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David and I had been saving to buy our own home for three years. We had married in our late 20's and started saving for a home later than most people, I was now 31 and David was 33. The time finally came where we had enough money put away so we could move out of our tiny apartment. We found a nice quiet, established neighborhood with lots of trees. We fell in love with the yellow house on the corner that was for sale. A few weeks later we moved in...

Moving day had been tough. It was a hot day and we moved all our stuff by ourselves. By the end of the day we were exhausted. We were resting in the back yard with a cool beer when the doorbell rang. As I approached the front door I was surprised that nobody was there. Instead, an envelope was wedged inside the screen door. Opening it I saw it was a party invitation. It said, "Welcome to the neighborhood. Come join us for a small celebration in your honor. Just bring yourselves and your sense of humor, all food and drinks will be furnished by your neighbors. Friday at 6:30pm." There was an address listed that was two blocks away.

Friday came quickly and we were getting excited to meet our new neighbors. David had chosen to wear blue jeans and a dark sports shirt. I was being cautious since I didn't know how formal the party would be and I wanted to make a good impression. I wore a simple pleated blue skirt and a white top. I picked out my favorite pair of white laced bikini panties and bra and my sheer, nude, nylons. After slipping on my open-toe high heels, I was ready to party.

We showed up promptly at 6:30pm - surprisingly we were the last ones to arrive. The host of the party, John, greeted us at the door and welcomed us to the neighborhood. Everyone was already drinking and having a good time. People were dressed casually--the guys in jeans and sports shirts and the women in spring outfits. John took us around and introduced us to all the neighbors. Everyone seemed to love the neighborhood and especially commented how fun the people and the parties were. John asked us what we wanted to drink and graciously offered to get it for us. David and I both asked for a beer and in no time John was back with the drinks "Here are two special beers just for our new neighbors", he said. I thought that sounded kind of wierd but I guess he was just being nice.

The dinner food was brought out and we all indulged in lots to eat. Everyone had gathered in the living room to sit and eat and chat but suddenly the party seemed to be quieting down. David whispered to me "I wonder why everyone stopped talking".

Just then John walked into the room and announced that we would now start the entertainment for the evening. Everyone cheered and smiled and looked over to where David and I were sitting. That made me start to get nervous. John sat down on the couch and addressed the group. "First, I want to thank Nancy and Jim for providing the entertainment at our parties for the last two years. As you all know, they were the last ones to move into the neighborhood before David and Brianna." Everyone applauded. "But now lets all give a warm welcome to our new neighbors." Everyone clapped again.

"Now David and Brianna, let me explain. We would all like to get to know you two much better. So far we know where you live and work, but we really don't know you intimately. To encourage your participation in the game we are about to play, we've slipped a little something into your drinks that temporarily removes your ability to lie or refuse anyone's request. It's perfectly harmless and will wear off in 6 hours or so, but until then we all want to ask you some questions. Every person in the room will get a chance to ask you to tell us something about yourselves and then ask you to do something." We will have three rounds of questions with a short break between rounds so everyone can get their drinks refreshed. For the rest of the night you two will always smile when asked a question or asked to do something. No matter how you feel inside, your expressions must always seem like you are having a great time. Any questions?"

I looked at David and he looked at me and I said, "I'm sorry John but we really don't want to play, I think we will be leaving now." We got up and were halfway to the door when John said "Stop! Now return to your seats and lets begin." Despite our attempts to keep going our legs refused to walk any further. Instead we found ourselves involuntarily turning around and walking back to our seats.

John said, "You will not try to leave the party for the rest of the night until I tell you it's OK to do so. Now, we have some rules for our game and the rules for round one are: 'No full nudity' and for round one only the men can ask David questions and only the women can ask Brianna questions. The theme for round one is "Discovering Your Neighbor's Underwear." Everyone laughed. Each person will get a turn to ask one question and one follow up command of their man or woman per round. David and Brianna, when you answer you will stand and walk over to and face the person asking the question. The men can begin". I looked at David and whispered to him "I'm scared, why did he say 'no full nudity'?"

