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The situation changed a week later. Carol was grading papers after school when she looked up to see Amy Bowers standing by her desk, a frown on her face.

"Hello, Amy." Carol said, feeling the same nervousness she felt in class whenever she looked at the girl. It always brought back the memory of licking the young girl's pussy. "What are you doing here this late?"

"I wanted to talk to you about my grade," Amy said sourly.

"What about it?"

"It's not high enough. You gave me a 90 on that last test."

Amy got straight As anyway and Carol had not changed any of her grades. She had no compunction about changing the grades for Dunross and his buddies, but had not had to fiddle with Amy's.

"You got a 90. What's the problem?"

Amy leaned across the desk, her voice a vicious snarl. "The problem is I earn my 90s. I don't get them from my own personal slut. Brian gets perfect scores for nothing and from now on, I expect the same treatment."

Carol frowned. If she started giving everyone a 100, there was bound to be suspicion. With Dunross, it was more a matter of being under his control than anything else. She didn't feel the same way about Amy and did not feel like budging on the issue. Amy could see the refusal on her face before she even said anything.

"Maybe I better have a talk with Mr. Withers." she threatened. "I'm sure he'd love to know how you help some of your students study."

"Don't threaten me young lady," Carol said sternly, though her stomach was in knots. She couldn't let the girl say anything to the principal or she would be out of a job. But she was not afraid of Amy. After all, the girl was not like Brian Dunross, not dominating at all. "You try something like that and your little butt will be out of here so fast you won't know what hit you."

"You fucking slut," Amy cried. "All you care about is being Brian's little toy. Is it that good?"

Carol didn't answer. What could she say?

"Fine," Amy said. "We'll see just how good you are at explaining your way out of this."

Amy stomped out of the room and Carol angrily watched her leave. A tiny glimmer of doubt crept into her head. Suppose Amy did go to Withers with the story-she might get called on the carpet and who knew what might happen then? She would have to find some way to insure that the girl was stopped before that happened.

She drove home and called Dunross, relaying the conversation. He didn't seem concerned at all and assured the worried teacher that he would take care of things. He said he would call later and hung up.

Dunross called within the hour.

"It's all going to be taken care of," he promised.

"What's going to happen?" Carol wanted to know.

"Hey, don't worry. A couple of the guys will go around to Amy's tonight and have a talk with her. Her parents are out of town and they can convince her to keep her mouth shut."

"Why should she do that?" Carol asked. "She sounded serious."

"She wants a scholarship to Yale. Think they're going to give one to somebody who was involved in something with her teacher? That blackmail cuts both ways and the boys will just point that out to her. No rough stuff or anything like that."

"How will we know if she agrees? I don't think I can sleep tonight without knowing everything is going to be fine."

She heard Dunross chuckle. "OK, doggie, I'll swing by and get you. We'll go over to Amy's and watch the boys in action. Be ready in twenty minutes."

Carol was waiting when he pulled up. She got in the car and he casually unzipped her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. Carol looked apprehensively out the window to make sure no one was on the street, then moved closer so he could more easily rub her tits. She arched her back as the teenager brutally squeezed her firm breasts, taking delight in her gasps as she tried to adjust to the roughness of his foreplay. He used two fingers to pinch her nipples, making them hard.

Brian quickly drove through town to a quiet neighborhood. He pulled up outside a two story wooden house surrounded by tall oak trees.

"Amy's house," he informed Carol.

As they watched a van pulled into the driveway and two of Carol's students got out. They walked to the door and knocked and she could hear a quick conversation with Amy before they all disappeared inside.

Brian reached under her skirt and moved his hands up her legs. "Hey, I thought I told you not to wear panties," he said angrily.

"I forgot. When Amy came into my room today it got me all worried and..." Carol started to explain.

Dunross cut her off and flipped open the glove compartment. She could see a rolled up dogchain inside.

"You know what to do with it,:" Dunross said.

Carol obediently slipped a loop over her head and handed the end of the chain to Dunross. He smiled and jerked the chain tight. "Reach inside and get your surprise," he ordered.

Carol did as she was told and pulled out a twelve inch vibrator, thickly studded with small projections. "Use it," he told her.

