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Violet was excited about what Timothy had whispered in her ear. It was going to require her to do some things that she had never done before, but the reward was going to be huge. Violet proceeded to get undressed behind the one way mirror as she watched Evelyn getting worked over on the floor.

By this point, Evelyn was being used like a two dollar whore. She was bent backward over a couch with her hips on the armrest and her head down on the seat. Men had taken their turn between her legs fucking her for all they were worth before spewing cum all over her stomach and tits. In the meantime, the wives in the room had found it amusing to occasionally sit on Evelyn's face while their husbands were banging away at Evelyn's pussy. There was more than one occasion where Evelyn thought she would pass out because of the inability to breathe. But Evelyn was being treated as an object at this point, and none of the clients seemed to either notice or care about her well being.

Just when Evelyn thought she couldn't take anymore, Timothy appeared and called for a halt in the action. A collective moan went up from the crowd, but they did as they were told and everyone backed away.

Evelyn was a site to behold. What had once been a nice sexy outfit complimented by perfect hair and makeup had de-evolved into a cum soaked tramp. Evelyn staggered to her feet slowly. Her pussy was sore from all the abuse she had endured over the last hour or so. As she looked down at herself in bewilderment Timothy called to her.

"Over here my dear, time to get you clean up," he beckoned.

Evelyn stumbled forward and the crowd parted to let her through. Evelyn thought she was going to fall as she approached Timothy, but the Asian girl from earlier in the evening grabbed her under one arm and let her out to the hall and into a bathroom.

"We must get you washed up and presentable again Evelyn," the Asian girl said. "The real fun hasn't even happened yet."

Evelyn looked up with weary eyes, "What do you mean hasn't happened yet, look at me!"

"Oh you'll see," said the Asian girl in kind of a sing-song type of voice. "The next part is the favorite of the crowd. It's kind of a ritual."

With that, the Asian girl stripped Evelyn out of what remained of her clothes and gently pushed her into the large marble shower. She then turned the water on and watched as the cum slowly came away from Evelyn's chest and thighs.

"You are such a pretty girl," the Asian girl sighed. "Such a shame you should be in this position."

"Here is some soap," continued the Asian girl. "Please make sure you get everything off you. You're to be as good as new when we bring you back in."

Numbly Evelyn ran the bar of soap over her abused body. She noticed a few bruises on her arms where men had grabbed a little too intently as they came all over her. Her ass was also a little tender from some of the spankings she received from the wives as they sat on her face.

Soon enough Evelyn was clean, and she was dried off by the Asian girl and let out a second door in the bathroom that she hadn't noticed before. Once in the other room, Evelyn's makeup was re-applied and her hair was put in a pony tail.

"The better to handle you with," the Asian girl had said when she put Evelyn's hair up.

Evelyn didn't really know what to make of that comment, but it quickened her pulse nonetheless.

Evelyn was then led through another door into a much bigger room. The room was full of machines and harnesses that Evelyn had only heard of.

"This way my dear," called the Asian girl. "We have a special one for you over here."

Evelyn followed the Asian girl and nearly tripped as she twisted her head from side to side trying to process all the information.

"Hop on up," encouraged the Asian girl. "Time to get you secured."

Evelyn started at the apparatus before her. It was a large 'H' shaped leather ottoman. It had a steel post in each of the four corners. The top two posts had a single restraint on the inside. The bottom two posts had restraints on both the inside and outside. The apparatus also had wheels so it could be moved around when necessary, but locked in place when it needed to be.

"Up here on all fours my dear," said the Asian girl. "Come now, we don't want to keep the clients waiting."

Evelyn crawled up on the apparatus. The Asian girl secured Evelyn's wrists to the single restraint posts, and her ankles to the inside of the dual restraint posts. Evelyn quickly noticed that her mouth was at the perfect position to either suck someone's cock or lick someone's pussy. She didn't think this positioning was by accident. It of course also meant that her pussy was at the perfect position to get fucked. With the restraints in place, there was nothing Evelyn could do now to prevent whatever it was that was going to happen to her.

"As a final touch my dear, open wide," said the Asian girl.

As Evelyn opened her mouth a red ball gag was placed between her teeth and secured behind her head. Evelyn tried to spit it out, but the effort was in vane. Now Evelyn couldn't even talk, and breathing would have to be done entirely through her nose.