A man from a couple seated near the front window spoke next. (man) "David, are you a brief or boxer man?" David immediately rose to his feet and walked over to the man, and said real quietly, "I prefer wearing briefs".

(man) "Why don't you let us see what kind of briefs you're wearing by stripping down to just your underwear, and as you remove each article of clothing fold it neatly and give it as a gift to one of your new neighbors."

David paused for a moment, glanced back at me with a helpless look on his face and then returned to his questioner and grasped the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head. Some of the people in the room gasped when they saw David's smooth chest and stomach -- not overly muscular but not a trace of fat or softness either. David took great pride in working out every day and it really showed. He folded his shirt and gave it to a couple. Next he shed one shoe and then the other, and took off his socks and gave them away. He unbuttoned his jeans and slowly opened the zipper--I could see his hands trembling. He hooked his thumbs in his jeans waistband and pulled them down and off his legs. He had chosen to wear a pair of his white CK string bikini briefs that morning and they were so tiny and tight they barely covered him up. David's face turned crimson red as he faced the audience in only his little underpants. He removed his wallet and keys and folded his jeans and gave them away. People in the room started clapping and John indicated that he could return to his seat now. David returned to his seat in his underwear. He whispered to me "No matter how hard I tried not to strip I found myself doing it anyway."

(woman) "Brianna, it's your turn to tell us what kind of panties you like to wear."

Suddenly, I found myself standing up and walking over to where the woman sat. I couldnít believe I heard myself saying, "Mostly, I like bikinis with lots of lace but sometimes I wear thongs."

(woman) "Show us what you have on under that pretty blue skirt and white top by undressing down to your panties and bra, giving away your clothes like David did.".

I panicked, yet instinctively my body began to move on its own. I slipped my shoes off and handed them away. Then I grasped my skirt waistband, I fought all urges to not go any further but it was no use, I pulled my skirt down and watched as it gathered in a heap on the floor. I picked it up and folded it neatly and found a couple who hadn't received any clothes yet and gave it to them. Some people in the crowd commented how nice my panties looked. I slid my fingers beneath my nylons and slowly pushed them down to my feet and then off and bunched them up and gave them away. Now there was just my blouse that had to come off to fulfill their instructions so I grabbed the bottom and pulled it up over my breasts and off my head and folded it and handed it to a woman sitting nearby. The air felt cold on my naked skin and I could feel my nipples begin to tighten under my bra from the coldness. My entire body was shaking in embarrassment and fear. I covered the transparent lace in my panties with my left hand and my chest with my right arm. John spoke up and said "Brianna, you're very pretty, you shouldn't try to cover yourself up like that. For the rest of the evening you and David will not try to conceal your nudity with your hands." My hands immediately returned to my sides. "You may return to your seat now". I ran back to David and sat back down. We were both trembling from our nervousness and anticipation of what would come next.

(man) "David" David rose and walked over to the man. "Do you like the panties that Brianna is wearing?" David looked toward me and answered, "Yes". "Then why don't you take Brianna back to one of the bedrooms and exchange panties with her. She can wear your bikini briefs and you can wear her lace panties. That way she won't feel so uncomfortable in those see through lace panties. Ask her, I'm sure she will agree." David walked back to me and held out his hand and said "Will you come to the bedroom and exchange underwear with me?" I took his hand and walked with him back to a bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom we closed the door. We both started to remove our underpants and then exchanged with each other. David pulled my panties up over his cock but the material didn't cover everything just right. The crotch was too small to completely cover his balls and his cock was clearly visible through the transparent lace. David's string bikini briefs didn't fit me well either, the back was too tight and the front was loose where his cock would have been. I said to him "If this is just round one I can't imagine what round three will be like." "I know, but there isn't anything we can do about it." They were calling us from the living room so we opened the door to return. As we walked out of the hallway into the living room a wave of laughter and then applause erupted from the party. We quickly returned to our seats and the noise finally settled down.

