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It was a cold, dark December night. The snow had been falling for hours and the roads were almost impassible. People had abandoned their cars all along the highway and had sought shelter where possible. The temperature was in the teens and with the wind chill was nearly 20 degrees below zero.

Rocky's car worked its way down the lonely, dark road. He looked down at his watch and saw that it was already 9:30. He knew that he'd never make it home for their annual New Year's Eve celebration. He hated to disappoint his wife and their friends. As he came around the next turn in the road, he saw a large house just off the road.

Rocky turned into the long driveway and hoped that he could impose upon the hospitality of the owners. Rocky turned off the ignition and stepped out of the car. He felt a shiver as the cold ran through his body, as he trudged through the snow to the front door of the house. After ringing the doorbell, he saw a light go on in the foyer and the shadow of someone walking to the door.

As the door opened, Rocky was immediately taken by the beautiful Chinese woman who answered. He guessed that she was about 30 or 35 years old. She stood before him with her long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her skin looked clear and soft and free of any make-up.

"I help you?"

"Sorry to bother you, but my car won't take me any further in this snow and I was wondering if you and your husband could help me."

"Please you come in before all heat escapes." The woman opened the door wider and allowed Rocky to enter. This also gave Rocky a better view of her body. She appeared to be in good shape, about 5'6", 135 pounds. Her breasts, about 36C, were barely hidden behind the tight cotton blouse she was wearing. The mid-thigh skirt she was wearing afforded a good look at her long, tapered legs. As she closed the door behind them, he turned to see her tight little ass encased in a black leather skirt.

"Thank you. I was freezing out there and didn't know what else I could have done."

"Please you come in by fire and warm up. Roads look bad but husband should be home soon."

Rocky walked toward the fireplace in the living room. The heat from the roaring fire enveloped his entire body.

"Your family probably worried for you. I bring phone and you call them to say you safe."

As the woman left, Rocky stared at her ass. He thought about what a lucky man her husband must be to come home to a sweet piece of ass like her every night. He wondered what she looked like naked and how she acted in bed. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as the woman returned with the phone. As she was about to hand him the phone, it suddenly rang.

"Oh, I sorry."

Lifting the receiver to her ear, the woman started to speak in Chinese. Rocky turned back to the fire and pretended not to listen. He could not understand a word the woman was saying but from her voice he could make out the tone of worry and concern. He turned around as she replaced the receiver on the phone.

"Here you call. I make you tea in kitchen to help you get warm."

Rocky took the phone from her delicate small hands. He again took a few minutes to admire her ass as she turned and walked to the kitchen. He placed the phone down on the couch and reached into his pocket. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed his house.

"Hi, sweetheart. Yeah, I'm stuck out here in the boonies... but a nice family has taken me in for the night. Yeah, I'll miss you too. Wish everyone a Happy New Year for me. I'll be home tomorrow once the roads are cleared. Now, don't let any of those horny husbands corner you at the party." He laughed, but knew that every one of those guys would love to fuck his wife, Sue.

Sue was 15 years younger than him, with beautiful long blonde hair. She was 5' 7" and weighed 120 pounds. She kept herself in fantastic shape, with a 25 inch waist and 36 inch thighs. Her tits were a 38D and were the first thing most men stared at when they met her. She was a young boy's wet dream... Well, even an old man's wet dream.

"Okay, honey. I'll be careful... but you be careful too. I'll see you sometime tomorrow. Okay. Bye."

He closed his cell phone and replaced it in his breast pocket. He stood in front of the fire for a few minutes and turned when he heard the Chinese woman returning.

"I'm sorry. I should have introduced myself when I first came in. My name is Rocky."

"My name Annie."

"Well Annie it's nice to meet you. I thank you for sharing your warm home with me and for the hot tea on the tray. I hope that I can meet your husband soon."

Annie responded in a soft voice, "He call before. He stuck too. He be home in morning."

"Well, I'm sort of sorry to hear that. I'll probably be gone before he arrives home. Maybe we should have that tea before it gets cold."

"Oh, you right. Please you sit down and I serve."

Rocky sat on the long couch and watched as Annie bent down and placed the tray with the tea and cups on the table in front of him.

"So, Annie, do you have any children?"

"Yes. We have two. They sleeping upstairs."

"My wife and I haven't had any yet... But I do enjoy trying."

Annie looked at Rocky not understanding what he meant by the last phrase. She reached over and poured the tea for them. Picking up her cup she moved to the other end of the couch and sat down.

