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I awoke the next morning in the bedroom of the suite. I was still naked, but there was no one else around. I looked at the bedside clock and it was one PM. I got up and looked around for my clothes to get dressed. My panties and bra were gone. Only my dress and shoes remained. I slipped my dress over my head and put on my shoes. After combing my hair and washing my face, I left the suite and headed for my car.

Walking through the hotel, I was glad it was a holiday and little staff was around. My breasts were swaying as I walked and I felt very self-conscious of this. As I passed the front desk clerks and bellman, they all smiled and I was not sure if they were just being friendly or if it was because of the way my breasts moved beneath my dress. I was also wondering if they were able to tell that I was totally naked under my dress as I headed out the door. When I got home, I took a hot shower and cried myself to sleep.

I awoke later that night, still unsure of what had happened or why. I kept thinking it must be a dream, because nothing else made sense. The people I worked with raped me, the team I was a part of. What had I done to cause this?

I got up and went into the bath. Turning on the light, I was shocked at the sight in front of me. My breasts around my nipples were red and swollen from the squeezing and sucking, and even had small bite marks on them. Looking down, I saw small red marks around my stomach, marks that looked like hickeys, as if someone had been sucking on my stomach. My vagina, although not visible, was sore, and the lips were swollen. Most likely it was because it was the first time in over ten years that I had sexual intercourse of any kind and I just had it by force with four guys. I had to think this out. There was no way I could continue to work there, but I also needed tell someone. They could not get away with this. I took a hot shower and went back to bed.

I decided that on Tuesday I would talk to John out of courtesy. I would then go to the personnel office and report the incident. I wanted to make sure that I did everything proper, in case there were questions later. I called the hotel and asked for John's office. His secretary answered, and was surprised that I was not at work.

"Too much weekend?" she said.

I agreed and asked if I could talk to John. She told me that the office was out on sales calls today, and he would be back at the end of the day to pick up his messages. Did I want to leave a message? I thought better than to leave a message, but really had to get this done. I asked her to leave a message that I would be in at four thirty to meet with him about a matter of importance. She said she would give him the message.

The day seemed to drag by and I kept going over and over in my mind what had happened. I remembered them standing me up and taking off my clothes. I remember being touched, but I was not sure who was doing what at all times, then being placed on the couch, and having intercourse with them. The night was still foggy, and I kept cursing myself for taking that glass of wine.

I stepped from the shower, looking at myself in the mirror. From the outside, I looked no different. The swelling in my breasts had gone down, and the cream I had put on made the marks almost disappear. The soreness in my vagina had passed, but every time I thought about John's finger in me, I got a strange sensation and became slightly wet.

I put the thoughts out of mind and got dressed to go to the hotel. I really needed to feel good about myself, so I took out a pair of pink lace panties and matching bra. It was one of my favorite bras, as it lifted my breasts nicely and allowed just the top part of my areola to appear above the lace line. I put on my matching garter belt and clear silk stockings. Since I was not going in to work, I put on a mid-calf cotton skirt and white linen blouse. It was conservative, but at the same time casual. Four o'clock came and I left for the hotel.

When I arrived, John's secretary was just getting ready to leave. She said John had not yet returned, but she had given him my message when he called in and he said he would be here around this time. I waited in the reception area. I was reading an article in one of the trade magazines when John came out from the back and greeted me. He must have come in the back door, as he had already removed his jacket and loosened his tie.

He asked me to come and I followed him to his office. He offered me the couch but I said I would prefer the chair, which he agreed and walked back behind his desk. Before seating himself, he closed his office door so no one would disturb us. I neglected to notice that he had also locked the door so no one could enter or exit. He looked straight at me, as calm as he could be, and asked what was on my mind.

I could not believe he would be this calm or act this way after what they had done to me. I told him that I was resigning and was going to file a complaint with the personnel department about his actions, along with Dave, Rick and Bill, on Sunday night in the suite. I said that I did not know what I had done to them to cause them to rape me and treat me in such a manner but I would not let this matter go. I continued talking for another ten minutes. First stating my disappointment in him, then the hotel, their liability, and what stress and anguish they had caused me.

During the entire time I was talking, John just kept looking me in the face, very calmly and it looked like he had a slight smile on his face. I finished by saying the reason I was talking to him first was out of professional courtesy, as I had built my reputation on being professional, and felt I should continue.

He sat for a moment very quiet, but also very calm. When he started to speak, his voice was somewhat softer than normal, so I had to lean slightly forward to hear him. He said that he felt there was a definite misunderstanding of what had transpired on Sunday night. I had too much to drink, and along with the music and fun, I had acted in such a way that shocked everyone. My getting up, dancing around the room, and then removing my dress totally shocked everyone.

"We just figured you were a party girl and just wanted to let off steam."

He said they would prefer to forget the incident, but if I insisted on going further with it, then I would have to be prepared for the consequences of such a crucial step.

I thought I must have been hearing things. He was accusing me of getting naked, dancing around, and saying the whole thing was my idea. I know he could see the look of disbelief in my face, and when I started to speak, he just leaned back in his chair and smiled.

