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"This story is fictional all characters and places are fictional, The story is part of a series please read them all and in order"


Lauren bent towards Emma’s flushed panting face and quickly shoved her mouth to Emma’s, she found that she liked kissing girls a lot, and wanted to experiment more but she decided it was best to do what Mr. Weston wanted. She forced her tongue into Emma’s mouth, pushing Mr. Weston’s sperm into her. Emma kissed back weakly, obviously drained from the brutal ass raping she just received; and so half of the sperm flooded down between their bodies. Most of it landed comfortably on Emma’s large heaving breasts pushed upright by the tight black rubber corset she was wearing. Lauren’s own small breasts were pushed against Emma’s and the sperm smeared around both of their writhing torsos. Lauren bent over and began to lick the jizz off of Emma’s boobs. She felt possessed. She was hotter than she’d ever been; being forced to watch this horny spectacle, with no release of her own. Her small nimble fingers dug into the soft sides of Emma’s big, perfectly round breasts; pushing the already strained boobs even further upright towards her hungry feeding mouth. After she licked and swallowed a couple mouthfuls she was literally yanked back to reality by Mr. Weston’s sharp tug on her leash,

“There’ll be plenty more of that for later. It’s time for your next trial.”

With that he went back to the case of S & M gear and picked out a couple of things. Black rubber short shorts with steel hoops on the front and back, a dildo, that looked to be about 7 inches and fairly thick (though not nearly as thick as Mr. Weston’s dick.) A black latex strap that had clips on both ends and something that sort of looked like another dildo but was too small.

“Take off your pants and put the shorts on.” He said flatly.

After she had the short’s on, she noticed that there was a thin slit in the middle, where her pussy and ass were. The shorts were extremely tight, they fit like a second skin and it took her 2 minutes just to wiggle into them properly. Surprisingly Mr. Weston waited patiently. Once they were on he stepped towards her holding the strap and the dildo. He clipped one end of the strap to the steel hoop on the front of the shorts. He fed the other end through a small slit on the bottom of the dildo; quickly he plunged the dildo into Lauren’s aching, hungry cunt. She let out a gasp and a sigh.

“Hold it in there” he said.

Lauren stood there with her hands between her sweet, young sticky thighs holding a big dildo in her pussy. Mr. Weston walked around her and after some fumbling shoved the second, small finger sized dildo into her asshole. Lauren squealed, as she had never had anything put up there before and never thought of her asshole in a sexual way. He pulled snuggly and snapped the other end of the strap onto the steel hoop on the back of the shorts. He pulled her over to a large mirror beside the S & M case and had her look at herself while he towered behind her. She actually liked what she saw. The shorts were ultra tight and looked almost painted on. The hoop on the front almost looked like a belt buckle and the strap between her legs was so tight you would never know it was holding a huge dildo in her pussy and a small one in her butt. And to top it all off she had a thick black matching collar and leash, short cropped auburn, blond streaked hair and still had her 4" platform shoes on.

"You look like a dirty slut. I like it. Put this on too" He said while he handed her a tight mini skirt.

She could feel the twin dildos sliding around in her holes as she bent over and lifted her legs to squeeze the tight skirt on. The skirt was indeed tight and short it barely covered her beautifully round ass and it was just enough to conceal the short shorts she had on underneath. 'He probably planned it like that' she thought sourly to herself. Everything came back to her then. That she had fucked and sucked for grades agreed to become part of some sort of S & M club. That she had watched her friend get ass raped for failing one of the trials of that same club and now she was standing there in some sort of dildo shorts with platform shoes, collar, leash and mini-skirt.

What disgusted her most is that she sort of liked it.

"Come on, there's some people who want to use you." He said coldly. He unclipped the leash but left everything else the same, including Emma.

"What about Emma?" asked Lauren.

"She'll be taken care of." He led Lauren back to the doors and opened them. There stood 5 football players from the school team they had obviously just played a game as they were still in their uniforms covered in dirt and sweat

"How'd the game go boys?" Mr. Weston asked.

"We lost." answered the guy in the front

"That's a shame. Have the cash? " The same guy in the front handed Mr. Weston a wad of bills. He counted them quickly Lauren couldn't quite see as she had sort of cowered behind Mr. Weston (she was still topless. Her shirt had been rudely thrown on the lecture hall floor before she got fucked) From her vantage point though, she could see that at least 3 or 4 of the bills were hundreds the rest were 50's and 20's.

"I'll give you a discount. Because you lost the game and all." He handed that guy in front a couple of bills from the wad. "Go have fun with Emma" The guys entered the room and loud yells and whoops echoed in the tiny room as they saw what laid strapped to the bed for them.

"This wasn't part of the deal!! Sir" squealed Emma with fright and anger.

"Tough. Do as your told next time"

Lauren heard her groan loudly as one of the guys planted a huge smack on one of Emma's still burning ass cheeks.

Lauren pulled her tiny, blue, shear top back on as well as her coat. Mr. Weston led the way out of the lecture hall just as another class started filing in. It sort of excited Lauren that while this class quietly listened to the lecture and took notes, Emma was getting fucked by 5 guys, just a few meters away. The room must be conveniently soundproofed she thought. They walked around a couple of the buildings and went to the underground faculty parking lot. Mr. Weston opened the passenger door to his Mercedes and let Lauren in. She was getting scared yet at the same time was still horny due to the twin dildos sliding around inside of her. As soon as they got in he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them roughly then slid his huge hand down her front until he got to her crotch where he started to push on the dildo strap forcing it even further into her.

"Take off your coat and throw it in the back, then grab my cock and get me hard again. ", He said in his characteristically flat tone. Lauren quickly obeyed, throwing her coat into the back and put her small hand into his huge lap and started to fondle as best she could. She was still amazed at its size, even flaccid and it quickly began to grow. Mr. Weston started the car and they sped out of the garage, down the street and onto the highway. As soon as his cock reached half of its size he told her to take it out and stroke it some more. During the drive, they ran into some heavy traffic and everything had snarled to a stop. After his cock had reached it's immensity, he told her to look out her window and there next to them was a huge semi-tractor trailer. With a dirty looking trucker lewdly smiling down at them.

"Show him your tits" Mr. Weston ordered. Lauren slowly lifted her tiny, blue, sheer top. Her shamed eyes staring at the floor. She could her the trucker laugh as Mr. Weston had lowered her window. "Lift your skirt and rub your pussy." Lauren obeyed again and started to rub herself through the strap. Mr. Weston grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into his lap, his huge cock hitting her in the nose first before sliding into her mouth. She heard the dirty trucker give a yell of approval as Mr. Weston's huge dick flew down her throat for the third time that day. From her cramped position it was even more difficult to get his cock in her throat, causing her to cough and gag. But as usual Mr. Weston was relentless, even more so for the benefit of his dirty audience, and grabbed a fistful of hair to force Lauren to deep-throat it. The traffic soon broke and they sped ahead of the trucker. Mr. Weston stopped grabbing her hair and had slid his hand down her back and into her shorts to play with the dildo shoved in her ass. She became accustomed to it, although it was really small and not moving around much. She sucked and sucked and as she felt his balls start to tense, the car stopped. They both got out and her eyes met an elegant enormous mansion. He re-attached the leash. She looked at Mr. Weston in disbelief. He tucked himself back in his pants, got out of the car and walked towards the front door. Lauren tailing behind him like a frightened little puppy. And she had every reason to be.
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