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Paul had been an attorney for eight years now. He had started like so many associates doing corporate work. The long, dizzying hours of trying to bill 60 to 70 or more per week took their toll on him physically, mentally and emotionally. Still, after eight long years, he had made it. He was a partner now. No more being pushed around the big boys.

Before making it, sometimes he felt even the women in the secretarial pool carried a higher status in the firm than he did. They used to make his life difficult, but no more. No, now it was his turn to fuck with people in the office.

In just three months after taking a position of leadership with the firm the new associates and, even the ones that had been passed over he used to work with, and of course, the secretaries; all of them loathed him, but feared him as well. He had power now. Whether they stayed with the firm or were sent packing to the street was a decision in some cases he could make himself, in others, he could influence it greatly.

Working the hours he did before, he never had time for a social life. Now, there was more time, but the rigors of being a partner hadn't freed him up the way he would have hoped. Still, there was the secretarial pool. The firm went out of it's way to hire attractive, younger women. Most of the corporate clients had male representatives frequenting the office. The young array of beautiful women was more for them than anything else.

"Always keep the client happy and paying," a senior partner had once told him. He was a partner that understood the value of the women, even though he too was using them to further the ends of the firm.

He knew the women working there despised him, but still, he was the man that could make or break them. He would refer to himself as "King Paul I" around them and then just laugh. The firm was successful and paid it's employees well. Very few would want to leave, even with a tyrant like Paul around. Put in your eight hours, put up with the bullshit and then go home. That was the life of the working woman at the firm.

One evening after work, just as he did every evening, Paul made his way down to the fitness/spa area the firm had in the basement floor of the large building. It was around 7:00 p.m. and while the offices were officially closed and most of the employees gone for the day, it wouldn't have been unusual here to have some people hanging around.

In the gym were two female employees, Amy and another he didn't know by name, working out some of the stresses of the day. Normally they'd be gone by now. He walked in feeling a little more cheerful than normal and greeted, but got nothing more than a contemptuous stare in return. Still, it didn't bother Paul. Better that they not cozy up to him, nor he to them. He mistakenly took their fear of him for respect.

He also underestimated the extent to which the women around the office hated him. Paul went through his workout routine exhausting his muscles to the point of fatigue. Another woman walked into the gym and then another. Two more entered after that.

God, they were gorgeous Paul thought. Just to impress them, he increased the weights he was bench-pressing. The muscles in his chest rippled as he lifted the weights up and then lowered them back down. Finishing a set, he noticed a couple more women had entered the room. Quickly looking around, he counted seven now and another walked in just as he completed his count.

Paul moved over to do some overhead presses. Extending the heavy weights high above his head, he completed two sets, the second set causing fatigue to set into his overworked arms. He tried to shake the heaviness from his arms. Although he had already done them, a couple more sets of bicep curls to finish off, then a nice hot shower and he'd be done.

Grabbing two heavy hand weights, he did three more sets. He was beat, but in a way the heavy physical exercise made him feel good. The other employees worked out to relieve stress and so did he. He may have exuded a cocky attitude, but he wasn't any different than them. Letting the weights fall to the floor, he shook his arms trying to relax the muscles.

The attack came from behind. Hands grabbed his arms. Other hands clutched around his body. He tried to fight back but they were too many. His hands pulled behind his back, he felt handcuffs snapping down on his wrists. He kicked his legs to get free but more hands grabbed at his ankles.

He could feel rope being tied around his lower legs as he struggled in vain to free himself. A dark hood pulled over his head and was tightened around his neck. He tried desperately to scream out but the hood muffled his cries for help and, they were in the basement of the building.

Even though the building was still open, the gym area was off limits after 8:00 p.m. and he had easily been there an hour by now. Nobody could hear him and certainly nobody would be coming to his rescue.

Paul didn't know how many there were. Maybe 8 to 10 women total. He heard a chain and felt another cuff being placed on his right wrist and then one on his left. He could feel the chain connecting them pulled tightly across his stomach. Another set of cuffs went around his ankles and were secured. He could feel the rope being released but it didn't matter now.

