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Author's Note: Written at the request of a fan who provided me with the main storyline =) Thank you!


"What about them?" the younger guy, Curtis nodded at the two petit girls giggling at the half-naked mannequin in the window of a store.

"Yeah..." breathed Warner, his eyes roving over their petite bodies. Both of the girls were short, the brunette was maybe 5'2", and the blonde only a few inches taller than her... sweet-faced and innocent looking, they looked like the perfect gullible victims. And they were hot. The brunette was just his type, curvy with firm big breasts and a round ass, the blonde was slimmer with small breasts and a small little bubble butt. Both of them would appeal to different guys in the gang.

Curtis grinned at his friend, today would be their initiation into the gang, completely with a gang-rape of the two hotties that they were eyeing at the moment.

The two guys walked over to the girls, blatantly checking them out and making the girls giggle even harder. Eyeing the two cute guys back they walked by them, stopping as Curtis called out, "Hey!"

"Yesssss...." drawled the blonde, leaning on her friend as they giggled. Curtis and Warner smiled widely, looking friendly and harmless.

"My name's Curtis and this is my friend Warner," he said, "And we're having a party with some of our frat brothers... we have to go out and find the hottest girls we can to bring to the party... would you two like to come with us."

Flattered, although a little wary, the girls giggled.

"My name's Ginger," said the blonde.

"Mary," giggled the brunette. Warner was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her jiggling tits, they were tightly confined in her shirt and every time she moved her flesh bounced. It was hard not to just sit and stare.

"Well Mary and Ginger," Warner smiled at them as they stared at him, in awe of his very deep and sexy bass voice. Girls were always surprised by how low and roiling his voice was, a girl had once told him that she could get off just by listening to him talk, "How would you like to come with us to the party? You're definitely the hottest girls we've seen around here, and so we're certain to win the prize."

"What's the prize?" asked Mary, curious.

"We don't know," said Curtis, "It's always a surprise, but it's always something good."

"I heard it's going to be tickets to Six Flags," said Warner, going for something that would seem completely harmless and fun to the girls.

"Ooo..." said Ginger, "Would we get prizes too?"

"Absolutely," said Curtis smoothly. In fact, he was longing to give her a prize right now.

"One problem though," said Mary, "We didn't drive here, we took the bus."

"That's no problem," smiled Warner, "We wouldn't be gentlemen if we didn't offer you a ride there and back." The girls giggled as both of the boys hit a "gentleman"-like pose.

"You girls are over 21 right?" asked Curtis, "We don't want to get in trouble for underage drinking." He smiled disarmingly... it wouldn't matter a bit whether or not they were over 21, but it sounded good and reasuring.

Their wariness over come by the guy's good looks, charm and compliments - not to mention Warner's ever-seductive voice, the girls showed them their IDs and came along, laughing and hanging on the guys arms. Mary's large breasts brushed against Warner's forearm enough to drive him to distraction.


When they got to the house, Warner led the girls to the basement where obvious sounds of a party were filtering up the stairs. Curtis took their coats to hang them up, mostly as an excuse to be the last one down the stairs.

As the girls got to the bottom of the stairs and entered the room, they found themselves walking into a room of at least 15 guys and not one other female in sight. The music turned off as soon as they stepped in, and they heard the upstairs door slam, and then the loud harsh sound of a lock. Mary and Ginger huddled together, suddenly afraid as the silence in the room deepend and all the guys smiled at them... they were not nice smiles.

Trying to back up, they ran into a hard body and jumped forward, squealing as they turned to see Curtis, his smile no longer friendly. The girls backed away as other guys moved in to join Curtis, barring the girls escape. They were in the middle of the room clutching each other, when a guy who'd been sitting in the only chair available stood. Such was his presence that Mary and Ginger noticed him immediately; he was huge, over six feet tall and he towered over them.

"Hello girls," his cold blue eyes glinted as he smiled, in any other circumstances both girls would have thought him very attractive, but right now he was just frightening, "Welcome to your party."

"Our party..." Mary practically mouthed the words, they were barely audible as she and Ginger hugged each other close.

Suddenly six guys sprang forward and grabbed the girls, separating them as they screamed and struggled, trying to get back to the comfort of each other's arms. Tears started to spill down Mary's face as she and Ginger were held so that they were facing each other.

