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Just thinking back, sitting here, it all seems so unlikely; so bizarre, I guess. I was just an ordinary guy. Married, couple of kids, usual money owed to the bank. I was fine. Happy even. My job wasn't fantastic but it paid the bills. My wife was fine. She still got me excited...most of the time. So everything was hunky dory. Until that day, of course.

I vaguely remember it was raining. I was coming in from work, the car parked outside the house, the front door open, ready for me. I got inside, drenched from the rain, threw down my case and stood laughing. I looked around for Karen, my wife, but she wasn't there. Odd, she was always in the hallway, waiting for me.

"Karen?" I called.

I took off my jacket, slipped out of my shoes and went in search. I found her straight away. She was naked, tied to a chair, a gag in her mouth. Her legs were spread at the knees, her pussy was bare. She seemed to be shaking.

"Hi Jeff," came a voice from the lounge.

Then I noticed the back of the head.

"Who the hell..." I started, indignant.

"I don't think so," a voice behind me was joined by a knife at my throat, cutting off any further words.

I looked into Karen's eyes, fear bright and strong.

"Jeff," the head rose and turned to face me. It was a stranger. He was smiling. "My name is Mr. Shin. The man behind you is Mr. Knee. You'd do well to remember that Jeff."

The man behind me pushed my knees in and I collapsed forwards. My hands spread out, breaking my fall and Mr. Shin stood on them. I yelped from the pain.

"You will do as you are told, Jeff, and nothing will happen to either you or your wife. Is that clear?"

I was confused. I had no idea what was happening. Of course I hesitated. Mr. Knee kicked me between the legs, a perfect shot. The pain was terrible.

"Is that clear, Jeff?" I gasped a faint yes, "Good boy. Now I want you to suck my cock."

"What?" I protested.

"Now, not for nothing, Jeff. Oh no, of course not. But for your wife's fingers, Jeff. Mr. Knee?"

The other man went to Karen's side, his knife went to her fingers, lightly running across them, as they sat on the rests, vulnerable. I could see her eyes widen as the cold steel lightly traced them.

"You see, Jeff, Mr. Knee can be a bit vicious, I'm afraid so..." and he unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. He also got off my hands.

I hesitated, a quick look at his cock and another at Karen. It was going to be difficult but - I was too late. Mr. Knee laid the blade across her little finger and pushed down on it, hard. Karen's finger effortlessly slipped off. Karen's face was a tight ball of agony, her mouth trying to scream around the gag. Mr. Knee laid the knife across the next finger. I quickly took Mr. Shin's cock in my hand and started licking it.

"Much better, Jeff."

He started fucking my face, pumping into me, his balls slapping against my chin. He grunted, sputtered then came. I tried to swallow it all, almost throwing up as his semen slithered down my throat. He stayed in my mouth until he was soft. He then pulled himself out, shaking the last few drops onto my tongue, squeezing his cock a few times onto my face before putting it away.

"Good, Jeff. You'll improve with practice, of course." He sat down facing me. "Undress."

Mr. Knee still had the knife across Karen's finger so I did not hesitate. I was naked quickly, embarrassed, standing before these two men, my cock limp and small with fear. My hand automatically tried to cover myself up. The two men laughed at this.

"Don't worry, boy, it's so small we can't see it anyhow!" said Mr. Knee and they both burst out laughing.

"You think he's a virgin, Mr. Knee?" asked Mr. Shin

"Only one way to find out, Mr. Shin!"

"He's all yours, Mr. Knee."

Mr. Shin took the knife and held it across Karen's finger as Mr. Knee came towards me. He pulled my hand away and grabbed my cock, pulling the foreskin away from my body until I felt it would snap off. He let go suddenly and it seemed to shrink away into my body. He then cupped my balls in his hand, squeezing them tightly. I squirmed. He leant towards me and whispered into my ear.

"What I want you to do, Jeff, is spread your legs and bend over. This first time will hurt but I'll try and be gentle. It's hard for a man, you know. Just gets all carried away with the moment. But I promise, it'll get a lot easier." He stepped away from me and I did as he wanted.

He stood behind me and I heard his trousers opening, felt his fingers feeling around my anus, prodding me, trying to find the hole. I then heard him wet his hand with his spit and felt him rub his saliva around me, scant lubrication. When he entered me I almost fainted. The pain was immense. He pounded into me, sparing me nothing. At one point he started slapping my bum as he pumped, riding me like a horse. Mr. Shin laughed and encouraged him on to new heights.

Then he came. Pumping into me. Gasping with pleasure well spent. I felt his seed start to leak out, running down inside me thighs.

"Fuck that was good!" said Mr. Knee as his shrinking cock popped out of me.

"Looked damn good, Mr. Knee!" They laughed. "Now, Jeff, I think we could do with some grub."

* * * * *

Part two on its way...

Forced Screaming Sex