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Author's note: Special thanks go to Rick in the Great Northwest for coming up with the original concept for this story, and for some helpful suggestions at critical points in the writing process. This is as much his story as it is mine.

There are a couple of things the reader should be aware of: First, this is a very long story. If you are looking for a slam-bam-thankya-ma'am kind of story, this isn't it. Sorry, it is what it is. Second, this is a story of erotic fiction that deals with betrayal, coercion, dominance and humiliation. If you're squeamish about those subjects, move on to something else. Those of you who aren't, sit back and enjoy the show.

It was a hot, muggy Saturday in early June when Gail Martin got the telephone call that set everything into motion.

Gail, a petite 35-year-old blonde, was still in her pajamas that morning eating a bowl of cereal when the phone rang. She was pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of Debra Mason on the other end. Debra and her husband Ron had been good friends of hers when she had been married, but she had only seen Debra in passing since her divorce over a year earlier.

"How are you, dear?" Debra asked. "I was thinking about you the other day, and thought I'd give you a call and see how you're doing."

"I'm doing all right," Gail said. "Being a single mom has taken some getting used to, but I've about got it down now. The kids are at Mother's for a couple of weeks, so I have some time to myself for a change."

Debra smiled wickedly when she heard that. Perfect, she thought.

"Well, Ron's in Seattle on business, and won't be back until next week," Debra said. "We've got some catching up to do, you and me. It seems like forever since I've seen you. I've missed you."

"Oh, Debra, I've missed you too," Gail said. "It's just that I've been so busy."

"Why don't you come over for coffee," Debra said. "Maybe we can catch up on things."

"Sounds great," Gail said. "Let me get cleaned up and dressed. How about an hour?"

"Great, I'll put on a fresh pot," Debra said.

"See you in a little while," Gail said, then hung up the phone.

Debra hung up the phone on her end, then winked at the two men who had been standing in her kitchen listening.

"OK, it's a done deal," Debra said as she casually strolled over to the men. They each bussed her on a cheek while she ran each hand down to the bulges in their shorts. Both men groaned as their cocks stiffened, then Debra laughed as she twirled out of their reach.

"Later, guys," she said gayly. "We have all afternoon to play."

"So, are we ready?" said one of the men, a tall blond who was Ron Mason, Debra's husband.

"Absolutely," answered the other, a well-built man with reddish hair. "I've been waiting for this for a year."

Jack Martin felt the trill of excitement in his stomach at the thought that by the end of the day he would have his ex-wife right where he wanted her, back where she belonged, under his thumb.

For someone who had been a success at everything he'd ever tried, Jack's divorce from Gail had been a bitter pill to swallow.

He had been the starting quarterback for his high school football team, leading it to an undefeated state championship season his senior year. He was an honor student who had gone on to a top Division II college where he had started three years as quarterback and led the team to winning seasons all three years. He had graduated from that college with honors and gone on to a successful career for a major corporation.

He had come from a prominent family that owned several businesses, and that had given him a rich boy's attitude and self-confidence that had helped him become successful with the ladies. From the time he'd turned 14, Jack had been able to charm the pants off just about any woman he'd ever encountered.

Gail had been the only exception. She had been a senior in college and he was a budding executive when they met at a social function. She was pretty, with a thick head of blonde hair, usually cut about shoulder length. She was fairly short and trim, but well-built. Like other women, Gail had succumbed to Jack's charms, but only to a point. Her religious beliefs and a straight-laced moral code had kept her from giving Jack her virgin pussy. So she had become a challenge for Jack that wasn't met until he came forth with a ring and an "I do."

Once married, Gail had proven to be fairly enthusiastic about sex, but again, only up to a point. It had taken Jack years just to coax Gail into oral sex, and even then, she never swallowed his cum. And as for anal, forget it. She also steadfastly refused to get into any sort of a swinging lifestyle, angrily rebuffing even the subtle suggestions he would occasionally make. And as time went on, her enthusiasm for even conventional sex declined as she developed a rather rigid moral attitude that brooked no deviance whatsoever, from anyone.

Needless to say, despite their two children, the Martins' marriage was quite stormy. Jack quickly began looking for new fields to conquer, to enjoy what Gail refused him. Gail had been willing to look the other way about his extramarital affairs for awhile, for the sake of the children, but when he became too flagrant, she filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage.