I must have called him every name I could think of and then some. I told him that I thought his professionalism would at least show some remorse, but now I was just going to go straight to the police and he would have to deal with that. I got up to leave and when I reached for the door, he stood up and blocked my way. He said it would be best if I sat back down and listened, and then I could leave. I was furious, but sat back down to listen.

John sat down and leaned across the desk, resting on his arms with his hands clasped together. He was looking me straight in the eyes when he spoke.

" I had hoped you would understand what I was telling you, to let it go, be reasonable, but I guess that's just not possible. You probably want to know why, what, or when and all those little details of what went on and why, so I will tell you. Understand this, when I am finished telling you everything, you can get up and leave. If you leave, you will never get a job in this industry again and possibly not in any other as you will not be able to use any of your past references. With your financial status, you need to think this over very carefully."

My face had gone red, and I was mad. No, not mad, I was furious, and could have easily shot him if I had a gun. His attitude and how he was talking to me was as if it was no big deal. He sat back in his chair and said that I needed to relax or I would get nothing. I took a deep breath and sat back into the chair.

" I wasn't sure about hiring you because of your age and the time you had been out of work. In our industry, that is critical because you lose contacts. However, as a favor to your old director, I agreed to the interview. When you walked in, I knew immediately that I would hire you. Why? Even with your conservative clothes and the way you carry yourself, it is very evident that you have extremely large breasts, great legs, and a nice ass. In other words, when a man looks at you, he thinks, 'Damn, I want to fuck her.' Even if it's just a fantasy, it sells, and in a new market where most of the meeting planners are men, a women who looks like you can bring in business if she treats the customers right. If every meeting planner who comes here has the thought in his mind that he can fuck you, then he will book his business here. I was sure I was right in my thinking, but needed to prove it, so that is why I had you work the FAM trip. Wearing the dresses showed off your legs, your ass, and, most of all, those gorgeous breasts of yours. Every meeting planner made it a point to mention that you were one hot piece of ass. They were especially turned on by how hot you were for your age. After hearing this, I had to make sure you would become a permanent part of my team."

Either the look on my face or the questions in my eyes caused John to stop talking. He sat for a moment, letting what he had said sink in and leaving me the opportunity to question. He knew I knew the answers but had to ask them to get it out of my head and put some kind of rational into this irrational scheme.

I told him I could understand his logic of using me as bait, as crude as it was, somewhat barbaric even. I understood his experiment to have me in the hospitality suite to get the customers opinion, and if positive, great. I did not understand why they got me drunk and forced me into sexual acts, causing me this pain, embarrassment, and humiliation, and then expect me to continue working under such circumstances. That was and is totally insane.

John, laughed, but said very quickly, "Yes, it is insane."

"I knew you would be good at your job but I wanted more. I needed more. Our business is down and my ass is on the line. In walks a desperate woman, who looks like every man's fantasy."

He stopped talking to see my reaction. I sat totally stunned.

"My actual idea of fucking you didn't come to pass until Saturday night after all the men clients kept coming up to me asking how they could fuck you. I decided then that it was necessary to do something that would guarantee that you would be a permanent part of the team and a way to build the business."

I must have still looked like a deer in the headlights, as he continued.

"I had a meeting in the late afternoon with the other sales staff and said we were going to have a party after the FAM in the suite. I lied and told them that I had heard after a few drinks that you could be an easy lay. Not knowing any different, they thought everything that went on was normal. You got drunk, played the part, got naked with a little help, fucked, and sucked them all. Now, how does it all end? That is up to you. You can continue to work for me, be part of the team, and do whatever and with whomever I say. For this, you will be well compensated and no one will be the wiser."

Again, I wanted to kill him. The gall. How in the world could he expect me to work for him, or ever do anything he asked, much less have him tell me to do something? I must have turned ten shades of red and again read him the riot act. To treat me with such disrespect, and expect me to forget the whole thing, was nonsense. He was going to get what was coming to him and I told him I would see him in jail. I stood to leave.

The sound when he hit the desk made me freeze, both from shock and from fear. I did not think he would hurt me, but right now, he had a look that was scaring me.

I told him to get out of my way or I would scream and accuse him of attacking me again.

"Sit down," He said, shouting. "I was hoping I would not have to go to this extent, but you have forced me to do things I did not want to do."

I was totally confused, but when he shouted for me to sit a second time, I did. He took an envelope out of his pocket, sat down in his chair, and laid it in the center of the desk.

"You are not going to the police or anywhere else. Nor are you going to tell anyone else."

As he was talking, he was taking the items out of the packet. They looked like photographs, but the were all upside down, so I could only see the white backs. He was still talking as he started to turn over the photos, placing them one by one, side by side, in front of me.

"These photos of you were taken at the party, and, as you can see, there is no evidence of any force being used. You are dancing, you are stripping, you are sucking everyone's cock, and you are fucking everyone. None of the pictures shows you being forced. How do you explain this?"

My mind had gone numb. The photos he had put in front of me were exactly what he said. I was dancing, pulling my dress up, and I had no underwear on. How? The other pictures had me giving oral sex to each one of them, each in a single photo, and then me having intercourse one at a time. How did they do this? They held me, they stripped me, and they raped me. I could not believe what I was seeing.