(woman) "Brianna, please take David for a stroll around the room to model your new choices in panties".

We stood and walked from couple to couple, pausing briefly at each. For the first time I noticed that John had a video camera and was recording our every move. As we made our way across the room "my briefs" kept creeping up my ass, I had to continually adjust them. Finally, we returned full circle to our chair and sat back down.

John then stopped recording and said "If there are no objections, lets take a five minute break and then start round 2. John addressed me and David and said, "during the breaks you two will offer to serve drinks to everyone. You can start now." David and I stood and walked over to the first couple and asked them if they would like a new drink. They both answered "yes, a beer." The man was looking at my pussy and the woman was staring at David's cock, never looking into our eyes. David and I split up to make the rounds go quicker, he took one couple while I took another.

Ten minutes later John began his instructions for round 2, "The theme for round 2 is Exploring Your Neighbor's Body Through Their Own Self Pleasure. In this round, The men will ask Brianna questions and the ladies will ask David. I believe it's the women's turn to begin."

(woman) "David" David rose and addressed the woman. "Do you enjoy wearing Brianna's panties in front of us all?" David answered, "No". "Then why don't you remove them and give them to someone in the audience who would appreciate a pair of woman's panties." David reached for the waistband of my panties and slowly pushed them down and off his legs. He handed them to a lady sitting close by. He had a habit of keeping his balls shaved and he had just shaved this morning. As he straightened up everyone could see his bare balls. The crowd giggled and whispered and pointed at his balls as David turned bright red again. His cock was totally deflated and was only about 3 inches long. As he headed for his seat, now totally naked, John said, "Oh, I forgot to mention, in round 2 you and Brianna will remain standing between your turns." David stopped when he got to me and remained standing. I could see him fighting to try and cover up‚Äď-but it was no use.

(man) "Brianna" I stood and went over to him. "My wife would really like your bra as a souvenir and I'd like David's briefs." I thought to myself "no, please" but on the outside I just smiled and pushed each strap off my shoulders and reached behind my back with both hands and unclasped my bra. I let it fall off my breasts and reluctantly handed it to the man's wife--I felt so humiliated. Trembling, I hooked my thumbs in the CK string bikini waistband and slowly pulled them down and off and handed them to the man. I too did a mini-shave once a week and kept the remaining patch of hair cut quite short. I stood there, naked, my partially shaved mound in plain site, in front of all those clothed people with all our clothes in their laps. I turned around and walked back to David and noticed again that John was capturing everything on video tape. I stood next to David, waiting for the next question.

After what seemed like an eternity waiting for the next question, a woman finally said, "David, come over here and lets talk about improving the size of that penis of yours." David walked over near the woman. "I'd like to see how you masturbate, except for right now I want to do everything you normally do when you masturbate without actually touching your cock, anything else is fine." David stood still thinking for a moment, too embarrassed to begin, but then slowly started stroking his balls with his right hand. His left hand moved to his chest and he began to rub and pull his nipples with his thumb and fingers. Every once in awhile his left hand rubbed his stomach and butt, but his right hand never left his nuts. Several of the women began giggling. The woman said, "Now go stand by your wife and continue working on yourself while your wife takes her turn." David waddled back to me, rubbing and stroking as he went. His cock was getting slightly larger.

(man) "Brianna, I want you to go to the kitchen and find your favorite piece of fruit or vegetable that looks like David's cock. Hurry off now." I found myself skipping into the kitchen and searching for a piece of fruit. I figured a banana would be closer than a zucchini or cucumber so I picked off a banana from the bunch on the counter and hurried back to the party. Someone had placed a bar stool in the middle of the room. "Please have a seat Brianna." I sat down. "Look, Brianna and a banana. Now I want you to demonstrate with the banana how you use David's cock to bring yourself pleasure. Spread your legs wide and don't stop until you are told to do so." Hesitating, I slowly opened my legs and took the banana and began to push it between my pussy lips. It didn't budge since I was quite nervous and dry.

