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Rape First Time Stories Forced Sex Rape Video Samples Housewife Free Rape Pictures Free Rape Pics And Viedos
As we walked into the dark, smoky atmosphere of the room, my heart dropped in disappointment. When he had said this was going to be a wild party, I had an idea that he meant loud music, dancing, drinking and fun. All I could make out were a group of about eight men, all sat drinking and a few smoking. I looked around for their partners; I assumed they would be joining us later.

We walked over to the gathering; he smiled to his friends and introduced us all. I nodded and smiled a greeting to them all and sat down on one of the comfortable chairs. Smiling at me he went to get me a glass of wine. I just sat with my hands on my knee listening in to the various conversations, feeling a little out on a limb.

Sitting down beside me he curled an arm protectively round me and pulled me in tight, His strong hands cupping my waist, almost possessively. I moved into the comfort of his embrace and sat relaxing as he and his friends chatted about sport and the usual male type conversations. The warmth of the room and the wine seemed to take over and soon I felt myself nodding off into a comfortable snooze, my head upon his chest.

Stirring sleepily, I felt his hand caressing my breast through the soft fabric of my dress. His fingers trailing along the outline of my bra.

In my dream like state I moved closer and wrapped a leg over his. My hand absentmindedly caressing his large chest. Eyes still shut sleepily I lifted my head up for a kiss and felt his warm lips against mine, his tongue running along my lips before moving in to dance with mine. Soon the urgency and hunger of his kisses and the grabbing of my breasts had me to a point of blissful oblivion. It wasn't till I felt his hand lifting up my dress, that I pulled back, realising that we were in company. Pushing my dress back down, I turned to take my drink from the table. Looking forward I nearly dropped my glass as the two men on the couch in front of me were kissing hungrily, groping each others groin.

Looking to my lover, I nudged him with my elbow and gestured with my head to the couple lost in an erotic embrace. He just grinned and looked at them, with a shrug. Pulling me back into his arms, he took me in a deep kiss, taking my mind from the couple.

His kisses had a way of making everything melt around me, the way his tongue played with mine always brought me to fever pitch. Soon the aching in my sex had my hips thrusting onto his thighs. Pushing my wine to my lips, he helped me drink it, before refilling my glass and making me drink some more.

My head slightly dizzy from the wine and his touch, I didn't care as his hand pushed the fabric of my dress up my thighs. The thong left my arse cheeks free to the air, and a hand cupped and pulled at the soft flesh, kneading it as his other hand pushed the front of my dress down and massaged my covered breast. I almost didn't notice as he picked me up and laid me on the table in front of our seats. Laying me back so gently, I gazed into his eyes and looked at him hungrily. A noise from the right of me caused me to awaken from my lust and realise that I had just been about to allow my lover fuck me on that table. Trying to sit up, I felt his hand on my chest pushing me back down.

Looking into his eyes with panic I could see darkness there like never before. The force of his hand had me pinned down.

"I think my little lady is a bit nervous lads, would you help me relax her?" My arms darted around the room; the two lovers were laid in a naked embrace, both hard cocks exposed to all. Fingers fucking each other's tight holes. The six other men crowded around me and took hold of a part of my body each. My body was pinned down now by seven pairs of hands. Screaming loudly and writhing against the hands, I looked at him.

"Let fucking go of me, now!" I glared, and tried to kick out at him stood at my feet.

"Now darling, I've read one of those stories you like so much, I know that deep inside this is something you have always wanted.

"Fuck you, just get off me now, I'll have the law on you if you lay another finger on me" He just laughed and moved back from my kicking feet. A small collective chuckle spread through the men. As with pride he smiled at me and said, "Fiery little thing huh?"

I spat at him "You cunt!"

Instantly I re-coiled as he towered above me. Trying to push myself from his, his hand grabbed my groin harshly.

"No my dear, this is a cunt, and oh boy are we going to enjoy this cunt tonight"

I felt a hand across my head and then something like a ball was shoved in my mouth and tied into place. Tears were streaming down my cheeks at this point, and my body quaked in terror.

