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The Master

Steve walked through the specially designed theater one last time before the rest of the crew arrived. He always felt a thrill of anticipation before a special performance. Tonight was going to be the best they’ve ever presented, he could feel it!

He walked back to his dressing room and took down the black velvet robe from the hanger. It had been his father’s robe. The theater had been his father’s idea. For a time in the late 1970’s it had been the premier club for the rich and infamous in New York. His father died and left it to Steve but not before passing on some of the stage props and costumes. And of course, the thrill of the performances. Steve’s father was a pervert, one of the richest men in America, who gained his fortune supplying the one thing the rich wanted. Sexual pleasures of all kinds. Steve kept the more perverted clubs closed until he knew that there would be a market for what he had to offer. Tonight was the one-year anniversary of the Bacchanal Club and it would be their best night ever. The improvements he added had drawn bigger and bigger crowds. He had four large screen TV monitors showing every minute detail of what happened on stage. He smiled, thinking they could see every pubic hair on last week’s star pussy.

Patrons paid $1,000 a head for an evening of debauchery and indulgence. All the food and drinks were included in the fee, as was the security that allowed them to access the club through an exclusive private entrance. Last week they had three movie stars and an NBA all-star! And not one bit of it was leaked to the press. It was this kind of privacy that made the club so popular.

Steve undressed and put on his leather loincloth. Wrapping the velvet robe around him, he pulled up the hood and adjusted it so his face was not visible. He looked in the mirror and smiled. He looked like a 12th Century Monk. But a monk would never do what he planned to do tonight. He started to get hard just thinking about it. That was another thing he inherited from his father. An insatiable appetite for sexual perversity.

The Voyeur

John walked past his answering machine as his mother’s voice blared from the speaker. He didn’t touch it, didn’t want to talk to her tonight.

“At least come over for half an hour,” he mother said. “She’s the daughter of my best friend and we haven’t seen her for 10 years. I’m not trying to set you up. I know you don’t like that. John. Are you there? John pick up!”

He was tired of his mother trying to fix him up. He dated lots of girls and had yet to find one that suited him. At the age of 26 he was sure of what he wanted and the girls he knew couldn’t satisfy him. The most important aspect of his relationship was the sex and so far not one of the girls he dated could let themselves enjoy sex the way it was meant to be enjoyed. He wanted someone who could be a lady when they were in public, but in their home, he wanted a whore. More than that, he realized he wanted a perverted whore. A woman would not only enjoy sex but would initiate it sometimes.

John left the apartment and locked it. Nothing would keep him from tonight’s performance. He and his buddy Carl had to buy their tickets for tonight’s show two months ago. He had a friend who worked for the club and he told them about it a year ago and they had tried for ten months to get tickets. Even at a thousand dollars a pop they were hard to come by. John’s friend filled him in a little bit of what went on and John could hardly contain his excitement about going. He hoped that tonight was as good as he’d heard that it would be!

He met Carl outside the theater and they passed their tickets to the huge bouncer at the door. A dimly lit hallway led them to the auditorium. The stage was positioned in the center of the room with loveseats and armchairs ringing the stage. There were four aisles that led to the back of the room and there were two bars and two food stations. They had almost an hour before the show began to eat and drink.

“Don’t sit on a love seat.” Carl said. “That would look queer. Let’s sit in the front row!”

They made their way down to the front and found two comfortable armchairs next to each other. Each armchair had a pocket on the side for holding a drink, a towel and some condoms.

They sat down and waited.

The Victim

Alana was mad. She walked faster than usual tonight because of the fight she’d just had with her mother. Her mother came from the South where girls got married young and if they didn’t they became the old maid spinster aunt to their sisters children. Her mother would die before any daughter of hers was left unmarried. A year ago, when Alana was 18, she was engaged to a very respectable young man. He was a law student with a promising future. But for some unknown reason, he practically left Alana at the altar. She ordered her dress and made arrangements for the church and the reception hall. And then about 2 months before the wedding, he called it off. He told Alana it was because she was frigid and was a bad lover in bed. He told everyone else that he didn’t want to be the son-in-law of Alana’s dragon of a mother.