"Where did you get these? I did not do this. I was stripped and made to do things. I did not do this willingly."

John laughed. "Who's to say? I see you sucking four different cocks and fucking four different guys. I see you doing a strip tease and showing off your pussy. If you want to press charges, go ahead, this is my evidence. The best though, is the video."

"What video? What are you saying? What are you doing to me? Please tell me why?"

I thought I was going to be sick. John sat back in his chair and just looked at me for several minutes. I kept going back to the photos and could not understand how he could do this.

I was sitting in a trance. My whole life seemed to have ended. Here I was, being forced to look at pictures of myself doing perverted acts, in front of my boss, who I only met a week ago. I was totally lost, exhausted and confused. What more could he possibly want? What more could I do?

"Please let me have the pictures and the video and I'll leave. I will not tell anyone or report anything to anyone. Just give me the photos and I'll just go home." I was exhausted and knew there was nothing else I could do.

John collected the photos and put them back in the envelope.

"You now have a choice to make. You can get up and leave, never to work in the industry again, or stay as part of the team. I will give you these photos, as your copy. I will keep the originals for insurance. If you decide to stay, you are to do as you are told without question. If you decide to file a complaint or report this matter to anyone, then I will send a copy of the video to all the meeting planners who attended. Additionally, I will send the photos to everyone that knows you and anyone else I can think of. Do you understand yet?"

I just nodded.

"Are you sure?"

I looked up a him, totally exhausted, and said "Yes."

He smiled, and with that charming voice, started talking,

"I will leave for a few minutes to go to the front desk and take care of a guest. If you decide to stay, be seated on the couch when I return to finish this matter. If you decide not to stay, I hope you consider how you are going to survive with no job and no income to pay the bills."

I was alone and totally confused. I had no money left in my account, the mortgage was past due and now I could not even get a job in the industry. I felt I could not stay, to be a slave to my boss but I did not know of a way out. I was trapped. What was he expecting of me? What would I have to do? I had to stay and find out what he had in mind. I had no other choice.

"I'm glad to see you decided to stay," he said as he entered the office. He closed and locked the door behind him, took of his jacket and came over and sat next to me on the couch.

"I need to know what you expect me to do, what my duties will be, and how I'm supposed to deal with the other staff after Sunday night."

"First I want to be sure we understand each other." As he said this, he put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me to him, kissing me full on the lips. At the same time, his put his other hand on the front of my blouse and started squeezing my breast, lifting it through my blouse until he was rolling my nipple between his fingers.

I almost knocked him over as I jumped off the couch.

"What are you doing, touching me like that and taking such liberties?" I stood there unsure of what to do next.

"I thought you wanted the job, but I guess you still do not understand. You will do whatever I want you to do. Whatever, and you must enjoy it. Now, would you like to continue or are you leaving?" He was now standing in front of me.

"Please give me some time. This is not how I am."

"Are you staying or leaving?"

I felt like a rat caught in a maze and did not know how to get out. "I'm saying."

"Good." He said, as he lifted his right hand and started to run it across my right breast. He then took both hands and held a breast in each hand, squeezing them as he looked right into my eyes, that were now full of tears. He again started rolling my nipples between his thumb and finger. I did not want this but could feel the heat starting to rise in my pussy.

He told me to sit back down on the couch and as I did, he sat down next to me.

He just started talking, as if all this was normal.

"The other staff will not be a problem. They have all been advised not to mention anything to you, and if they do, they will be fired."

"As far as what you are expected to do, you are to sell the hotel to groups. Your clients will be mostly male, and you will do whatever it takes to close the deal, including spreading those legs if necessary. You will be paid a salary plus commission on all the sales, the total gross for the group. This is something new that I convinced management to try as an incentive, so you have the opportunity to make a lot of money."

"You expect me to sleep with the customers, to have sex as part of my job, and to act like a whore? I am not that type of person; I do not sleep around. I've always been a respectable person."

"Yes, I know. That is why you are perfect for the job. You are respectable and guys will be dying to fuck you, to play with those tits of yours." As if to emphasize his point, he again reached up and caressed my breast.

"They will pay anything to get your panties off. Yes, you are expected to sleep with them, but only after they have signed the contract and you have sold them on all the extras. The more they buy, the better the service. Do you understand?"

"I can not do this, become a whore, let any man just touch me, to put their hands on me. I am not like this. I need this job but I just do not like men touching me, especially strangers. There must be some other way. Just give me a trial period to sell, to see how I do. Why must I sleep with the clients?"

He looked at me as if he were going to yell, but when he spoke, his voice was very soft.

"I know you think you can just sell the customers with your looks and charms, but from what I saw and heard from the FAM trip, the customers want more. They want your pussy. Any male customer you have ever dealt with, I guarantee wanted to fuck you. You know yourself how men look at you, and can feel their desire to get into your panties. You will be very well compensated, far and above what you have ever made before, and will probably be tipped as well. This is not negotiable. Decide now or get out. I'm not wasting any more time."

Forced Sex Breast Sucking