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"So when you get off work tonight, you are going to let me trim up your kitty, right?" I can hear you breathing heavily on the phone.

"Yes, make sure you have everything ready. My hair is starting to grow back and it is itching." Even though you laugh at that remark, I can hear your labored breathing coming through my earpiece. Since you started being my own personal barber a couple of months ago, you have gotten turned on at the thought of shaving me. I know you are on the phone, stroking yourself. I was going to say something to you, but I was getting wet listening. The thought of you at your place, stroking yourself up and down to thoughts of shaving me was driving me wild. I could feel my kitty swelling and starting to get a bit gooey. When I don't think any of my coworkers are looking, I flick my thumb over my clit through my nylon jogging pants. I hope that if anyone did see, it looks as if it were accidental.

"You know, you should stop masturbating on the phone with me while I am at work. You know the sound of you getting off turns me completely on." I playfully chastise you, half serious. It is so hard for me to resist joining in with you when you stroke yourself and I can hear. It is just so sexy to me.

"You should take your ass in the bathroom and join me. You guys are done working for the night, anyway. Might as well get a nut on the clock, babygirl." I can hear your breathing growing heavier as you say that. I know you really want me to do it with you. What the hell... Most of the people I work with are gone home. On nights that we get done early, most people head off the clock and over to hang out at one of the casinos.

I look around and there isn't anyone else in the breakroom. I head to the bathroom to join you in your masturbation session. After checking to make sure all the stalls are empty, I head to the biggest stall in the back of the bathroom. I pull my pants down and get comfortable on the seat. Heck, no one seems to be in the building, so I pull off my top as well so that I can have access to my nipples as well. My nipples, an inch long when fully erect, seem to be fighting to be free of my black lace bra. It feels like heaven to give them some relief and pinch them.

I realize that I have to pee when I stop pinching my nipples. I was about to mute my cellphone so that I could hear you but you wouldn't be able to hear me pee, when the door to my stall popped open. I thought it was on accident, but the new girl at my job was standing there, watching me.

"Hey," I giggled nervously, "this stall is already taken." I waiting expectantly for her to close the door. But she just stood there, staring at my breasts. They were full and overflowing in my bra, nipples erect.

"Who are you talking to, " you ask. "Whoever it is, tell 'em to be gone so we can do this, baby." You always get impatient when you are ready to come. I want her to leave, too. My bladder is full. I am still turned on. My nipples are still hard. And she is staring hard at me, like she is checking me out.

"I heard you. I heard you on the phone talking sexy." She is walking into the stall, still staring at me. She is so big, that I am starting to get a little apprehensive. At 5'2, even though I am very busty with a big curvy ass and thick thighs, I am not all that big. She stands at least a foot taller than me with huge breasts and thick thighs. She always wears a lot of make up and tonight her red lipstick seems to be glaring at me. "Are you still talking sexy on the phone?" She is now standing over me, her skirt right in my face, her huge thighs straddling me.

"Uh yeah, I am still on the phone. If you could please move, I need to go pee." I can't believe this. I am truly concerned how I will get past this behemoth chick. No one else is around so even if I yell for help, who would hear me? Damn...

"Is that a WOMAN in the stall with you?" I can tell by the shuffling of the sheets I hear that you are sitting up on your bed. "What the fuck? Can't you tell her to leave? My dick is throbbing right now baby. I need to hear you cum." Frustration is lacing your voice. I can tell that you are about to burst.

She doesn't move back. With a glazed look in her eye, she starts to play with her nipples right in front of me. I look up at her and I can't believe it but I am getting a little bit turned on. Her hips start to move slowly back and forth and her eyes closed.

"Look, that is sexy and all, but I have got to pee. Could you please leave my stall?" I try to keep my voice even and steady. I don't want her or you to know that I am starting to be turned on by her. And I don't want to even acknowledge it to myself. I just wanna pee and get the hell out of this bathroom at this point. My bladder was at the point of bursting now.

"Go ahead and pee," she whispered. "I wanna see you pee." She got on her knees and started pulling my thighs open.

"What the FUCK," I hear you say, but I can't really concentrate on your words. "Did she just say she wanted to SEE YOU PEE?" Your voice sounds raspy in my ear but I am not even paying you any attention. All I can do is look at her face and see how intense she is looking at my sex. I am trying desperately to close my legs but her arms and big hands are much to strong for me to overpower. I try to push her away, but it is like pushing at a big man. I am making no leeway.

