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Female Prison Rape Pic story below

Please read part One for a Full understanding of the story thus far. Once Again many thanks to Maverick Man, you are the best.

* * * *

Saturday morning found me very very nervous for lots of reasons. I had no trouble getting out of the house; my parents were always supportive of my music (like they had a choice). Anyway I wore a pair of white panties, jeans and boots. On top I had on a sweater with a t-shirt underneath. I did not own a lot of bras and they were for "school". We had arranged to meet at 11AM. The violin player's parents would be at their store till five, so we agreed we would quit at 4. That would give me five hours to be naked with these guys.

I got to the house and rang the bell. I was not at all surprised that the five boys were already there. I assumed they agreed to meet earlier so I would be the last one to arrive. We exchanged pleasantries and hellos and the Violin player got me a cup of chocolate, which was a real treat, as we could not offer that much. I kind of stood in the living room sipping the cocoa for a minute or two and there was this very large awkward silence.

Finally one of them said something like, "Well."

There is a lot of this whole time period that I remember in bits and pieces. And it all blurs together as the story of anyone's life does after a while. But this day I remember very clearly. For lots of reasons.

But I remember very well, that I said. "Well what? Our agreement is that I will strip when asked. No one has asked yet. One of you will have to. Or I keep my clothes on."

They all sat silently for a few minutes, each waiting for one of the others to ask.

Finally the tenor sax guy said. "Okay Rovena strip out of those clothes."

I nodded and peeled off my sweater, then slowly pulled the top over my head. As I stood there topless, I could see their growing hard-ons. I reached down and took off the boots and then slid out of the jeans. I stood in nothing but my panties and made another decision.

"One of you will need to pull these down."

I cannot recall why I said it or even what possessed me, but it has become my standard policy when stripping for people. If I am home alone I remove my own clothes but if some one is there and wants me to be naked they have to do the work. Part of the power game I suppose.

Again there was a long pause. Finally the violin player got up came around behind me and pulled my panties to the floor. I thanked him, picked up my clothes, folded them, put them on the couch and then took my flute out. I asked if we were going to practice.

"We need to get used to the sight of you first" said the other flutist.

I shrugged and sat down on the couch. We had no TV, so if they did not find something to do soon it was going to be a long afternoon of staring.

One of them mentioned that what Tani had made me do the other day sent them over the edge.

"We need to be ready if he asks that again."

"Or worse," one of the others said.

I asked, "What could be worse."

As I was ready to draw the line at anything that involved me doing anything with any one. A gulag would be better. At least that is what I told myself then.

"What if he makes you use something up there."

I really had no idea what he meant at that point.

"Use something?"

The sax player nodded. "Yeah, I walked in on my older sister once. She was under the blankets but her hand slipped and a cucumber fell out...."

"What was she doing with that?" I asked.

I really was innocent as I sat there naked with five boys.

"In her phid" he said.

"Really!" I must have raised my eyebrows 12 feet above my head.

I shuddered "I can't do that."

"Better here, for the first time, than with him"

I nodded. "Maybe, but let's start slow. Maybe we should try at least one or two numbers first and then see how you guys are handling that much. Then we can push the envelope if we need to. After all, if you have the same .......problem, just playing naked with me, you'll never get past that to me playing with myself, or worse, if he did give me something to put up there."

They agreed and the violin player began our rehearsal. Less then one half hour had passed.

Part 8

We played for almost an hour. The violin player led us in a nice series of concertos and other pieces that sounded really good. I had to admit that being naked did help my playing and even when I practiced at home and had to wear clothes, I could picture myself naked and play a whole lot better. Though the boys were having some obvious problems. We stopped playing at one point to discuss some of the pieces and arrangements. As we did the conversation drifted.

The boys were all proud of themselves for being able to handle me being naked. No one ever seemed to worry about how I handled being naked. It wasn't long before the sax player reminded us that Tani did more than just have me play naked. At the first sign that any of the boys were getting hard he did a lot more. I reluctantly agreed with that assessment.

It was past noon and I had not really eaten breakfast and in an effort to forestall the idea that was now being tossed around, I voiced that thought out loud. The violin player agreed that we should break for lunch. His mother had prepared food for us before she left. He and two of the other boys went and got the food and set it out on the table. This was the very first time I ever ate naked. Now I do it all the time but then I felt very dirty, like I was making the food unclean by eating it. It was very upsetting. I think they noticed and suggested we play another piece before considering anything else. We played two more pieces after we finished eating and went back over an early rift for clarity. Then we took another break.

