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The bus moved steadily through the country lanes, making its way on the twenty minute journey, or so, into the nearby town. The view from upstairs was spectacular, spring was in the air as it was now April, and the trees and flowers were just starting to open up after a horrific winter. It was Saturday morning, teenagers were on their way into town to spend their money in the coffee bars, or buy new clothes from the many boutiques, young children were on the way to see their favourite cartoons at the cinema, and wives were on their way to have a look round the shops and perhaps get the weekly groceries.

It was still chilly and breezy, but the spring sun was shining in on the passengers and the warmth could be felt on the faces of those sitting upstairs. Fay sat in one of these seats, alone, but didn’t really see the views she was looking at, neither did she hear the voices all around her, chattering away to one another. She sat nervously and with trepidation, aware of what might be in store for her when she reached her destination, but hoping that she would be wrong. She had her warm coat on, to protect her against the chilly weather, but also to hide the garments she wore underneath –clothes that she would never dream of wearing during the day at any other time.

‘Do you have a basque, Fay?,’ he had asked.

‘Y..yyes,’ she had mumbled quietly to her questioner a couple of days previously.

‘Well, wear it please on Saturday, along with the stockings and high heels.’ It had been an order, not a request.

Fay was 38, married with 2 teenage children, and lived with her family in a quiet, little bungalow in the country. Her husband worked shifts in the nearby oil refinery, she had a nice little part-time job which gave her a bit of pocket money, she enjoyed pottering in the garden, and she was one of millions of housewives who lived a quiet, humdrum life. She had got pregnant when she was 19, had never slept with any other man apart from her husband, and was quite happy with her day to day existence, quietly getting on with her family life, --but sometimes she did hanker after just a little bit more excitement!!

Her sexual adventures had been minimal, in fact they had been non-existent really, and she had only known thrilling eroticism through her own self-experiments and what she and her husband had tried together in the privacy of their own bedroom—when they had the time of course, with two demanding children and a hectic work schedule. She had, over the years, become quite adept at sucking her husband’s cock, every now and then, allowing him to finish in her mouth, and sometimes, if she was in the right mood, she would be quite happy, thrilled even, to allow him to penetrate her bottom and fuck her to conclusion this way. In the early years of their marriage, he had taken some naughty pictures of her but this habit had fizzled out and now their relationship could only be described as ‘normal’.

Fay didn’t regard herself as stunningly attractive, but still had a fine head of black hair, cut to her neck, was still slim and shapely and always applied her make-up with care.

Fay hadn’t slept well the previous night, tossing and turning, wondering if she was doing the right thing. Her husband had been down the pub for his few Friday night pints and a game of snooker, but she couldn’t face sex when he came home, so nervous was she. However, in order to placate the randy sod, she had dutifully taken him into her mouth and had eventually brought satisfaction to him by sucking and swallowing to conclusion, knowing that he would then turn over and soon be snoring, leaving her to try, with little success, to get a few hours sleep before morning came around all too soon.

‘If your father goes to football after work, tell him I’ve gone into town to do some shopping,’ Fay shouted to her eldest as she left the front door and made her way down the path. It was about 10.30 on Saturday morning and she had managed to get ‘improperly’ dressed and get her coat on without too much hassle. Hubby was doing overtime at the refinery –when wasn’t there any overtime – and the kids were either lounging about in bed or flying in and out of the house with their mates. As long as there was food on the table at the appropriate times, the kids didn’t care too much what their parents were up to, and so Fay had managed to get away without embarrassment.

She made her way down the lane to the bus stop, about 5 minutes walk away, and the sound of the high heels on the ground was like thunder to her ears, so unused was she to wearing them and, although the coat covered her down to below the knee, Fay got the feeling that everybody in the village was looking at her as she started out on her terrifying sojourn.

She had a lovely part-time job at the senior school in town, and she didn’t want to lose it now. She helped pupils with learning difficulties, giving extra tuition with their reading on 3 mornings a week, and it gave her an interest, got her out of the house, gave her some extra pocket money, and changed her routine away from the hum-drum family life. It had only been ÂŁ50, a terrible lapse, out of character, and she had given the money back straight away anyway, but she had been caught red-handed by the handsome maths teacher, Tony Fisher.

