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Lorri woke to a strange sensation. She was completely uncovered, which wasn't that unusual. Her niece routinely stole all the blankets. The difference was that she felt the cool air on every inch of her skin. She never slept naked while at her sister's place. She tried to reach down and feel what had happened and felt an icy shiver run up her spine. Her hands were tied to the bedpost above her. And it felt as though she was gagged as well.

Lorri opened her eyes and squinting against the brightness, was soon able to make out the room around her. Last night she had gone to bed in her niece's room, now she could tell that she was in her sister's room. The bed was much more comfortable, and she would have enjoyed laying in it if her hands hadn't been tied to the headboard.

Overhead the light was on despite the sunlight peeking around the blinds over the window. At the foot of the bed, Lorri was horrified to see her brother-in-law sitting in a chair with a smug look on his face, staring at her nude, exposed body. Shifting one leg over the other and twisting her body, Lorri was at least able to hide her smooth pussy from his gaze.

Glaring at him, Lorri screamed through the gag in her mouth. Laughing, he stood and walked over to sit beside her on the bed. Reaching down, he grabbed a handful of her large breast and squeezing gently, proceeded to play with it. Lorri screamed again and twisting, tried to get his hand from her flesh.

"Lorri, you need to listen."

Ignoring his words, Lorri kept twisting her body. She shrieked suddenly as his large hand came down suddenly and struck her ass cheek. She could feel a burning sensation where he struck her, and tears welled up in her eyes. She knew that for the moment anyway, she was his to do with as he pleased. But once she was untied...

"That's better. Now, I'm going to remove your gag, and we will have a calm discussion of what is going to happen over the next couple of hours. Exactly what happens will be up to you, and how well you take things. If you try screaming, the gag will go back on and I'll be a lot less nice than I had planned. OK?"

Lorri nodded and quietly thanked Jason for removing the gag. She would cooperate for as long as it took, but once his wife came home she'd tell her everything.

"Now, first things first. I'm sure you are dying to know why you are tied naked to the bed. The answer is simple. I think you are a very hot woman, and I wanted to see more of you. I've fantasized about you for a long time, and now I finally have a chance to see more of you, so I took it."

"Jason, where's Bev?"

"She took the kids into town to do some shopping. She was going to ask you to come with her, but you were sleeping so soundly that she thought you needed some more rest so she left you here with me. She won't be back until dinnertime, so we'll have a few hours of playtime ahead of us. Guess I gave you the right dose last night, you woke up just in time, a few minutes earlier and I wouldn't have been ready for you."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"That depends on you, Lorri. If you cooperate, nothing that bad. If you fight me, you'll definitely regret it. But I don't think you'll fight me. I know you want it, but you just need to be 'forced' to do it."

"Bullshit you prick! I don't want to be forced to do anything with you."

"Really? Well then Lorri, why is it that I can smell your arousal?"

Lorri felt her face flush in shame. She hoped that she had hidden the fact that her pussy had slowly gotten wetter and wetter as she felt her brother-in-law's hand on her sensitive breast. Taking a deep breath, Lorri looked up into his face with what she hoped was determination.

"Well, that's besides the point. I will have to tell Bev about anything we do. She'd never forgive me if I didn't, and that's the least of it. You'll be charged with rape."

"You won't tell anyone anything Lorri."

"Or what, you'll kill me?"

"Nope, I'll just open my big mouth and share my little secret, or should I say, your secret."

"And what might that be?"

Smiling at her, Jason bends down and put his mouth close to Lorri's ear. As he whispered in her ear, Lorri felt the bottom on her world fall off. He had her. There was nothing she could do but go along with what he wanted. If anyone found out about that, her life may as well as be over. Even if her family could forgive her, they would always look at her differently, as less than a daughter or sister. They wouldn't be overt about it, if they could even bring themselves to offer forgiveness, but it would always be there. She would be the black sheep of her family until the day she died, and perhaps a few generations beyond too.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Lorri asked how he had found out. Tenderly, Jason reached over and wiped the tears away with his thumb. Finished, he bent down and kissed her softly on her forehead.

"It doesn't matter how I found out, does it? Just that I know. I know for a fact you don't want that to come out. Hell, anything I do to you is minor compared to that little tidbit, isn't it?"

