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(story based on a premise from NinsBijou)

Patricia Green sighed as she wandered into the living room of her three bedroom suburban house, turned out the overhead light, and slid lazily down into the armchair that faced the French doors that opened to give access to a neatly trimmed back garden. Today had been long, and uneventful, as had many days recently. She was alone in her house and all the daily chores had been completed early. Having nobody to cook for she had, as she frequently did, purchased a pre-made salad while buying the few groceries she needed to sustain her. She looked at the clock. It showed seven P.M., far to early to go upstairs to bed. Patricia switched on the lamp and picked up the copy of Ohio Magazine from the table beside her and looked for some article that might hold her interest. She looked out of the French doors and saw the last vestiges of sunlight disappearing below the tree line. After adjusting the cushion behind her, she smoothed out the pale brown skirt she was wearing that was complimented nicely by the green silk blouse that covered her upper body and began to read.

The magazine had fallen to the floor as Patricia had dozed off into a light but satisfying sleep. She awoke suddenly and froze as a male right hand clamped tightly over her mouth from behind. The left hand appeared before her eyes, which were now wide open and unblinking. The hand held an index card, which had twelve words on it, typed in capitals. "DON'T SCREAM!"



"DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!" Patricia's breathing all but stopped as a black blindfold was put across her eyes and knotted tightly at the back of her head. The hand was removed from Patricia's mouth and moved to grip the back of the collar of the green silk blouse and pull upwards. Patricia stood up following the silent command. She could feel the presence of whoever was doing this to her close behind her, and breathlessly waited for what was to happen next. Her mind was racing and her heart beating faster than she could ever remember. She heard the ottoman on which, a short while ago she had rested her feet, slide as it was kicked out of the way, then felt the strong grip of a hand on each of her shoulders as she was turned around and moved backwards. Patricia sensed she was about three feet from the armchair and facing it. She heard the chair adjust as someone sat in it, facing her blindfolded body. Then she heard a faint click, though in the breathless silence it sounded like a tree limb snapping. Patricia heard the voice of a man. A voice she did not recognize. "You will do as you are told!" The command was delivered firmly enough to convince Patricia that not obeying could mean the end of her life. "You will not speak!"

"You will answer any questions only with nods of your head!"

"Do you understand?" Then there was another click. Patricia processed the commands and the question in her almost scrambled mind and nodded affirmatively. She drew a deep breath as she felt her captor get up from the chair and cross the living room. She listened intently, almost smiling at the thought that entered her blindfolded head. Perhaps the blind do have enhanced hearing or other senses. The man was pouring himself a drink! To Patricia, this simple yet audacious act seemed to take forever. She stood waiting, almost petrified.

The man returned to the chair and Patricia heard the ice in the drink clinking against the inside of the glass as he sat down. Another click. It occurred to Patricia that her captor was not speaking either, but rather using a tape recorder. Was it his voice on the tape? She doubted it! The use of his voice would make the recording redundant. Patricia thought how clever this was; surprising herself that she was till thinking somewhat lucidly. Her thoughts were sharply severed by the stridency of the command issued from the tape machine. "Lift your skirt, slowly!" Click! Momentarily stunned by the outrageousness of this command Patricia paused. She heard movement from the chair. The sound was enough to jolt her back to the dire situation she was in. She nodded affirmatively and reached for the hem of the light brown skirt. She heard the man settle back into the armchair.

Patricia slipped into another place at this moment, divorcing herself from any other reality. The suburban Ohio world was somewhere else. Not here. Not now. Here, and now there was just she, blindfolded, and her captor.

Patricia slowly raised the skirt up her legs, revealing, inch by inch a pair of strong, tight thighs. She could hear the man in the armchair, breathing and sipping at the drink. She felt the air softly blowing from the conditioner caress the newly bared flesh. She paused slightly as she knew the soft beige material of her panties was now visible to the man, the fabric of the crotch outlining her Venus Delta, pinched slightly by the tenseness of her body. Almost robotically, Patricia continued to lift her skirt to her waist and stood waiting, feeling the man's gaze upon her. Click!

