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None of the immediate family is likely to forget our last holiday. My husband Gerald had suggested that we take a Gites, a cottage in France for a two week holiday. These French cottages usually sleep 6 to 8 people, are in rural districts and are fairly inexpensive.

We spoke to the family and in the end we were joined by our unmarried son Peter who is in his final year before university, our married son Ian and his wife Fiona and my mother Mathilda (Matty).

This decision was to change all our lives but whether for the better depends on ones point of view.

We were all enjoying a wonderful holiday good food, fine but inexpensive wine, interesting places to visit, what more could we ask for.

On the second Saturday my husband and I went to bed about 11.00 pm. My mother had already gone. I told Peter he should be making a move and this just left Ian and Fiona in the lounge.

Gerald was feeling rather horny and I was in a good mood and after a little foreplay we made love. Unfortunately, as usual, Gerald finished before I was ready!

Having drunk a substantial amount of wine, I don't think I was unduly bothered and just fell asleep. I was awakened by the bedroom light being switched on. There was a figure dressed in a black track suit and wearing a black ski mask standing by my husband with a gun to my husbands head.

The person spoke and I immediately realised the figure was female. We were ordered to keep quiet and told to leave the bedroom. Both Gerald and I were naked and when I went to pick up my nightdress I had a filmy negligee flung at me which hid very little and Gerald had a pair of briefs.

At the point of a gun we were pushed into the lounge. The rest of the family was already there, all looking very embarrassed because of their dress, or lack of it. Peter was the better covered having on a proped pair of shorts and Ian too was wearing undershorts but Fiona was wearing only the top half of an extremely transparent nightdress and mother was wearing a peach coloured nightie, full length but which again hid nothing.

There was another person in the lounge also dressed in black and carrying a gun.

This was a man and from their accents they were both English. The man wanted to know where we kept our valuables. he did not seem to realise that we were staying in a holiday home. Taking us one at a time to our rooms they soon realised that we had very little money, we had travellers cheques and of course credit cards.

However more changes were taking place and they were not exactly subtle.

As I had said earlier, my husband and I had made love and I had not had the opportunity to go to the bathroom and the girl suddenly noticed the semen running down my leg.

She started to laugh and pointed it out to her companion. "Oh" he said" Who fucked you tonight, your husband or one of these others?"

The suggestion angered me and I retorted." You despicable person, how dare you infer that I had sex with someone other than my husband. In any case these are my sons."

Whether my flare up was a mistake or not or whether they would have done something to us in any case, I don't know.

He strode across the room and I thought he was going to hit me but instead he ripped my negligee off. He pushed me onto a couch and putting his gun to my head told me to spread my legs. "He then turned to Ian and Peter and in the most obscene language told them to look at my vagina and the evidence that I had had intercourse.

He then made the others, including my mother strip off. The girl crossed the room and whispered something in his ear and to the utter shame and degradation of us all he told me to suck Ians cock, My mother to suck Peter and Fiona to suck my husband. My mother tried to refuse but he told her that if she didnt take his cock in her mouth he would put a bullet in his head so of course she did as I did Ian and Fiona did Gerald. In spite of the situation it proved to be exciting and stimulating and when he made us change over and have the men lick us it was getting too much. I wondered and to my shame, I hoped,that they would be told to fuck us and they were. Even in the privacy of the bedroom I never used vulgar words although I did to myself when I masturbated usually after sex with Gerald but that night cunt, fuck, dick, cock and prick were the words I was using.

I lay on my back and I felt no shame as Ian slid his cock into me. I had been fucked once that night but not to my satisfaction and although ian's cock was no bigger than his fathers he fucked me with much fervour. I glanced up at the couch and Fiona was actually sitting on Geralds cock fucking him. She was facing him and I could see her riding her cunt up and down on his prick.

I looked across at my mother expecting to see her cringing in shame but obviously this new experience had been too much for Peter, he had already cum but to my utter amazement the girl had removed her track suit and was being tongued by my mother. I glanced up to see her partner had also been aroused by the lascivious sight and he pushed his track suit bottoms down and offered me one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. I licked and sucked on it avidly.

Ian finished and I still hadn't cum and when the stranger made to fuck me I offered myself to him like an whore.

By now Gerald had started to fuck mother, and Fiona and the girl were obviously enjoying a 69 whilst my two sons sat on chairs playing with themselves.

It was then that Ian picked up one of the guns and it proved to be a toy only, The two shamefacedly took off their ski masks, they were not teenagers but in their late 20's and apparently husband and wife who had run out of funds and stupidly decided to rob a French family and found us.

After a morning conference, rightly or wrongly we decided not to report then to the police, after all they had certainly released our inhibitions and Jenny and Alan were invited to stay on which led to more sexual adventures. What a holiday it was too.
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