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It has been several weeks since that night. I have walked home the same way each night, but to no avail. I am about to give up, but decide to try one more time.

I leave a little later than usual and it is already dark when I reach the edge of the woods. As I walk through the darkness, all I can hear is the sound of my footsteps in the pine straw. I stop to rest on a stump. While I sit there, I think I hear steps behind me. I strain to hear. My heart beats faster as I realize that I do hear steps. By the sound, there is more than one person coming toward me. I stand up and try to decide which way to run.

I turn to the left and run straight into a large man. He grabs me and throws me down. "Here she is...." he yells. I hear as two more men join him over me. I hear the voice of the man who assaulted me weeks ago. "I told you I would be back, didn't I bitch? I've seen you walking through here, wanting me to fuck you again. I brought friends this time, just like I promised" I reply "I see that..."

He apparently does not like my tone and he slaps me. Not hard enough to hurt bad, just sting. He tells me "Get undressed, whore! We don't have all night" I stand up and half heartedly try to run. The smaller of the three grabs me by the hair and pulls me back. "That'll cost you, slut" and with that he pushes me down to my knees and I can hear his zipper as he pulls his cock free.

I reach up and take his hard cock into my hands. I begin stroking him, using the pre-cum that is oozing out to lubricate him. He moans and grabs me by the head. He shoves his dick past my lips and I can't help but moan. Within seconds he is thrusting his cock in and out....fucking my mouth. He cums hard, shooting a load in the back of my throat. He turns to the first man and says "Damn, this slut can suck cock good!"

The largest of the three decides he wants to see and walks up to me and puts his hand on the back of my neck and slides his dick into my mouth. He is groaning as I deep throat him. His cock is very fat and its hard to take it all the way in. He pulls out of my mouth in time to blow his cum all over my face. He takes the head of his cock and smears it around my face, saying "Lick it up, cunt. Clean my cock with your hot mouth" I lick it and suck all his cum off his dick.

The first man pulls me to my feet and tells me to get undressed. I do as I am told this time. He knows I am enjoying this, even though I pretend to be very frightened. He whispers "Put on a good act here and I will give you the best fuck of your life" I am standing in front of these three men, naked and shivering. The smallest one gets on his knees in front of me and tells me to spread my legs. I take my foot and shove him down onto his back and turn to run. The large man tackles me and slaps my ass several times, hard.

I cry out and the first man says "shut up bitch. You are going to get fucked up if you don't play nice" The small guy gets between my legs and I can feel his hot breath on me. He slides a finger into my cunt and I can tell he is surprised to see how wet I am. I instinctively pump against his hand and I feel his mouth clamp down on my clit. I cum instantly and he keeps licking and sucking me while he fucks me with his finger.

The first man straddles me and I feel his hard cock between my tits. He takes my tits into both hands and wraps them tightly around his cock. He starts fucking my tits and I can't hold back as I cum on the small man's face. He moves up and gets in position to slide his dick in me. He starts teasing my clit with the head of his cock. I am grinding my pelvis toward him, wanting to feel his cock in me. The man on top of me pinches my nipples and twirls them between his fingers. I am screaming from the pain and pleasure. He slaps my tits and tells me to shut up. I scream out again and he slaps them even harder.

I am pumping on the cock in me and wanting the cock between my tits to cum in my mouth. As soon as he starts to cum, he moves up and slams his dick into my mouth. He grunts as I suck greedily on his dick "Oh yes! Take my cock bitch, take it to the back of your throat. Suck me dry, you whore" The man in me starts to cum and is slamming into me. I cum all over his hard dick. The large man removes the rest of his clothes and lies down on his back. The first man pulls me up by my hair and pushes me on top of the large man.

The large man grabs my ass and without hesitation, shoves his dick up inside my dripping cunt. He is so fat that he fills me up. He pulls me down and sucks my tits. While I am in this position, the small man gets behind me and starts to finger my ass. He tells the first man, "You were right, her ass is tight." He grabs me by the hips and I can feel the head of his cock at my ass.

I struggle to get away but this just causes his dick to slide in. He moans and slams himself all the way in. I am groaning and pumping on the two dicks inside me. The feeling of both holes being full of cock is so unbelievable. Our bodies are slapping against each other. The first man moves to my right and drops to his knees. He grabs me roughly and shoves his cock into my mouth. The man in my ass is pumping harder and harder, while the one under me is grinding his dick into me.

The one in my mouth is pulling my hair and telling me what a whore I am. "Fuck all these cocks, slut. That's it, you know you love serving all these big dicks." I answer by moaning on him and taking him all the way to the back of my throat. Finally, the cock in my cunt starts to cum and he is slamming into me, grunting and moaning as he fills me with his hot cum. The guy in my ass pushes his dick in as deep as it will go and holds still as it shoots load after load into my tight, hot ass.

The man in my mouth pulls out and pulls me off these two dicks. He tells me to get onto my knees and in one thrust, he shoves his dick into my wet, pulsating ass. He reaches down and grabs my tits and as he pumps his dick into my ass, he pulls at my nipples. I move my hand down to my cum soaked cunt and finger myself. I cum several times while my ass is getting the fuck of my life.

I look back at him and tell him "I want you to shoot your load into my ass so I can suck your cum off your cock. Please, I want to show you what a fucking slut I am" With that he moans and slams himself into me over and over again. He fills my ass with cum and without missing a beat, pulls out, turns me around and shoves his dick into my mouth. I suck on him, feeling him stir and get hard instantly in my mouth again. I moan and stop long enough to tell him how much I love sucking his cock.

Hearing this, the two other men move to either side of me and stroke their cocks. The cock in my mouth swells and he shoots his hot cum in my mouth. While I am still sucking the last drop from his cock, the two others keep stroking and they both blow their load onto my tits and face at the same time. I have cum all over me and I reach up and rub it in.

The first man pulls me to my feet, kisses me and gives me the same warning as last. "Wait ten minutes before leaving" I nod and they get dressed and walk away. While I am waiting there, I hear one of them come back up to me. It is the first man. He pulls me close to him and I feel his hard dick on my belly. "I can't get enough of you, you nasty whore" then he pushes me back against a tree, lifts one leg and shoves his dick into me. I grab his ass and pump back on him, matching each thrust. He bends down and sucks and bites my tits as he fucks me.

We cum at the same time, both moaning loudly. He pulls out and says "Maybe next time, you should plan to have a friend walk with you. Do NOT make me angry by disobeying me"

I can only nod as he walks away.