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I'm writing this as a form of repentance for misusing my new position as personnel director. Trouble is I don't know if I can stop. If I don't stop, I'm damn sure to get caught and that's the end of 12 years of hard work and maybe my marriage should my wife find out. Maybe writing this will help me stop the misuse before I'm discovered.

I never thought my company would select me to take over as Director of Personnel but here I am in a beautiful new office with a huge raise in salary and all the perks that the top 15 executives in our accounting firm receive. As they say, "Only in America!" And all this happened because the Vice-Pres. had a flight delay preventing him from keeping a speaking engagement for our city's Job Fair. Because I had prepared his presentation including the overhead projector 'Overlays' I was drafted to do the presentation.

The company did the program more as a PR job for the Mayor's office. We were looking for 3 qualified Secretaries and hoped that we would be lucky to get even one interviewee out of the Job Fair presentation. Well, I got lucky and we got 17 wonderful responses. More than that, the Mayor had attended my presentation and touted me so strongly to management that I was given the vacancy created by the past director's retirement.

"So, what's the downside you ask?" Well, my first new hire-e was to be my own Personal Secretary/Girl Friday and I really screwed up (in more than one way) and hired her for sexual reasons rather than professional. Not that Gail wasn't qualified. She is (barely), but I hired her because she is the cutest, tiniest, sexiest little thing I ever saw. I wanted to bed her the minute she walked into my office for her 'Final Interview.' And, when she let me know that she would do, "Anything and everything you want Mr. Kramer"; I came right out and asked if that included serving me sexual favors on demand? I couldn't believe that I had said such a thing. It was so out of character for me. I'm a very shy person but I guess getting the new job, the Perks, Office, huge salary and benefits package went to my head. Shit, I started thinking of some way to take back my words and apologize for my inappropriate smart-ass statement.

Without another word, Gail got up from her chair, came around my desk and dropped to her knees. Looking up at me with her big brown eyes, she smiled and began unzipping my trousers. I was so speechless and in such total shock; I just let Gail take over. She was so beautiful with full pouty lips and, as I said earlier…tiny. Maybe if I give you a full description of Gail you can understand how my hormones caused this shy guy to act so bold.

Gail is 4',11" tall and weighs maybe 95-lbs. dripping wet. She has long reddish-brown hair, very flat chested, tiny waist and wide flaring hips. Although short, she is very long-legged in proportion to her height. If you were to see her in a photo, standing alone, you would swear she is over 5', 7" tall. My wife is such a huge woman; in height, weight and boobs. Over the years I've developed the fantasy of making love to a tiny woman who looks like a little girl. Gail fit the profile my fantasy perfectly because at 19 she looks like she's only 15.

As Gail extracted my limp penis from my trousers she said, "Mr. Kramer, you are so handsome. I love older men and you remind me of my daddy. If I become your Secretary, can we pretend I'm working for my daddy? Would you be my daddy Mr. Kramer and treat me like your daughter?"

My cock had been limp out of fear of having screwed up my new position. Now as Gail spoke to me while at the same time holding my cock, it literally started growing like an obscene Roger Rabbit Cartoon. Gail lowered her head and taking my cock into her warm mouth, tilted her head to one-side so she could stare into her new daddy's eyes. "Honey, you can be my little girl as much as you want. Does my little daughter like daddy's big cock?"

"Oh daddy, I love your big cock. It tastes so yummy. I want to suck and eat it all up."

Gail then took my cock from her wet lips and lifted it up. Ducking her head lower, she reached inside my pants and tried to remove my scrotums. "Daddy, take down your pants so Gilly (her real father's nickname for Gail) can suck on your sugar sacks."

I just about shit. Gail was a fantasy come true. She wanted to suck on my sugar sacks? I was astonished and stood to remove my slacks and shorts for my hungry little slut-daughter. "Lock the door and take off your blouse." My control was extraordinary and like an aphrodisiac! Gail got up, ran to the door and locked it. As she turned around, I could see her face was very red from excitement. The little slut was obviously turned on by our game of her being obedient as my little daughter. And now she ready and willing to do whatever her nice new daddy told her to do!

Gail started slowly walking back to me with her head down as if she had been a very bad little girl. As she started unbuttoning her blouse she said, "Is my new daddy mad at me? Your not going to spank me or anything are you?"

I was now standing naked from the waist down. "Not if you get your blouse and bra off and get back to sucking daddy's big hard cock. If you do a real good job daddy will take you out to dinner tonight at your favorite restaurant and celebrate your new job as his Personal Secretary."

Gail began grinning from ear to ear. "Oh daddy, I love you so much!", she squealed. Then she dropped back to her knees and began where she had left off. Gail took my scrotums into her mouth and began gently sucking and licking in such a way as to cause me to shiver from my toes clear to the top of my head. I was sitting on the front edge of my leather swivel chair as Gail ran her tongue under and behind the base of my balls. Tucking her head under my legs, she ran the tip of her pointy tongue closer and closer to my asshole. I was getting so turned on I couldn't take much more. This new hire-e was giving me much more than my wife of 40 years had ever offered.

I reached down and touched her breasts for the first time. When my fingers touched Gail's nipples she sucked in her breath and said, "Oh daddy, please pinch my nipples to make me be a very good girl." As soon as I began applying pressure, Gail stopped all pretense of the game we had been playing. In a low, throaty whisper she said; "Oh god, I am so turned on by all of this Mr. Kramer. Please give me your cock."

