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Sabrina’s ship, the Widow, had fought very well. Her skill had come through as it always had, leading to the much larger enemy ship’s demise. The fight was not completely over, but the writing was on the wall. Her masts were all collapsed and she had gaping holes throughout her hull, some at the waterline. Sabrina’s ship’s cannons had done effective work; she had trained her crew very well.

She felt pity for the enemy crew, even though they’d been attacking her country’s shipping. As the enemy galley settled dead in the water, wreckage, bodies, etc had landed overboard. Waiting in the water, tentacles came out and took bodies deep below. She heard screams as crew were pulled off of lifeboats into the waiting beaks of the kraken. These creatures had been rumored to be very aggressive in this far-flung corner of the world and she could see it was true. She felt a primitive fear deep in her soul as she saw sailors being drawn screaming towards the dead black eyes and clenching beaks. Abandoning ship was simply not an option in this area of the world. Sabrina felt fortunate. Her ship had suffered some losses in the fight with the larger ship, but they would be able to limp back to port. Her iron discipline with her crew had paid off. As her crew automatically began to bring the battle to a close and go about their own damage control duties, Sabrina had time to reflect a bit.

She thought of the events that had led her here. She had to make many sacrifices to be a captain in the navy. She had swabbed decks, raised sails, and worked her way up. She was tough and smart, no man ever besting her. She’d gone fist-to-fist with many and been the one standing at the end. She had to be a cold woman to keep discipline on this male dominated vessel of sails and cannon. Romance and sex had been things she’d given up to be a captain. This captain couldn’t have needs, even though she’d often had thoughts, watching her crew’s sweaty bare chests. She had sacrificed her needs as a woman for many years to pursue her career. Many nights alone in her cabin were passed sadly only with her fingers. Even though she didn’t need a man in her life, oh how she yearned for the many comforts one could offer her as a woman. Sabrina shook it off and became captain again. She barked orders at a few laggards who she felt weren’t working fast enough.

A thunderous roar jerked Sabrina’s attention behind her. While her ship’s attention had been focused on her enemy, another ship flying the enemy flag had closed in behind her. She saw that its broadside was turned towards her vessel. Smoke had swished out of the entire side of it and she could barely see the deadly balls arching towards the Widow. The impact of the barrage was a blur to Sabrina, throwing her to the deck, as she recalled it afterward. Two of her three masts collapsed into the sea with the sails and any hope of escape. Splintering wood could be heard from below, then an explosion that was so enormous that she felt it rather than heard it. Half of her cannon and the remains of many of her crew were blown out of the firing portals as one of her magazines detonated. Exploding shot had raked her main deck, killing many.

Sabrina shook it off; she was the captain. She would win the day. She got up and barked orders. She smacked stunned sailors with the flat of her sword to move them to proper battle stations faster. Her remaining effective crew assumed a strong position on the middle gun deck, manning the powerful cannons there and returning fire at her yelled command. She saw a few of the volley strike the enemy ship, but many missed…the enemy ship was very fast and not wounded as her ship. The ship was rapidly moving around hers…she waited for it to line up another broadside as she stood in plain sight, leading the fight. She was in battle and was fearless. Sabrina was curious since the enemy did not fire as it flanked her.

The ship began to turn and the realization dawned on her as it sped towards her ship. The enemy ship was equipped with a large ramming prow. Sabrina called to her crew, trying to turn their ship, but she was too late. The ship sliced through the waves in a rush and ran her ship through. The impact knocked her from her feet as sounds of screaming wood and men filled her ears. Landing on her butt, she looked up and saw the prow of the enemy ship sunken into the Widow where the cannons on the middle deck had been; they were simply gone. Well-aimed musket fire began to sweep her surviving crew from the deck. At length her crew was eliminated. Sabrina prepared herself for the end. Trying to live, she pulled herself behind the stub of a mast and shuddered at the screams and gunfire. The ship slowly detached from hers and tacked away. She knew they wouldn’t want their ship tangled with hers as it sank. She stood and surveyed the situation, always the captain.

There was no longer a crew to command. She was basically alone with the dead and dying on the main deck of her once proud ship. The smoke that poured out of the hatches leading below told her that the magazine explosion had killed most down there. Being rammed had probably finished off any survivors. She steeled herself for the end and limped to the command deck and waited.

