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Blair and I always joked that her hot-tempered personality would get her into trouble some day. That she might piss someone off enough that she'd receive some kind of repercussions that might come back to haunt her, though, never really occurred to us. I suppose it's my fault too. We were both aggressive success-driven individuals. Not only that, but we also lived either at or beyond our means. Our motivation was to be the best we could be in our chosen fields and often would do whatever was necessary to achieve that. Looking back on it I think it was inevitable that sooner or later we would get ourselves into trouble. Though I guess you could say that we both had a hand in setting up the scenario that you're about to read about, neither of us anticipated this. We were, after all, invincible. Some people might find it hard to believe that a couple could get themselves in such a situation... but then again sometimes you are blind to the fact that people do want to get even.

Our sex life was exciting but not overly erotic in the least. Never did I, in my wildest fantasies, think that it would end up being as an extreme situation as which was about to unfold... more than even I could imagine. So here I am telling everyone that my dear wife Blair, who I love very deeply, because of some ill-timed mistakes on her part and mine, suddenly finds herself being placed in very humiliating, embarrassing and sexually perverted situations.

The Restaurant and the Chance Meeting:

Yes, my wife Blair is a spirited 31 year old. Perhaps it's her driven personality that is embodied in her red hair, but I figure it was just as much the need to be in charge, that she had, that caused her spirited emotions. With an above average looking body of 36C-30-35, lightly freckled face and stunning green eyes, Blair quite often drew the attention of male stares. She knew it and so did I. She was a knockout but we both always had the arrogant attitude of "eat your heart out fools." It wasn't till that fateful night that we were in our favorite Italian restaurant that I finally realized just how many other men and women were bent on bringing us both down and the lengths to which they would go.

We had just finished our evening dinner and were getting ready to pay our bill and head home to a night of fulfilling sex. We flirted all night, dancing around what we were going to be doing rather soon.

Suddenly, a large roar from one of the other tables jarred us out of our quiet conversation. We peered over towards the other side of the restaurant and noticed that it was coming from a table in which Mike McKee and some friends were sitting at. Mike was a 43 year old sales manager at the same pharmaceutical company that I worked at. Mike had been king of the hill till I joined the company about two years ago and since had never beaten my sales figures. The rumor at the company was I was going to be replacing him as Executive Vice President of Sales. I let him know every opportunity I had that I was better than him and was going to take his job. My mind games worked to perfection as the more I got into his head the worse he did.

Blair looked over towards the noisy table in disgust; she didn't care much for Mike or his prissy wife Lorna. In fact, Blair and Lorna had a confrontation one day not long ago in Nordstrom's. Blair was the store VP and was up for promotion to District Manager.

My Blair happened to be in the shoe department when Lorna had brought back two pairs of shoes that obviously had been worn at least once.

The store policy is to be accommodating to customers, but Blair's dislike for the prissy woman came out and she had Lorna explain in front of the other customers why she was returning used shoes. Blair gave her money back but it was very embarrassing for Lorna to have to admit the shoes she was returning had been worn. Lorna was a preferred customer at Nordstrom's and there was never really any doubt as to Blair allowing the return. As Lorna was leaving the department Blair made the comment that she did not understand how someone from a "well to do family" would have to lie to get a few dollars back? The other employees laughed and Blair added for good measure that Lorna should be called the "used shoe lady" the next time she came in.

When Blair told me about what happened we both laughed at Lorna's embarrassment at her hands.

It was for those reasons that it surprised both of us when the waitress walked over to our table and informed us, "Mr. McKee requests that you join them at their table." Just as we were declining the invite to the waitress, Mike strolled up behind us and, in a boisterous voice, insisted that we join him and his friends. To avoid embarrassment and a large scene at our favorite restaurant we reluctantly agreed.

Blair sat down between Lorna and another one of the wives. I was about to sit down when Mike grabbed me by the arm and led me over towards the bar. "Come on Denis, you can help me get a round of drinks. What does that lovely wife of yours like, by the way?"

