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Rape Victims And Pictures Gay Jail Sex Rape Rape Teacher Sex Forced Transformation Stories Sex
Authors Note: The story you are about to read for the most part is true. I have lived in South Africa, Switzerland, Washington D.C. and Rome and now am living with my husband near Paris, France. The name I have assumed for my own sexual experiences is "Vixen," the alter ego of a model. Now I have written different stories about my life; my inner mind and psyche, my experiences and the flaw in my character, my weakness for sex, about how I could have said NO, but I let things happen to me. Perhaps some of you will relate to my real life experiences and sexual desires while some of you will undoubtedly fantasize about them and me.

It will be someone who I have teased with my hot body, who I have treated very bad, like the arrogant bitch I am, like I have turned so many men down, treated some men bad when they insisted, insulted, I made him look like a little boy, a fool in public in front of his friends, in my arrogant cock teasing way without knowing that he is a member of a secret powerful society.

They have decided to capture me and I am forced to become a slut and a whore in a world of sexual slavery.

They have stalked me and have decided now is the time to make me their whoring sex slave. Like my first boyfriend told me when I was at high school, he was a older photographer, that I would end up as a high class whore.

The set up has been very clever, a modeling agency in Paris has informed me that I have been invited to a dinner party with a movie producer and some investors for an interview to discuss a new venture.

When I arrive at the airport of Paris, a car is waiting for me and I am driven to a mansion outside Paris. It is a beautiful place, when the door enters a big Negro is very intimidating when he looks at me. I am escorted to one of the guest rooms where I will stay during the night. I am told dinner will be served at 8 and I will be expected to dress for the occasion.

Later that night when I have taken a nice bath, I dress in a long sexy black strapless evening dress. Looking in the mirror, I am a knock out, I check my hair and my dress and I am ready for a nice and pleasant evening. Later there is a soft knock on the door and I am escorted to the dining room. The room is huge and beautiful furnished, and much darker than the hallway, there are candles and there is a fire burning. To my surprise there is a video camera's in the corner.

I am met by a tall distinguished gentlemen who smiles and I assume he is the owner, he tells me he is looking forward getting to know me better, he smiles and tells me "much better", while he looks at my cleavage. He tells me that the guest of honour will arrive after dinner, the one who has invited me.

Different men all dressed for dinner are standing around and I am introduced. They are all older men obviously they are rich, they observe me, undressing me with their eyes like most men do, obviously wanting to get inside my panties, but this is nothing new to me, thought like that make me moist, but like always they are making me feel funny and am sure they are educated men.

I am looking at them confidently, I am sure this will be an interesting evening, after-all, I am the only women present and these are real nice and clearly rich gentlemen. Some of them look at me and finally dinner is served. The food is excellent, the conversation light and highly spirited. They listen attentively, smiling at me. Then the time has come for desert, I like desert. When I ask what is for desert, a silence falls, you can hear a drop fall.

Then he walks in, the guest of honour, I hear his hard voice, Vixen my dear slut, you are our desert for tonight, to my horror I recognise him. It is Master Nero, who I consider a very, very perverted person, he is real, one who I never, never, never wanted to meet again after my first experiences in Amsterdam with him and on my wedding day.

He starts to explain in his calm and cold way, the reason is simple, just economics. There is a huge market for women such as I, who have the proper training to satisfy, certain special tastes, but this time he is doing it for free.

He tells me that he has been planning this, that I have been brought here under false pretences but only for the reason that, like he, the men at this table are interested in me, that there is no new venture, but that I will be trained and educated as his sex slave like he has promised, and when I am ready I will leave again, my life as I know it no longer exists, that I own nothing, not even my name, my life will never be the same, I am now owned by the members of his sex ring whose members are present at the dinner table.

Telling me that he specialises in selecting women, beautiful exclusive women, well educated from the best respectable families, preferable feisty and proud, since aristocratic bitches like me make the best whores. How he turns them into sex slaves before they are joining his society and are available for the members. If they do not behave he sells them on the international market.

I am speechless, completely confused, finally understanding what he told me, this can not be, this is a joke, this cannot be happening to me. Telling them to take me back to the airport. They just look at me, telling me he will help me understand, helping me to find my true destiny in life.

Then I am grabbed by the big Negro who is standing behind me, I scream to stop, protest, beg, I am struggling, trying to kick him, this is not suppose to happen, not to me, I beg them to stop. I know now that I am in deep trouble, I realise this is for real, like he told me on my wedding, I have fallen victim to him. He is standing behind me and grabs my hair and pulls me up, it hurts so much and I am forced to stand still. My legs tremble and I am forced to wait what comes next.

I don't have to wait long, Master Nero, the puppet master approaches me with a big long serrated combat knife, he looks cruelly at me, caressing my chin and smiles coldly, "time to show yourself bitch, show us the merchandise my friends have bought".

