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The guard yelled "Lights out!" and the cell door slid shut with a clang. I tried to settle in and fall asleep, but it was impossible. Lumps in the mattress dug into my back. I didn't know how I would take eleven years of this. All for seducing a 14-year-old girl who looked and acted like she was 20.

As I laid there in total darkness, I could feel the walls closing in. It was only a matter of time before the other inmates dispensed their own version of justice, as if the state of New York hadn't done enough. To my jailmates, I was fresh meat, the new white boy from some shithole downstate, locked up for molesting a poor, little girl. That kind of crime was repulsive, even to murderers, thieves and pimps. If they only knew the real story.

I managed to drift off around 2 a.m. My mind floated between sleep and consciousness as I dreamed of the night that landed me in the pen. In a smoky bar way out in the country. Must find myself a cute, little country thing to cuddle up with tonight. A perky blonde sipping a Budweiser by the pool table. May I buy you a drink? I'd like that very much, thank you. You must go to the college. Oh, yes. Laughing. Then out to the car on the pretense she wanted to check out my CD collection. Kissing. With tongue. Unzipping jeans. Hand down the pants to feel the scruffy patch. Finding the hole. Ah, yes. Nice and wet. Off with the pants. Recline the seat to the sleeping position. Metallica tearing out of the speakers. Intense sweaty sex on this hot July night. Then the banging on the window. Look up into the glare of a flashlight. Hello, officer. Sheepish but not scared. What? You're who's daughter? The governor? You mean the governor of the state? This state? Awww, shit.

A bang jolted me out of my slumber. I was back in my dark cell. Three shadows rushed toward me. Two grabbed my feet and arms, as the third slapped a hand over my mouth.

"Not a word or we stick ya, got it?" he whispered. Something sharp poked into my side.

I nodded.

They carried me out the cell and down a series of dark corridors. Their grip on me was tight. I was sure the squeeze on my ankles would leave marks. No chance for escape, so I didn't resist. My body froze with fear. Who knew their intentions? Murder? Rape? Both?

We came to a musty room where they dropped me on a hard, tile floor. The lights flicked on. We were in the shower room. Two black inmates and a white guard with a crew cut looked down on me.

One of the inmates, who I later learned was named Tiny, threw a duffle bag at me. I unzipped it and looked inside. It was pink dress with sequins and make-up.

"Put it on," he said. "And not a peep, or you know what."

He held up a spoon that had been sharpened into a knife.

The pink dress must've come from a strip club. It was very beautiful and smelled like women's perfume. As I slipped it over my head, I felt a magical sensation in my loins. My feminine side began to flower. The dress hugged my curves, and the terror subsided. Somehow, I began to feel sexy. I used a mirror next to the shower room to trace my face with pink lipstick, black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. I was beginning to look like a real woman. My cock stiffened in my dress.

My assailants seemed to like it, too. Tiny grabbed me by the hips and pulled me into him. He planted a wet kiss on my lips as his engorged prick pressed into mine. His hands felt my curves all the way down to my ass. He gave my cheeks a squeeze. I nearly melted with pleasure.

He positioned himself behind me and dropped his pants. After hiking up my skirt, he pressed his hard, black cock into my ass. His hands slid up to my tits.

"I sure do like white sissy bitches," he said.

The other inmate and guard laughed. They were staring at me like hungry lions, and I was their helpless elk on the Serenghetti plain.

"Get on all fours, bitch," Tiny said. "Yeah, that's right. Like a fuckin' dog. Yo, D, gimmie the fuckin' Vaseline."

D, the other inmate, tossed him a jar. Tiny lathered up his cock and pumped it inside me. The big dong ripping into my tight virgin ass stung at first. But then my feminine instincts took over, and I loved every second of it. He fucked me with hard, punishing strokes. I squeezed my asshole, making it tight as possible for him.

"Yo D, do the bitch like it?" Tiny asked.

"Oh yeah," D said. "This a good bitch. You should see his face."

"Well, c'mon then, niggas," Tiny said. "Come get some this sweet, white ass."

While Tiny worked me from behind, D and the guard dropped their pants and put their dicks in my face. I tongued the tip of the black one first. The cock came alive, jumping at my touch. My lips wrapped around the head. I bobbed my head for D, trying to go deeper on each stroke. Then guard shoved his dick into my cheek. The white cock was smaller, but I treated it with an equal amount of love.

These were my first blow jobs. I liked the feel of dicks in my mouth. It was natural.

Tiny was still behind me, working his dick furiously. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled hard. My head was back and my mouth wide open.

"Why don't you two have a little swordfight," Tiny said.

D and the guard chuckled, then shoved their cocks into my mouth at the same time. My mouth was so full, I could barely breathe. It was tough for me to do any serious work, but just the knowledge that three men were penetrating me at once was a great turn-on. No one had touched my dick once and it was already oozing with pre-cum.

"OK, now let's give this bitch a shower," Tiny said.

He withdrew his dick from my ass and came around the front. D and the guard parted. Standing over me, Tiny grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face even with his dick. Then came the rush of cum. It was like he poured a quart of warm milk on my face. The first spurt hit my lips. The second splashed on my cheek. The third slapped against my forehead. By the time he was done, my entire face was covered.

But it wasn't over. The guard and D jizzed on me at the same time. I licked my lips. The cum tasted warm and salty. When my tongue couldn't reach anymore jizz, the guard used the edge of his hand like a squeegee to push more into my mouth. It was impossible to get all of it. Sperm ran down my neck and tits in little rivers.

We cleaned the rest off with the shower and returned to our cells. That night earned me a reputation. They started calling me Janet. I'm the hottest piece of ass in Cell Block 4. I get anything I want now. All I have to do is give a fuck or a blow and it's mine.

I even got rid of that lumpy mattress, courtesy of the guard.

Ah yes, prison isn't so bad after all -- as long as you have an open mind.
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