Drake, for that was the name of the blue-eyed leader - stepped forward, looking them both over. He got first pick of course, and although he liked Ginger's body type quite a lot, Mary seemed to be the more entertaining of the two, with the tears on her cheeks and her flesh jiggling nicely.

"Let's play a game," he said, "I'll ask you a question and you answer me." Stepping up to Mary's tearful face he put a finger under her chin and tilted her face up to his. Her curls bounced almost as much as her tits as she moved, he wrapped his hands in the dark curls, freeing them from the hairtie so that they fell down her back. Very long... very nice. "What's your name, beautiful?"

Somehow the question seemed incredibly sinister coming from him, Mary just gulped in fear and didn't say a word. After a moment or two of waiting Drake smiled and knelt down, taking off her shoes and socks. Standing up, he showed her his prizes and asked again, "What's your name?"

Mary swallowed hard, and managed to whisper through dry lips, "My name is Mary."

"Ah. Good. Have you ever sucked dick Mary?" Big eyes looked up at him, afraid to answer. Grinning, he reached out and started undoing her pants.

As she realized what he was doing, she started kicking screaming, "YES! YES!" But he continued to take off her pants as other members of the gang held her legs from kicking him. All of them stared, she wasn't wearing any underwear and her pussy was pink and bald, absolutely beautiful.

Embarrassed for her friend, Ginger blushed and closed her eyes, turning her head away from the site of Mary's exposed pussy, her tears. Unfortunately for her, Drake noticed the movement. Leaving his buddies to fondle Mary's exposed thighs and pink flesh as she shrieked and struggled, he turned to the pretty blonde.

"And what's your name gorgeous?" he asked, his eyes glinting.

Possessed of a little more spunk than Mary, Ginger raised her chin, "Ginger."

Grinning, Drake knelt and began to take off her shoes and socks as she protested, "I said my name! I said it!"

Standing and continuing to smile evilly at the barefoot girl, he said, "You will call me 'Sir'."

Ginger stared at him, then as his hand twitched at his side she quickly said, "Yes Sir."

A loud moan and shriek behind him distracted Drake for a moment, and he turned to watch as Warner pushed three fat fingers into Mary's pussy.

"Warner," he said, and Warner looked up, "I haven't decided which girl I want yet. Try not to stretch her out too much." Warner sighed and pulled his fingers from her tightness. Deciding to enjoy himself, he pushed his fingers into her mouth, forcing Mary to taste her own juices as she whimpered.

Ginger felt herself frozen in fear as she watched the proceedings. Then Drake turned back to her.

"And have you ever sucked dick?" he asked.

"Yes Sir."

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes Sir." Drake raised his eyebrows. He pointed his thumb over his shoulder where he could hear Mary's whimpers.

"Is she a virgin?"

"Yes Sir." Ginger didn't know if she was helping or hurting herself and her friend by answering all his questions completely honestly, but she couldn't see how lying would help either.

"We have two virgins!" Drake announced, turning and grinning at Warner and Curtis, "You two have done us proud."

The entire room was filled with whoops and hollers, and suddenly both Ginger and Mary were shrieking as their clothes were torn from their bodies. Ginger's pants, her shirt, bra and panties were all ripped off, leaving red marks on her skin where they resisted being torn; the guys cheered at her natural blonde bush. Mary was sobbing as the last of her dignity was removed, her breasts falling out of her supportive bra and her large nipples hardening as they touched the air.

Drake's eyes roved over both of the girls, Mary's firm curves and Ginger's supple body, Mary's tears and Ginger's defiant face. He decided to hold off on the decision.

"Let's watch Mary eat Ginger out!" he announced, and the guys whooped and hollered. Mary's expression was immediately horrified, she was not at all attracted to women and had always been raised that homosexuality was evil.

"NO! NO NO NO NO NO!" she shouted, her face pasty white against her dark hair as she took a stand and refused.

Grinning, Drake went over to the bar and picked up a ginger root, peeling the rough skin from it. The guys cheered as they knew what was coming.

"We'll put some ginger inside of Mary, and then maybe she'll eat Ginger out!" he laughed at the irony. Mary struggled as she was brought over to Ginger, her blonde friend was held down on the floor with her legs spread. Neither of the girls wanted to engage in this disgusting act. Mary's face was pushed down into Ginger's blonde pussy as Drake aimed the peeled ginger finger at Mary's tight, virgin asshole.

