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In eighteenth century English society it was even more difficult for a girl to advance above her station than it was for a young man. Without the proper connections and lineage it was almost impossible for even the most attractive of young girls to marry a man who could give her a life of comfort. Seeing no other way around this dilemma, some parents took the grave risk of sending their daughters to India, where the men who survived the climate and the competition were seeking wives as gorgeous as the silks and gems they carried home as spoils. One of these girls was named Fanny Chamberlain.

Fanny was returning to England in the year 1785 on a ship laden with spices, silver, gold and other treasures. She was a lovely girl of eighteen who had only arrived in India some six months earlier. She possessed the rosy, peaches and cream complexion so admired in her day, as well as quantities of shiny, golden blonde hair, a pouting, Cupid's bow mouth, small, upturned nose, and wide, China blue eyes. Fanny had been sent to India less than a year earlier; bright, a little shy, mostly uneducated, but curious about the world. Within a few weeks of her arrival in Calcutta she received the attentions of many young fortune seekers, and found that she was able to pick and choose her husband-to-be. Her choice was a man named William Hastings, 32 years of age. William had been in India for ten years and had made an astounding fortune, and he was on his way home to England to live the life of a country gentleman. As it turned out, he never again reached the land of his birth.

Fanny was a girl who had always delighted in her own body. She had discovered at an early age that she could give herself great pleasure by touching and playing with her tender little slit. As she began to mature, she refined her technique and noticed that her budding breasts could also give her pleasure. As a young teenager Fanny had an experience which awakened in her desires that would leave her in a state of confused excitement for a long time to come.

In that never to be forgotten summer, Fanny's cousin Alexandra was visiting for a few days with her mother. Alexandra had Fanny's fine complexion, but with dark chestnut tresses and smoldering green eyes. On a hot (for England) summer day the two girls went bathing in a nearby stream. Because the spot was isolated and they were loath to wet their frocks, Fanny and Alexandra had gone into the water in only their cotton shifts. As they lay drying themselves in the sun, even the thin shifts gave way and the two beautiful cousins admired each other's naked bodies. Fanny's breasts had developed nicely, and now they were the size of large plums, upturned with puffy, pale pink nipples. Her hips were still slender and somewhat boyish, with a derriere that was high, round and smooth. The hair at her pubic mound was pale blonde, fine, and still very sparse. Alexandra, who was three years her cousin's senior, had much larger breasts and rounder hips, but a slim waist and long, shapely legs. Her pubic hair was thick, dark and luxuriant, and her pink labia protruded well beyond the plump outer lips. Fanny caught herself staring.

Before Fanny could protest, her more experienced cousin began to kiss and caress the young girl in a way that threw her feelings into utter confusion. Up to that time Fanny thought her self-pleasure was a secret that only she had mastered, but now she found that another—her cousin, and a girl at that—could produce the same sensations in her only stronger, more intense than anything she had felt before. By the end of her visit Alexandra had introduced Fanny to the innumerable ways that two girls could give each other pleasure with their fingers, lips and tongues. After her cousin had left, Fanny spent many long nights trying to equal the heights of ecstasy that Alexandra given her, and long days trying to remind herself that she was interested only in boys.

In her short marriage to William Hastings, Fanny was both intrigued and disappointed by their bedroom activities. She found that being penetrated with her husband's cock could give her a different, deeper kind of pleasure than she had experienced on her own or with her cousin. Inevitably, though, before Fanny could reach her peak William would groan, flood her with his hot seed, and go promptly to sleep. Fanny often diddled her sloppy cunt with her fingers after William had rolled over. Once, during their lovemaking she licked the length of his dick with her tongue and even slipped the plump head into her mouth, which caused her new husband to groan with pleasure. But when she tried to get him to reciprocate he looked at her with revulsion, and she found that her oral ministrations only caused him to ejaculate even more quickly than usual.

