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My first night in LA and I'm left on my own to explore the city as my friends are wined and dined by their favorite man of the night. A soft sigh escaping, looking up at the bright neon lights above. Maybe I should just forget it and go back to watch TV in the hotel room. Stepping back as a group of swaying, laughing men and women make their way into the street. The sudden blast of pounding music sounding again as a smaller group makes their way into the club.

Not really wanting to spend the night alone. Shoulders straightened, leather tugged, I make my way through the door and into the crowded entryway. The couple in front of Me being harassed about their IDs. I'm forced to wait as they try to convince the doorman of their age and need to gain entrance. Rolling my eyes and digging into my pocket for the posted cover charge, having no patience at all for this delay and moving up as they finally move deeper into the club. Waving a bill in front of the muscle-bound guy behind the podium as my eyes scan the darkness beyond. His assessing glance and deep nod passing me through with money still in hand.

Stepping deeper into the press of people, flashing lights and a deep pulsing beat seeming to pound within my own body. The smoke in the room swirling like a thick fog. Squeezing myself between two girls in a deep meaningful conversation screamed at the top of their lungs, to slide onto a stool at the bar. Ordering my drink and leaving the bill in my hand to cover the charge as I curl fingers around the chilled glass and turn to watch the dance floor. Bodies writhing and jerking, sweat soaked brows and a flash of black fishnet.

A smile slowly curving my lips as I take the first deep drink of the icy mixture in my hand and start to relax. This isn't so bad, I'll have a few drinks, maybe a dance or two, and then back to the hotel for a bit of TV and bed. Settling in to watch the people around me, an ugly little man in the far corner trying his charms on a girl too young to know any better.

A girl with pink spiked hair tasting the lips of her lover across the way. My gaze shifting again, held this time by a more conservative type, a handsome man calmly sipping his drink and seeming to enjoy watching the dance floor as much as I. His dark suit flawless, his shoes shined to a bright sheen, his movements slow and precise as if everything was prearranged and fit perfectly into place.

Following the stranger's gaze to the dancing bodies, a younger man, nearly a boy moving out of the crowd to drop carelessly into the chair next to the other. Watching them lean close to speak, their eyes touching as the younger one laughs and grabs his own glass to toss back the contents. Beads of sweat trickling down the boy's brow, exertion flushing the smooth perfection of his face. The boy was dressed near opposite of the man at his side, his long legs encased in tight black latex, laced at the fly. His chest bared beneath the light mesh covering meant to have the illusion of a shirt, tiny nipples peeking as he moves.

His energy light and carefree, his body moving easily with the music as he rises and moves to the bar with an empty glass in hand. My voice a whispered thought as he comes closer. "My god, he's beautiful." Breath catching in my throat, watching him flirt easily with the barmaid, ordering his drink and making small talk as he waits for his will to be done. Long slender fingers closing around his glass and the change slid to him by the giggling girl behind the bar. His dark eyes flicking up to meet my gaze. A simple nod, a dismissing smile as he turns and heads back to his table. Seating himself again beside the handsome man.

Two drinks and a rush of confidence later, I stand and adjust the too short hem of my skirt. Moving with purpose across the crowded dance floor. Walking right up to their table and leaning low to speak with the older of the two. "Hi, I know this is a bit odd...but I'm new in town, I don't know anyone here, and I need a dance partner." Turning My glance slowly to look at the boy, then back again to continue. "How much would it cost me to have him...for the night?"

The boy's face flushing brighter, a sudden rise of anger lighting his dark eyes. "Excuse me?? I'm not for sale and I don't do chicks, go waste your money somewhere else!!"

My eyes flicking briefly to him at the outburst, an amused smile curving my lips. Turning immediately back to the older man. "I promise not to cut him up and leave him in a garbage bag somewhere, how much?" The boy's loud protests ringing in my ears yet my gaze staying locked on the other, waiting for his answer while totally ignoring the quickly ignited temper.

The man looks to the boy and back to me, his laughter soft and controlled, "Well lady, I'm not so sure you'll want him after you realize what a tantrum you've started, but if you're serious..." His amused gaze flashing to the boy. "If you're serious I think he'd be worth at least a hundred an hour."

The look on the boy's face at that offer...priceless. A look of pure astonished outrage, disbelief and possibly even a degree of pure animal lust. "WHAT?! How could you?how DARE you? Fuck you both I don't need this shit, I am so out of here!!" Shoving his chair back from the table the boy grabs for his jacket and heads in a rush for the door.

