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I got home from work a little earlier than usual, walking through the door at four o clock instead of five. None of the lights were on, and since it was winter the apartment was rather dark. I assumed that Claudia wasn't home.

The overhead light turned on as I flipped the switch, illuminating the pretty room. Claudia liked dark blue, and the whole room had been done in that color. The sofa, the chairs, and the rugs...I didn't mind as long as it made her happy. Plopping into the big blue recliner, I flipped on the television.

A noise behind me in the kitchen startled me, and I turned my head to see what was going on. Claudia was there, home after all, sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hi honey," I called to her.

Claudia looked up, and I frowned. Her eyes were brimming with tears, the big green orbs foggy. Her heavy lashes were wet, and her smooth cheeks had red streaks down each.

"Hi," she said softly, her large bottom lip quivering.

Pushing myself up out of the recliner, I walked over to my girlfriend in the kitchen. I stood behind her, my large hand resting on her dark hair. I stroked her gently, petting her head, as she lay her face back down in her arms on the table.

"Baby," I cooed, kneeling down next to her to look at her face. She turned her cheek away from me so that I couldn't see her eyes. "Claudia, what happened?"

She shrugged her shoulders, turning her face around to look at me.

"I love you, Mark," she said. "You know that, right?"

"Of course!" I said, leaning forward to kiss her red nose. "How could I not know you love me?"

Claudia's shoulders shrugged again, and she looked back down at the table.

"Can you tell me what's wrong, baby?" I asked, squeezing her shoulder reassuringly. "If it's so bad, we can get through it together, right?"

Sobs erupted from her body, her back shaking. Her cries hurt my soul, and I tried to pull her into a sitting position.

"Please?" my voice was soft as I pleaded with her. "Tell me what's wrong. Daddy will fix it, whatever it is, okay?"

"My.... sister..." Her words were heavy with sorrow, her shoulders slumping. Her beautiful dark tresses fell in front of her eyes and I brushed them away, placing the strands behind her round ears. "She...she..."

Ready to hear the worst about Claudia's sister, I braced myself to comfort her anyway I could.

"What about your sister, Claudia?"

"She's" Claudia collapsed into her folded arms again, hiding her face from me once more.

I felt like laughing. I had expected to hear of a death in her family, or something of that sort. Her sister was coming to visit? How bad could that be? Looking at Claudia's listless body, I wondered.

Struggling to put my curiosity aside, I pulled out another chair from the table and sat in it. I leaned forward with my elbows on my knees to look at Claudia.

"Come here, honey," I said, holding my arms out.

Claudia slid out of the chair and was in my arms, sitting on my lap. She straddled me, one leg on either side, her generous bosom pressed against my chest.

I kissed her tear-stained cheek, the salty fluid wetting my lips. I held my arms tight around her, reassuring her that whatever fear she had was not one that she needed to hang on to. Claudia rested her head down on my shoulder, her lips nuzzling my neck. She didn't kiss me, but just the feel of her lips felt like a loving caress. I shifted my weight from one side to another, arousal at such close contact with my beautiful Claudia building in my groin.

"I love you, Mark," Claudia whispered into my ear. Her breath against my neck was hot, and I struggled not to thrust myself against her pussy. She shifted against me, feeling my erection, teasing me with her hips. She sighed. The sound seemed loud to me, with her mouth so near my ears, but her whole body relaxed with the movement which relieved me. I didn't want her to be so upset.

"Why's your sister coming here?" I ventured, flinching slightly. I was prepared for an outburst, more tears or maybe even shouting, but Claudia's mood seemed to have lifted. Sitting in my lap she at least felt safe again, and she cuddled against me more, hugging her body towards mine.

"I love you, Mark," she repeated.

"Awe, baby," I cooed at her, "I know you love me. Can you tell me why your sister coming to visit is making you so upset?"

"Amelia and I don't get along," Claudia said. She sat up and looked me in the face, her hands reaching up to stroke my cheeks. Her fingers on my face made me smile, which was inappropriate considering what she'd just said. I struggled to put my serious face back on, and Claudia seemed to relax again. She leaned forward and placed her lips on mine, not really kissing, but again caressing me.

"Why don't you two get along?" I inquired.