The boys again brought up the subject of what Tani had made me do. I again reluctantly agreed that we could not let that distract us or we would never get to rehearse. I was worried that the more the boys got used to my naked body, the higher Tani would raise the stakes. But the boys reminded me that the rumors were always that Tani liked boys.

As the flute player said "Look if he wanted you he'd just rape you and there would be little you could do. He wants us naked. Us jerking off. That is what really turns him on."

I only half agreed, but he did have a point. I was not sure how far Tani would push this. I think on a subconscious level I suspected that he was a coward and would not go too far.

Anyway the boys suggested that they see if they could "Tolerate" what Tani had made me do. I sat on a large sofa chair across from where they were sitting and slowly spread my legs. I slid my hand down the length of my body and rested it just outside my clit (a word I did not even know then). Once more I was surprised by how wet I was. This time, perhaps because the situation was different, I told the boys out loud.

The sax player laughed and said "Rovi, we've been able to see the glistening of your wetness each time you moved a leg"

I wanted to die of embarrassment and yet it also turned me on a lot. My finger slipped into my cunt. It was tight,........very tight. Nothing but my fingers had ever been up there and then only the one time the other day. It hurt a little but it felt so good. I slid my fingers in and out while the boys stared intently. I could see their hard-ons pressing against their jeans, pushing at their zippers.

I was really getting into it now and my head rolled back on the chair. I felt my eyes roll up in my head (something they always do when I am having a really good organism) and suddenly I moaned out loud. My moaning became louder and louder. I lost track of the fact that the boys were even in the room. All that mattered were my fingers riding up inside of me. I gave a louder moan and became spasmodic with an organism, all but falling out of the chair.

I slowly opened my eyes to see the boys staring at me....they were speechless.

It was one thirty

Part 9

I sat for a long minute, my hand resting on my mound, while the little spasms of pleasure worked their way though my body like the fingers of a lover on your back. The boys were all ready to burst out of their pants. Several of them had their hands on their bulges and I could tell they wanted nothing more than to cum as well.

The Violin player took charge "We need to be able to allow this to roll off our shoulders or Tani will be watching us masturbate every practice."

Again, they did not seem to care that he would be watching me.

One of them asked, "Would that be so bad? I mean what if we did cum? We could get back to playing that much sooner."

This sparked a debate with two of the boys saying that this was a better idea instead of just learning to "tolerate" my nudity they should give in, cum and be done with it. The other two including the violin player were of the opinion that they must hold out and not give in and allow Tani to see them cum.

The piccolo player sat very silently, then final spoke up. "We have yet to consider the possibility that if we do not cum Tani will force us to do more and more. And force Rovena to do more and more."

"You mean like stick something up there like my sister did?"

"Or more. What if he tells her to give us blow jobs?"

I was aghast. I had a vague idea what a blow job was and I had no intention of doing that.

I spoke up "Well, that is not going to happen."

"And how will you prevent it?"


We all sat silently for a moment.

"If we cum to fast....." the violin player said slowly. "then he will know we are trying to put one over on him. But if we wait too long we could all be bad shape."

"So," I remember asking, "we have to pick the spot where you guys give in? "

They agreed. In retrospect, they were somewhat protective of me. I think any one of them would have fucked me if they had gotten the chance or knew how to do it. But not one of them wanted to be my rapist and they were willing to try to prevent Tani from forcing them to do that.

We went over, again and again, the possible ways this could play out. None of them really wanted to masturbate in front of Tani, but then again, they were not seeing any choice. Just like I had not seen any choice in stripping for him or them.

"Well, once she plays with herself, I know I will want to shoot a big wad." said my fellow flute player.

"I could hold out." said the sax player

"Yeah, sure." I said, laughing for the first time in a while.

The boys kept talking and figured that they could not all give in at the same point as that to would look odd.

"He's going to make her put something up there. I just know it" said the violin player

"Well then let's see what that does for us." came the response.

I was not sure, and voiced my objections, but once again they gave the very logical argument that Tani could do worse if we did not beat him at his own game.

I sat back in the chair and spread my legs. The Violin player came in from the kitchen and handed me a cucumber. I put it down between my legs and slowly began to slide it in.....

It was two o'clock.