On board the Manchester, for that was the name of the ship on which Fanny and William sailed, the passengers had been at sea for three months. After some delays and a stop in Ceylon to take on more plunder, she was nearing the southeastern coast of Africa after her passage across the Indian Ocean. Her captain thought they were still more than a hundred miles from the coast, but he was wrong. During a night of heavy rain and high winds with minimal visibility, the Manchester met her end on a rocky shoal half a mile from the shores of the Dark Continent.

The captain ordered a boat, manned by six crew members, to carry the passengers to safety. The young English girl, with her new husband, left everything aboard but the clothes on her back and was rowed through the blackness toward the crashing surf. Fanny thought they must surely die. The enormous waves would have smashed them and their small boat to pieces on the rocks, but through sheer luck the sailors found a tiny opening in the rocks and the boat rode a tall wave through the gap and onto a narrow beach. As it turned out, the rest of the Manchester's officers and crew were not so lucky. After a miserable night huddled under an overhanging rock, the castaways found at daybreak that the Manchester had capsized during the night. Nobody else had reached the shore safely, and now the eight survivors had to face the unknown with no weapons except William's pistol, no food but some ship's biscuit, and a mortal fear of the natives.

One of the sailors thought that they might be able to walk to the Dutch colony at the Cape, though no one knew exactly how far that might be. In any case, it seemed better to walk than to starve on the beach, so they began. After only a few minutes the rocky terrain forced them away from the sea, and they found themselves treading a narrow path through strange, dense foliage. Within an hour of leaving the boat they encountered a group of natives, leaving Fanny's life changed forever once again.

What happened was this: upon entering a clearing the small party came to some native huts which seemed to be deserted. While the sailors foraged for food, William and Fanny held each other in their arms. William had his pistol loaded and ready. A group of natives suddenly entered the clearing, and seeing the young couple, began to whoop and cry in a strange tongue. The men were tall, muscular and naked. Their hair, faces and bodies were daubed in red mud. As they approached, William raised his pistol and fired at the nearest African, knocking him down with a ball through the chest. His companions immediately attacked with spears and clubs. William threw himself gallantly in front of his new bride and was soon impaled and beaten until he was unrecognizable and very, very dead.

Fanny screamed with horror and fright, certain that she would be next. The sailors from the Manchester, hearing the commotion, bolted into the forest. Fanny never saw them again. Eyes closed, hands covering her face, Fanny continued to scream and knew that any second might be her last. Instead of the death blow, however, she felt one of the natives grab her roughly around the hips, pick her up and toss her over his shoulder like a sack of grain.

He carried her through the forest and as they walked, Fanny finally dared to open her eyes and take in her surroundings. The first thing she saw was the lower half of the native behind her. He was very tall, and his legs were corded with muscle. There was no trace of fat anywhere on his body. He carried a spear in his right hand and a club in his left, and his body was marked with red clay. And he had the most enormous prick she had ever beheld.

Soon Fanny and her captors arrived at a small village. They were quickly surrounded by other natives, both men and women. The women were bare-chested like the men, but wore narrow, colorful sashes around their loins. Their hair was long, and arranged in scores of tiny braids which, even in her terror, Fanny was able to admire for the skill which created them. An older woman, who looked vaguely European, wouldn't allow the curious males to touch Fanny or even get too near.

The woman ordered two of the others to tie a kind of sturdy, braided rope around each of Fanny's wrists. These ropes were then secured to tree branches and pulled taut, lifting Fanny's arms into the air and spreading them wide apart. Her feet were spread apart and tied to a heavy log. She still wore her French silk dress with the exposed décolletage, though now it was dirty and torn, and her white stockings were almost completely shredded. Her shoes were gone.

The villagers began to pile wood in the center of the clearing. There was obviously going to be a bonfire, and the young blonde was afraid that she would be at its center. While the natives left her alone for the moment and went about their business Fanny, though still terrified, grew calm enough to observe the people who she assumed would soon make a sacrifice of her.

Surprisingly, she found them attractive. The young girls had firm, high breasts, slender waists, and shapely legs. The older women who had born children had more pendulous breasts, but were still slender and fit. All had dark skin and very full lips which, though strange to Fanny, she nevertheless thought were very sensual. As she had noticed earlier, the men were tall, muscular, and mostly slender—and they all had huge cocks. It seemed to be a trait of every male in the village. Fanny couldn't help looking.

