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I don't really know how long I was at the police station. It seemed like all the questioning took hours. Then there were the usual "procedures" a woman is submitted to after this type of assault. I asked and they told me the man who picked me up was on his way to work and dropped me off around 6:15 a.m. After everything was finished, and they took me home, I walked into my apartment and looked at the clock. It read 5:23 p.m. I looked at my familiar surroundings. It was good to be home.

I heard the bubbling of the aquarium. I had forgotten completely about my fish. I knew they must be hungry so I went to feed them. I didn't realize until then that I was so sore. Every bone, muscle, and hair follicle screamed at me. I fed the fish and headed to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me. One more small amount of protection between him and me. I turned on the water that soon began to steam up the room.

I stood up and watched myself in the mirror as the steam filled it with mist around the edges. Soon there was no more of me except that foggy reflection. I wiped the fog and saw the water bead up on the silvered glass. Like the droplets on the mirror, I started to cry.

The heaves were small at first. I was able to turn off the water and slip the hospital gown and coat off they had given me to replace the coat I had stolen that was now evidence. "The coat," his coat. I was glad to be rid of it.

The tears flowed from my eyes. I couldn't stop them. I was sobbing, my naked body bending forward and downward, my arms around my stomach. I kneeled to the floor and managed to grab the edge of the tub. I was crying uncontrollably at this point. My episode only lasted a few minutes. I knew it would be the first of many. Tomorrow I would need to find a rape counselor and start the long slow task of rebuilding what little self-esteem I had left. I would be praying to be able to overcome these feelings of hopelessness and fear.

I stood back up and slowly, lightly stepped into the too hot water. My skin started to turn pink up my legs to the water's edge. My legs were hot and stinging. I remember how my buttocks stung as he slapped them. The memories remained vivid in my mind. I pushed them out. I was free again and he couldn't hurt me anymore. I lowered myself into the water almost inch by inch. I wanted the hot cleansing feeling to completely encompass me. I needed to feel the dirt and grime from his lust leave me. Leave me and never come back. I slid further into the tub until only my nose and mouth were sticking out of the clear water. I shut my eyes and half floated hearing only the sounds of the water lapping at the sides of the tub.

I opened my eyes and saw that the door was cracked open. Panic filled my every sense. I slowly sat up, trying not to make any noise in the water. I saw a tail. My cat, Stoney, had nudged the door open. The faulty latch. I totally forgot about him and that faulty latch. He crouched there and saw me. He stood up and with his all too familiar curiosity popped his head up to the edge of the tub. He saw the water and off he went. I called after him, "Stoney, it's okay, mommies home." But he bolted that quirky cat bolt nonetheless. Whatever, I will tend to him after my bath.

I reached to the side of the tub to the basket I kept the washcloths in and grabbed the first one available. The opaque glycerin soap I knew so well was waiting for me. I scrubbed myself clean. I washed my lifeless hair and put conditioner on it. I was beginning to feel a little like me again. I got out of the tub and dried off with the usual towel from the towel rack. I grabbed the robe that always hung on the back of the bathroom door. I wrapped its terrycloth thickness around my body. My body was warm and pink. I don't know if it was pink from the hot water, or the scrubbing it had just received to remove any trace of him, but I didn't care. I felt comfortable and safe in my apartment. I was home.

I grabbed my hairbrush and started on my quest to find Stoney. He needed attention and I needed his comforting, even if he was a cat. I fed him and watched him eat. When he finished, he came to me on the couch so I could pet him. He curled up beside me and started to purr as I stroked his fluffy stomach and soft head. We sat there a while and I remembered the Detectives tell me they would be in touch to check on me tomorrow. I got up and checked the locks on the door. Stoney followed me around the room through my apartment and to my bedroom. I wondered if I would be able to sleep that night. I put on my nightgown and laid down. I pulled the covers up around my neck and held them tightly. To my surprise, I did go to sleep. My body was more exhausted than my mind so it won. Wonderful sleep. Wonderful dreamless sleep.