Fisher had been very nice about it, very kind but firm and, after consulting the Headmaster, which he said he had to do, Fay had been instructed to attend the school on Saturday morning, to speak with both the Head and Fisher. Fisher had led her up a cul-de-sac, with no means of escape and there was no alternative but to take the bus ride, dressed as instructed, her mind playing havoc with what might or might not happen. Mind you, Fisher himself was indeed handsome, tall and dark haired and probably only in his late 20s, and he always gave Fay a lovely smile whenever their paths crossed at school. ---But it would be all right, she told herself, she was 38, married and respectable –oh Christ, what’s going to happen??

Fay knew the Head was a lecherous old devil –she had seen him ogling the senior girls on occasions, watching them go up the stairs, or peering out of his office window as they lounged on the lawn at break-time in the summer months. He was in his late 50s, but looked a lot older, whitish hair and portly from too many good lunches and even more glasses of red wine, no doubt. He had probably watched her moving around the school when he had the opportunity, but Fay had never dressed for her work in anything other than conventional clothes, being a respectable married woman with propriety.

Nevertheless, she still had a good figure, her superb breasts were always prominent and no doubt the Head’s lurid imagination took over on occasions. On the few occasions that she and her husband went out for a special treat, she could turn heads and could look very smart and fetching, but she was only ever at her husband’s side at these times, and did not make a habit of dressing provocatively. She shivered in her seat on the bus again and wondered what the Head would have to say to her this morning. It was pretty obvious really, as the instructions about the attire she was wearing were not done for her health –were they? This was different, this was frightening, she was in a corner and just had to get to school and fight her corner. Fisher would be kind, he would protect her from the old man, wouldn’t he?

As she alighted from the bus, with some difficulty in the heels, Fay immediately felt the chillness from the cold air at the top of her legs where the stockings ended, and only her bare white flesh and the tiny skirt existed. Thank God for the warm coat, she thought, as she wrapped it round herself even more tightly for the short walk to the school gates. She was now in a daze and it was only when she was about to knock on the Head’s door that she froze, suddenly realising that this was it, she was here, the moment had come.

‘Christ, I can’t do this, I’m going home again –no, no, no.’ Fay stood still, she took a deep breath, there was no option, she had to stay. Knock, knock, knock on the big door –oh please let it be tomorrow already.

‘Come in please,’ and Fay turned the door handle slowly and went in. She could see the two men standing opposite with the window behind them so couldn’t really see their faces with the light streaming in, but she knew that they were both watching her entrance. ‘Ah, Mrs King, I’m glad you could come,’ said the Head in a kindly voice. ‘Please come in and close the door behind you.’ Fay turned and closed the door and then stood before the two men, nervously looking at the floor and huddling into the big, protective coat.

‘Well, I’m sure you’re aware of why Mr Fisher and I wish to see you this morning. I’m sure it would be better if we could keep this matter private, don’t you think Mrs King?’ He smiled at her again and Fay made no reply. ‘I expect I know the answer to all these questions, but just to clarify the situation –You like the job you have?’


‘You don’t want the police or the school Governors to get involved, or your husband to be informed.’

‘No, no I don’t.’

‘And you would like to carry on working at the school, Mrs King.’

‘Yes, yes, you know I would—I love the job very much. I’m very sorry for what happened, it was a silly mistake on the spur of the moment, and I’ve paid the money back anyway, haven’t I,’ Fay mumbled.

‘You know that matters like these should be reported to the Governors and taken out of my hands altogether, but no doubt you wouldn’t like that either, Mrs King.’

‘No, no, I wouldn’t.’

‘I thought so. So I’m pleased that you have agreed to come here this morning, and I believe that Mr Fisher explained about your attire.

‘Yes, he did,’ and Fay’s voice fell to almost a whisper.

‘Have you dressed as Mr Fisher asked, Fay –may I call you Fay,’ and the Head smiled again as he asked the question.

‘I hope so, Headmaster,’ and ignored the question about her name –he would call her what he liked anyway. Tony Fisher then butted in –

‘Take your coat off Fay,’ and there was silence in the room, as Fay took another deep breath and then unzipped the warm garment open. Slowly she slipped her arms out and held the coat in front of her, sheepishly looking at the floor once more.