Snapping Evelyn out of her thoughts was the Asian girls fingers around her ass. Evelyn quickly dropped her body onto the apparatus and attempted to keep the girl's fingers from entering her. The apparatus however, was specifically designed to keep a person's legs wide enough apart for such a reaction. Evelyn tensed and waited.

The Asian girl walked up to the front of the apparatus and cooed in Evelyn's ear, "It will be much easier on you if you let me put this lubricate in now. You will thank me for it shortly."

Once again Evelyn tried to get away. She thrashed against the restraints to no avail. Finally, exhausted, Evelyn relaxed enough and felt as the Asian girl slowly covered her anus in lubricate and began pushing it in with her fingers.

"There we go sweetie, much better," said the Asian girl. "Now you're ready for the ceremony."

"Ceremony? What ceremony?" Evelyn yelled through the gag.

But the Asian girl could hear nothing but 'mphf, mphf, mphf', so she ignored her.

The apparatus rolled quite easily when the wheel locks were released. The Asian girl had no trouble wheeling Evelyn out into the hall and down toward the main room where the clients were waiting. As was tradition, she waited until she could get Timothy's attention before the final entrance.

Timothy did catch her eye, turned and spoke to the crowd, "My friends, it has come time to once again provide you with the entertainment for which you have so kindly paid us for."

"Our young housewife Evelyn has never had anal sex and you shall all be witnesses to her christening!" exclaimed Timothy jubilantly.

The crowd cheered. Those who had been there before knew what they were about to see was one of the best parts of the night. And even though they only got to watch Timothy deflower the 'guest of honor', they knew that once he was done they would all get a turn.

"Without any further adieu, I re-present to you, Evelyn!" Timothy cried out.

With that, the Asian girl wheeled Evelyn into the middle of the room. Even though Evelyn had been used by these same people less than an hour earlier, she still felt extremely exposed, and given her new predicament, more helpless than ever.

"My dear," started Timothy, "is it true you have never had anal sex?"

"Yes," mumbled Evelyn.

"I'm sorry my dear, but we can't hear you through the gag. Please be a sport and nod your head in one direction or another," coaxed Timothy.

Evelyn moved her head in a vertical manner indicating she was still an anal virgin.

"And do you wish me to take your anal virginity tonight?" asked Timothy.

Evelyn shook her head feverously side to side. The crowd let out a collective laugh.

"Of course you don't my dear, but you know what, you are hardly in a position to do anything about it now aren't you," said Timothy.

Evelyn once again pulled against the restraints and tried to free herself. Up to this point she had been able to take the abuse and humiliation, but this was going far beyond what she was prepared to do to pay off a stupid bet on a card game. The result of her actions however, only seemed to get the crowd more involved. They cheered every time she pulled against the restraints or dropped her body down onto the apparatus in an attempt to get free.

"Now to the business at hand," exclaimed Timothy as he walked behind Evelyn, stripped out of his clothes and moved between her legs.

Timothy was not a small man Evelyn knew. She had seen his cock in the Asian girl's mouth earlier and knew there was hardly room for it in her virgin ass.

"Please don't do this," Evelyn begged to no avail.

No one could understand anything through the ball gag and she knew it. Evelyn felt all was lost when suddenly she heard a familiar voice call out from behind her.

"Timothy stop!" yelled Violet.

The crowd turned. This never happened. No one ever told Timothy to stop doing anything. But by turning around they could see why Timothy stopped. Standing there in a silver and black laced bustier with garters, stocking and high heels was Violet, and she was a site to behold. Noticeably absent from Violet's attire was any form of panties. As Violet started to walk toward the Timothy and the crowd she could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter. She thought that soon enough everyone would be able to see her pussy juice running down the inside of her thighs. But at this particular moment, the crowd was turning their head from her to Timothy – like a crowd at a tennis match would.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" asked Timothy playing the role he and Violet had worked out earlier while they were alone.

"The time has come to call in my favor," shot back Violet.

"Here? Now?" asked Timothy.

"Why not here? You know how I like surprises. And I'm sure the crowd will appreciate the spectacle that I am going to give them," Answered Violet.

While this conversation was going on, Evelyn had all but frozen stiff. She recognized Violet's voice immediately, but couldn't process why Violet was here, or how she knew Timothy. She prayed that who ever was behind her was not in fact Violet, but someone who sounded exactly like her.

