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Marie made the bedchamber pleasant by lighting a crackling, warm fire in the hearth. Then, she used a large pair of tongs to place hot coals into a copper bed warmer. When the copper glowed with warmth, she slid it between the fine linen sheets of the large bed that dominated the middle of the room. She wondered whom it was who would get to sleep in that bed tonight, one of the noblemen downstairs sharing joints of meat and wine with the King undoubtedly. What a fine bed it was! A feather mattress surrounded by great posts that supported a canopy of ornate tapestry.

In curiosity, she twisted her head around to look up at the canopy. On the inside, where it was only visible from someone lying in on the feather mattress, the tapestry showed a scene she never could have imagined. A dark haired man on a chariot drawn by huge spotted cats watched a group of revelers in the clearing of a forest. Women lay on their backs, legs spread, with men lying on top of them. A horse, with the torso of a man, captured a woman between his hooves. She did not look like she tried to escape.

It must have been an Elven tapestry, she reckoned, because too much time passed while she stared at it, jaw hung open. The warmer had been under the sheets so long that the top covers were warm to her touch. She emptied the warmer and placed it back by the hearth. Marie knew she had to hurry, the housekeeper had warned her not to stray once her work was done.

She was just giving the room a last dusting over when the door opened and in walked a fine figure of a man. He was young and handsome, somewhere in his mid-twenties, with a finely chiseled jaw. His clothes were made of the most elaborate materials, and their bright colors dazzled her in the dim light of the room. Clearly the clothing was expensive and he was undoubtedly one of the rich noblesí sons.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in surprise at finding a woman in his room. "Did they bring you here for me?" He ventured, brightening up with an incredible smile.

"My Lord!" Marie said in surprise. She still had the presence of mind to kneel gracefully in a deep curtsey, as the head housekeeper had shown her. His smile deepened.

His strong chest and bold posture reminded Marie of the roosters in her family's coop at home. Next to his proud elegance, she felt like the plainest chick. Surely, he understood that she was a servant. Even though she had cast off her lace cap and let her glossy dark tresses fall down her back couldn't he tell by the plain black dress she wore?

He waited for her response to his question, hands on hips. She looked up at him from her kneeling position, and then over at the copper bed warmer by the fire and stammered, "I . . . I was here to warm your bed. With the warmer . . . there by the fire, you see? I will go now, with your leave? My Lord?"

She waited for him to grant permission for her to stand and leave his chambers.

"You were here to warm my bed were you?" Said the handsome noble with a wry grin, he eyed Marie's fine body up and down as he tried to guess her age. Probably only eighteen or so, he guessed, he wondered if she'd understood the pictures on the canopy above his bed.

"Well, seeing as you're here could you help me take my boots off?" He said sitting on the bed and folding one leg over the other, waiting for her assistance.

She stood, and then kneeled again in front of him where he sat on the bed. Such fine boots he had! They were made of supple leather cut and crafted for his foot, nothing like the crude hand-me-downs she wore. She pulled the boots off, as ordered, and then waited for him to dismiss her.

"Thank you," he said standing up. "I've been having a little trouble with my back," he looked at her kneeling before him, so innocent. "Do you think you could loosen my breeches for me? I couldn't possibly bend down."

The bindings of his breeches were not so different from the bindings at the front of her dress, so she knew how to loosen them. But her fingers fumbled because she was concentrating on loosening them without touching what was behind them. As before, when she finished the task, she waited patiently on her knees to be dismissed.

"You're a very obedient young girl aren't you," said the noble man, "much like my dog. I wonder if you're as playful as him too?" Stepping over to Marie's kneeling figure he planted his pelvis in front of her face. "Letís see how playful you really are, shall we?" And with that he thrust his breeches down with his left hand, and grabbing the back of Marie's hair with his right, drove her face violently into the warm hair of his throbbing crotch.

Marie's lips parted to issue a scream. Eyes widened in shock, then closed. His prick hardened as he twisted the long rope of her hair around his hand. Blood rushed into it as he guided it to her warm mouth. Marie gagged as the tip of his dick hit the back of her throat.

"BITE!" her mind screamed, and BITE her mouth did. He pushed her aside, and used both hands to cover his crotch.