The divorce had been a rude awakening for Jack. Gail was able to bring forth evidence of Jack's adultery, with the result that she came away with full custody of the children, a healthy child support settlement and substantial alimony. It was a complete victory, and it left Jack infuriated.

He really didn't contest the custody issue, but he thought the monthly child support figure was excessive, and the very idea of alimony was one he simply couldn't abide. Alimony, in his mind, was a public admission of defeat, a slap in the face, and his first decision after the divorce was that he was going to find a way out of paying it.

This was especially necessary since he was remarrying quite soon, to a woman who was quite a bit more amenable to an open marriage, but who also had expensive tastes. Alimony would cut deeply into his recreational funds, so he had begun plotting to not only eliminate alimony payments, but also extract revenge from Gail for her victory in court. He intended to humiliate her and bring her back under his control, from whence she had slipped when she'd filed for divorce and kicked him out of the house.

It was actually Debra who had supplied the idea of blackmailing Gail into becoming his sex toy. She had been lying between Ron and Jack after a particularly sweaty three-way session when the subject of Gail came up. Debra, who was bisexual, made the confession that she had always been attracted to Gail, and would have loved to have gotten her into bed.

Like a flashing light, Jack had been hit with the scheme almost fully-born. What could be better? Gail was an elementary school teacher in a small town who also taught Sunday School and was an avid, almost fanatic, churchgoer. He well knew how Baptists felt about homosexuality and other "deviant" sex acts. If he could somehow maneuver Gail into a lesbian tryst and film the encounter, he'd have devastating blackmail to use against her.

Then he could not only quit paying alimony, but he could also coerce her into performing the kinds of sex acts she'd always refused to do when they had been married. The more he thought about it, the better it sounded, so much so that he never failed to get hard when he did. He would turn Gail into his personal sex slave, and make her do whatever he wanted her to do. He would turn his prim and proper ex-wife into the raging slut he'd always wanted her to be, and make her like it.

Gail was oblivious to all of that as she rang the Masons' doorbell around 11 a.m. that Saturday. She thought she was just going to spend a pleasant two or three hours with an old friend and catch up on old times.

Debra liked Gail well enough as a person, but she loved Ron and his eight-inch dick, and she adored Jack and his fat seven-inch cock, thus she always did whatever they asked her to do. So she had readily agreed to seduce Gail for Jack. She had lusted after Gail for years, and was eager to bring the straight-laced blonde into their wide-open sexual lifestyle.

Debra greeted Gail warmly and they walked into her kitchen for some coffee. Debra was an exotic-looking brunette who wore her thick hair stylishly short, but full. She was tall and well-built, with breasts in the A-cup range. She had an expressive face with devilish brown eyes that always threatened to betray her voracious appetite for pleasure. She was dressed in short shorts and a tight t-shirt that allowed her naked nipples to show through the thin material. Gail, of course, was more conservatively dressed, in nearly knee-length shorts and a linen blouse.

The two women talked about their lives and what had gone on the previous year. Gail could be quite likeable, even charming, so long as you followed her strict moral code. And Debra had never given Gail any reason to doubt that she was anything but an old trusted friend.

Ron was an electronics whiz, and he had wired his sun room with four mini-cameras at various points in the room. The cameras were wired to a computer in the upstairs office, where they would be recorded onto a CD-ROM. Ron and Jack could then go back later and edit the video, selecting the shots from whichever camera gave them the best look at any particular moment.

The biggest problem they had confronted had been how they were going to maneuver Gail into a compromising position without her knowing what was afoot. She needed to be clueless about what was going on until Jack was ready to spring his trap.

But on a trip to Jamaica a month or so earlier, Ron had come across a powerful sex drug, one that put the user into a kind of state of suspended animation, almost like a voodoo trance. The person on this drug would have no awareness of his or her surroundings, no free will, yet would be able to be fully ambulatory, even to the point of experiencing tactile sensations.

Ron had seen it used on a young prostitute in Kingston, and he and the shaman/pimp had spent some three hours fucking the little whore into a continuous string of explosive orgasms. They had used and abused her mercilessly, and she had raised absolutely no objection or concern about any of it, then she didn't remember a thing when the effects of the drug wore off. Ron had brought back a quantity that he believed would be sufficient to render Gail powerless to resist Debra's advances.