"My dear guests," started Timothy. "I owe you an explanation. Allow me to introduce a friend of mine. Meet Violet."

Evelyn's heart sank. Now her hopes of getting through the weekend unnoticed were dashed. Not only that, but by Violet knowing Timothy, things might actually get worse.

"I owe Violet a favor, and as all of you know, my favors are not granted lightly," said Timothy.

"You should also know that Violet is an acquaintance of Evelyn here," Timothy gestured toward Evelyn who was looking for somewhere to bury herself to avoid any further humiliation.

Timothy turned his attention back to Violet, "So what do you have in mind Violet?"

"Well," said Violet as she slinked her way toward Timothy and the crowd. "I might be interested in sparing Evelyn the pain of your anal ceremony."

The crowd moaned.

"You can't do that!" cried someone from the back.

"We paid to see her get humiliated," cried another

"Hush!" yelled Timothy. "Let's see what Violet has in mind. Perhaps you will enjoy it more than watching me take Evelyn's anal virginity."

Violet was now standing beside Timothy. Timothy looked her over approvingly and ran a finger up the inside of her thigh and brushed over her shaved pussy lips before reaching up and inserting his finger slowly into Violet's mouth.

"I will grant you this favor, so now we are even. Do not disappoint the clients," said Timothy.

Violet smiled and moved to the front of the apparatus. Evelyn had her head down and was looking into the floor.

"Come my dear," said Violet. "Let me see your eyes."

Slowly Violet put her hand underneath Evelyn's chin and began to raise her face up to meet Violet's gaze.

"Funny seeing you here," continued Violet. "I didn't figure you for this type of entertainment."

Despite her nudity and restraints, Evelyn blushed. This was worse than she could have imagined. She wanted to disappear.

"You know that I have the power to let Timothy fuck you in the ass don't you?" asked Violet.

Evelyn nodded, it was the only thing she could do.

"But you really don't want that do you? You don't want Timothy to fuck you in the ass," Violet let the question and the answer hang in the air.

"Tell you what," said Violet. "If you do something for me, I won't let Timothy fuck you. Is that a deal?"

Evelyn nodded vertically. Whatever Violet wanted would be better than having Timothy fuck her in the ass while every watched her suffer.

Violet looked up at Timothy, "Please remove her ball gag."

Timothy walked over, unstrapped the gag and threw it to the Asian girl.

Evelyn took a deep breathe and moved her jaw around to recondition her muscles. She then looked over and up at Violet.

"Thank you," Evelyn said.

"Oh don't thank me yet," remarked Violet. "You still don't know what you have to do."

A look of fear entered Evelyn's eyes. She knew that Violet disliked her immensely, and Violet did have a way of eventually beating everyone she went into competition with. Evelyn knew that this was the night she was going to get beat.

"What I want you to do my dear Evelyn, is lick my pussy until I cum all over your pretty face. After that, I shall decide what to do next," Violet instructed.

"But Violet," Evelyn stammered. "We're friends, our kids play together. We see each other on the weekends. Why are you making me do this?"

"Because my dear, from now on I'll always have this to remember you by – and I'm going to hold it over on you whenever I need something when we get back home," answered Violet with a smirk.

"Now, run that nice soft tongue from the bottom of my clit to the top. Then stop and look up at me. Do not put that tongue back in your mouth until I say so," said Violet.

Violet moved into position and spread her legs so that Evelyn could easily reach her pussy with her tongue.

The crowd was getting into it now. The idea of a revenge sex game was being played out before their eyes. The unscripted rawness of it all was more than worth sacrificing Timothy's anal adventure.

Evelyn closed her eyes and put her tongue into her friend's pussy. Then, as instructed, she moved it from the bottom through the thick puffy folds in the middle to the top and then out.

"Very good," cooed Violet. "And look, you can see my pussy juice just dripping off her tongue."

"Do it again honey," said Violet, "but hold it in the middle will you."

Evelyn once again inserted her tongue into the bottom portion of Violet's pussy and began running her tongue up the inside of Violet's lips. She stopped in the middle. Suddenly she saw a flash, then another. Someone was taking pictures. Evelyn nearly collapsed from embarrassment.

"Now move your tongue in and out of me Evelyn," instructed Violet. "Be a good little slut for mommy."

