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Heather came too in a daze. She was not sure that what she had remembered was true or not. The images of Gordon on top of her forcing her to cum, forcing his cock deep into her pussy, and his words about her being pregnant were almost too much for a nightmare. She tried to move and realized that she was tied down spread eagle on her bed. Her hands were tied over her head to the headboard.

Gordon sat in the chair watching her struggle against the ties that he had placed around her wrists and ankles. He stroked his cock slowly, watching the plush woman on the bed. His wife. His to own. His woman. He knew that she did not yet see him and he enjoyed watching her while his meat thickened again. A broad masculine smile creased his lips as he cock hardened almost painfully seeing her nicely shaved pussy still swollen from his fucking her before.

Heather finally twisted around enough to spot Gordon. She started screaming loudly, begging for help over and over. Gordon simply shook his head, stood up, walked over to her and smacked the side of her face until she stopped screaming. “Screaming will do you no good Heather. If you are quiet I will explain everything to you. If you persist in screaming, I will gag you and fuck you until your unconscious,” his fingers found her pussy lips and rubbed them roughly, “and I think you know that I mean it.”

She looked up at him with fear in her eyes trying to understand what was going on. He pulled the chair next to her bed and began toying with her nipples while he talked to her. He wanted to know all of her body and he felt only immense pleasure at touching her plump flesh.

“As you probably know my bitch wife left me when she caught me fucking that whore of a secretary that I had. If I had known the little tart was balling everyone of the partners I never would have touched her. However, that is the past. The partners and I determined that if I was to be a complete asset to the company that I needed to have a wife and a family. I have watched you for some time. I know that you have watched me. I have caught you before. I know that you think that being your size means that you never would have received a second thought. You were completely wrong,” Gordon said.

Heather tried to pay attention to what he was saying. She didn’t understand any of this. Why was Gordon here? Why had he raped her and what was he rambling on about? As these thoughts wandered through her head she was also well aware of what his hands were doing to her. He was sweeping his hand from her throat, down over her breasts, across her pudgy belly and then between her legs. That was where his hand was while he was talking to her, stroking between her pussy lips. Tears of frustration were pouring from her eyes as he was slowly fingering her.

“Why.. Why are you doing this Mr. Hughes? Please, I don’t understand. Why would you want me? I know that I have attracted attention with my size but I can lose weight I can, please just let me go,” she started crying then in earnest so scared of what he planned on doing.

Gordon looked at her and sighed deeply. He did not want her fear. He wanted her submission and love. He got off the chair and climbed onto the bed, untying her wrists. He pulled her to his chest and whispered softly, “Shhh, it is okay. You will enjoy being my wife. You will enjoy the luxury that I can provide you. And on top of all of this I do not want you changing your appearance. I like your belly, hips and thighs. But I love your ass. Its plumpness and roundness makes my cock hard enough to pound nails.”

His words washed over her she simply didn’t understand how he found her attractive. Her mind tried to wrap around what he was saying to her but it was distracting feeling his thick cock against her belly. When she tried to pull away he got angry. He pushed her back flat onto the bed and looked down at her a storm in his eyes, “I am not going to let you go Heather. Understand that now and things will go better for you. You are going to be my wife.”

Heather struggled against him again. She could feel him pushing her thighs apart. He was so much stronger then her. His cock found her wet sex and eagerly pushed hard into her fully again. “No Gordon, stop, please Mr. Hughes. I am begging you please stop stop stop. Pleaseeee!!” she screamed as he rammed his cock into her hard and fast. He had cum already in her once so his stamina was much better this time around. Gordon moved up into a push up position stance and thrust his cock hard into her. He knew he was bruising his new wife’s cunt but she had to be made to understand that she was his.

He reached down and roughly rubbed and played with her clit. He found an interesting little indent in her clit that made her struggle harder. Each time he pushed on it her cunt tightened almost painfully around his stabbing cock. He continued to hammer his cock in and out of her at a rapid pace. His finger working her clit watching her face as a glazed heated look passed into her eyes. He knew that mentally she was fighting him even if her body had given in. He leaned over next to her ear, “Cum for me wife. Cum for me and make me fill ‘my’ cunt with seed. Let your body enjoy the act of copulation. Please me my wife.”

Heather let go. She wasn’t sure what did it or why she was submitting to his raping of her again but she came around his cock. She knew that he could tell that she did when she heard him grunting loudly and then ramming his cock fully into her abused pussy and pouring in his seed again. She was humiliated that she gave in. How could she be so, so, so slutty to have given into her rapist?

Her mind clouded as she sunk again into oblivion. Gordon watched her slip into unconsciousness again. He knew that all of the shocks that she was enduring was causing his new wife’s faintness of heart. He had seen her go head to head with clients that were ruthless and come out unshaken.

Gordon climbed off her and picked up his cell phone. He pushed the number ‘1’ on his speed dial and waited. “Yes, I have seeded her now twice. Yes I know her signature is all that is needed. The front door is open. Thirty minutes. No problem.” He hung up the phone and went to work cleaning Heather’s bedroom. He picked up and folded the clothes. He took a shower, shaved and made himself presentable.

He heard the partners talking on the stairs as they came up to the bedroom. He greeted them naked, his cock thick and jutting out from his nest of hair around his cock and balls. All of the men took his state of undress in stride. The pulled out the marriage license and the other paper work that would be filed with the firm noting their marriage and the changes in Gordon’s and Heather’s wills to include each other. When Gordon signed his name on all the necessary documents he went to the bed and slowly uncovered his new wife for the partners to see.

They gazed upon her body appreciatively. Each reaching out and touching a breast, thigh, one even being bold enough to finger her pussy gently to prove what Gordon was saying that he had indeed seeded her before. Gordon had cleaned her body up some while she had laid unconscious wanting her to be beautiful before the partners showed. They each took a seat around the room and told Gordon to carry on.

Gordon was already hard from just thinking of what was not required of him. He moved all of the sheets away from Heather’s body and moved up, parting her thighs again. Holding the head of his cock he pushed into her body, feeling her come awake as he sealed them together. Even after thrusting into her repeatedly before she was still very tight. As she awoke she moaned filling him so completely filling her again.

She blinked her eyes sensing something different. Heather almost screamed seeing all of the partners of the firm sitting around her bedroom watching Gordon rape her yet again. “Do not mind us Heather, please do continue on. When we are satisfied that you have coupled with Gordon then we have some paperwork for you to sign.”
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