My decision made with the latest outburst, three wrinkled bills pulled from the tight leather at my hip and slammed onto the table. An arrogant grin curving my lips. "Nice doin' business with you, handsome." Winking and turning on My heel to wind through the crowd.

Following the boy's hurried steps to the door and catching hold of his jacket just as he rounds the doorway, catching his body against the brick siding with mine pressed in to trap him there. My voice low and deadly serious. "I paid for you, I'm going to get my money's worth."

His tone softer now, annoyed and tight with his anger. "Listen lady, I'm sorry but I'm not playing your game. I don't do chicks, it's not my style. And I'm NOT for sale, at any price to ANYONE! I'm tired and I'm pissed off and I'm going home, goodnight!!"

Pushing at my shoulder to move me out of his way just as the cold hard kiss of steel touches beneath his chin...finding the slightest bit of stubble on a seemingly smooth patch of flesh, staring hard into his eyes. "No, boy, you are going to come back into this are going to smile and you are going to pretend to have the time of your fucking life. And you are going to dance with me."

The blade's sharp tip sliding down to tuck into the hollow of a collarbone, a grin touching my lips. "If you refuse to give me what I paid for, I'll take my payment in blood. Your lover's blood. Now tell me pretty boy, which shall it be?"

His harsh laugh disbelieving yet a tiny flare of fear sparks behind his eyes, his lashes fluttering down to cover the doubt. "You won't do anything bitch, just leave me the fuck alone or I'll call the cops. This is bullshit, I'm leaving!"

Again he pushes to move past me and this time the blade's sharp tip presses into his flesh, merely a knick yet freezing him in place. His eyes wide, all thoughts of leaving gone. His adam's apple bobbing visibly as he tries to swallow his fear, his realization that the threat might be real. Dipping my head to brush lips to his ear, the softest whisper to freeze his heart. "Which part of your lover would you prefer I take for your cowardice? Which is your favorite? I'll bet it's his cock huh? I could see his hardon for you from where I sat at the bar."

The boy's throat moves again before he speaks, that nervous swallow. "No!! No, I'll do what you want, I'll dance with you. Just put that thing away alright?"

Shrugging delicate shoulders and taking a step back, bringing the point of the blade to my lips to drag my tongue over the bright drop of crimson staining the perfect steel. "Alright." Sliding the blade into a sheath almost invisible against the leather skirt and nodding my head toward the door. "Oh and you should probably know that I have his wallet, I know where he lives. Don't do anything stupid." Giving him a shove to send him through the door and following closely.

Taking his hand and giving him a smile meant for lovers, I pull him onto the dance floor. Whispering softly against his ear. "Smile pretty boy, smile and dance like your life depends on it...or his..."

Stepping back to watch his hips begin to move, his smile forced...too bright. His hands reaching for my hips to draw me to him. My body catching the pulsing beat and moving with his, swaying hips bumping and grinding slowly into him.

Pressing tight to feel the muscles tense under his clothes, to feel the sudden jerk of his arousal against my belly. Tipping a slow grin up to him, my voice just loud enough to be heard over the music. "Ohhhh the pretty boy enjoys his fear, or he enjoys my body. Which is it pretty one?"

Watching his jaw clench, his eyes blaze, yet still his body moves against mine. The thrust of his hips forceful as he keeps careful time with the beat, working the press of his cock harder against my body. His refusal to answer bringing a soft laugh. My hands sliding up his chest, fingers lacing at the back of his neck.

Winking to the one still sitting where we left him, a look of astonished interest on his face when he sees I've brought the boy back. Our bodies melting into one another as the song changes and a slower beat fills the room, his now full arousal grinding into me. Looking up to see a different spark in his eyes, a slight change in his pasted on smile. His hands moving over my hips to grip my ass, hips gyrating slowly, obscene movements of his body into mine. A lover's dance.

His lips pressing over mine, tongue probing my mouth as lips part in surprise. Caught offguard by his kiss, my body pressing closer into him, my hip brushing his groin and dragging a loud groan from his throat as the handle of my blade grinds into his flesh. His voice rumbling softly against my ear as his face dips into my hair. "Might as well get your money's worth."

Fingers digging into the leather clad curve of my ass and pulling me tighter against the heated laces of his crotch, rubbing himself against me. Fucking me slowly through the tight cling of our outfits. Gasping soft. The tight control I've held all night slipping just slightly as a heat stirs low in my belly, my hips rocking to meet him. Lost in the dance.