He pushed it inside, hearing her shriek at the pain of having her ass invaded for the first time. That was going to be nothing compared to what was coming. After a minute, as Mary struggled between Ginger's legs, she began to be aware of a growing cold heat in her asshole, it started to burn and she began to shriek and struggle some more.

"Lick her," she heard Drake's voice in her ear, "Lick her and when she cums I'll take it out." Mary sobbed, but the pain in her ass was enough that she gave in and began licking at her friend's cunt. Ginger shrieked as she felt Mary's tongue begin to slide up and down between her pussy lips. Having no idea what her friend was enduring she was both outraged and shocked that Mary had given in to their torturers.

Mary sobbed into Ginger's pussy, licking and sucking for all she was worth, her ass wriggling in the air as she tried to get away from the burning pain inside of her. It was hot and cold at the same time, endless torture that burned as Drake twisted the root, pushing and pulling it a little to increase the guy's amusement. Many of them had their dicks out by now and were fisting them as they watched the girl's show.

Unfortunately for poor Mary, Ginger was resisting cumming as hard as she could, not wanting to degrade herself like that in front of all these awful guys... and especially not while engaged in an act of lesbianism with her friend. Some of the guys started playing with her pert breasts, pulling on her nipples, she sobbed as Mary's tongue found her clit right as her nipples were being twisted. The pleasure in her pussy just felt so good, especially compared to the abuse her breasts were now going through.

To her utmost horror, Ginger found herself crying out in pleasure, her back arching as she came. The guys around her cheered as tears of shame slipped down her cheeks. Mary gasped in relief as Drake removed the ginger from her asshole, just as promised, and the burning stopped. She collapsed in between Ginger's legs, quivering.

Looking the two girls over, Drake pointed at Ginger for himself. Gesturing broadly as he pulled her off to the side, red-faced and ashamed that she had cum while her friend ate her out, Drake announced, "Let Warner and Curtis have the first go at Mary, as the newest members of our gang!"

The guys cheered as Curtis lay on his back on the ground, allowing Warner to lift Mary up and straddle him. She sobbed but didn't resist as her pussy was lowered onto his dick, wincing and whimpering, her virginity was taken by his thick shaft of meat. Gripping her large breasts in his hands, Curtis bounced his hips, making her moan as she was forced up and down. Then he pulled her down for a sloppy kiss, which she tried to resist, especially when she felt something thick and hard at the entrance of her asshole. Her struggle renewed as Warner began forcing himself into her ass, his dick spreading her much wider than the ginger root had. She screamed, trying to rear up and force him off of her, but she was so much smaller than him that all she managed was to impale herself further on his dick.

As she shrieked her pain at the vicious treatment, another gang member stepped up and forced his dick between her lips. Tears streamed down Mary's cheeks as she was completely filled in all her orifices, her pussy and ass burning from their twin deflorations.

Ginger could only watch in horror as Drake fondled her small breasts and nipples, his dick hard against her little bubble butt. Then he pushed her forwards onto her hands and knees, forcing her to watch Mary's group rape as he began to push his dick into her virgin pussy. Ginger moaned with pain as his large dick was forced into her dry cunt, one of his hands gripping her long blonde hair as though he was riding a horse. Her eyes were wide open with shock as more and more of his dick was forced into her, it felt impossibly big.

Despite her pity for her friend, Ginger could help but feel relief that it wasn't her in the middle of all those guys, that there was just one guy behind her. She wasn't suffering the horror and degradation that Mary had, forced to eat Ginger out and now all three of her holes stuffed with large cocks at once. Even though Ginger felt bad about her relief, there was definitely a feeling of "better her than me." Wincing, she endured the brutal thrusting behind her, the hard tug on her scalp, knowing that it could have been much worse for her.

Mary was already feeling much worse, an almost hate for Ginger rising in her as she saw her friend's pitying and yet relieved expression. Ginger was only being fucked by one guy, Mary squealed as yet another dick drove into her ass, this one longer than any of the others and finding deep spots inside of her that had been unexplored. It hurt unbearably, she felt like she was going to faint. There were hands all over her petite body, feeling her large breasts and pulling on her nipples as though they were milking her.