Sabrina trembled as fear and shock gripped her. Oddly, the enemy ship was not helping its sister ship that she had conquered. It had almost slipped beneath the waves as the kraken continued to feed on survivors. She shuddered as she imagined their fate. For the first time, she wondered if it would be hers. She felt terror at this for her and her crew. She raised a white cloth as well as she could. Relief spread through her. She might live and avoid the unimaginable death at the beaks of the kraken. The law of war would protect her and her surviving crew if she surrendered their vessel. She counted the long minutes as the enemy ship sailed around until about only ten feet separated the living and dying vessels. She could see a dangerous looking crew watching her from its deck. She called over that she was the captain and was surrendering her ship. A commanding voice laughed and said, “Of course you are.”

For the first time, she saw the captain who had taken her ship. He had very short dark hair and none on his face as was customary for men. His predatory smile capped with dimples would have been pleasing to her had he not just ended her career. On his sculpted bare arm, she could barely make out a tattoo involving a distressed anchor behind a globe with perhaps a bird of prey on top. He was obviously muscular, but in an animal way; strong enough to subdue, lean enough for a long chase. His crew obeyed him without a moment’s hesitation. He smiled as he looked at her. The captain in her feared it, but somewhere deep and almost hidden, the woman in her liked it the tiniest bit. She asked that she and her crew be given quarter under the law of war. Once again, he laughed and said they didn’t apply here. He nodded at a crewman who ran her enemy’s flag down and ran up a Jolly Roger-like flag. Underneath the traditional skull-n-crossed bones of the pirate, were an artistic “B” and “L”. Sabrina felt renewed fear. The law of war would not protect her from a lawless pirate vessel. Further, she and the Widow had hunted down and destroyed many a pirate.

The captain of the pirate vessel Teufel, smiled across the distance from his command deck to her shattered one. The rugged corsair asked a simple question, “Do you want to live?” Sabrina knew that this man was deadly serious. She nodded. It took a moment for his next words to register on her ears. “Disrobe captain”. The captain in Sabrina surged forward as she told him what he could do with himself. He and even his crew chuckled at this misplaced defiance. He gave a curt order and the ship slowly began to move away. It turned and began moving off, raising more sails as it went. Sabrina began to feel disturbingly alone as her ship sank lower in the water. She saw tentacles searching the rear of her ship, which was closest to the water. Stark fear filled her as she realized the end she had given herself. Her heart raced as she frantically searched for a way to live. She knew of only one. Sabrina went to the highest deck on the Widow and began taking her clothes off and hoping.

Sabrina took off all of her clothing except her skivies and stood there hoping. Arms crossed in front of her breasts, she hoped they would come back as her ship sank lower. To her relief, the pirate vessel hove to and came back. Once again, it began to pull close aside, dropping sails. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment as the men and women of the crew looked at her almost naked body. The captain was admiring her as well. “You’ve not disrobed completely wench.” Sabrina knew better than to resist further. In slow motion it seemed, she took her skivies down as some in the crew whistled. A plank was thrust across the space separating the ships. “Come to your salvation wench.” She looked in fear at the planking that was moving up and down with the waves between the two ships. She felt the rough wood of the ship on her bare feet as she went to the plank. Sabrina was forced to crawl on all fours, naked to the other ship. She was humiliated as her breasts swung to the crew’s delight as she crossed the space. Finally, she stood naked on the quarterdeck facing this man and his deck crew.

He looked intently into her eyes as she looked into his. She knew that she would belong to this man. She knew she might resist, but the end would be the same. A tiny stirring deep between her legs marked that thought even through her fear. He nodded to one of the other females on deck and said to prepare her. Her hands were tied behind her and they began to lead her towards the lower decks. She looked…she had to cross a sea of the deck crew to get there. They closed in around her naked body, sweaty men and women moving in around her. The thought of hours of rape by countless men, possibly even women, brought new fear to her. A commanding voice said to amuse themselves, but NOT to spoil her. As she was moved through the bustling crowd, hands and fingers touched her. They touched her most intimate places, but none penetrated her. A sea of hands molested her as she was hustled over the deck to go below. Sabrina was moved naked through the throng of lusty well-muscled pirate men and women.

