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He pushed harder and harder into her, enjoying the feeling of her desperately, hopelessly trying to stop him.

Patty screamed at the abrupt intrusion, her body convulsing as much as it was able to in its' restrained form. Her muffled screams just turned the man on more and when he could push no further, he slowly withdrew, until just the tip of his throbbing cock was inside her.

"You can tell me to stop if you want, bitch". But of course, she couldn't as the gag prevented her from uttering any audible words...

Patty shook her head violently back and forth, but to no avail.

The man pushed back hard into her again, feeling her muscles tighten as she tried to control herself in an effort to stop him from forcing back into her.

As he entered her fully, he reached over and pulled the pantyhose slipknot and they fell away from Patty's face, leaving her silk panties part in and part out of her lovely mouth. Patty still couldn't shout but started to sob again.

"I'll take your panties from your mouth if you promise not to make a sound. Do you promise?" said the man.

Patty nodded her head, frightened. "Ok then. I told you it was pointless resisting. I would not have needed to rape you if you had been willing, but you had to go and disobey me.... Are you gonna do as you are told now?"

With nothing left, Patty nodded, knowing that he couldn't do much more to her.

"Ok then, that's better". He resumed slipping slowly in and out of her tight wet pussy, the sensation turning him on more and more as he thought of her not knowing what was still in store for her.

"Tell me how much you are enjoying this", he demanded.

"I-I am really enj-enjoying this" Patty replied, not knowing what else to say

"Tell me how much you want me to fuck you. You don't sound like you are enjoying this. Perhaps I should fuck your ass instead?"

"No! No, I- I really want you to fuck me, pl-please, fuck me, please...", Patty said, her voice trembling with fear.

"Tell me how much do you want me to fuck you, because you are a slut and deserve it. What else do you want me to do to you?"

Patty hesitated, then said "I-I'm a slut, please, please fuck me, I'm a slut, and I deserve to be fucked. I-I want you to please- to please yourself with me all you want... please, I'm a slut, and deserve to be raped...please, do- do whatever you want"

"Good girl", said the man. "Now if you show me how much you are enjoying having my cock inside you, I'll leave your ass alone, I promise". He looked at her terrified face and pleading eyes, savouring every second as he slowly forced himself in and out of her. "Tell me you want me to cum inside you".

"Please, please cum in me, please".

"Say it as if you mean it Patty, or...."

"No, no, really, I-i want u to cum inside me... I want to feel it inside me, please, cum in me"

The man was really turned on by Patty's shaking voice. He felt that he wanted to cum inside her immediately, but slowed down so that he could keep the feeling going.

"You know Patty, Your mum is really pretty. Do you think she'd like to be doing this"... He said, watching as the look of terror returned to her face.

"No! Please, leave my mom alone, please!"

"Well then, it's either your mom or you next time. I know that your Dad has to be away on business every month. I know where you live – so if you don't want your mom to be paid a visit, are you gonna make yourself available in her place?" He had to fight the urge to cum into her right now.

Patty gulped, knowing what this meant, but also knowing that her mom had been sexually abused as a kid and would kill herself it happened again. Patty whispered in a barely audible voice "I'll go in her place", and lowered her head in shame.

"You're starting to understand now bitch. Just remember, If you don't, I'll just have to have the both of you together. Do you think your mom would enjoy watching me as I have you over and over again?"

"No, please, just, just leave her alone", pleaded Patty "and I'll do whatever you want, just leave her alone, okay? Please?"

"I'll think about it - perhaps your boyfriend would enjoy watching me fuck you?" said the man as he continued to delight in forcing her pussy lips to slip around his cock.

"No! Please, we haven't even done more than kissing, he respects me too much for that, he would never like it, please, just leave everyone else alone, please!" The sound of Patty's pleading finally triggered a huge rush inside him and he pumped his cum deep into her hot sticky pussy. He felt himself shaking and trembling as he climaxed inside her lithe young body. He leaned over Patty and started to force his tongue into her mouth as he continued to feel the spasms of his cock pumping into her.

Patty felt the warm gushes enter her and she began to get sick, thinking about it. She wanted to force back his kiss, but he was too strong for her.

"Are you enjoying this you slut?" he said as he kissed around her face, the dry cum still plastered over her cheeks and chin. "Say thank you to me for taking your virginity".

The thought disgusted Patty and she shook her head, knowing that she would never be thankful to him.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you. Are you not grateful to me?"

Patty looked at him with a hard stare and he mouthed the words, "Mommy and Boyfriend". Patty lowered her head and said "Th-thank you for-for taking my – my virginity", the words breaking into sobs.

The man stood back - totally pleased with himself at seeing what he had done to Patty. "There, that wasn't so bad was it". He didn't expect and didn't wait for a reply. "Ok, if you've had enough, you can get off now" he said, knowing that there was no way she could even move, let alone get off of the contraption.


"Haven't you done enough? Please, just let me off, please!", she sobbed.

