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Being the chief of security at a major retail company I have to oversee everything that is going on in the company. As I watched the security monitors something caught my eye. I had to look twice but it was definitely some porn being watched by one of the employees.

The security camera was in such a position that the monitors of the admin personnel were clearly visible. I took the tape recording out of the machine and went to the relevant employee's cubicle.

When I entered the cubicle I was surprised to see that it was a female employee working on that computer. She looked up from her monitor and was startled to see me standing in front of her table. I could see that she was uncomfortable with me being there and I knew that she was probably still watching porn.

I asked her to follow me to the meeting room because I had something to discuss with her. When she got up to follow me I realized how pretty she was. She was about 5 foot 2 inches tall and had a great toned body. She had great legs and you could see that she kept herself in good shape. She had strawberry red hair that was hanging over her shoulders. She had on a short green mini dress and white polo neck trouser. Underneath her sweater you could see that she had a great set of tits, at least a 36C. Her nipples seemed to be big as well because you could clearly see them poking through the fabric of her clothes, probably from the arousal of the porn she has been watching.

As we entered the meeting room I couldn't help but notice her fine ass. I thought to myself that I could do with a piece of that ass. That is when I changed my plan from giving her over to the management to having some fun with her.

We sat down at the table and she introduced herself as Mary, a twenty four year old admin clerk. Immediately when I introduced myself as Jason Caan, Head of Security she got a frightening look on her face.

I didn't wait long to explain to her why she was here and she instantly started to cry. I told her that company policy doesn't allow her to watch porn at the office and I have to report it to management. She looked up at me with her tear filled eyes and asked me if there wasn't anything she could do to make the tape disappear.

My dick instantly got hard in my pants and I had to shift in my seat to make it less painful. I asked her what she had in mind and she said to me that I can ask her to anything that I want and she will do it. That did it.

I told her to go and lock the door first and then we can further the discussion on what to do. Knowing all the locations of the camera I knew that we couldn't get caught in the board room.

I told her to come over to the desk and bend over it. She looked confused and hesitant but saw the tape in my hand and started moving to the desk. After I had her bend over I stood up and moved behind her. I asked her if she knew that she have been bad and needed to be punished. She just nodded. I gave her left ass cheek a big slap and she jumped up in pain. I pushed her down on the table and held her in place. I gave her other cheek a slap as well. Again she tried to get up. I told her to keep still and receive her punishment like the slut she was. I started to give her a hiding and didn't stop until my hand was red and in pain. She started to sob again. I asked her what was wrong and she said her ass hurts from all the abuse. I said that I will make the pain go away.

I got hold of her skirt and pulled it down her legs. I was surprised to find that she wasn't wearing any panties. I opened her legs a little bit to get access to her clean shaven pussy. Her ass cheeks were red from my assault on them and it made my dick even harder seeing this beautiful woman in my total control. I opened my zipper and took out my now rock hard penis. It was standing at full attention. She turned her head around and saw my dick. She gasped and said something about the biggest cock she has ever seen.

I pushed her down again and positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. I slid my cock head up and down over her slit and was amazed at how wet she was. I pushed forward and entered her slowly. She again gasped and said that my ten inch cock won't fit. I then proved her wrong by pushing into her with force. I got in about seven inches when she started screaming. I quickly closed her mouth. I must say that it was the tightest pussy I had in a while. I pulled out completely and then slowly entered her again. This time it wasn't as tight as she stated to relax. I started to pump in and out of her with long strokes every time filling her up with more of my cock. While I was fucking her I asked her if she love to watch porn on the internet. She just mumbled a yes. In no time at all I had her moaning with every stroke. She took her one hand and fondled her tit through her sweater. Her other hand was furiously working on her clit. I pumped her for another three minutes when she suddenly started to rock from her first orgasm. I didn't want to cum yet and pulled out of her. I saw her small butt hole and thought that it will be appropriate punishment for her crime. I took my middle finger and pushed it into her pussy to scoop some of her juice onto it. I smeared her hole with her juices and before she could recover from her orgasm and figure out what was about to happen I pushed my head into her anus.

Her ass was tighter than her pussy but it didn't stop me. I pushed harder and eventually I had my whole dick buried inside her. I started to fuck her ass with more vigor than I did her pussy. I fucked her with long hard strokes and every time my balls slapped against her pussy she would give a small whimper. While I fucked her ass I started to play with her clit. She must have love the attention because it didn't take long for her to reach her second orgasm. When she started to spasm I couldn't hold back anymore and shot my load into her ass. I pulled out and shot two strings of cum onto her back and over her blouse.

We were both exhausted and I sat down in the chair. She asked me if she can go and get cleaned up. I still wanted a blow job from her but decided to leave it for another day. I explained to her that she will be punished more severely if she was caught surfing porn again. She just laughed and walked out of the room.

I couldn't believe it when I watched the monitor the next day and saw her looking at porn again.

What a slut, I thought to myself.
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