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Please read the previous chapters to best understand the circumstances Nisida finds herself dealing with.

Nisida was nervous. She felt the small hairs on the back of her neck stick up as the shiver ran down her spine. In the deep recess of her mind she laughed at the idea of being nervous. After more then a month of masturbating, sucking and fucking, after more then a month of total nudity, after more then a month of being shown and used my man after man, and the occasional woman. She should have been immune to nervousness, but she was not and today she was nervous.

In just an half an hour she would be at a meeting. Shehu would be there of course, as would some of his men. Also there would be the owners of the six businesses whom Shehu had originally brought her into his home to work with. She had spent much time over the past several weeks learning the ends and outs of each of these businesses she knew the books on each like the back of her hand. She had designed marketing plans for each of them. And now she was to give those plans to the owners, who were in reality no longer the owners but rather the managers and have them implement those plans. It was she who in the long run would reap the benefits of those plans. Shehu had promised at the end of her year of servitude to sign those businesses over to her, but if they did not turn a profit then it would be useless to have them. So these businessmen and women needed to listen to her. She needed them to understand her marketing ideas and put them to use. She needed them to make a profit both for themselves and her. Mostly she needed them to see past the fact that she would be stark naked when she spoke to them.

Nisida took along hot shower in hopes of quieting her nerves but it was useless. When she was done, she was cleaner but still as nervous. Millie entered her room as she was drying off and informed her that the owners had arrived. She thanked the old woman, who had become her strongest ally in the house.

Slowly she descended the stairs into the grand living room. Shehu stood at the bottom of the stairs

"Ah my dear, the day we have all waited for."

He held out his hand which she took and together they walked to the back of the house and into her office. The owners were seated in a semi circle around her desk. The only one she knew as Arthur the owner of Angelino's, the Italian restaurant she had been to with Shehu. There was an audible gasp from the participants as she and Shehu walked into the room. After all they were not she was sure expecting a naked woman.

She walked behind her desk and sat down. Shehu stood at the center of the semi circle and said.

"Gentlemen and Lady, this young woman is Nisida Berberi and she will now tell you what you will need to do in order to fulfill the requirements of our business deal."

"But Mr. Shehu." Objected one of the men.

"Yes." Said Shehu flatly.

"She is……."

"Young?" Said Shehu with a smile. "Yes she is but she is also wise."

He turned to Nisida and said. "My dear, from left to right this is Cara Williams, of Cara's florist, Scott Dames of CDDisks the record store, you know Arthur, Geoff Williams of BuyRite Liquors, Doug Hanover of The Taming of the Screw bar and grill, and Samuel Banner of The Corner Market."

Nisida nodded at each of them and said "I am pleased to meet you all."

She got up from the desk and moved to the front she handed each of them a large folder with the details of her plan for their individual enterprises.

"I want you to each review these and then we will set individual meetings to discuss the implementation of the plans.

Once again there was an objection this time from the one woman.

"Mr. Shehu. I must object this young woman is naked. Surely we can not expect to take her seriously."

Shehu nodded. He walked to the door and called out.


Within Moments Anton entered the room.

"I want you all to take the next several minutes and read the business plans that have been presented to you. Nisida developed them for you and you will find that they are though and well thought out."

Then he turned to Anton and said. "Fuck her."

The business people gasped loudly. Nisida felt her stomach drop. He could not be serious. Anton walked over to her and took her by the hand he lead her behind her desk and leaned her over. He unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. He pushed her forward so that her body lay half on the desk, her face looking directly into the faces of the businesspeople. Without much foreplay Anton rammed his cock into her pussy. The initial thrust pushed her body outward and she flayed for a moment on the desk her arms reaching out towards the businesspeople. They had all stopped reading to watch what was happening

"Did I say to stop reading those plans?" Shehu asked.

He had moved behind them where they could not see him but he could observe all that was going on.


In fascination Nisida watched as the six heads returned to the books they had been given. Meanwhile Anton thrust his cock in and out between her thighs banging into her pussy wall and causing her to begin to loose control

"Yes." She cried. "Oh yes….hmmmm ohhhh."

From the back of the room she heard Shehu ask "Nisida are you a good accountant?"

"Yess…Oh yes…" She all but screamed.

"And are you a good marketer?"

"Ahhh yes. Yes I am."

"And who is the biggest slut ever?"

"Ahhh…oh yes there that's it…..I am I AMMMMMM."

Anton's cum squirted up inside of her and he pulled out as she fell loosely on the desk. Without another word Anton zipped up his pants and left the room. Nisida looked at the owners trying hard to look both at her and at the manuscripts they were told to read. She noted that they were all turned on, most especially the woman Cara.

"Nisida please come to the front of the desk." Shehu demand from the back.

She did as she was told.

"Sit on the desk and spread your legs."

Again she did as she was told. The people sitting directly in front of her could not help but notice the globs of cum on the inside of her thighs.

Shehu walked to the front.

"Have you all looked over the materials?"

They nodded.


They all looked at each other. Finally Arthur spoke

"Mine is excellent. I can see where there has been a great deal of work put into this. Thank you Sir."

"Do not thank me. Thank Nisida. It is her work."

Arthur stood up and walked over to Nisida he held out his hand. She shook it as he said.

"Thank you I think this is very workable."

One by one the others rose and shook her hand and thanked her. Cara was the last.

"I…..This is….I am sure that I will enjoy working with you." She said softly.

"Good Good. Now Nisida will set up individual appointments with you and set times to visit each of your businesses. We will need to coordinate that carefully as she will want to observe the business but will need to do so with some discretion as she never wears clothes. But as I said she will work the details of that. Now I have another announcement. A reward and a challenge. Please sit."

They all sat down again.

"Nisida blow me." Shehu said

Nisida felt her stomach fall again but she did what she was told she got on her knees her back to the audience and unzipped Shehu's pants. She took his cock out and began to suck on it.

"As you can see." Said Shehu. "Nisida is not only a brilliant accountant and marketer but a wonderful slut. We will take advantage of both those talents. I am giving a reward to the business that turns the most profit in a three month period beginning next week. At the end of the three months the person with the largest percentage increase in profit will be rewarded, with a week end trip to my private villa in St Thomas, with air transportation on my private jet and all expenses paid, and the exclusive company and use of Nisida for the entire week end."

As he finished his sentence his cum began to explode in Nisida's mouth. She gagged but she was not sure weather it was on Shehu's cum as it clogged her throat or on the words she had just heard him say. She had just become the prize in contest.
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