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When John came back into the library he saw that Roger and Janet had put their clothes back on, and she was sitting on Roger’s lap and his hand was busy up her skirt. In fact he looked and saw that Roger had two of his fingers buried in her sweet cunt.

When Janet heard the door open she stopped kissing Roger and looked up at John, her tormentor, although she seemed to not be quite as unhappy as she was yesterday when she had submitted to saving her husbands job.

“Roger, Janet and I have to leave. I have to get her home and I have some work to do this afternoon when I get back.”

“Okay John, but I would like Janet to come back and see me sometime in the near future, maybe next week when we have that meeting scheduled, she can spend the time waiting for the meeting to end in the pool.”

“Hmmm, actually that sounds like a good idea, Roger, what do you think Janet?”

Janet hated herself and she was still a little embarrassed but she nodded her head and said “Whatever you want, John.”

“Well that’s done then, I’ll bring the cocksucker over then.”

Janet wished he hadn’t called her that, but she said nothing, what could she say?

Janet kissed Roger, stood and John and she headed for the door. John looked back and saw Roger lift Janet’s thong to his nose, and he smiled. His boss was a pervert, but he liked to keep him happy and he knew that he had enjoyed the meeting with Janet today.

After they passed through the gate leaving Roger’s house, John told her she had done a good job and he was very pleased with her. He informed her that he would bring her a swimsuit to wear to the meeting next week. She told him she had swim suits, but he insisted on her wearing what he was going to bring her. She just nodded because she knew she had no choice.

“Make sure you practice your cocksucking this week, I don’t want you to get out of practice” he laughed. Janet already had decided to do that. She couldn’t wait for Ben to get home tonight.

She heard the car pull up at 7 PM, and she couldn’t wait to open the door and see her husband. When John dropped her off, she had taken a shower, put on some very nice perfume, dressed in the red thong and bra that John had bought her, put on her bathrobe and waited for Ben.

When Ben opened the door Janet ran to kiss him and she hugged him tightly, her tongue pushing into his mouth. She wanted to make him happy and try and forget what she had been doing the past two days.

Ben was surprised by the enthusiasm that Janet was showing him, but he liked it, his arms wrapped around her and held her tight against him.

“I love you, Ben, and I missed you so much.”

“I love you too, Jan.”

She kissed him lightly on the lips and she cupped his ass. He looked into her eyes and saw the fire that was new to him.

“I want you so much, baby.”

Janet started to lower herself to her knees and her face nuzzled into his groin. He couldn’t believe this was happening. Usually he had to beg Janet before she would even agree to use her mouth on his cock, but it seemed she was going to do it on her own. He felt her take his belt and begin to undo it, then she unzipped him and unbuttoned his pants. They dropped to the floor and she grabbed his boxers and pulled them down his thighs.

Janet looked at her husband’s cock and thought that this was the first time she had really looked at it. She moved forward and kissed the head and her tongue flicked out and licked the tip. She took it in her hand and lifted it up a little and looked at Ben’s balls. They were fairly good sized, but not as large as either John’s or Roger’s, but nice sized. She moved closer opened her mouth and sucked one of his balls into it. Her tongue began to lick around the ball filling her mouth and she heard her husband moan, and she knew she was pleasing him. She sucked gently on it, the let it go and took the other one into her mouth and did the same thing. When she released it she looked and saw how shiny his sac was from her saliva, then laid her tongue flat against his cock and licked from the base up to the head, before she opened her mouth and took it into her mouth. Ben had already started to produce pre cum and she slowly moved her mouth down the shaft until his balls rested against her chin. She held him there and felt him harden and felt the head of his cock push against her throat. She relaxed and allowed the head to slip in, gagging a little. She pulled back as the tears flowed from her eyes.

Ben looked down at his wife and wondered what had happened, but he wasn’t going to complain. He watched as her head started to slowly go up and down the shaft and his hand reached down and brushed her face, feeling the bulge from his cock in her cheeks and the wetness around her mouth from the pre cum that he was coating her mouth with. She looked up and he smiled at her.

“God, Jan, that feels so good.”

When he said that Janet began to move her head quicker, enjoying feeling his cock sliding over her tongue, as she swirled it around the head. She wanted to make Ben fill her mouth with his cum, she wanted to give him what he had wanted for so long and she had never allowed because she thought it was wrong.

“Jan be careful, if you keep that up, I’m going to cum.” He always had to warn her because she had always told him that if he ever came in her mouth that she would never do it again.

Janet continued to move her head, spurred on by the warning that Ben had given her. Her head picked up the pace and again Ben said, “Be careful, baby, I really am close.”

Janet didn’t pull back at all, in fact, her lips closed tighter on his cock and she worked the underside of his cock urging him to cum.

Ben couldn’t take it any longer and his cock expanded and then he felt his balls explode and for the first time, his cock blew it’s product into his wife’s mouth. He looked down at her and she kept sucking even as his cock shot it’s second stream of sperm into her mouth. He pulled back his cock leaving her mouth and he shot a stream of cum onto her face and then another but, Janet moved back to his cock and began to use her tongue again as his cock slowed its onslaught. She took him all the way into her mouth and held him still and she waited for him to get over his orgasm. Her throat restricted and she swallowed while she held him, her hand rubbing his ass as she looked up at him.

When Ben looked back down his wife was staring up at him, her mouth full of his softening cock. “I’m so sorry, Jan, I warned you.”

She sucked on his cock a little and the let it slip from her mouth. “That’s okay, baby, I wanted you to do it.” She reached her hand up and her finger captured where he had cum on her face and she put it to her mouth and licked her finger clean.

Ben pulled his shorts and pants up and fastened them. Then took Janet’s hand and helped her up. They went over to the couch.