‘Hang it on the door, please Fay,’ instructed Fisher again, and the two men watched her turn, hang the coat on the door hook, and then turn to face them again. Fay could see the two men eyeing her body up and down for a few seconds and she knew that it was what they wanted to see.

By agreeing to come here at all, Fay was more or less saying that she preferred this alternative to the other implications of her moment of madness –but this obviously wasn’t the end. Her 38year old figure looked stunning, especially to the randy old Headmaster, thought Fay. Her make up highlighted her attractive face, and the tight, black blouse, done up to the neck, showed off her stunning breasts, the basque underneath pushing and lifting the twin orbs and holding them wonderfully in place. The black high heels accentuated the shape of Fay’s long legs, fully on view and encased in the dark nylons, with the stocking tops and basque suspenders only just hidden from sight by the very short black and white polka dot skirt. Although embarrassed, nervous and feeling somewhat degraded by having to be inspected like this, Fay also felt somewhat powerful in a nasty sort of way –her body was being admired, it was thought good enough to ogle at, the body which had given birth on two occasions was still good enough to attract attention, and she felt slightly flattered.

The Head sat down at his imposing desk while Fisher remained standing.

‘You know Fay, I find this much preferable to all the paperwork that would be involved if we had to take this matter outside of this room, don’t you?’ and he smiled again. ‘You have a wonderful figure, and I’m surprised that you don’t wear more glamorous clothes more often –it would brighten the school up immensely.’

‘I don’t really think school is the place to dress like this Headmaster. It might upset some of the senior boys and anyway, I would feel embarrassed as well,’ replied Fay, braving to the issue now.

‘Nonsense. Everybody would enjoy seeing an attractive woman around the buildings, particularly me (and he giggled here), but perhaps we can discuss this later. I am getting to be an old man now, Fay, not as active as I used to be, if you understand my meaning, --do you Fay?’

‘Perhaps so, Headmaster,’ and she led him on a little, looking him in the eye, daring him to go on. He and Tony Fisher still had the upper hand, of course, but Fay began to warm to the verbal dual, knowing that while this was continuing, and she was able to hold her own, she wasn’t getting into more serious trouble. She knew also, though, that they were toying with her, enjoying the sight of her feminine charms, leading her on to goodness knows where –she could guess though.

‘By dressing such as you have, and by coming here this morning, it would appear obvious that you are willing to avoid taking this serious matter any further.’

‘It depends, Headmaster. It depends what else you have in mind, doesn’t it,’ and she held her hands in front of her tiny skirt, trying to pull it down to hide the fetching expanse of thigh on view.

‘The sight of soft white skin, the contours of a shapely feminine body, the pleasure a woman can receive and give –these are things that bring me such warmth in my old age –do you follow my meaning Fay --not that I would dare take any liberties with you myself, you understand,’ and his politeness and concern sounded almost sincere. ‘I think you get my meaning Fay’ and then his voice changed---- ‘-It would be very nice of you if you could undo your blouse, Fay, undo all the buttons, please Fay,’ and the Head had made the first request.

This was the moment, thought Fay, this was the crunch, decision time, a career, a job, embarrassment for all the family, her husband, friends who would give her a knowing look --oh my God. Yet the banter with the Head had somehow made Fay braver, put her on a par with him, she had something that he admired –but what about Tony Fisher. A young, handsome teacher, just watching and obeying the Head and perhaps acting as his ‘enforcer’ –he probably had a full and energetic social life himself without needing to resort to this, and Fay felt even more proud of herself if she could hold the attention of this man as well. After all, it had been many years since she had thought that the sight of her figure was turning a man on, and right now she felt a little bit excited herself.

Fay’s fingers moved to the top of the blouse and she began to fumble with the buttons, but after the first two, she easily went down the front until the shirt was open to reveal the top of the basque, her neck, and just a glimpse of the milky white breasts trying to spill over the black material.