Debra had mixed the drug in some tuna salad, which she served Gail as part of a light lunch she had invited Gail to share in the sun room. It took about 30 minutes for the drug to begin to take effect, during which time Debra had a hard time keeping her excitement in check. Gail started feeling a little faint, a little nauseous and asked Debra if there had been something wrong with the tuna salad. Just before she lost consciousness, Gail had a disturbing thought that something was very wrong.

Debra had Gail lie down on the sofa and close her eyes to rest. Debra waited about 15 more minutes, to make sure Gail was truly out. Then she knelt by the sofa and called her name. Gail's eyes opened, but they were unfocused and unseeing.

"Gail, do you know where you are?" Debra asked. Gail shook her head slowly, as a puzzled look passed her face. "Gail, who am I?"

"Deb-ra," she answered woodenly.

"Gail, sit up please," Debra continued, and Gail sat up. Debra sat down on the sofa next to Gail, and put her arm around the blonde's shoulders. "Gail, kiss me."

Gail turned her face to Debra and the two women put their lips together. At first, it was a bit mechanical, but as Debra worked her lips against Gail's, and forced her tongue past Gail's lips, the kiss became deeper, more involved, their tongues working together. Gail had a confused look on her face when they broke the kiss, as if she knew deep down that what she was doing wasn't right. But when Debra ordered her to stand up and take off her clothes, Gail complied without hesitation.

Debra shivered with lust as she drank in the sight of Gail's nakedness. Gail was possessed of a modest pair of round 32Bs, a nice butt and just the barest hint of swelling at the belly from having borne two children. Debra's gaze swept to the fulcrum of Gail's legs, at the thick, dark patch of pubic hair that still couldn't hide her prominent inner labia. Her mouth watered at the prospect of sucking those lips and getting her tongue between them to the treasure that awaited inside.

Debra quickly stood up, undressed and pressed her naked body to Gail's. Gail instinctively wrapped her arms around Debra as they embraced and kissed again. Debra pulled away and bent her face to suck and lick on Gail's breasts, and as she did, a tentative moan escaped Gail's lips. Debra worked her way down until she was kneeling on the floor between Gail's legs, which opened of their own volition.

Wrapping her hands on Gail's butt, Debra pulled Gail's pussy close to her face, and she inhaled the aroma of Gail's arousal, wondering as she did just how long this woman had gone without sex. Then she dismissed the thought and slid two fingers between Gail's lips, up to her swelling clitoris, then into her steaming box. Gail's legs opened wider as Debra slowly finger-fucked her moistening cunt. Debra quickly pressed her assault with her mouth, running her tongue the length of Gail's furrow and boring into her wet pink pussy with her tongue.

Debra knelt on the floor and ate Gail's cunt until the blonde was involuntarily humping her hips on Debra's face. At that point, Debra maneuvered Gail onto the sofa, then laid her body atop Gail's.

"Oooooh, baby, I want you so bad," Debra cooed for the benefit of the microphones. "Tell me you want me too."

"I... want you, too," Gail said, an intense look on her face. It sounded a little wooden, but it was enough. Debra slid back onto the floor on her knees between Gail's legs, opened Gail's thighs wide and swiped her tongue up Gail's dripping pussy. She ate Gail's cunt with noisy relish, slobbering and moaning into the blonde's twitching pussy. Gail's hips were moving in a jerky motion as she tried to keep the connection between her cunt and Debra's hot, active mouth and tongue. Debra reached up with both hands and squeezed Gail's tits as she ate her pussy.

Gail was emitting little moans and yips as a strong climax built in her body. And without a conscious mind to hold it back, the orgasm burst through Gail's body like an earthquake. Her body shuddered and shook as she flooded Debra's face with her orgasmic flow. Debra gently licked on Gail's twitching pussy until the waves of pleasure subsided.

