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Sophie stepped outside of her house into the bright sunshine. She felt especially good, since it was her only day off this week, having no classes at the University nor was she expected at her part-time job. She had no immediate plans, but thought she might walk around town and see what developed.

After traveling downtown, she walked down by the steps that led to the Anchor Pub. She espied Zane and couldn’t turn away quickly enough to escape his vision. Not that she had anything personal against him, but he was an old friend from her high school days who thought he was God’s gift to women.

Zane was a dark-haired slim waisted young man, approximately five feet, ten in height. ‘I mean, he isn’t bad looking, but he certainly isn’t as near hot as he thinks he is,’ Sophie thought.

Zane came bounding up to her saying, “You look positively radiant today, Sophie.”

“Uh, thank you,” Sophie said slowly. “So what’s up, Zane?”

“I was hoping that I’d run into you today,” he explained.

“Oh, why’s that?” Sophie asked suspiciously.

“I have a special treat planned for us today.”

“And what might that be?” Sophie asked sardonically.

“How you’d like to spend the afternoon relaxing at the Anchor Pub?”

“Oh Zane, I don’t know. I don’t usually drink very much.”

“Come on, Sophie,” Zane insisted, “It’ll be fun or are you chicken?”

Not many things rile Sophie as much as someone accusing her of cowardice, so she responded, “Okay, let’s go!”

The Anchor Pub had a long bar a person could drink at or individual tables with chairs. When they entered the pub, Sophie indicated she would prefer a table.

“Then a table it shall be,” laughed Zane with a false hilarity.

‘All of the sudden this guy is reminding me of Irvin,’ thought Sophie.

After they were seated, a waitress came over and asked, “What’ll it be?”

Zane looked expectantly at Sophie and when she didn’t respond, he looked up at the waitress and said, “Bring us a couple of bottles of Sake, please.”

“Coming right up!” the waitress said, she being a master of clichĂ©s.

The waitress brought over the two bottles and two shot glasses.

“Thank you,” Zane said.

The waitress responded, “Call me if you need anything further,” and she retreated back to the bar area.

Zane filled up both shot glasses and handed one over to Sophie. “Now you have to drink this slow because if you don’t, it has a habit of sneaking up and kicking you in the behind.” Zane warned.

Sophie tipped up her shot glass and drank the entire thing in a single gulp and held it out for Zane to refill. It was then she felt the incredible warmth spreading instantaneously throughout her entire body causing her to flush and perspire immediately. And she began to cough.

Zane leaned over to clap Sophie on the back, until she shot up a warning hand to him. He realized Sophie’s blows could be swift and deadly, so he immediately sat back. Sophie finally finished coughing. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “that was awesome! Give me some more.”

“Now Sophie,” Zane warned, “you shouldn’t go so fast. I’m telling you.”

“ Ho, oh! So who’s the chicken now?” she almost cackled.

“Okay, it’s your funeral,” Zane said prophetically.

Sophie downed several more quick shots and that was the last thing she remembered for several hours.

She awoke in a local hotel with the worst headache she had ever experienced and the muted sunlight that came through the heavy curtains actually seemed to be sending knives of pain into her brain. She thought, ‘What am I doing in a hotel? I don’t remember coming here.’

Sophie sat up too suddenly and she felt as though she had to vomit. As she went to arise from the bed, the sheet fell off her bare breasts! Even in the condition Sophie was in, she was able to comprehend that she wasn’t wearing her dress. Almost too frightened to look, she picked up the sheet and glanced down at the rest of her stark naked body. ‘Nope,’ she thought. ‘Not a stitch!’

Feeling totally disoriented and trying hard not to panic, she began glancing around the room for her clothes. Sophie wrapped the top sheet around her and attempted to stand up, but immediately felt too dizzy to stand. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Sophie mumbled aloud, “Where are my clothes?”