Carol switched it on and the car was filled with a low hum. She put the top of the vibrator against her pussy and moaned softly as the tender tissues were inundated with delicious sensations. She began to slide it back and forth as Dunross leaned over to lick and suck her nipples. He flipped her skirt up so he could watch as she used the machine to bring herself off. Her moans became louder and louder and she threw back her head, eyes closed and mouth half open with pleasure. A small smile tugged at her lips. Just as she was ready to go over the top, Dunross jerked the vibrator out of her hand.

"Let's go. We'll do this later."

Carol began to button her blouse, but Dunross pushed her hands away and told her to leave it the way it was. She followed him across the street, painfully aware that anyone might see them. He held the end of the chain in one hand and her breasts were on display. If there was someone out walking, there would be no way to explain this. Dunross walked to the rear of the house and onto a deck. He tried the back door and nodded when he found it open. As they entered quietly, they could hear Amy arguing with the boys.

"You're wasting your time," Amy said stubbornly.

"I don't think so. We've got a good thing going and you're not going to screw it up for us. You got what you wanted, so why are you complaining?"

"Did I? I don't need any help with grades like you Neanderthals."

"Then what's the problem?"

"The problem is that Brian is hogging everything."

"I don't get it."

"I do," Dunross said, emerging from the shadows with Carol in tow.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the slut of the year," Amy hissed. She looked contemptuously at Carol. "There isn't anything you won't do, is there, slut?"

"Want to find out?" Dunross offered.

"Maybe." Amy said stiffly.

"Here," he said, handing her the chain. "Doggie will do anything you tell her to."

"Is that right? This might be interesting."

"Now wait a minute," Carol protested.

Amy jerked on the chain and Carol was forced to her knees. "Shut up, bitch. You belong to me now."

Amy walked in a slow circle, forcing Carol to turn on her knees in order to keep from choking. Amy nodded.

"Say hello to your new master, doggie," one of the boys laughed.

"You heard him," Dunross said.

"Hello, master," Carol said.

"Mistress, you dumb fuck!" Amy said, pulling Carol painfully to her feet. "Say it again and get it right this time."

"Hello, Mistress," Carol said.

"Let's go upstairs, doggie," Amy said.

"Mind if we watch? " Dunross asked. Amy shook her head and the three boys followed her upstairs.

Amy led the way to the attic. It smelled of old wood and was at least ten degrees colder than the rest of the house. Thick wooden beams ran the length of the roof and old rugs covered the floor. There was enough room for them to stand upright, the beams about eight feet over their heads.

"Strip!" Amy said and Carol slowly shed her clothes, self-conscious about having Amy see her naked. The boys had already seen her on several occasions so they didn't count.

"It's cold," Carol complained, shivering.

"Is it? Then get the blood moving. Start running. We wouldn't want you to get sick or anything, would we?" Amy said in a sweet voice. "Start running."

Carol began to jog in place, her breasts flopping up and down to the delight of the boys watching.

"Stop," Amy told her after she began to breath heavily. "Lift up your arms."

Carol did and Amy told two of the boys to get some rope from a pile of things in the corner. Carol's hands were about two inches short of the rafters and Amy had her stand on a stool so her wrists could be lashed to the rafter over her head.

When she was secure. Amy said, "You treated me wrong, bitch. You need to be punished. Tell me you want a whipping." As she talked, Amy walked to a pile of odds and ends in one corner and pulled out an old barber's strop, a piece of leather three feet long and six inches wide.

"Forget it," Carol said, watching the looks on the boy's faces. She could see the lust there and it turned her on. She was curious to see how far Amy would go. Carol was willing to give in to Dunross' demands, but she didn't think Amy would be able to provide the domination she needed, despite her present predicament.

"Forget it? Fine, then you can stay here until you change you mind. C'mon, guys, let's go downstairs. Just howl if you change your mind, doggie."

Carol thought about the cold of the attic and decided the sooner she did what Amy wanted, the sooner she could get warm.

"Wait a minute. I've changed my mind. You're right. I need a whipping."

Amy smiled and shook out the strop, wrapping one end around her wrist. She eyed the shapely ass of her teacher, noticing the trembling in her legs and buttocks. She wondered if it was from cold or excitement. Her breath quickened as Amy prepared to do what she had fantasized about so many times since the incident at school. She had relieved the feeling of Carol's tongue on her pussy over and over and was determined to experience it again before the night was finished. Along with many other things. Amy had a very active imagination and she was not bothered in the least by thoughts that some of her desires might cause discomfort to Carol. Her teacher was now her plaything and she was ready to play.

