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Fantazy Rape Stories Best Rape Fantasy Pictures Rape And Incest Survivor Stories College Rape Forced Sex
The years I spent in college were difficult at best. I paid for every class, book and pencil myself by working three jobs, loading up on loans and doing without needed items. By the third year I was broke, in debt, and desperate. I had 6 more months of college to get through and a few months of normal paychecks before I could get in control of my situation. I didn't know how I would make it until graduation and spent many nights alternating between racking my brain for solutions and dissolving into tears.

After deciding one evening that I would have to return to my hometown and give up my dream, I headed for a local bar and proceeded to get obliterated. I sat at the bar next to a well-dressed man in his 40's spilling my guts to this absolute stranger. He listened intently and then presented an offer that would solve my financial problems and allow me to stay in school. If I proved myself worthy, I could become financially set in his lucrative business. Anything sounds good when you are desperate and wasted. A dangerous combination. I agreed to meet him at his "office" the next afternoon and took his business card for directions and to jog my memory the next day that I actually had made an appointment. The chances of me remembering on my own were slim.

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and feeling queasy but by mid afternoon I was doing much better. His name was Ford and he had left a reminder message on my answering machine. I showered, dressed, and drove to the address on his card. I slipped into the building he deemed his office and waited nervously by the entrance. What did he say he did again? I really couldn't recall. As I contemplated leaving, he emerged from the darkened hallway with an enormous smile. I felt a little shiver run up my spine and racked my brain to remember the previous night's conversation.

Ford lead me to the back of the building where there were movie sets constructed in various places about the warehouse sized room. As I studied the scenes, I realized that most of them had a bed, couch or Dr.'s table in them. Cameras were shooting a scene at the end of the room. I followed Ford down the path, through the equipment, and over to the active set. I swallowed a gasp as my eyes focused on the bedroom scene being shot before me. Two large breasted women wearing dog collars were positioned in a "69", licking the other's pussy while grabbing at her ass or nipples. 10 or 12 men were watching the shoot along with 3 or 4 women. The cameras had the words Perfect Pussy Productions written in bold letters on their sides The two on the bed were moaning and breathing hard while they lapped at the pussy covering their mouths.

I closed my eyes and started to walk away. Ford followed me. He turned me to look directly in my eyes and said, "this will pay you enough to get out of your desperate situation. Take off your clothes and meet me at Set 8." I shook my head violently and walked toward the exit. Ford grabbed my arm to stop me while he waved a paper in front of my face. "What's that?" I asked irritated at being detained. "It is a contract for your services in three separate scenes in this movie. You signed it last night at the bar. The fine print states that if you do not comply, you will be ordered to pay the sum of $50,000 dollars immediately to my movie company. This contract holds up in court. Ask the two ladies on the bed in Set 14". I stood for a long time reading the contract over and over to ensure its legitimacy and looking for loopholes. Dazed and defeated I followed Ford to Set 8. He sat on the hospital bed and watched me undress. His gaze was intent as he evaluated my body completely. "I knew you had a great body. Guys and lesbos are going to love watching you get ate and fucked." I had definitely evaluated him wrong last night. He definitely had not been concerned about my situation!

The cameras and audience moved down the center of the warehouse to Set 8. I stood naked and feeling vulnerable with only a hospital gown, open in the back, covering me. The room was chilly and my nipples jutted out hard from the thin fabric. My bare ass was easily viewed through the back of the gown. All eyes were on me and I saw several men lick their lips and rub their cocks. Within minutes, 1/2 the guys were standing erect, stroking themselves, eyeing my tits and legs, and anticipating the scene.

"You especially turn them on since you are a virgin porn star" Ford volunteered.

I wanted to cry but pride held back the tears. None of those pricks would know they bothered me in the slightest. Prying my legs apart might be a challenge though.

After being directed to lie on the hospital bed, two young women dressed as nurses in stockings and garters and a man dressed as a doctor entered the set. The cameras were turned on and I received a full examination from the three. The blonde was positioned on one side of me, the red head on the other. The doctor stayed back and ordered the nurses to check my body thoroughly. At his request the scantily clad nurses removed my gown and began to run warm, wet, soapy sponges all over my body leaving bubbles on my skin. They took special care to massage my nipples and pussy with their sponges as they washed. Each took one of my legs and put it into a stirrup.

With my legs spread wide the cameras and audience members had a full view of my pussy. The bed was then raised to a 45-degree angle so my tits would be clearly seen as well. The doctor then ordered the nurses to lick all remaining liquid from my body. The women started at my neck and ran their tongues down at the same time removing the water droplets from my chest and breasts. They slowly ran their long firm tongues over my erect nipples while cupping the opposite breast for the other to suckle. I began to protest but realized at that point that my arms had been shackled to the bed. As the nurses sucked my nipples and held a breast with one hand, the other hand stroked my thighs and pussy.

The blonde stroked my clit with the tips of her fingers and the red head pumped two fingers in and out of my pussy. I wanted to hate it. I wanted to scream let me go but all I could do was lean back my head, arch my back and moan. Within minutes I felt a mouth on my wet hot swollen cunt. The fingers never left my pussy so it must have been the red head who knelt between my spread legs and devoured my pussy with her lips, tongue, fingers and mouth. My tits were alternately sucked and pinched. After only a few minutes of this intense stimulation, I came violently into the red heads mouth. I bucked at the restraints and scream with the incredible pleasure I was experiencing.

Within minutes, I felt the front part of the bed drop off and I was all but suspended in the air. I opened my eyes to see the gorgeous, blue eyed doctor standing between my spread, restrained legs. His enormous cock was pulsing in his hand. He ordered an immediate fucking for his patient and aggressively slid his over sized cock into my dripping pussy. He slid his hands under my ass and power fucked me for a good 20 minutes until my pussy was sore and aching. The blond stroked my slit with her fingertips while the red head ate her pussy from the back. The doctor cried out with ecstasy and then exploded his sticky wad into my aching pussy. I arched up to accept the full length of him inside me while my muscles contracted with what would be another massive orgasm. He pumped hard until my moaning and whimpering subsided. I looked up into his gorgeous blue eyes and thought I had never been fucked so completely in my whole life.

After being released from my bondage, I laid naked on the bed for sometime until the shaking subsided and my legs worked again. I was actually looking forward to the next shoot and what it might entail. And just think, I was getting paid for this!