Suddenly Sophie remembered enough to think, ‘Where’s that damn Zane?’ and finally when full consciousness stuck her she stood up, dropped the sheet on the floor at her feet and bent over and pulled the lips of her vagina as wide as they would stretch. Satisfied that nothing had been in there recently, she felt around her rectum the same way. When she had finished minutely checking every other inch of her body, she sat back down on the bed and thought, ‘Well, at least I don’t have to worry about that,’ because everything appeared to be undisturbed and intact.

Suddenly Zane’s voice from behind the bathroom door asked, “Sophie, are you awake yet?”

Recognizing Zane’s voice, Sophie jumped up, rewrapped the top sheet around her and screamed, “Zane! You get in here and give me my clothes,” while attempting to run toward the bathroom door.

Despite being stark naked himself, Zane quickly exited the bathroom hoping to forestall any more screaming on Sophie’s part, because of his anxiety she would end up causing enough of a scene the hotel desk clerk would be forced to call the police and the least trouble that would come out of it would be that everybody in town that they knew would eventually hear about it.

Sophie, perceiving the object of her immediate anger was naked only fueled her suspicions as to what was supposed to occur and caused her to fly off in a complete rage. She continued screaming, as she attempted to launch herself at him. “Give me back my clothes! You pervert!”

“Sophie, please. Try to remember. You got sick.”

As Sophie launched herself through the air at the denuded Zane, her sheet began to unravel and fell to the floor. As soon as Zane viewed the beautiful young woman with her large breasts swaying, as she rushed towards him and her totally uncovered labia with its light brown pubic hair, his penis began to rise, despite being under the threat of physical attack.

Despite being completely sexually attracted to Sophie, Zane still attempted to remain the gentleman and responded, “Sophie, calm down! I’ll tell you where your clothes are. Don’t you remember? Try to remember! You got sick!”

Suddenly Sophie did experience a glimmer of a memory of drinking so much that she began to vomit all over her and Zane and being ejected from the bar.

“Okay,” Sophie said, a little more calm, “I do remember being sick. But how did I get here and why did you take my clothes off, you sick pervert?”

“Sophie, I needed to get you off the streets as quickly as possible and I sent our clothes out to be cleaned.”

Sophie felt mollified enough by Zane’s explanation to respond, “Okay, Zane. I’m sorry I call you a pervert, but you can hardly blame me.”

Zane smiled, “Apology accepted,” and continued to stare at Sophie’s naked beauty.

Sophie was suddenly aware that Zane’s penis was extended to its six-inch fullness and she began to blush furiously. “Uh, Zane,” she said, “Don’t you think you should do something with that?” while pointing at his penis.

“Why, thank you Sophie,” he said, while pushing her back on the bed. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Sophie began to protest, “Zane! That’s not what I meant,” when suddenly Zane covered her mouth with his and inserted his tongue and began moving it everywhere. As Sophie rolled from side to side in an attempt to fling him off her, Zane took his middle finger and slid it past her luscious vagina lips and began to stroke her gently at first and then finally harder and harder.

When Zane removed his mouth from hers in order to begin to suck on her wondrously large nipples, Sophie protested, “Zane! I don’t want to have sex with you. I don’t love you. I don’t even know anymore, if I love Irvin after the date I had with him.”

Sophie was referring to a date with Irvin at a pub on her birthday, where he ravished her a number of times. While continuing to manipulate his middle digit in her garden of delights and periodically sucking on one nipple until it became hard and then the other, Zane replied, “Aw, Sophie, come on. After all, we’re both naked and there’s nothing else to do until our clothes are cleaned. We don’t even have cable TV in this room.”

Sophie again attempted to forestall Zane by saying, “Zane, I’m a virgin. I’m saving myself for the man who loves me.” Despite her experience with Irvin, Sophie still considered herself a virgin because it had been forced sex.

Zane continued to manipulate her clitoris, while beginning to lightly kiss Sophie all over her breasts and belly.

As Zane’s clitoris manipulation began to have its affect on Sophie, she moaned, “No, Zane. I said I don’t want to. Oh, that feels so good.”

