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Meilikki spent the day cleaning out her garage. Sure there were other things she could be doing but none of those other things were going to get the garage cleaned any faster. Lugging boxes out to the curb took well over an hour, but when she finally finished, she could park her car inside, once more.

She went inside to catch a shower. As usual, right when she was in the middle of stripping and hopping in, the phone rang. She went slip-sliding into her bedroom and grabbed the phone.

“Meilikki Brown here.”

“Girl, why do you always answer the phone like that?”

The voice on the other end made her smile, helplessly. It was her best friend, Dorinda. Meilikki closed her eyes and brought Dorinda to mind. Her long sable hair probably pulled up into a messy topknot and a gamine smile that made it exceedingly hard to be angry with her. Her baby blue eyes always contained a smile of their very own, even when she was having a down day. Meilikki struggled to bring her mind back to the conversation, as it became more and more obvious, Dorinda was having a down day, right now.

“What’s up girl?”

Well the gist of the conversation was Dorinda had walked in on her man with another girl. The fact that it was in the bed Dorinda and he had shared for close to 3 years made it doubly hard to tolerate. There were tears and recriminations on both sides, ending with him taking his clothes and moving out.

“Damn, Dory, I am sorry. You want to come by for a bit? I am finally off for a weekend and would love to see you.”

Dorinda’s reply was a diffident, tearful yes.

“Well then, come on over. I can bitch and moan to you about how hard it is to find a good woman, and you can make me feel better by reminding me why I am lesbian to begin with.”

Meilikki’s remark brought a tearful giggle from Dorinda. After a few more pleasantries, they hung up. Meilikki went back to her shower. Since she had no idea when Dorinda was gonna show, she wanted to have everything done and out of the way that could possibly take time away from her friend.


Dorinda hung up and then sat there in the silence of her half empty bedroom. If Meilikki could see the way she really looked, one would hate to think just what would happen to Max. Bruises covered her upper arms and back. Her lip was busted and still bleeding slightly. One of her baby blue eyes had a busted blood vessel, making her eye look really macabre.

She went about the business of trying to clean the mess up that Max had made: busted pictures, ruined clothing, slashed tapestries. Almost all of the hard work she had put into making their house a home was destroyed. As she worked, she allowed her mind to drift to her best friend.

She had known Meilikki was different from the very first time they met. It had been in 6th grade and while every other girl was going boy crazy, Meilikki just sat back and watched. Finally, after many years of wondering, Meilikki had come out to her, their junior year of High School.

A sad smile crossed her lips as she thought on how her friend carried herself. Meilikki was only a few inches taller than she was, but carried herself as if she were a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier. Her short black hair framed her wise gray eyes, making her very hard to lie to.

What was funny, at least to Dorinda, was the fact that Meilikki could never figure out why guys always hit on her. She never looked in the mirror and saw a well-built girl with way more muscle tone than the average guy. She did not see her honey colored skin or beautiful smile. To Meilikki, she was butch through and through. Dorinda could have told her she was way more feminine than she thought.

Finally, the room was straightened. Dorinda went to her bathroom and filled the tub with hot water, adding bath beads liberally. She had to think of an out fit that would hide the damage. She hoped to the Gods that Meilikki did not try to hug her when she went over.


Meilikki was pissed. She saw how hard Dorinda tried to conceal the damage done by her creepy ex and it hurt her to her heart. Dory should have known better than to try to hide the bruises and battle scars of living with that idiot.

Of course, Meilikki did not say those words out loud. Dorinda needed her to be a comforter, not an avenging angel. It took hours of talking but eventually Dorinda consented to stay the night in her guest room. Meilikki made her some tea and talked to her until Dory fell asleep and then, she went into action.

First, she made a few calls, setting the stage for his downfall. No matter what Dory thought, Meilikki knew that she could not take a big bruiser like Max down by herself.

This was going to require proper planning and lots of help.

