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He stepped out into the parking lot, into the sunlight. Suddenly, a voice cut through the normal din.

"Sir? Sir! Stop right where you are!"

He turned to see a woman advancing toward him with a determined stride. She wore a security uniform, and had her hand on her belt. With more than mild curiosity, he stepped toward the woman.

"Yes? Can I help you? Is there a problem?"

"There may be. Would you please follow me back into the store?"

"Of course."

She led the way, and he couldn't help but notice how that uniform flattered her figure. He always was a sucker for women in authority anyway, and he was trying every conceivable thing he could think of to keep his trousers from tenting as he followed her through the store to a secluded interrogation room.

Inside the room, the surroundings were rather austere: a small table, a few straight-backed metal chairs, a camera mounted high on the wall, a recording device in the middle of the table. As they entered the room, he saw her hit what he determined to be the remote that would activate both the camera and the recording device.

"Please empty the contents of your pockets onto the table and place your bags next to them."

He did as he was told, placing his personal belongings on the table and the bags where they could be searched. After all, he had nothing to hide. He had the receipt for his purchases and he had nothing strange in his poc ...

"Oh. And what is THIS?!"

A brand-new pocket knife gleamed. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes, then looked again. Yes, there it was, though he had never seen that knife before, nor had he even been IN sporting goods that particular day.

"I have no idea where that came from!"

"I'm sure, Sir. That's what they all say when caught. Is shoplifting a habit for you?

"Well, no....."

"Ah, so this is your first time, then. That would explain the clumsiness .."

"Now, wait just a minute! I didn't do this!"

She turned from him to hide the secret smile. She knew he was getting flustered and that's just how she liked them to be. She had noticed the slight bulge in his crotch when he entered the room past her, and she knew how to get what she wanted.

"I see. And I can see that you're becoming mighty aggitated, Mr ......"

"Ross. Micheal Ross. And of course I'm aggitated. You're accusing me of stealing, which I did not do, and this could reflect very badly on things here in this town. It's bad enough that you paraded me through the store like a common criminal ... but now you're saying I stole something that is completely rediculous."

"We have you on camera" She leaned very close so he could smell her perfume. He could also smell something else in the air.

"Is there anything I can do to make this go away?"

"Are you suggesting, Sir, that I take a bribe from you?"

Mike's face went red. He suddenly didn't know which way to go without getting himself in deeper, so he just kept his mouth shut. She circled the table and him, running a finger across his broad shoulders. Her touch made him shiver with anticipation.

"Perhaps there IS something..." she purred, loosening her belt. "... but you have to do everything I say."

"Yes, ma'am. I'll do anything to make this go away."

She opened her shirt, unhooked her front-hook bra, and said, "Then suck my tits. Make my nipples nice and hard ...."

He began tentatively, alternately nibbling at her and looking at the camera on the wall.

"STOP LOOKING AT THAT DAMN CAMERA!" she barked. "And suck my tits like you mean it, or ...."

He renewed his vigor on her tits, licking and biting at the nipples until they were hugely engorged and blood red.

"Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhh," she moaned, "just like that .... harder, baby ..... suck 'em harder ...."

His hands came up to maul her tits, then he pushed her uniform top off of her shoulders, exposing her upper body completely. She backed away, looking at him.

"Y'know, you need to be naked. Strip for your body search. I want to make sure you're not hiding anything else ..."

He began to undress with trembling hands, keeping an eye on the camera. He wondered how many people in the security control booth were witnessing his domination. In a weird way, this excited him.

"Face away from me, please, chest on the table ..."

"Now, wait just a minute .... what are you going to do to me?!"

"You said you would do anything I said. Do you want to rethink that? 'Coz I certainly can get the paperwork together ..."

"NO! I'm sorry .... I'll obey ..."

With that, he placed his chest on the table. The room was cold, so the cold laminate top hitting his warm flesh made him groan. He heard the snap of a rubber glove, and began to tremble.

"This will feel a little weird, but I have to check. It's best you relax ....."

He felt cold, lubricated fingers invade his rectum, and his natural instinct was to tense up. His groan was loud enough that she was afraid they'd be heard, but remembered this room was soundproof.

"I told you to relax. I'll be done in just a minute ......"

Her fingers began to move around inside him. He felt her other hand grip his raging hardon, and as her fingers passed over his prostate, he almost shouted in pleasure. Her gentle touch on his cock was driving him insane and he was just about to cum all over when she gripped his cock HARD with her hand and removed her fingers from his ass with an audible pop.

