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Elena tried to ignore the whispers and giggles as the two soldiers led her down the stone passageways and into a large room filled with gauzy colored material hanging from the ceiling and many girls lounging around on large pillows on the hard floor. Most were scantily dressed, and some even wore nothing.

"What do you have here?" asked a withered old lady wearing a dark grey dress.

"Tis a virgin for the Prince," Cristoff explained.

"A virgin eh? I'll be the judge of that. Quit ogling the girls and be gone with the two of ye!"

The wizened woman motioned for Elena to follow her and she led her through the maze of pillows and half naked women to a padded table in the back corner of the room. "Get up there girl!" Elena hesitated and the old woman croaked, "Go on, get up there. Don't make me get the whip."

Hesitantly, she climbed up on the table, dreading the touch of the crone's fingers on her skin. She resisted a bit when the hag pushed her backwards, but one thought of the whip ceased her struggle, and she lay back willingly. Shuddering in disgust, she fought the urge to squeeze her legs together when the old woman's hand pushed her shift up and stabbed between her out lips.

She clenched her jaw tightly as the woman pushed the finger inside her sex and twisted it around. Sighing with relief when the digit withdrew, Elena immediately squeezed her legs together and sat up on the table.

"Aye, a virgin ye are." She motioned for Elena to remain on the table and she disappeared under the curtain of red gauze.

Elena couldn't see anything through the material that hung around the table. She wiped her hands on her shift, trying to get rid of the dampness on her palms but only succeeded in getting her palms dirty from the dust on her dress. Guessing at what the nubile girls were for, she resigned herself to the same fate.

A few moments later, the woman returned carrying an outfit of red silk. "How many years are ye girl and what's yer name?"

"Eighteen years, and my name is Elena."

"Why no husband?"

"No dowry."

"Aye," the wizened woman nodded in understanding. "Come with me. You need a bath."

Elena followed her to the other corner of the room where a large ornate tub hid behind more gauzy curtains. Turning her back to the woman, she dropped her shift and got in the unexpected luxury of steaming water. She took the offered soap and sponge and cleaned the grime from her skin. When she was finished, the bathwater was filthy, but Elena's skin shone a pale alabaster.

"Aye, the king and prince will be pleased," said the woman as she handed Elena the red dress.

"King? I thought it was just the Prince?"

"Prince is who will use ye, yes, but the King has the honor of taking yer innocence. It's his right as King."

Elena pulled the dress over head and let it drop to cover her heavy bosom... well, almost cover. The top swell rose above the plunging neckline and the hem barely covered her naked bottom. Red flushed across her face at the scant amount of skin that showed in the dress.

"Come, the King is waiting."

She followed her down several long passageways, the shadows flickering around them in the torchlight. The longer they traveled, the faster Elena's heart beat. As they stopped in front of a large wooden door, the old woman turned and spoke, "Don't be expecting tenderness or pleasure for yourself. He shows no mercy and that includes when he takes a woman. Expect pain, but don't despair. He finishes quickly and sends you out. I'll wait for you here since you'll need me to show you the way back."

Timidly, Elena entered the chamber of the King. He awaited her beside the bed. "Very nice, the soldiers did well in bringing you to the palace."

Even after the warning from the old woman, Elena gasped in surprise when he grabbed her forcefully and flung her onto the bed. Her eyes widened as he pushed down his breeches to reveal his manhood, long and thick. She scrabbled backwards on the bed, trying to get away, but he grabbed her ankle in his powerful fist and pulled her to him until he was kneeling between her legs.

The red dress had ridden up to divulge the thick tawny patch of hair on her mound. Her inner pink petals were barely discernable inside her slit. "Please no," she begged when he brushed the hard tip of his thick shaft against her outer lips.

"Shut up wench. Your parents did not pay there taxes, so I am taking what rightfully belongs to me."

She screamed when he slammed his hard rod into her, easily breaking through the weak barrier of her innocence and sliding completely inside her. "Oh yes... so tight," he moaned as he plunged in and out of her.

At first the searing pain was almost unbearable, and she felt as though his thick manhood was ripping her apart. As he thrust into her, the pain turned into a warmth that radiated through her body. Just as she was beginning to enjoy it, he slammed deep inside her sex and howled and she felt a wetness flow into her.

He climbed off the bed and dismissed her and she hurried out of the room. "See? No staying power," the old woman said. "Come on. We need to get you cleaned up. The Prince might want you tonight."

Elena's fate was not to be called for the Prince that night. A ruckus in the castle sent soldiers running to guard the Prince and the girls. After much confusion, word filtered into the room that an assassin had snuck into the palace and stolen the life of the King. The Prince managed to escape as his guards came to his rescue and smote down the assassin.

Once the chaos had died down, the torches in the girls' chamber were distinguished and they went to sleep. For awhile, Elena tossed around on the pillows as she tried to get comfortable having her body half cushioned and half on the cold stone floor. Finally, she drifted off to sleep.