His fingers ran down my legs to my sex as his cronies tied my wrists to the table, and my legs were tied to the table my knees raised, my thighs wide apart.

Struggling with all my might I knew that it was hopeless. My frustration sounded in big sobbing gulp against the gags.

My eyes closed tight as if to block out what was happening. Fingers began crawling up my legs in feathery strokes towards my sex. The coldness of steel as my panties were cut from me. The string like straps of my dress were cut too and the material pushed down and up so that it wrapped around my waist in a bundle. My strapless bra twisted to the front of my chest and the clasp undone. Laid there totally exposed and naked, I fainted in fear.

Coming round, I felt the touch of gentle fingers softly teasing at my sex, my clit being softly sucked and teased. My body responding involuntarily to this pleasure and familiar touch of my lover. Opening my eyes to see two men bent over me sucking on my large heavy breasts. My whole being now confused as my mind was saying no, but my desires were screaming for release. The persistent sucking and fondling of my entire body soon took control of my mind and I began to moan in pleasure against the gag, my hips arching up and grinding against the mouth and fingers that played at my cunt. My hardened nipples sending sweet sensations throughout my body. Looking into the eyes of my lover, I showed him the feeling that must shine there. His soft smile as he rose from my sopping cunt rewarded me, his chin and cheeks covered in the juice from my excited sex.

He nodded to one of the men at the top of me and my gag was released. No need to stop me talking now, my moans drowned out any words I would have wanted to say. A kaleidoscope of sensations ran through my trembling flesh. My body shaking in complete enchantment at this new experience. My eyes turned to watch the lovers now bent over fucking. The man thrusting his hard man meat into his eager lovers arse. Their groans of pleasure sent new cravings through me. A smile from my lover and a nod again as my hips began to buck in frenzy. The men removed their clothes as he stood and removed his. Surrounded by 9 naked male forms, my eyes rolled back close to orgasm. The binds on my wrists released, my legs set free, my lover sat down on a wide chair, his member thick, long and hard twitching and standing proud. His eyes alight with hunger as I was carried to him. Legs held so that I was able to pierce myself upon his hard fuck meat. I lowered down, head thrown back immediately as I was impaled upon him. My pussy grabbing greedily at this familiar feeling. My lovers' eyes shut in ecstasy as my hungry cunt nipped and pinched on his stiff rod. The rocking of my hips pulling the foreskin with me, my body in total rapture as his cock fills me and spreads me wide.

Pushing me back wards, I feel another cock pushing at my tight star like hole, the coolness of lube rubbing against it. Pushing me hard I scream as the thick cock rips at my ass, and two hot members impale me. The walls of my pussy and ass both nipped together as both cocks start to thrust fast into me. My lover lowers me down not slipping out of me, till I am laid back on the man beneath me, the position stretching my aching ass, till I cry with the pain. He kneels over me and begins to fuck me with a new hunger. I watch as one of his stud like friends kneels behind him stroking his cock with copious amounts of lube, before thrusting his large cock straight into my lovers ass. Beyond shock I shiver as my lover groans in pleasure at this obvious recognizable event. Both of us now being fucked to a state of ecstasy, we grip onto each other, the other men now crowded round us stroking there cocks at the exotic scene of four people locked together in passion. As our cries reach a crescendo and our climax takes us over, the masturbating men move forward and shoot their cum into my face. My eyes shut as streams of hot cum soaks my face and hair, my mouth licking and swallowing as much as I can. My lovers' seed spilling into me, as he cums with me. Our bodies wracked with spasms as we peak. One last loud moan from my lover as his partner cums into his ass.

Lying there panting from our exertions, he leans forward, mashing my tits hard against my chest and kisses me deeply, his mouth sharing the cum of the group with me. Gathering me up and wrapping me in a blanket, he dresses quickly and carries me to the car.

Holding the blanket to my chest, I look questioningly at him, he smiled.

"I had to get you out of there, before you do the usual"


"Yeah, because every time you explore a new fantasy, you always call yourself a slut, but you're not…you're My slut"

Kissing my mouth against any protestation, he pulls the car out of its space and we head back for home.

Forced Facial