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Most of the passengers on flight 673 from Spain were very concerned when they were told that, due to technical problems, their flight would not land at Heathrow as scheduled. Only Sharon and Lucy sighed with relief to know that instead the plane would land at a small obscure airfield in southern England. This turn of events, they assured each other would improve their chances of evading customs with the large amount of cigarettes and alcohol that they had packed into their suitcases.

The two girls were to be disappointed however, as within the hour they were standing, red-faced and nervous, in front of their open cases before a very stern looking customs officer. They were taken to a holding area and told to wait. Lucy however was not prepared to wait and she went up to a door marked Chief Inspector of Customs, knocked on the door and walked straight in.

A uniformed man looked up from behind a large desk before turning to his female assistant.

'Well Janet?' He said, raising an eyebrow and looking at the female officer. 'What's the story here? Who is this girl?'

'Two of them were in it together Sir but we think this one is the real culprit. Between them they had ten times the legal allowance.'

'It looks to me as if you are in very serious trouble young lady.' The man looked at her in a way that Lucy had often noticed men looking at her. With lust! What she also noticed was how similar he was, in size and shape to the female officer. Even sitting behind his desk, Jo could see he was short and overweight. His face was impassive as he clasped his podgy hands on the desk in front of him.

'So, you decided to test the effectiveness of Her majesty's customs and excise did you? What do you have to say for yourself?'

Jo was beginning to feel like a schoolgirl in the headmaster's office. 'It was just a bit of fun,' she began. 'We were just having a laugh.' She looked at the floor, her face hot with shame.

'Well it seems that you wanted to have a laugh at your country's expense and I don't think it's very funny. In fact, our policy is always to prosecute smugglers and if we can get them put into prison, so much the better.'

'We really are very sorry,' said Jo. 'We're ready to pay the duty or whatever.'

'Oh, you're going to pay all right. It's just a question of how.'

The man scratched his balding head as if contemplating a solution and Jo noticed a strange look pass between him and his assistant Janet.

'I can ask Janet to phone the police right now. Your friend won't get away with this either; both of you have broken the law so you are both equally guilty. I shall press for a custodial sentence of course; I think an example should be made.'

The customs Inspector watched the young girl closely as the full realisation of their foolishness, and the potential consequences sank in. His cock hardened in anticipation of the perverted pleasures in store for him.

I'll be expelled, thought Lucy and I'll lose my friends, my reputation - my god! She thought in horror, I'll lose everything. She looked at the officer and from his expression, he was clearly thinking about something else. As she studied him, it occurred to her that this most unattractive man was old enough to be her father.

'There is an alternative however,' the officer said slowly. He tapped the desk in front of him as if he were thinking through the solution. Then looking up he continued. 'You can accept punishment from me and we will leave the police out of it.'

'What sort of punishment?' Lucy ventured.

'Rest assured, that the punishment will fit the crime. Do we have an agreement?'

Lucy swallowed hard, and realising that she had little choice, she nodded to the customs man.

'First of all,' the officer said, getting up from his desk, 'we need to search you, to see what else you've tried to smuggle in.'

'We didn't bring in anything else.' Lucy said, taking a step back. Back into the grasp of Janet, who pinned Lucy's arms behind her.

'Hold still you little crook.' Janet hissed.

The officer came forward, hands outstretched. He smiled and hesitated briefly before resting his moist palms on Lucy's shoulders. 'Now just relax young lady, I'm not going to hurt you.' His hands slid down onto her breasts.

'Please stop this! You can't do this! I can assure you that I haven't got anything else.'

'Then you have nothing to worry about, have you?' The officer massaged Lucy's ample breasts. Although she was only young, she was fully developed and enjoyed a healthy sex life. The officer was making no pretence of searching her now as he squeezed and mauled her breasts.

Lucy struggled in vain against Janet's firm grip. She tried to hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes. They can't do this! I'll scream for help...

