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I knew that getting home for Christmas was going to be an ordeal, but I had no idea just how much of one it would be. Getting from Tulsa to Houston is hell of a drive, and my daring plan to surprise my family bright and early on Christmas Eve meant driving for nearly 12 straight hours 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The landscape between the two cities isn't exactly varied. As a result it's very easy to lose track of just how fast you're going since the view out of the window is so uniform. So despite my intentions to keep under 80 the entire way I found myself doing nearly 90 by the time I heard the sirens and saw the familiar blue lights in my rear view mirror around 1 a.m.

"Shit," I muttered. "Looks like Barney Fife set up a speed trap."

I pulled onto the shoulder and looked into my side mirror as I saw the trooper get out of his cruiser and come strutting up to my window. The night made it hard to see much other than the shape his frame, and even that was hard to determine since he had a heavy jacket on in the December weather. All I could really make out was that he was a big man-tall and broad. He tapped my window with the butt of his nightstick and I rolled it down.

"I clocked you at more than 20 miles over the limit back there," he drawled with a thick accent.

"Sorry officer, but I'm just trying to get home for the holidays."

"License and registration." I handed him the requested items and sat in silent anger as he strolled back to his car. I still had at least six hours ahead of me, I was already pretty tired, and now this dipshit of a lawman was trying to be a big shot even though it was the holidays.

After what felt like an eternity the officer returned with his same slow amble. "According to the computer you've got a few outstanding tickets back in Oklahoma."

I groaned. Those things were a couple of low grade parking tickets and this prick was going to bust my balls over them. He sensed my frustration and gave me a sadistic grin as he threatened, "Technically I could book you for this."

"Officer, what will it take to make you let me off with a warning?"

"Son, you're up to your neck in trouble as it is and that sounds suspiciously like an attempt to bribe an officer of the law. Please step out of the vehicle."

I bit my tongue to hold back the onslaught of curses that I wanted to hurl at this bastard. The only thing that held me back was the sight of just how big this guy was. As I stepped out of the car and came face to face with the jerk I realized that he was even bigger than I realized. He was at least 6'4" and probably 220 pounds, most of which looked like sold muscle. Everything about his face screamed "authority figure." His jaw was rigid and square, as was his nose. He forehead seemed constantly furrowed, and his eyes had a never wavering gaze that he had probably honed on poor motorists like me for years. I stood a little awe struck by his imposing frame until he instructed me to step around to the back of my car and place my hands on the trunk.

This guy had to be kidding, and I told him as much. "Did the computer say that I was an armed and dangerous illegal parker?"

He didn't say anything but gave me a shove in the small of my back that forced me against the trunk of my car. He was every bit as powerful as he looked. I could feel the strength of his gloved hands as he patted down my torso and then frisked me up my legs. When he was done with my right one he worked his way up my left all the way up to my crotch where his hand lingered until he gave my balls a quick squeeze.

"What the fuck?" I yelled. Cop or no cop this guy wasn't going to feel me up like that.

"Sir, if you don't calm down I'll be forced to cuff you. Of course, I was planning on doing that eventually, anyways." With that I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper coming undone. I spun around to see him releasing his massive cock from his pants. It was barely six inches, but it was about as thick as it could be. The tip already had precum on it. He had been planning this from the second he pulled me over. I was so shocked that he was easily able to spring towards me and pin my arms down as he held me against the trunk of my car. A twisted grin grew across his rigid face as he watched me struggle against his power. There was nothing I could do.

“I thought over your offer and I thought of a way that I would be willing to let you off with a warning. You're going to suck my dick and then I'm going to bury it up your ass. The highway's nice and quiet, so you and I should be able to have a tender, romantic moment. Now suck me, bitch!"

I had no choice. As I sank to my knees I closed my eyes and silently asked myself, “How bad can it be?” I soon found out just how bad it could get.