Still on her knees, she scrambled to the door, and then stood to fumble at the doorknob. The enraged nobleman cleared the floor between them in three angry steps. Marie's cheek hit the wooden door as he slammed himself against her.

"Bitch," he screamed. Grabbing her by the neck he threw Marie to the floor and locked the door from the inside. Then taking the key, and still holding his bleeding penis he slid it into his breeches. "Do you want the key you little whore? Do you want it? Then come over here and take it," he dared her.

Taking out his handkerchief, he wrapped it around his now limp cock to stifle the bleeding. "You came here to warm my bed. Well get undressed and get in it." One hand still holding the bloody handkerchief around his dick, he drew his sword with the other and held it at Marie.

A deep purple bruise in the shape of his thumb bloomed on her throat. It pained her as she swallowed. With her eyes locked onto his, she considered her options. The moment of hesitation was too long for the Lord. A quick twist of his wrist brought the tip of his blade through the ties at the front of her dress. A bright red drop of blood formed between her breasts. In a reflex, she stepped backwards, clutching the halves of her dress together.

She continued to take slow, short steps back, until she felt one of the bedposts against her back.

Removing the handkerchief from his heavy member the nobleman checked to see if the bleeding had stopped. His penis was stained red and it still stung but the bleeding had stopped and it was still functioning. "I'll tell you again, you little whore, take off your clothes and get in my bed," he said angrily. "You're a feisty one, but I like that." A hideous grin passed across his face, very different from the cute smile he had given Marie when he had first found her in his room. "It's no use screaming," he threatened, still waving the sharp blade in front of her chest. "Do you think I didn't know you were here? Do you think they really only sent you here to tidy the room?"

His games were working well on Marie, as he confused her preconceived notions of her job description, he could visibly see the panic on her face intensify. "Now you can do as I say, or I can send you to the streets. Either way you're fucked."

The butcher's son had done the same thing to Marie, back in her village. The thick-lipped nitwit trapped her in a barn, waved a meat cleaver in front of her face, called her a whore and threatened to cut her tits off if she didn't lift her skirts. Then, he leaned into her, pinning her hard into the barn wall's boards. The nitwit's little dick poured out on the top of her thigh as soon as he pulled it out of his breeches. In his confused passion, he dropped the cleaver. She ran. This will be the same, she thought, this nobleman will get to that same open-mouthed frenzy and forget his blade. She would get the key and run home.

Pale white titties tipped with primrose nipples bounced out of her torn bodice as she slipped it down her shoulders. The nobleman only got one quick glimpse of them before she tipped her head forward to let her hair shield them. As she pulled her skirts down, she knelt upon one knee. This left just her stockings, long, black as her hair, and bound tightly at the thick of her thighs with garters. Still on the floor, she twisted at the waist so that the dark hairs between her legs faced away from the cruel nobleman standing above her. He watched as she pulled at one of the garters to untie it.

"Come on, hurry up," he yelled. "Take it all off." Moving up to her concealed body he grabbed her leg and pulled at her stockings. Thrusting his sword between the floorboards he took a leg in each hand and pulled her towards him. Lifting her legs off the ground he began yanking at her stockings. Her hair trailed along the floor as he pulled her towards him, falling over her mouth in wisps of stray humility. Breasts exposed, he began to shake her as he tried to rip the stockings off, and her tits shook like jelly in an earthquake as he exposed her naked limbs. Holding them apart he thrust his foot between her bare legs as he gained leverage and pulled them completely off.

The iron grip on her ankles, the callous words and the deft sword handling left Marie in terrified shock. More than anything else, the feel of his foot on her bare cunt told her this was no butcherís boy.

There she lay now, naked, exposed, hanging like a wheelbarrow from the nobleman's clutches. Flinging her legs to the ground and heaving out his sword from the bedroom floorboards he spoke again, this time in a more placid and calm voice. "There now. You can be a good girl when you want to."

Sitting in the chair facing the bed he looked at Marie's naked body lying on the ground. "Well we've reached the part where you warm my bed. So go on, get in."

