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It was a fine Saturday morning, warm sunshine, and light breezes bringing scents of spring flowers. Unbeknown to me, my real sexual awakening would begin later that day. I dressed in some loose fitting jeans and a bulky sweatshirt that made my petite frame look bigger than I am. I splashed on some Erotique, pulled by blonde hair into a ponytail, then raced down to the shops. Like most other Saturdays, the routine of doing my shopping and running errands had begun.

This particular Saturday, I was picking up film (yes, I still get film developed, not owning a digital camera yet) from the local shop in the mall. The man behind the counter, John, was a middle aged, strong build, tall with brown eyes you could drown in, dark hair, and a five o'clock shadow even at 10 AM in the morning. I was eager to collect the photos and look at them privately as my boyfriend had taken some "studio" type photos.

After standing in the queue, I finally received my prints. John served me and pulled out the photos to confirm they were mine, which I blushed immediately and nodded, wanting to get out of there as soon as I could. He could see my embarrassment and wanted to see me squirm. Going through nearly all of the photos, he made a few comments, like, "Your long hair looks so pretty when you wear it like that," or "That skirt really hugs your legs!"

Other comments weren't so flattering. For some reason, I felt I needed to validate the photos and started to tell him it was just my boyfriend and I mucking around. He listened intently suggested that I find a photographer to take the photos as they are much better equipped to get the right lighting etc. I thought this over briefly at the counter, thinking this was a good idea.

"Unfortunately, I don't have the money for professional photos. These were just for fun."

"Look umm, sorry I didn't catch your name, I am a photographer and charge pretty reasonable fees, I would be happy to take a few shots."

"Crystal, my name is Crystal."

"Here is my card Crystal, think about it and call me, it will be worth your while," John said with a wink of his eye.

I paid for the photos and put them and the card into my bag, and scooted out of there. There was something about that man in the photo shop, why did he wink at me? Why did he go through all of my photos when he didn't go through other peoples photos? Had he examined them previously?

Feeling quite flushed, I drove home, quite distracted. My pussy was begging to be touched and my panties were soaked. Giving in to my desires, I sat on my big sofa, slid down my jeans, and slipped my hand into my lacey red panties. I always loved wearing sexy underwear and had a considerable collection. So I always tried to co-ordinate my bras and panties. My finger slipped down my slit with ease and started to rub my clit. Settling in on the lounge; two fingers slipped in my love hole while my thumb worked on my hard clit that was now sticking out. Rubbing in circles on my clit sent me to my climax quickly and very intensely. It left me squealing out and breathless. My fingers dripping in my sex sauce, I sucked on my love juice, licking my fingers clean. Never had I come so hard or quick. Without a second thought, I got dressed and called the photographer. I arranged to meet him at his studios, not far from my house, at 5 o'clock. I was a bit nervous as he asked me to bring some "after five" clothes and a selection of lingerie.

It took all afternoon to get ready. Spending ages in the bath, shaving legs, shaving my pussy, only leaving a small little patch of fluff, I moisturized my body and starting to flick through my wardrobe on what I should wear. I picked out a number of items to bring with me, none of them very sexy and went through my lingerie drawer and picked out numerous items from there. Believing whatever I wore would probably be the wrong thing; I put on a denim skirt and t-shirt and put a collection of high heel shoes with me to change into if I needed to. Teasing my blonde locks, my curly hair bounced on my shoulders and I applied a touch of mascara and lipstick, figuring he would have an assistant for real make-up.

Just after 5pm, I nervously knocked on his door. John answered and his eyes and big grin immediately put me at ease. Waving me in the doorway, he gestured that I sit on the lounge. John uncorked a bottle of wine and handed me a full glass as he sat opposite me to discuss what kind of photos I would like, what I wanted to wear etc. After much discussion and three glasses of wine later, I felt very relaxed. John suggested that some soft photos in my lingerie would look very nice as he thought some of my "after five" wear were "not right".

Changing behind the screen I picked out a soft baby pink teddy in a satin and lace combination. It definitely left nothing to the imagination and I felt terribly sexy. Being high cut it showed a lot of skin, I was glad that I shaved my pussy that day, with a g-string back and low cut front that showed a generous amount of my breasts, I was sure my boyfriend would like these photos.

