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BAM...The empty shot glass slams down on the bar.

The bartender looks warily over at the man who has been drinking shots alone for the last hour.

The rage has begun to build up and this time there is nothing that can be done to quench the thirst. Well...there is one thing. Maybe the tequila will take away the ability before the rage vomits itself out of him and onto another human. All the other times before, alcohol has won out, but tonight it seems to have no effect. Mind still racing, blood still boiling, and closing time is bearing down.

Tim's wife keeps telling him "OHhhh we are so proud of happy you are with us.." nauseum. He's been out of prison for almost 2 years now. 18 months served on a 5 year sentence for aggravated sexual assault. A testament to our judicial system, everyone knew he wasn't ready, but there were others needing a cell. Member of a church, husband, father, average Joe with a 9 to 5.

And day by day...hour by hour...minute by painstaking minute, it is slowly, but surely, driving him insane.

Six months ago he started an online relationship with a married sub in a neighboring town. Since he had more to lose than just a marriage if things progressed (parole board looks down upon philandering husbands) he stood his ground and refused to meet this person in real life. Not that an affair would land him directly back in the pen, but it would increase his supervision to a point that would make incarceration inevitable.

He began collecting information about this person without ever even realizing what was going on. Real name, where she worked, hours, schedule, hell...even the route to and from work, and vehicle. On the surface he was just knowing more about the person he lusted after, but subconsciously there was more to it.

From there it didn't even seem crazy that he began following her home from work.

They would swap erotic stories of bondage and discipline. She wanted to be tied, spanked and even humiliated. Very few knew more about that subject than Tim. She giggled to her friends about the explosive orgasms she experienced when he would talk to her on the phone about how he wanted to take her. Always wanting to meet. Trying to coax a private get together for the two. Never realizing just how close to danger and a true meeting she was.

Last more shot...he knows it won't be enough.

During their online and phone encounters it is always the same. He strokes to orgasm as they are playing and discussing what it would be like if they were together. Then later...after everyone is asleep he steals away to the basement and has another cum, just for him, where his own special fantasies are played out. The conclusion of these angry orgasms often ends with Tim slamming his fist into the basement wall. Once he bit into his lip so hard as to bring blood. A lame excuse of tripping and falling was used to cover up the bloody lip, but did nothing to quieten the harmful passions that were continuing to build.

At first this was enough. He could pound out all his frustrations into that amazingly strong orgasm as his sick mind ran through the most disgusting images. He thought that maybe if he increased his alone time he could squirt all the rage out the end of his cock and be done with it. So lately he has been masturbating 3 - 4 times a day to his "special" collection of porn, maybe once with his submissive obsession, then if it happens to be "the day," a quick non responsive fuck from his wife. But all this seems to have done is increase his lusting. Now tonight it has pressed to the surface like a puss filled blemish that is aching for release, and he knows that there is no stopping it.

Grabbing his jacket he throws back the Tequila shot and slams the empty glass upside down on the bar. Tossing a few crumpled dollars to the bartender as he makes his way to the door. The man behind the bar is glad to see him go. Scary fuck is all the time mumbling and drinking alone. Bad for business.

There is no real plan. There's hardly any thought going on at all. His mind has no forethought of the actions of the body. No thoughts of repercussions or future regret. There is just a roll of duct tape in the car seat, and a determined look on his face.

Her husband is at work and will be gone all night. The kids are away at their dads. And Tim has told her that as punishment for some offhand remark she made, that she must sit at home alone tonight contemplating her actions. It's not even a plan when things fall together as easily as that, it's more like fate.

It's about 3:30 in the morning as he parks the car down the street from her home. Grabbing the tape and the beer he has been nursing on the way, he heads down the street. There are no houses nearby. He walks confidently straight up to the door. Finishing the last of the beer he throws the empty can against the house. Lifting his foot he smashes in the front door. A snarl escapes his lips as he pushes through the shattered door frame. He has never been in the house but he knows where the bedroom is and he hears her scrambling out of bed. She's running out of the room in a state of frenzy, yelling, and hollering for whoever the hell they think they are just better get outta my...WHAM.

Yelling ceases...quietness prevails.

It was more of a reactive hit than anything else. He surely didn't want her unconscious for this. The tap truly only stunned her but left a small trail of blood from her bottom lip. As she is shaking off the effects of the attention getter she realizes that he has her fingers laced together as in prayer and is wrapping them in duct tape. She begins to scream in earnest now. Dragging her back towards the bedroom by her taped hands Tim smiles. The screams are a means to his relief. He knows it's going to be okay now. The massive erection that has been growing is now throbbing.

Pulling her to her feet at the side of the bed he rips her gown off. The material makes the most satisfying sound as it tears apart. Her panties, still moist from her latest play session are next to go. Tim starts yelling and cussing at her. Her tears are flowing now as she begs for her life. She has no idea who this man is and what his intentions are. As she stands there naked trying to cover herself with her hands. He reaches in and violently twists both nipples of her huge tits. Twisting and pulling them he leans in and forces his tongue into her screaming mouth. Then she knows that even if her life is in is not at the forefront of this attack. Backing away from him as he licks her face he easily pushes her to the bed. She instantly tries to roll over and run to the other side of the room.