"Turn around!" Click! Patricia nodded and followed the command. She reached behind her and lifted the back of the skirt up over her firm rear. The opaque material stretched tight across the globes of her ass. Breathlessly, she held the pose. She heard the man sigh. Oddly, it seemed as if it was a sigh of appreciation. More oddly, Patricia's body reacted to the sigh independent of thought. A mild pulse entered her vagina and her buttocks reflexively tightened. Patricia jumped as she felt the man's hand reach out and undo the button at the back of the skirt and slide the short zipper down. Once again frozen, though strangely, not scared, she felt a hand grasp each of her wrists and pull her arms outwards. The skirt slid down her thighs to the floor.

Click! "Turn around and unbutton your blouse!" Click! Patricia nodded, moved her hands to the green silk garment and complied. Her movements were not so stiff now. She felt a strange excitement knowing she was turning her captor on, though she maintained an empty expression on her face for fear of angering him. Slowly and deliberately she undid the buttons working from bottom to top. She heard the man breathing as he watched. Felt his eyes upon her body. When she loosened the top button she moved her upper body slightly and the blouse slipped to the sides of her breasts. Breasts bound by a lace-trimmed bra that matched the panties beneath. Breasts that were large and firm, and she could feel her nipples had hardened under the material. She felt embarrassed and excited at the telltale sign. She pulled the blouse apart and let it slip from her shoulders to the floor where it landed atop the discarded skirt. Patricia stood as she felt her captor's eyes savor and devour the vision of her.

She heard him stand and take a step towards her and waited. Then she felt the cold liquid from the glass trickle down her cleavage. She shivered slightly as the beverage wet her flesh. A thumb teased each nipple through the soft fabric and Patricia gasped as another electric pulse seared between her panty-clad legs. She felt the man's breath on her as he leaned in and licked the alcohol from her cleavage. Her body tightened. A finger brushed her lips and she tasted the bourbon on the tip. She felt the man's hands slip the bra straps from her shoulders and reach back and unsnap the strap at her back. The garment fell from her and fell to the floor. The air from the conditioner brushed over her nakedness. The man cupped her full breasts and teased the nipples alternately with his tongue, sucking the hard buds into his mouth. Patricia gasped audibly and tensed under the caresses. She felt her pussy dampen in response. The man grazed the excited nipples with his teeth. Then he bit her hard! Patricia's back arched raising her to the tips of her toes. She cried out in both pain and ecstasy, lost in what was happening to her. Her arms hung by her sides as her captor carried out his will. He released the nipple from the grip of his teeth. Click!

"Are you wet? Show me!" Click! Patricia heard the man sit down. Her nipples were hard, hot, and erect. She moved a hand over the fabric of her panties and pushed a finger down on her clitoris. Her pussy responded, and a damp patch appeared slowly darkening the fabric between her legs. She heard the man unzip himself. Heard him remove his pants. Though she was blindfolded she envisioned him there in the chair naked and hard. Patricia pushed on her clit again feeling the juices seep from between the hot lips of her pussy. She could hear the man's breathing change and knew he was masturbating himself. Click!

"Remove your panties!" Click! Patricia nodded and followed the command sliding them down her legs and stepping out of them revealing a shaved pussy. The lips glistened with the liquid evidence of her excitement. She stood and allowed the man to look at her nude form. This time she heard him gasp and knew he had quickened the stroke on his shaft. In a nether world she waited half afraid and half excited for the next command. Click!

"Masturbate for me!" Click! Patricia reached down, and even though darkly blindfolded, closed her eyes and touched her erect clitoris. She massaged it slowly at first knowing the man was watching her. As her excitement grew so did the rapidity of her stroking. She was aware of her watcher, but now, alone in the ecstasy of her self-caress. She slid her fingers down into the crease of her hot, wet pussy and inserted two fingers, thrusting them in and out of the vaginal opening, breathing hard, and feeling no shame anymore. Patricia felt her inner walls clench at her invading, thrusting, stimulating fingers. She surrendered herself to the exquisite feeling of approaching orgasm. Click!

