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Caroline Wood and Amy Dawson worked for a large financial institution within the city of Manchester.

Caroline was a 37-year-old divorcee. She had long dark hair and always dressed impeccably. Amy was 22 years old and her focused no-nonsense approach had already seen her progress to junior management level. Amy had shoulder length brunette hair and like her colleague always dressed smartly.

Amy rented her own flat. Her boyfriend of two months would sometimes stay over but she had no intention of allowing him to move in. Caroline owned her own property close to where she worked. Amy had met Caroline's new boyfriend,(Ryan) recently who she thought was a very handsome, tall, dark and charming man. She knew Caroline well enough to admit this to her. Caroline had also met Amy's boyfriend, 21 year-old Nick. Caroline thought Nick was also attractive but sometimes a little unintentially rude. Caroline also shared her thoughts with Amy.

Despite the difference in age the women had become close friends over an eighteen-month period. They discussed openly and frankly everything in their working and private lives.

Over a lunchtime break Caroline discussed with Amy her new boyfriend and the unbridled passion and the great sex they had. Amy was not offended or shocked as their conversation would often be open and frank. During the break Amy confessed that her current boyfriend was not a great lover. Amy commented that he wasn't really into foreplay or giving her oral and just concentrated on his own pleasure. Caroline sympathized and said women deserved great sex and men should provide it. Amy just let out a wistful sigh.

Caroline suggested that Amy could borrow Ryan to teach Nick a lesson. Amy didn't reply but Caroline continued. Caroline said it might make him realise he should treat her better or lose her. One way or another it would sort out the relationship. Amy knew Caroline well enough to know she was being deadly serious. Caroline pointed out that Amy liked Ryan and told her that he liked her. Caroline also pointed out that Amy deserved to have great sex and how Nick and men in general didn't have exclusive rights. Caroline was very persuasive but the truth was that Amy was very open to the idea and the more they talked the more the thought aroused her. Caroline and Amy devised a plan.

At Amy's flat that evening Nick arrived at the arranged time. She led him into one of the two bedrooms and kissed him as she started to undress him. Nick was taken aback but had no intention of fighting her off. Nick was tall, well over six feet and was not overweight but wanted to lose a few pounds. Amy pulled off his jumper. Nick's chest was naturally very smooth. Amy removed his shoes, socks and trousers. She told him to sit on the bedroom chair. Nick found Amy's dominance enjoyable. Amy took some ties and tied Nick to the chair. His hands were tied tightly behind his back. Nick found it highly erotic and wondered what Amy had in store for him. What happened next he couldn't have expected or planned for.

Amy said she would be back shortly. Nick heard the bedroom door opposite open. Amy walked back into the bedroom accompanied by Caroline and Ryan. Nick was stunned and struggled against the binds but to no avail. Nick demanded to know what was going on. Amy said it was time he learnt some lessons.

Caroline looked at Nick. His chest was smooth and he had very fine blonde hairs on his legs. Caroline asked Amy what Nick was like naked. Amy invited her to find out for herself. Nick was shocked and started to protest.

Caroline ignored this and knelt in front of him. She looked up at Nick.

"Lets see what you've got", she said.

Caroline slowly pulled down Nick's tight blue underwear. Nick had blonde hair and to Caroline's surprise he also had curly blonde pubic hair. She ran her fingers through his pubic hair and then slid one of her fingers along the length of his semi-erect cock, causing it to quiver.

"Not bad" Caroline said to Amy.

Caroline moved behind Nick and ordered him to watch.

Amy unbuttoned Ryan's shirt. Ryan was 35 years old and just under six feet tall. He hard dark skin and an extremely well toned body. Amy ran her hands across his muscular arms, strong chest and flat stomach. She knelt in front of him and took off his shoes and socks. Amy undid and unzipped his trousers. She slid his trousers down and took them off him. Ryan had strong well-toned legs. Amy ran her hands over Ryan's red briefs. She felt his hard, throbbing cock through the material. Amy looked at Nick just a few feet away. Nick shook his head but did not say anything.

