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It had been nearly three weeks since my humiliating experience in the warehouse. Although he had paid me 1/3 of the money he promised, Ford had not contacted me about the two other scenes I was required to appear in. My sore, overworked nipples and pussy had healed and my pride was recovering from the experience. I was beginning to think he might let me off the hook. I still owed quite a bit of money in college loans, and there was the matter of the $50,000 fine if I did not comply. I didn't have long to contemplate the situation. When I returned from my morning workout, I discovered a message from Ford on my answering machine requesting my presence at the warehouse that afternoon.

Reaching for my keys with shaking hands, I wondered what today's scene would entail. I knew from the last filming that anything goes. I closed my eyes and braced myself against the wall, reminding myself that I had no choice and it would all be over soon.

I saw Ford immediately upon entering the warehouse. He was watching a scene being filmed on Set 5. He was smiling and I knew he was pleased with the results of whatever erotic fantasy was being portrayed there. He walked toward me and directed me back to Set 8 where the previous scene had been filmed.

"Nice to see you," he said with a sardonic smile. "We have such fun planned for you today." I was visibly shaking and I dropped my purse and keys to the ground at his comment. Ford laughed a wicked laugh as he stepped onto the set.

I looked at my surroundings. A counter with a cash register replaced the examination table and other hospital props. The other props were now those normally found in a convenience store. Among the aisles of quick food items was a thin pole that extended to the ceiling. I wondered what could possibly happen in a convenience store that would be considered erotic.

Ford told me to go see April and have her help me prepare for the scene. I nervously walked into April's portion of the warehouse. She was in charge of costumes, makeup, hair, and skin. April was a pretty, petite, blonde woman. She smiled at me and told me to undress completely and sit in her chair. I felt my anxiety growing and had trouble removing my clothes. She stepped close to me and slid my tank over my head revealing my round, perky breasts. My pink nipples immediately hardened from the cool air. April smiled sweetly as she said, "You have lovely tits. No wonder Ford wants you for this scene today." Just to prove her point she ran her slender fingers over each breast softly, and played with my nipples a bit before helping me remove my lacey panties. I wanted to crawl under anything and hide. I stood fully naked before her as she seemed to be assessing my body. She ran her pink nails over every inch of my flesh, seemingly committing my body to her memory for future needs.

I sat in her chair fully aware of my nakedness. I closed my eyes because I could not look at her without any clothes on. She brushed, curled, and styled my hair onto my head. She curled long pieces of my hair and left them around my face. I kept my eyes closed as she applied my makeup. I knew I would be wearing a lot. Women did in these kinds of movies. When she finished, I opened my eyes to see an incredibly naughty looking woman staring back at me. If I were meeting me for the first time, I would assume that look meant "fuck me hard and now!" I couldn't breathe as I realized that was exactly what would be happening very soon.

April helped me stand on my wobbly legs and moved me to a counter that contained various bottles and tubes. She squeezed something into her hand, and as she applied it I realized she was oiling my skin for the cameras. She proceeded to rub my back, shoulders, and arms with the substance. My skin began to glisten. She spread the oil across my breasts and worked it in with her small hands. She seemed to take a long time on them and I gasped as she tugged on my nipples, rolling them between her finger and thumb. She moved down over my belly, taking time to shine my naval ring on her way to the thin strip that was my pubic hair. She rubbed my mound with one hand and my ass with the other. She slid her hands between my legs and rubbed my pussy lips and between my ass cheeks. I held my breath and the tears that threatened to fall. As I stood before the mirror looking wanton and glistening I couldn't help but feel a little excited.

April handed me a short black leather skirt and a very tight white blouse that buttoned up the front. I slipped those on over a pair of black lacey thong panties. A pair of high black hooker boots completed my attire. With my blouse only partially buttoned, I looked like a very expensive escort.

All eyes were on me as I emerged from April's quarters. At least 30 people, mostly men, were present on Set 8. It took every effort to join them. Ford took a few minutes to tell me how I was to start the scene. He said the rest would be improvisation and I should be an active participant and be willing to do what it took to make this scene hot. I started to sweat. Fear of the unknown is quite intense.