She followed her first instinct, to roll over onto her stomach and hide herself. Bringing herself up from that position momentarily gave the nobleman a flash of her tightly clenched cunt. The feel of her tits shaking so uncontrollably was still fresh in her mind. She clamped a hand over each of them, the smooth breast flesh swelled between her spread, clawed fingers. In a flash, she ran to the far side of the bed. Her hair streamed out behind, like the flag at the mast of a ship.

For a moment, her tits bounced freely again as she lifted the heavy quilted cover of his bed. Marie hid under the covers, pulling them up over her head in an attempt to block out the nobleman, and the tapestry above. Even with her eyes closed and covered, the parted lips and limbs of the figures above burned into her retinas.

"Good," he said. "You see if you listen things won't be so bad." Taking out a clean handkerchief he pulled out his now hard cock and wrapped the material around it, tying a knot at its base so that it would stay on. With his engorged penis sheathed in his homemade condom he began to stroke himself. Placing his fist around it's clothed shaft he began to pump his dick, faster and faster he went as he neared the point of climax, he was just about to cum when he let go and flopped back on the chair. Holding his gushing offshoot back he waited till the pressure had subsided and then rose to his feet to approach the hiding Marie.

While he flopped about on his chair, Marie became the recipient of her own handiwork. The warmed linen sheets held her like a comforting pair of arms. Even hidden under the covers, she felt the need to keep one arm tightly pressed against her breasts, and the other clenched between her legs. She tried to gauge the hurt she had given the nobleman by bringing her teeth down on her own tongue. A numbing, dull pain filled her mouth. Her body jerked in response, causing her clit to grind down on her own hand.

Walking towards her he could not hold it back any longer and a few drops of semen squeezed their way out of his firm member, wetting the handkerchief with their gel-like consistency. She heard his footfalls on the floorboards and peeked out from the covers.

The frightened girl saw the cruel nobleman approach, he was completely clothed as he neared the bed, and even his penis was concealed, cloaked by its material sheath. He wasn't letting her get away, but he knew the sight of his naked body might be too much for her.

"Do you mind if I sleep here?" He asked politely as he took hold of the bed covers.

His footfalls stopped, but more were heard from the hallway outside the locked door. The head housekeeper was patrolling the halls, calling out for her newest charge, "Marie! Marie Lavallois!! Lazy girl! Her ladyship needs her mattress turned, where are you?!?"

With a jolt, Marie sat up on the bed and answered both questions with a sudden, high-pitched scream.

Marie heard a man's voice outside her room and then that of the housekeeper saying sorry and walking off. Distraught her eyes wandered around the room in confusion. Where was the woman going, didn't she hear her scream?

The nobleman smiled and let go of the bedcovers. "Not so loud little girl, didn't I tell you no one would disturb us." Walking over to the door, he took out the key, and in his state of undress unlocked it and opened it just enough to poke his head through. "No more disturbances Begallo," she heard him say. "Otherwise it'll be your job and your family."

She heard a muttering apology from the man outside the bedroom door and then the nobleman locked the room again. "Okay, lets play." He shrieked as he turned around with a manic smile upon his lips.

Running over to the bed he grabbed the bedclothes and ripped them from Marie, leaving the poor girl laying on her stomach in her nakedness. "My bodyguard's outside the door, dearest. No one's coming in here to help."

With that he jumped onto the bed and grabbed Marie by her waist, sitting atop her. "If you won't turn around, we'll have to find another way of getting into you," he laughed.

He grabbed her hands and pulled them out from under her, lying on top of her he held her spread-eagled on her face and pinned her down. "Do you know what a man feels like?" He asked, as she felt the first sensations of manhood at the entrance to her unnatural opening.

Instinctively, she clenched her ass tight, which only gripped his cock harder as she screamed, "No no no!" Not just an answer to his question, but a cry against what was going to happen to her.

The nobleman paused. This is the point where the professional whores that the king provided, free of charge, usually tired of the game and spread their legs to get it all over with. But Marie still struggled against him. Her legs flailed against the feathered mattress. Her fingernails clawed against the soft pillows as if digging could provide an escape.

He pulled her hands behind her neck and bound them tightly with the handkerchief he previously held to his bleeding cock. The more she pulled, the tighter they held until finally, the tips of her fingers tingled with numbness and she lay still.

