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Hot Forced Facial story:

I went to the moonwalk and this playground once in a while, and there were races to see who could get through to the end the fastest. So I did this, but then I saw her. She had the most perfect breasts, covered by a little pink tank top that barely covered them. She had a beautiful ass, and was just stunning. I could already feel my dick getting hard from just looking at her. So I went up to her and talked for a little while, and I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Jimmy," I said.

"I'm Molly," the beautiful girl said. So I then challenged her to a race. We raced a few times, and I thought she was starting to like me. So I thought of a plan. Her pants were slung really low, and I thought I could get them off. So I challenged her to another race, and she agreed. I deliberately fell behind, and then when we were in a part where no one could see us, I jumped and grabbed her pants from behind. I then pulled them off, revealing black panties. She looked back at me, shocked. I knew she could get out of her without anyone seeing her because her tank top was to small.

"Molly, come with me, and you will not have to embarrass yourself by running out of this in your panties," I told her. She looked very confused and timid, but finally after realizing there was no other way, she did as she was told. I brought into this hole in the moonwalk thing, and I told her to get inside. She came inside with me, and I told her,

"Molly, you will have to do whatever I want until the end of this day if you want to get out of here with you pants. Do you understand me."

"What would I have to do," she asked, looking at me with pleading eyes, saying, " Why are you doing this to me."

"Anything," I told her. She looked at me for a while, hoping I would back down, but I didn't.

"Ok," she answered, looking very scared.

"Take off your tank top, Molly." She looked at me, and thought she wouldn't be able to strip in front of me.

"Now, Molly, or I'm going to leave with your pants." Not having any chose, she took it off. She had a matching black bra on. So I walked up to her and said,

"Kiss me Molly." She didn't respond at first, but then I slapped her ass hard, and she responded. I then brought my mouth down to her shoulder, kissing her all the way. I then slid the bra strap off that shoulder, and I kissed it. She shuddered with pleasure. I then kissed her again, letting my arm pull the other bra strap off her shoulder. I reached behind her, unclasped the bra, and let it fall off behind her. Her beautiful breasts flung free, and I began sucking on them, lightly just teasing her. Soft little moans were escaping from her now, and her nipples were getting hard. I then began encircling her nipples with my tongue, and then blowing on them to make them pucker. I then let my left hand off her body and put it down right on her panties. I then began rubbing right over her pussy, and she moaned aloud in pleasure. I was still sucking on her breasts, but both my hands were down on her panties, sliding them down her body.

"Please Jimmy, stop it, stop it Jimmy. Don't do it, please," Molly begged to me. I ignored her, but she struggled to get free. I reached down and grabbed all her clothes and said, " Molly, you either let me do this, or I'm taking all your clothes away and letting you figure how to get out of here naked." She looked at me again, with that innocent face asking me why.

"Fine, I'll do it," she said almost pouting.

"Good. Now get down on the ground and spread those legs." She did as I commanded, but I pushed them back farther and farther so they were touching her breasts.

"Now hold that position Molly while I get undressed." So I took off my shirt, and she gasped at my chest. I then slid off my pants and then my boxers. I then took two pieces off rope and began walking back towards Molly.

"What are you going to with those," She stammered.

"Don't worry," I told her, "These just make it more fun." So I got one piece of rope, and tied her arms high above her head. Then I took the other piece of rope and tied her legs to her arms, giving me excellent access to her pussy, which was now dripping wet. I then pulled out a video camera and began filming her.

"Wha wha what are you doing?" she asked looking very worried. " Just getting a few pictures." Molly looked at me again and was blushing a lot. She feared that she would never have control of the situation again. Leaving the camera on, I went down and got a good look at her pussy for the first time. I was beautiful. Her mound was dripping wet as I began finger fucking. Messaging her clit, faster and faster I did it. She was on the verge of cuming as she thrust her body forward, impaling herself on my fingers. Waves of pleasure overtook her, as she bucked wildly. She finished, exasperated, and I told her,

"Lick my fingers," I commanded, and she did as she was told. I then went back down to her pussy, now a deep red color, and spread her pussy lips. I then put my mouth in and began encircling her clit with my tongue. She moaned aloud,

" Eat me out Jimmy, do it, EAT ME OUT," she screamed. I then stopped, and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

"Tell me to fuck you, Molly. Tell me you want my dick inside you.

"Please Jimmy, fuck me, FUCK me," Molly screamed, no longer caring about anything.

"Now?" I teased her. I then thrust my dick into her pussy. Deep inside her, faster and faster. Loud, deep moans were coming out of Molly now. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She was about to cum. I pulled out, saying,

"Tell me to put my dick back in you, tell me who opens you wider than any other man."

"You Jimmy, PLEASE FUCK ME. I NEED YOU SO MUCH LIKE THIS." I then thrust myself back into her, and she was about to cum. Her pussy began clenching my cock, sucking it, milking it, wanting me to cum deep inside her. Her pussy finally exploded, sending her cum all over my cock. Not being able to hold out any longer, I sent my waves of cum shooting inside of her. She moaned aloud in pleasure. I then slowly climbed out of her, put my clothes back on and untied tied her.

"Molly, this isn't over yet, I still have the video tape and you will do what ever I want for as long as I want to, unless you want the tape to be shown. Ok?

End of part 1

To be continued...
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