I laid Gail down on the carpet by my desk. Her face was radiant and her nipples so very hard and pointy from our foreplay. It was obvious that this sexual lady was not just pretending in order to get the job. She wasn't faking what was happening between her and I. It seemed that the control I had exercised as her boss and the suggestion that she would be expected to give me sexual favors brought out the 'slut' in Gail. I lifted her skirt and reaching beneath her hips, carefully began removing her pantyhose. I still remember how easily her beautiful legs slipped out of her tight warm pantyhose. Her legs were white and delicate. Her waist was so narrow and her hips flared wide into forming a perfect round, firm ass. Her smooth legs flowed from her firm thighs to her thin wrist-sized ankle and tiny doll-like feet.

Taking her by the ankles, I lifted and spread her legs wide apart exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. Lifting her legs up and back towards her, I rotated her hip upward and back. Her pussy was now even more exposed and I could see the petals of her cunt lips open and the moist pinkness beckoning. I had such a strong urge to bury my face in her pink wet freshness, but feeling the moment for fucking her pussy was even stronger. I scooted my knees closer to her elevated ass and got into position to penetrate her beckoning center.

"Hurry Mr. Kramer. Take me anyway you want"

"Call me Larry when we fuck." Shit, I really was amazed at my newfound control! It sounded like someone else rather than me barking out the orders. This experience was a total turn-on and gave me such a powerful feeling in controlling a weaker person.

Still holding onto her ankles, my cock was like a hard, 'Heat-seeking Missile." At 58 yrs. old, my cock looked every bit as hard as when I was 20. Twitching up and onto her wet opening the fat head my pulsing cock touched her young, pink, pussy flesh. It was like an electric charge. I could see a large dollop of cum drool out and down onto her clitoris. Rocking on my knees forward then back, I sawed my cockhead to and fro upon her gash preparing the opening for penetration. As Gail felt my prick massaging her delicate cunny she began moaning.

"Yes Mr. Kramer. Daddy…. Larry, I want your big hard cock inside. Please fuck me before I scream!"

Gail looked so tiny and so much a young little girl. I knew, this being my first time fucking her, that it would not take long before blowing my wad. The pressure from my balls was already beginning to signal the need for imminent release. By lifting my hips higher and leaning forward, I changed the angle of my cock downward. I could see the shinny hard tip of my wet cock indent her pink opening. Lowering myself slowly downward onto her, I watched in fascination as her flesh began parting and my cock began to disappear into the crease of her tight wet vagina. God, her pussy was so wet, so warm and so very tight! My fat cock began meeting more and more resistance the deeper it sank. I could feel the tight walls of her pussy squeezing my hard shaft as it sank all the way to where my balls were resting against her ass.

"Ahhhhhhaaa!Yessss, right there Larry. It's been so long for me. I feel you so deep inside… it almost hurts. But it feels soooo gooood!"

Gail was saying all the right things with her voice. And, her body was telling me even more. I began moving slowly in and out. My cock was stroking her tight pussy the same way an expert pool-shooter moves his stick forward and back in a well placed shot; only in this case my balls were slapping against her tightly puckered anal ring rather than the leather corner-pocket on a pool table. I felt so large and powerful in comparison to this little girl on her back looking up at me. She was so small and so tiny.

I knew I was going to cum any minute and realized I wasn't wearing a condom. Hell, I hadn't needed to wear a condom because this was the first time I had cheated on my wife. What an asshole of a husband and dept. manager I had become. Well, that thought only lasted a second as another large surge of blood was pumped into my penis, separating me fortuitously from my moral conscience. "Honey, I'm going to come, are you safe?"

"No, I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not on the pill". I pumped two or three more hard downward fucks, ramming her pussy. I watched in fascination as my fat hard cock pushed in and out the tight ring of her pussy. Her lips were stretched tightly around my cock. Instead of my cock sliding in and out; her clinging pussylips seemed to me milking my thrusting, turgid cock. Then I felt a swelling surge from within my nutsack. I quickly pulled out to a loud sucking noise made by her pussy as it tried to hold onto the swollen mushroom head of my cock. Gail scrambled around to place her mouth over my cockhead before spilling my seed. Taking my cock in her mouth she tightly sealed her lips and began suckling my cum like a baby nursing a momma's titty.

Gail worked slowly and thoroughly to swallow my huge load. I froze perfectly still not wanting to make a mess of her hair, makeup or the carpet in my new office. She managed to drink it all except for a small string of cum that leaked out of the left corner of her lips, down her cheek and around her neck. I released an explosion of air that I didn't realize I had been holding inside. "Oh fuck honey, that was so fantastic."

Gail smiled and started to remove my cock from her mouth. I spasmed and she realized I had one more round of jizz left; once again she nursed the remaining spunk from my penis. Her suckling caused a secondary orgasm reminiscent of my college days. This time she was in complete control and swirled the last of my come in a frothy foam around her lips, tongue and on the head of my dick. Gail spat a small amount of the goo onto my glistening cockhead, then slurped it back into her mouth and swallowed. "Gilly, thinks daddy's sperm tastes so yummy. Can you make more cock-sauce for your little girl's din-din tonight?"

Well, you can see a bit of the dilemma I created for myself. Without going into detail, I have hired my second Secretary for Mr. Schwimmer's office. While Mrs. Daily didn't play the daughter game, I damn sure fucked her before hiring her. In her case it was after a luncheon interview with Helene (Mrs. Daily). She too brought out the same urgings of control and power I had felt with Gail. I ended up taking Helene to a seedy downtown motel near the Sports Center (but that's another story too lengthy for now). I'm nearly sick with worry. I have an appointment with Mr. Schwimmer and the company President tomorrow.

Post script; I needn't have worried. Mr. Schwimmer and Fred (the company President) said they had plans for my 'Unique hiring skills'. If you're interested in hearing a follow-up story regarding our three-day recruiting trip to the University of San Diego, California along with three new Secretaries let me know. If there's enough interest I'll give you the details in a 2nd installment. Gotta go; another interview and another night of working late at the orifice (office)!
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