Violet moved her head back and forth and she pushed her tongue in and out of Violet. As she moved, Evelyn's tits started to sway underneath her. One of the wives reached underneath and pinched Evelyn's nipples hard.

"I thought you were told to keep these hard?!" she exclaimed.

Evelyn was about to answer that it was currently the last thing on her mind, but decided against it.

Violet suddenly pulled away from Evelyn. Evelyn looked up to see that someone had brought a small chair over so Violet could sit down. Violet moved the chair into position in front of Evelyn so that by putting the small of her back on the chair, she could spread her legs much wider and give Evelyn full access to her dripping pussy.

Evelyn couldn't believe what she was about to do. She knew that in a few seconds her face was going to be buried in the pussy of the person she probably hated the most. Not only that, but an entire group of people was standing around enjoying and taking pictures of the whole event.

Sure enough, as soon as Violet was ready she looked Evelyn in the eyes.

"Ok my little slut, start licking me like there's no tomorrow. You had better be good or I'm going to let Timothy fuck that tiny little ass of yours," Violet spat.

Evelyn lowered her face into Violet's pretty pink folds and began licking her for all she was worth. She moved her tongue deep inside Violet and then used her lips and tongue to gently pull on Violet's clit until she felt Violet's hips start to shake. Evelyn knew she was close and continued her rhythm of sucking and licking. Evelyn's tongue was starting to tire, but she kept going – quitting now would be way worse than having a sore tongue tomorrow.

Finally Violet was ready to cum. She pulled Evelyn in so tight Evelyn thought she was going to suffocate. Violet bucked her hips wildly against Evelyn's mouth. Evelyn thrashed against the restraints trying to free her hands so she could pry Violets pussy from off her face but it was no use. Then, Evelyn felt a spray in her mouth and Violet pulled back. Violet's pussy juice now covered Evelyn's face. Evelyn could feel it drip down from her cheeks to her chin. She started to slump forward but was grabbed on the pony tail from behind so the crowd could continue to watch her humiliation.

When Violet recovered somewhat, she stood up and looked down at Evelyn.

"Well my dear, you do lick a mean pussy now don't you. I'm going to have to take advantage of that in the future," panted Violet. "But right now, we have clients to please."

"Mrs. Hu," called Violet. "Do you have the toys ready?"

"Indeed I do," the Asian girl called back.

The Asian girl proceeded to bring Violet two strap-ons. One appeared to be about eight inches in length, the other was larger at ten inches. Violet showed the two strap-ons to Evelyn.

"Which one would you like me to use?" asked Violet.

"The smaller one please," suggested Evelyn weakly.

"How about this one?" came a voice from the back. It was Jolene.

"Remember me my dear?" asked Jolene.

"Of course," answered Evelyn remembering how Jolene had taken her to the 'toy store' and humiliated earlier in the day.

"Well, while we were at the store today, I figured I'd by a treat for my girlfriend, but since this is such a special occasion, I thought I'd break it in here," said Jolene playfully.

"Whatever do you mean?" asked Violet quizzically.

All Jolene had was a box with a bow on it.

"Open it," Jolene said as she handed the box to Violet.

Violet opened the box and looked inside. A big sinister smile crossed her face when she realized what it was.

"I think we'll use this one!" exclaimed Violet as she held up the new strap-on.

Evelyn's face went white. The strap-on was huge. And it was thick.

"How big is it?" asked a man from the back.

"Well let's see here," started Violet as she began counting.

"It's a full twelve inches!" hyped Jolene excitedly. "And it has the inches labeled on the side so you can see how far in you are!"

"Put it on!" chanted the crowd.

Violet put the strap-on around her waist and secured it. She had used these a few times in college during her experimental phase, but had never used one this big. Just for fun she stuck it in Evelyn's mouth to see how much she could take. Evelyn started gagging at six inches.

"Let's hope your ass can take more than that." Violet said loudly.

"What?!" yelped Evelyn. "I thought you said you weren't going to let me get fucked in the ass."

"I said nothing of the sort my little slut," retorted Violet. "What I said was that I wouldn't let Timothy fuck you in the ass. I said nothing about not doing it myself!"

"Tonight I am going to break you in like you have never been broken before. Timothy, please reposition her!" Violet yelled to the crowd.