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The day I turned 18, my daddy took me to the barn telling me there's a new pony for me in there. As I looked in the stall, he took my hands and held them together behind my back and tied them tightly with a rope. Scared, I demanded to know what he was doing, but without a word he took his folding knife from his pocket and ripped my clothes off.

- We're giving you to the Sneeds. The cows are running dry and the chickens aren't laying eggs. You're our only resource, daughter.

Holding me an arms length away, he admired his naked daughter's body. She had developed into a full blown woman. Before he knew it, he had grown an erection and horny as hell.

- Kneel up daughter. Its either gonna be your ole papa here or some young punk over there. Or Sneed himself, the devil. Take your papa's dick now.

But I was horrified at the thought of losing my virginity to my papa. Not that he would take no for an answer. He pushed me down into the pile of hay and started to rub my soft, firm body as I writhed and struggled under him. With my hands tied behind my back, all I could do was wiggle my upper body, swinging my tits around bringing an even more lusty look into Daddy's eyes. Resigned, I laid back and let him do what he will to me.

He took my nipples in his mouth and suckled them good while he took his fingers and pinched the other one. He grabbed my arse with both hands and squeezed them til they both felt red and a bit swollen. Finally, taking out his long dick, he rubbed it up and down my slit.

- There you are daughter. You're all wet for your daddy. You like it, don't you? Heh heh heh. You wanna ask your daddy to fuck you? Say it darling, say you want daddy to fuck you. You want daddy's baby? Might as well be mine, or else its gonna be Sneed's unless you've got something wrong with you.

He set his mouth down onto my mouth and jerked his tongue inside, wrestling with mine as he slid his massive head into my warm, oily pussy. Despite the circumstances, my body had betrayed me and become aroused by this male (be it my father). I winced as he broke my cherry and cried out, though the sound was lost in daddy's thick lips. As daddy drooled saliva into my mouth, I felt him go deeper and deeper inside me, my pussy pulsing around his. He pulled my ass up with his hands and dug his cock deeper and harder. Banging me over and over, he let his sperm invade his daughter's pussy, flooding it with so much, it drizzled out. We lay there for a moment. And then we had to leave for our neighbor's farm.

He marched me up to the old man on the porch in the rocking chair. He looked up and down my naked body, watched my breasts give a slight jiggle with each step as I walked with my Daddy. Licking his lips he looked at my Daddy.

- You sure about this, Homer? Its your only girl afterall…

- Yep. S'long as you come through with your side of the bargain.

- Well.. Let me see what I'm gettin' first. Come here girl, kneel up in front of me.

Daddy pushed me forward. Looking at him and then to the old man, I obeyed. I knelt on the ground between his feet. He examined me thoroughly, weighing each breast in his hand, pinching each nipple into erection, looking at the strawberry shaped birthmark on my thigh, ruffling my patch of dark pubic hair. He examined with his fingers my recently broken in pussy, and his hand came away with cum still dripping out of my honeypot. Without a word (merely glancing at my daddy, who blushed slightly) he unzipped his fly and let out a long white dick with a swollen red head. Just as calmly, he held my head with both hands and pulled me into position. My eyes wide with shock, I suddenly felt the dick inside my mouth. It took me a while to adjust to the new taste and feel, but I didn't have to do much anyway. He merely moved my head as he wanted it, shaking my head faster and faster until I felt I would have a headache. But his pushes became stronger, his cock was hitting the back of my throat, making me gag. With my head held captive in both hands, I couldn't pull back as I so desperately wanted to. He forced my head to take his cock deeply, until my nose was smooshed against his pubes and my lower lip was pushed into his balls. It was in this position with his dick in my throat and me writhing in agony that he shot his jets of cum into me. He held me that way until I was turning blue and about to pass out, and finally he let me come up for air.

- Yep. He said, zipping up his now slack penis. That is a deal. I'll send over 2 cows and a bull calf in the morning.

-Alright. … Sneed?

- Yeah, hoss?

- Juss wonderin' if maybe.. you know.. I can come see my daughter sometimes. She is my one and only….

- Sure sure. She'll be 100 percent pure fuck-me slut by the time you come pay us a visit. You be sure of that.

- Right. Aight, I'll see you. You be good, girl, ya hear? Daddy'll come see ya real soon.

A little later that evening, Farmer Sneed introduced the boys and the hands to his prized new possession. Bent over a barrel, I musta took in 30 cocks that day. I was still tied up and helpless, silenced by a cock in my mouth and another in the rear. I was jiggled back and forth on the barrel as man after man came at me. When it seemed all were satisfied, the men took turns spanking my vulnerable behind, to watch it turn pink. Then they started playing with my tits until they were all horny devils again. After a few more rounds, Sneed pushed them all off to go home, and I was left alone with just Sneed and his boys.
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