"Well, I have thought about it, but the trouble is, well, you are just so damn cute..." He walked to the side of the frame and undid a lock on the side. A piece of wood slipped out and the whole frame rotated 180 degrees so that Patty was in the same position but facing the floor...

"No! You promised, you promised! You said, please, no!"

The man glanced over to her: "Well, you are hardly in a position to stop me and ...." He ran his hand over her pert buttocks and down between her legs, feeling her wet pussy as his cum started to drip back out of her.

"Sorry Patty, but I have decided I'm gonna fuck your ass anyway". Patty started to scream so He quickly slapped her hard across her ass. "Shut up or this will really hurt", he barked.

Patty started to cry, knowing that she couldn't stop what he was doing to her.

"Ok Patty, that's better. Now tell me how much you want to feel my cock in your ass".

"No! I never want your dirty cock in my ass! Leave me alone, you bastard!"

"Tut, tut, Patty", he retorted. "Now I am really cross with you". "Do you want me to rape you again now?"

"Just, just leave me alone, you lying asshole! I hate you!"

He ran his hand between her legs and scooped up the mixture of his cum and her cunt juices, mixed with blood from where he had roughly entered her before. He trailed his hand up the crack of her ass and used the sticky mixture to lubricate her ass hole. "Leave you alone, bitch, I don't think so". He slipped his finger into her tight ass...

Patty screamed at the first rude entrance. The man was obviously turned on hearing her scream, knowing that in reality, no one was going to be anywhere near there at this time of night. He worked his finger in and out of her.

"So you don't want to play at enjoying this, you slut". "Why don't you tell me how much you don't want me to fuck your ass then".

"No! You're a sick pervert that can't get any, so you prey on teens! Leave me alone, you sick son of a bitch!", she spat out angrily.

"And you're a whore who just begged me to cum inside you. I'm having your ass whether you like it or not".

He slipped a second finger into the tight entrance in an effort to loosen her, ready. Patty screamed again, at the second rude entrance. "So I can't get any then - well I can have you any time I want to from now on - or your mom, I don't mind".

"No - not my mom!" Patty spluttered, fear returning to her voice.

Now fully erect, the man used his right hand to position his cock at the entry to Patty's ass. He spat a mouthful of saliva onto his left hand and wiped the end of his cock with it.

"Ask me to fuck your ass or I'll wait till your moms back - and I won't be asking her permission.......", he said.

"P-please, fuck, fuck my ass... P-please".

"Ok babe, your wish is my command!". With that, he took her by the hips and pulled her towards him as he forced his cock to enter her ass hole.

Patty screamed, longer and more painfully, and then broke into cries as the man started to go in and out.

"I can't get too far into you, you are just too tight", he said. He put his arms around the frame and as he jerked in and out of her ass, he fondled her tits, loving every second of it as she desperately wriggled her ass to stop him pushing in too far.

"No, no, no! Please, no! Ugggghhhhhhhhh..."

Very slowly with each stroke he felt himself easing a little further into her. He reached one hand down between her legs and started to rub her clit...

Patty felt her body start to respond to his rubbing, to her disgust, as her moans started to become ones of not only pain…

"There slut, I told you you'd enjoy this. I'm not going to cum in your ass unless you ask me to - nicely"...

Patty kept her mouth shut, not wanting anything to escape her lips.

He pushed harder and Patty let out a yell. "I said ask me nicely Patty, or you will suffer the consequences"...

Patty was totally powerless against him as he forced himself deeper into her ass – she was struggling real hard but knew that she couldn't stop him....

The man yelled at Patty for her to tell him to cum in her ass, but she kept her mouth shut, to defy him.

"I warned you that you would have to suffer if you didn't do as you were told... I don't want to hurt you but if you don't do as I say", he said as he started to pump harder and harder into her, the feeling of her tight ass really turning him on....

"Tell me you want me to cum in your ass and it will be over quicker for you... I won't do it until you beg me"...

Patty kept her mouth shut, but the man could still hear the moans of pain coming from her, hoping that he will just stop….

"Ok babe, that's fine by me - I'm enjoying having your pretty little ass and I'll just have to keep on and on..."

Hearing her moans just made him harder and harder. He pumped hard and fast, going harder and faster every second, as he abused her tight virgin ass with his huge cock. It was so big and thick, it was tearing her apart as he got even more monstrous inside her – Patty decided she couldn't take any more...

"Don't forget what I told you earlier - if you don't beg me, I am sure your mom will"...

He wanted to shoot into her but he was determined to hold back until she said.

Patty opened her mouth, and he knew it was close because instead of muffled moans, he heard her screams. This turned him on even more and he went faster as Patty tried to gasp out the words, "P-p-AHH! - please, c-cum i-i-in m-ahhh my ass... please...."

He was really turned on by her now – he didn't realise he could have so much fun with a tied up 18 year old...

As Patty fought to say the words, he could hold on no longer and felt himself going into spasm as he pumped deep into her ass....