Slender fingers slipping between the tight press of our bodies to tug and pull the string of his laces, loosening the ties that restrain his heat. Sliding fingertips along the smooth head of his cock, finding a bit of steel with a delighted purrrr and giving it a gentle twist. His hips rocking to press his cock into my hand, a look up showing only a raw and urgent need. My fingers curling around the thickness of his shaft, shuddering as I feel the blood pulse through hot flesh.

"Ooohhh god, beautiful!!" A murmured whisper escaping my lips. Thrusting my hips into him, crushing my fist between us as it squeezes and tugs at his cock.

His voice sounding raspy, soft. "Why...why me? There are a dozen other guys here who would have paid YOU to dance with them. Why me?" With a slow grind of his hips, his hand moves and closes around the handle of the blade. Pulling it free and holding it low. The blade gliding up along my inner thigh as he whispers against my ear. "Why me?"

Closing my eyes to pull in a slow calming breath as I feel the steel, my own steel, sliding along my bare flesh. Lips still tasting of his kiss opening to answer, saying the only words that come to mind. "You were the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen, I had no right to you, no chance with you. Yet if I'd not touched you tonight, I'd have ached for it the rest of my life."

Stated so simply even with the blade in his hand, no regret showing in wide emerald eyes as they touch his dark gaze, smoldering with a need so deep, a hunger so fierce. His breath leaving in a rush, shaking his head but responding to that need with a blazing energy all his own. His hips pulling back as his hand moves the blade upward, sliding beneath my skirt to graze soft velvet panties.

"Tonight is your lucky night lady, I'm going to give you your money's worth and so much more..."

Jerking back instinctively an edge of the blade slides beneath the material of my panties and tugged, the velvet sliced easily. My cunt bared beneath the skirt. My eyes wide as he replaces the knife carefully and grips my hips with both hands, pressing his body into mine to dance me back against the wall. People muttering protests as they're jostled out of our way, finding purchase against the stones behind me. My hips rocking, grinding into his.

Fingers tearing at the mesh of his shirt to reach his flesh. Feeling his grip at my hips tighten as he lifts me, hands reaching for his shoulders. Legs parting to wrap around him. A scream caught in my throat as my hips rock and he sets me down slowly onto his cock, stretching my cunt wide. Tight muscles clenching as hips meet and grind, my cunt slick with mindless need for him.

Blind to the people watching around us, shifting hips to move on his cock. His hands on my ass lifting me up and down his hot hard length. Fucking me back into the wall. Groaning loudly, my need overwhelming any sense of space or balance, held up by him alone. My hands moving up to hold his face and press my tongue into his mouth. The thrust of his cock into my cunt strong and sure, lifting me as he slams harder into my heat. A slick velvety heat clenching around pulsing flesh to pull him deeper into me, wanting more, needing more.

My nails tearing his shirt, raking the bare flesh of his back. Hips rocking, writhing...grinding hard into him. My screams echoing in the crowded room as my back scrapes the wall and my cunt convulses in a molten shudder around him. His cries melting into mine, his cock thrust hard and deep as he lets my hips fall and presses his own up...grrrrinding...gasping...and erupting in a flow of hot cum deep into my clenching cunt. His hips rocking gently as slick muscles continue to grip and cling, spasming to clench tighter at his flesh. Our breathing ragged as heads come together, his hands at my hips holding me there, impaled on his cock.

Finally catching his breath enough to lift me up. My muscles protesting as he slips from my hold and my feet once more touch the ground. My knees too weak to hold me and only his hands still strong at my hips keeping me from melting to the floor at his feet. His lips brushing mine with the most tender kiss I've ever tasted, making love to my mouth as if drinking from the sweetest spring.

My heart pounding anew as he pulls his head back to smile down into my passion fogged gaze, his voice sending a shudder down my spine as he bends to whisper. "He doesn't carry a wallet, but your blade and your attitude was hot, I'd have paid you for this dance tonight. And it would have been worth every penny."

Bowing regally and pressing another tender kiss to the back of my hand he turns on his heel and heads back to his table. Leaving me standing with people staring all around, soft laughs and catcalls slowly surrounding us. His head bends to his lover and they both turn to leave, my body slumping hard against the wall. A silly grin on my lips, the memories of beautiful dance to carry in my heart.
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