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In the first chapter, wife Marilyn van Zandt is home alone when a masked female intruder breaks-in and while there to do a robbery, ends-up breakin-down the busty mother's back-door as well....

Confusion, fear and lust battle for supremacy in Marilyn's mind. Lord, forgive me, she prays Silently, as the overwhelming sensations of the forced backdoor rutting fuel her need. She thinks she will go mad from the constant "change-of-pace" of the masked woman's relentless sodomy: hard, fast pounding, merging into three-quarters speed, then right back to knee-buckling, teeth- jarring thrusts. The copious, thick evidence of her spend coats the insides of her thighs and patters onto the bedroom rug.

This is not the masked-woman's first foray into lesbian rape; it was not planned, as she'd done a thorough job of "casing the mark" before-hand. She is skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, and in previous break-ins had had to subdue a husband who had arrived home unexpectedly at least twice. Tying them up and forcing them to watch her butt-fuck their wives to screaming orgasms was just icing on the cake.

The rapist decided to test just how much under control her new bitch was: slowing to a leisurely pace, she finally withdraws and circles around to face her panting, open-mouthed rape victim. Thrusting her pelvis forward, she pushed her soiled, glistening prick into Marilyn's mascara-streaked face. "Suck it, slut" she demanded, her voice cold and full of menace.

Marilyn recoiled, horrified by the notion of taking the filthy rubber organ into her mouth. A hard backhand is sufficient to change her mind. Gagging at the smell, she could do nothing but open her mouth and accept the greasy staff . The taste is repulsive, but she is able to keep from throwing-up when she hears the following: "If you throw up, bitch, I'll kill you and ass-fuck your corpse"

Satisfied that her cock is sufficiently cleaned, the masked woman returns to her previous position. Marilyn's pooper is gaping openly between her splayed buttocks; the other woman admires her hand-work for a few seconds before burying her strap-on deep in her captive's ass once again.

The speed of her thrusts increase until the large fake ball-sack beneath the rampaging psuedo-dick is banging insistently against Marilyn's wet, open-lipped gash: the contact against her clit, combined with the solid, deep, non-stop buggery is enough send the lusciously-built suburbanite screeching into her first orgasm. Her rapist isn't there yet; the little clit stimulator, built into the base of the strap-on, is doing a fine job of taking her closer and closer to her own climax.

Marilyn's rectum is so loose now that her partner is able to "bottom-out" with each deep, pounding, punishing thrust. The hapless redhead opens her mouth and screams something she never imagined possible" "Oh, my GOD! FUCK MY ASS! I love how you're fucking my ass! Don't Stop, NEVER STOP!"

"You got it, baby," the masked woman replies. Never missing a stroke, she changes from a kneeling to a crouching position, and grabbing a meaty hip in each hand, delivers a butt-fucking so savage that the whimpering wife and mother is soon pleading for mercy. Lubrication and ass-juice bunch around the base of her cock and drip onto the floor as the incredible force of the sodomy forces them out of her squealing victim's savaged anal cavity.

Raw animal lust claim both women as the they drive toward their final destination. The stink of anal sex permeates the room. The loud slapping and lewd, liquid sounds as the shit-stained rubber monster continues it's relentless path into the depths of Marilyn's bowels punctuate the animalistic rutting. Marilyn van Zandt gives a final, raw-throated howl and blacked-out after her unknown attacker squeezed her fake ball sack, shooting a hot, gooey wad of "cum" into the red-head's battered back-door.

After waking up, Marilyn showed her masked intruder where their stocks, bonds and other valuables are kept. The other woman is certain to leave tell-tale marks on the safe to indicate a break-in and lead the police away from suspecting Marilyn as an accomplice. Finally, she tied Marilyn to a chair and left the way she came. Some hours later, her husband is shocked to find his wife tied up and his safe rifled. The investigating detectives, noting her bruises, the rope she'd been tied with, and the professional manner in which the alarm system had been disabled, had no reason to suspect the "prim and proper" housewife.

A few days later, Marilyn's husband decides to take her with him when he goes on a business trip to Vegas. While he is out at his seminar, Marilyn calls the pager number her masked rapist/lover had given her before making her getaway. In the sumptuous suite where they are staying, Marilyn's "safe" is "rifled" very thoroughly and professionally by the dildo-strapped professional thief. Butt-fucked to non-stop orgasms, the sexy redhead is waiting like a good little wifey when her spouse arrives. "Honey, do you smell that?" he asks, sniffing the air. "I can't put my finger on it, but WHEW! it stinks!"

Marilyn knows EXACTLY what it is: her mystery lover had plowed her ass so deep and so hard that she'd been unable to stop farting.

"I'll call downstairs and get them to send a maid up," she says, moving toward the phone. With her back turned, her hubby can't see the secret smile curving her lips as she punches in the number.