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He picked her easily out of the crowd. With the concert in full swing, the stage ablaze in lights and lasers and electronic-industrial sounds, the rest of the hall was left in near darkness. It was just the way he liked it.

Ivan went to a concert at that club every couple of months. It was enough time in between visits to keep from being suspicious, and just enough to satisfy his predatory needs. The doctors all said he was sick, but as long as they thought he was taking his medication he was allowed to exist in the world with the ďnormalsĒ. It was their mistake and a gift for him. Ivan was a man in his mid thirties who had lived his entire life in trouble. Trouble seemed destined to follow him from the day he was born, and he lived in and out of jail and halfway houses for the majority of his years. But it had been nearly two years since he had been caught doing anything wrong. And, as long as he was careful, the stocky, slightly balding man would have a long career in club visits.

Ivan picked her out when the band was still warming up and the dance floor was moderately lit. He had a couple of specific needs. She had to be tall, at least as tall as his five foot, nine inch frame. And she had to be wearing a short shirt. The rest didnít matter much. This one pleased him greatly. She was a beauty, tall and voluptuous, at least two inches taller than himself. At twenty-one, her body was young and firm, her breasts large and inviting. Her long legs ended in a tight ass that wiggled suggestively with every step. Her face shined with a glow that could only come from within, her huge eyes sparkling with inner mirth. Her hair was only shoulder length, something Ivan cared little for, but he was never that picky. She was happy, beaming with joy and frivolous charm. He could see her happiness spread to those around her from her constant, innocent smile and shining eyes. From the moment he first saw her walking around hand in hand with some guy, his only desire was to have her. She was dressed perfectly for him in a short, tight skirt with sheer, black stockings that hugged her ass and curvy hips. He could see where the stockings clipped onto her garters just above the shirtís hemline. His eyes traced a line up her body to her tight sweater. It was low cut, and her healthy cleavage was forced up and threatened to spill out of her top by the push-up bra. Ivan was very happy indeed.

The crowd was far younger than himself, and the sounds of the club designed for a younger generation, but his dark clothes and dark face allowed him to slip inside without standing out. He made his way behind the young woman and waited as the band on stage poured into their performance.

Hundreds of people packed the dance floor in front of the stage. The crowd gyrated and surged with the beat of the music, and the woman was slowly forced away from the man she came with. Only their locked hands gave any indication that they were still close to each other. Ivan waited until the man was a few paces ahead and then forced himself right behind her. The music vibrated and the crowd moved. His hands slipped down and ran along her hips. He felt her stiffen slightly, but quickly started moving to beat again when he pulled his hands away.

Blood pumped in his head as he leaned forward and breathed deeply from her neck. Again his hands moved to her hips. She tried to twist away, and turn to look behind her, but in the dark mass of bodies both attempts were useless. Ivan loved this part the most, the initial contact. He slid his hands up until they brushed the sides of his breasts. She stiffened again and started to pull away in the direction of the man locked to her hand. Ivan pulled her back roughly, jerking her against his body. His right hand cupped around her right breast while his left moved up to her throat. Her body shivered and shook at his touch, and he could feel her large nipple harden through her thin sweater. Her tit was large and soft, yielding easily to his firm touch.

Ivan knew the procedure and that his time was very brief before she could make her way close enough to her man to ruin his night. He left the hand around her throat; it seemed to keep her still. He reluctantly let go of her breast and moved his hand down to the short hem of her skirt. The crowd surged, almost driving him away from his position, but he only pulled himself closer to her warm body.

He felt her start when his finger brushed against her ass under her skirt, and she tried to pull away again. He tightened his grip around her neck, freezing her in her spot. He smiled to himself and his fingers crept over her ass. She was wearing a thong. It always made it easier when they wore thongs. He took hold of the thin material wear it slid between her ass cheeks and pulled sharply. The lacey cloth tore easily in his strong grasp. Having free access, he forced his fingers between her legs.

She was shaking again, more violently, but didnít pull away from his touch. Ivan gasped. His first contact with her bare cunt found her to be shaved smooth. As he probed deeper, his found her cunt to be soaking wet.

Ivan laughed in her ear. Whether she heard him or not didnít matter. The laugh was for his benefit. The slut was loving his touch. She was getting off on being touch by a stranger. He wondered if she would get off on being taken by a stranger as well.

A sudden surge jarred Ivan forward. He used the momentum to force her to bend slightly and pushed his way in between the taller womanís legs. His hand left her cunt and unzipped his trousers. He guided his throbbing cock through the zipper and into the open. In the excited darkness, he had little fear of someone looking down and seeing his exposed cock. Besides, it wouldnít be exposed for long. Flipping up her skirt, he had to release her throat and grab her hip to keep her from squirming away she felt his cock head touch her bare ass. She writhed and twisted, a mimic of everyone around her, and useless while still in his grasp. Before, she was warm from the movement and crowd, but now he could feel the flushed heat of fear and excitement pouring off of her. Grabbing his cock, he waited for another surge forward and thrust his cock into her wet hole.

Less than seven inches in length, Ivan was thick around as a pop can. Even over the music he could hear the woman scream as he tore into her. She shrieked, but no more so than the rest of the audience, and fought with her assailant. He kept a firm hand on her back to keep her body slightly bent and the other on her hip as he slowly fucked as much of his cock as possible into her fear-excited cunt.

The fuck itself was almost as intense as the feeling of her body as she rock and gyrated on his cock in an attempt to break away. On the stage, the song ended and erupted into an explosive beat that rocked through the bar. The surging of the crowd erupted into a hurricane of waves as single bodies moved in every direction. Ivan seized the moment and hammered his cock into the girl. To those around him he appeared to be doing nothing more than moving with the music. In a way, he was.

The cunt was sweet and tight around his thick tool. The fact that was only able to get a few inches into her didnít matter. The woman was attractive and very fuckable under any circumstances. He allowed his hand to leave her back and reach around to grope at her large breast. The crowd pounded around him and he pounded the anonymous cunt even harder. He would have loved to have stayed and fucked that cunt all night, but already he could see that the womanís boyfriend was being drawn in closer as she desperately pulled on his hand.

He felt the body around his cock suddenly tense, then spasm as an orgasm rocked through her. Never has he brought a woman off in a club like this. The bitch was not only excited, she was actually able to get off on it. Ivan took hold of both of her hips and pounded into her with all her was worth. His balls tightened, and soon pumped blob after blob of his hot cum into her cunt. The sperm flowing into her pussy seemed to awaken her from the lull of her orgasm and she renewed her fight against him. Shaking from one of the best cums he had had in a long time, Ivan thrust deep inside of her one last time and let her pull off of his rapidly deflating cock.

Ivan saw her move in close to her boyfriend, and smiled when she only clung to his arm and said nothing. What was there to say with his cum mingled with her own running down her leg. He tucked his cock back into his pants and pushed his way through the crowd, a happy man.
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