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The hotel lounge was not crowded that night. Janet was in town for a business meeting that started tomorrow the next day but tonight she is bored and lonely. The piano player played soft romantic songs; occasionally a couple got up and danced on the small dance floor, mostly swaying to the beat. Since this was a posh downtown hotel. Janet supposed that most of the men and women were probably there on business also. Although Janet did not normally dress for an evening in a lounge, tonight it felt right to put on the clinging black dress that she always brought along in case she had to attend an unexpected cocktail party. The scooped neckline showed off her breasts subtly without being brash or trashy. She knew that men appreciated her figure and that it did not hurt her career to flaunt it, just a little. She was wearing her favorite pair of black heels that enhanced the line of her legs; and feeling a bit daring tonight she was wearing a pair of thigh highs and panties. She felt free and sexy and a bit daring not wearing pantyhose.

Sipping slowly on her second drink, she let her eyes wander across the lounge. Several men seemed to be staring quite openly, but while she was flattered, she really felt no attraction. Perhaps she would just call it a night soon. After all, she was married and the most she would do was a little harmless flirting!

Then her eyes met his. He was sitting at a table with a tall drink in front of him. Janet could tell that he was tall, not slender, but somehow distinguished in the way that a middle-aged man can be. The graying hair at his temples and his dress indicated that he was a professional or perhaps even an executive. The way he held himself announced that this was a man who was used to getting his way.

As she stared at him, his eyes met hers. At first she glanced away but then was somehow drawn back to his gaze. He smiled disarmingly, yet there was an invitation there and in spite of herself, her eyes accepted.

To Janet’s surprise and embarrassment, he rose and walked across the room. “Care to dance?” he asked.

She felt herself blushing as she met his gaze. She was about to refuse, when he smiled and took her hand. She let herself be led onto the dance floor. There was strength in his hand and she knew that he was in command.

The number was slow and sultry. At first they danced close, but no closer than strangers. As she glided in his arms, she felt a sudden surge of heat and drifted deeper into his embrace. His arms enveloped her and she felt his body pressed along her length. Janet felt herself becoming more aroused and knew that he could feel the hard tips of her braless nipples though the thin fabric of her dress, just as she could feel the insistent hardness between his thighs.

Then the music was over, yet they did not part. He whispered in her ear, “I need some air.” There was invitation in his eyes, but she felt suddenly afraid, where would he lead her? He smiled and released her and then casually walked out of the room. Janet paused, wondering if she should follow, and then decided that she wanted to know more about him and her feet followed his path. As she hurried to catch up with him, he turned and entered an empty elevator. She realized if she were going to follow, she would have to ride the same elevator with him. She stepped in and turned around, acting like she didn't know him. She noticed that he punched the “Roof Access” button. After the door closed they stood silently for a minute as the elevator started to rise. Janet shifted her weight nervously from one foot to the other, impatient, and unsure if she should say anything inside the elevator. She knew she should punch some other floor so that it wouldn’t be so obvious.

Then his hand moved forward and hit the stop button. She glanced over at him startled as the elevator ground to a halt; surprisingly, no alarm sounded. She turned inquisitively toward him, and he stepped forward and brought his hands around her waist and down to lightly caress the cheeks of her ass. His hands then moved up her back and around her sides, up to the front of her dress and over her breasts. She felt his fingers brush her nipples and they grew hard in response. He smiled at her reaction and his hand returned and he began to tease and gently twist them. Staring into his eyes, she was unable to speak and felt like she was under some kind of spell.

The man looked back at her with a smile. There was lust in his eyes and she could see that he was someone who was used to being in control. Janet felt a sudden fear surge through her as she wondered whether it had been a mistake to follow him. She realized how isolated they were. He leaned forward and kissed her, tenderly at first and then with a growing passion that climaxed as his tongue drove hard into her mouth. All the time he continued to toy with her nipples, stroking them, pinching them gently, making them ever harder. At last, he broke the kiss and moved back a little but his hands never left her body. It was as if he were taking possession of her.

“I thought so. No bra. I like that. So much easier. Let me see them,” he commanded.

He stepped back, releasing her. Janet toyed with the idea of hitting the start button and running out of the elevator at the next floor. But she couldn’t take her eyes from his and she knew that she didn't want to run away. Something in his eyes made her want to show him her body. She found herself pulling down the straps of her dress, slowly revealing her full breasts and hard erect nipples. Janet blushed as she felt his eyes taking in the sight of her bared form.

He stepped forward and leaned down to take a stiff nipple into his mouth, licking, biting, sucking, making her legs go weak and her pussy wet. If his hands hadn't reached out to hold her shoulders she probably would have dropped to the ground. She began moaning and felt her pussy starting to swell. She could smell her own arousal and wondered if he could.

As he brought each nipple to hardness, his hand glided down her back and fondled her ass, bringing her back against his body. Once again, she could feel the hardness between his legs as it pressed into her tummy. He again kissed her as one hand continued to attack her nipples.

Then he pulled back for a moment and she could see his nostrils flare a little.

“There’s something very hot in here. Perhaps I can do something to cool it off.”