Panic set in. His breathing became short and quick. The garment of the hood sucked into his mouth with every breath he took. He heard another handcuff start to click shut and felt it push between his stomach and the chain pressing against him so tightly in front. The handcuffs behind were released but as they were his arms quickly pulled up over his head. He heard another clicking sound.

Paul hung suspended from one of the tall weight machines. His hands were clasped together high over his head. His feet barely touched the floor and he heard a chain pull him up even higher until just his toes touched the floor.

Hands ripped at the tight sweat pants he wore and within moments he was suspended naked in front of his attackers. His felt hot. He couldn't see them, but his embarrassment had to be known to them.

"Gee, Paul, you have such a nice body," he heard a woman giggle. Others laughed with her and at the predicament he now found himself in.

His breathing was still labored from the fear he felt. He could feel a delicate hand cup his balls and begin to rub gently. He relaxed a moment, as best he could stretched out hanging from the machine. His arms had ached from working out and more so now from being suspended almost in mid-air. Yet, despite his discomfort, his cock gave him away. He could feel it start to harden from the soft caresses of the woman.

The hood tied around his neck was loosened. More air made it's way under the hood but breathing was still difficult. The pain in his arms and panic of the attack still made him gasp for air.

"Get this fucking thing off my head!" he yelled. "You fuckin' bitches, I'll find out who every last one of you are..."

His screaming tirade was cut off to screams of anguish and pain. The once gentle hands cupping and caressing his balls tightened quickly around them and squeezed hard.

"FUUUUUUUK!" His blood curdling scream echoed off the wall of the gym as did the laughter of the women that accompanied it.

The hand squeezing his balls tightly slowly loosened it's vice-like grip. He was determined not to let his anger get the best of him and certainly not cry out in pain again. For his own welfare and to show them they were fucking with the wrong guy they would not hear him beg for mercy or scream out in pain again.

Some of the strength that had been zapped by the crushing of his balls slowly returned. "I object to this kind of treatment!" he told them. His voice was almost calm as he spoke.

The response was quick, to the point and had a venomous tone to it. "Objection overruled, counselor!"

Paul could feel several hands moving across his body again. His chest, his arms, his legs, his balls again, everywhere. The fingers poked, kneaded, squeezed and pinched. He tightened his lips to keep from yelping as the his nipples were pinched, his balls squeezed or the occasional hard slap to his bare ass. Hanging from what he assumed was one of the weight machines, he remained vulnerable to attack from any direction and without warning.

He wanted to break free. He wanted to yell out to his captors to leave him alone. Yet, he could hear the laughter from the women as one of them slapped his hard cock hard with her hand. It was more than torment he was feeling. In this position, with his hard-on raging in front of them, he felt utter and complete humiliation.

The hands continued their onslaught on his body. The pinching, twisting and slapping got harder. He felt a pair of hands spread his ass cheeks apart. He could feel a finger start to push into his asshole. He wiggled his ass around and tried turning his body back and forth and he hung suspended trying to escape the finger trying to penetrate his asshole.

Hands grabbed at his body to hold him still. He felt the finger push in now. Past his anal spinchter and further. The finger fucked roughly in and out of his asshole. He tried to clench down trapping the finger but it was a useless effort.

The finger moved in deeper and then out, then back in again. Faster and faster. He could feel his cock start to jerk and then felt two hands grab the shaft and twist in opposite directions. The pain was more than he could stand. It ripped through the shaft of his cock straight to his brain.

The worst part was he had been so close to coming, and now he wanted to scream out again from the pain, but refused to give them the satisfaction. Still the sensation in his cock felt strangely good.

Paul felt the finger come out and this time it didn't push back in. The finger-fucking of his virgin ass had come to an end. Still, his ass cheeks remained pulled apart and seemed to be spread even wider.

He felt something, a dildo no doubt, pushing against his ass. In a desperate attempt to stop it, he swung his body again. It was a futile effort on his part. The pulling on his arms shot more pain through his shoulders.

With a mighty push from someone standing behind him, the dildo rammed into his ass. He could feel it drive all the the way in burning the entire way as it buried itself deep in his bowels.