Nodding her head, Lorri agreed to do as he asked.

Smiling to himself, Jason reached down and untied his sister-in-law. She seemed defeated. He knew that she was his now. And all because he had lucked out one day. Now he just had to get her over the fact that her secret was out, and back to being aroused again.

"What do you want from me Jason?"

"Tell you what Lorri, I'll take it easy on you. All you have to do is spend from now until Bev gets home naked, do some tasks I have planned for you, pose for some pictures doing what I say and occasionally relieving me with your mouth and I'll forget I ever found out your secret, well, if you do a good job anyway. How does that sound?"

Lorri quickly agreed, the deal was a lot less than she expected him to ask for, especially knowing a little of his sexual preferences from talks with Bev. She sat on the bed in a daze, wondering how he could have ever found out. Lorri had kept that from everyone in her life, it was the one thing she was going to bring with her to the grave. She hated the fact that someone finally knew, and that it was being used to blackmail her into doing things she secretly wanted to do. Jason was right. She really did want to do it.

Lorri knew that in spite of her facade, inside her truly was a woman who wanted to be controlled, to be used by another for their own pleasure without regard for her own. She had a string of bad relationships that had one thing in common. She always gave more than her boyfriends did. Blinded to their faults, Lorri was secretly pleased about being used.

She put on a show around family members, pretending that she was in charge, that she ruled her roost, and for the most part her boyfriends had allowed her to act the part. As soon as her parents were gone though they reverted, treating Lorri like shit, cheating on her, abusing drugs and expecting her to pay their way. She took it all, hating that she did but addicted to the sexual ecstasy she received while they used her for their pleasure.

Deep inside, Lorri didn't really believe that she could have the best of both worlds, a man who truly did love her but at the same time used her. So Lorri settled with having a man who satisfied at least one of her needs. Getting off on being little more than a sex toy for her boyfriends had shamed Lorri, but she couldn't deny the intense arousal she experienced while she was being used.

Jason had seen through her act though, and what's more, had somehow found out her secret. Now he planned on using it to his advantage, using it as a lever to force Lorri to do his bidding. Despite herself, Lorri found herself getting even more aroused. At least she knew that he cared about her as a person. The years he had been in her life as the husband to her little sister he had always treated her with respect, even helping once or twice when she was down, going as far as holding her one night as she cried after a fight with her family.

Lorri felt herself starting to feel a bit better about what was going to happen. Jason had always been good to her, and she knew that his wife had some serious sexual hang-ups. Maybe it was finally her turn to give back to him, and things just worked out for the best. She could hold on to the fact that she was being 'forced' to ease her conscience, while at the same time she could let herself be free and truly enjoy the experience.

Jason watched Lorri as she sat on the bed going through things in her mind. He was fascinated with this beautiful woman, had been since the moment he had met her. He truly loved Bev, but there were times in the dark of night that he wished he had met Lorri first. Looking over her naked body, Jason felt his arousal growing by the second.

Lorri was a beautiful woman, a heavy by today's standards, but still extremely sexy. Jason had always been torn trying to decide which was her best feature. Her dark brown eyes that sparkled with intelligence and humour? Or was it her gorgeous smile, full lips and perfect white teeth? Maybe her creamy smooth skin? And then there was the rest of her body. Large full breasts that just begged to be kissed and stroked, and to have a hard cock squeezed between them as well as a big soft ass that seemed to scream 'Fuck Me' to Jason.

Every time he tried, Jason ended up going around in circles whenever he tried to pin it down. He finally decided that it was the whole package that appealed so much to him. She seemed to be a goddess of lust to him. That she was so much like him in so many ways sure didn't help, nor did it help that she was very open about her sex life. The major difference between Lorri and her sister Bev was that Bev, while every bit as gorgeous as Lorri, had a lot of sexual hang-ups. Lorri was much more willing to experiment, and from what she had shared, liked to do a lot more than Bev.

Tired of missionary with the lights off, when Jason had stumbled across the skeleton in Lorri's closet. He had immediately hatched his plan. Jason didn't plan on cheating on his wife, in other circumstances he'd jump at the chance to bed Lorri, today all he wanted was material to fuel his many sexual fantasies of her. Nothing like a picture of her naked to do that.

