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The nurse eyed the flaccid cock before her as she injected the hypodermic into the patient's hip. The man strained against his bonds, desperately trying to get free. She heard a weapon prime, and a guard stepped forwards from behind her. The patient eyed him disdainfully, incomparable hatred simmering in his eyes.

There was nothing but contempt when he looked back at the nurse. The man's eyes blinked and he tried to focus as the drug began to seep through his awareness. The man struggled futilely against his bonds, and the hatred flashed back into his eyes.

The doctor was talking quietly with the guard. "Well, he's restrained, he's under guard. Now that your protocols have been abided by, how about some privacy for my patient while Nurse Silvara tends to his personal needs, such as bathing. He may be a multiple murder and now rapist, but he's still entitled to decent humane treatment, even if that is below him."

The guard spat on the ground, earning him hard stares from all corners of the room, but he was stiffly defiant. "Darren Miles is a fucking animal. You leave this guy alone in a room with a woman, she'll be dead and violated before the latch clicks. You're making a mistake." Silvara cleared her throat.

"I'm more than capable of taking care of myself here, officer. Whether you approve or not, the hypodermic I just administered contained a pacification agent. Whilst the patient remains cognizant of any and all occurrences, he will be totally under suggestive control."

The guard nodded sagely, clearly having no idea at all what she was talking about. The door slid shut, and she could see his silhouette lean against the frosted glass. Her hand drifted down under the gown and rested on Darren's cock, which twitched and began to grow under her massaging palm.

His eyes still held the same hatred, but his hands stayed still on the bed. She leant over his lips, and licked his chin slowly. Darren struggled against the bonds that held him, and his eyes blazed. Silvara chuckled evilly. "Let me guess, big boy. This is where you tell me you never raped your sister in law."

Darren quieted on the gurney, and Silvara ran her tongue over the tips of her teeth and smiled. "I know that. Thing is, you didn't rape her. You were used. By this." She held up the empty syringe, and pulled her skirt up to her hips, and straddled the gurney. She looked down at the fear and hatred emanating from his eyes like wild fire, and leant in close to him.

"Now, bitch, you'll not hurt me in any way, or try to escape, or anything like that. Blink once for yes, twice for you want me to rape your ass with a scalpel." Darren's eyes remained wide, staring at her. After a moment, she slipped a hand down his hip, and pushed her middle finger deep inside his asshole. His eyes went wider, and his cheeks clenched as he thrust off the bed, trying to get away.

Silvara leant down and grabbed hold of his chin. "Now suck me out." His eyes were pained orbs of purest anger, but his mouth opened, and his tongue gently slithered out to caress her aching nubbin.

Silvara ran her fingers through her hair, and leant far back, pulling aside the hospital gown to reveal Darren's rapidly hardening cock. She gave a low laugh as he hardened more and more. She leant back up just as he softly blew cold air onto her achingly sensitive clit, and Silvara stifled a scream of primal lust.

She eased back, keeping his tongue out further and further just to touch her. Her eyes blazed with an intensity to match his, but Silvara's eyes glowed with power, not impotent rage. "I want you to be a nice little bitch, and get me off." Darren tried for a moment, then before he knew it, his tongue was frantically wriggling inside her warmth, trying desperately to drive her over the edge.

Silvara leant further and further back, watching as Darren twisted and bent his neck forwards, trying desperately to bury his tongue inside of her. She wiggled her hips in front of him. "Come on, big bad basher, why don't you be of some use to me, you piece of shit. Make me come, and I'll leave..." Darren looked at his semi-hard cock, and began to move his hips, rubbing it against the lace of her crotch less panties.

It only took a moment for the smell and feel of Silvara's excitement before Darren's cock was rock hard. He stood proudly up from the bed, and Silvara barely glanced at his straining cock before looking at the silhouette of the guard still resting obliviously against the glass, and sat down hard on Darren's cock.

As soon as he was enveloped in her wetness, Darren gave a low moan through his still lips. He moved his cock in and out of the nurse, pushing it either way until he was slamming up into the spot that she liked best.

Silvara squeezed her thighs together, locking them down onto the thrusting cock underneath her. Her breath began to rasp through her throat as her pleasure was multiplied tenfold by the attentive thrusts of her captive. She began to bounce up and down on it, feeling his cock slide up into her smooth dampness over and over again.

Silvara took a deep breath and squeezed her nipples hard, the extra pain driving her over the edge. She felt the wave of her climax burst, and she slumped forwards. After a moment, she lifted her leg over, and felt Darren's cock slide out of her and land on his thigh with a wet slap. She quickly pushed her skirt down and threw the sheet over Darren's straining body. Her watch gave a beep, and she smiled.

Beads of sweat rolled off of Darren's chest, and his breath rasped through his throat as he felt his control of his body return gradually. Silvara darted back and kissed him fully, seconds before his feeling returned full force. Her eyes held a wicked gleam of power, and she looked down her nose at him.

"Sleep time in a couple of hours, bitch. Now you'll know exactly what it's like, because there're quite a few nurses in this hospital that could use a bitch like you." Darren took a breath to spit at her, but she walked off.

The door opened and shut, and the guard eyed Nurse Silvara openly. She looked up and down the hallway, and nodded, handing him another syringe. "It works. He'll be putty for you." The guard gave a leer, and nodded eagerly. Silvara tapped his chin. "Now when you're done, baby, be sure to come to me so I can clean off your cock."

The guard ducked his head. "Yes mistress."
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