"You work out here?"

"No, I work in the city but I had to see a client out here. I got lost driving on these back roads after they closed the Expressway. What about you? Do you work?"

"Yes. I work for Chinese Bank in city on Main Street. I am manager in charge of all business accounts."

"And I bet you know how to keep all of your clients happy."

"Yes. I give them good service. They all happy."

"What kind of services do you provide?"

"Oh, I give them personal service. I help them with all problems."

"I bet you do. It takes a very smart woman to know how to handle a man's biggest problems."

Annie looked at him confused, not knowing what he meant. "Oh, thank you."

Rocky stood up and saw Annie brace herself, not knowing what he was going to do. He walked over to the fire and stood there.

"You know I still have a chill in my body from that weather. Right now, getting warm is my biggest problem." He laughed as he turned to face Annie.

Annie smiled at his comment and relaxed her tense body. He seemed to be a nice man, maybe there was nothing to be worried about. Annie took another sip from her teacup. When she lowered her cup, she was surprised to see Rocky standing directly in front of her.

"You know, Annie, I think that our present situation has given each of us a really big problem."

Annie looked at him confused. She saw his eyes staring down at her, leering at her breasts and her legs. Her eyes were at the same level as his crotch and she could see his hard cock pushing against the fabric of his trousers. She knew that she had to get away from Rocky but she couldn't see how she would be able to evade him.

"First, there is my problem. How do I enjoy what originally presented itself as a long, boring New Years Eve? Then, there is your problem. How do you make a guest feel at home in your house? Well, Ms. Manager, what is your solution?"

Annie started to rise from the couch. She saw Rocky's hands come forward and push her back down. Fear and tears began to fill Annie's eyes.

"No, Ms. Manager. Trying to leave is not the solution. But here let me give you a hint."

Rocky's fingers reached down for the zipper on his pants. He lowered the zipper and reaching in, pulled out his hard cock. Annie's eyes grew wide upon seeing his large cock in front of her face. Her mind began to race. This couldn't be happening to her. Her children were sleeping upstairs.

"Please, you not do this. I not let you freeze outside. You not do this."

"Now, Annie, I'll tell you. You were very nice to me when I could have frozen out there. But my cock is just begging to fuck that body of yours. Also, I couldn't resist how beautiful you look, those soft doe-like eyes, that beautiful long black hair. I'll make you a deal. You do what I say and as soon as I'm done I'll leave. No one will ever know and you can go back to your nice little suburban working class life."

"No... please, you go... Not touch me!"

"Well, Annie, that's not really a choice or the solution. Let me give you the choices. First, you cooperate by undressing and doing as I say. Second, I undress you and make you do as I say. The choice is yours. The first one is the easier on you and the second will be more enjoyable to me. You decide."

"I... do... first. I need get up... to take off... clothes." Annie slowly rose from the couch, putting down her teacup on the table next to her.

Rocky moved back to give Annie enough room to stand. Suddenly, her arm shot out catching him on the side of his face and sending him reeling. Annie ran for the steps trying to get to her bedroom. She thought that if she could lock the door, she could call the police from there. As she reached the steps, she felt a hand grasp her blouse and pull her backwards. She gasped loudly as she felt her body being pulled back into Rocky's strong arms. She felt his hard cock pressed against the crack in her ass. One of his hands clasped around her mouth to keep her from screaming.

"Don't scream or else your kids will get to see their mommy's cunt being stuffed with my cock. I'm going to remove my hand now."

Rocky slowly removed his hand from Annie's mouth and he twirled her body around so that she was facing him. Tears streamed down Annie's cheeks; her eyes stared down toward the floor.

"Now, Annie, you will do as I say, right?"

"Yes... I do..."

"Good. Now, take your hair out of the ponytail and let it fall free."

Annie reached behind her head and slid the rubber band down the length of her ponytail. Her hair cascaded out of the ponytail. His hand reached out and he caressed her long black hair. Annie pulled her head back but said nothing.

"Okay, now take off the blouse. I want to see your tits. NOW!"

Annie's fingers went to the buttons on her blouse. She started at the bottom and slowly opened the first button. Her hands hesitated at the next button.

"Please... you not make me do this."

Rocky got angry. He reached out and grabbed her blouse with both of his hands. As he pulled the material apart and away from her body, she heard the sound of her buttons flying across the room and hitting the tile floor. Her blouse hung loosely from her shoulders.

"Put your hands down. RIGHT NOW! You had your chance Miss Manager, now we'll do it my way."