I reluctantly opened my mouth and he forced himself into me, his balls bouncing against my chin. I began to gag, but forced myself to keep my lips around his dick for fear of what he might do if I didn't live up to my end of the bargain. From what I could tell he was enjoying it just fine. After several minutes of orally pounding me he starting getting even rougher with his thrusts and started talking to me. Every now and then he'd pull my head off his cock just long enough to spit in face and force me to tell him that I was his bitch and how much I loved sucking him off. "You love my fucking cock, don't you whore?" he'd scream at me, timing his words with the rhythm of his hips.

He'd jerk my head back and I would barely have time to blurt out, "I love your cock," or "Fuck me harder," before he'd ram his rock hard meat back into my mouth. This went on for at least ten or fifteen minutes, although I'd swear it was hours. He pulled his dick out of my lips and told me strip naked. I stood slowly, my jaw in agony after the brutal toll he had taken on it. He saw the anger and rage in my eyes and laughed. He drew his nightstick and held next to his penis. "I can see you want to fight me, boy. But if you try anything I'll stick both of these up your ass at the same time. Now strip!"

I did as I was told and took all my clothes off. The chill of the nearly freezing air was nothing compared to fearful chill I was sensing as I awaited the next phase of my violation. "Well, well, well. Looks like you've got a pretty nice body. Turn around and spread your ass cheeks with your hands."

I did, and silently tried to brace myself for the anal intrusion that I was sure was coming next. Instead he ordered me to stick my thumb up my ass. I wriggled it around my anus and eventually it went in with a pop. He grabbed my wrist and pumped my ass with my own thumb for a little while as he laughed a twisted laugh at my expense. "Hmm, I guess that it's stretched far enough. Put your hands behind your back."

I knew exactly what was going to happen but I knew that I had no choice. I presented my wrists and felt the cold metal of his cuffs locking into place. He placed one of his meaty hands on my shoulders and bent me over the hood of his car. "Are you ready for this bitch?"

"Please don't do this."

My request fell on deaf ears. I screamed in agony as he forced his throbbing dick, still wet with my spit, up my virgin ass. I honestly thought I might pass out from the pain for a moment. I soon realized that I wouldn't be that lucky, and the reality that I was going to have to take it like a woman like a man set in. The only thing louder than my screams were the spanks he gave my ass and the slapping sound of his hips slamming against mine. Even with the slight lubrication that my saliva gave he was still tearing me apart. I felt the blood start to trickle from my ripped ass. As he continued pounding me he cackled, "Oooh, you're ass is turning as nice shade of pink, like a pussy. That's what you really have. A little pussy with your little cock. Do you like my dick in your ass?"

The pain was so bad that I could hardly breath but I knew that if I didn't answer promptly he'd only hurt me worse. I whimpered, "I love your dick in my ass! Fuck me like a bitch!"

That was one request he was more than willing to grant. He dug his nails into my hips and pulled me violently against his cock. He breathing grew faster with his motions. Eventually he let go of my hips and started jerking my dick, which had grown surprisingly hard. I tried to convince myself it was because he was hitting my prostate, but I had to admit that part of me was enjoying being used like this. "You're gonna cum with me you little faggot. I won't stop fucking until I see you jizz, whore." This was absolute torture. I didn’t want to just blow my load and let the fun stop. After another 10 minutes of him destroying my ass I finally couldn’t contain my orgasm any longer, spewing my semen on the bumper of his car. "That's a good whore!" he complimented me before picking up the pace and finally cumming in my ass. The jets of sperm he fired into me felt like cannonballs. I felt him remove himself from my ass with a sick slurping sound. I collapsed to the freezing ground, my entire body sore and naked and secretly satisfied. I felt the burning flow of the mixture of his cum and my blood drizzling from my anus.

"Ah, it's been forever since I popped a cherry that good. Now lick my bumper clean.”

I pulled myself up and did as he told me. That was the last task he had me perform before sending me on my way. I never told anyone what happened, but now every time I head for Houston I keep the pedal down in hopes that I’ll see those blue lights again.
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