Zane lowered his head and replaced his finger with his tongue and, while raising his hands up to her luscious breasts, he began to gently rub her nipples. He continued to manipulate her clitoris with his tongue, as Sophie was becoming more and more sexually aroused and was moaning more and more loudly until she suddenly started screaming, “Oh, Zane! I’m CUMMING!”

Sophie shouted, “Oh God!” as the wave of cum cascaded from her, which Zane greedily drank down. As her orgasm finally ended, Zane moved up to her and began kissing her passionately again.

Sophie pushed him slightly away and responded, “Now that was nice, Zane and I thank you. But that’s all we’re going to do. I told you I’m a virgin and I’m saving myself for the man, who loves me or unless Sid ever asks me.”

“Aw, Sophie,” Zane complained, “That’s not fair. You’ve been satisfied and I still have this,” he said while raising himself up to his knees so she could see his fully erect penis.

“Well, maybe there’s something I could do,” Sophie said tentatively.

That was all Zane needed to hear and he immediately reached down and placed Sophie’s right hand on his member and began moving her hand on it. Sophie began to manipulate his penis on her own thinking “Oh, I can do this. We used to do this all the time when we were kids.”

Suddenly Zane, knocking her hand aside, lunged forward and forced his penis past Sophie’s teeth and into her mouth and began to thrust vigorously.

Sophie began to complain and then thought, “Oh, well. We used to do this all the time too when we were kids.” And she began to assist him by wrapping her beautifully shaped lips around his thrusting penis and sucking with all of her might.

As she heard Zane begin to moan and having had experience in this area previously, she realized he was nearing his orgasm and she reached beneath him and placed her right hand on his testicles and began to massage them, while jamming two fingers on her left hand straight up Zane’s rectum and began to work them in and out.

This last operation brought Zane to fruition, as he began to shout, “Oh Jesus, Sophie! Do it! Do it!” And he began to shoot his massive load of love juice straight down the young beauty’s throat. As Sophie did not want to swallow Zane’s seed and, in fact, found the whole idea repugnant, she pulled her mouth off his throbbing member, but unfortunately she had miscalculated the enormous load of sperm he had in him and his shooting penis shot hot wads of cum over her face and hair.

When his orgasm stopped raining cum on her, Sophie exclaimed, “SUPER-BUMMER! You shot cum all over me, how disgusting. Now I’m going to have to take a shower.”

As Zane lay beside her and throwing his left arm across her large breasts, he murmured, “Sorry, Sophie, but that was truly awesome.”

When Sophie attempted to extricate herself from underneath his arm, she couldn’t help but notice with wonderment that Zane’s penis was still hard.

“You’re still hard!” Sophie exclaimed.

Zane responded, “Yes, I’m afflicted with a physical condition that won’t allow me to become soft again, until I have experienced a number of orgasms.”

‘Some affliction!’ Sophie thought with a snort.

“Zane, let me up!” Sophie demanded, while attempting to slide underneath his arm.

As Sophie slid from beneath his arm and arose to a sitting position, she swung her legs around so her feet could reach the floor. When she began her attempt to stand, Zane sat up and quickly reached out and gripped Sophie by the waist and attempted to fling her back onto the bed.

Sophie shouted in protest, “Zane, stop that!”

Realizing that Zane was not going to obey, Sophie reached behind her and positioned both of her hands behind Zane’s neck and pitched him completely over her and off the bed and onto the floor where he landed on his back.

Understandably thinking she had triumphed over evil, she stood up. Zane, raising quickly to his feet, ducked his left shoulder and charged into Sophie knocking her back on the bed with her legs spread wide exposing her open vagina. Zane climbed up on the bed on his knees and when he began to insert his penis into Sophie’s beautiful pussy, Sophie suddenly rolled over in order to kick out at him with her legs, as if she were a mule.

Zane, thinking quickly, gripped her by the waist again and this time he drew Sophie to him and rammed his blood-engorged penis straight up her well-appointed love canal.

“Don’t Zane!” Sophie protested. “That’s hurts! I’m still a virgin.”

