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Hot Forced Facial story:

My rapist gagged me; gagged me with my own cum soaked panties but little did he know that I loved it. The fact that I loved this made my stomach turn and I lurched forward in a gagging motion. Of course I couldn't see him, not with the blindfold still on; yet I felt his calloused fingers run slowly up and down my spine. It was almost like he was calming me down; perhaps he understood what I was feeling at the moment.

I whimpered against the soft material; feeling my rapists rough fingers dance against my soft skin. They moved against me as if they were performing a little dance, slowly sliding there way down between my tightening thighs. I heard him sigh and felt his fingers nudging; nudging between my legs gently.

I clamped my legs tighter only to have him try to push my legs a part, getting rougher and rougher by the minute until…


I squealed against the gag, moving my head left to right, trying to gauge where that smack had come from when I felt it come across my ass again, this time harder. With my screams muffled and my breathing quickening, I barely realized that he was hitting me wit a leather belt. I arched and screamed out again as I felt the leather smack roughly across my ass.

"Open Your Legs Now"

I swallowed slightly, debating this asshole's request but I debating too long. The leather belt came smashing down on my bottom again and then again. My rapist began to pick up a tempo, a beat as he bruised my plump bottom. Moaning softly, I slowly and yes, perhaps a bit teasingly, began to spread my legs apart.


Groaning loudly, I heard the click of the belt fall to the ground and I suddenly felt his hands grip my inner thighs and yank them apart harshly.

"Fuck… I can smell you"

That's when I felt his tongue slide across my slit. I lowered my head and whimpered against the gag, as he tasted my pussy. Gripping the couch, I rocked lightly against his clean-shaven mouth, feeling his moist tongue dance swiftly across my slit and my clit. I began to spread my legs further out, propping one of my knees on the back of the couch. His cat like tongue slid against my clit over and over again; suckling the nub daintily into his waiting mouth.

I yelped out as I felt his front teeth graze the sensitive skin; nipping and suckling on the enlarging bit of flesh. If the gag was out of my mouth, I would be panting now; especially now since my tormentor was working me into a frenzy. If I could I would scream at him to fuck me; something I knew he wanted me to say because then how could it be rape?

His mouth suddenly left my wet pussy and I struggled in anger, I wanted more and more; that is when I felt the head of his cock brush up against my clit. I moaned and rotated my hips hungrily as he continues to press against my clit, making electric shivers run up my body.

Thrusting my hips back, I heard his laughter fill the air as his cock began to fill my cunt. I bit down on the gag, almost rocking in pleasure at the feel of him slowly moving inch by inch as if to savor my tightness. My rapist's hands encircled my waist as he began to thrust into my body. By this time, the bounds across my wrists weren't hurting any longer because I held onto the arm of the couch, raising my head back as he began to pound into my cunt.

Each slam; each thrust had me on edge as I felt his breath quicken with his rhythm. His balls slapped against my wet clit, smacking it time with his thrusts and my mewls of wanting more. I loved the feel of his cock splitting me open and I could only bite down and swallow the desire of wanting him to shoot his load deep into my womb. Yes, that is a fucked up idea; getting knocked up by my would be rapist.

My rapist pulled me out of that daydream as he let out a grunt/groan of surprise. As I thought of his cum I had begun thrusting my hips back against him madly – you know where this is going to go people; I wanted his cock. With a renewed laugh, his fingers caressed my cheeks, brushing by my hair as he undid my gag. I didn't care though; I just kept thrusting back on his delicious cock and hoping to get something out of it. No pun intended.

His fingers were quick as the gag slipped out of my mouth; I sucked in a breath and groaned harshly, thrusting back vigorously. My rapist grabbed my hair and started to slam into me, causing me to scream out to him.

"Yes… no… oh fuck!"

With a growl, he bent forward over me, still pounding his cock deep into my cunt. I bet the image was hot.

"You dirty little whore; who would have thought this was your kink? I bet you love this, me rutting against you and soon to cum in you."