With alcohol on my side I strutted out, and twirled around, "Is this ok John?" I could see that he approved and signaled me to lie down on the bed, on my back, one leg bent. I did as he said, he moved in close to take the pictures.

John told me to keep moving and posing for the camera, just like the professional photo shoots. Now I don't know if it was the heat of the moment, the alcohol, or a combination of the two but I was very relaxed and getting into the moment. Each time I went into a pose, it was more suggestive than the last.

With John's comments of, "Oh God, yes baby" or, "Oh you look so hot like that", "You're luscious" "Make love to the camera baby", I felt invincible and was getting hornier by the moment.

John suggested that I change outfits as he got us both another drink. I chose a white baby doll outfit, which was a sheer thin material that showed my nipples. The panties were a bikini cut, and of the same thin, translucent material. My slit was easily seen and that excited me. John was exciting me and my pussy was wet. Sculling another glass of wine, I went over to the bed again. John had changed the covers to a deep purple which showed up my white outfit perfectly. He gleamed when he saw the next outfit and licked his lips in approval. I was sure that I saw a bulge in his pants, but he held his camera low, so I couldn't be certain.

This time he wanted me on my front, him standing over me, he started to take pictures again. T, The comments this time were getting cruder and that only excited me further. "Push your titties together for me Crystal" "Lick your lips like your tasting some of your boyfriend's spunk baby."

"Lie on your side and slip your hand down to your pussy baby."

I was nearly over the edge and John knew it. He put his camera on the table and pulled off his shirt. Before I could stop him, he crawled up between my legs and started eating my pussy for all it was worth. Being so fucking horny I couldn't stop him, I grabbed his head and pulled him in, wanting him to taste all of my wetness. Pulling my panties across, his tongue slipped into my cunt and lapped up the moistness while his hand roughly grabbed my tits. My back arched and my head moved back, feeling his warm tongue rape my hole. Within seconds, my climax shuddered through me, my whole body shaking as I squealed out.

Standing up John slid off his jeans and boxers and I quickly pulled my lingerie off. Sitting up of the bed, I immediately took his big cock down my throat and starting my tongue lashing on it. It must have been nine inches and I couldn't swallow it al. My hands grabbed his hips as he fucked my face. My lips sucked him in while my tongue slid up and down his shaft. Slurping on his head, my teeth grated gently on the edge of his cock. Then I deep throated him again. Looking up at him the "ooos and ahhhhs baby" told me he was enjoying it, his eyes shutting in ecstasy. My hands cradled his full balls as his cock tensed up and blew a load down my throat, with me catching all of his delicious semen.

John grabbed my legs and lifted them over his shoulders and hammered his cock in my glistening pussy. Groaning with pleasure he pounded my cunt hole, deeper and faster with each stroke. My tits bouncing, my nipples dancing in the soft light, his dick didn't let up on my pussy. I could still taste and smell his last load on my lips and tongue. Without a word spoken, he filled and pleasured my pussy until I came again, intensely, my whole body shaking. He grinned and said,

"That's right baby, now you're my whore."

I looked up at him, "Wha.....your whore?" I questioned loudly.

Slapping my cheek, sending me wailing back on the bed, "Yes, my whore!"

With a few more strokes he came again, a generous amount of sperm entered my cunt. His cock twitching, he withdrew from my cunt and stood over me.

"You haven't paid for these photos, and you won't get them until I have finished with you. You will come to me each week for a down payment on the photos until I say you've paid them off. Otherwise your boyfriend might get the videotape that has been running for the past hour honey. Do you understand?"

I started to cry, I nodded. How could I be so naïve? I ran to get my clothes and pick up my white outfit that was now on the floor. Standing on my hand John yelled "That's mine now whore." I wept, tears dripping down my face as I ran out the door.

"Next Saturday whore," he yelled.

I got in my car, wiped my tears and drove back home, totally humiliated but thinking that was the best sex of my life. I can't wait until next Saturday.

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