I sheepishly replied that she liked rum and orange juice as we stood by the bar awaiting the drinks. Mike suddenly leaned over and quietly stated, "So Denis, does Blair know how much you have dropped to your bookie this football season?"

With a startled look I quickly replied, "No."

I was confused on how Mike McKee knew about my misfortune. Mike gave a me a sly grin and a wink as he continued, "Yeah, we just happen to use the same bookie and when we were talking he mentioned he may have to 'get physical' with one of his clients."

The one rough spot in our otherwise perfect marriage was my propensity to gamble. Blair and I had quite a few arguments over it and I had promised her I would not bet this season. Unfortunately for me, not only did I break my promise but had lost close to $15,000. I had not figured out how to come up with the money and I knew Donny was seriously considering measures to get me to start paying down the debt.

"Don't worry though. I did you a favor and told Donnie that we are 'good friends' and paid your marker. So now you owe me, buddy."

I stood there with a stunned look until I finally replied, "Well, thanks Mike. I'll get you paid off as quickly as possible."

Mike started paying for the drinks as he turned towards me, "Hey, no problem Denis, you're gonna start paying me back tonight, in fact!"

I once again was taken back by the conversation and slowly stammered out, "Wh-What do you mean?"

"Donnie told me he had doubts about you and offered to help out collecting. Seems you may have rubbed him the wrong way. Hard to believe, huh."

Mike McKee then slowly turned around at the bar and glanced towards the table as he collected his thoughts, "Well Denis my man, I've always considered your wife Blair to be one little sexpot. Just look at her over there, beautiful wavy shoulder length red hair, pouty lips, beautiful green eyes and a great body too for a woman her age... how old is she now, Denis?"

I, without thinking, immediately replied, "35 Mike," as I looked at my wife as Mike continued.

"Yeah, she's a beauty. I love the outfit she has on tonight, by the way," big sturdy Mike stated nonchalantly. I once again peered over and had to agree that Blair did look captivating tonight in the black high heels, short black skirt and a white silk blouse that she was wearing. "Anyways Denis, as I was saying, I've always thought Blair was a real little sexpot and tonight you're gonna help me seduce your wife, buddy!"

I was momentarily stunned at what was said sunk in. "I can't do that Mike. I won't do it!" I exclaimed back at him.

The arrogant bastard just peered at me with a cold stare as he responded, "You can do it Denis and you will do it, unless you want me to break the news to your pretty wife that you've lost all your savings gambling again. I'm also sure your pretty wife will take care of you after I tell Donnie to visit you and get MY money. Face it Denis, I can ruin you if I wish or you can play along with me and save your marriage... and your legs. Perhaps, when the night is over, you may even get some of those losses back if you cooperate fully. Come on, let's get these drinks back to our table... I'm sure you'll make the right decision on this Denis, old buddy!"

I was virtually numb as we walked back to the table. I looked at Blair as I passed where she was sitting and gave her a feeble smile as she looked my way. She rolled her eyes and gave me a "let's get out of here" look.

I felt so terrible at what I was about to do, but also knew that I had no other choice if I hoped to save our relationship. I figured the worse it could be was Mike McKee might grab a few free feels of my wife, maybe a kiss or two, and that'd be it. In fact, I had always had an urge to see Blair with another man in the past. It was too bad that it wouldn't be someone besides slightly overweight, obnoxious Mike... but oh well, perhaps this wouldn't turn out that bad, I thought. Little did I know Mike McKee's true plans and how far he intended to go with my wife. The further I went along with his plan, the further I would find myself trapped in his blackmail clutches. I also didn't realize that Mike had a secondary attack with his plan, which would accelerate the situation that Blair was about to find herself in.

Mike's Plan and the Car Ride: Mike McKee and his friends were more than generous in buying Blair and myself drinks at the restaurant. If I hadn't consumed quite as many of the freebies I might have been able to see what was unfolding. Blair, who was only a social drinker, seemed to be slightly under the influence and had been talking to Lorna and the other two wives most of the night and seemed to be getting along okay with the older women.