As if reading her thoughts, the officer lisped, 'Please don't think about screaming for help, little girl, because even if someone did hear you, it would be your word, the word of a smuggler, against the word of two respectable customs officers.'

Lucy groaned in dismay, knowing that the unpleasant man was telling the truth. She was trapped and helpless they could do as they pleased.

The officer's face creased in a lecherous grin as he began to unbutton Lucy's blouse. I'd better check in here, don't you think Janet?'

'Yes sir, I think she should be searched thoroughly.'

Lucy's blouse was pulled open and reaching behind her, the officer unclipped her bra. His chubby face was beaded with perspiration as he gazed with lust at her plump, naked breasts. Lucy's face, which had earlier been red with shame, was now also red with indignation and she shuddered with revulsion. As she struggled and protested however, she was shocked to notice another feeling - a horny feeling of growing arousal between her legs. The sensation increased as the officer's wet mouth fastened onto her left nipple. She knew the lustful feelings very well except on previous occasions she hard enjoyed them in the privacy of her bed as she fingered herself.

She groaned in pleasure and disbelief as the manager's thick fingers mauled her tits. As he sucked her hard, aching nipples one of his hands groped under her skirt. She fought her desire to allow his hand to push between her thighs and twisted her hips sideways to avoid his probing fingers as they tried to find a way into her secret place.

The officer stepped back in frustration. 'Okay Janet bring the slut over here and we'll start the punishment.' He sat in a high-backed chair, and Lucy was pushed forward and hauled across the officer's lap. 'Right! Six of the best I think.' He said with glee as he tugged her skirt up over her bottom. Before Lucy knew what was happening, Janet was pulling down her panties. Then Janet knelt down between Lucy's legs, grasping one ankle in each hand and immobilising her.

Lucy was painfully aware that the woman could see her naked pussy. She struggled to close her thighs and to clench the cheeks of her bottom. Hissing with anger she tried to support her naked breasts, which were dangling over the officer's leg. At the same time she could feel Janet's hands on her buttocks, prising them apart. Then Janet slapped her left buttock.

'Relax your bum you little slut.' Janet hissed. After another sharp slap Lucy complied and felt her buttocks being stretched wide apart, exposing her puckered orifice. Then she groaned in surprise as Janet's hot, wet mouth was pressed over her pouting anus. She moaned in protest as the woman's tongue raked across her tight wrinkled hole. Then Janet probed with the tip of her tongue, forcing it into Lucy's anus.

'That's it Janet, fuck her with your tongue.' Lucy felt the woman bobbing her head up and down so that her tongue was sliding in and out of her pouting hole. 'OK Janet that's enough for now.'

The officer's left hand pressed down between Lucy's shoulder blades and his right palm descended in a stinging smack on Lucy's bottom. As she opened her mouth to cry out, a second slap caused her to sharply suck in her breath. As she squirmed and gasped in protest, the blows rained down on her luscious cheeks. The sound of smacking was accompanied by heavy grunts from the officer as he spanked his victim with enthusiasm. Her cheeks glowed red and through the stinging pain, she felt a growing raw heat. She realised that, not only had she stopped struggling, but also she was attempting to lift her bottom to meet the slapping hand. Her lust had now overcome her anger and embarrassment and her hips jerked up and down on the officer's lap. As her arousal grew, she knew that Janet would be able to see the wet evidence in the pink cleft of her exposed sex. I must get out of here, she thought frantically, what the hell can I do?

There was also evidence of the officer's arousal and she could feel his hard erect penis pressing into her side. 'Enough!' he announced and stood up, causing Lucy to be thrown to the floor. He unzipped his trousers and released his erection. Janet shuffled forward on her knees and grasped the thick shaft.

'Are you going to fuck her sir?'

'Yes Janet, of course I am. But first I want to fuck your mouth. Come on show the kid how it's done.'

She gave Lucy a lewd smile, before turning her head and taking the swollen glans into her mouth. The man groaned his appreciation and holding Janet's head he began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth.