My bladder is at the point of no return. I am mortified when pee starts to trickle out of my hole. What is even worse, is that I am turned on by the look on her face as she is watching me. "Just let it go, girl. You know you want to pee." She is so intense that it is unreal. "And damn, girl, why is your clit so big?" My clit when erect stands outside my lips like a miniature penis. Right now, I can feel the tip, swollen and already thick with my cream where it has leaked down. I can't hold it anymore. I have to let go and pee.

As I let go full blast, she takes her thumb and forefinger and starts to play with my clit. "What is going on, dammit," you are saying in the background, but I can't make any coherent words. The feeling of my hot urine splashing out while she is stroking me and licking her lips is beyond anything I have ever felt. All I can do is moan and hold my legs open up more as my liquid splashes the bowl and she continues her stroking. I hear your breathing becoming heavy again. I know that means you have started rubbing yourself to this crazy scene. I start to shake as the last drops hit the water.

"Oh my goodness, you have got to sto..." I can go no further because she leaning in and takes my engorged clit, covered with girl juice and urine, into her mouth. My body jerks all over the place, but her big hands hold my thighs so I can't move. "OH SHIT! PLEASE STOP!" I start to cry because the feeling is so intense. She continues as if I said nothing. Before I can even comprehend what is next, she snakes one of her hands under my buttcheeks and slides a thick finger in my ass. "OH YES. FUCK YES!" My whole body seems to be on fire as she works me over. As I bounce up and down on her tongue and fingers, I start to pinch my nipples through my bra.

"That's it baby," I hear you grunt in the background. "Let that bitch have all your cum girl." As you are grunting in my ear, I am in the throes of the best orgasm ever. I have become a wanton cummer on the toilet seat. My screams are bouncing off the cold tiles of the bathroom. I don't care who hears. I couldn't control my screams of pleasure if I wanted to. I am just riding the waves of this big momma turning me out.

When I start coming down from the massive orgasm, she slides her finger out of my ass and sits back on her haunches. Her crimson lipstick is smeared all over her face. My cum covers her cheeks and chin and the tip of her nose. I hear you breathing heavily in my ear and I know you are trying to recuperate and assimilate what you just heard. I know I am.

I start to wipe myself and she stops me. "No, I need one more taste tonight." She pulls me up and leads me out to the row of sinks. My pants are around my ankles so I don't have good balance. That works in her favor as she pushes me forcefully against the countertop and holds me there. I see myself in the mirror, full breasts mashed against the cold countertop in my black bra. My eyes are glazed and my lips look full as I am breathing through my mouth because I am just so turned on. She looks at me in the mirror before she drops on her knees behind me, holding my cheeks open.

My eyes close as I press my face against the mirror as I feel her featherweight tongue touching the center of my rosebud. I have never had my ass licked before, much less by a woman. Her tongue is fucking in and out of my back hole, like a little dick, and it feels incredible. I reach back to hold my cheeks open for her so that she can go even deeper. While I am grinding her face, I feel her fingers enter my kitty and curve downwards. She starts to stroke my G-spot and that is all I need to get me over again. I have to let go of my buttcheeks so I can roughly fondle my nipples that are crying out for attention.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I mummer as I cream her face. I can feel my vulva squirting all over her face and I am loving it. She stands up, fingers still in my sex. I feel her full bush rubbing my booty and she slips her other hand between us. Sliding her thumb into my ass, I feel her hand rubbing against my butt and I can tell she is flicking her clit as well. I take on of my hands off my breasts and move it to my clit. Moaning and grinding, my skin is tingling and my nerves are on end. As we start to cum together, I can hear you once again cumming with us on the phone. I slump against the counter, pussy leaking all over the place. I can't even breathe. I am trying to figure out what just went on.

As I look up in the mirror, she smiles as she slides her hands out of me. She leans over my shoulder and gives me a wet kiss on the cheek. "Thank you little girl. You taste good and I love sucking your big ass clit. This won't be the last time." And then she heads out to the time clock. I can't believe it but it is time for me to get off work. What a way to spend the last hour at work.

"Hey baby, are you still there?" I ask. I know you are, because I can hear your horny self breathing heavily in my ear. I just want to see how you are reacting to this.

"Get over here now! You know I gotta fuck you hard, right? You know I have to have your ass all night long." You are growling and I know I am in for a long night. You sound so animalistic and I love it.

"Baby, let me hit the clock and I am on my way."

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