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The big guy came over to where I lay...his big black hose shiny with my wife's wet. " Take a sniff! Go on.see how much she wanted it!" He grabbed my head and smeared my wife's tarty juices over my lips...

"Hey guys! I think he wants to suck me off! " The others came over,...except for the last one who was energetically fucking my poor wife. My zip was pulled down and they all giggled and pointed at the stiffy their actions had aroused...Yes, I am ashamed to say, Officer, the sight of what they did to my wife...Suddenly they were gone, throwing a few expletives as they went ,about 'white slags' et cetera. Still aching from the beating, I got up and went over to Nancy as she sagged against the wall. She stank of sweat and sex and there were traces of spunk everywhere! I tried to find her clothes. As I pulled her skirt up I saw the strange expression in her eyes. Then we were french-kissing...really passionate...My cock was out in seconds....I spread her legs and slid into her spermy cunt...pardon the have to was a bizarre situation!

My cock slurped around in that other guy's freshly deposited sperm and I didn't care...I could feel Nancy's orgasm squeeze and milk my own balls dry.....That's when your officer found us.

"Alright sir! I have seen the state of your wife and I am inclined to accept the explanation you have just given for the fact of you and your wife indulging in what really does amount to an act of gross indecency in a public place.I am sure the doctor's examination will corroborate your story and the matter should be taken no further. I will type up this statement now and you should be free to go fairly soon. I'll go and see how your wife is getting on. A counsellor will be available to either or both of you should you wish."

As he ushered me down the hallway of the station we passed an open door. I caught sight of a group of blood suddenly ran cold as one of them turned. His big black face broke into a grin and he mouthed...'White Slag!' and rubbed his crotch. I staggered away to the sound of their mocking laughter.
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