After many late night conversations, and over the space of a few weeks, Meilikki managed to track the asshole down. Dory still had no idea what she had planned and that was exactly the way Meilikki wanted it. It would be more realistic when Meilikki and her friends dropped their little surprise on him.


“Come on Dory, get your ass in gear!!”

After the fourth or fifth yell, Dorinda finally consented to come out of her room. Meilikki’s voice caught. Damn, she looked GOOD! Dorinda came out into the living room and twirled around slowly, letting Meilikki get a good look at her. And Meilikki

made it a point to study Dorinda, thoroughly.

Tight black leather hip huggers molded every curve, showing Dorinda’s legs to perfection. An itty-bitty white top with sheer mesh inserts, allowed flashes of creamy skin whenever she moved. Her dark, shoulder length hair was a riotous mass of curls and played peek-a-boo with her right eye. Four-inch heels completed Dorinda’s look. Meilikki gave an appreciative whistle.

“Damn, Dory, you do clean up well!! Come on girl, let’s go.”

The plan was to take Dory out and let certain people see them going into a well known nightspot. Knowing Max the way she did, Meilikki knew he would come there to start some shit. After that, well a simple gag and bag and the real fun could begin.

The plan worked like a charm and now it was time to give him a little bit of what he liked to give out. Meilikki had not yet told Dorinda about her plan for payback. She figured that Dory would just try to save him from the ass reaming he had coming. The look of shock on Dory’s face when they walked back into the house was utterly priceless.

Max was hanging from two steel hooks in the ceiling, his body covered in bruises and blood. He was blindfolded and gagged and he struggled quite feebly when he heard the two girls enter.

“Hello Max.” Meilikki had motioned for Dorinda to be quiet and stepped forward, close enough for him to reach if he had the strength. He didn’t.

“I brought you here for a little lesson in what it feels like to have some one beat you senseless, mistreat you, hurt you. It’s not very nice is it?”

Max groaned something, and Meilikki backhanded him, first one side, then the other, making his neck snap left to right. She could see his frustration, his wanting to lash out but that would end soon enough.

She went to her bedroom and returned with a few of her favorite toys: a large anal probe, a riding crop, a long leather strop. Dorinda watched all of this with horror and fear on her face, but by now Meilikki was too pissed to care. Dory would understand once she was done with this piece of filth.

Meilikki stripped down, to just her boy cut briefs and a bra. She could hear Dorinda’s sharp breath as she saw the marks of scarring across her back, marks that had been there for years. She turned to look at Dory, her gray eyes filled with unholy glee.

“He’s a big boy, love. He can take it. I did.”

With no further words, Meilikki set to work, first lubricating the probe and then removing Max’s tattered and bloody jeans. The next step was to shove the probe up his ass, causing an immediate resurgence of kicking and straining from him. Meilikki stepped back, narrowly avoiding being kicked.

“Shut up, big boy. Some of my best friends can handle much larger.”

Max strained against his bonds for a few moments more before finally stopping. Meilikki picked up the strop and moved behind him, beginning the first part of his lesson. The leather contacted flesh loudly, raising welts with every lash.

Meilikki took a break and glanced over at Dory. Dorinda was watching the whole scene, her eyes glued to the tableau before her. Silently, Meilikki offered her the strop. Her relief and pleasure were limitless, when Dory rose to accept it. With Dorinda on the back side, Meilikki could work the front, and so that is what she did, using all her skill with the little riding crop to make him crazy from pain.

She could hear Dory panting loudly as she ran out of steam and so with no further words, she grabbed Dorinda’s hand and led her into the kitchen, out of earshot.

“Dorinda, there is only one more piece of this and then we will let him go. I want him to feel the same way you did when you walked in on him. Do you think you can?”

Dory stared at Meilikki for what seemed to be ages and then she answered that question, with a kiss.

They walked back into the living room together and then Meilikki removed his blindfold, letting him see just who had him. His eyes bugged out in anger and in fear. He knew payback from these two was going to be bad. The two girls said nothing. Dorinda stripped out of her clothes, turning her back to him as she did so.