Amy took a deep breath, pulled her arm back and swung the strop. It landed squarely across Carol's ass, filling the attic with the sound of a loud smack. Carol cried out as she felt the sting of the leather. Amy began a steady motion, landing blows up and down Carol's legs, back, and ass. She conserved her strength, but even so Carol's body began to glow a dark red. Carol had adjusted to the force of the blows, but they still stung a bit.

"Warm enough now?" Amy asked.

"Yes...warm enough," Carol gasped.

"No, no. You say, 'Yes, mistress I'm warm, but I'd like some more."

Carol repeated the words.

"Very good. I think we'll concentrate on other areas now." She moved in front and rubbed the leather over Carol's flat, quivering stomach, letting her feel the strop against her skin.

Carol really was warm, not just from the whipping but from the heat of arousal that was beginning to move through her body. She was breathing in short, quick gasps. Carol wondered what it would be like to be under the control of adults. If these teenagers could light fires within her like these, what could grown men do?

Amy took the strop in both hands and pulled it taut. She used it to stimulate Carol's nipples, already erect from a combination of cold and arousal. Carol felt the hot moisture of excitement soak her pussy and she pushed herself against the belt. When Amy moved the strop between her legs, Carol willingly opened them wider to give her easier access. It felt wonderful!

Amy saw the look on Carol's face and pulled the strop away. She moved back a step, then sent the piece whistling through the air to explode against Carol's unprotected stomach, the leather partially wrapping itself around the bound teacher's ribs.

The blows moved slowly up her body until Amy landed one stroke squarely across Carol's tits, dead center on her nipples. Carol cried out in ecstasy at the incredible jolt of pleasure the whip sent cascading through her body.

"Oh, it again!," she begged. " it Amy...keep it up..."

"Who?" Amy asked.

"Mistress, please do it again...yes...yes..."

Amy lashed her again and Carol moaned with pleasure. Amy reached out with her foot and kicked away the stool Carol was standing on, leaving her swinging several inches off the ground. She swung back and forth as Amy continued to whip her, moaning, "Oh,oh,oh.oh..."

Finally Amy stopped and Carol swung gently back and forth, her body rosy red and sweat making her glisten and shine in the light from the bare bulb overhead. Her head hung limply as he body spasmed from the sensations washing over her.

Amy dropped the strop and put the stool back so Carol could stand. She reached up and undid the ropes holding her and Carol dropped weakly into her arms.

"Lie down," Amy told her.

Carol lay back on the rug, feeling the roughness of the coarse fibers on her bare back. Amy kneeled down between the older woman's legs and bent her head to lick Carol's pussy. Amy could smell the scent of arousal on Carol, a musky odor that made her salivate. She began kissing Carol's upper thighs, gradually working her way to the hairy mound of her pussy.

Carol humped against the talented tongue of her student, feeling it snake past her swollen lips to drink in the moisture within. Amy nibbled at Carol's clitoris, using her lips to arouse the tiny bud until it swelled with blood. Amy felt it grow and sucked on it as if it were candy. Her tongue continued to lick at it as well. Amy slurped up Carol's juices eagerly, sending shivers of desire rippling through the wanton teacher.

"Oh, yes, so good..." Carol crooned. I'm going to cum...oh, keep it up, keep it up...faster...faster..."

Amy lifted her head. "Shut up, bitch unless I tell you to talk. Hand me that," she said to Dunross, who gave her a scarf which was lying on the ground. Amy balled it up and stuffed it into Carol's mouth.

Carol could taste the musky dust of the cloth as she mewed piteously, wanting to scream her climx to the heavens. Amy could feel her teacher's hips lifting up and down, trying to get more sensations against her pussy. Amy's nose was buried deep in Carol's pubic hair as she increased her movements, drawing Carol closer and closer to orgasm. Carol closed her eyes as her orgasm crashed over her, Amy's tongue flicking rapidly at her and pushing her over the edge.

"Mmmmmppph..."!!"came the muffled cry from behind the dirty scarf. Carol was frantic to reach satisfaction, wanting to put out the fires which burned so brightly in her belly now. She clamped her legs around Amy's head to hold her in place, stomach tightening as the last wave of pleasure crested and moved through her. Amy continued to nibble at her until she was satisfied she had done everything she could to get her instructor off, then yanked the gag from Carol's mouth.