Alana and her mother were in New York so Alana could have some time to shop for clothes before she left for Europe. She was going to spend two years in college in France and her mother wanted her to be presentable.

Alana only wanted a few pairs of jeans and some sweaters. After what her boyfriend told her, she retreated from the feminine side of her personality and wore jeans, shirts and kept her long strawberry blonde hair braided in one long braid down her back. Last week a lesbian at a club had propositioned her! Alana almost accepted but she really didn’t think she’d like that lifestyle. Besides she liked men. She always dreamed about them. She wished now her mother was the type of woman to talk about sex with – it might have helped her overcome her shyness. She knew she wasn’t frigid, but her boyfriend just never took the time to help her enjoy their sex life!

A car pulled along side her slowly, then sped away. Alana was careful to stay close to the buildings like the doorman at the hotel told her. She was only going to walk for another few minutes then she’d be back around the block in front of the Plaza.

A car went by slowly again and this time, Alana noticed that it was the same dark blue as the one just a minute ago. She saw a dark van parked in front of the building at the corner and noticed that the car that just passed her stopped along side it.

She approached cautiously and as she passed the car and the van safely, she breathed a sigh.

Then suddenly four men stepped out from a doorway on her right. Two men grabbed her legs and arms while one put something over her mouth. Alana struggled to kick free but the men held her ankles tightly making it impossible to do more then buck up and down. Then she felt herself drifting…and then there was nothing but black.

Backstage – The Audition

Steve entered the ‘audition room’ where three cots had been set up to hold the candidates for tonight’s show. One was a lovely oriental girl with a short bob of blue-black hair. She had rosy porcelain like skin and as the helpers removed her clothes he could see her extremely bushy pussy. That needs to be trimmed, he immediately thought.

The second girl was already naked and was moaning slowly as though waking up. Her ‘sponsor’, the person who recommended her for tonight stood nearby ready to answer Steve’s questions.

“She’s pretty,” Steve told the young man.

“She’s the sister of my college roommate.” The young man replied. He was already dressed in a Tarzan-like loincloth that was so short the tip of his penis showed at the bottom edge. He was one of the most popular of Steve’s male performers because his blonde curly hair and boyish good looks appealed to the ladies and the gentleman with bi or gay tendencies.

“She’s so ready to be gang fucked. It’s all she talks about.” Young Tarzan mentioned.

Steve looked at the girl again and thought he might keep her for is private pleasure but he wanted a girl who would put a little fight!

The third girl was still wearing white bikini panties. Her breasts were round and firm with big puffy aureoles. Her pink nipples lay almost flat but their size indicated they would lengthen as they got hard. Her long strawberry blonde hair fanned out behind her on the cot. It was thick and slightly wavy. She had beautiful long lashes and her skin was a light pink blush tone. As her panties were cut off by her sponsor, Bonnie, her pussy was revealed. It was neatly trimmed with just a strip of light golden blonde hair down the center. A bikini trim.

“She’s on the verge of becoming a lesbian,” Bonnie said as she stood up, holding the girls destroyed panties in her hand. “A bad breakup and a lot of low self esteem.”

“Is she a virgin?” Steve asked. He hoped she was, the blood of a virgin would make tonight even more exciting.

“No, she’s had sex, but she’s not very experienced.”

“Will she fight?” Steve asked.

Bonnie smiled. “Yes, she will. When she was dating my brother, she only wanted to have sex once in awhile. She doesn’t like it so she’ll put up a fight. Plus she’s one of these damn prissy missy girls. Born into money so she got whatever she wanted.”

Steve looked more closely at the girl. He was torn between the oriental girl and this one. The oriental girl looked younger and would appeal to the more prurient libidos of the older men in the audience but there was something about the longhaired girl. She looked like a princess or like the drawing of sleeping beauty.

Suddenly, he decided.

“Get this one up and ready. Get rid of the other two, but make sure we can get them for other things later. Someone keep tabs on them, make friends with them and we’ll grab them another time.”