To her shock, as Curtis and Warner thrust into her, their dicks pulsing inside of her as they orgasmed, Mary began to cum too. Violently and surprisingly. Ginger's eyes were wide with shock as she realized what Mary's spasms meant. The guy in her mouth held her face tight against his groin as her orgasmic screams made him cum a lot faster than he had wanted to.

Three guys had been in each of her holes, and she had cum four times, by the time Drake pulled tight on Ginger's hair, she could feel his cum flowing into her pussy, pulsing against her sides. Ginger felt her own pussy feeling awfully close to cumming although she resisted. She was very afraid of suffering her friend's fate now though.

Instead, Drake continued thrusting with little thrusts, his hands pulling on Ginger's nipples as he watched Mary's degradation. It didn't take him long to get hard again.

"Let's bring Mary over here," he called, "She looks like she could use a little cleaning."

The guys cheered, and Mary allowed herself to be dragged over, too exhausted to fight back. She felt nauseous from the amount of cum she'd swallowed, and anything to give her sore pussy and ass a break sounded good to her.

Mary's legs were spread wide in front of Ginger's face, and Ginger felt like she was going to throw up as she realized that they wanted her to lick Mary's pussy while it was covered with several loads of cum. Her once pretty pink pussy was now red and looked as though it had been rubbed raw, thick globs of cum were dripping from her pussy hole and her swollen asshole.

"Let's play another game," Drake announced. He grinned down at the two girls, Ginger looking over her shoulder pleadingly at him, Mary's desperate eyes, "If Ginger can make Mary cum before I cum in Ginger's ass, then I'll keep Ginger for the rest of the night. If Mary doesn't cum until AFTER I cum in Ginger's ass, then Ginger gets handed over to all you boys, and I'll play with Mary!"

And with that, Drake lunged viciously into Ginger's ass, making her shriek loudly. Blinking through tears of pain as her ass was ravaged, she dove into Mary's pussy, any dignity gone at the promise that she might be able to escape being gang-raped. Mary, however, was just as determined NOT to cum, and her pussy and asshole were so sore that it was going to take a lot of work to make her feel pleasure.

"Make sure you clean out her asshole too," laughed Drake, and then he closed his eyes. He wanted it to be a real contest, so he didn't want to see how close Mary was getting... he just enjoyed thrusting in and out of Ginger's tight ass as it rippled around him, knowing that both her virginities now belonged to him. Ginger sobbed as she tried to lick at Mary's pussy, finally knowing just how painful it was to have a thick cock pushing in and out of her asshole. Her tongue delved lower as Drake had told her, tonguing the bitter cum around Mary's asshole. Mary was shocked at how good it felt, how soothing to her poor swollen ass.

The guys around them were cheering all three participants on, none of them really caring which girl they got. Some of them preferred Ginger since they'd already tasted the pleasures of Mary's body, but some of them liked the round ripe breasts and ass better than Ginger's slim assets. For himself, Drake was certainly enjoying pounding Ginger's tight little chute, his hands digging into her slim hips, his dick looking huge as it invaded her hole. His fingers dug into her pussy, already sensitive from when he'd been fucking her, and she lost concentration as she started to cum, leaving Mary's pussy empty of her tongue.

Ginger wailed as she felt Drake's dick beginning to pulse inside of her. Mary's pussy and ass were now clean of cum, and she was just starting to involuntarily move her hips against Ginger's tongue, the pleasure starting to override the abuse. The guy's cheered that they would soon be given a new toy to play with. Finally able to let go, Mary started cumming just as Drake's softening dick plopped out of Ginger's ass... it was immediately replaced with another, and as Ginger screamed into Mary's pussy, her own orgasm flying higher at the pain, and Mary started to cum. The guys holding her down even let go of her hands, and there were whoops and laughter and Mary pressed Ginger's blonde head more firmly into her pussy as she came, enjoying her revenge.

Then Mary was pulled away and Drake stood in front of her as she knelt, pushing his dick into her mouth. She sucked willingly, feeling relief that her ass and pussy wouldn't be immediately assaulted, as three new guys descended on Ginger's slight body. Ginger screamed as she experienced her first double penetration, feeling overly-full, like she might explode because there was too much cock inside her.

Drake fucked Mary in all three of her holes, using her much more roughly than any of the other guys had, because he didn't have to conform to anyone else's rhythm. Then, to her despair, he handed her back over to the guys, occasionally taking a turn whenever his dick got hard.
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