Looking up to Lorri's face, her inner doubt and the shock of things were evident on her face. Knowing what he had to do, Jason cleared his throat and gathered his courage. Now was the time to be bold.

"Lorri, its time. First though, there is something I think you need, hell, I think you deserve this."

Confusion crossed Lorri's face but doing as she was told she turned around and on her hands and knees on the bed she waited for Jason to give her what he had decided to give her. Fear caused her stomach to do flip flops, as Lorri thought that Jason had changed his mind and wanted to go all the way.

The first one shocked Lorri, she hadn't been prepared for the feel of Jason's large hand as it struck her exposed ass. The next four came in rapid succession, Lorri felt the burning in both cheeks that was matched by the burning in another set of cheeks. Her ass hurt from the powerful blows, but she knew each blow turned her on more than the last, Lorri could feel her pussy leaking down her legs and smell her arousal in the air.

After the fifth had rocked her body, Jason's hand stayed on her ass, rubbing light circles around both smooth cheeks. He would occasionally squeeze lightly and lift, feeling the heft to her sweet big ass. The first strokes on her ass had been in complete silence, the only sounds being the slap of his hand on her ass, Jason's breath as he exhaled on his downward stroke and Lorri's muffled grunts of pain.

Lorri hardly noticed that she had arched her back as Jason struck her, giving him better access to strike. But she did realize that she was moving with his hand now as it groped her sore bottom, and what was more, she didn't care. It was if each stroke had stripped a layer of her restraint away, leaving nothing behind but the lust.

When Lorri heard Jason's words, she knew then that he had read her right. In spite of his promise to forget her secret after they were done today, Lorri found herself wishing that he would break his word and continue to blackmail her into doing his wishes.

"You've been a very naughty girl, haven't you Lorri?"


"You deserve to be punished, don't you Lorri?"


"Look at you. Your pussy is positively gushing. I bet if I keep hitting you, you'll probably cum, won't you?"


Stopping to feel her ass again, Jason felt his swollen member leaking in his underwear. Here Lorri was, completely submitted to his will, and she was turned on by the fact. He had repeatedly spanked her and only managed to turn her on more.

"You want to cum don't you, you dirty little girl. You want to cum from my hand punishing you, don't you?"


"Then cum, you dirty girl, cum on my hand."

Just as she was waiting for his hand to hit her again, Lorri arched her back to meet it. She knew he was right, another smack or two and she would reach her peak. Her eyes opened wide and she screamed as she felt his hand on her, not to smack her, but instead Jason had shoved two of his long thick fingers up inside her drenched pussy.

Lorri instantly climaxed, spraying Jason's hand with juices and soaking the bed under them. It was easily the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced, Lorri nearly passed out from the pleasure. As the waves of pleasure slowly started to ebb, a different feeling began to infuse her body. Shamed at herself, Lorri felt very dirty. She had let Jason take over her body, and it had betrayed her.

She started to move when she again felt a smack on her ass, Jason's deep voice telling her not to move. His fingers were still buried deep inside her as she heard the click and saw the flash of the camera. The shame she had felt was still present, but at the same time Lorri felt her body was once again reacting in a way she didn't want. Again she felt desire, desire to be used for another's pleasure, to take her own pleasure from being used.

Lorri felt suddenly empty as she felt the fingers being pulled slowly from her dripping pussy. She stayed as she was, her big bottom stuck in the air, legs spread exposing her smooth pussy to Jason's eyes and more importantly his camera. The flash went off several more times, each time Lorri felt herself becoming more and more aroused.

Unable to see behind herself in the position she was in, Lorri couldn't tell what Jason was up to, but could hear him digging in the closet she knew to be there. Hearing something hitting the bed beside her, Lorri looked over to find a large rubber vibrator beside her.

"Fuck yourself with this. When I say 'still' you better hold perfectly still."

Doing as Jason commanded, Lorri took the dildo in her left hand and slowly ran it through her puffy pussy lips, soaking it in her juices. Several times she paused as told while Jason snapped pictures. When told to, Lorri slid the thick fake cock inside her pussy, feeling the ribbed edges as they made their way into her hypersensitive pussy. Lorri felt her face heat as she acted slutty for her brother-in-law, shame fighting with arousal, with arousal winning. She knew inside that she truly wanted this, in spite of the fact she was doing it with her sister's husband.

