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It was great to be a geek! Especially a computer geek! A year of planning was about to unfold. Ken was in the back of his panel van where he had installed a ton of equipment. There were monitors and video recorders, there was speakers for sound and other toys. The best part was what was on the screens. Six different views of the inside of a large tent with a king sized air mattress in the middle. On the mattress was a women, age 45, with her hands tied to the end of the bed, loose enough so she could move but not that she could untie them.

She was wearing a sun dress with a low cut top that showed her large breasts along with stockings held up by garters. She was pretty for 45, and in fairly good shape. Appeared that she worked out by the looks of her legs and fine looking ass.

Ken had been planning this for close to a year. So many details and so much to do but finally the big day was here!

The tent was located in a remote section of a camp grounds. There were two paths back to the site which was located about a 1000 yards from the main road. Ken had tested the fact that no matter how loud the music was at the site, nothing was heard at the road. That was important so no one would be checking on the noise she made!

Within the tent were small video cams which transmitted to the van all possible angles of anything that happened in the tent along with very clear audio. Ken even had the ability to zoom any camera in and out allowing close-ups of what was happening.

Ken had first gotten the idea from a story, and after getting some emails as feedback, decided to start lining up a cast for his movie. The cast would be different people that would show up on the hour spread over most of the day. Each would have requested or been asked to do something with the women found in the tent. The rules were simple, come and leave on time so you did not meet the next visitor and to not hurt or mark the women. Other than that you were free to use her as you wished.

After setting a time and place, Ken organized the visits into one hour blocks spread over the next couple of hours. It was quarter to one and the first person would be arriving soon!


The video cam showed the first person arriving. He was dressed in hiking gear, tanned, 6 foot tall, well built. He arrived at the tent and stopped. He looked around, then at his watch. Promptly at one he opened the flap.

"Damm, look at you!" he said as he looked in.

"Please! Untie me... don't leave me like this! You have to untie Me!" she pleaded looking back at him.

"I won't untie you, but I do promise not to leave you like that!" he said as he walked in and stood beside her.

Watching her struggle in that dress, it working up over her ass, showing her garters and thong was getting him hard.

"What's your name? How did u get like this?" He asked.

"I'm Ellen and I was abducted and brought her and left like this! Oh please help me! They dressed me and left me exposed like this! Oh Please help me!" moaned Ellen as she twisted and turned on the bed, exposing some of her breasts to him.

By now his cock was rock hard and aching to get out. He reached forward and ran his hand over her pussy. Soaking wet! So she liked being like this, well that was fine by him!

Ken watched as he stepped out of his climbing pants and exposed a hard eight inches of cock. Wasting no time he got on the bed behind her and pulling her thong aside, started working his cock into her. Ken watched on the screens from every angle as he buried in her. The expression on her face as the last few inches went where no cock had been was priceless. Ken had his cock out and was stroking as he watched. There was another screen that was recording him getting off on her rape also.

"Oh god stop! Don't do it! I am married and have children... oh my god... it's too long! Ahhhhhhhhh!" Ellen moaned as he worked his stick in and out of her till he was going in to the hilt.

Ken watched as he started fucking her with long stokes, all the way out and then in to his balls! At the bottom of each stoke he could hear her wail, "Oh god!" in rhythm to his balls slapping her ass. For the next 20 minutes she got a good deep fucking and after the first 5 minutes was covering his cock in her cum as she came.

"Oh GOD I'm cummmmming.... It's so fucking long.... Ahhhhhh again... keep fucking me... harder damm it!!!

"Here it cums bitch!" and at that her pussy got a hot load of spunk as she mixed it with another hard cum of her own! He came stream after stream till it was running out of her pussy and onto the bed.

Ken heard the buzzer sound meaning his time was up. The man got off the bed, came around to Ellen and wiped his cock clean on her face, dressed and left by the second path.

Within minutes... the tent flap opened again. At the entrance was another man, dressed in black with a white collar. It was a priest!

"Women! What is happening here!" asked the priest as he entered.

"Oh please untie me Father! I was left like this and was just raped by a stranger!" cried Ellen as she tried to face the priest knowing her wet cum covered pussy was totally exposed.

"I think you may have been left like this as punishment child for exposing yourself like that!" said the priest as he stood besides her looking at her wet gash and exposed breasts.

Ken watched as the priest stripped himself naked. Then rolling Ellen on her back, he spread her legs as he started kissing her face and pumping his cock into her pussy. The priest started kissing her and as he tasted the cum on her face started fucking her harder and harder!

At that moment the flap opened again. Although the first man was a priest the second man was not, although he was dressed as one. He stood and watched as the priest wrapped Ellen's legs up by her head exposing her hole fully open so he could get in as deep as possible. The second man stripped but left his shirt and collar on and then got on the bed behind the priest and using his weight, pinned him down onto Ellen.