Steve made the decision and suddenly the room was thrown into activity. He whispered directions to the dresser who ran from the room to come up with the appropriate costume for the star. The other began to finish dressing to be ready. Several of the male participants took Viagra to keep their dicks hard during the show. No one could tell how long each show would last. Steve let the fun play out either until the star collapsed with exhaustion or the audience became so frenzied that the fucking in the audience was more intense than the show.

Tonight, thinking of how to present his star, he thought the audience was going to love this! The Show

The lights dimmed. The semi-circular stage was faintly lit. The audience quietly took their seats.

John fidgeted with excitement. He was almost hard just thinking about the show. He glanced to his left and then his right and watched the movie screens on the walls. He imagined the pussies would be about eight foot tall on those screens. He smiled, thinking he’d love to just walk into one..bury himself in pussy.

A spotlight shone on the back of the stage and a man dressed in a long hooded cape stood in the glow. His head was bowed and he stood there for a few seconds, building up the excitement then he slowly walked to the front of the stage.

He raised his head.

“Welcome to the Bacchanal Club. You have paid handsomely for the entertainment tonight. We will not disappoint you. Tonight we will take a beautiful young princess into the depths of lust and debauchery. Her demeanor will determine if the journey is painful or pleasurable. At the end of the evening she will either love the act of fucking or she will hate it. Either way, your pleasure is our main concern. We have large screen monitors on the side walls for close up viewing. And as you know, after midnight, audience participation with the players on the stage is encouraged. Condoms can be found in the side pockets of your seats.

If anyone is offended by the violent use of women, please leave now. Otherwise, your most debase fantasies are about to come true.”

The lights brightened a little and four nubile women wearing see through gauze draped just to the top of their thighs entered and stood on either side of the man in the hood.

“I am the Master.” He said forcefully. “My commands will be carried out throughout the evening. When I wish to be pleasured, my commands will be met.” He raised his arms and his robe opened revealing a tanned well-muscled body. He wore nothing but a tan leather cloth. He lowered his arms and pushed the robe behind him.

“Stroke me!” he commanded.

The four young women approached him. Two lifted the cloth covering his cock while the other two reached out and began to stroke him. Their small delicate hands held him lightly as they synchronized the stroking. One girl let go of the cloth and began to fondle his balls. His cock hardened and grew.

“Enough!” The girls stopped instantly and went back to their original position.

“Ladies and gentleman, let the show begin.”

The Master moved to the side of the stage and the spotlight again illuminated the back of the stage. Curtains drew aside and two tall blonde men entered and held the curtains open. Six men, all dressed in small white gauze togas entered bearing a young woman asleep on a chaise. Her reddish blonde hair was fanned out behind her head and her eyes were closed. A camera above the stage zoomed in on her face. The crowd watched the monitors as they viewed her delicate features. She appeared to be sleeping soundly, her long lashes resting on her blushing cheeks.

The camera panned down her body revealing that she was dressed in a diaphanous gauze toga. Her nipples could be seen plainly, as could the dark hollow of her belly button. Her legs, tightly together were long and slim, her toes painted a delicate rose color.

The men set the lounge on the floor close to the edge of the stage. Two of the men, their cocks standing straight up and hard, each took one of her ankles, then looked to the Master for direction.

The Master walked over to the lounge and looked at the girl lying there. He moved to the end of the stage, his back to the audience and then waved one hand. The young men holding the girls ankles drew her legs back so her knees were pressed against her breasts.

The audience strained to see the girls pubic area now that she was splayed open but the Master stood firmly in front, blocking their view. The monitors showed only the girls face.

Then the Master swung one of his legs over the girl, straddling her and facing he audience. The girls crack from pussy to ass was now on full display. The audience gasped as one. The monitors now showed a close up of the girls pussy and ass. It panned from the tip of her pussy to the ass cheeks resting on the chaise.

The Master placed his right hand on the mound at the top of her pussy. There was a thin line of hair on each pussy lip, obviously someone shaved her.

John, sitting in the front row, turned to the monitor for a better view. He watched as the Master’s middle finger slide into the girls cunt. He shoved it in and slowly drew it out. Even at this angle, the audience could see the Master’s finger covered in pussy juice. He used two fingers and pulled open the girls cunt lips exposing the pink labia and little clit. He brought his other hand down to the exposed pussy and using his thumbs, he opened the girls cunt as wide as it would go. The camera zoomed in to see the rosy pussy hole.