With bruising grasps, he pulled her bottom half up to her knees and spread her thighs. The action pushed her face deeper into the luxurious pillow, muffling her screams. Probing fingers pulled her ass cheeks, outer lips and inner lips apart. Her tender lips and virgin openings spread before his inspecting fingers. The air felt strange and frightening on these private places that she had always kept covered under layers of skirts.

The nobleman's cock jumped. He didn't really need the homemade cock ring, because his excitement at discovering her virginity pumped blood into his cock, and tinged it red.

This was a surprise, a young, untouched virgin pussy. It was all he could wish for after the day he'd had. Why fuck the ass when you can open the closet of love. It was all too much for him. Ripping off the handkerchief from around his pulsating penis, he threw it to one side. Yes, the bite wound would hurt more without its cushioned protection, but if she had to go through the untouched pains of virginity what was a little stinging to him.

He pulled back his right hand -- his strongest hand, the hand that held his sword and jacked him off -- and swung it brutally into her backside. "SMACK!!!" Followed by her muffled crying. Laughing loudly, he watched as the red welt rose -- her flesh branded by his own hand.

Grabbing her by the waist he flung her around, exposing her pale white breasts. Hands rummaged and gripped her body as he squeezed them violently, thrusting them around like a windmill as he made her humiliation complete. Complete? No, it wasn't complete.

Pulling off his clothing he soon sat upon her naked, his hairy cock lying atop her stomach. Behind him he thrust his hands into the feint down of her early pubescence. "It's time darling," he cackled. "Time for your royal fucking."

Marie could not bear to look up. The excitement on his face twisted his fine features into a horny sneer. Then, there was that dreadful tapestry. Was it like this for all of those women up there? Did each fucking figure represent deceit and cruelty? She tightly closed her eyes and twisted her neck to the side to bury her cheek on her tangled hair.

Taking up the discarded makeshift condom again from beside him, he bound Marie's already held hands to the railed bedstead, and stepping back he watched her squirm, hands bound together, trying to free herself from her fetters. The knots kept her arms well above her head, tipping her ribcage so that her tits pointed up. No modesty allowed now. This would be good.

He took his sword in hand again and approached her thrashing figure on the bed. Gripping the hilt, he considered the weapon. It was a long straight, battle-hardened blade that had been inside the guts of many men. The hilt, crafted in the shape of a serpent's head, had not yet felt the pleasure a body's inside brings.

Pointing the tip of the blade between her breasts, at the very spot he nicked her earlier, he said, "Listen, bitch, I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth. Shut up and spread your legs or I put the blade up your cunt and take your life and virginity at once!"

The fear of death froze her. She lay quietly and willingly opened her legs a fraction. "Spread them more, more, that's it my little whore. Raise your knees"

She followed his orders until she was again fully open to him. Her little asshole looked like a tightly closed rosebud. For a moment, the only sounds in the room were the crackling fire and the nobleman's panting breaths. Then, the bedposts groaned as he pounced on the bed, sword in hand.

He turned the sword, aiming the serpentine head at her asshole, and pressed it into her. The tight muscle of her anus was forced open as he drove it in, slowly so that she could feel every scale on the serpent's head. He forced it all the way up the handle, twisting as the snake slithered into her.

Marie still followed his command to stay silent. She bit her screams back into her mouth, closed her eyes and kept her face averted. The nobleman sat up to catch his breath, leaving the sword stuck up her ass. The sword's weight, and angle forced her to spread her legs more and arch her back. There, above the blade her untouched hymen glistened in the firelight. Instinctively, she tried to squeeze the hilt out of her, but the motion of her muscle only drove it deeper in. 'What a cunt she was,' he thought, 'the little fuck deserved nothing better'

Now to make it complete. He withdrew the sword and began to stride around the bed. This made no difference to Marie, the thing had so bruised her tender ass that even though it was withdrawn, she still felt it. And now, her little rosebud of an asshole was an open red bloom.

He stalked, waiting for her to give in, waiting for her to tear, waiting to rip into that fresh ripe cunt, all the while holding his flaming cock in his fist, keeping it firm and ready, waiting to use it as the battering ram of the barred fortress.
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