I awoke to the pounding on the door to my apartment. It startled me, but I quickly recognized my surroundings and realized I was safe again so I got up, grabbed my robe, and went to answer the door. It was the Detectives, my detectives, my new saviors and protectors. I asked them in and they entered my apartment. They went to the couch and sat down. I offered them coffee, and when they accepted; I went to start a pot.

Their names were Detectives Sampson and Bailey. They started to tell me, of course, that there really wasn't much to go on. I really didn't get a good look at the man and couldn't even tell them his height. I was blindfolded the majority of the time and there were many "cabins" near the place that I was picked up. Since I didn't see the inside really, just the bathroom, and even that not very well, it would probably be difficult for me to identify the right cabin. Many of them were built in the same fashion so they resembled each other. Plus, I really didn't know which direction I had run in or how long it took me to get to the road. Things didn't look good in any direction. I admitted to them that I already realized this. They were completely correct. I was so scared the entire time that most of it was a blur anyway.

They were polite, sipping their steaming coffee without complaint. They told me if there was any more news, they would get in touch with me. They asked if there was anything they could do before they left. I told them no. They stood and headed for the door. I followed and let them out, locking it securely behind them. I knew I had little hope of them every catching this horrible man.

I realized I needed to call work. The man had abducted me on a Saturday. That meant today was Monday, I think. I needed to call in and make sure they understood my situation. I wasn't coming in the rest of the week. The phone call was short and sweet. I could tell they wanted to know all about the ordeal, but didn't pressure for the specifics. I cut them off and hung up the phone.

I turned on the TV to watch some shows. I knew if I didn't have something to occupy my mind I would start to dwell on the situation. I didn't feel like doing any work, not even to wash the two coffee cups that now sat on the counter. The television would be my closest friend over the next couple of days. I sat down and thought about looking in the phone book for a counselor, but decided it could wait. I didn't have the mental strength to go through talking about it just yet. I flipped through channels until I found something that caught my attention. A fresh cup of coffee for me, and I let the movie take me away.

I awoke again to a knock on the door. I went over and asked who it was. The voice said it was a delivery from a florist. He had a special delivery for me from a school.

"How sweet," I thought to myself. "They sent me flowers." The bouquet was big. Big enough to hide the person holding it. I told the man to step in while I grabbed my purse for a tip.

"Just set them on the table there," I said as I turned away. I heard him set the flowers down on the table next to the couch. I didn't hear him shut the door behind him and lock it, or follow me as I was getting my purse. His arms were around my throat so fast that I was almost knocked down as he pulled me towards his body. He grabbed my arms and twisted them behind me, holding them with one of his huge hands. I briefly saw the clock and it read 4:27. I realized it would be dark soon and he had found me. He put the blindfold back on my eyes with his free hand. He pushed me to the bedroom. He had found me.

He said, "I wasn't finished with you bitch."

"Keep your fucking mouth shut. You know what I can, AND WILL, do to you."

He was right, I did, and I did as he ordered me. The fear in me was still there, still fresh, and there was nothing I could do but obey. That voice, his voice, was all it took for me to obey.

He pushed me down onto the bed face first. The terror in my mind told me to scream. Maybe a neighbor would hear. But my vocal chords were frozen from fear. His full body weight was on top of me again. He started to rub his hips on my backside.

"I warned you bitch not to resist me. I think running away can be considered resistance, don't you?" His voice was evil. He was so angry.

I wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back harder than he ever had at the cabin. He half rolled off me and almost tore the robe from my body as he yanked it up over my back. He did the same with my nightgown and exposed my bare ass cheeks.

I thought to myself , "Why didn't I put panties on last night." Not that it would have done any good. I hardly ever wear panties to bed anyway.

I tried to resist him, but his hand was pushing my thighs apart again only more brutally than ever. My legs were fighting, trying to keep closed, but his strong hand wouldn't let them.

"You are gonna pay you fucking whore." I knew by the tone of his voice that he meant it.