She had seen few men's dicks in her young life, even fewer erect, and they had all seemed to be about the same size as her husband's. These native dicks were of another order altogether. Even flaccid they hung more than halfway down the men's thighs, making them much longer than William's had been when fully erect. She estimated that they were at least ten inches long. And they were much thicker, too. She doubted that she would be able to reach her fingers around one of the huge shafts. It boggled the mind of the eighteen-year-old English girl, and even as she considered her certain doom she couldn't help thinking about being fucked with one of those giant tools. Little did she know, she would find out soon enough.

After an hour or so, as Fanny's arms and wrists began to ache, she saw the men of the village begin to gather. They soon formed in a circle about 30 feet in diameter with Fanny at its center. She noticed that the red markings had been removed from their bodies and that now they seemed to be slick with oil of some kind. It served to increase their appearance of muscularity. Even their huge cocks were oiled. As the men stood, the women of the village entered the circle and took seats in front of them, and their skin also appeared to be oiled. Some of the women carried drums made from animal skins stretched over wooden cylinders. Fanny noticed that the few elderly men and the children were not present. Everyone there looked to be between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, except for the lighter-skinned woman, who Fanny took to be a kind of priestess. She counted sixteen men and as many women.

Then, from outside the circle, two young girls approached. Fanny thought they were probably about her age, and they were beautiful. It was clear that they had carefully prepared for the occasion, with colorful beads adorning their shining black braids. Their eyelids were darkened in an exotic way, which seemed to accentuate the lovely almond shape of their eyes. They were both quite tall, several inches taller than Fanny's five foot four, slender, with firm, upturned breasts and long legs. As they came closer, she was able to see that their nipples were hard, that they had no visible pubic hair, and that they looked exactly alike. Yes, they were identical twins, Fanny decided. But what held her attention most of all was the object that each of the girls carried.

In the right hand of each of the twins was a huge, shining dagger. Fanny began to tremble and cry. "No," she begged. "Please don't," as the tears poured down her face. She felt her self sweating profusely in her gown and petticoats, and her knees felt weak. At that moment Fanny surely would have fallen if not for the ropes holding her wrists. The women in the circle began to play a rhythm on the drums and the men chanted to the rhythm. It only served to terrify the English girl further, and now she was certain her end was at hand. The twin girls began to dance and sway provocatively to the music, and twirl the knives in a sinister way. The rhythm grew faster and louder. Fanny cried and begged, even more pathetically. "Please. Please don't kill me," she wept. "I'll do anything, anything at all."

At that, the older woman raised her hand and the music stopped instantly. "Anything?" the old woman asked.

Fanny gasped. "You speak English?"

"Of course, my child. Now do you really mean you'll do anything to spare your life? These people want to kill you because your idiot husband shot and killed one of their bravest warriors today. They need to carry out certain rituals to assist in sending his soul to the spirit world. Are you prepared to go along with whatever these rituals might require?"

"Yes! I'll do anything they want! Just don't kill me!"

"Very well." The old woman then gave some commands in the strange, clicking African language, and the music started again. The rhythm was different now, and the twins began to dance again, more erotically than before. As the tempo increased, they began to touch each other with their free hands, the other hands still held the ugly great knives. They touched each other's breasts and squeezed and twisted the nipples. The tempo continued to increase, and the men chanted louder. The twins slowly brought their faces together and their tongues touched. In another moment their mouths were pressed together in a deep kiss, and their hands fell to each other's pussies. The men whooped and shouted when they saw this.

Fanny couldn't believe her eyes. Now the gorgeous twins were entwined together, with their thighs grinding between each other's legs, the knives held behind their backs. As the music seemed about to reach a crescendo, the old woman raised her hand again, and again the music stopped. Fanny's cheeks were flushed with excitement and fear, and now she began to tremble once more as they approached her, knives raised high. The men began to whoop. Fanny cried out, "No, please! I said I'd do anything!" She appealed to the old woman, who only laughed. The beautiful teenagers circled her. Fanny began to thrash around in her bonds, begging the African girls to spare her life.