They blocked him from their minds as they both gave in to the love they had always felt for one another. A few fumbled attempts led to slow, slippery kisses on hot satiny flesh. Soon, fingers and teeth began exploring all those dainty unexpected places and moans filled the air.

Meilikki loved Dorinda expertly, licking quivering pink cunt flesh with practiced skill. There was nothing fake about the orgasms that wracked Dorinda, nor the moans that echoed around the room from the two of them. For just that little space in time, Dory and Meilikki were alone and loving one another. It was enough.


When they had pleasured one another repeatedly, Meilikki stood and glanced over at Max. His cock was hard and throbbing, with opalescent drops of pre-cum on the tip.

“Oh, you thought this little show was FOR you, huh? Sorry to disappoint, it was really for us. We just allowed you to watch.”

She picked up the strop and smacked him twice on his cock, watching in amusement as it first drooped and then hardened.

“Time for the blindfold.”

Max tried to avoid the black velvet piece, but Meilikki grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. He stopped the movements and settled down. After reapplying the blind, she loosened his wrists from the hooks. He dropped to the floor, his arms too tired to move.

From the grimace around the ball gag, Meilikki assumed the rest of him was too tired to move as well.

With much grunting and pulling, she managed to get him over a leather footstool, before tying his legs and arms together. A final length of silken rope held his body to the stool. Now if he tried to flip over, he would just take the stool with him. Then she removed the probe from his ass.

She left the room, long enough to get her favorite strap on and halter. When she returned, she noticed the looks Dorinda was giving him: pain-filled and hurt.

“Come on sweetie, I will teach you to fuck a man.”

Upon hearing those words, Max began trying to struggle once more, his movements ineffectual and hampered by the rope and his soreness. Meilikki smacked him once with the crop. He stopped.

Meilikki adjusted the halter and fit her cock in its place. Then she unrolled a condom over the length of it. The next step was lube, some in and on his puckered ass hole, some on her rubbery penis. She started out slowly, smiling at Dory. With a finger crook, she motioned Dorinda forward.

“Grab that stool over there and sit in front of him. Spread your thighs.”

Dorinda looked a little shocked by the suggestion but did as she was told, seating herself on the cushioned stool and pulling herself close to Max’s face.

Meilikki grabbed his hair, her voice harsh in his ear.

“Make her cum, mother fucker.”

Soon, Meilikki could feel Max’s ass thrusting back toward her. She noticed Dorinda’s flushed face, the sweat beading her upper lip. Dorinda was close to orgasm. Meilikki picked up the pace, fucking Max hard in his ass, reaming him repeatedly. His grunts and groans soon joined Dorinda’s as she came, gushing, all over his face. From the sounds Max was making, he must have cum too.

Meilikki stopped and untied Max from the stool. With a foot she kicked him over and looked at her leather stool. He had cum all right. She grabbed him by the back of the head and forced him up, onto his knees. Then she whipped the blind off and removed the gag.

“Look what you did, you worthless ass. You spotted my leather. Lick it up.”

Max spit at Meilikki and she hauled off and smacked him hard enough across the face to bring tears to his eyes.

“I said clean it up, bitch boy”

Then she picked up her crop and went to work on his back and ass until he did as she said. When he leaned forward, she reached over on her stand and grabbed a Polaroid camera. She waited until that first lick and snapped a picture. Then she stalked behind him and took pictures of his welted ass and back as well as his still slightly gaping rectum.

“Here is the deal. I will keep the pictures private if you agree to never harass or hurt Dorinda again. If you do decide to take it upon yourself to hurt her in any fucking way, I will make sure that all of your friends see these. Do we have a deal?”

He nodded sullenly.

“Good. When I untie you, get the fuck up and get out of my house. Dory, go to my room until this filth leaves”

Dorinda left the room and Meilikki untied Max and waited for him to dress.

“Get out.”

He left without a word.
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