He heard a woman say she had to get a picture of this. He felt a tightness in chest at the words. Not a picture. The dildo moved quickly in and out ravaging his ass. It was worse than the finger. Again he bit down on his lip to stop himself from screaming out. This time though, he felt tears running down the sides of his face.

At the same time he felt a hand push up under the hood covering his head. He could smell a musky scent moving toward his nose. He jerked his head to the side.

"C'mon Paul, I'm sure you've fucked a woman in the ass before!" he heard a voice say. He heard the other woman laughing and giggling in the background. He struggled against the steel binding his wrists above his head.

"C'mon Paul, you have such a nice, tight little asshole, taste it, come on Paul...taste your sweet little ass juice...take my finger in your mouth!"

Paul closed his mouth tightly continuing to move his head around trying to escape the intruding finger. He felt hands now going to his head holding it firmly in place.

Still, he kept his mouth locked down. The finger pressed under his nose and over his lips. He tried to jerk his head away but the grip of the women was too strong.

He could hear the gleeful laughter of the women. He could smell the rancid odor of his asshole. He knew if he opened his mouth he'd be able to taste it.

Still, his cock remained firm and erect. "The bastard's enjoying it," one of the women said mockingly. "Maybe we should stick that dildo in his mouth and fuck his mouth with it!"

His head dropped. Hearing those words and the laughter filling the room, he gave up. He felt defeated. It must have been apparent to the women in the room, too.

The hands suddenly left his body. He hung suspended. Not a word was spoken by anyone, neither by him, nor the women. He sensed they were still in the room, but he wasn't sure anymore.

Several minutes went by. No sounds other than his labored breathing. Shit, he wondered, what if they left him? What if the janitor, or worse, one of the partners came in the morning and found him? What if he was hanging there and a partner came in and his cock was still standing up hard? The thoughts terrorized him.

No, they wouldn't do that to him. They couldn't do that. His thoughts were interrupted when the hood was suddenly pulled off of his head. The light at first almost blinded him. As his vision restored, he saw most of the secretarial pool standing in front of him. One woman held a camera and was clicking pictures. Another actually held a camcorder.

He watched the little red blinking light. "Smile pretty for the camera, Paul!" the woman laughed.

"He likes it, look at him, he's as hard as a rock!" another one cackled. He watched the camcorder point down toward his big dick ready to explode. Not only was it on video, but the voices; the voices were being recorded.

The little red light stopped blinking. A woman walked slowly over to him and whispered into his ear. He shook his head indicating no to whatever she said. Her hand reached down and grabbed his balls tightly and jerked downward. Another woman approached and grabbed the stiff cock with both hands. Just as one of them had done earlier, he felt both hands twist in opposite directions. The grip on his balls tightened. His cock and balls felt on fire from the excruciating pain.

Still, though the pain was immense, he didn't yell or scream out. No sounds emanated from his throat. Both women, acting in concert, loosened their grips on his cock and balls.

"So, Paul, what's it going to be?" the woman that whispered to him asked.

He looked around the room at the women. There was no pity in the eyes of any of them. All of sudden one had another suggestion. "Let's put a cock ring on him, keep him hard and throw him in the elevator and send him upstairs!" Another shouted her approval of the idea and then a chorus of hoots and hollers erupted to do it!

"No!" he screamed out. "Okay! Okay, you win!" he told the woman next to him.

One cuff was removed from his wrist. He hung now by one arm, his ankles still secured. The little red light on the camcorder began to blink on and off again.

He spoke, softly, but the words were the ones the woman wanted to hear. "Yeah, I love this. Ass fuck me with the dildo some more and then fuck it into my mouth. Let me jack off to the stench of my own dirty little dildo!" The laughter in the room boomed.

Paul's hand went to his cock and with just a few strokes of his hard cock his hot cum spewed out and up falling to the floor below him. His other wrist was released. Paul slumped to the floor, his face falling into a puddle of his cum.

His ankles were still shackled but a key left on the floor. The women, still laughing at his plight walked out of the gym. There was a satisfied look on their faces as they left. From here on out they knew King Paul would be their little fairy princess if he got out of line with them again.

* * * * *

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