Eventually, five women had taken her to a holding cell. These women had not been improper with her as many had on the main deck. Clothed only in rough cloth bras and skivies covering little in the front and barely a string in back, she could see that a small mark of “BL” had been branded to each girl’s left buttock. These girls were slaves doing his bidding. They laid her on a rough wooden table and tenderly cared for her. Sabrina welcomed this sanctuary from fear as she relaxed the tiniest bit. These women gingerly cleaned the blood, sweat, and gunpowder residue from her naked body with warm water and soft sponges. Her eyes drifted closed under their tender ministrations.

Sabrina’s eyes opened just a bit, then bolted wide open as she saw one of them with a straight razor. She began to kick and fight, but each girl secured a leg and an arm until she could not move. The girl between her legs lathered her vagina then began shaving the stubble that had accumulated during the days of pursuit and battle. Sabrina relaxed somewhat as she realized their innocent intent. She relaxed, that was, until they began to roll her over. She began struggling again as she was placed on her stomach, but was held firm. A woman’s gentle hands spread her buttocks wide open. It was then that he walked in. Sabrina was mortified as he watched them lather her anal area and begin to shave her there as well. Her face burned red as the women denuded her of all hair to make her even more open to his gaze. He walked up to the table and his hand caressed her butt under the gaze of these slave women. He whispered in her ear, “Tonight, you become a new woman.”

They cleaned her, fed her, and allowed her to sleep. One eventually woke her and said that it was time. They took the blanket off of her and rubbed scented oil over every bit of her body. Sabrina knew what was next. She asked to be allowed to go to the bathroom, her bladder being so full. They ignored her and walked her to his cabin. Once inside, she and they awaited his pleasure. He sent the slaves away, leaving the two of them alone. The ship creaked sadly and Sabrina felt so very alone. He took his clothes off as she first saw his scarred well-muscled body. She knew that resistance would only end in her rape being more painful.

She saw his erection and knew that was soon in coming. Her bladder being full, she asked to use the scupper. She didn’t want that added humiliation during her rape. He corrected her. She was to call him ‘M’lord.’ Sabrina knew that referring to a man in this fashion was crossing the brink into servitude. She thought for some time then repeated the question with ‘please’ and ended it with ‘M’lord’ as her cheeks burned red. He granted her permission and she went into the cubicle and began to close the door. He said, “No, leave it open.” Sabrina’s shame grew as she sat on the seat. She almost couldn’t go as he watched, but the pressure eventually allowed her bladder to empty as he watched her shame. He reached in took her hand and pulled her out just as she finished.

Pulling her to him, he kissed her at length and passionately. Sabrina was uncomfortable feeling their nakedness together as his tongue invaded her mouth. His hand was firmly wound into the back of her hair and his tongue was freely exploring her mouth. His other hand had traveled down her back, between the cheeks of her ass, and was disturbingly gently rubbing the petals of her sex. His cock was iron hard against her stomach.

Despite herself Sabrina thrilled at the feel of his penis, not having been with a man in literally years. He told her to take it in her mouth. Unthinking, Sabrina said, ‘no’. In a flash, the hand, which had been in her hair, had bent her over the wooden table. To her surprise, there were fasteners at the opposite end, to which he tied her wrists. Her nervousness grew as she felt his cock’s warm hardness between her buns while he finished tying her from behind. Sabrina was nude, bent over the table, her backside totally exposed. Her pussy was also beginning to get wet. He said that she would learn not to disobey. Her fear squared itself as she saw he had a whip in his hand. Five lashes landed on Sabrina’s butt in slow succession. Tears were sliding down her cheeks from the pain and welts were rising on her firm backside. She was relieved as he put the whip down and called another slave girl.

He gave her some quiet commands as time stood still. The girl finally forced a piece of thick rope between Sabrina’s teeth, all the while, he stood by the small fire in the metal fire chamber. She wondered what was next. The lithe slave girl, walked back over to him. He walked her over back behind Sabrina and gave instructions that she couldn’t believe she was hearing. He then pushed the slave girl to her knees behind Sabrina. The girl began to lick Sabrina’s sore cheeks as she squirmed. The attractive young girl’s tongue swirled over her welts, soothing them. Sabrina was beyond embarrassed with this younger woman’s face mere inches from her vagina and anus. Then, she moved to her pussy and began lapping the growing wetness from there. Her tongue focused on the skin between Sabrina’s pussy and ass for a long time and then stopped.