"Ooh babe that feels really good - I knew you'd like that"...

Spurt after spurt of cum pumped into Patty's ass as his body spasmed on top of her, and when he was finally done, he just sat there, dick still in her ass, making sure that Patty knew and understood that he possessed her body - totally.


That was real nice.... I don't ever want to pull out of you, he thought to himself, but he knew that he wasn't finished yet.... He was real hot now and backed off to stand and admire his handiwork…

Patty was tightly chained to the frame, spread-eagled out and unable to stop him from doing whatever he desired with her. He walked over and ran his hand from her ankle, slowly up her leg....

Then, using his hand, he slowly explored up to the back of Patty's knee, before slipping inside and continuing upwards. Slowly Patty felt herself tighten up, not knowing what he would do next...

"What would your boyfriend say now, if he could see you - do you think he'd be turned on?", said the man.

"N-no, please, you've had me, everywhere - now, can't you just leave me alone?" Patty begged, knowing in her heart that her pleas were futile.

"I have you for the rest of the week, my sweet," he replied, as he ran his hand up to Patty's deflowered pussy, and started once again, to finger her. After several minutes, Patty felt her body start to respond, even though she could not fathom why ever she was liking it. The stranger chuckled as he realized that she couldn't help herself, and it turned him on…

His hand continued and he gently slipped his fingers between her legs - but carried on up, over that lovely, juicy ass of hers, further up, past the small of her back and to her shoulders - Returning to her pussy, he again slipped his fingers into her and felt her again starting to respond... "That's good - Well, what about your boyfriend?"

"I-I'm sure he wouldn't b-be - He knows that I'm very nice, and conservative, and would never do anything like this...", said Patty, her voice trembling again. "Don't you think if he saw you turned on like this, that he'd want to fuck you senseless"?, said the man.

"No - he would never do something like that! Never! He wouldn't take advantage of me - never!"

"So you wouldn't let him fuck you yet then? But you let me, hehe"... he said as he removed his fingers from her now very moist pussy. The light in the dungeon was getting ever dimmer and Patty could barely see him as he walked away from her.

"No - I didn't let you - you let yourself - Wh-what are you doing? Just, just leave me alone!"

Patty strained to see where he was but could not turn as the straps and chain held her too tightly. Patty saw a glint from the corner of her eye and could hear a noise - something like a rope being sawn through with a knife...

"Are- are you going to tie me again? No-please! Just, just let me go - Please!"

I'm sorry", he said, "but you are just too damn gorgeous to let go for a long time yet - I want to have you over and over again...

The man walked back towards her and removed the wooden slat that held the frame in place and then turned her over again so that she was facing upwards... He looked into her eyes and saw the pleading, terrorised look on her poor face...

Patty felt the tears streaking down her face and chin, and it turned the man on even more. He took the rope and....

Patty noticed for the first time, that he was holding a switch knife in his hand – she begged him not to hurt her.

"I don't need to hurt you, just do as you are told", he said. He took the rope with his other hand and laid it across her throat and then bent down to tie it underneath. Now Patty could not raise her head without it hurting.

He stroked her chin and wiped the tears from the side of her cheeks...

"No – please – just…" Patty closed her eyes and sniffled, trying to not cry anymore, so that the man would have no more reason to touch her, hopefully, anywhere. Patty knew that she would get hurt if she didn't co-operate (and so, possibly, would her mom)… but she just couldn't bear much more of this violation...

The man stood next to her, looking down on her defenceless body, observing her erect nipples, knowing that he could do whatever he wanted to her, whenever he wanted. The feeling of absolute power over her young body was a real turn on. Patty couldn't take her eyes away from his.

Just the thought of her boyfriend knowing, almost made her cry some more... The man was looking at her, holding the knife loosely in his hand.

"Now you know what is going to happen if you don't do exactly as you were told - I don't think I need to tell you twice..."

Patty looked puzzled and said "but you haven't told me I have to do anything else". The man just smiled and gently pulled her chin so that her pretty mouth was a little nearer his already hardening cock.

"B-but I don't know what to do now", said Patty as he smiled some more. "What do you want me to do now... Then, Patty froze in absolute terror as she felt a hand on her thigh and realised it could not be the mans...

Her look of terror now turns to absolute horror and reckless fear as she tried to turn her head to see who or what it was, but the rope stopped her. Patty started to sob, and asked who it was - very shakily, not knowing if she wanted to know.

She started to shake uncontrollably as she felt a second hand on her leg and then, as the man pulled her face closer towards his cock, Patty felt something clumsily being pushed between her legs – it felt cold and hard and had a strange texture...

The man did not respond to her question... He was stroking her pretty face knowing he was about to force his cock into her mouth... Patty could feel the instrument being pushed in and out of her pussy.

"What - what is that? Who is that? Oh... please.... Please.... No - no more, please"...

The man looked away from Patty as he said, "You can start now".

To Be Continued...
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