Zane, who realized he had easily slid into her all the way up, knew a lie when he heard one and, besides, her vagina was already dripping with her own moisture proving to him that she was already deriving some pleasure from his being inside of her.

As Zane began passionately thrusting into her, as if he were a dog in heat which he basically was, Sophie began shouting “No, oh Zane, no! Oh no!” Suddenly her orgasms began flowing out of her in immense waves, one after another. Sophie realized she had never even imagined she could feel this good from sex and it was from the penis of Zane, for heaven sakes!

Suddenly Zane began to match her in orgasm, as he shot his load of hot cum into her shouting, “Oh Sophie! You’re the best!”

When Zane was finished satisfying himself and since Sophie’s orgasms had ceased also, he removed his still erect penis from her cum dripping vagina and lay on his back beside Sophie, who was lying with her face resting on a pillow.

A knock came upon the door and Zane quickly stood and crossed the room, as Sophie rising up on her knees and swinging around on the bed in a sitting position protested, “Don’t go to the door like that! Have the decency to cover yourself with a sheet!”

Zane answered, “It’s probably the girl with our clean clothes,” and opening the door, he stepped back so the person could enter. Sophie was amazed to see it was an extremely attractive, dark-haired, young woman, who she knew slightly from one of her classes. She was indeed holding their clothes and was dressed in a black, practically see-through, extremely short dress that, in actuality, was no longer than a blouse.

As she stepped into the room pushing the door closed, she set her eyes upon Zane’s full erection and then glanced up at Sophie, who was sitting on the bed, in a most unlady like manner with her legs spread wide exposing her wide open vagina.

The extremely attractive, young woman, whose name was Connie, pointed out, “Uh oh. I see somebody has been naughty in here.”

Sophie was even more amazed to see Connie set their clothes down on the floor and, in one motion, grasp the hem of her dress and pull it up over her head exposing to the view of Sophie and Zane her see-through black bra and panties.

As Connie reached behind her and unfastened her bra, Zane, wanting to be helpful, stepped forward and pulled her panties down. Connie stepped out of them and began moving quickly toward the bed.

Sophie, seeing her approach and panicking, climbed back up to the head of the bed instead of standing up. Connie climbed up onto Sophie and began kissing her passionately forcing her tongue into Sophie’s mouth while gently rubbing her nipples, which became instantly erect.

Sophie began twisting and turning in an attempt to throw Connie off her. Connie responded by pressing her hands down on Sophie’s shoulders, while she lowered her head and inserted her tongue into Sophie’s completely distended vagina.

Sophie wildly thought to herself, ‘This is too much! First I’m raped by Zane and now by a dyke!’

And she began to loudly protest, until Connie began to successfully manipulate Sophie’s clitoris. As Sophie lay moaning at each thrust of Connie’s tongue of her clit, Zane climbed up behind Connie and grasping her by the waist pulled her up to her knees and carefully inserted his ever continuing erection up her black bushed vagina and began thrusting rather violently causing Connie’s tongue to become even more active inside of Sophie. Sophie’s moans became louder and louder, as Connie began to moan herself, as Zane continued to thrust his penis far up inside of her.

Suddenly Sophie began to experience another orgasm, feeling the wave of cum cascading through and out of her and she began shouting, “Yes! That’s it!” while Connie suddenly realized her orgasm was beginning, shouted “Oh sweet God! Fuck me hard!” as Zane began to shoot his wads of hot sperm up Connie’s tight vagina.

When they had finished their simultaneous orgasms, Connie rose up to Sophie’s face and kissed her passionately and said, “I think I’m in love.”

Sophie thought confusedly, ‘At last I’ve had sex with someone who loves me! I don’t have to save myself anymore.’

Later Sophie stepped out of the bath after taking a long hot shower to wash all of Zane’s cum off her body. Wrapping a towel around her, she stepped out of the bathroom and into the empty room. Connie had finally ‘cured’ Zane of his erection and they had dressed and left. As she stood drying herself off in preparation of dressing and leaving, she thought, ‘That’s the last damn time I go anywhere with Zane!’

The End
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