He backed her against the wall of the elevator. Then to her surprise, he dropped to his knees and pushed her dress up as his hands gripped her small panties. He then gave a sharp tug and ripped them from her body. She gasped as his mouth descended without any preliminaries and his tongue began to plunge inside her sopping wet cunt. Instinctively her hands gripped his head as his tongue began licking the length of her slit and his hands gripped her now bare ass. His fingers were so strong that they seemed to be making marks on her flesh.

“Hmmm … I love the taste of hot pussy. The taste, the aroma,” and once again his tongue was buried inside her. Janet began to moan not caring if anyone could hear her. The louder she moaned, the faster his tongue moved and the harder his fingers gripped her. She began pumping her hips against his face, as she felt close to cumming. Her pussy was so wet; her smell was thick in the elevator. Suddenly the elevator began to move, and the phone rang. Janet was startled out of her trance. He stopped sucking her pussy and stood up, reaching for the phone while Janet began fixing her skirt and adjusting her breasts while pulling up her dress.

"Hello? Oh no, we weren't scared, no we aren't angry at all, these things happen, yes, thank you for your quick attention.” He said this while staring into her eyes and subtly licking his lips. He then hung up and laughed, “They think we were trapped in here by accident.” Janet laughed a little nervously.

The door opened and they were on the top floor. He walked out with Janet trailing close behind. An elderly couple entered the elevator as they left. After the elevator door closed, Janet realized that her panties were still on the floor. She wondered how they would react if they saw them.

He then led her to a stairwell with a sign that said “Roof Access.” It was almost as if nothing had happened. He said, “Let's go up and get that fresh air we need.” He held the door open for her letting her lead the way.

As she mounted the stairs, her legs were a little shaky and she felt a draft blow up her dress. She blushed as she thought about what he must be able to see, and then realized that he had already seen that and more.

As they reached the roof, he again held the door for her and she moved out onto the rooftop. There were deck chairs strewn around and a railing that faced into the lights of the city. The night was warm, but she still felt a shiver as she anticipated his next move. He took her hand and guided her to the railing. As she looked out onto the city he maneuvered behind her and brushed her hair aside, kissing her neck. She felt his hands working their way from her waist back again to her hardened nipples. Again he was taking possession of her body and she was content to surrender it to him.

As she felt his hot breath on her neck and his fingers slowly tracing their way up her arm, an involuntary moan escaped her lips. His kisses intensified and he pulled her even closer to him. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass and she gave a slight wiggle in anticipation. His hand continued to knead her breasts and play with her hardening nipples. Her pussy was still swollen and wet from his earlier ministrations and her body was once again on fire.

He leaned into her and whispered, “Where were we”? She assumed at first that he was joking but as he stood behind her his hands tightened on her breasts and he whispered, “ I said, where were we”?

“We … you were licking me,” Janet whispered.

“I see. Where was I licking you?”

She started to say, you know very well where, but his tone didn’t allow for flip answers. Besides, Her clit was almost aching for the touch of his tongue and she wasn’t sure what he would do.

“You were licking my … pussy and I was enjoying it.” Janet had never said anything like that, to anyone, not even her husband. She had never used that sort of language and didn’t know where it came from. But she knew deep in her soul, that that was what he wanted to hear, and she wanted very much to please him.

Suddenly he released her breasts and stepped back, “Would you like me to continue?”

As she turned she felt herself turning beet red. She wondered how she could feel so embarrassed when only minutes earlier she had let this man eat her in a public elevator?

“Yes … Please … I was close …”

He smiled and said, “I see. Well perhaps you should get undressed then.”

She hesitated, but only for a second, the need in her body was so great, She reached back and undid the zipper and let the dress fall to the ground. As she picked the dress up and lay it down on a nearby chair she was keenly aware she was now standing completely naked in front of him while he was still fully clothed, making Janet feel rather vulnerable.

He then lay on a reclining lounge chair and motioned her to him. As she approached he said to her, “Come straddle my chest and bring that hot little pussy closer to my mouth.”

She had heard of such things but had never experienced it. She felt awkward as she swung her leg over the chair and straddled his chest, bringing her knees up to his sides. He grabbed her ass and pulled her forward until she felt his nose bury in the lips of her pussy.

Reaching up with his hands, he spread her lips until her swollen clit was exposed and began gently licking it. She began again to shudder and moan. His tempo was at first slow and easy, and then he began to let his strokes follow her breathing, until suddenly she pushed her pussy against his mouth and cried out as she came. His hands grasped her buttocks and pulled her tightly to him, his tongue continuing its assault on her clit. It seemed to go on forever, but finally she said, “Enough! Oh! It's too sensitive.”

He pushed her back gently from his mouth and looked up at her. She looked back at him,
her breasts still heaving, and said, “No one has ever done that to me before.”

He smiled, “That’s a shame. You are a beautiful passionate woman and deserve that and more. But now it’s my turn.”

She stared at him wondering what he meant. Then it dawned on her. She had never done THAT before either. But she knew she could not refuse him anything. Not after the best orgasm she had ever had. Janet moved off his chest and stood by the chair.

