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This is the first part of what I hope is a multi-part story. I expect the sex to heat up as things progress.

“You did what?” Nisida asked in disbelief.

“I borrowed the money from Gregor Shehu.” Her brother Arbor answered calmly.

“The mobster?”

“He’s a local businessman that mob stuff is all rumor.”

“Oh little brother you are a sucker.”

“Well what else were we suppose to do? Dad left us no money and if we did not get an influx of cash, this place was going to close.”

Nisida looked around the small diner her late parents had left her and her brother. It was just another in a series of nondescript Greek-Style dinners across the nation. Her family had come here ten years ago from Albania and made a life for themselves. Her father had built up this business with sweet and long hours of work.

For a while they had been happy. Then the cancer came. It took her Mother. Slowly and painfully she dies. The strain of seeing his wife die was too much for her father and six months later a combination of grief, booze and a speeding car had ended her father’s lfie.

The diner was all she and Arbor had left. But months of her father’s endless drinking and grieving had left them deep in debt, the diner in disrepair and their reputation shot to hell. They needed the influx of cash to save the place and their parents dream. Banks had turned them down. Who can blame them two immigrants 19 and 20 years old, with no previous experience running a business, which was clearly failing? In fact if it had not been for Nisida’s skills at bookkeeping the place would have shut its doors weeks ago.

There were no relatives to borrow money from; their friends were as poor as they were. In the long run in order to keep the place open her brother’s choice had been the only one. Still she suspected they would regret it.

Six weeks can sure change things. The dinner was back in full swing. The bills paid off, the creditors no longer hollowing at the door, the patrons back and the revenue coming in, though still somewhat slowly. As Nisida arrived for the morning shift was beginning to think that her concerns over where her brother had gotten the money to solve their problems were unfounded.

That is till she heard the angry voices from the office.

“You my friend are three thousand dollars short this week; you were six grand short last week. Now whatta we going to do about this?”

“I’m sorry….I”

“You what asshole?”

“I made a bad bet on a soccer game. I should have known better…I lost.”

“You’re going to loss a lot sonny boy.”

“Please no.”

Nisida could not believe her ears. How could Arbor be so stupid? Didn’t he know that gambling was wrong?

She marched into the back room ready to yell at her brother. Completely forgetting that there were other people there she entered the room

“Arbor. How could you?” She yelled as she came though the door.

“Nisi…get out of here.” He replied.

“You risked everything we have here….” She stopped.

For the first time Nisida looked at the men in the room. Her brother was seated in a wooden chair in the middle of the floor. A tall man with mean blue eyes stood in front of him. Another man shorter and fatter then the first stood behind him.

At the desk…..her father’s desk …sat an older man. In front of him were the ledger accounts for the dinner. He had been reading them when she barged in.

“Hello my dear.” He said with a heavy Albanian accent.

He rose and held out his hand. “Gregor Shehu at your service.”

Nisida stared for a moment at his outstretched hand. His voice and mannerism the strangest she had ever seen or heard. A combination of old world charm and murderous intent seemed to make the man who he was. He had to be near seventy but he still stood tall and erect. His white hair combed neatly, his attire perfect. She took his hand somewhat reluctantly.

“Nisida Berberi.”

He grinned. “I was aware of that my dear. Please pull up a chair.”

He pointed to one in the corner. Nisida did not like the way he had taken over the office. As if he owned the place.

She sat and stared at him and then at her brother, who hung his head in shame.

“Your brother had made some serious errors in judgment my dear. I had lent him a rather large sum of money as a business investment. He seemed to think that he could use it for his own ends.”

“I said I was sorry” Arbor called out.

The taller man slapped him across the face. “Was Mr. Shehu speaking to you?”

Nisida jumped up and stepped between her brother and the man. “Leave him alone.”

The tall man grabbed her by the arms and was about to smack her when his boss yelled. “Stop. We do not hit women, especially lovely ones. Please sit down my dear.”

The tall man let go of her arms and she returned to her seat.

Shehu turned his attention to Arbor. “My boy, what you did was foolish. I have looked over these books; you are making quite a profit. All you needed to do was stay on the path you had been on and all would have been well. From the looks of these.” He lifted the Ledger up in his hand. “You have a good head for business. These are the most immaculate well kept records I have ever seen.”

“My sister keeps the books.” Arbor said with pride. “She runs the business. I’m just the jerk who got us in trouble. She gave me money each week for payment. It was all my fault that the payments were not made.”

Shehu looked surprised. “You my dear. You have done all this with the small amount that your brother borrowed?”

Nisida nodded.

Shehu leaned back in the desk chair and shut his eyes. For a long moment he sat thinking. Nisida could feel the tension in the room rise and fall with each breathe he took...

“My Dear….Nisida correct?” He finally said.

She nodded yes.

“Your brother is currently 9,000 behind on his payments. His payments are compounded weekly at a rate of 25%, yea I am aware that is illegal, given how much he borrowed at the onset, how long will it take you to pay it back?”