Part 10

The cuke felt cool and hard against the wall of my pussy. I was a virgin and nothing that big had ever been in there, so as I began to push it in it hurt like hell. I stopped, tears coming down my face and told the boys

"It hurts!"

Artie the violin player got up and knelt down on one side of the chair I sat in he held my hand.

"I read somewhere that the first time a girl has sex it hurts"

I think I yelled something at him like, "This is not sex! It's a vegetable!"

Still I knew the same thing. That it hurt the first time but, even with the pain, it did feel somewhat good. The boys all moved in closer. Both to get a better view and for support. I pushed the cuke harder against my clit and vagina it began to go in slowly. The pain was bad, but the good feeling beneath the pain was better. As I slid it in the boys kept getting nearer or maybe it just seemed that way. My fellow flute player was the first to break. He pushed the sweatpants he was wearing down to his knees taking his underwear with them He moved within inches of me, pushing the other guys out of the way and began to stroke his member. With each stroke I saw him make I pushed the cuke a little deeper. Soon it was in as deep as I dared. I twirled it a little bit and then moved it out slowly feeling the coolness of the cuke against my vagina walls. I saw the flute player take his final pull on his dick. As he came a large wad of his cum landed on my bare stomach. That was all it took. I let out a yell of pleasure and began to push the cuke in and out as fast as my hands and the lingering pain could handle. Two of the other boys took off their pants and proceeded to jerk off. And as I continued to play with my new toy, they exploded all over me. The violin player was next. He had taken the time to get completely naked. He began to rock his hard dick right near my face. The clarinet player dropped his pants and did the same. They both came nearly at once and both splattered their cum across my face and chest. I stroked the cuke one more time and then collapsed in exhaustion.

Silently and clearly filled with embarrassment, the boys retreated to the bathroom to wash up. I lay on the chair, tired beyond belief, my pussy aching from both the pain and the pleasure. Finally, when the boys were done, I got up and went to wash up

I came out and they were all sitting around in a circle.

"Well" I asked "What now?"

Part 11

The boys just sat for a long minute staring at me. For some reason that made me more uncomfortable than anything that went before. I started to twitch and became very aware of my nakedness. That in turn began to turn me on and I could feel the juice run in my phid again. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the Violin player took charge again.

"What if we are going too far?" He said, "What if he makes us or her do something simple?"

"Like?", I questioned.

He thought for a moment then walked right up to me. "Well, kiss."

Now despite all I had just done, I had rarely been kissed before this. A few pecks, more friendly then sexual were all I knew. But I also knew he had a point. I nodded a yes.

The Piccolo player chimed in saying "He may make us touch her..." He saw the look on my face and added "Just a little."

I nodded, "Okay....one at a time though."

Since he was already standing there, the violin player went first. His effort was wet and awkward and not very good. A sloppy wet kiss on my lips which I tried to respond to as best I could. His hand ran down my bare back and across my ass. His other hand groped at my tits then slid to my bush. He really did not know where to put his hands, so he just kept moving them here and there, never really hitting any "good" spot. This went on for about three or four minutes.

Then one of the other guys called, "Stop" and added, "We all need a turn and we have less than an hour left."

The sax player went next. He was a little better kisser and managed to get a tongue in my mouth. That did get a decent moan out of me but his hands were still not finding a mark and I was beginning to lose interest in the whole thing.

The Piccilo player was not nearly as good a kisser as the Sax player but he was better with his hands. He managed to figure out that one finger did better than a whole hand. And he slid it along the edge of my slit. Standing as I was, I let my legs go as wide as I could without falling and I really enjoyed the next few minutes despite the bad kissing.

The next guy was the best kisser thus far, but he really had no clue where to put his hands.

My fellow flute player was the best and the smartest. He came around behind me and began to kiss my neck and shoulders then he reached his hand around the front. He immediately slid his finger right up and into me. I almost fell into his arms he pumped and pumped. I was soon riding his hand up and down.

I could see the looks on the faces of the other guys. The flute player clearly had a much better idea what he was doing then they had. It did not take long for me to cum for the third time that afternoon. When he was finished with me he spun me around and gave me a long slow lingering kiss. It was great.

As he stepped away I looked at the clock. It was four o'clock and time to get dressed. The boys all renewed their promise to not say anything and we all agreed to try to get through our practices as best we could. We also agreed that if our real music practice broke down too much, we would continue to meet on Saturdays. But we would really try our best to play and practice.

That was the beginning...
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