Amy slowly pulled down Ryan's briefs. His fully erect cock sprung upward. Amy found herself becoming more and more aroused. Ryan's cock must have been at least nine inches long with a unusual curvature. Ryan had tight curly black pubic hairs which were neatly trimmed. Amy took hold of his throbbing cock pushing back the foreskin to reveal the penis tip. As she pushed back Ryan's foreskin as far as possible she thought how it seemed to make his cock appear even bigger. Amy moved forward to lick the tip of his cock. She then guided his cock into her mouth. She tasted him shallow before taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. Ryan groaned softly enjoying the sensations as Amy continued to suck.

Caroline who was standing behind Nick had her attention drawn to the fact that Nick's cock was stiffening. Despite the situation Nick could not prevent it. Already pre-cum was oozing from Nick's cock tip. Caroline moved and crouched beside Nick. She took hold of his cock slowly masturbating him. She stopped to feel and squeeze his shaven balls. Nick gave out a slight moan. Caroline could not help but notice now that she had brought Nick's cock to full erection he couldn't have been more than been five and a half to six inches long. Caroline started to slowly masturbate Nick again.

Amy stopped sucking. She licked her lips as if she were savouring Ryan's taste. Ryan gently took her arm and she stood up. He kissed her passionately. He unfastened and took off her blouse. Ryan cupped Amy's size 36c breasts through the material of her skimpy black bra. Amy had become more aroused and her stiff nipples were prominent through her bra. Ryan removed the garment. Amy's breasts were pert and firm. Ryan complemented her as he gently tweaked her nipples.

Ryan unfastened Amy's skirt and as it fell to the floor she stepped out of it. Ryan kissed Amy's neck and shoulders. He moved down to kiss her breasts and lick her nipples. He moved down using his tongue to lick her stomach. Ryan ran his tongue along her inner thigh, one side and then the other. Ryan licked her pussy through the material of her thong causing Amy to quiver in excitement and anticipation. Ryan, now kneeling in front of Amy slowly took down each of Amy's black hold-ups. He caressed, fondled and kissed each leg as he did so.

Ryan tugged at Amy's thong with his teeth before sliding his fingers to each side and slowly pulled down her black thong. She stepped out of the garment. Amy had a neatly trimmed brunette pubic bush. Ryan rang his fingers through Amy's soft pubic hair before gently inserting one finger into her pussy. Amy moaned; her pussy was already moist. Ryan removed his finger and whilst looking at Amy licked the first of her juices from them. Ryan suggested they move onto the bed.

Nick was squirming on the chair and suddenly as Caroline masturbated him he shot out a jet of cum. His spunk spurted onto his stomach, his pubic hair and ran over Caroline's fingers. Nick was moaning and groaning quite loudly. Caroline continued wanking Nick. The remaining cum oozed out as Caroline milked him dry. Caroline ran her cum covered fingers over Nick's balls squeezing them as she did so. She then ran her hand across his chest and face. Nick's own cum glistened on his chest and face where Caroline had wiped her hand.

Amy and Ryan had watched as Caroline brought Nick off. They both now moved onto the bed. Amy lay on her back with Ryan laying over her. Ryan kissed her. He moved on to kiss and nuzzle her neck. Ryan continued to fondle, caress and kiss her body from head to toe. For Amy the sensations were fantastic as Ryan concentrated on every part of her. Amy's pussy now ached for his touch or his cock. Ryan whispered into Amy's ear and she nodded.

"Why don't you come and join us Caroline?" asked Ryan.

Caroline didn't needed asking twice. Leaving Nick still tied Caroline moved and stood at the foot of the bed. She unbuttoned and took off her blouse. She quickly removed her red lacy bra. Caroline's breasts were slightly smaller than Amy's but she had large puffy nipples. Caroline unzipped and took down her skirt revealing her matching red lacy knickers. She slid these down. Caroline preferred to be unshaven as her thick, dark, pussy pubic mound was exposed. Amy became further aroused as she looked at Caroline's naked body.

Caroline lay down at the side of Amy. Nick could still see everything as Caroline lay on the furthest away side.

Ryan moved his body down. He ran his hands from Amy's ankles to the top of each inner thigh. Amy let out a gentle moan as she then felt Ryan's tongue licking her inner thighs and Caroline had started to fondle Amy's breasts. Ryan continued to lick each of Amy's inner thighs, each time allowing his tongue to move a little higher.

Caroline leaned right across and started to guide her tongue around one of Amy's nipples. Caroline used her hand to fondle and tweak Amy's other nipple.