Laughing Tim grabs her foot and pulls her back. Smacking her ass as hard as he can and yelling. Almost howling. Their voices mixing together make a frightening harmony as he continues to wale on her ass. Her screaming begins to fade as she sobs with the realization that no one can hear, and no one can help. Her ass is almost purple with the welts left by his hand. Pulling her off the bed by her foot and onto the ground in front of him he undoes his zipper...His hand firmly wrapped in her hair, his pants around his ankles he shoves his cock to her face. The blood from her lips smears on the shaft of his penis. His other hand maneuvers the tip to her mouth. Another tap on the cheek is necessary to get her to open her mouth, but when she does it is heaven.

As he fucks her hot mouth he can still feel her screams reverberating against his skin, but the sound is thankfully muffled. It only excites him more when she shakes her head trying to eject his erection from her lips. He feels her tongue trying to push him out and he fucks her even deeper. Feeling the back of her throat against the head of his cock is wonderful. He leans back and closes his eyes and relishes the moment. As soon as the first contact is made by her teeth he releases her hair, and puts his hand firmly around her throat. "You would NOT want to do that my pet." He growls as the intensity of his fucking increases. She looks up into his eyes as he speaks. The words...The tone...She knows now that she has finally gotten what she has wanted. A face to face meeting with her new lover. Her kidneys let loose and warm piss runs down her legs as this fact is processed by her brain.

As the realization spreads through her she stops fighting. Stops screaming. Stops feeling anything. She horrifyingly replays every offer she ever made this man, and knows that he has taken her suggestions and wants to heart. She's close to fainting as he pulls his massive erection from her mouth and yanks her to her feet. Pulling her nipples to his mouth he quickly gives both of them a bite/lick/suck and drops them back. After the watching the satisfying way they fall and bounce back to their rightful positions he spins her around and bends her over the bed.

Her ass still red and stinging from the firm spanking she just received. Now she starts trying to rationalize with him. "It's okay baby...I want it...I want it all...just untie me and let me take care of you. I still want you." He laughs as he kicks her legs apart and exposes her pussy from behind. Reaching down between her legs he opens her up and guides his cock into position. As he slams his cock fully into her he once again grabs her by the hair. Whispering into her ear as he steadily fucks her from behind. "Listen lil miss penney, I KNOW you want it. and you will get it any damn time I feel like giving it to you. This is my pussy, my ass, my mouth, my tits. And I will damn well use them in anyway I see fit, and no more whining and crying from you. Do you understand??"

A small insignificant "yes sir" is all that she can manage. A smile spreads across his lips. His balls start aching for release as he realizes that this is just what he wanted...needed...he has found the release for all his pent up rage and lusts, his own cum slut slave that he can do with as he pleases.

Pulling his cock from her now dripping pussy he opens up the cheeks of her ass to reveal the small puckered hole that he has fantasized so much about. Just to make sure she remembers who is the boss of this relationship he shoves the entire shaft into her without warning. There is a small scream as she takes the length inside her unexpectedly. Her hands, still taped together are behind her head as she buries her face into the quilt. He can hear her sobs as the crying resumes. As he pounds that tight hole his mind races over all the fantasies that he has had over the past 6 months and how eager he is to start acting them out. She can feel his cock start to swell as the sperm gathers for the explosion to come. Grabbing her by her hips and pulling her to him he starts screaming as the first waves of his orgasm take over. As he pulls her to him she can feel his balls slapping against her pussy. The veins in his neck stand out and the muscles in his body all tense at once. Losing all control he violently starts smacking her ass and back. Feeling his cock swelling and releasing seed inside her ass brings a wave of pleasure to her that she has never experienced. Her cunt starts spraying and squirting her own cum against his legs as he finishes.

As he pulls his half flaccid penis from her ass his eyes are mesmerized at the length of cum that stretches from her hole to his cock. Finally the strand breaks and swings down to her pussy. The gob continues running down from her ass to pussy. He wipes his hand up her pussy gathering it on his index finger. Shoving the finger in her ass, he runs it around gathering up his seed and then extracts his cum covered finger. Reaching around to her face he watches as she laps the cum from his finger. Sucking it clean.

Rolling her onto the bed he rubs his slimy, cum covered, ass fucking cock all over her face. Her tongue greedily licking and sucking it clean. When she is done he begins to pull up his pants. His pants and underwear are soaking wet with her cum and warm piss. A frown and disappointed look spreads across his face. Worry instantly returns to sweet Penney's. Not sure how he will react she starts apologizing.

"I have to wear this all the way home...maybe you should have something nice and wet to lay in as I make my way there." Pointing his cock in the general direction of the bed she immediately knows what is coming. As the urine makes its way to her she closes her eyes just in time to feel the hot piss cover her face. Leaning back and laughing he sprays her entire body with piss. The bed is soaking wet. She is covered and looking none to happy. Her wet hair laying limp against her shoulders.

Tim calmly pulls up his pants and pulls a knife from his pocket. A gasp escapes her lips when she sees the blade. Slowly and carefully he cuts through the bindings around her hands. Relief spreads and she falls back to the bed completely worn out. Leaning in he kisses her lips. Now her mouth opens voluntarily and their tongues explore. Such a nice blend of tastes on her lips. Her eyes are still shut when he breaks the kiss.

Looking down at her body and knowing that he now has a way to release the pressure, a smile spreads across his face. "Goodnight my pet sleep well"

She watches him walk away and is amazed at how much she came.

She is afraid that he will come back...

Terrified that he won't...
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