I am standing completely still, looking at his cruel lips, he takes his time, touching with the cold shiny tip my face, he slices my beautiful dress, my dress is grabbed at the front and ripped of me, dropping to the stone floor, not much later I am standing on my 5 inch high heels in front of him, only wearing a thin black lace push up bra, matching thong panties, black garters and black silk stockings.

One of the men grabs the camcorder and points it at me telling me to smile, moving close to my face, laughing hard.

I do not fight, I am standing completely still, I see the different men now with riding crops. I am told to raise my arms, for a second I try to object but I hear the riding crop whisper, I am screaming and start to obey. I am desperate as I am standing in front of the men on my high heels, my tits are straining against my tight black lace bra and panties. My hard nipples are visible trough the thin lace material. The men stare at me and I am fully exposed, I feel their burning eyes on my breasts. I beg them softly, whispering please not to hurt me. I can not imagine being whipped, the idea terrifies me like nothing else.

He puts his knife at the junction between my breast, slicing it open, my big tits bounce free, the bra is ripped off. I am paralysed, he is sliding the knife blade over my belly, cutting my panties ripping them off. I am crying out, begging him, but it does not matter. He slaps me across my face. Now I am standing completely nude in front of them on my high heels, revealing my wet pussy, they are looking at me, like they look at their prey.

I have tears in my eyes, I cannot believe what is happening to me. I am told to put my hands on my head and turn around, exposing my body to them, my big tits are pushing obscenely out as the men with the cam recorder moves closer. I hear their remarks talking about my legs, my ass, my tits, they are discussing me like a piece of meat, saying that I got nice big nipples, they are laughing, telling me, I will be a fun one.

I close my eyes in humiliation, what is happening to me, shivers drawl up and down my spine, trying to resist, knowing I must, feeling their eyes on my nude body, thinking what I presented to them, a sex toy just waiting to be played with, by anybody who wanted me.

He is telling me not to worry, that I won't be needing my clothes, not now and not for a long time. He tells me its time to obey and at the same time the riding crop comes down fast and hard, he hits my belly, my full breasts, my tights. I scream, trying to get away, my whole body exploding in pain.

This is a nightmare, tears of humiliation and pain mix as they abuse me. Then he is producing what looks like a dog collar and a dog leash, telling me I will wear the collar, showing me the collar, a golden plate, saying SEX-SLAVE, make me tell him what it says. He is telling me to put it on. I am refusing this terrible humiliation and am rewarded with a slap across my breasts with the whip, I scream and shake my hand again but I am grabbed, they tighten the collar around my throat.

They are standing around me and Master Nero is squeezing my breasts, tears are running over face, I am so helpless, he is twisting my hard erect nipples roughly, they are large, stiff and sticking out. I scream, begging them but I know what will happen, Master Nero is such a sadist, a real pervert, I feel hands on my bottom, I am on fire, I am afraid but fear is also exciting for me.

It does not take long till I am sprayed on my back on the table, with my legs open for them to see my wet cunt, my legs are bend on the edge of the table. Master Nero is standing in front off me, looking down at me while I am hold down on the table, the other men are looking down at my body, my hot body already aroused, my pussy is wet from thinking what will happen, like a whore I am on my back dressed in black garters and stockings. He is standing in front of me grabs my legs and spreads my legs roughly, I feel different hands over my hot body.

Despite myself, instinctively I trust my hips forward to him, I am starting to respond, the pain melting away. Rough hands pinch my nipples, like always my eyes closing, loving it, pleasure mounting. I feel his hard penis enters my dripping cunt, feeling his big cock, he takes me roughly, driving into me hard and cannot resist I fuck him back, not caring anymore. Someone else slides his across my lips, sliding it in my throat, fucking my face, each stroke pushing into my throat. I briefly see the video camera zoom in close, catching my cheeks bulged with cock. I seek no escape anymore, but simple I am driven to fuck these delicious cocks, like I fucked so many men.

The next day I wake up in a dark cold cellar, I am shivering and have a terrible headache, my poor body hurt all over, I cannot move, I am completely nude, my whole body is sore. Then I open my eyes and realise I am not bound but locked in a cage, I scream in horror. My nightmare returns and I realise I have fallen victim to him. He leaves me for the next days, without any food or water. Later he makes me do tricks for water or food, showing my pussy to him, finger myself for him, but alone I am not aloud to masturbate. He starts to force, humiliate and punish me in order to make me his dirty little whore, his sex slave.

Later I am blindfolded and gagged, standing there on a platform, my hands tied high above me, my back arched, I am stretched and he starts to educate me, plays his rough games with my beautiful body, he bikes my neck, especially to my big sensitive boobs are tied and tortured, he humiliates me with brutal beatings and savage rapes of my mouth, my pussy and even my tight little virgin ass, making me begging and screaming. My cries, tears and whispers are ignored.