As her terror became unbearable, the girls stopped, one in front of Fanny and one behind. Reaching out with their free left hands, the twins grabbed the top of Fanny's gown front and back. Fanny shut her eyes. But instead of cutting and stabbing her, the girls used the knives to cut Fanny's dress from the neckline straight down to the hem. In seconds, it was opened from top to bottom. Then each twin cut away one of the gown's sleeves and pulled it away completely, leaving Fanny in her corset and petticoats. Those in the circle hooted and clapped. The twins circled Fanny again, now reaching out with their free hands to caress her neck, her face, her hair.

The lovely sisters moved in again, this time one cut through the lacings of her corset while the other cut away her petticoats. Fanny was now wearing only a thin cotton shift which was drenched with sweat, leaving her very exposed. She began to weep again, when she realized that the savage Africans were about to see her completely nude. She cried out for mercy to the old woman. "Do you want them to stop?" the woman asked.

"Yes, please make them stop!" Fanny begged.

"Then they'll have to kill you," the woman said. "It's your choice."

Fanny cried in shame and frustration. Much to her relief, the native girls dropped their knives and began circling her again. Now the twin behind her grabbed her hair and raised it, and began to nibble at the back of Fanny's neck. Soon she was kissing all over the blonde's throat, her shoulders, even her ears. The other twin lovingly caressed Fanny's body with her hands, beginning with her legs, while tearing away the remains of her stockings. She then moved her hands up to the English girl's breasts, which were barely covered by the thin, damp fabric, her pink nipples poking out. Against her will, Fanny's nipples grew hard as the twin caressed them. The native girl grabbed her nipples and twisted hard, causing the teen to cry out. She felt pain, but strangely it seemed to send a wave of arousal to her crotch.

Only a few minutes earlier she was afraid for her life, but now Fanny was somehow sure that they didn't intend to kill her. On the other hand, the young blonde was horrified that these savages were able to produce feelings in her that she didn't fully understand, and she was determined not to let her desire show. Fanny held herself straight and stiff as the beautiful sisters continued to kiss and caress her breasts, neck and face. Finally the twin in front reached under her shift and began to caress her vulva.

Fanny was surprised to find that her pussy was sopping wet, and she let out a small gasp as the girl's fingers made contact with her delicate flesh. The girls smiled at this, and the men in the circle began to chant again. The blonde didn't know what to expect now, and she renewed her efforts to show no feelings, though the fingers touching her most intimate places were beginning to make her yearn for release.

Then, in one quick motion, the girls tore away Fanny's shift, exposing to the onlookers her beautiful upturned breasts and her pussy with its downy soft hair. Aside from Alexandra and her husband, no one had seen Fanny nude since she was a small child. She felt utterly ashamed, mortified, and yet, somehow thrilled. Her body had matured since the time of her youthful experiments with her cousin, and Fanny was pleased with the way it looked. Because her fate was completely out of her control, Fanny felt herself liberated in a way she never had before.

The dark fingers soon returned to her glistening pink folds, and now she almost abandoned herself to the sensations. The blonde's mouth was open in a silent moan, her eyes closed, and everyone there could see the moment of surrender when her hips began to move involuntarily. In another minute Fanny was almost at the peak of orgasm. Suddenly, the girl stopped, causing Fanny to open her eyes and look down. The girl in front of her slowly removed her fingers from Fanny's cunt, drew them slowly to her mouth and licked the juices off.

The men went wild. Their shouts increased in volume. The girl in front of Fanny returned her fingers to the blonde's pussy, inserting two fingers and using her thumb to rub Fanny's clit. Fanny's hips began to rotate again, and her moans came freely. Again she neared orgasm, and again, just before she could peak, the girl stopped and withdrew her fingers. "Please...don't stop," Fanny gasped.

Forced To Perform Sex Acts