"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? You wanted to cum, didn't you? Well, you haven't earned that right yet. Thieves have to work a little harder to get what THEY want by giving me what I want. Poor baby ... look at your cock ... so hard. So beautiful .... "

He was standing in front of her, his cock standing straight out from his body. She sank to her knees, teasing it with her tongue. His hands reached to grip her hair but she grabbed him by the wrists.

"I'm sure you're used to your little whores kneeling down in front of you so you can ram this monster down their throats and cum gallons into their bellies. Well, not this lady ... no, sir. You keep your hands to yourself until I give you a use for them, or this session is terminated and you will be under arrest for shoplifting. Do I make myself clear?!"

"Yes, ma'am. Crystal clearrrrrrrrrrroooohhhhhhh" Her tongue met the crown of his cock, licking away the precum that was accumulating there.

"You taste marvelous, Mike. Too bad I have other plans for this ...." With that, she began to slowly stroke his cock and massage his balls. Mike's knees threatened to give way, but he managed to steady himself as she manipulated him. He began to thrust against her hand and just as she watched him swell, she again applied extreme pressure to his cock which made his orgasm subside. Mike groaned in protest; he wanted to cum so badly.

"What's the matter, baby? Balls getting a little full? Shall I massage them for you?" She began to massage them gently and again, Mike began to ramp up to orgasm.

"I think that's quite enough of that for now. Strip me."

Mike was almost in tears. What had he gotten himself in to?! He reached for her uniform pants, unfastening them and pulling them over her ample hips. He lifted her up onto the table, pulled her shoes free, and then pulled her pants over her muscular calves, dropping them to to the floor. She lifted her hips to allow him to pull the rather utilitarian panties over her as well, dropping them into the pile that had accumulated.

"Sit in that chair and pull it closely between my knees"

Mike did, pulling the chair up under the table, putting his face nearly in her pussy. She put one foot on each arm of the chair, and grabbed Mike by the head, pulling him to her. Mike placed a hand on the inside of each thigh, and running them closer to her pussy, he used his thumbs to pull her open and watch the juices flow.

"Suck my pussy. Make me cum hard .... do it .... "

He didn't need another order; his face was already buried in her. She held his head as she hunched up to meet his tongue, which alternately dipped deep inside her and swept up to swirl her clit. She arched against the onslaught, the sound of wet slurping filled the room. He roughly shoved two fingers into her, finding her G-spot, which sent her over the edge, wailing out her orgasm.


He felt her inner pussy muscles grip and milk his fingers, his cock just about shot off as he thought of how that would feel when he was fucking her. He prayed he would be fucking her before all this was over. He decided right then and there that he WOULD fuck her. He stood up and gripped her legs under the knees, pulling her ass closer to the edge of the table and lining his cock up to her perfect pussy.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"You've been fucking with my head all morning, so I'm going to do some fucking now."

"Stop right there or I'll ..."

"You'll what? Shoot? That's exactly what I plan to do ..."

With that he shoved forward, impaling her on his cock.

"Oh, my God ... YOU'RE HUGE! You're stretching me so goooddddddd .... don't you dare stop ...."

He gave her time to adjust to his size, and then began to very slowly fuck her, using his thumb to stimulate her clit. She came and came, her velvet vise gripping his cock in hot, wet silkiness. He watched as his cock disappeared and reappeared from her body, glistening with her juices. He listened to her wails of pleasure, then decided to deny her one last thing after everything that she had put him through this morning. He felt her pussy grip again in pre-orgasmic spasms, and he pulled free.

"What the ...... where do you think you're going?!"

He grabbed her by the hair, dragging her from the table and onto her knees.

"Suck me. Taste yourself on my cock and then I'm going to cum all over you."

For some reason, the tone of his voice excited her and she began to suck him with abandon. It wasn't long before he was growling again at her:

"Here it comes .... jack my cum all over your tits ... that's right ..... play with my balls .... oh, yeahhhhh... here it is .... OOOEHHHHERRRREEEIITIIISSSSSSS"

His hips lurched with each rocketing spurt of cum that flew from the end of his cock. He hosed her down with a huge load of spunk, then sank to a nearby chair to recover.

"How was that?" he asked, his voice still ragged with lust.

"God, that was amazing ... but you just couldn't do it, could you?"

"Couldn't do what?!"

"You couldn't let me be the dominant one, not even once. I was getting into that, too ....."

"Oh, don't whimper. You got your fun, and you came like a banshee, but next time I get to wear the uniform again. You'd better get dressed and get back to work, now, Little Girl. I'm just grateful you turned off those security cameras when we got in here."

"Are you sure I did?" She grinned and crawled over to him, kissing him hotly on the mouth.
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