‘There, that wasn’t too hard was it Fay,’ smiled the old letch, and as he spoke, Fisher moved towards Fay and moved round to her rear. Fay half followed his eyes but couldn’t speak, and she suddenly felt fingers on her neck, massaging her shoulders, her neck and the top of her spine. It felt wonderful and such a surprise. She hadn’t had her neck massaged for years, and for this young man to start to caress her in this wonderful way was such a change, that all Fay could do was relax and enjoy the feelings. This might not be so dreadful after all, she thought to herself.

The masculine smell of Tony Fisher added to the enjoyment and when he started to move the blouse off her shoulders, it seemed the most natural thing in the world. Fay didn’t move but allowed the blouse to be slid down her arms until it was right off and Fisher put it on a chair to one side. The caressing continued, Fisher now using both hands to knead the strong shoulders.

Fay could tell the Head was watching her closely and that he could see the basque tight round her waist, up her tummy, enclosing itself around the firm breasts that swelled up to make such an erotic frame. Tony Fisher toyed with the straps on Fay’s shoulders, holding the underwear in place, and she dared not think what he might be contemplating, and yet she hoped that he possibly might be–oh goodness, these feelings are so wrong, she thought.

Instead, Fisher ran his hands down Fay’s arms and gently pulled them together behind her back. This caused Fay’s shoulders to come back and her chest to push out in front of her, accentuating her superb breasts, and her deep breaths moved the flesh out and up so erotically. Fay also had no control now over the way her short skirt showed her legs, as her hands were gently restrained, but she was aware that the tiny skirt hung loosely only a short way down her shapely thighs, and the warm air from the radiator in the room felt reassuring around the naked skin above her nylons. Without warning, she felt lips on her shoulders, nibbling at her skin, then a hand caressing her bottom through the polka dot skirt. Christ, he’s kissing me, she thought, and it’s lovely. –No, no, no---Ohh, my God.

‘Breath in deeply some more, Fay. He enjoys that,’ whispered Fisher in her ear, and then he was back to nibbling her shoulders, her neck and the top of her spine. Fay took up the challenge and took some deep breaths, watching the Head admire the movement of her white skin, her bosom stretching the material and her nipples almost popping out, but not quite. She was so enjoying Fisher’s caressing of her bottom, his hand moving the skirt gently up and down, round and round, back up again so that it rucked up, exposing the backs of her legs, and it seemed so natural when his fingers moved to the zip, undoing it to the base in one slow movement.

Fay knew what this meant, knew that only the basque and the tiny, transparent panties would be protecting her modesty if her skirt were removed.

‘This is not right, Headmaster, I shouldn’t be doing this, I’m 38 and a respectable married woman, no, no, it’s wrong –and you know it’s wrong,’ but she was now caught on such a tidal wave of sheer eroticism that it seemed foolish to resist.

‘Absolutely Fay,’ replied the Head. ‘You’re absolutely right, of course you are. If you wish to get dressed and leave, please feel perfectly free to go. Of course,’ and a leery grin came across his face, ‘of course, I shall have to put the whole matter in writing and pass it to the Governors, who will no doubt wish to speak with you.’

Fay was caught, like a rabbit in headlights, and she knew she was, and her resistance was lowered even further as she could feel the handsome maths teacher again caressing her nether regions and, this time, nibbling and kissing her ears. Natural instinct, though, moved one of her hands to the front of the skirt to prevent the garment falling to the floor

‘Let it go Fay, let it go. You have such a fabulous figure, and you know it’s what he wants, and will keep him sweet.’ Fisher, although enjoying himself into the bargain, knew exactly what the Head required, and the two of them had obviously worked out previously how Mrs King was to be dealt with –they would enjoy themselves according to the Head’s wishes, and possibly push Fay as far as they could, knowing that she would have to consider any resistance very carefully.

It was blackmail, really, there was no other term for it, but Fay, so far, had only shown off her underwear and shapely figure –and probably had known that this was going to be necessary even before she had arrived at the school. She had never dreamt, over her years of differing fantasies, that there was the slightest chance any would ever come true, but she had occasionally thought about being subservient and submissive. The thought of coming to school this morning had filled her with horror, but now that events were developing, she found herself out of control, being carried along, unable to halt proceedings.

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