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My husband and I are into swinging, voyeurism and exhibitionism but the thing that turns me on the most is being dominated. I have this fantasy that makes me so hot, I can't wait for it to come true.

I'm at home on my own when the electricity goes off. I have to ring a company who say they will send a team out to fix it really soon. To pass the time, I run myself a bath with candles and a glass of wine. After the first glass, I start to feel really horny so I begin to masturbate. I am just about to cum when the doorbell rings-it's the electricians!

Feeling quite frustrated, I put a t-shirt on and walk downstairs to answer the door, aware that my cunt is soaking wet and throbbing.

I let the "crew" in - 2 men and a young looking guy, definitely in his teens. I lead them into the kitchen to find the fuse box and in order to reach it I step up on the kitchen ladder. Getting back down again, I notice the teenager is red faced and can't meet my eye. The other two are staring at me intently. I remember that I am not wearing any knickers and realised I must have flashed my cunt to all of them.

Feeling quite embarrassed-and still a bit horny and anxious to return to my warm bath and my vibrator-I mumble an excuse and tell them I'm leaving the room and to give me a shout when the problem is fixed.

As I turn towards the door, however, the larger of the men blocks my path. "You're not going anywhere" he says in a low growl, while he grasps my ass hard. I yelp as he's hurting me, but he and his buddy are laughing.

"You can't give us a show like that and get our cocks all hard without getting us off" he warns. By now one of them is in front of me and the other is behind me. I can feel the 2nd guy's hard cock pressing against my ass. "Me and Bill are going to have some fun with you" he grins.

"My husband is going to be home from work soon..." I stammer, but they are both ignoring my protests. I look to the teenager for help but I notice his penis is out of his trousers and he is slowly stroking it, staring intently at my breasts.

I realise looking at all of them, that I won't be able to reason with them-they all looked dazed with lust and I can notice the bulges in their trousers where their erections are pressing against the material.

"Don't think of asking young Dave here for help", threatens Bill, "He's a virgin and this is going to be his first chance to get some pussy".

By now I am struggling but Bill tells me to shut up and keep still. The other guy, Graham according to his name badge, rips my shirt open and now I am totally exposed. I try to scream, but Bill clamps his hand over my mouth. By now his colleague is fingering me. I'm still squirming and trying to get free while Bill motions for the teenager to come over.

Removing his hand from my mouth, Bill orders me to start sucking his cock. The teenage kid-Dave is by now frantically masturbating as he runs his hands over my naked, trembling body. Before I can protest, Bill has shoved his fat 9 inch cock in my mouth. I gag at first but then when I feel a sharp slap on my ass, I start to behave myself and suck properly.

Meanwhile, I can feel Graham behind me, fingering my pussy. To my shame, I am getting wetter and wetter. "You dirty slut, you are loving this aren't you" he growls. I can feel two fingers up me, then three, then he's trying to force four up me. Although it's hurting, I am still getting wetter and wetter.

Watching Dave wanking off is making me really horny, although I am almost gagging from having the length of Bill's shaft rammed down my throat. Just when I think I cannot take it anymore, Graham grabs my hips and rams his cock into me. He's huge as well and is completely stretching out my soaking wet cunt.

"She's so tight-you're going to love fucking her" he tells the others. I realise with horror that they all plan to take turns on me. I would protest, but my mouth is now full of a load of cum which Bill has just spurted into it.

All of this is too much for Dave who leans over me and whispers "I'm gonna come too" and as shoots a stream of hot sticky cum all over my face.

I am feeling so hot and now all I wanna do is cum but suddenly Graham stops fucking me.

"If your cunt is this tight, I wonder what your ass feels like" he muses.

I have never had a dick up my ass before and I start to struggle again, however young Dave soon silences me by shoving his cock in my mouth. I feel it beginning to grow again as Graham fingers my asshole, rubbing my thick cunt juices over and into both my holes.

I am getting wetter and wetter when I feel Graham's tongue lapping at my pussy lips and then licking my hard, swollen clit.

Bill has recovered from his first orgasm, I notice, and is wanking off furiously as he watches. Eagerly, he shoves Graham out the way and demands his turn.

Grabbing me by my hair, and pulling my neck back, he slams his prick inside me as I yelp out in pain. Graham is busying himself pinching my nipples and clit. I am feeling pain and pleasure all at once. I know I am going to come really hard soon and so I almost scream in frustration as Bill removes his cock from my dripping wet pussy.

Straight away, I can feel him tearing into my asshole. He's fucking it so hard that I do feel like crying out, but my mouth is busy on Dave's cock. Meanwhile Graham is actively fingering my cunt and rubbing my clit "Don't worry Dave, he winks-I'm getting her ready for you".

A thrill runs through me-I have never fucked a virgin before and the idea of my little hole being the first one Dave's ever been into makes me shudder with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Bill is plunging his cock in and out of my ass and although the pain is almost unbearable, it is also making my cunt throb with pleasure. Just as he explodes again into my ass, he pulls out his cock and Graham plunges his rod into my pussy. I cannot hold back anymore and I cum so hard I think I am going to pass out.

The feel of my cunt going into spasms sends Graham over the edge and he releases a hot spray of cum into my now drenched cunt.

By now we are all sweating and panting. Bill and Graham now stand in front of me and order me to lick their glistening cocks clean. As I lap all of my juices (and theirs!) off their long shafts, I feel Dave slide inside me with a long groan.

So there I am in the middle of my kitchen floor, on all fours, getting fucked from behind by this virgin piece of ass while I am taking turns sucking two cocks! If my husband could see me now! The thought drives me wild, and bucking against Dave, I climax again. Just as I come, he does as well and we collapse in a satisfied heap on the floor.

Now that the workmen have had their way with me, they get dressed and leave.

Smiling to myself, I walk back upstairs to finish off what I started with my vibrator and to wait for my husband to come home so I can tell him all about my adventure...
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