Amy sat in an old chair, reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. "Come on over here and get busy," she said harshly.

Carol ducked her head under the youngster's skirt, inhaling the earthy aroma of her pussy. It was hard to breathe, but she lost no time in getting on with her duty, enthusiastically sucking and licking on Amy's pussy. She moved her mouth down and clamped it over the girl's mound, swirling her tongue around and licking up and down the length of Amy's slit.

"That's it, bitch, just keep it up," Amy encouraged. She looked at the horny boys standing around and said, "I think this bitch could use an ass-fucking, boys. What are you waiting for?"

Dunross ran down into the bathroom and returned with a jar of vasoline. He put some on his finger and used it to swab around and into Carol's rectum, then smeared a generous portion on his erection. Amy watched and panted, "Go ahead. Jam it in the bitch!"

Carol couldn't hear what was being said, and had been only vaguely aware of Dunross' finger working its way up her ass. She did become aware of someone between her legs as she kneeled on the rough carpet. Dunross put his cock against her virgin asshole and slowly began forcing it inside. He thrust forward and she bumped against Amy's pussy.

Carol had never imagined what it would feel like to be buggered and she wasn't sure she liked the sensation. It felt like somebody was putting a red-hot poker up her ass, but she knew she had no choice but to allow them to continue.

"Doggie has a real tight one," Dunross grunted, feeling his shaft trapped by Carol's muscles.

"Get me off, you little slut!" Amy screamed as her orgasm hit her, pulling Carol onto her spasming pussy. "You are such a piece of garbage."

Carol slurped and sucked the tasty secretions from Amy as she felt Dunross stiffen and ejaculate into her ass. He thrust five or six more times before withdrawing, sighing with pleasure as he withdrew.

"Come on, bitch, we've got some more games to play," Amy said, leading the group downstairs to her bedroom.

There was a four poster bed and Amy instructed her to lie on it. Carol did so and Amy secured her wrists and ankles to the four supports.

"I've got some things to get together," Amy said to the boys as she left the room. "Why don't you enjoy doggie while I'm gone?"

Carol soon had a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth. The three boys took turns fucking her and getting their cocks sucked. Carol felt her arousal reaching new heights and she was an eager participant. Amy came back with her arms full and stood in the doorway for a moment, watching.

She dumped her load onto one of the shelves and watched the last boy finish with his teacher.

"Tell me, bitch, what do you want?" Amy asked.

"Whatever you decide," Carol gasped.

Amy picked up an electric cord from the things she had brought and whipped Carol with it. "Try again, slut."

"Whatever you want, mistress."

"That's better. Now beg!"

"For what?" Carol asked.

"Think. You're a teacher," Amy said, whipping her again.

"Please give me whatever you want. I need something now..."

"Good. Let's start with a little stretching exercise."

Amy hefted a thick cucumber from her pile and pushed it slowly inside Carol, rotating it back and forth as she did. The vegetable was big and filled her most pleasantly. Amy pushed the cucumber and watched as Carol's pussy stretched to accommodate it. Carol thought she might pass out from the pleasure.

"Oh...harder...harder," Carol urged and Amy began savagely slamming the cucumber in and out.

"Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh," Carol grunted with each stroke.

"Tell me how it feels, bitch," Amy commanded.

"! ...good."

"You want more? Want it to hurt a little bit?"

Carol rolled her eyes back in her head and groaned. " it...yes, make it hurt..."

Amy left the cucumber in Carol's pussy and picked up two clothespins. She put one on each nipple, slowly releasing the pressure so that it clamped tightly on the tender buds. Carol cried out at the feeling.

"No, no...too tight...oh..."

"Feel good?" Amy asked, tapping the clothespins with her fingers.

"Oh, so fucking good..." Carol thrashed around in her bonds.

Carol was out of control now, totally lost to the feelings in her body. She wanted more, anything her young masters could dish out. Nothing was beyond her and she writhed in sweet torture on the bed.

Amy pulled the cucumber out with a loud, wet plop, much to Carols' disappointment. She picked up her last item, a hand mixer. Amy inserted two long rubber paddles, usually reserved for kneading dough. She turned it to the lowest speed and the paddles began to spin with a loud slap, slap, slap. She put the blades against the clothespins and the mixer knocked them rapidly from side to side.

Fantasy Sex Stories Forced Sex With Aliens