He then arose and stood before her, taking her gently in his arms, her naked body pulled against his, still fully clothed. His hands caressed her back as he kissed her fully and deeply on the lips. He broke the kiss and gazed into her eyes.

“I’ve never done anything like this before”, she stammered.

His eyes never left hers when he said, “Then its time you learned. Down on your knees!”

The command in his voice was unmistakable and Janet automatically dropped to her knees.

She looked up and he smiled, “Good, now untie my shoes and remove my pants.”

She reached down and untied his shoes, removing them as he lifted his feet for her. She then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. As she drew down his pants, she saw that he was wearing a pair of boxer shorts that were now distended in the front. “My God,” she thought, “how will I fit that in my mouth?”

He stepped out of his pants and she draped them across the nearby lounge chair. She returned to her knees in front of him and looked up.

“Now remove my shorts.”

She reached up and tugged the waistband pulling them down slowly. When his cock sprang free, she gulped a little. It was larger than her husbands, at least thicker, and she again wondered about how she would fit that in her mouth.

As she stared, mesmerized, she felt his hands in her hair pulling her forward toward his cock. She resisted a little but he only increased the pressure and she relented and moved toward his cock.

“Lick it!”

She took it in her hand and began to lick the head and shaft slowly, tentatively. She heard him sigh and continue licking up and down, finally letting her tongue caress his balls. As the pressure of his hand relaxed, she wondered if this would be enough.

“Now take the head of my cock into your mouth and suck on it, like you would a lollipop.”

She hesitated for a moment and again feeling the pressure of his hand, she parted her lips and accepted the head of his cock into her mouth. The taste was salty with a bit of something else she could not identify. As she began to suck, she felt the pressure on her head increase and gradually she let more of into her mouth. His hands directed her head and soon she was moving back and forth on his cock, licking and sucking and trying not to gag as it hit the back of her throat. She heard him moan and his hand tighten on her head. “God, I hope he doesn’t cum in my mouth, he’ll drown me!”, Janet thought.

Yet deep inside her, she knew that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. She wanted taste him, she wanted to be used by him and, in her own way, possess him!

Then unexpectedly he stopped, pulling his cock from her mouth. She looked up startled wondering what she had done to displease him.

“You have the makings of a real good little cocksucker, but tonight, I want your pussy.”

He took her hand and helped her to her feet, noting the disappointment in her eyes. He again hugged her to him and then led her to the rail. She could feel his hard cock as it nestled into the cheeks of her ass.

She felt him pull her back a little.

“Spread your legs, bend forward and grab the rail.”

Without thinking Janet did as she was told. She then felt his fingers slip between her legs and caress her pussy from behind. Even though she had cum only a few minutes earlier, she was still wet and his expert manipulation soon had her squirming.

Then she felt the head of his cock moving inside the folds of her pussy, up and down, spreading her juices over the head of his cock. She moaned and pushed back, suddenly wanting to be filled.

“So, you want it do you? Tell me what you want.”

She moaned and said, “Make love to me.”

“I am making love to you. What do you want?” As he said this he moved his cock back and suddenly she could no longer feel him.

“I want you inside me. Please!”

“Say the words that you know I want to hear. You know them.”

“Fuck me! Please FUCK ME. I want your … cock … in my pussy.” As the words gushed out she knew that he had gained total control of her. She would submit to him completely.

“Lean down a little more.” Her hands were on the top of the rail and she leaned farther and opened her legs wider. Then she felt his cock back at her entrance, once again teasing her … but not for long. Suddenly his cock pushed just inside her and his hands moved to her hips steadying her. He then thrust deep and she moaned at the pleasure of it. His strokes at first were slow and deep, but his pace increased. One hand moved from her hips as he leaned over her and slipped it over her hanging breast. As he fucked her faster and harder, his hand squeezed her breast and the pleasure spread throughout her body.

“Are you ready to cum, little one? Are you ready for me to fill your cunt with my hot cum?”

She nodded and then realizing that he wanted an answer, cried out, “Yes, I want your hot cum, please!” as her second orgasm of the night overwhelmed her and she cried out in pleasure.

At that moment he began pumping faster and suddenly he pulled his cock out of her pussy, grabbed her hair and shoulders, turned her around, pushed her to her knees, and ordered her to open her mouth. As she did, he shot his sweet, hot cum in her mouth, telling her to swallow. Janet complied, because at that moment she wanted to please him anyway she could. She was surprised at how easy and fulfilling it was for her to swallow his cum, since she had never done this before. She had submitted to this stranger’s every demand and felt stronger and happier than she had ever felt before.

When he had finished cumming, he took her hand and led her to the same lounge chair that they had used earlier. He lay down with her and cuddled her close. Soon she drifted off.

When she awoke later, it was still dark, but he was no longer there. She looked at herself and realized that anyone could have come up and found her here naked. She rushed over to the chair where her dress was and picked it up to put it on. There was a card under it.

It said, “Room 455.” It was signed Patrick.

She picked it up and looked at it, knowing that whatever she decided to do, her life would never be the same again.