Lorri felt her orgasm coming on slowly, her actions turning her on more than any of her boyfriends had ever been able to. The confusion of emotions were slowly being beaten down by the pleasure that was coming to a head. Almost as if he could sense when she was going to peak, Jason would pick then to tell Lorri to stop as her would take anywhere from one to a half dozen shots.

Unable to stand the teasing anymore, Lorri was about to ignore Jason's next command when he suddenly told her to turn over. Doing as she was told, Lorri lay on her back and watched as Jason pulled his pants down, followed by his underwear, leaving his large and swollen member free. A sliver of fear, tinged with excitement travelled down Lorri's spine to her pussy. She hoped and dreaded that he had changed his mind.

"You will leave your eyes open and look at me the entire time, understand?"

Nodding her head, Lorri lifted her legs into the air and once again followed Jason's instructions as he told her how she was to use the toy on her pussy. The lust on his face was nearly primal. The thought that she could turn him on this much brought a touch of pride to Lorri, despite the fact that he was blackmailing her.

Watching him watch her turned Lorri on all the more, and her body ached almost painfully with the need to climax. Her large breasts heaved with her erratic breathing. Each picture brought her closer, especially when she thought of him masturbating to them. But still Jason timed his pictures perfectly. Every time she reached that edge, he would stop her. She had been using the toy for what seemed forever, easily an hour, and still he denied her.

Jason came up onto the bed and started to take pictures from a different angle. From where he was kneeling, Lorri had to look directly by his engorged cock to see his face. A river of precum coated his thick shaft, dripping from his shaved balls just inches from Lorri's face. She could smell his sex, nearly as much as her own.

His every movement caused his rigid member to bob up and down, once a small glob of his precum launched into the air and landed on Lorri's cheek. She could feel the warmth of it as it ran down her cheek, the desire to have him inside her mouth was nearly uncontrollable.

Knowing her attention should stay on his face, Lorri instead found her focus falling more and more on his cock. It was beautiful to her lusty gaze, the large swollen head looked as if it would fill her mouth completely. Not overly long, it had a girth to it that gave Lorri the impression that it would fill her completely. Her imagination ran with the thought of it inside her instead of the thick green vibrator.

Jason kept his balls shaved, and Lorri wished she could take the heavy sack into her mouth and run her tongue over them, teasing them as streams of his precum ran down her face. As her attention turned more and more to this fantasy, Lorri was shocked to feel Jason's finger wrap around her right nipple and gently start to knead it. The small bud was already rock hard and its sensitivity caused each gentle caress to shoot directly to her aching clit.

Realizing where her mind had taken her, Lorri felt her face flush bright red and looking into her brother-in-law's face she could tell he knew what she had been thinking.

"Lorri, it's time for my pleasure, don't you think? Leave that inside you. I want you to keep it in, if it pops out you will be sorry. Now suck me, and remember, you had better make it good."

Brushing her long dark hair out of her face, Lorri propped herself up on the bed and took the warm flesh in her hand. Extremely aware of the tingle in her pussy she closed her lips over the hard cock, running her tongue softly around the head of Jason's cock. The taste of his precum caused her to groan involuntarily on his member.

While far from short, neither was he overly long, but Jason's girth made it slightly more difficult than Lorri was used to, and it took her several minutes to adjust to his size. Once she had though, she was easily sliding his cock all the way into her mouth and down the back of her throat. Closing her eyes, Lorri lost herself in the sensations of having a cock in her mouth. She had always enjoyed using her mouth to give pleasure, and was proud of her skill. The fact she was pleasuring Jason just added a bit of kink to the fact, turning her on a little bit more.

Getting in to a nice easy rhythm, Lorri felt his balls slapping off her chin wetly. Jason continued to fondle her breasts, squeezing and rolling first one, then the other nipple. Barely aware of her surroundings, Lorri hardly noticed the flash of Jason's digital camera as he took yet more pictures. She was lost to everything but the feel of a cock in her mouth and the fake one buried deep in her pussy. She consciously kept her muscles tightly constricted around the vibrator, fearful of what would happen if she accidentally pushed it out.
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