Debra stood up on shaky legs. She was beyond aroused from what she'd just done, seducing a willing, yet unwilling, woman into lesbian sex. The insides of her thighs were wet with the flow of her arousal, as she straddled Gail's head, keeping one foot on the floor and perching the other on the back of the sofa. She slowly lowered her pussy onto Gail's open mouth, but at first the inexperienced blonde had a puzzled look on her face. So Debra talked Gail through every step, and Gail did everything just like she was told, until Debra was frantically humping her hips hard onto Gail's mouth, as a powerful orgasm exploded through her slender body.

After a bit of a rest, Debra ordered Gail to lie on her back on the floor, then Debra lay down on top, in a 69. As the two women worked their mouths on each other, Debra got up on her knees, picked Gail's hips up off the floor, and held her up as she furiously lashed the blonde's wet, hot pussy. When they had each had another strong orgasm, Debra lay on the floor next to Gail, and brought the blonde into a close embrace, to which Gail responded without a thought. After a few minutes, Debra got up and left Gail on the floor, with her body still sweaty, her hair tousled wildly and her legs spread open lewdly, a benign expression on her face.

Jack looked at the monitor and exclaimed, "That's it! That shot says it all. She looks content, like she enjoyed what she just did. God, your wife is a fucking sexual genius." Satisfied that they had more than enough to use, the men shut the machine off and went downstairs to help Debra get Gail dressed and back on the sofa.

Gail began to come around about 4 p.m., and she was confused about what had happened. She had gotten sick, she thought, possibly from food poisoning, although she really wasn't sure. All she knew was that she left Debra's house with a vague feeling of disquiet, like something was going on that she wasn't aware of, but should be.

Over the next few days, she had some very strange dreams, some of them nightmares and some of them quite pleasurable. In fact, those were the dreams that concerned her the most. She had persistent dreams of sex, delicious dreams of wanton pleasure that left her shaken, yet aroused. These alarmed her, for she'd never had erotic dreams much in the past. And worst, some of them were dreams of sex with a woman, which she had always believed was evil, abhorrent.

It took Ron and Jack several days to edit the raw footage into a video of usable quality. Once they had a finished product, they burned copies onto a half-dozen CDs, then culled a couple of dozen of the best, clearest, juiciest shots into stills that could be printed out. By that Friday, they were ready. Jack booked two rooms at the Hilton on the bypass, near the airport at the large city not far from the town where Gail was living, then he picked up the phone in his office and called his ex-wife.

Gail was working in her flower garden when the portable phone on the picnic table rang. She answered the phone and cringed when she heard Jack's voice on the other end. Because Jack did have limited visitation rights, taking the children one weekend a month, it wasn't altogether unusual for him to call. But he knew, or should have known, that the kids were off at their grandparents, which meant that this call was about something different.

"Hello, Gail," Jack said sunnily. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," she answered. "And you?" Gail was immediately suspicious. Since the divorce, Jack's tone of voice whenever he had called had been terse, almost angry. But this time he sounded upbeat, almost breezy, like he had an ace up his sleeve. Gail had known him too long to be anything but wary.

"Getting remarried in a few weeks," Jack answered. "To a real hot babe. I'm sure you'll like her."

"I'm sure I won't," Gail said coldly. "Jack, what do you want? I'm busy and I don't have the time or the inclination to engage you in a lot of chit-chat."

"Gail, we need to meet to discuss our divorce settlement," Jack said. "Some new developments have arisen that concern you."

"What do you mean, 'developments that concern me?'" Gail said, as an eerie feeling slithered down her spine.

"Yeah, I've gotten some information that should allow for a more equitable settlement," Jack said. "Let's meet tomorrow night for dinner, say 7 o'clock, in the lounge at the Hilton on the bypass. You know where I'm talking about, don't you?"

She knew, all right. That was where they had spent their first night as a married couple, before getting on a plane the next morning for their honeymoon in the Caribbean. Gail felt like she'd swallowed a rock. The sleazy so-and-so was up to no good, she could sense it.

"Jack, you can't renegotiate our divorce settlement just because you want to," Gail said angrily. "That settlement was set by the court, and you agreed to it. If you're not happy with the terms, tough. Have your lawyer call my lawyer, and see what you can do. But I don't think you'll get very far. The judge was pretty adamant about holding you strictly to the terms of the deal, or maybe you haven't heard of the words contempt of court. And I'm not meeting you for dinner tomorrow or any other night. You're a part of my past now, and I intend to keep it that way."