He let go of my hair and shifted his weight. He was now sitting on my arms and I could tell his ass was facing my head. That was when the first blow came. It was so loud that I was sure my neighbors could hear the force of the slap. Another one and another one, they hurt so badly. My still sore body quickly remembered the pain. His hands covered most of my ass as he slapped first one buttock and then the other. Sometimes he would slap them both at the same time. I flinched uncontrollably with each new assault. I lost count of how many there were. I wanted to drift, drift to sleep to escape the brutality. I started to relax a little; I was going inside myself to escape him. I guess he could tell that my body had gone limp. His movement around and his grabbing my hair was so swift I didn't realize he had done it in my haze until I felt the force lift me off the bed so far that my breasts were dangling off the bed. He twisted my head and I went back down again.

"Wake the fuck up slut, you are gonna be awake for this." He released my head then. He didn't have my arms anymore, but I was too weak to move and he knew it. I heard him unzip his pants and shove his cock into my pussy.

"Take it bitch," was all he said. He raped my sore, swollen private place. His whipping was so brutal that I couldn't move. He did what he wanted and I couldn't do anything to stop him. I felt like he was tearing my insides apart. He kept thrusting his huge organ into me again and again. It wouldn't stop and he wouldn't cum. I wanted him to cum. Why wouldn't he cum.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy. I heard him get undressed, and go to the bathroom. I heard the water running. He came back and laid a cold washcloth on my burning hot ass. "Is that better?" he asked in that 'quieter' voice. It felt so good. It was so cold. The relief was wonderful. Was the other one back, the nicer one?

"You were a good slut for the most part there, so you get a little reward. I know I was hard on your ass, but you shouldn't have run from me. Don't fight me anymore, it can get much worse." I knew his words were truthful.

He laid down beside me and I could feel his rock hard dick on the side of my thigh. Why wasn't it going away, or at least waning a little? I didn't ask, the fear was overwhelming and I didn't want to provoke another attack. "We're gonna be here a while," he said. I didn't know, nor could I comprehend what he meant.

He rolled me over and took off my robe. I knew better than to try to stop him. Next my nightgown was off. I tried to fight it, but a vocal whimper came out of my mouth. He put me back on my stomach and took the washcloth. He got up again and I heard him walk away. I heard the water running again. He must be refreshing the washcloth; at least I hoped he was. I know my burning ass absorbed all the coolness out of it in a matter of seconds before. He came back to the bed and I felt it shift as his weight pressed upon it.

"Your ass is so red baby." And I felt the wet washcloth slap it hard. I jerked upwards and back from this new type of whipping. I thought the nice man, the kinder man was back, but I was wrong. He whipped me with the wet washcloth repeatedly. My body continued to jerk, but he held me down with his free hand. I fought back the cries. I knew that if I let them go there would be a worse fate for me.

"Please stop." I managed to say. A handful of hair and he twisted my body sideways so my face was on my left cheek.

"Didn't I tell you to keep your fucking mouth shut bitch?" was the cold whisper that came so close to my ear I feel the air brush my cheek.

I started to open my mouth to answer, gasping, but he renewed the jerk of my head. I managed to nod a little. I expected a new slap from the washcloth, but nothing. He let go of me and I felt him get up. I heard the water was running again. The bed shifted. I expected more of this terrible assault and pain, but to my fear and surprise he laid the cool soothing washcloth back on my ass.

He laid back down beside me and I felt his hardened cock on my naked flesh again. It was still so hard. What was going on?

He started to stroke my back. "Good girl," he said. He lightly kissed my left shoulder. He whispered into my ear again. Not cold like before, gently this time.

He said, "you have to suck my cock now." He brought it to my mouth. "Open up," and I did. I took as much of it as I could, but it was more huge than ever. "Don't worry, I will be more gentle with your mouth this time. It won't do any good right now anyway. I got a special surprise for you tonight. I took Viagra. That dick ain't goin nowhere for a while."

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed inside my head. No wonder it wouldn't go away. No wonder it felt so much bigger and harder. What kind of sick bastard would do this?

I sucked his cock. I knew I had to. I licked his cock working my way up and down the shaft and sucking his balls. I knew I wasn't getting out of this after this new revelation. The only sounds that could be heard were the licking and suckling of his huge cock and nutsack in my mouth. I did exactly as he told me to. I knew it was my only chance of surviving this again.