"Stop!" Click! Patricia stopped immediately, brought back by the command from the edge of release. She heard her captor lean forward in his chair and felt him take her wrist. He pulled her arm to him and sucked the juices from her fingers, his tongue lathing between them. The sensation of his hot, wet, mouth sucking at her was all she felt. She would do anything to prolong the feelings of ecstasy and sensuality. The man released her fingers and pulled her toward him. His hands clasped the tight round globes of her ass, and he proceeded to lick her sex. She gasped and arched her back towards his probing tongue. Patricia shivered as the tongue flicked at her hard, erect clitoris and struggled not to touch him. Strained not to grab his head and pull it to her aching crotch. She moaned, responding to his oral explorations. Felt his grip tighten on her buttocks as he devoured her female nectar. He bit her clitoris, making Patricia jump and arch once more. Then he turned her. His tongue slid between the cheeks of her ass and slid downward in one long, hot, wet, lick, that lingered momentarily as he flicked the tongue around and into her anus, then traveled across her perineum and back into her now open vagina.

Suddenly, the man pushed her forward, bent her and pushed her to the floor. Patricia fell to her knees her ass and pussy presented to him. She was no longer scared; she was lost in what was happening to her, yet still afraid to show her enjoyment. He roughly penetrated her with two fingers making her gasp again and pulled upwards raising her ass even more. Her face was on the carpet, and she felt him kneel behind her. The head of his hard cock teased at her opening. Then, he savagely thrust into her, driving the breath from her lungs. She felt his balls hit the backs of her thighs as his cock buried itself full length in her pussy. He assaulted her with deep, strong, savage thrusts that threatened to split her. Her mind stopped as her body reacted, as it had not done so in a very long time. She heard him breathing with each thrust and lost control. Her ass pushed back at his cock. Now, she wanted this. She wanted the deep physical and emotional feelings she had so long been without. She fucked him back, meeting each animal thrust with a rearward lunge. She felt him separate her ass cheeks, and knew he was looking down between them watching himself ravage her. Her pussy tightened at the thought that she turned him on so much. She reached between her own legs and caressed the cock invading her sex. She found her clitoris and teased it. They were now together, panting in unison. Patricia gave herself up to this captor. She realized that the mystery of the stranger turned her on. He fucked into her, never weakening, taking her for his pleasure, and she loved it.

Patricia reached deep between her legs and grabbed his balls holding him in her. She dared to speak. "I am going to come!" she breathed. Her voice was ragged with desire. She released her grip on him and he thrust into her. She arched. His cock almost reached her cervix. She felt the electricity surge through her. Her sugar walls contracted hold his thick shaft as she exploded on the cock inside her. She felt him arch, heard him grunt, then felt the hot viscous fluid stream from his cock and bathe the depths of her pussy. He gripped her ass tightly as he let his seed flow into her. He collapsed a cross her back, and licked and gently bit her neck. Spent. She lay on the carpet bathed in the ecstasy of their intercourse.

Eventually, his cock receded and slipped from her. He moved back and kissed her pussy, licked it, tasting their mingled fluids. Patricia heard him stand and move away. She lay face down on the carpet, blindfolded. Thinking he was leaving. She was going to allow it. She knew that she had not been raped. She had at some point become a willing participant. Allowed this man to take her.

Patricia jumped. The man was behind her again. A little fear crept back into her. Then, she felt him loosen the blindfold, and a cascade of envelopes fell on the carpet before her eyes. Patricia was at first confused. Click!

The tape machine fired up again. Patricia did not turn. She listened.

"I love you, baby." The tape said.

Patricia jumped up from the floor and turned, she gasped. Grabbed the man now in front of her and kissed him deeply. Tears welled in her eyes, as she stared at her husband. He smiled down at her explaining that he had been granted early release from his tour of duty in Iraq. He pointed at the letters on the floor. "Fantasies are good for us, you said in those letters." Patricia laughed. Her husband laughed with her. "Taken by a stranger, huh?"

"Very nice."
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