He controls me, I am helpless, my body is violated, he does whatever he wants, my body is responding, later different men standing around me, I am their rape toy, my legs are open wide, spread as far apart as they can go. I suffer when they start to touch me, playing and squeezing my tits roughly and twisting my hard nipples, he is sucking them and my nipples throb, I am turned on and I am screaming wildly, later I am tied to a big table, my beautiful tall legs are crushed cruelly apart, I beg, plead and cry, I hear him laugh, feel his big thick cock pressed against my pussy, he rams his big sword into me and begins to pound me relentlessly, I feel unbelievable.

My body, like always starts to betray me, there is no way to stop, I begin to respond, twisting my head from side to side, unconsciously rolling my hips, I am really turned on when they grab my hair and pull my face to a thick filthy cock, I try to keep my mouth shut but I am forced to suck his cock and like always I love it as they fuck my face roughly, making me suck one cock after the other.

I am roughly slapped around, they twist my tits and I do everything possible to resists cumming as he and his friends abuse and fuck me into total submission. Like always I cannot help myself, my hips buck wildly up and down, loving it, wanting it, I have accepted my faith, I love it, my hips thrusting up to meet him, it feels so good when I have something inside of me.

For days they take turns, they fuck me against my will, till I am just laying there on my back with my legs apart, totally at their mercy, making me feel like the slutiest whore you can imagine, a slut who does whatever she is told, on my back and on my knees, only, sex, sex, sex.

During my training I am treated like a cheap slut, I wear kinky tight outfits, showing off my ass perfectly, a whore who dances and performs in public, stripping, showing them bouncing tits, my hard nipples, all I feel is lust, I kneel in front of him, beg him to whip me, humiliate me, I fuck on video, pictures are taken when I masturbate for him and his friends, showing them my wet pussy, participating in live fuck shows.

Every day I am watching the ultra porn movies they made from my ordeal, or the photos they have made with me of other men and women, the sexual games they have played with me. In the beginning I am feeling helpless, desperate, watching all of it, not at all looking as a victim of rape, of being forced, but with a smile on my face as they are pounding my pussy, asking them to fuck me hard in my tight ass, treat me like a whore, looking as a very willing whore to use as they see fit.

A whore who enjoys it enormously, who is cumming, reaching organism after organism. They are telling me they will publish them, sending the copies to my friends and my parents if I do not behave.

Slowly I begin to loose the remnants of the Lady I was, I know what I am, a nymphomaniac sex slave, a bondage girl, a sex toy kept in a dungeon and tormented for the pleasure for the members of the sex ring. I am asking him to let me be his whore. I am exhausted and spent, I am beyond struggling, even shame.

Later when I have accepted my faith, I have signed a contract which makes me the property of the puppet master, giving him access to all my money, my assets, my jewelry. I become his slave, his toy, I do whatever I am told, I visit cities and am sent out on dates, in the hotels I stay instructions await me, where to go, which bars to visit, how to dress, who my owner will be for the night, an owner who can do with me whatever he wants, who takes me to special private dinner parties, adult theatres or private clubs.

No more romance or love, gentle lovemaking, flowers or champagne what this Lady likes so much, he turns me into his DIRTY WHORE, HIS WHORING SLUT, TO BE USED AND HUMILIATED PUBLICLY AS HIS PERMANENT SEX SLAVE.



My fantasies are a result of some experiences and in my fantasy it would be very passionate and very kinky, I am sure some perverse and rough bastard would love to educate me, enjoying my hot body, perhaps they will make me stay forever, make me become his sex toy who is always available for everybody he wishes that I please and who desires me, someone who makes me come back whenever he wants, but I doubt this will happen.

At this moment in time, I am becoming very much afraid of myself, I realise I am getting close to crossing the line again, once taken the first step there would be no return to my present life and indeed I would become the puppet Vixen, pretty playdoll to every men or women who desires me. Who knows once I get a real taste to become a fuck doll I just might like it to much, it's like the box of Pandora, once opened it will never close again.

I love it, it makes me sooo wet when I read what other men will want to do with a women like me, how they talk about women, how they will take and humiliate me, fuck me and make me their whore.

Sometimes I allow myself to surrender my control and think about my fantasies, the different men in my life who have used me as they saw fit, Ken, Alex and other photographers I know untimely said through the loss of my own control I should free my own inhibitions which are imposed by society. They also said, once I am free of those inhibitions, I can discover a world of sensations which is denied for me in the past.

But I think there is a difference, background and civilisation are a major part of me, however I get the most intense sexual fantasies about being taken and involuntary getting taken by different men, but lots of women have that.

But can you imagine that I write this, a nice respectable cosmopolitan Lady like me, telling about my life as well as my dark fantasies, how I will become Vixen the pretty fuck doll some men see in me, a beautiful plaything to every men who wants me. But I have decided to write it down on paper, anyway it's part of my diary, I think I have a very interesting diary.

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