"I'm watching you. You might become a good little bitch after all." The voice above my head seemed so distant right now.

He pulled the cock out of my mouth. "Get up." His tone was firm but not mean as he helped me to my knees. The washcloth fell off my buttocks. I had long forgotten it since it had absorbed the heat from my burning ass some time ago and they had both became the same temperature.

"Come with me baby." With those words he stood me up.

He handed me my robe and I put it on, fumbling. The terrycloth that was so comforting to me just the night before felt like a skillet scratch pad on my sore backside. I heard him put his pants on and zip them up. I could tell he was close. He took my hand and started to pull me. My legs were weak. He felt me start to waver and caught me by my shoulders. He helped me walk the short distance through my bedroom to the kitchen. He stopped at the sink and I could hear a cupboard door open. It sounded like the one that held the glasses. I heard the water running and he handed me the glass of water. I drank it. It was early when the detectives were here and all I drank all day were those two cups of coffee.

"Hungry?" he asked. I knew better than to speak, so I only nodded my head in response.

"Let's see what we have around here."

I stood there, too afraid to move and feel any new punishments he might have stored away. He found the loaf of bread I always have handy and the lunchmeat and cheese from the fridge. I stood there quietly and listened to him make sandwiches. I heard him walk towards the couch and place the plates he apparently retrieved from the cupboard on the coffee table. He came back and took my hand and led me to the couch. The stinging of my ass was renewed tenfold when I sat. He handed me half a sandwich. I started to eat and he walked away. I heard him run the water again and bring the glass back to me with him.

He grabbed the remote and turned up the TV. I wondered what time it was. Surely it was after dark by now. There were no lights on in my apartment that I could see except the distant flickering of the television. I had forgotten it was even on. What program was on? If I could listen and find out, maybe I would know what time it was. I was too scared to focus. I finished the sandwich and he straddled my mouth there on the couch. He unzipped his pants. He started to tease my mouth with his dick, slapping my lips with its huge hardness.

"You know what to do bitch," and I started to suck again. It had not lost any of its stamina. My mouth was already sore from the blowjob I gave him in the bedroom, but I had no choice. I had to suck that huge cock to get out of this. I had to do whatever he wanted to ensure that he would go away and leave me alone.

I wanted to find the person who invented that stupid drug and hurt them. I wonder if they thought about this use when they were being so inventive in the lab. My jaws were hurting from his fucking my mouth. He was working his dick in a circular motion and then he started to thrust again. It was just like the other night. I prayed he didn't shove it down my throat again. I prayed he was getting close to cumming. Maybe the drug would wear off more quickly for him than the ads you see on TV.

He pulled it out of my mouth. "That's enough for now, don't want to ruin the evening." The laugh that followed was frightening.

"Lie down on your stomach," was his next command.

"What now?" was my only thought. My mind screamed "NO!" but I obeyed.

He walked away and I heard the water running again. He came back and pulled my robe up over my back. Was he going to beat me again? Was he going to whip me with the washcloth? No, he laid it on my ass to absorb more heat. It felt so good. I allowed myself to relax a little. That was a big mistake.

He was lying on my back again. His swiftness was unbelievable. He grabbed me by underneath my stomach first to pull my ass in the air and then grabbed my throat so he could control me. He didn't squeeze. But I knew I couldn't move. I felt him get his pants down and off his legs. His fingers were in my pussy again, brutalizing it. He was pumping them in and out with such force. My ass was in the air and he put one knee up between mine so I couldn't close my legs together.

"Now that you have had a snack, I want something in return you fucking cunt." The evil one was back. He was fucking my pussy with what felt like his whole hand. He pulled it out and I expected him to shove his cock in to replace it, but I was wrong.

I felt the head of his dick on my ass cheeks, rubbing the washcloth, scratching my raw buttocks. He pulled up off me a little and I felt the head of his cock on the entrance to my ass. I panicked. I started to fight. His grip on my throat tightened. I felt like I would choke. He shoved his massive cock inside me. I could feel it tearing me again. His grip loosened a little on my neck, but his thrusts were coming harder and harder.
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