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Chapter 4 – Lindsey the dirty slag

I never liked Lindsey but I could never take my eyes off of her huge tits. She was a slag/slut/whore but I wanted to see those tits in the flesh. Lindsey was 18, only 5ft tall and a mouth that swallows cum at least twice a day. She sucked a dick and swallow the cum for £20 a go. She was plump with brown hair and blue eyes. She had the biggest tits I have ever seen in the flesh. She was a whopping 36 FF. When she went to my school she used to be on her knees for the whole of lunch sucking cock in the boys toilets. She would have queues of up to 12 boys waiting for oral and suck around 25 a lunch period. Back then she only charged £5 a go. The reason I was never allowed to fuck her was because one lunch I was the last person and I tried to finger her but she wouldnt have any of it and never sucked my dick again, we were still talking but I never got to suck her tits. At parties she used to get them out for anyone to suck everyone (including my girlfriend) suck them, apart from me and it made me hungrier for them.

So at one party she went into a bedroom with these two boys having a 3some and she left her drink out side the door so I dropped a Zatheren tablet in it and went to another room and took the key (So I could rape her in private). When she came out she was so pissed she had even forgot to pull her skirt down n I could still see the cum on her lips and dripping out of her pussy. She picked up her drink and went to the toilet. She reappeared 5 minutes later cum gone, her skirt back down and her drink empty.

I looked around and there was no one except me n her. I hid behind the bedroom door I had the key to and as soon as she passed it I leapt out, grabbed her, and dragged her in. She didnt scream one bit. She just looked at me smiled and laid on the bed.

Youre gonna rape me arent you?

All night long. I am your master; you must do everything I say. Spread your legs.

She spread them to reveal her cum stained g-string. Stand up and strip. Before I could flop my own cock out she was standing there naked running her fingers through her cum crusted pubic hair, letting her huge breasts hang.

I love your big tits. Come here and breast-feed me. Sit on the chair and feed me.

She sat on a chair and I lay on her lap, she thrust her breast in my face, I sucked and sucked. I looked up at her and she smiled. I felt her hand grab my cock through my boxers. She pushed my cock through the slit in the material and started t wank it. Lindsey wanked my hard cock as I sucked on her huge nipples. I slipped a hand down to her groin and felt her cunt. Her pussy lips were covered in cum, as was her big hole. I stood up and looked down at her. She sat there rubbing her clit and massaging her nipple.

You are a dirty fucking whore.

I walked up and shoved my dick in her mouth. She gagged on it but soon started sucking. She groped my balls with one hand and frigged herself with the other. I continued to face fuck her until my balls tightened and without telling her unloaded in her mouth. As expected she swallowed it all. I grabbed her hair and dragged her over to the bed and threw her on. She rolled over and spread her legs.

Dont even think about foreplay, fuck me and fill me up.

Looks like you already have.

Its dripped out.

I mounted her and rode her already cum soaked pussy. She groaned the whole way through her pussy being pounded by my thick cock, with my balls slapping against her asshole. I considering ramming my cock up her ass but god knows what diseases was up there. When I was about to cum rather than pulling out and spunking all over her tits, I slammed my dick the whole way in and came in her big fuck hole.

I pulled out my dick and watched 3 different types of cum dribble and flop out of her cunt. I stood by the side of the bed. She got on her knees and we french kissed for around a minute. I could taste my cum in her mouth but that didnt bother me.

Lick the cum off of my cock.

She smiled, gave me kiss on the lips and started licking and teasing my cock. I couldnt resist it any more. I let her lick the cum off and then I took a whole role of film of pictures of her covered in cum fringing herself off. I slipped my cock back in my pants and whispered in her ear:

I want you to go downstairs and announce to the party you have just been fucked hard and good by me and demand sex all night long and to form a queue up the stairs. Then I want you to get fucked by anybody that wants to use you.

She nodded and went downstairs. I walked out the door and heard the cheers as her cum soaked body walked into the front room and started announcing what a slut she was. I walked away knowing that I have fucked a slut and she loved it.
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