"I don't know," Claudia shrugged. "We just don't. We never have. It seems like all through my life I was competing with her for attention from our parents, from our relatives, from our teachers...from boyfriends. Whatever I wanted to do, she'd want to do. If I joined the soccer team, she wanted to join the soccer team. If I wanted to be a cheerleader, she wanted to be a cheerleader. It worked the other way around, too," she admitted reluctantly. "When Amelia started playing the piano, I wanted to start playing the piano. But," Claudia's eyes began to tear up again, and I bounced her up and down on my lap a couple of times playfully. Her eyes cleared and she smiled.

"But what, sweetheart?" I prodded, wanting to know why Amelia's visit was upsetting Claudia so much.

"She was always better at it than me. No matter what we did, she was always better."

I kissed Claudia's nose, nipping the tip with my teeth. She giggled, making me smile, and pushed some of the loose hair out of her face.

"At least she wasn't the better looking one," I teased, sliding my hands down Claudia's curvy body, resting them on her buttocks and squeezing her lightly. Claudia stiffened, her spine seeming to become stiff as steel. I frowned at her, and saw anger in her eyes. "What did I say wrong?" I asked, my eyes unable to capture hers in a straight on look.

"We're identical twins," she hissed at me.

"Identical or not, she can't be as lovely as you. You're sexy, smart, funny," I kissed her nose after each word. "You're super-sexy, you sing silly little songs to me, you're generous and're everything I ever dreamed of in a woman. I'm glad that your sister is coming, I would love to meet more of your family, but I don't want her to come if it's going to make you so upset."

Claudia sighed, but smiled, lowering her face and allowing me to kiss her forehead.

"I just don't want her to steal you away from me," she sighed.

I laughed out loud, angering Claudia enough that she struggled to escape from my arms. I held her tight, enjoying the way her body was rubbing against my crotch. Smiling sinisterly at her, I thrust myself up against her pelvis, and she stopped moving, glaring at me.

"Don't be angry, sweet heart," I pleaded. "I just know that there's no one in the entire world who would ever be able to trick me into leaving you. I will die first, I swear it."

Claudia looked skeptical. "You don't know the half of it," she said darkly.

"Tell me, then, honey," I replied.

"All through high school, I didn't have one boyfriend," she said softly. I nodded, knowing of her shy past. She was still rather shy, and it took all I had in me to force her out of her shell and go out into the world with me. ÒI had a crush on this one particular guy, Steven Jenkins. He was a jock, no one you'd ever expect me to be interested in. I think that all the girls in school had a crush on him at one point or another. Amelia knew I liked him, and in a rare burst of sisterly affection we had a little talk about him. Amelia never had any problem finding a date. I think she had a different boyfriend every week. Unlike the other girls in school, though, Amelia never expected the relationships to last. She used to laugh with her friends about that latest heart that she'd broken."

I nodded, listening intently to everything my girlfriend was telling me. I suspected that I already knew the end of the story, but as a gentleman I didn't butt in before Claudia was finished.

"So, Amelia gave me some advice on how to snag Steven. When I admitted that I was too scared to ask him out, she even offered to ask him for me. She pretended to be me, pretty easy, since we were both identical and he didn't exactly know us. Amelia asked him out for me, and he accepted. I was so stunned when my sister bounced back to me with a date and time that I could get together with the man of my dreams. That was before I met you, Mark, so don't get jealous."

I smiled at her, kissing her nose. Claudia knew me so well.

"So you went on a date with this Steven guy, man of your dreams?" I said, half teasingly.

"Not just one," Claudia said, setting her head back on my shoulder. Her body slouched, and she took a deep breath. "We went out many times, even to the point that others at school were teasing us about being steady. He was my first boyfriend, the first person I thought that I was in love with. But we didn't have sex."

"You didn't?" I asked, surprised. My Claudia was one of the wildest women I'd ever had in bed. Her ideas and fetishes never ceased to surprise me. When we made love together, her energy long outlasted mine. "You mean that there was a time before you had sex?"

Claudia giggled, licking my neck.

"Believe it or not, darling, once upon a time I was an innocent virgin," she snickered. Her hand slid down my side, tugging at the waist of my pants. I groaned, shifting myself again. My erection was back, with vengeance. Claudia slipped her hand in between our bodies, rubbing my cock through my thick jeans.