After an hour or so, Mike decided we should move to the back room where the newly renovated bar was situated. Blair and I tried to convince him that we should be heading home, but he would have nothing of the such.

Before I knew what was happening, the burly E.V.P of Sales was pulling my wife's chair back and taking her by the hand to the bar. The rest of the group fell in behind and followed Mike and Blair towards the bar. I noticed though that, as we got to the door of the bar, that Lorna and the other three wives reached out and took my wife's hand. The four women boxed Blair in and began talking to her. The smile on Blair's face disappeared and she looked extremely uncomfortable. Lorna told her they would be back and then turned right instead of left into the bar and exited the restaurant.

I queried Mike's friend Tom Scott as to where the other wives were going, asking why they weren't coming with us. Tom, who is a very influential man within the community that we had gotten to know from several fundraisers Blair and I attended, reassured me that the ladies were just going over to the convenience store to get some items. Although a little concerned, I had no choice but to follow the group into the bar.

Then Mike challenged Blair to a game of billiards and told her she should have some fun the nights her husband finally takes her out for an evening. He then gave me a cold stare as he bellowed, "Isn't that right, Denis?"

Realizing what response he wanted and what trouble might be caused if I didn't answer correctly, I quickly replied, "Yeah, that's right Mike."

As my eyes became accustomed to the darkened bar, it was evident that not many people knew of the new back room establishment yet as it was quite empty. As Mike handed Blair a pool cue, the other three men and I sat on bar stools nearby and I surveyed the remaining members of our group. There was Tom Scott, a 40-year-old close friend of Mike McKee's, who bought and sold commodities. Tom was probably among the wealthiest men in town. Sitting next to Tom was Richard Ingram, another well-to-do member of the community. Richard was 46 years old and owned his own accounting firm. Blair knew him from Nordstrom's, as his firm was an affiliate that helped on the Nordstrom's audit. The last one of the group was Mike's best friend, Scottie Miller, a 38 year-old from out west somewhere. So there we were, my wife and my business rival playing billiards with three of his close male associates leering over my wife... and me.

I should have suspected something was up when, after an hour and a half, the other wives had yet to return. I suddenly had a bad feeling about the whole situation, especially since over the next hour or two the four men were more than generous at buying Blair and I drinks. I had a bad feeling with Blair being the only female in the room but, with the leverage Mike had, all I could do was sit on my stool and cheer Blair on whenever she made a good shot which, as the alcohol took effect, became less frequent. I also noticed she was stumbling a bit as she became more drunk that sober.

Eventually, Richard and Scottie took on Mike and Blair in a doubles game. It would be much later that I would find out that it was at this point that Mike McKee had just sprung the second half of his blackmail scheme against my wife and I.

I was very surprised at how Blair had generally warmed up to Mike McKee. She had always stated her dislike for the man, often publicly at company functions... but now, here, she was letting him rub up against her, hug her and be quite playful. I also couldn't help but notice how the other three men also made themselves more than friendly with my wife.

When Richard made the comment that, "This is too boring playing for fun, let's make it more interesting," I got a lump in my throat. The three men decided to play for $500 a game, $250 a person. I knew I only had about $75 in my wallet and would not be in a position to cover Blair's part of the bet.

"Hey Denis, buddy, we don't want your money, you're just a spectator. Besides, you have a bit of a gambling problem," was Mike's response when I started to voice concern about the size of the bet.

Blair had a worried look on her face but offered absolutely no protest. Later I found out why.

They asked Blair if she had the cash to cover her wager and when she said she didn't but offered to write a check, they all laughed at her.

You look like you have a pretty sweet smelling pussy, so tell you what honey. If you and Mike lose, you give us your panties... win, and you're up $250 for the next game.

Even in the darkened bar I could see Blair was blushing and embarrassed.

"Hey Denis, is that right? Does your wife have a sweet smelling pussy?" Mike asked loudly enough that the other three men that had wandered in turned to watch.

Knowing what answer he expected I sheepishly replied, "She sure does."