Lucy felt the delicious ache of her own arousal as she sat in an undignified sprawl next to them. Her mouth opened wetly, unconsciously copying Janet's movements and she longed to touch her moist, inflamed clitoris. Janet pulled her head back and the engorged penis was released from her mouth with a wet slurping sound.

'Would you like some?' she asked, pointing the fat, round, head of the cock in Lucy's direction.

Lucy hesitated, now her thoughts of escape were fading, and she wondered if she could bring herself to commit this depraved act. Slowly it dawned on her that not only could she but she really wanted to. With a trembling hand she reached out and grasped the throbbing member. Pushing her lips slowly over the smooth dome she moaned in lust as she urgently worked her mouth up and down the rigid shaft. Her slim elegant fingers wrapped round the officer's thick cock and she slid them along its wet length masturbating him into her mouth.

In the heat of her wanton craving she had forgotten that she had judged the officer to be a particularly unattractive man. Just as this thought came to her, she felt Janet's hand sliding up the inside of her thigh. She moaned, a mixture of reproach and encouragement, then moved her knees further apart. Soon Janet's fingers were probing the entrance to Lucy's wet sex lips. As expert fingers strummed across her clitoris, Lucy felt the delicious ache of pre-orgasmic tension. As the pressure mounted inside her she continued to massage the officer's cock with her hand and mouth. Then the orgasm began to roll over her in glorious, hot and violent waves. She was no longer in control and releasing the officer's throbbing erection, she fell against Janet who continued to expertly manipulate her shuddering climax.

She was in a sensual daze as the officer and Janet lifted her up and placed her face down on the officer's desk. Fortunately most of her weight was on the desk because, although her feet were on the floor, her trembling legs could not support her. A sharp slap on the raw skin of her bottom snapped her out of her blissful reverie. The officer's rough hands gripped her sore buttocks and prised them apart and she moaned softly as the head of his cock pressed against her wet sex. Then she felt the smooth glans being rubbed up and down her dripping outer lips. Looking over her shoulder she realised that it was Janet who was teasing her, by stroking the head of the officer's penis along her quivering furrow.

Once again the heat in her wounded bottom seemed to radiate down into her pulsing vulva. She released a long shuddering sigh as she felt herself being penetrated by the officer's thick shaft.

'Do you like that?' Janet breathed in her ear.

'Oh yes!' Lucy sighed as the hard prick slid slowly into her dripping cunt.

'Do you want him to continue?'

'Yes! Yes!'

Then Lucy groaned in dismay, as the object of her pleasure was completely withdrawn from her aching sex. 'Beg for it you slut,' Janet hissed, 'beg him to fuck you.'

Lucy screwed up her face in frustration and banged her fists on the desk. 'Please! Fuck me,' she spluttered then gulped for air as she was impaled once more. Her pleasure was no longer denied as the officer began to fuck her with a slow powerful rhythm. Then there was the smacking sound of flesh on flesh as Janet slapped the officer's buttocks in time with his thrusts. Once more, Lucy felt her orgasm approaching, like a volcano building to a crescendo. Then a giant explosion of pleasure accompanied by a loud cry from the officer as he spurted his hot spunk into her.

The officer walked round his desk and collapsed into his chair, while Janet pushed Lucy up onto the desk on her back. Lucy didn't resist as the woman pushed her legs apart and gazed with lust at the sight of the gaping, ravished cunt before her. 'Do you want me to clean her up?' Janet asked her boss. Without waiting for a reply she bent forward and clamped her mouth over the spunk filled crack. Lucy groaned and didn't resist as the woman sucked and slurped, swallowing down her boss's spunk.

Twenty minutes late Lucy was sitting in a taxi with her friend, Sharon, heading for home, which was a flat they shared. Lucy told her friend everything that had happened to her and her story was greeted with howls of disbelief. Lucy realised that when they reached their flat she was going to have to show her friend her bruised bottom and ravished pussy. Then thought Lucy to herself with a salacious grin, I will have to punish Sharon for not believing me. She grew horny at the thought.

The End