"What the... get off of me... oh my god.. you are a Priest!" explained the real priest.

"What kind of man ties a women up and takes her... you should confess your sins!" shouted the second man.

"Oh Father, I found her filled with another mans cum and was so over come with lust I had to fuck her, and feel his cum covering my cock!"

At that Ellen started cumming which only excited the priest even more who was now pumping her as hard as he could.

The second man reached down and getting some of the juices from the bed, covered his cock making it slick and hard.

"When then, maybe this will be your punishment!" and at that lined his cock up with the priests back door.

Ken stroked as he watched Ellen wrap her legs around them both and the second man work his cock up the priests ass. Within moments the priest was no longer yelling but moaning as his ass was being taken, which drove him in and out of Ellen.

"Oh Father... punish me... HARDER... fuck me... and her... ahhhhhh!" as he came in Ellen and as his ass was filled.

Again the buzzer sounded... and the two men left, but not before both again had Ellen clean their cocks for them, like a good slut.

Ellen laid on the bed, legs spread, and her pussy wide open with a stream of white cum running out of it. She had but 10 minutes rest before the tent flap opened again!

At the flap were three college guys, all 20 years old and horny. They could smell the sex as soon as they opened the flap. Before Ellen could even say anything they fell upon her! They stripped her and attacked her! One had his hands in her hair and his cock in her mouth and was fucking her face with his cock. The other two started with her nipples and a hand each between her legs, fingering her ass and pussy.

They took turns getting sucked till all were hard and then they turned her on her side so the could each get a hole to fuck. Watching them take her like that had Ken's cock rock hard. Here was a married women being the fuck toy of three hard cocks. As they fucked her they pulled and twisted her nipples. Ken could see the look on her face as she started cumming and cumming as she was spread wider and wider. By the time the three finished with she had at least a load of cum in each of her wet holes. When the buzzer sounded two of the guys had to forcibly get the other friend to leave!

Promptly at four o'clock, the flap opened and there stood a girl. Actually a young women, about 22, Asian, slight build. She was dressed in a school girls uniform, pleated skirt and white top. Ken could see that the top was all she had on as her full breasts stretched the top and her nipples were hard and pressing outward.

Ellen pressed her legs together, ashamed that the girl could see her like this, but it appeared the girl did not mind.

"Please, you have to untie me! I beg you... don't leave me like this!!!

"You look like you have been getting quite a good fucking! Just look at how full that pussy is of cum!" she said as she pulled Ellen's legs apart.

Ellen could only beg as she watched the girl get on the bed and get down close to inspect her well fucked pussy. The girl than leaned forward and started rubbing her breasts and nipples against her pussy. This quickly soaked her light blouse in cum and made the top see-thru. Ellen moaned as she watched the girls nipples get hard and poke out. Then the girl started rubbing her face between Ellen's legs, getting it covered in cum also. With Ellen's legs spread, the girl lifted her skirt to expose her own shaved pussy, which had a couple of metal piercing in it. One large one was right through her clit!

"My Mom likes this, so I am sure you will also!" and at that spread her own legs and pussy over Ellen's so that could both rub against the other.

Ken could hardly believe how fast the girls hips started going back and forth as she worked her pussy and rings over Ellen's. Within moments Ellen was moaning and thrashing in the bed as their two pussies fucked each other.

"This is how I fuck my own Mother! She was mad when I got pierced but loves it now!" the girl moaned as she came again and again.

After a bit, and a few more cums, the girl turned around so she could give Ellen a taste of her pussy. She backed up till her pussy was in her face, and then proceeded to sample the loads of cum in Ellen's pussy. Ken watched as Ellen started sucking and licking her pussy and the girl did the same. Ken was watching Ellen's face when she leaned back and wailed! Ken looked at the other monitor and watched as the girl slide both of her small fists up Ellen! One in her well fucked ass and one in her pussy. Slowly she started going in and out as Ken listened to Ellen begging!

"Oh god... FUCK me... oh my god... harder! Deeper! AHHHHHHHHHH!"

When the girl stopped, Ellen just laid there, totally spent!

Ken knew it was time for his visit!

As he pulled the flap back he could not believe how hard he was and knew he could not wait to fuck her also! He stripped and got on the bed and slowly sank into her. He felt her legs go around him as he started to pump. Harder and harder he got till his body stiffened and he filled her with his seed.

"You'll take me home now?" Ellen asked as Ken's hard cock deep in her.

"Of course and will bring you a copy of the tape for us to watch Sunday after dinner." replied Ken as he kissed her.

"I would like that." She sighed.

"Will be your Mothers Day present," he said as she could only smile.
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