Sabrina felt the girl’s quick breath on her ass as he ordered the hesitant slave girl. Next she felt the woman's soft tongue gently gliding over her anus. The tongue gently swirled around her asshole and sometimes firmly probed as the girl’s hand palmed her pussy, thumb rubbing her engorged clit. Sabrina had never been with a woman before but was getting very close to cumming. With this girl’s skilled tongue doing the unthinkable to her asshole, she had almost forgotten about the Captain. She looked up and saw him, fear dawning on her.

She was now one of his slave girls. They all bore the ‘BL’ on their behinds. She saw him approaching with a red-hot brand that happened to look like BL. The girls tongue had dropped to Sabrina’s swollen clit and was swirling around it as the hot metal seared BL into her ass cheek. The clitoral pleasure as the slave sucked her nub mixed with the intense pain caused Sabrina to scream through her gag and begin ejaculating into the slave girl’s mouth. Sabrina’s juices pulsed into the girl’s mouth, as she knowing her duty to her lord, lapped it up and swallowed. Pain coursed away from the brand and pleasure away from her pussy in waves as Sabrina writhed uncontrollably against the course wooden table. Sabrina was crying from the pain, even as the orgasm swept through her. The girl stopped eating her and rubbed a soothing salve onto her new marking. Sabrina whimpered as the girl cared for her. She was now marked forever as His.

He gave the girl another shocking command. Sabrina winced as she felt the girl’s lubricated finger at her asshole. She pressed her finger into Sabrina’s anus as she squirmed in surprise and discomfort. The girl ran the finger in and out of her butt. Sabrina blushed hotly and let out a fearful whimper, knowing what this preparation meant. Her world spun as the naked slave deeply fingered her just-branded ass as her cum inched its way down her leg. The finger left her tender asshole and the slave girl went to her knees in front of Sabrina’s new lord. She sucked him for a bit and then rubbed lubricant on his cock. He dismissed her. Sabrina’s tears of shame ran down her cheeks as she watched him walk towards her, lubed penis bobbing.

Sabrina felt dread as he stepped behind her bound form. Her breath caught as she felt the pressure of his cock against her virgin asshole. She tried to move her butt to avoid it, but he held her tight. The insistent pressure and pain wouldn’t cease. Sabrina cried out through her gag as her asshole weakened and the head popped inside. He gave her the briefest time to accept him, then forced his cock slowly deeper into her ass. Sabrina let out a long moan as his cock opened her most private womanly place. Prior to now, no man would have dared taken her so. It was this man’s due. He firmly pushed the cock all the way up her ass until his hard pelvis flattened her buns and held it there. His hands slowly rubbed all over her back as he savored the hot clutch of this woman’s ass.

Sabrina felt a violation of her very being. He was taking more than her anal virginity. A long burning hardness sent small slivers of pain away from her anus and a feeling of fullness in her rectum. He began slowly fucking her ass and she could hear him begin to moan as she squeezed him tightly. Her ass began to relax to his long slow in and out strokes. It simply had no choice. This hard erection was going to plunder her butt, period. He was not taking her behind with the frantic thrusts of a teenager, but was giving her long deep owning penetrations. The pleasant friction of the act combined with his balls against her clit began to make her pussy tingle. Her blushing shame was still there, but the pain was slowly inching towards something else.

Sabrina embarrassingly began to enjoy her lord ass fucking her. He thrust his cock in and out of her tight asshole harder as he got more excited. The wood against her breasts…her bound wrists…the rough gag…his balls hitting her clit as he fucked into her…all plus the hard presence invading her rectum built up. Soon Sabrina lost it completely. The tingles deep in her rectum combined with those emanating from her spread asshole and both aroused something deep between her legs. The orgasm started as a niggling feeling deep in her stomach and grew rapidly washing out over her pussy as she came hard while he fucked her asshole. Her juices soaked his balls as he raped her ass a bit more urgently. Her mind was on hold while her pussy, hands, and anus clenched as it crashed over her. Her only perception was the throbbing of her clit and the hardness spreading her so open.
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