After trying to push it into my body for several minutes with no success, the man said "Brianna, why donít you ask one of the women in the room for some lubricant. I said "Could one of you please get me something I could use to make this banana slippery?" One woman got up and ran back to the bathroom. She returned with a tube of vaginal jelly. I reached out to thank her and take it from her but she just said "Oh, Iíll do it." I thought, oh my god, no, Iíve never been touched that way by a woman before. She squeezed a large amount of jelly on her fingers and slipped them inside my pussy. It was cold and wet and I jumped. But soon her fingers were sliding in and out with ease. She gave them one last little wiggle inside me and said, "There that should help. Now give it a try." I inched the banana inside me. This time it slid right in. It was wider than her two fingers and actually felt good tucked tight into my pussy.

(woman) "David, you don't seem to be having much luck growing your little friend. Maybe you should ask the guys in the room for help." David looked around at the men in the room and then said out loud, "Would one of you help me?" A man sitting near the window said "Sure David, come over here." David walked over to the man while still rubbing his balls and pinching his nipples, which were both quite red now. The man examined David's cock closely and then told David to turn around and face the audience and place both his hands behind his neck and spread his legs. David assumed the prone position as instructed and the man then reached from behind and grabbed his penis. David was horrified as he looked down at his cock being held by another man. The man started stroking it slowly, and despite David's attempt to remain soft, his cock started to grow. David jumped when the man's other hand reached under his buns and started massaging his balls. In about five minutes David's cock was stretching to his full seven inches and the look on his face told me he wasn't far from cumming. The woman said, "OK, that's enough boys, we don't want any accidents, just yet." The man told David for the rest of the night if his penis began to get soft that he was to stroke it just like he showed him until it got hard again. David walked back over to me, too embarrassed to look at me.

I was still busy with the banana, pushing it in and out. The man who asked me to get the fruit then instructed me to stop. "Now Brianna, remove your banana, peel it and stick it back in." I said that I was afraid it might break off inside me if I did that. He just told me not to squeeze too hard and I should be OK. I peeled the banana, and set the peel on the floor, and slowly pushed it back inside, being so careful not to tighten my pussy muscles. Once it was all the way in the man said "OK, now place your hands behind your head , look up at me and smile." I did as instructed and a camera flash went off in my face.

Everyone laughed. John said "OK, that's enough for round 3. Lets take a small break before we begin our final round." He looked at David and me and said "Entertainers, after you clean up your mess, please see if our guests would like more drinks." I slowly pulled the banana out and picked up the peel and ran to the kitchen to throw it out. I began to perform my now routine waitressing duties. It still felt weird walking around the room totally naked when everyone else was clothed. When I asked people if they'd like another drink, they often answered with some kind of little joke or comment like "Well, what kind of drinks do you have? Do you have any natural juices?" Then as I made my way through the crowd, people would pat my behind or touch my boobs. David was having the same problem, some of the ladies would touch his balls or take hold of his hard penis while he was asking for their drink orders. One woman grabbed his penis and asked him if she could get a homemade drink from this thing.

Soon it was time to begin round 3. John recited the rules for this round, "Round 3, our final round, is titled 'Spousal Relations'. In this round our entertainers will prove to us that they have consummated their marriage. The men will address David, and the women Brianna. This time the women can go first.

(woman) "Brianna, lets give David a little sign that you need him. Stand up and put both hands on the stool and place your left foot up on this coffee table." I did as instructed leaving my pussy wide open for everyone to stare at. I stood motionless like that for several minutes. Everybody was watching me but nobody said anything. David was looking at me with anticipation of what would be asked of him next.

(man) "David, have you noticed your wife is giving you body signals that it's OK to do something? What do you think she wants you to do?" David looked at me and then said to the man, "She wants me to enter her?" "That's right David. Go over and put your cock inside her and pump her until your cock explodes".

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