I was simply to saunter into the store entrance, peruse the aisles, and shake my ass a little. I was to reach for items up high so that my nipples were evident through the thin fabric of my blouse as they strained against it, and bend down for items so my tits were exposed through the opening. As I did this, two men walked through the door of the store dressed rather roughly in black leather pants and other biker gear. One I recognized as the gorgeous blue-eyed doctor who had power fucked me three weeks ago. I felt a surge of excitement run through me and my panties grew damp at the memory.

A cute blonde girl was working the counter. By the nametag she wore, I knew her name was supposed to be Lilah. She appeared nervous as she surveyed the men. I wasn't sure why until Blue Eyes pointed a gun at her and the other guy jumped behind the counter. He held her arms behind her back and nuzzled his face in her neck. "Wanna play with us sweetheart?" he said with a roguish grin.

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, but in my surprise I dropped a quart of milk onto the floor and the men both turned to look at me. "Well what do we have here?" Blue Eyes asked as he moved toward me. He grabbed one arm and pulled me to him. Turning me around and holding an arm behind my back, he massaged my tits with the barrel of his gun. My nipples sprang to life and he laughed. "You wanna play too don't you honey?" he said as he ripped open my blouse with one motion, leaving me bare breasted for the cameras. My well-oiled nipples grew to 1/2 inch long as the cool air enticed them. He slid his gun into his leather attire to leave both hands free to explore my body. Blue Eyes continued to pinch and pull at my nipples and fondle my breasts as he ground his rock hard cock into my ass. I began to feel frightened as the realness of it hit me. I really was going to be used and fucked by these men!

The man behind the counter had pulled the checker with him to the front door, locked it, and flipped the sign to CLOSED. She was dressed in a short dress that buttoned up the front and when he gripped the material and pulled, every button flew from her dress leaving it gaping. I watched with both curiosity and trepidation as her dress was peeled from her body, revealing her round, perky tits and a tuft of blonde pubic hair on her mound. I recognized her as one of the nurses from the previous scene. I felt my panties growing wetter and I looked away.

Blue Eyes dragged me to the pole that was in the center of the store. He pressed his mouth hard onto mine and drove his tongue deep into my mouth while he unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. He backed me into the pole causing me to step out of the skirt. He pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed me to the pole. I felt its hardness on my back and ass. I knew my breasts were heaving and pushed up and out from the pole pressing into my back. My body glistened from the oil. I had that "fuck me" look thanks to April, who I had begun to feel would have liked to have done just that. The lust in those blue eyes was incredible as he spread my legs apart with his knee, I knew when he took me, it was going to be amazing and powerful. My pussy was dripping and as he peeled down my soaked panties, he grinned with the knowledge that he excited me. "I think she likes me, Jack!" he hollered across the store.

The checker's breasts were red and raw and she had a glazed look in her eyes as the intruder worked her body over. When he saw I was shackled to the pole, he dragged her over to me. "Eat her," he commanded as he grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her to her knees. Lilah looked greedily at my pussy. Using her thumbs she spread my pussy lips and I knew the cameras were zooming in for a close up view of my slit. She spread my legs wider by pushing my thighs apart with her elbows. She ran her long pink tongue up the inside of my thigh to my pussy lips. She caressed each lip with her thumbs as she slid her tongue along the place where my thigh and pussy meet. I closed my eyes in an effort to suppress my quickly building desire. Lilah worked her tongue thoroughly over my pussy lips and slid it from my clit to my ass. I knew my pussy juices were filling her mouth. Without my permission my hips began to press against her mouth and I heard a moan escape my lips. She was hungrily lapping up my juices and sliding her tongue inside me. When she began sucking on my swollen clit and pumping her fingers in and out of me I bucked and shook as the pleasure enveloped me.

My eyes flew open when something very cold and wet touched my hardened nipples. I looked down at my breasts the best I could in that situation, and saw that Jack was running ice cubes over my erect nipples. The melted liquid made a trail down my belly. He followed the trail with his tongue around my navel and up and over each breast, pausing at each nipple to suck it and expel its length slowly from his mouth. The feeling was incredible. "I wanted to see just how long those nipples can get," he said. Blue eyes was standing back a foot or two and was obviously enjoying the sight of Jack enticing my nipples to full length and Lilah chowing my pussy. His cock filled his pants and he stroked it as he watched. The contrast of ice on my nipples and Lilah's hot mouth on my pussy proved to be too much and I thrashed in my bondage as a raging orgasm overtook me. Lilah held my clit in her mouth, sucking and pumping me until my body stopped shaking and straining against the cuffs.