John squirmed in his seat. He was getting harder and harder.

The Masters finger began to probe and pull at the girl’s pussy. He flicked her clit until it peeked out of it’s sheath. He fingered her pussy hole, finger fucking it slowly, creating more pussy juice. His middle finger explored the pink puckered flesh of her anus. He rubbed it back and forth and then dipped his fingertip into the crinkled hole. He shoved his thumb into the girls cunt and fingered both holes forcefully. He removed his fingers and using the palms of his hands, he pulled the girl open. The pink pussy flesh glowed darker pink with the juices that now covered the labia and clit.

The Master moved off the girl and snapped his fingers. Three naked young women entered from the back of the stage. They were full breasted, tall Amazon-like women with long waist length black hair. Their pussy hair was black but neatly trimmed. Their pussy lips peeked out delicately. They came forward and pulled the girl from the chaise. One of the waved a smelling salts capsule in front of the girl’s nose and the girl’s head moved from side to side. She was beginning to wake up.

The Amazon women held the girl up. One on each arm, holding her by her elbow and one behind her, holding her by the waist. The girl’s head dropped forward, her hair hanging down, hiding her face.

The Master walked up to the girl and pushed her head back, sweeping he hair from her face. Her eyes flickered open. He gently tapped her face until her eyes stayed opened and focused on him. Slowly Alana’s eyes widened in fear as she saw the man in the hood for the first time. Automatically she struggled but the Amazon girls held her tightly. She looked wildly around suddenly seeing her surroundings. Again Alana twisted, trying to break the hold the tall women had on her, but she couldn’t get free.

“You’ll only make it worse for yourself.” The Master cautioned. “Your skin will have bruises if you’re not careful. And I am the only one allowed to bruise you!” He reached out and pulled her nipple, twisting it cruelly then let it go. Alana cried out and he leaned in closer to her. He took her nipple in his fingers again and rubbed it seductively back and forth. The camera focused on it, as it grew hard and excited.

The Master laughed and stood back looking at her. Alana twisted again trying to get away.

“Stop it. There is no use! You are here for the evening. You are mine to play with, mine to use, mine to offer to anyone!”

Alana suddenly looked around seeing the eager, hungry faces of the audience. She blushed either in anger or embarrassment.

The Master reached out and broke one of the straps holding her dress up. It fell forward exposing one of her breasts. The nipple, the one he had tweaked was dark pink and stood out like a large pencil eraser. Alana gasped and tried to twist her body to the side so no one would see her exposed tit.

“Why so shy? We’ve seen much more of you than this.” The Master said.

“Please don’t do this.” She whispered softly.

“Princess, you can’t stop this from happening. Nothing you can do or say will stop it. You may even make it more exciting if you fight it. Pain is a pleasure to inflict.”

“Let me go!” Alana twisted back and forth, her rounded tit jiggling teasingly.

The Master reached up and snapped the other strap causing the flimsy gown to fall to the girl’s waist. Both breasts stood out, soft mounds of inviting ivory flesh. One of the Amazon women cupped a breast gently. Alana twisted again.

“Stop it!” the Master snapped loudly. The girl looked at him with increasing fear. “Behave yourself and you won’t be hurt. Do as I say and the pain you feel will be as intensely pleasurable as the ecstasies I will inflict. You have passed the point to be shy, my dear. Look at that.” The Master pointed to the large monitor on the wall.

They replayed the video of the girl being finger fucked. Each pink fold separated for the audience’s viewing pleasure. Alana bit her lip when she realized she had been so daringly exposed. She could hear the whispers of the audience and cringed that they had watched this man touch her to intimately. Silent tears streaked down her face. She sighed deeply realizing the futility of a fight but she would not let them see her pain. She sniffled back her tears and raised her head defiantly. She would not enjoy the terrible things this pervert did to her, Alana decided.

The Master smiled as he watched the play of emotions on her face. It would be a pleasure to break this girl’s spirit!
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