"You're hurting me," I whimpered playfully, "Not enough room down there!"

"Maybe you should relieve some of the pressure," Claudia suggested with a smile, moving her body over so that I could undo my buttons and zipper. My body seemed relieved to have a little more freedom; the pain from being crushed against the jeans was gone. I groaned again as Claudia stroked me through my briefs, and lay back in the chair.

"As I was saying," Claudia continued. I whimpered and pouted at her, my lower lip quivering playfully. She giggled and tapped the end of my nose, settling back to how she had been before. "As I was saying, Steven was my first boyfriend, but I didn't want to have sex with him. I didn't think that I was ready, and I certainly was scared about it. That really bothered Steven. He was pretty popular, like I said, and all the girls before me had been more than willing to jump in bed with me. I think that he thought of me as a challenge, that he'd eventually get me, and then he'd discard me. I didn't think that then, mind you, just now, when I look back on it. He grew impatient, and one day slipped a letter into my locker saying that he'd meet me at a local hotel that evening, and if I wanted to stay with him then I'd be there. I put the letter into my backpack and went home after classes had ended, unsure of what to do. I left my backpack downstairs and went up to my room. I took a shower and then lay down on my bed, trying to make a decision. I fell asleep, and didn't wake up until the next morning.

"Amelia went downstairs and sifted through my backpack, looking for money. She found the note, and knew that I was sleeping. She went to the hotel, crawled into bed with my boyfriend, and fucked him all night long. She wasn't even home when I woke up the next day." Claudia began to cry again, the tears from before not even dry on her face. I patted her back and kissed her hair, rocking her gently in my lap.

"He didn't know, baby, he didn't know it wasn't you."

"Yes he did!" Claudia burst out, pushing herself off my lap. She stood glaring at me, her hands on her hips. "She told him that I was sleeping, that the closest he'd ever get was fucking her, Amelia! He accepted, and they had sex!"

"Claudia, sweetie," I sympathized. "I'm so sorry, angel. I love you so much, I hate to think that you've ever been hurt."

"He broke up with me," she said, pacing the room. "He broke up with me because of her."

I nodded my head in agreement, even though I didn't quite see it that way. He had broken up with Claudia because she didn't have sex with him, but that was no better.

"That's no reason to be so upset that your sister is visiting, is it, baby?" I asked, watching my girlfriend walking back and forth in front of me.

"No," she said, shooting me a look that almost made me shudder. "But she did nearly the same thing with my next boyfriend. She seduced him during a dance, while I was getting snacks. Asked him to accompany her on the dance floor, just for one slow dance. It didn't matter to her that she already had a date, she gyrated up against mine for a whole hour. They ended up leaving together, and he dumped me the next day. She dumped him the day after, of course, but that's what she always did. Then the next boyfriend, she pretended to be me on the phone and invited him out. When she showed up instead, he left, but she did it again and again until he wouldn't answer my calls again. All through the rest of high school she stole my boyfriends away from me, one way or another. When I moved to college I thought that I was through with it! I thought that I could finally get away from her. But freshman year she showed up for spring break and stole another guy away."

Thinking back, I remembered my friends whispering about that incident. I hadn't known Claudia then, but I knew Jack. Jack had left the school and moved across the country to the east coast, to be closer to his new girlfriend. The joke was on him when he got there and the girl already had six other men following her around. I hadn't made the connection until now.

"I haven't seen Amelia since," Claudia said belligerently, glaring at the floor. "And now she's coming again, and she's going to steal you away from me."

"Sweet heart," I stood up, walking over towards her. I held my pants up with on hand so that they wouldn't pool at my feet, and proceeded to follow her on her rant across the room. "Nothing anyone could do could break us up. We've been together for three years, no sister can change that."

"She puts her mind to something and she gets it," Claudia said, spinning around to look at me. Her sudden movement caused me to drop my pants, and I was instantly standing in front of her with my briefs exposed. Claudia giggled at me before twisting her face back into an angry expression. "She puts her mind to something and she gets it. She's going to want you."

