of the men cheering.

"What next?" she asked defiantly. Stacy stood still against the wall, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. Rob laughed out loud and said "It's your turn, Dale." Dale was one of the newcomers, a tall black man with dark skin and a beard.

"I want to see a little dancing" he said, and turned the knobs on a stereo at hand. The song "You can leave your hat on" blared from hidden speakers, and the girls danced to it, cautiously at first. As they got into it, they started to sex it up, grinding into the air, running their hands over their bodies, licking their lips while making eye contact with the men. Finally the song was over, and the now slightly sweaty girls tucked their hair back into place and waited for the next request.

The next man, and older balding Marine-looking type man said "Have the woman in black take off Red's dress... I wanna see those tits a little better." The other men applauded, and Kelli stepped in front of Stacy, her back to the men. "Not that way!" the Marine yelled "do it from behind!" Kelli sighed and walked behind Stacy. "Relax and get into it" she whispered in Stacy's ear.

Then she grabbed the zipper at the top of Stacy's dress and pulled it down all the way. The men inhaled as the zipper rasped; each exhaled softly, waiting for the next step. Kelli slid her hands around in front and pulled the dress from around Stacy's neck, and helped her slide her arms out of the sleeves. Finally Kelli gave them what they wanted, pulling the dress down past Stacy's chest, then down further, sliding it off of her legs and helping her step out of it. Stacy stood now in front of all the men clad in only a red satin bra and tiny red lace panties and her heels, her skin now flushed red as well. The men cheered, goggling at her huge breasts. Kelli noticed that Stacy was getting a little turned on for real as her nipples hardened slightly; she must be an exhibitionist, Kelli thought to herself. Convenient, she chuckled.

The next man was younger, probably only 21, Kelli guessed, and looked ready to burst as he yelled "Now Red gets to undress Black!" The other men agreed, and Stacy stepped around behind Kelli to strip her dress off. Without preamble, Stacy slipped the dress from Kelli's shoulders and yanked it down, leaving Kelli clad in a strapless black bra, black garter belt and stockings, black panties overtop, and her black stiletto heels. Kelli stood, not embarrassed at all, and stared the tall cop, Rob, in the eye. "Next." She quipped.

The next one was a dark haired man with a southern drawl and a moustache. "Let's get them little ladies off that table and make sure they aren't concealing any weapons on them sexy bodies." Two of the men gave the women a hand down and pushed them up against the wall, helping them "assume the position," palms flat on the wall, legs spread wide. The cops lined up then, again by seniority, and took turns frisking the women, lingering for about a minute each per girl, squeezing her tits and ass, running their fingers over the front of their panties, grinding their clothed erections against the women's nearly naked bodies.

By the time they were finished, the men were all hard and ready, and Kelli and Stacy were breathing heavily. They all looked to the sixth man, the shorter of the two cops that had pulled them over. He looked thoughtful for a moment, then got a big smile on his face. "Lay them on the table" he said as he walked to the fridge. The remaining men laid them on the table on their backs, Stacy's head even with Kelli's feet and vice-versa. He came back with 4 bottles of champagne, two of which he opened and handed to the first two men by seniority. "They take a drink that you pour into their mouths, then you take a drink off of them." The rest of the cops smiled, and the bottles were upended over the women's mouths for what seemed an eternity. Then the two cops poured champagne onto the girls' bare stomachs, and licked it off of there, then passed the bottles to the next two men. They dumped more liquor into the women, then poured the champagne down their thighs and licked it off. The last two bottles were opened, and turned over above the women's mouths; they drank until they couldn't anymore, then the men poured the rest onto their chests and cleavage, and licked it off of their skin, and out of the crevices. Both women were then helped up, the alcohol having run to their heads quickly.

"Rob's turn again" the men yelled, and turned to Rob. "I think it's time for some fucking" he said quietly, and took Kelli by the hand. "I'm taking her into the other room... you guys take the brunette with the huge tits." The men agreed with little grumbling, and Kelli was pulled from the room. The last thing she saw of Stacy before being pulled into the dark was a look of fear and loathing, combined with not a little excitement at the dirty deed she was about to be forced to do. Kelli mouthed "I'm sorry" at her as she was stumbling out of the room.

Stacy looked at the men around her, all of them grinning at her, Kelli's words in her ears..."they have to stay interested so they don't go back on their word." Stacy took a deep breath and looked around her, choosing the young looking cop first. "Why don't you come over here and help me out of the rest of these clothes?" she asked seductively. He came over and helped her to step out of her panties, leaving her high heels on. Standing, he reached around and cupped her breasts in her hands as she reached back and squeezed his ass. "Take it off, baby" she breathed, thrilled and disgusted at the same time with her whore-like tone. He fulfilled her desire, wrenching the closure of her bra open and pulling it off of her.