As Caroline did this Amy felt Ryan's tongue gently probe her pussy lips. Amy's juices started to run over Ryan's tongue instantaneously. He gently pushed his tongue deeper into her now dripping pussy. Amy thought her body would go into uncontrollable spasm at any moment as she experienced double pleasure. Ryan gently parted Amy's pussy lips as his tongue deeply penetrated her. Amy was moaning and gasping her breath as Ryan worked her clit with his skilful tongue and Caroline continued to fondle, caress and lick Amy's breasts and upper body. Ryan greedily tasted and swallowed Amy's flowing pussy juices. Amy was writhing in complete ecstasy. Amy's body did go into spasm, again and again before Ryan stopped licking her.

Ryan stood up. Amy also got to her feet feeling dizzy and light headed. Amy told Ryan to lie down on his back. Ryan's cock was still as big and rock hard as it had been when she first undressed him.

Ryan lay down and Caroline moved to kiss him. She tasted Amy's pussy juices on his lips.

Amy sat astride Ryan taking hold of his throbbing cock. Amy gently guided Ryan's cock into her pussy a little at a time. Amy had had a few sexual partners but she had never experienced such a large cock inside her. The unusual curve of Ryan's cock heightened the sensations and pleasure. Amy controlled the depth of Ryan's penetration.

Caroline was also immensely turned and probed her own moist pussy by inserting three fingers into her wetness. Amy reached down and took Caroline's hand. Amy licked the pussy juices from Caroline's fingers before letting go of her hand.

Amy threw back her head. She was flushed and her pussy juices felt like they were gushing as she slid Ryan's cock deeper into her. Amy moaned louder and louder as she rode more and more of Ryan's length. Amy eventually found the strength to move off Ryan. Ryan also stood up his shaft dripping with Amy's pussy juices. Amy moved to lie on the bed and asked Ryan to fuck her.

Amy laid on her back and Ryan moved above her. Amy gasped again as Ryan's still erect, throbbing cock entered her aching pussy. Amy looked directly at Nick.

"Fuck me Ryan!" she said through gasped breaths.

Amy was moaning louder almost screaming as Ryan penetrated her deeper than any other man had before. Amy and Ryan started to get into a steady rhythm. Ryan was obviously enjoying the experience as he gave Amy everything he had. Amy gasped and moaned louder and louder. Ryan was stretching her but she wanted to take his full length. Amy screamed with pleasure as Ryan filled her pussy. Amy's pleasure was immeasurable as Ryan took her to orgasm again and over again.

Ryan eventually withdrew his cock and as he move upward he shot out his first jet of hot, thick spunk over her stomach and breasts. Ryan spurt a second and a third jet of equally thick spunk. Amy had never known anybody cum so much. Ryan's spunk splashed across her neck. As he moved upward Amy took Ryan's cock sliding it into her mouth. He gushed a fourth time filling her mouth with spunk which she eagerly swallowed. Amy happily continued to suck Ryan dry, tasting and swallowing all his remaining cum.

Nick could only look on. Amy had never been overly keen on sucking him off completely. Amy was in such a state of abandonment she revelled in tasting and swallowing Ryan's thick cum.

Ryan eventually moved to the side of Amy. Amy lay back exhausted trying to catch her breath. Caroline started to smear Ryan's cum over Amy's body. Amy looked down still surprised by how cum Ryan had ejaculated. Caroline continued to smear the huge cum load over Amy's breasts and stomach. Amy took some of the spunk on her own fingers and happily licked her finger clean almost savouring the taste.

Amy placed a hand across Ryan taking hold of his still reasonably stiff cock. She looked in the direction of Nick.

"Ryan, that's the best fuck I've ever had", said Amy.

Amy turned to look at Caroline. Amy used her other hand to fondle Caroline's puffy nipples. Amy then moved her hand downward, her fingers running through Caroline's extremely hairy pussy. Amy wanted to lick Caroline's pussy and feel her but she didn't have the energy.

However she tasted Caroline properly for the first time a few days later when herself, Caroline and Ryan got together again. Amy never saw Nick again but she didn't mind. In fact Nick had no pictures and nothing of Amy's. However Amy possessed some photographs of Nick in all his five and a half inch glory. Amy smiled to herself as she posted these photographs to Alison, Nick's secretary at his workplace.
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