“What the hell got into you?”

“I was reading an article in Cosmo about pleasing you mate and decided to try what it said, especially with all the problems you have been having at work lately” she lied.

“Well I guess I should write to the editor and tell her thanks then. I really loved it Jan. Now it’s my turn.”

“No, Ben, tonight was your night. Let’s go out to eat.”

Ben pulled his wife close and kissed her still tasting the saltiness of his cum on her lips, and he saw what she was wearing under her bathrobe.

“What’s this?”

“I just picked up a little something when I was out shopping today to surprise you. Do you like them?” She opened her bathrobe and showed him the bra and thong. She turned around and showed off and then hit a pose. “Well?”

“I love them Jan. I don’t know why the sudden change, but I love it. I can’t wait to get home tonight, I want to make love to you.”

Janet smiled as she thought about the fucking she had received earlier in the day and looked forward to the evening as well.

Before they left for the restaurant, the phone rang while Ben was in the shower and Janet answered it. It was John and he asked if Ben was home. Janet told him that Ben was in the shower, so John started, “Well my sweet little cunt, what are you two going to do tonight? I could send him on another trip and come over and slip my cock to you. I know you would like that. Maybe you could take a good ride on it, or maybe you’d just like to get a mouthful of my cum.”

“John, don’t, not now.”

“Bitch, you’ll do as I say or else.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“I think I will shave your pussy the next time we’re together, Roger told me he would like that. And whatever the old pervert likes to make him happy, I try to give him.”

“No, please.”

“Yes, I’m sure that’s what we’ll do.”

Janet heard Ben coming down the stairs and told John “Here comes Ben now.”

“Okay whore, let me talk to him.”

After Ben got off the phone, he yelled and told Janet, “Things are definitely going much better, John just told me that they are thinking of expanding and that they were sending me to look at a new office that they’re opening but I’ll have to be gone for two or three days next week.”

Janet knew why he had to go away and she knew what she would be doing next week while he was gone, but she squealed with joy for her husband and congratulated him, wondering how she was going to explain her shaven pussy when he got back.

They ate dinner and laughed and made small talk, mostly about how much he owed to John for helping him with the situation. Janet thought to herself, “You don’t know what you have already paid him back with, Ben.”

Ben told Janet maybe they could get together with John and properly thank him for his help, maybe invite him over to the house for dinner. Janet told him that she didn’t like that idea, but Ben insisted and finally she agreed to have him for dinner. Ben told her she must be nice to him because he was such a great man for helping him. She just nodded and thought “If you only knew what this great man had been doing to your wife while you have been gone.”

When they got home as soon as they walked in the door, the phone rang and Ben said “Sure, no problem, John. I’ll leave right now.”

When he put down the phone, he told Janet that John said they had an emergency down at the office and asked if he could take care of it for him. He told Janet that he would be back in an hour or two.

As soon as Janet heard his car leave, the doorbell rang and she answered it. It was John, and he was laughing as he explained “I watched when you two came home, and I called from my cell phone to have Ben do a favor for me. I need some of your ass before I go to sleep, tonight.”

He took her hand and led her to her bedroom.

“Get out of those clothes, I’m horny as hell.”

Janet took off her clothes and stood there. John removed his clothes and lay back on her bed. His limp cock lay nestled between his balls as he told her, “Get me hard then climb on and ride, I don’t feel like working too hard tonight.”

Janet moved between his legs and took his cock in her mouth, skinning the foreskin back and began sucking gently on his cock as her tongue swirled around the head. She felt him immediately begin to expand in her mouth.

“Good job cunt, it’s almost ready.”

He was right, her mouth had already expanded to accommodate the expanding cock in it. Her lips had been pulled tight.

“Now, climb aboard.”

Janet let his cock go and moved up so she was straddling him and she reached down and guided his cock into her wet pussy. She settled down filling her body with his large cock. She had been anticipating doing this for Ben, but she did love the feeling of John’s huge cock in her pussy. John reached and took her hand and she put her feet flat on either side of his body and started to fuck him like she knew he enjoyed it. She threw her head back and began to enjoy the growing feeling in her pussy. She loved the way his cock stretched her pussy lips to the max and she started to ride him hard, on the way to her first orgasm. She could already feel it growing inside her aching loins, her clit was on fire and her eyes were rolling back in her head.

“You are such a little slut, Janet, you’ll do anything to ride that cock won’t you?” “I asked you a question slut, you love riding that cock don’t you?”

Janet nodded yes.

“Tell me, you cunt, tell me you love that cock in you.”

“I love it.”

“You love what, you whore?”

“I love your cock in me.”

“You’ll do anything I tell you, won’t you whore?”

Janet nodded.

“Tell me you bitch, what’ll you do?”

“Anything you ask me to do.” Janet exploded in orgasm as she finished her statement.

John knew that she would do anything he asked from now on. He also knew there was a hole on this little bitch’s body that hadn’t felt his cock, but he knew that wouldn’t be long. He couldn’t wait until he heard her cry out in pain as his cock spread her asshole open to let him in. Janet kept riding and he didn’t want to let Ben catch him here so, he allowed himself to release and he filled her cunt with his sperm. Janet gasped as she felt him explode inside her and she went over the edge for the second time as she settled down on his cock, feeling like she had been filled to the limit. John pulled her close and kissed her and told her that he had to leave. She rolled off him and he said, “Look at the mess you caused, you slut. Clean me up so I can go.”

Janet moved between his legs and cleaned up the cum. She took his cock in her mouth and cleaned what she could from it and suck on his pubic hair to clean that as best she could. Then, John got up and dressed and she heard the door close.

She went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, reveling in the thoughts of the intense orgasms she had just had.

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