Blair was just standing alone. The thought running through her mind was what the women had told her. My wife had inflated the sales at the store to earn her bonus, the bonus we spent on a week's vacation to Paris, and Richard had found out during the audit. Rather than turn her in, he told his wife Samantha who told Lorna and Mike who then had everything they needed to bring my wife down a bit. They told her they knew and if she did not go along with whatever fun the boys wanted, then Richard was going to make the case she had committed fraud and not only would she lose her position as VP but he would also push for criminal charges to make an example of her.

With really no choice, Blair broke to start the game as I could only sit and watch.

Mike and Blair got smoked and he gladly peeled off his $250. Blair started to move towards the ladies room when Scottie told her, "No way, and take them off here."

Blair looked over at me and I don't know why but I said, "A bet's a bet."

I could see tears well up as she pulled her skirt up a bit and reached under to pull her panties down. Once they were below her knees she let them drop to the floor. Mike had wandered over and put his arm around her waist to let her step out of them. I saw him grab her butt as she bent to pick them up, causing her to jump.

She started to toss them to Scottie who told her that Mike handed the money over so she should do the same thing. With her head hanging she walked around the table and handed her black satin, lace trimmed panties to Mike's good friend.

Scottie put them up to his nose and took a long whiff. "OH BABY, you are a sweet smelling little thing!" He gave them to Richard who did the same thing. Before I knew it they were being passed around the bar so everyone could smell. I was defeated and could just stand there dejected and wiped a tear away.

Hey, don't worry Blair, we'll get them the next game," Mike offered her false encouragement as we both knew he had no intention of winning and she was not good enough to win on her own.

A few minutes later my wife was pulling her blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse as she had lost her bra. She was never an exhibitionist and turned around so her back was facing all the guys. This caused loud complaints and catcalls.

"Well, I am glad your wife does have at least SOME modesty," Mike shouted over the catcalls to me. All I could do was shrug my shoulders.

She had her blouse off and was still, in spite of the comments and pressure to turn around, keeping her back to everybody. I couldn't understand why she was going along so willingly with her humiliation. I knew though I had no choice.

She had on a white under-wire demi-cup bra that accented her 36C breasts tremendously. She put her hands on the front clasp to undo it when Richard, who was standing closest to her, moved next to her and put his hands on her shoulders and twisted her around to face the room of leering men.

The men all let out a cheer, and I heard several "great tits" as the suddenness of the turn did not stop her from undoing the clasp. Richard's hands slid down to her elbows to pin her arms at her sides so she could not cover her breasts. My wife really has beautiful breasts with small areoles and nice small nipples like erasers.

After everyone had a good long look Richard let her go and she grabbed her blouse to cover herself. The manager, who we knew from our frequent visits, came in to see what all the noise was and was watching as Blair was exposed, came over to her and told her that if she wanted to strip to go to a strip club because he was not going to get in trouble over her lewdness.

"Yeah, you're right Tony, we'll take the tramp someplace else for fun, but first we are going to have a few for the road," Mike told him.

Blair started to button her blouse when Mike whispered something to her. She nodded okay and rather than button it she just tied the ends together. Through the white material my wife's breasts were very obviously exposed.

We spent the next hour or so at the bar where Blair was told to change from her rum and orange juice to shots of tequila. After three, my wife was well on her way to being drunk. Over the next hour or so, I watched as the four men and several other patrons touched, fondled, groped and kissed my inebriated wife. I just sat in shame and pounded every drink put in front of me as they provocatively, suggestively, and explicitly talked to her, but mostly to each other about her.... loud enough that I was able to hear. They also continued to feed Blair shots, which without hesitation she continued to consume. Liquid courage was what it was called. At one point Mike McKee walked over to my wife, pulled her blouse away from her body and peered down the front.

"Oh my, what a lovely set of melons," he boldly announced to his friends.

I knew there was a serious problem when all Blair did was giggle and turn a slight shade of red from embarrassment, but made no effort to prevent Mike. I had to sit and accept the four men's derogatory remarks, since they all knew Mike had me in a position of vulnerability. "Gee Denis, I think Blair needs some good macho male attention," Tom Scott commented to me.

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