Nisida did the calculations in her head. The numbers whirling and making her numb. Finally she finished and said. “At least 15 years….given a good growth rate of the business.”

“So we would be partners for more then a decade?”


“And you would not want that?”


He laughed at her honesty.

Shehu leaned forward and placed his hands flat on the desk. “We have recently loaned money to several small businesses in the area. All of them have potential. All of them people willing to work and make an effort to make them profitable.”

He shook his head sadly. “Unfortunately owners seem to posses your abilities to balance books my dear. To be blunt they are a mess. My accountants have informed me that it will take a team of three of them working full time two months to even begin to make headway in the records of these businesses.”

He stood up and walked over to her. He loomed in front of her. For the first time since meeting him she was acutely aware of her sex. She was wearing a white t-shirt and the heat of the room had begun to make it stick to her skin, clinging tightly across her 36B breasts. The tension had made her nipples stand erect. Inside her too tight jeans her pussy felt tense.

“I cannot afford to have them waste such time. My accountants have other things to do. I make you a simple proposal. You will work for me for a period of six months. Three days a week and two week-ends a month. You shall work out of my office, which is in my home. The books of these businesses shall be yours to control, you shall make them all profitable as you have done this place.”

He pointed to the large man “Anton shall make sure that your brother does no more gambling. In exchange you will make no more payments on your loan, at the end of the six months if all the businesses are turning a profit I will declare the loan null and void. Further I will give you 15% of the profits as a bonus. Do you like the sound of this idea?”

Nisida nodded. “Yes.”

“Very good. There is one final thing. You shall work naked.”

“What the fuck.” Yelled Arbor.

“Be quiet.” Shehu said without even turning to face the boy.

The two men pushed arbor back into his seat as he tried to rise.

Nisida began to object but Shehu held up his hand. “Now before you say a word hear me out. You will work nude. Whenever you are in my office you shall be naked, whatever meetings we have you will be nude. If you accept, from this point onwards till the end of our agreement I never want to see you in clothes again. On the other hand, no one in my organization nor anyone we come into contact with shall touch you in anyway without your permission. With one exception, you shall on my command masturbate whenever and wherever I ask. You may use toys if need be. And you shall masturbate me whenever I request.”

“NO.” shouted Arbor.

Shehu turned to Nisida. “Tell him to be silent.”

“Shut up Arbor. “ She turned to Shehu. “And if I do not accept.”

“Then payment in full is due by noon today. And if you can not make payment then my men will have my permission to do what they will to your brother. And they will likely if they want rape you. Repeatedly. The process will be repeated each time you do not pay until we run out of bones to break in your brother’s body and till they tire of yours.”

Nisida was in a state of disbelief. She either became this thug’s play toy or she would be raped and her brother likely killed. Not much of a choice. Further in the back of her mind she calculated the money she could make. She was sure she could make any business profitable given six months. And to not have to pay back Arbor’s original loan would be a large cash bonus for the diner.

She stood up. Shehu moved back and sat down behind her father’s desk.

“Arbor.” She said slowly. “Leave the room.”

“No.” Arbor responded.

“No.” said Shehu. “I pick who sees and who does not.”

She nodded. “Arbor this is for the best trust me.”

She turned to Shehu “I have you solemn word as an Albanian.”

He stood and reached out his hand.

He grinned broadly. “Very well. As a gesture of good faith on my part, I will back date the end of your payments to last week when your brother first skipped payment. And as a gesture of good faith on your part, strip.”

He walked from behind the desk and stood over by his two men. She had no choice but to turn around. Now not only would he see her but the two others and her brother as well.

For a second she hesitated, was it too late to back out? She had no choice.

Nisida slipped out of the sandals she was wearing and bent down and placed them on the edge of the desk. Next she raised her shirt over her head and pulled it off. As she folded it she felt the sweat drip down the small of her back. She unbuttoned her jeans and in front of the leering eyes of the men pulled them down. She wore a red thong which barely covered her lips. She was surprised at how turn on she was buy what she was doing. On the one hand it was the single most humiliating thing she had even done. On the other she was tremendously aroused

She folded them and stood for a moment in her underwear. All of them, even her brother had huge erections, which they did not bother to hide.

Trembling she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Her breast bounced as she laid the bra on the table.

“Very nice.” Commented Shehu.

Slowly she slid the thong down her legs and stepped out of it. She folded it and placed it in the desk. She then stood very straight hands at her side naked before them.

Shehu smiled at her. He walked over and stood very close to her. Slowly he bent down and stared at her neatly trimmed but still quite hairy pussy. “Spread your legs just a little my dear.”

She obeyed, though she was not sure if this was part of the agreement. As soon as her tightly pressed legs parted a whiff of her sex reached her nose. Shehu who was staring right at her vagina took a deep breathe and grinned. He could see the moisture beginning to glisten on her pubic hair.

“Oh my dear.” He said standing up. “This will be wonderful.”

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