I whimpered loudly, renewing my thrusting against him to answer his question. With a groan, he dug his nails further into my hips and began to match my thrusts. Our bodies smack against each other with such rhythm, I had to try to think of something else so I wouldn't cum just yet. I wanted him, harder and faster, louder and hungrily and he gave me everything I desired and more. His hips grounded against my ass as I felt his cock rock back and forth against my g-spot. Our bodies glistened with sweat as my rapist continued to tease and torment my flesh, rocking back and forth against that spot until I couldn't hold it any longer.

With a yelp of surprise for him and I both, I slammed back and screamed ; I began to cum so violently against him I thought his cock would be trapped forever. He growled loudly enough for me to hear as slices of pain shot through me as his nails broke my skin. I grinded against him, thrusting and mewling as my cum slipped from my stuffed pussy and onto his cock and our thighs.


I nodded happily, dreamily as he began to suddenly pound violently against me. Yanking my hair back he leaned forward and bit hard into my exposed throat, only to have me spasm around him again. With a howl of delight, he shoved himself into me as far as he would go and I suddenly began to feel his cock tighten up. My rapist rotated his hips madly and cried out as he began to shoot his load deep within my waiting womb. I moaned softly against the couch, grinning almost as he continued to pump his cum in me.

"I hope I knock you up baby…"

Groaning softly, I gripped his cock tightly inside me and thrusted my hips against him. My rapist groaned loudly and continued to move in and out of me in slow motions as he kissed my cheeks and throat.

We stayed like that, in what seems forever, but there is a forever in anything you read, see or hear. I felt him slowly slide out of my abused pussy and the weight on the couch lifted. He didn't speak to me the entire time I heard the shower running, he fixing himself a cup of coffee nor when he proceeded to get dressed and make a phone call on his cell. I didn't care, I laid on my couch, bound and waiting for the next step.

I felt him move near to me and kneel beside me as he gently began to loosen my bonds. His fingers were soft as he caressed my body and this time, I moved with his hands – giving the reaction my rapist deserved.

"Now, I'm loosening these bonds and I'm going to step out and leave. When you hear your clock chime then you may undo your bonds and clean yourself up. If you so much as go to the police, I will make sure all my buddies have a chance to fill your mouth, your pussy and your ass then I will sell you to someone. Understood love?"

"Ye..yes, I understand."

I nodded obediently, shivering as I moved my sore wrists around a bit. Suddenly I felt his bare hand smack my thighs; with a whimper, I stopped moving around.

"I said wait…"

So I waited.

He left and I waited for that damn clock chime. I heard him hum some type of song for the CD he had had playing, the click of his shoes hit the wooden floor in the hallway. I know he stopped for a moment, looking at me – I could hear his breath rise and fall rapidly. For that, I gave my bottom a little wiggle. Yet he didn't come back; he just laughed and continued out the door and into the sidewalk out front. Chime you damn clock.

With the finality of the chime, I slowly undid my bounds and started to whimper as the blood rushed back into my wrists. Rubbing them gently, I only realized I was still blindfolded. With slow movements, I undid the blindfold. The sky was dimming and night would soon be on us but I didn't seem to care. Looking around, whatever mess there should have been – it wasn't there unless you are thinking the mess between my legs, his cum slowly slipping from my cunt. I shifted and moaned and took another sweep around the room when I noticed he had taken my panties and there was a business card on the coffee table in front of me.

With a smile, I gently plucked it from the basket of dried flowers and began to look it over.

"I know you wanted this. We both know it. There is no shame. I want to fuck you again… soon. This is my private number. Call Me. Sincerely, Jonathan.

PS – I bet you are rubbing your pussy right now."


Until I looked down and found three fingers buried deep into my soaked pussy. With a moan, I leaned back and reread the card over and over again. Jonathon. Fuck yes, I did want it and I would call him. I felt my clit begin to tinkle, my pussy tighten – I came with the thought of him in me; I came with the desire building… I came with his name on my lips.

The End.
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