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Visha was the average girl measuring in at only 5Ē2 145 lbs 42D breasts. So okay she was a well above normal. She never really ever had time for much else except work and school. She had never had more than a few minutes of conversation with her neighbors of three years. But someone knew her extremely well. They had memorized every inch of her. The exact size of her nipples. Right were the dimple in her ass was and her weekly masturbation schedule. She had had a job that allowed her more free time, but she despised herself for doing it once. Yes, she had danced naked for money at one of those dial a stripper things. She kept her face masked so as to keep anyone from knowing who she was.

She found that she was extremely nervous it caused her nipples to protrude almost from under her tiny top. She hated the ruff hands of the men as they stuffed dollar bills down your cleavage. Smelling the sweaty and alcohol latent bodies. Grabbing at her breasts licking her holding her down grinding her ass into them. She could feel their erect cocks through their pants. One of the them even went so far as to try to finger her. Finally, it was over. That day she went home and scrubbed her body for hours. Although, she never did it again. No one could get close to her let alone have sex with her.

Now she worked a decent paying job its worked her hours long into the late night. She would do her usual routine slump through the doorway pull off her shoes and clothes and finish up the class work she didnít do already. Then she would go for a shower and off to work like clockwork. She had no idea she had two extra shadows. That went with her everywhere including into her own house!

On one of her average days on the way into the house. She found that her door was open. She walked into her room to find a man riffling through her drawers. Sniffing her underwear as he put it in his pocket. She turned to run down the hall, but was close lined. Still a little disoriented, she felt a prick in her thigh. She looked up to find her legs in irons and blindfolded. Lifting her blindfold to peak around the room. The windows were spray painted over but she could see through a hole the high way that was not far behind her house. Suddenly, the door swung open. Oops, your awake forcing her away from the window. Cant have you doing that., says another voice. Well, now we werenít expected for another few days but you left us no choice. Sorry, about being so ruff earlier.

Feeling her hands being raised above her head and placed into padded leather straps. Let us help you with your clothes. Her panties were the only thing left on her body. At this Visha, began to struggle and scream.

Iíll do what you want just please donít kill me!. Oh we wouldnít ever do that to you.

They then removed her blind fold to reveal that they were naked. There were her next door neighbors. But she had always thought they were gay. But your? Gay not actually just two healthy bi guys in serious need of some of your sweet little pussy to complete our happy little home.

We have watched you sine you moved here. And just as a reminder honey, you should really close that window in you room. You really give a show to any lucky guy that can see.

Thatís how we came to choose you.

While she was being lectured to by him. The other was burrowing his head in between her thighs sliding his long tongue up her thighs. Stopping only to kiss the thigh and leave little passion marks. With that the second pair of hands running over her breasts cupping them to raise them closer to his face. She could feel herself starting to moan with pleasure. She then begins to feel the juices from herself running down into his mouth wetting his entire mouth and nose. Slowly, he removes his face and inserts some fingers into her. Slowly, stretching the muscles till they allow the fingers to glide into her. Her nipples now being nibbled causing her to scream with pain and delight. Straddling her body placing his cock between her ample breasts. Having the head of it touch her lips as he squeeze his 7Ē inch cock between them. Trying to get it all the time deeper into her mouth. Her pussy being stretched to the width of her other neighbors cock. She was screaming into her second orgasm.

No longer struggling, just lying back allowing her body to be ravished by the two men.

She was slowly turned to her side. Feeling a finger being worked in. Oh, its very tight my dear. But with a little of this it will soon be taken car of. She feels the warmness of the gel on and now inside her puckered anus. With that, he begins to work his mushroom head into her. Pushing her forward onto his partner still stretching her pussy. Being forced hard onto him feeling the swelling of both of them inside her. Feeling the loads of hot cumm exploding into her. She scream and shivered to her third orgasm. She lay there between the now limp members longing for more...

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