"I'm flattered that you think I'm so desirable," I teased. I knew that I was a little bit bigger than the ideal man, not as strong, not as athletic. I sometimes wondered why a gorgeous woman like Claudia would like me so much, would love me, even. I was rather certain that somehow I had ended up as the luckiest man in the state.

"She'll want you because you're mine," Claudia said, turning around and walking out of the kitchen into the living room.

I followed my goddess, stepping out of the pants pooled at my feet. She plopped down on the sofa, stretching her body across the cushions. One leg reached the floor, the other spread far in front of her on the sofa. Her slender legs split open to reveal the tight crotch of her pants, the fabric seeming to cling to the shape of her pussy. The pouting lips strained against the seam between her legs, and she shifted as though it were uncomfortable.

Claudia draped her arms above her head, her hands partially open, palms exposed and pointed upwards. The buttons on her blouse strained as her breasts pushed outwards, the space between them opening up and revealing her white bra to my eyes. I took a deep breath and walked towards the sofa, kneeling down next to her.

I cupped her breast with my hand playfully, smiling widely at her. She glared at me, but didn't push my hand away. Her breast filled my hand as she took a deep breath.

"I wish that there was some way I could get back at her," she sighed.

"I'm sorry, Claudia," I said, crawling on top of her body. She exhaled heavily from my weight, but put her arms around me anyway. She felt so good underneath me, her soft flesh molding against my form. I buried my face between her breasts, moaning softly. Claudia rubbed her leg against mine, and my cock woke immediately.

"There might be a way," Claudia said throatily into my ear. She pressed her lips against my lobe and nibbled softly, tugging on the flesh. I moaned again, moving my lips up to hers.

"How's that, baby?" I whispered, running my tongue over her sweet lips.

"Amelia and I got drunk together the last time she visited. We talked about our sex lives, what we had and hadn't tried. She confessed that she had never done anal because it scared her so much. As many men as she'd stolen from me, and as many others that she'd been intimate with, she had never had anal sex."

I almost laughed at the way Claudia spoke of this, that the idea of someone not yearning for anal sex seemed alien to her

"Not all people do anal," I smiled at her.

"Well, they're missing out," Claudia huffed, shoving at me to get off of her body.

I refused to budge and wriggled closer to her, burying my face in her hair. The scent wafted up into my nostrils, filling my lungs with perfume.

"I was thinking of setting her up to get anally raped," Claudia said.

Pushing myself up, I looked into her eyes. They were hard, angry, and made me shiver a little bit. My Claudia could be aggressive sometimes, but I thought that this was a little serious.

"What do you mean?" I asked, lifting one eyebrow skeptically.

Claudia crossed her arms across her chest, glaring back up at me. Her lips pouted out, and she took a deep breath through her nose. I couldn't help watching those round breasts rise with her lungs.

"On a couple of occasions she has stolen my boyfriends by pretending to be me. To date, none of the men have noticed that it was another woman slipping into bed with them. I was thinking, Mark, that maybe you could pretend to think that she's me before she wants you to?"

"I would never mistake anyone for you, Claude, you're the sexiest woman on earth!" I shot her my most winning smile, winked at her, and bent down to kiss her on the nose. Her body lost some of its tension, her arms uncrossed and she reached for me to hug her again. I sat down on the couch and pulled her into my arms, petting her cheek slowly and kissing her ear.

"Thank you, Mark. You're so sweet," she said, resting her head on my shoulder again. "What I mean, though, is for you to pretend. Fake it. Act like you think that she's me, even though you know that she's not. Amelia has never tried play-rape, but she knows that I enjoy it. I was thinking that you, pretending to think that Amelia is me, could come up behind her, grab her mouth, handcuff her, and drag her into our room. Once you had her inside, you could torture her a little bit with some of our toys, and then fuck her ass as a finale."

"I don't know about raping someone," I said, a little uneasily.

"Amelia is a slut," Claudia said. Her tone told me that she meant business. "She likes sex, no matter what form it comes in. I just want to give her a little bit of a scare. The next day I doubt she'll even say anything about it, just have a little bit of trouble sitting down for a while."

"Claudia," I chided, kissing her on the nose. "You don't really want to set your sister up for something like that, do you? Sure, maybe she would like it a little bit. But there's also a chance that it would be very horrible for her, and that she'd be scarred for life."

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