I didn't know how much more of this scene was left. I wasn't given any script. I did know there were three people on this set who hadn't cum yet so I would not be allowed to leave.

Jack grabbed Lilah's hair again to pull her up to a standing position. My juices covered her face and I could see her pussy lips were incredibly swollen. Jack pulled her forcefully to him, pressing her bare breasts against his chest, and used his tongue to lap my juices from her face. "Mmmmm... delicious. If I wasn't so hot and ready to fuck Lilah here, I'd have me some of that too." He bent Lilah over the counter top, revealing her ass and swollen pussy lips. Pumping two fingers in her while he massaged her left breast, he pressed his hard cock against her ass. "Looks like she thought you tasted pretty good too," he said to me as he held up two soaking wet fingers. He unzipped his pants and drove his cock deep into her pussy. Using her hips as handles, he pumped her hard.

Watching his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy and listening to her moans stirred my juices again. I felt a growing need to have a cock in me too. What was I becoming? I looked over at Blue Eyes. He was watching me watching them. He was still rubbing his cock, but now it was out of his pants. I remembered that it was longer than average. My yearning grew. I was ashamed that I wanted his cock in me and was close to begging for it at the same time. I had no choice but to perform these acts, why not allow myself to enjoy it?

As he walked close to me, I saw he carried something in his hand. His cock was free and bobbed up and down as he walked. I could almost taste him. I could not look down enough to see what he had in his hand, but heard a "pop" as a lid was opened. I then felt something warm and sticky as he spread it on my breasts, belly and clit. Blue Eyes licked and kissed my neck and then worked his way down to my breasts. He devoured each one, licking and sucking and tugging until my nipples stood erect again and felt raw from his attention. His firm tongue swirled around my navel ring, leaving my navel stinging. He traced the path of warm sticky liquid to my clit that was now aching with need. Taking it into his mouth he sucked the sticky stuff off me and explored my sensitive clit with his tongue. Just as I started to squirm with the pleasure he was providing, he abruptly stood up and thrust his tongue hard into my mouth, exploring and probing. I tasted the sticky liquid on his tongue mixed with my own pussy juice. It was honey!

I stole a peak at Lilah and Jack fucking on the counter. She was now sitting on the edge of it with her legs wrapped around his ass while he drilled into her. She was bouncing, laughing and digging her nails into his back. I felt my pussy dripping and knew Blue Eyes would slide so easily into me if he would just take me. I was so wet, so hot, and so ready to be fucked! I wanted my hands free. I wanted to grab his hair and ass. I wanted to bite his flesh as he fucked me aggressively. I strained against the cuffs. I pressed my pussy against his exposed cock. He had complete control. I was racked with need.

When I began to thrash against the pole and Lilah started howling and bucking harder, Blue Eyes suddenly thrust a key into the lock of the cuffs. He shoved me roughly to the floor on my hands and knees and drove his long cock into my pussy from behind. I was wild with need. I moaned and bucked back against him, shoving his cock deeper into my cunt. After licking his finger, he played with my ass sending me even higher. The noises coming from me were animal-like and guttural. Feeling completely carnal, I begged him to drive deeper. He held me by my hips and ground into me. I pressed hard against him. Blue Eyes toyed with my ass and nipples for several minutes and then fingered my clit. I then released my own howl into the air and thrashed and bucked, taking him deeper. My orgasm was explosive and lasted a full minute. Blue Eyes was obviously ready to explode and unleashed his hot liquid into my untamed cunt with fervor. He pumped into me hard and let my pussy muscles contract and empty him.

As we lay spent on the floor, I heard the director yell, "Cut!" I couldn't move. I opened my eyes for a moment and saw Ford watching. I couldn't read his face but imagined he was thinking up the next scene he required for my commitment. I had a feeling it was going to be the most erotic and outrageous fantasy he could conjure up. I felt a tingle growing between my legs at the thought...
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