He stepped behind Annie and yanked the blouse down her arms, throwing it across the room. Annie closed her eyes and prayed for the humiliation to end. She felt his hands reached around her body and cup her bra-encased tits. His fingers kneaded the soft flesh through her bra, before reaching for the edge of each cup. He tugged the cup down and allowed each of her tits to pop free. His fingers eagerly sought out her soft, pliant breasts and began to manipulate her nipples.

As Rocky's lips began kissing her neck and shoulders, Annie closed her eyes and tried to ignore the feelings running through her body. Rocky's hands dropped from her now erect nipples and slid down her stomach to the waistband of her skirt. He opened the clasp and unzipped the zipper. Annie felt the leather skirt slip down over her hips and fall in a pile at her feet.

Rocky's hands slowly caressed her thighs and slid over her panty covered mound. His finger slowly slipped between her cunt lips, outlining her vaginal opening. His cock was buried between the mounds of her ass; her thong strap being the only barrier between his cock and her tight, puckered asshole.

Rocky brought his hands to the waistband of her panties. He ripped apart the thin band over her right thigh. Annie felt the material covering her cunt fall to one side, exposing the small patch of hair at the top of her cunt. As his hands ripped apart the thin band on her left thigh, Annie felt her panties flutter down between her legs.

Rocky unclasped her bra, the last piece of clothing remaining on her body. As he slid the straps off her shoulders, Annie felt her tits sag slightly.

"Please... You stop... Not do this to me..."

"Now, how can I not fuck a beautiful woman like you? Especially when she's standing in front of me naked."

Rocky slid his hands around Annie's naked body and cupped her firm breasts. His fingers sought out her erect nipples and slowly manipulated the hard tips between his thumbs and forefingers. Annie closed her eyes as she felt her juices begin to flow and coat the walls of her cunt. She felt her cunt lips slowly spreading in anticipation of the hard cock pressed up against her ass cheeks.

"Spread your legs and bend over."

Annie obeyed both out of fear and desire. Rocky gripped his erect cock and guided the head to her glistening cunt lips. Annie felt his cock rubbing against the lips of her cunt. She felt one of Rocky's hands grip her waist as he shoved his cock forward. His cock head spread her cunt lips apart and slowly slipped between them into her wet canal. As Rocky placed his other hand around her waist, he shoved his hips forward. Annie felt his hard cock slip deeper into her cunt. The walls of her cunt stretched to accommodate the thickness of his hard cock.

"Ohhhhhh... nooooo... take out... please!"

Rocky responded by shoving his hips forward until he felt her ass cheeks against his thighs. Annie bit her lip and stifled her cries, afraid that the noise would awaken the children. Annie thought that Rocky's hard cock would rip her in half. The last time her cunt had been stretched this wide was when she had given birth. Rocky continued pumping his cock faster and harder into her sopping cunt.

Annie didn't know how much more she could stand. Each time his cock rammed into her aching cunt, her hanging tits would swing like a pendulum. She didn't want to scream and wake her children but his hard cock felt so good enveloped in her tight, wet cunt. She felt his cock banging deep into her womb with each thrust.

"Ohhhhh... I not care... please... you fuck me... ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Annie's hands reached up and caressed her hanging tits, kneading and squeezing the tender flesh. Her head shook violently as she came on his invading cock. Her mind was lost in the pleasure of her orgasm, as she cried out.

"Yes... oh yes... fuck me... Please fuck me... ahhhhhhhhh it feel soooo gooooddd!" Rocky continued to ram his cock into her dripping pussy. His pace grew faster and faster. He knew he was about to cum. He gripped Annie's hips tightly and slammed his cock as hard and deep as he could. He felt his cock spasm in her wet cunt, shooting load after load deep into Annie's womb.

Annie let out a soft moan, as she felt his hot cum bathing her insides, coating her womb with his seed. He continued pumping into Annie's cunt until the last drop of his cum was squeezed out. As his cock slid out of her slick cunt, Annie felt the mixture of her love juices and his cum start dripping down her legs.

"That was the best fuck I've had in a damn long time. I can't wait until we do it again."

Annie turned to face Rocky, her face shocked by what he had just said.

"I... I thought you say you leave if I fuck you."

"Annie, look at you. A sweet thing like you. I'm gonna fuck that sweet Chinese pussy of yours until the sun comes up. And to correct you, I said I'd leave if you did as I asked. So, sweetheart, where would you like to get fucked next?"
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